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Ecosocialism #4/ 14 May 2015 Odious aGenda 21 and inane-Illegal wars-Warring

Ecosocialism #4/ 14 May 2015

Odious aGenda 21 and inane-Illegal wars-Warring


When visiting Chernobyl, nearby the township of Pripyat, Ukraines, Soviet Union, in 1981, the tour was allowed a space-time of allowable on-foot to view the interiors of apartments and school grounds, of boulevards—35 minutes—we walked everywhere from the trolley. Boarding that trolley, going into Chernobyl , the nuclear plant, were sallow faces and book reading w newspapers read but no conversations. Right into the outer pass-credentials gate. After an hour we were cleared, and walking the half-mile the huge abutment of metal rose 18-to-25 stories. We were shown into rooms that led to loading fuel rods, but neither they’re not having clothes that completely covered each of us from head-to-foot we had to halt further “international: guest inspection”. Outside, however, two men spoke at a distance of 40 feet close one-another in Russian or Ukraines. One man pointed to me and I was given ‘mask’ rubberized w snorkel filters donuts. There were four or five all told, and we had a dirt not concrete walk further football field yards to the side—so, that seemed.

One by one, in single file, we were asked to watch our heads and given hardhats. Then, from outside to “underside” we went onto all-fours and were asked to not touch but to place hand up here concrete solid mass ceiling. The basement of the reactor building. This is what exploded and melted into the terra firma April 26th 1986.           “R”


“A team of liquidators lines up in preparation for cleanup runs to the highly radioactive rooftop of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in a photograph taken five months after the initial explosion.

Veterans of the liquidators corps received medals from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl. But in press accounts of the Moscow ceremony, some found it difficult to hide their continuing pain over their ordeals. Vladimir Kondrashov told the news agency AFP that his initial feeling of heroism soon faded: “Now I receive a measly 23,000 rubles” ($825) in total monthly income.

The workers received generous state health benefits at first, but the payments were later cut back.

Cancer and death-rate studies have shown no direct correlation between radiation exposure among the liquidators and increased cancer or death rates, says IAEA, although the agency says post-traumatic stress among the cohort is clear.

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have conducted assessments of the liquidators using a technique called FISH, or fluorescence in situ hybridization, which was developed at the lab. The technique measures chromosome damage by detecting the number of reciprocal translocations, or broken pieces of chromosomes, in lymphocytes that rejoin in a mismatched way. The Chernobyl liquidators they studied appeared to have radiation exposure equivalent to roughly 10 years of aging, or smoking cigarettes regularly.”[1]

What is Sustainable Development?

According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Sustainablists insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction.

Social Equity (Social injustice)

Social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people “to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.” Redistribution of wealth. Private property is a social injustice since not everyone can build wealth from it. National sovereignty is a social injustice. Universal health care is a social injustice. All part of Agenda 21 policy.

Economic Prosperity

Public Private Partnerships…”[2]
“The term Sustainable Development was first introduced to the world in the pages a 1987 report (Our Common Future) produced by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development, authored by Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party. The term was first offered as official UN policy in 1992, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the UN’s Earth Summit, today referred to simply as Agenda 21.

What gives Agenda 21 Ruling Authority?

More than 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at the Earth Summit. US president George H.W. Bush signed the document for the US. In signing, each nation pledge to adopt the goals of Agenda 21. In 1993, President Bill Clinton, in compliance with Agenda 21, signed Executive Order #12852 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21. The EO directed all agencies of the Federal Government to work with state and local community governments in a joint effort “reinvent” government using the guidelines outlined in Agenda 21. As a result, with the assistance of groups like ICLEI, Sustainable Development is now emerging as government policy in every town, county and state in the nation.

Revealing Quotes From the Planners

“Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by EVERY person on Earth…it calls for specific changes in the activities of ALL people… Effective execution of Agenda 21 will REQUIRE a profound reorientation of ALL humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced… ” Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (Earthpress, 1993). Emphases – DR

Urgent to implement – but we don’t know what it is!”[3]

“Still held secret by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are the agency’s computer models on which it based its non-explosive conclusions. In response to a FOIA request, a NIST spokesman declared that revealing the computer models would “jeopardize public safety.” Graham is never heard challenging that absurd justification for withholding critical information, nor has he objected to the fact that NIST conducted an entirely unscientific WTC investigation.

Much of the 9/11 Commission Report was based on torture testimony, the records of which were destroyed by the CIA. Since that time, the government has produced documents stating that the first alleged al Qaeda leader tortured for information was never related to al Qaeda in any way. This means that all of his torture testimony, upon which the 9/11 Commission Report was based, was false. Yet Graham and his supporters say nothing about it.

The U.S. official most responsible for preventing terrorism in the years prior to 9/11 is known to have helped Osama bin Laden evade capture at least twice. That same official was a personal friend and representative of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates, a country that Bob Graham’s investigation glossed over despite its many links to 9/11.

According to Jeffrey St. Clair of Counterpunch, Tommy Boggs may have been behind the redaction of the 28 pages from the Joint Inquiry Report. A long-time Washington powerbroker and son of a member of the Warren Commission, Boggs was a public relations consultant for the Saudi royal family. That connection is remarkable given that the Boston Globe reported, in November 1990, that a partner in Boggs’ firm was a director of the Kuwait-American Corporation (KuwAm). As anyone interested in 9/11 knows, KuwAm was the firm that owned and operated Stratesec, the security company for several 9/11-related facilities. There are many reasons why the leaders of KuwAm and Stratesec are central suspects in the crimes of 9/11

These facts are of no interest to Graham or the mainstream media. For unknown reasons, they only seem interested in uncovering Saudi involvement. Such inexplicable behavior, particularly when it has to do with 9/11, should raise concerns. Little discussed facts about Graham might shed light on the answer to this dilemma.

For example, few people seem to remember that Bob Graham was against an investigation from the start. In November 2001, two months after 9/11, Graham was leading the effort to delay any inquiry into the crimes. His position was “that it would not be appropriate to conduct such an investigation at a time when the government’s focus is on prosecuting the war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.” Three months after 9/11, Graham was still fending off cries for an investigation, stating that it was “still too soon.” Paradoxically, he claimed that it was best to wait until the threat of additional attacks subsided before investigating 9/11. He said that, “Once the possibility of fresh attacks by ‘’sleepers’ already in the United States has diminished, the time will be ripe.”

While Graham was trying to stop an investigation, the Senate voted for one anyway. The compromise was that Graham and his CIA operative protégé, Porter Goss, would run it and that it would have a very limited focus on intelligence agency shortcomings. And although Graham now claims that the Bush Administration covered-up Saudi involvement in 9/11, he and Goss, who had an interesting history together, led an inquiry that covered-up 9/11 in nearly every other sense.

When Graham and Goss announced their inquiry in February 2002, they made it clear that they would not pursue “blame game” attempts with respect to “what went wrong.” The resulting investigation was completely deferential to the intelligence agencies that it was chartered to investigate. Due to an alleged leak, Graham and Goss even supported the FBI’s investigation of their own panel members while the panel was investigating the FBI. As expected, the final Joint

Inquiry Report was largely a whitewash.

Another unnoticed fact is that Graham’s calls for release of the 28 pages have matched up, chronologically, with changes in Saudi government leadership. That is, the times when Graham has made noise about the 28 pages have run parallel to the times of uncertainty with regard to the succession of the Saudi monarchy or Saudi strategic partnerships. This suggests that Graham is simply using the redacted section of his report as a control mechanism to bring new Saudi leadership in line with continued U.S. interests.”[4]

Chairman, ICLEI. The Wildlands Project

“We must make this place an insecure and inhospitable place for Capitalists and their projects – we must reclaim the roads and plowed lands, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of tens of millions of acres or presently settled land.” Dave Foreman, Earth First.

What is not sustainable?

Ski runs, grazing of livestock, plowing of soil, building fences, industry, single family homes, paves and tarred roads, logging activities, dams and reservoirs, power line construction, and economic systems that fail to set proper value on the environment.” UN’s Biodiversity Assessment Report.

Hide Agenda 21’s UN roots from the people

“Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy- fixated groups and individuals in our society… This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking LA21. So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.” J. Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development.[5]

POem          the veil of pRopaganda, wall of INsincerity


you’Re back is against the sarcophagus near pRipyat, Ukraines heavy-

Metal cover over reactoR-4 maintains a memory of those men who once

wirked there, maybe some of those whom you met in 1981 when there–

beneath the reactor, seeing where uranium melt-thru might happen…

whose continued operation on the other reactor, an insanity

but running nuclear reactor, is not picking-up Radionuclides

contaminations scattered 1-2-3-4 thousand miles from “ground-Pollute”

mindscape in memory of the 600,000 helpor-Liquidators of Chernobyl 1986

the Chernobyl-Meltdown an enterprise… an accident

rings discordant not harmony and discord, stridency, the composite of 500

hundred thousand children, dying of starvation in Iraq-Lands

US-Military hewn-recourse, Hegemony of a new-Rome embrace for what

now accord the fullest of NSDU-238 Radionuclides-contaminations


compassionate support of furtive ruin ‘n destabilization

most likely they never will have other than “human-Malformities”

indiscrepancies of a lifetime besettling from the radionuclides-Released,

a relinquishment that compares w afro-Amers & hispano-Amers poverty

of usa: the new-Rome, impoverishment by their dept-of-Offense plutocracy

their millions civilians murdered since 1950, unlisted in entirety-Historicum

around the planet-World they’ve mostly destroyed…

now compared w Chernobyl’s mishap, abstruse and psychopathological


today is Victory-Day, known widely around the world but excluding, the

new-Rome where propaganda reigns IN-justice against those

men and women who defended the Ukraines, Byelorusse, Poland, and

Latvia from nazi’s supremacy forwarding war thru ‘blitz’

— known 70-years ago– when the 27 (once-Waz 20 millions)

million souls murdered in gulags by Stalin’s many purges, not those

however, of those imprisoned by Adolph’s Hitlerist war-Machine

propagated by Goebbels


one day the encirclement of Russia and the relinquishments by peoples

the federation of 110 ethnicities will be remembered not differently, not

indifferently as the new-Rome has armed fascist-Pigs w military madness

in middel-East deserts so as not to discuss: Chernobyl Sarcophagus,

NSDU-238 gHW Bushwhacky crime against-Humanity for what?

the Donetsk invasion by neo-Fascist forces to entertain warring against

the “mighty” sarcophagus, rather than rebuild and maintain structural,

an integrity of ‘peace’ all the infernal harm that which propaganda

has wrought by the three-propaganda’s beneath one-Veil:

capitalist-Totalitarian, bureaucratic-Stalin gulags, fascist-Dictators

as the deformed, the children in those nation-States,

look not for comfort to pains

from Chernobyl’s realized beseechment’s, the waste…

of children suffering in pains, their odious-Malformities w innate sublimation

a lament concertina, Iraq-lands of the gulags and neo-Fascist no-Memories

they, who’s the they anymore, Sept-11th 2001 cannot fully comprehend,

mixed emotive, families against fascist-Zionism–yet only feel…


 written by “R” Addison/ 5-08-15


[1] “Pictures: “Liquidators” Endured Chernobyl 25 Years Ago“ Nat’l Geo pub. April 27, 2011

[2] “Agenda 21–In One Easy Lesson” American Policy Center (5-14-15)

[3] Ibid.

[4] “Bob Graham and the Missing 9/11 Report Pages” Published May 13, 2015

[5] “Agenda 21–In One Easy Lesson” American Policy Center (5-14-15)

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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