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Ecosocialism #28/ 04 Oct 2019  nucleaRism for new-Rome of plutocRacy a lousy-Forum of pRopaganda-Machine

Ecosocialism #28/ 04 Oct 2019  

nucleaRism for new-Rome of plutocRacy a lousy-Forum of pRopaganda-Machine



There are sacerdotal remarks then there are impervious-Remarks to when somebody speaks in tRuth, but may not parable the history from whence that had come and/or been discovered. That the chem-tRails has not had a chemical, CDC-type anecdote shows us, right away, that the extreme-Toxicity was intended for aggression as a weapon, not a litany nor prosaic, nor overture for “peace thru Diplomacy”. The intention was thusly, for killing w.o. reparations, once again, the paradox continues since 1978, or for the 41-years of Un-declared wArs-wArrings that have been perpetrated upon the u.s.a. citizenry. This is a calamacious-Extent, maybe one that parallels the egregiousness-Extent. Toxicity has been renown to viruses such as polio. Then, there are neuro-Toxins as well. Lead, arsenic, as well as aluminum-Oxide are what we lay-People can describe as “the DDT syndRome”. Where is the real-Health concern. In other words, manifestations of chemical-Usages, does result in “diseases-Galore”      “R”


“The A.M.A. launched an aggressive campaign in opposition to the President. Edward Annis, the president of the A.M.A., delivered a televised response to Kennedy’s address: Medicare would “put the government smack into your hospital.” A new A.M.A. political-action committee offered campaign support to candidates who opposed the bill. The A.M.A. women’s auxiliary launched Operation Coffee Cup, in which doctors’ wives hosted living-room discussions about the dangers of socialized medicine. Ronald Reagan produced a record to be played at these events, “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine,” in which he warned that “one of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine.” The A.M.A. also had strong allies, such as the insurance lobby, which preferred to work behind the scenes to combat the bill.

In the House of Representatives, A.M.A. officials were counting on Wilbur Mills, an Arkansas Democrat and the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. At five foot eight and a hundred and eighty pounds, with slicked-back hair and thin silver-rimmed glasses, Mills didn’t look like a congressional giant, but he was a key player in the insular world of tax and security experts. A graduate of Hendrix College, in Arkansas, he had attended Harvard Law School and was rumored to spend evenings reading the tax code. He had lived with his wife in the same modest apartment, near the National Zoo, for almost twenty-five years, and was renowned for his grasp of abstruse fiscal issues.


What drove Mills most was his belief in fiscal conservatism. He understood that the federal government was a permanent part of American life, but he was determined to contain the growth of the federal budget and to limit the tax burden that fell on working Americans. What most troubled Mills about the Medicare proposal was that its costs would grow rapidly, especially when voters learned that physicians’ bills were not covered by the program and pressured legislators to add those benefits as well. With Medicare, Congress could be forced to raise Social Security taxes beyond reasonable levels, resulting in a backlash against the entire program.


Each time liberals had pushed for Medicare over the six years since Forand and King first proposed it, Mills had refused to let it up for a vote in his committee. In 1960, working with Oklahoma Senator Robert Kerr, Mills had attempted to stifle the drive toward Medicare by passing a limited program that provided means-tested health insurance to elderly citizens who were poor. As with public welfare, the program would be administered by state and local governments that chose to participate. Although Congress passed Medical Assistance for the Aged, known as the Kerr-Mills Act, only twenty-eight states had adopted it, and the guidelines for participation were so stringent that only one per cent of the elderly received benefits. Still, when Kennedy sent the proposal to Congress and rallied support on television, Mills would not bring Medicare up for a vote. When Lyndon Johnson became President, in November, 1963, he made it clear that he was determined to pass Medicare. His overriding goal was to persuade Congress to pass a series of major bills that would constitute a second New Deal. Along with civil rights, Medicare was at the top of his list. Johnson urged Wilbur Cohen, a leading figure in the Social Security Administration, to work with Mills to come up with a Medicare proposal that was acceptable to the Ways and Means chairman. “If labor will buy it, that he can call a Mills bill,” Johnson told Cohen.


The negotiations didn’t get far.  Even as Johnson called on Congress to fulfill the unfinished agenda of the slain President, Mills refused to hold a vote. He said that the cost problems had not been solved, and that there were not enough votes in the House to pass a bill if he sent it out of committee. In October, Medicare proponents in the Senate made a bold move by attaching Medicare as an amendment to legislation increasing Social Security benefits. Mills killed the proposal in conference committee. “I don’t know whether we can pass it next year or not,” Johnson told Senator Hubert Humphrey.”[1]


The ‘polio-Vaccine’ had an infectious agent which cause deaths to 12 children during the first of many studies—a monkey virus. The su-40 vaccine is worth mention, because eventually, the mother’s genetic-DNA will pass that negating-Health gene onto the child. These were the oRge-Nal “Salk Vaccines”? No. Those were worse!    “R”


section-8       Question-When Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws      11-26-16


Why have I become “has too been to save junk that is iUsed”? Did this one need to ensconce in accumulation, or was that the paradox of meta-Physics to write the endearments that did not happen to my life, while missing teeth prospered due lack of hot-water, but also accumulated. Plastics, among that consumption-for-Arts, akin accumulation of ur-238 and pu-239 from making steam-toward-turbine, secret-Rust, or amassing tenets  apologetic-Incomplete website? The paper and beguile to have to view that down, empty the storage! Soooo, anarcho-Syndicalist, a man of bRains, but then? I am a sculptor and I’ve offered—as much as I could to the brainless who wanting peace have others contentions to digress. Yes, free as to spend more on that product as a whole. Weld, that is peace. Alan Watts and my self, about 15-to-20th session!


 Peace or consumption, peace: non-use of NSDU-238. How can one see as much un-toward inhumanity of mankind, whether tribes of that of newer-counties not nation-States. Women-in-our: mutual-Humanity? True. Get your trailer understood as transport what is good? No. the opposite of bad not good. Yes. Specialists in history; Philosophy, not in anarcho-Ecosocialism, that is Ionizationings? Yes, as this is essence of study landscape! I had 20-30,000 items of interest. Throw that out starting when the table is fixed-up! Here’s to the wisdom o’ kids friends that our reconnoiteur’d is now done in goodness of community! I am remindful that you have read my edict on and of uranium-238, NSDU-238? But that you’ve accumulated the backlog’s start somewhere near this: “The little-known history of secrecy and censorship in wake of atom-ic bombings” published August 7, 2015 6.04am EDT, but data-History on ‘the conversation dot com’.


Of peace :  we brought the eagles back, and then the wind-turbines, brought the chem-tRails of live-in-let die, defy living beneath “cHem-tRails’ corridor of Wyoming”. Wow, hazardous!” soooo–now, the courtship of how peace remains and the historical- Relief to molecular structure. Or, like now getting my pHoTs done. Yavolde, I believe how the ‘ecology was’ yes, landscape as meta-Geologiist, morphics of Geography, was becoming, moreso, a geomorphics (sic: my word). 


My poems, the real-Solidarity, for decades of continental-tRavels: on-the-Road as well in part-time big-Rig tRuks for us to know that NSDU-238 was not trusting democracy, but that we-Together can stop wars predicated upon “no-Measures of cleanups on both: nuclear-Molecular: weapons as disgusting as allowability is. No accountability was my constant measure in protests, not merely remnants of peace. the boomer-Generation, had an extreme need to never suspend knowledge and rhetoric of these decades as despicable, what w NSDU-238 being transported. Deadly penetrators? Yes. That is an electronic imbalance of ours, we-People of the u.s.a.? Yes, my liaisoned method. Guy named Bob has al-ways bothered me? Stealing what I needed, or move, trying to chase thee, those elements of peace’ Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws. The face of discivilries, on-Goin’ in middle-East, since we know Netanyahu. A basic fearless assassin.


I feel ‘defense’ is not offending, neighbors, and recounts. Properly, altho, Jill Stein and then, Hillary shows in the popular m0de. She’s a good actor! The rest of the day? Weld-not reading those books, that I’ve bought! I say turn that puppy of building military-base after base, after base is, kicking me off. The still-Life, was. A building project to organize, the boxers. My sculpt is either going to need me get rid of ‘still-life studies’ and list those mistakes that you made. For real: anarcho-Syndicalism misinterpreted as communism, that is communalism. Most proper, when the e wars are always contaminating desert-sands. Whether I wear boxing shorts of briefs, what the matter was is communicating what the wars look like, an alikeness of the murders of masses that the sordid context is atop the contaminations-sprees continuing, and now and then no apologies for contaminating North Korea, no apologies to Vietnamese, no apologies to Cambodia. Plastispheres, too!


Invading country after country is a crime against us, the we-People. This is reverence for hatred to be defending or always oppressed by the offendoRs. I use the width w my breath of chem-Inhaled not wanting what can or does happen: now. Peace, but w.o. wars not in memory of holding we-People together? Yes. Why leave this spot until ‘weldor’ is emptied-out of toxic unleaded-Gas: varnish—which does not burn correctly, that clogs injection! Yes, a different: tRansport-Fuel, butt-holds!


Real solidarity requires a bold lead and a willingness to fight to the end, not mere words. The labor movement must do more than denounce racism in speeches. It must break with both of the bosses’ parties and fight in the interests of all workers in every workplace, neighborhood, and campus, as well as at the polls through our own class-independent party. Like we exist, because the ‘socialists’ who came before us, did what we’re doing. Educating ourselves to tyranny and to plutocracy definitions for no-more-Wars.  We must use the time-honored and proven weapons of the working class: mass demonstrations, workplace occupations, strikes, as well as economic and political general strikes. That is not anarcho. The eco-zones and waterways, I am not destroying that enmity of where others went, into a unity of what we remember we saw of that greenery neighborly passaging around. Very descriptly.


The woods are gone, needing and who remembers who he shared w those-chats? How many tons, too! Leave the boxes-ProjeCt, not quite finished building the shelves. Now, that is better. The “litter” is at about 8-12 %. Shall I continue w words and savings for my draining retirement, a project of practice and inner-Fulfillment, for myself, at last? What we can do w the Austerity pRogRam is understand we never had need for capitalism, and assuredly neither that of bureaucratic-Technocracy of the U.S.S.R. Defense is not masse` bombing because we have oil that makes-Plastics as fuel contamination-Enterprise of “here comes the Methane” bandwagon et al-ski. Reforest w natural faster-gRowing conifers, that can breakdown strontium-90/stearate-barium/aluminum-Oxide, then?


Making chemical waste, and having been distracted by hoarding “litter-Presciences”. Yes. I now can photo those, but knowing I have that allotable amount—may not need to buy another camera, because the insurance of one two-years only. See, all contracts are not near Existentialist. This okay, surreality comes from organizing; and prosperity was not mentionable in the Austerity pRogRam that just sees fit to pass us, bye. Not that hikes into the whole wilderness on this continent. Yes, I am still freeman bachelor. We’re losing the basics of education. We’re not hearing those words, as pertaining to community commingling, too!          “R”


“The real lesson of the 2016 election is that the working class needs its own party. Millions of people in states hammered by the capitalist crisis wanted a “pop-ulist” and only the Republicans had one on offer (against their will). The real mean-ing behind the somewhat disdainful and dismissive term “populism” is the fact that millions of ordinary people—i.e. workers, who make up the vast majority of this society—want real, fundamental change. They want universal jobs, healthcare, education, childcare, infrastructure, security, a shorter workweek, and a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. They want an end to the domination of their lives by big business and the professional politicians.


The anger against the status quo is being expressed in different ways. Nearly half of all eligible voters abstained altogether. Others wrote-in Bernie Sanders or voted for a third party candidate. Others voted for Trump despite his racist rhetoric, including 29% of Latinos and 53% of white women. For these voters, Trump’s promise of jobs and economic stability outweighed all other considerations. Not surprisingly, given this country’s peculiar history and contradictions, and without a clear lead by the labor leaders, many Americans have fallen under the scapegoating sway of the racists.

Fred Hampton – Photo: Public Domain

As the Black Panthers’ Fred Hampton famously said: “We say you don’t fight racism with racism. We’re gonna fight racism with solidarity. We say you don’t fight capitalism with no black capitalism; you fight capitalism with socialism!” [2]


I was rapping to the black-Panthers of Oakland in support of their youth groups. Then, I was back the meetings of Russell Means as advisor. My tasks became adjunctive-Geography. I went to Minneapolis, and Ogalala, and Washington’s River w Leonard Peltier who is in jail, for not coppng an o-u-t. One of the Ogalala or Porcupine Rosebud Sioux, did the dastardly deed in Jumping Bull hill, where we A.I.M. supporters had gathered in celebration of bringing food and meditating on the hillocks prairie. Pine Ridge Reservation was the other name, as conflict w the G.O.O.N.S.


fRed HamPton, of Chicago, and the how bad fBIS are when wirking w police, some-times, murderously ruining democracy-at-werk. We see that stifling dissent made for a fascist-Backlash of the ganglands-controlled ineptitude of police to be knowing of which group of patricians or what group of patriots’. The afro-Amers there apologized to me after I’d stayed the course—doing more geography of course in the sidewalks. The cops are racist in arresting same persons and planting “false-drugs or doing beatings down by my camp-spot”. All we people need know Universality of traveloRs in u.s.a., but afro-Amers and indige-Amers were okay. Just that? No. We all knew something-else was yet to come. Was that to be M.O.V.E. or and afro-Amer journalist news-Reporter such as Mumia Abu Jamal? We were integrating ‘socialists’. Us. I made Philadelphia via Moskito indige-Amers of Nicaragua and El Salvador. They knew how to fish and did not want “chemical-aerial: pesticides”.     “R”


Some people think that something similar is happening today. But similar is not necessarily the same—there are many crucial and decisive differences. Capitalism today is indeed in serious crisis, but it is not yet threatened with immediate overthrow by the working class. The ruling class preferred Clinton, but even they still have a firm grip on political and economic power. This is made possible above all by the current trade union leadership, which offers nothing but the failed dead-end of lesser evils of discivilry i.e. not delirium. That post tRauma I know as “September 11th 2001, abrogation-Blast” was pTSD to many recipients. Yes, chauvinist-Appellate to have too many asbestos and NSDU-238 tests, and family-Loss in the 1,000’s like “refugees are fRee, but not fReedom”!


Nonetheless, the bourgeoisie-Asymptomatic remissal despite the numerical decline of the unions over the last few decades, organized labor remains a mighty and decisive potential force. From transportation and communications to education and healthcare, unionized workers hold tremendous power in their hands. The unions have not been illegalized, dis-mantled, or cowed by violence. The broader working class may not yet be organized, but over 100 million Americans are wage and salary-earners, and along with their families and dependents, comprise the vast majority of the population.


It is precisely the demographic changes that have taken place over the last 80 years that make the recurrent cries of “fascism!” unproductive. Most Americans, including those living in more conservative rural areas, are working class. The number of farms in America has fallen from 6 million in 1935 to just 2 million today. While many small farms remain, massive corporate farms have squeezed out the medium farmers—of the social pillars of fascist reaction. Far from a nation of Jeffersonian “independent yeoman farmers,” the largest 10% of farms now account for 70% of cropland. Though the illusions of a “Golden Age” past remain, they are quickly being burned out through experience, and eventually, the core class questions are increasingly coming to the fore.


Professionals such as bank tellers, teachers, and even many doctors have been proletarianized to such a degree that a majority of them identify more with the working class than with the super-rich. Many are now organized in unions and professional associations and are active in the organized labor movement. As for small business owners, squeezed by the big banks, manufacturers, and importers, many supported Trump and his “Make America Great!” populism because of his “I’ll fight for the little guy!” rhetoric. Sanders’s success in the primaries and caucuses shows his call for a “political revolution against the billionaire class” could have won many of them over in the general election if he had run as an independent. And the campuses, which were once hotbeds of reaction and fascism—since most students came from the ranks of the rich—they are now flooded with the deeply indebted children of workers.”[3]


Racism, xenophobia, and sexism are a terrible thing to experience or witness, as I’d done that much in Palestine studying the olive tRees of their antiquity. Here in America, one adds “traumatizing“ to ‘the forms of discrimination’. Together they cannot be realized, because anarcho-Syndicalist persons attenuate that the effects are merely Behavioral, when that is the becoming of defining those types of politics in u.s.a. Populist or Libertarian, lawlessness was due anarcho’s in streets and Malls causing business damage instead of being accepted into we-People conversations, for meanings of association as common-Thread, and common-gRounds. Are we passed that stage or were the wars, not beings seen and humbly trying to manage.  The wars of 1978-79 blossomed into US Militaryism of training others and watching destabilization taking discourse as though major-Networks always had a handle on economics of Virtue, rather than extolling what economics had caused that specific fright of peoples in central-Americas.         “R”


poem               for you I’ve told as much as I may put-Together[4]          3-28-19


why have I not impressed you to respond to my not being duped, by wars and masse` murderings to maintain boomer-Generation: outlook, power for having abused “nucleaRism” to the extent that democracy not practiced does not always have to pan for the next illegal-wAr while the philosophy is not known…have I not been an intrigued we-Boomer spending decade after decade, peacefully, purposefully, placardly, words at plenaries, words at public gatherings, where speakers talked around the subjects seeking halts to Radionuclides aggressions


superlatives of opposing missiles and h-bOMbS, subjective subjugation to moral political-Power be canned to bend to our will but not out power, we continue, the we-Boomers continue to support by the needs beyond movies where brains are blown -out my american-Standards of military does dastardly, but never peace in arresting and detaining other soldiers, may be not in uniform, but not as elastic and guerrilla pretenses to my attestable you are guilty become the death undeserving, before the 9-mm pistol is fired into the head w.o. a trial, w.o. a military jail


the mental-Health of the country is metastasized by cloudiness perpetrated by  propaganda and accepted by who are those Holywood directors who get the story backward, heroism at the expense of murder, of death-Squads in Afghanistan, in Iraq-lands: phase-1, the manufactured consent extent came first and the public turned to Hispanics and biased they should serve and get shot-at, but never made objectivity that the wars were aggression-Force


have I not shown the ways of beguile were you left the ”power-source” nucleaRism by the wayside to make yourself look bourgeoisie-Best, since high-school days inside the buildings and outside protesting w the few others who carried forth a rational projection that UN-lawfulness is de-based by power otherwise, have my 6-decades been for you oNLY and for me never, have I protested on the Jefferson so-called pRoving gRounds against NSDU-238 for all of us, time after time after time did I not hike into fRenchman’s Flat in 1969 as a test of US-military sobriety, that the US-military takes “best-Bestest-oRnery-Delighted: best” yes I did, no they did not…


Frenchman Flat is a hydrographic basin in the Nevada National Security Site south of Yucca Flat and north of Mercury, Nevada. The flat was used as an American nuclear test site and has a 5.8 sq mi (15 km2) dry lake bed (Frenchman Lake) that was used as a 1950s airstrip before it was chosen after the start of the Korean War for the Nevada Proving Grounds. Nellis Air Force Base land 12 mi × 30 mi (19 km × 48 km) was transferred to the Atomic Energy Commission on which Site Mercury was… Area 5 consists of 95 square miles (250 km2) of the southeastern portion of NTS, north of the town of Mercury, and includes the Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Site, the Hazardous Waste Storage Unit, and the Spill Test Facility. In the decade 1951–1962, 14 above ground nuclear tests were conducted at Frenchman Flat; several of these atmospheric tests were weapons effects tests. A relatively modest 8-kiloton blast in January 1951 broke storefront windows in Las Vegas… Area 11 covers 26 square miles (67 km2) of the eastern border of NTS. Four atmospheric plutonium-dispersal safety tests were conducted in the northern portion of Area 11 in 1954 and 1956. Hazardous residues from these tests continue to provide a realistic environment for safety training, radiological monitoring, sampling instruction and first-responder drills. Five underground nuclear weapons were detonated in Area 11 from 1966 to 1971.[5]


yes, then I kept an on-going panoply of disgust from all those humanoids I talked as peace-Proponency won not always for anti-War and placards-on-corners all around this new-Rome searching out why “military-Hegemony” is not a wise disposition, has no defense-Measures that we know, that is defense, to say the least, my years from 1966 thru 2013…would peace suit you if you knew how to speak the word


while today I feel the basin should be lined from the base of mountainous run-offs cReeks and that means robot control, robotics auspices and water-pRotection otherwise how can one de-Contaminate those mountains very hot today, merely the 3rd quarter-Century, since contaminations was belligerently and brutally blasted into obduracy…why the wArs-wArring when we cannot control our own lands, and cap our historic-Ties into becoming tRaditionalist compromiso’s for nucleaRism


written by “R” Addison, 28 Mar 2019


Militaryism had not disappeared after millions soldiers returned from fire-Bombed quarters, nearby those areas emasculated by napalm and fire bombs, chemicals causing hot-Explosives. I learned that from indige-Warriors on 4-5-6 reservations. They were not yet into traditions of how living plainly and being neo-Brutalized was merely the extenti-ons of neo-Liberalism into neo-colonialist, taking children from their parent-Mothers and leaving fathers further fruitlessly wondering what heritage was. Let alone ‘austerity’ as pandered toward Europe, thru mabe egalitarian lines of Operation Gladio, which exists w the new-Batch. That, horrendous terrorism to covet Muslim-Hating: racism, and then this past 2-years new-Improved: gladio! The we-People know decimation of life’s prerogatives is discrimination. We know that extent was olde-Rome, as well as formalized today.


We’re all going to have  to werk to safely apologize for the tyranny-Machine that era-dicated sovereign-states for capitalist-cRonyism of neo-Liberal banking, as billions were squandered upon killing million, and allowing safe-Passage for post Sept 11th 2001 deba-cle of cover-ups for fascist-Zionism: acts of terrorism w Directed Energy weapons. No mat-ter if ‘they’ needed sovereignty, we did not need a national-Holiday: acts of Terrorism Day to celebrate? I chose instead to en Voce` the past 36 years, wherever I went. Now my art-werks are amassed and too plentiful for a consternate completion of metallurgical studies, more-or-Less, like the passage of farmlands traditions, when distance and art-Museums may have been all the people then and there had room to expedite.


Do you think about kids having been bombed by the thugs that the cIAS and IDF hir-ed, or was that merely, fascist-Zionists, who are they to think they can “act-of-Terrorism” anywhere anytime, like the bombs released from US-aerojets fanning fan dusts helicopters and blood soaked streets in Gaza?

How disgusting not to have truths about neo-colonialism in grade-school; about slave-Trade in high-School but coupled w police-Murderings of afro-Amers for a collectivization of murders, that is racist-Fascism mixed w pTSD. The air is fouled by wars of contaminating and the contaminated needs-be: speak-out; protest or change by accountability-Galore. This one ’soul’ needs get from not featuring-Wars and masse` displacement, mass-burials of those who lived slaughtered for counter-Insurgency in Iraq’s Fallujah twice in 2004, 14 years post US-Military act of-Terrorism: NSDU-238.


September 11th 2001, was an abrogation-Blast, one that everyone concerned w the lack of arrests and no thorough “Summation” as that was not what the 9-11 Commission was for, since they left-out, “fact-finding” entirely. I do place some sociology on manners and mannerisms. I do hope that you hug one-Another outta love and formulating compassions, but remonstrative of dire-Straits “hatred and non-Apprehensive for other, wartorn-others to be enlightened, or informed thru your pertinent answering’s to theirs and well as my, misapprehensions, due adjudications of the “contamination-s of Radionuclides, not cleaned-Up enough to utilize Phytoremediations. That means chem-tRails dumpages of “18-annums usury” now. You do want others to stay from harm’s way and share spirits, at least? As oNLY bourgeoisie-Asymptomatic remissal goes or otherwise you’re fReaks, is not harmful to correcting allowability to totally adept “accountability”?.


End these wArs or the counter-Commandeering chemise, of power-Mongering in the Levant that will resurge, and already has done such the past 5-years, w a consort of and for control that is “Oiel”. However, the future is nearer “methane-Refining”. The wRas-wArring is the Gaudi’s indigestion, as that is also shown by the murder-Dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi [The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident, journalist for The Washington Post and former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab News Channel, occurred on 2 October 2018 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey and was perpetrated by agents of the Saudi Arabian government **wikipedia] who as gun-Runner, arms-Dealor, became a “journalist”. These are ‘two-sides’ to one person. Whatever fore? The whole five years of that post tRauma I know as “September 11th 2001” abrogation-Blast was an ideally situated resurgence of plutocrats for the new-Rome” to remain the new-Rome of Plutocracy. Sooo much sooo that we already knew, going back to the start, in 1978-79 that the free once-Waz: republic would continue to support fascist-pRemising thru the odious-Commandificationings of U-S military buildups, which had fully transmuted by cIAS in Guatemala and in El Salvador, as well as start-ups allowing arms shipments w covert operations to export the chemical-compound of “ammonia, kerosene, sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate, talc“ for production of cocaine, which if course, uses cocoa-leaves: cut by sidewalk and street-Dealors ”bicarbonate soda or glucose to harmful chemicals such as amphetamines and levamisole”. Garbage, like US: military-Hegemonyites, dousing millions of chem-Fookering: tRails tons, upon our heads!             “R”


“BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombian authorities have been cracking down on precursor chemicals used to make cocaine.

These acids, solvents and bases have a wide range of legitimate industrial uses.

However, chemicals like acetone, sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate also can be used to make heroin or to convert semi-refined coca paste — also known as cocaine base — into the 90 percent pure white powder sold on U.S. streets.

When it comes to plant-based illegal narcotics, precursor chemicals are the most expensive part of the drug-making process. Officials say a kilogram of cocaine can cost between $750 to $1,200 to produce.

Amid a crackdown on precursor chemicals in Colombia, officials say traffickers are moving some of their drug processing laboratories to Central America.

During a raid near the Guatemalan border in March, for example, Honduran police agents discovered a huge drug lab capable of producing eight tons of cocaine. Agents found microwave ovens, air compressors and sleeping quarters for at least 12 as well as barrels of acetic acid, acetone and calcium chloride.


“They are producing cocaine base here in Colombia, then sending it to countries with little control over precursor chemicals,” Gen. César Pinzón, commander of the anti-narcotics division of the Colombian National Police, said in a recent interview. “That’s the main reason” for the shift.

Although Honduras has passed laws against the trafficking of precursor chemicals, “they aren’t enforced,” Honduran Security Minister Oscar Alvarez told McClatchy Newspapers.

A similar transition occurred in the production of methamphetamine. Small-scale meth labs in the United States were eventually replaced by massive “super labs” in Mexico following a U.S. crackdown on the domestic sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, the two main chemicals used to make the drug.

Colombia has among the world’s strictest regulations on precursor chemicals. Yet preventing them from getting into the hands of the cartels is a frustrating battle. Indeed, to produce the global supply of cocaine and heroin, traffickers must divert less than 1 percent of the worldwide supply of these chemicals, officials say.

That’s not hard to do because precursor chemicals have a broad range of industrial uses and are widely available.

Acetone, for example, is a key ingredient in paint. Potassium permanganate — known as “PP” to anti-drug agents — is an oxidizer used to treat wastewater, sanitize animal skins and keep bananas from ripening too fast. But PP is also what sets Colombian cocaine apart.”[6]


That Colombia has been written-Off because of american-Plutocracy governances, I think is one reason for more ”public-tRust” in ourselves. The we-People of Venezuela, needs us, as amercian-Socialists, not as belligerent US: military-Hegemonyites. They have a public-tRust, too, as well as the neighboring state of Colmbia, altho that state has been “bought, bought, bought” by u.s.a. cRime and cIAS/fBIS support. The support of public-tRust is the cRux of democracy and/or socialism or not! Why has not the “support of public-tRust is the cRux” not been the basic socio-Polity: issue for all amercian-Socialist? As well as public-Presentation of anti-war protestings? When will the encyclopedia of reports-Remiss on balances on our so-called: political-Landscape, hold the attenuations premises, what is diabolically called lines i.e. sociopathic-Types?         “R”


“That’s how Colombian police agents last year confiscated 120 tons of acetone and other chemicals from a fictitious paint manufacturer that was sending these supplies to cocaine laboratories in the southern departments of Cauca, Caquetá and Putumayo.

Local authorities must also keep close tabs on the sale of mass consumer substances like gasoline, cement and baking soda — all which can be used to make drugs. In southern jungle towns, like San José del Guaviare and Puerto Asís, daily sales of gasoline and kerosene are restricted to 55 gallons per customer while the daily limit on cement is 100 kilograms.

But traffickers keep inventing new ways to get what they need. Amid increased scrutiny of gas sales, traffickers have at times tapped directly into gasoline pipelines, Oviedo said.

Traffickers also are able to recycle some precursor chemicals. Yet at the end of the drug-producing food chain, massive quantities of toxic waste are simply dumped into the jungle.

During Colombia’s peak years of cocaine production in the early 2000s, John Walters — who was then the U.S. “drug czar” — said clandestine labs were dumping 370,000 tons of chemicals into the environment every year.

The chemicals inevitably find their way into rivers, streams and groundwater. “Affected waterways are almost entirely devoid of many species of aquatic and animal life,” Walters wrote.

In fact, it was environmental degradation that led to the discovery of the huge cocaine laboratory in Honduras. Police officers were tipped off by farmers living near the lab who complained about contamination of the local water supply.“[7]


The intRoductions to “chemicalizationings via dRugs” interested somewhere bRain-less who were already bought by capitalist-Totality, in one form or the forum of the whole as illicit as one does or can get away w a new id-al cornucopia-Compunctiveness. This is the same, itinerant behavior that military-bRass use all world-around. That means, the easy-Way: o-u-t. Where there is international dRugs, there has been one improvement, Interpol. Where there are people, there is supposed to be “diplomacy” and where ‘diplomacy’ peace for tReaties of all three nucleaR-Molecular: weaponizationings, w guards for the formidable-Plans that end like Chernobyl. In other words, there is no room to roam for chemcials, unless under guard and guardianships…of controls. Garbage, like US: military-Hegemonyites, dousing millions of chem-Fookering: tRails tons, upon our heads, has just gotta be riddance, Ecologically!        “R”


While private gunrunners continue to thrive the world’s biggest arms suppliers are the U.S., U.K., Russia, France and [Red] China. They are also five permanent members of the U.N. Security council.”[8]


The above stat is tRuth, tRue beyond “Defeating 5G as a mass DEW directed energy weapons Terraforming platform for the Transhumanist Agenda and AI Artificial Intel-Ggence”[9] altho not beyond as technology was not as criminal since 1999! What is happening in american-Society, is that the people are not american-Socialist enough, for their own needs, collectively. They are not building-tRust, enough for the so-called tax-Base as they have repeatedly dodge the issues. The tRust of others is the direct-Correlative: opposite of empire-Oligarchism and neo-Liberalist financial-Ripoffs, galore!        “R”


“There has been an ongoing occurrence for more than two decades that has been in plain view yet goes unnoticed by the majority of the busy, hurried, and distracted public. This is something that has existed for several decades, but was used only in small areas for testing and during wars (Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome and Operation Popeye for example). There is no denying that jets had the ability and the mechanics for this for several decades, but the global and daily practice of thi s is relatively new – has been occurring for almost 20 years and has been getting progressively worse. This is now something for which the government has propaganda for hiding and denying and something that is currently being proposed to be done in the future. What is this activity to which I am referring? It is called “chemtrails” and was listed by this name in HR 2977 IH as item #2 under the category of “exotic weapons systems”. It is now referred to by the military as aerosol scatterings or geoengineering and by scientists as solar radiation management.


There are several purposes for this aerosol scattering (as the military calls it). One purpose is for modifying the weather which includes intensification of storms and drought inducement as outlined in the military document entitled Weather as a Force Multiplier. This is only one of many military documents on this topic. Not only are the aerosols (mostly aluminum, barium and strontium) being sprayed into our atmosphere, but electromagnetic frequencies through HAARP, Elf waves and scalar energy which the aerosol scatterings of soft metals helps to enhance are also being used.

There are Congressional Acts that approve weather modification and patents that support it. You can find many official military and government pdf documents and links that outline weather modification, mind control and electromagnetic weaponry on the Military & Government Documentation page of this site and much more information on this page, the Chemtrail Research, Patents and Article pages of this site…”[10]


The above is stat on the continuing-Epic of “gitcha” and ambivalence of wArs-wArring for an accountRement of death and masse` surveillance coupled w intel-Gence to maintain the deep-State, but not deep-Ecology. I relate to George Lucas as an aficionado of Ecology, as he gRew-up in Modesto atop the dust and chemicalizings of “ammon-oRchards”, whereas his film, made an impression for the Eco-systematic preservations that interstellar-Space and Ecology of the Humanoid-needs must surmise in order for our species not to change “too-Radically”. That was: The company’s first project was Lucas’ full-length version of THX 1138 (1971)” see: below footnote on data!        “R”


“George Walton Lucas, Jr. was raised on a walnut ranch in Modesto, California. His father was a stationery store owner and he had three siblings. During his late teen years, he went to Thomas Downey High School and was very much interested in drag racing. He planned to become a professional racecar driver. However, a terrible car accident just after his high school graduation ended that dream permanently. The accident changed his views on life.

He decided to attend Modesto Junior College before enrolling in the University of Southern California film school. As a film student, he made several short films including Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB (1967) which won first prize at the 1967-68 National Student Film Festival. In 1967, he was awarded a scholarship by Warner Brothers to observe the making of Finian’s Rainbow (1968) which was being directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Lucas and Coppola became good friends and formed American Zoetrope in 1969. The company’s first project was Lucas’ full-length version of THX 1138 (1971). In 1971, Coppola went into production for The Godfather (1972), and Lucas formed his own company, Lucasfilm Ltd.


In 1973, he wrote and directed the semiautobiographical American Graffiti (1973) which won the Golden Globe and garnered five Academy Award nominations. This gave him the clout he needed for his next daring venture. From 1973 to 1974, he began writing the screenplay which became Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977). He was inspired to make this movie from Flash Gordon and the Planet of the Apes films. In 1975, he established ILM. (Industrial Light & Magic) to produce the visual effects needed for the movie. Another company called Sprocket Systems was established to edit and mix Star Wars and later becomes known as Skywalker Sound. His movie was turned down by several studios until 20th Century Fox gave him a chance. Lucas agreed to forego his directing salary in exchange for 40% of the film’s box-office take and all merchandising rights. The movie went on to break all box office records and earned seven Academy Awards. It redefined the term “blockbuster” and the rest is history.”[11]


The nonesuch factoring was always “not”. That thought-Discourse became a vehemence for word-Terms: usages, by others connecting to the movie-Business, whether directors or scouts or screen-Writor’s. Not at all slang, but totally “jargonated”. Wherever I went doing my ph0t0gRapHic-Ecology: studies, my public open-Mic readings against the tyRanny of nucleaRism, and of course one-of-my: 950 pRotests-vigils plenary-Sessions w peace & Justice around the north-Americas continent, there was always a gal to meet or talk w to see whether she could and would “fend, dept-of-War” or knowledge that nuclear-Armed thermos can and do pollute. Actually, the dept-of-Offense was then and before V-C-L, a gamo-Flage fecundry, where injuried and pTSD knowledge was not discussed openly by the “fanaticism” of having served, as those in military are having to serve pRopaganda-Chemises.      “R”


“Galactic Epoch


“Do you know what Stevenson said?” sez Or.

“You know, Stevenson who wrote

                       Treasure Island?

“He said the most confusing epoch

is the one right now

the one we’re living in.

no one can see what is going on.

The cross currents are so many

so confusing

there are a few

the very perceptive

a few…”

and Or’s voice trickled off

peddling his bike ahead of us.

81 years old man

straw sampan hat

androgynous face and twinkling eyes’

leads us to a wild grove of

golden plums

                           the further Mesa.

He spins lore of preserving fruit

“No one even uses what is

falling to the ground

rotting right in front of them[,]” he grumbles

“They’re so casual”.

Right on Bolinas Mesa

Pacific plate abuts the continent

Pushing up

San Andreas Fault



The above is an eXceRpt from, now deceased (2010) fRiend, rev-Paul Sawyer. Paul, more than once lauded that I was a survivor, meanings of many, but the one I most understood, most-Affable was “anti-Nuclearist purveyoR of nuclearism as pRopaganda” because we used to converse on his terrifying dRiving habits! Unfortunately, this poet/ ph0t0gRapheR, could not convince him to be my mentor, for obvious-Reasons you may have already read of my connotes, none ever negating “Life” merely stRife of peace and fReedom w.o. knowledge of “nuclear-Molecular: animosities”. We both understood was not Existentialist, meaningfully well adversed, quite yet! I was more than a little offended that we, Paul and I, after knowing him well enough to make a point foe space-Time on both our thinking/doing premises, that we did not get to take-in the addendum of a compendium on Sept 11th 2001 as well as all 3-nuc;lear-Molecular weaponings.


Those who have vascillated from the rhetoric that caused immense Despondency regarding 11th September 2001, seem not to be fearful beforehand and are in state of shock from fear after an act that is not Unbeknownst. The bourgeois attitude in u.s.a. has been amplified again, and then some measures to make further the abstruse-Caustic into a cause of rightwing radicalism. That Despondency can and does lead to decadent-extent, that of Depression is a cause for alarem, as that is a mental-Health issue, and one more reason “the Technocracy/ Plutocrats/ Elites” wanted the we-people NOT to have security as “universal-Health”. And, georges-Enron as the headship of/for abrogation-Blast. Easy enough? Yes and remaining complex, now he has passed!            “R”


“1. Decarbonize the economy fully by 2030. We need to set a more ambitious timeframe than the IPCC 1.5°C pathways suggest because of the United States’ historical responsibility for carbon pollution, because highly industrialized societies have the greatest capacity to rapidly reduce emissions and afford the shift from endless fossil-fueled growth to regenerative systems, and because faster decarbonization will give us the greatest chance of avoiding more catastrophic climate tipping points. We must mobilize all carbon-intensive sectors of the economy to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions at the source, and to scale up processes that safely and naturally draw down and remove excess carbon from the atmosphere – not as market-based “offsets” for ongoing emissions, but to begin restoring a safe climate for all.

  1. Democratize control over major energy systems and resources. Nationalize fossil fuel producers to phase them out as quickly as necessary – no new fossil fuel projects can be authorized or built. Socialize fossil-dependent industries so that they can be scaled back or transformed to fossil-free processes. Establish public ownership of utilities and the electric grid, and support energy cooperatives and community solar and wind projects for democratic control of the shift to 100% renewable energy. Shift from monoculture and factory farms to diversified agroecology. Expand municipal and state public banks, finance community land trusts, and end water privatization. Reinvest in and expand national parks; vastly expand national forests, grasslands, and wildlife preserves to enable natural carbon capture; and preserve public lands for future generations. Encourage replacement of individually-owned vehicles and short-haul air travel with expanded regional and high-speed electric rail, free public transit, shared vehicles, bicycles and other non-fossil-fuel modes of transportation in ways that benefit disadvantaged communities. The future is a public good, not a private luxury.


  1. Center the working class in a just transition to an economy of societal and ecological care. Guarantee a job with union wages and benefits to everyone who wants one by creating millions of public sector jobs and funding massive direct investments to build decarbonized infrastructure in critical sectors like renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, soil and ecosystem restoration, environmental impact mitigation, and climate adaptation while also expanding support for low-carbon care sectors like healthcare, education, and domestic work. Empower workers with stronger labor protections and rights to collectively organize. Promote worker-owned and worker-controlled cooperatives and enterprises at all levels of the economy. Ensure workers’ democratic control over the use of technological innovation and automation at work. Reduce the work week and guarantee substantial, paid parental leave and vacation time for all workers.


  1. Decommodify survival by guaranteeing living wages, healthcare, childcare, housing, food, water, energy, public transit, a healthy environment, and other necessities for all. Ensure market forces do not displace frontline and working class communities from their neighborhoods by implementing universal rent control, and work cooperatively with communities in the line of climatic danger to relocate to safer grounds. Make college education free so everyone has access to learning skills that may better facilitate the rapid transition of society. Ensure land and resources are prioritized for building resilient communities and ecosystems for the many, not the few.”


Like, when will the forest-Saplings for replacement to “dAmages of what asinine-Chemtrails has done”? Should be available to hire 1,000,000 and more persons needing jobs and “universal-Medicare: health-Insurance”? The carbon-sinks of past millions-Years were also apprising accumulations of botanical-Compostings. The contaminationings from “wTC NY: manhattan-Island” was D.E.W. expose`, as heinous and affirmative as what followed and preceded, that of abrogation-Blast. The admin of georges-Enron was sickening in as much as he seems to have allowed others to buy the voter-Counts, cRiminal activism, soo why were so many people consummating that “pRopaganda was not the main-chore” and trounce all that bogus, as indemnity that was not supposed to be tRuths, nor tRuing, whatsoever! The american-Socialists need public-Talks and conversations, in their gathering-Halls, as well as close monitioring on whom is an undercover “paranoiac-Policepole: person” those who dote on money is rightwingy-Intel,  NSA, too!            “R”


“Heinz Pommer with Jeff Prager to Veterans Today

Introduction by Gordon Duff with Ian Greenhalgh and Jeff Smith (Nuclear weapons designer/particle physicist)

The material here is overwhelming, hours of lectures and dozens of detailed slides.  This is not an easy read.  It is another piece of irrevocable proof regarding 9/11 and the use of nuclear weapons and, on its own, worth much more than just scanning or flipping through.

Architects and engineers say planes don’t knock down skyscrapers.  Nuclear physicists say only atomic bombs can turn out this kind of heat and damage. The real investigators who were silenced by a grand jury and a wealth of threats said it

was a conspiracy and named lots of names, some expected, some not.

Now an independent physicist has proven the work done by the original investigators who were silenced and much new work as well.  His modeling and detail is breathtaking.


We were recently introduced to the work of Germany physicist Heinz Pommer.  I chose to contact him.  His work deeply parallels work done by the US Department of Energy and IAEA which was censored and suppressed so that the fake 9/11 report could be published and blame put on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unlike Pommer’s work (aided by Jeff Prager), the VT team included some of those involved in the ill fated original investigation. Working from different data, to an extent, both teams have ended up with nearly identical results.

VT knows the who, how and when from official sources.  Pommer (and Prager),

however, have taken their portion a step further and have produced what the original team would have presented to congress and the president, had they been allowed, of the proofs of nuclear weapons and their effects.  Their work is identical to the secret work by the DOE and Sandia National Labs but adds much as well.

Included are video presentations sent by Pommer to me and his PDF slides.  This material has been submitted to the US team and we will get their comments.”[13]


This report seeks to establish the parameters of what the “directed-Energy: weapons used” may have innocuously brought into focus for the whole world, altho the event odiously transpired on ‘us-land’. The attempt is not to circumsize, the fullest-Extent of what has been developed, or wherefore furtively known topics of expanision on usages of “ionizationing-Features”. Whether electromagnetic or fusion, both parameters are nt as distinct as NSDU-238 particulate microns, as contrasted to “thermo-Molecular” blasts. The problem, and most likely the reason that Jim Fetzer went ahead w the 25-points is, to augre that both electromagnetic and fusioning as from aero-Jets, combine into a very jarbled choice of interactions. This was obvious to the viewoRs, who lied, when they said the building “fell down: because those were 95% pulverized; because explosions by thermite and probably c-4 as well, transpired. Bothe happened together but not all at once. What is could not, remains how far apart in terms of space-Time spacing is the concern in both proximities.


The wars are as illegal and as Un-constitutional is deceitful-Excess can net! The egregious-Overture I have documented as “the egregiousness-Extent” which stands thru-out the past 41-years of Un-declare: wArs-wArrings of US-military-Hegemony. There is not question on patriotism, because military-pRosaics have incorporated intel-Gence of state into “the deep-State” or erroneous-Cognition that all must be military prescience, and as we have gone from 1978 to now, that is fundamentally all we can and have seen. This amalgamation is not our culture, which has been so-Despotic that tRuthful sexuality cannot be portrayed, but legitimate Broadway theatre is morosely not reported on you-Tube as the next “subscribe”. What this means is that “politically” the we-People of u.s.a. have never been fReed fRom plutocracy, the inorganics on being duped into paying taxes forwarding wArs. Period, otherwise where is our “Universal health-Medicare” when the Act itself was passed under LB Johnson admin, in 1965.          “R”

NO Bail-Out for cOrPoRatiONs-Welfare…Larkspur bitchen-Cal” 9-25-08…


“In a statement released on October 6, the White House de-facto gave a green light to the Turkish military operation in the area. Washington said that its forces “will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial “Caliphate,” will not longer be in the immediate area.”

Kurdish militias, which are the core of the US-backed Syrian De[m]ocratic Forces, have just lost the US protection from a possible Turkish military action.

Last weekend, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that his country was not satisfied by the progress of the ‘safe zone’ agreement implementation and that Turkey was ready to launch a military operation in thearea on its own. Ankara describes US-backed Kurdish militias as terrorist groups.”[14]


The amplitude on attitude-Prevails, is negate-Life to make excuses, soo that facts are not portRayed, let alone “tRuth discussed en masse`” you ought know. Me, I am being the olde-Timer on amplificationings for pRopaganda is nucleaRism. The nucleaRism-Galore, antics of past and present, u.s.a. rogue-Empire of misleadership “amplified, quality-Care: minus” does not pass muster for an ecological-Planet. When can we assert a knowledge and knowhow supersedes methods of madness, is now. The tRuth does not hurt, being lazy does. Staying emphatic to the knowledge base is all our needs, not morose manufacturing. Have gMO-conifeRs come to your attention, yet? What would a research-Study: release on chem-tRails contaminatins in DNA of gMOS foods do to the dumb-fooker-bilt-ski-ville, industry, show to you and I. Better yet, what is Ecology if not w.o. harmful-ndustRy too rich to propagate “naturally”? Hmmm.          “R”


“The Israeli military fired in the morning of September 1 several shells at the occupied Shebaa Farms in southern Lebanon.

The al-Mayadeen TV said that several Israeli shells landed in Kfarchouba hills and mount al-Rus, which are both located within the region occupied by Israel.

An Israeli drone also dropped several incendiary grenades at Bestrah in the Lebanese-held part of Shebaa Farms.  Ali Shoeib, a reporter of Lebanon’s al-Manar TV, released a video and several photos of the grenades and the fires caused by them.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military, which has not opened fire inside Shebaa Farms for at least three years now.

In 2015 and 2016, Hezbollah carried out two attacks against the Israeli military inside Shebaa Farms in response to the assassination of two of its commanders of Syria.

The Israeli military is now anticipating a response from Hezbollah to the recent strikes on Beirut and Damascus. A day earlier, the Lebanese group secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah stressed that there will be a response but said that it won’t be necessary within Shebaa Farms.”[15]


Sharing the benefit in wArs-wArrings: hype, does not do, does not dote upon, does not attempt to be spread upon “health-Medicare bolstering for dental-Medicare, at all. Where are those ecosystems producing natural-Remedies? Are they SUBSIDIZED by pseudocRatic-Governance? Do we have “u.b.i.” universal-Basic: income? Why then, is the constant of universal-Reforestationings not superseded by the niceties of democracy-at-Werk? Would not Reforestationings help us to breath almost readily upon one-Year’s gRowth of conifers and of oaks and of watering w filtered hose-lines 4,500 feet long i.e. not quite as far as a degenerate “sniper’s bullet” can and distance does shoot—if the methane-Won’t-get-you-then-the-gMOS-will.          “R”


“The world is rapidly moving towards a global dystopia of zealots of the New World Order. Google and other mainstreamers are limiting the audience’s ability to reach “undesirable” sources of information. This “shadow banning” campaign targeted SouthFront along with many other dissenting media organizations.”[16]


The transferential-Delights of the new-Rome of Plutocracy, never abstains form maliciousness to maintain cIAS who can never be prosecuted, by courts of laws, as they are placed into “US-military” courtrooms” instead of public-tRust for Justice. Why not just be a “bought-Ensemble of discourtesy-Excess” like those imbeciles who maintain $75 tickets for sports-events but have never read an american-Socialist website nor newsletter, nor socialist-Newspaper. Total the Bourgeois prevarificationg w that goop du millstone of inactive-Participation and you and I get excuses are made for excuse-Sake. They’d be better-off walking around pulling weeds from hot-concrete sidewalks to get the fat-Guts: o-f-f. However, I do not excuse theirs as lameness, because they may have pTSD but cannot afford dental-Care and prefer to be bought by high-rates health-Insurance coRpoRate companies, those who never quite provide any, but that opposite i.e. healthcare cannot be socialized because we have Medicare and that does not provide for those who pay from age-!8 thru 65 years. You know, I’ve stated “excuse-Making” is not a just-Cause. In other words, that dental-Care is not available because they’ve stifled by being in the US-military to begin a life of leisure is not doing much!          “R”


“Iraqi security forces opened fire on unarmed civilians for the fourth day in a row Friday as protesters poured into the streets once again in defiance of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s declaration of a round-the-clock curfew.

The death toll was reported at 65 Friday night, with more expected to be killed in overnight clashes. The real number of dead is undoubtedly far higher. The number of wounded, from live ammunition, rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon, has been reported at over 1,500.

Heavily armed soldiers, members of Iraq’s elite counterterrorism squads and riot police have been deployed in an attempt to prevent demonstrators from marching on central Baghdad’s Tahrir Square and on the Green Zone, the heavily fortified center of the Iraqi government, the US and other Western embassies and the various military contractors hired to prop up the regime. Snipers on rooftops have been deployed to pick off protesters.

The government has shut down the internet across Iraq in its bid to suppress the organization of fresh protests. There have also been reports of masked death squads going to the homes of known activists and assassinating them.

Thus far, these repressive measures have proved counterproductive, with every state killing fueling the popular anger against the government. Unrest has gripped the impoverished Shia neighborhoods of Sadr City, where more than a decade ago militias confronted American troops. Crowds there reportedly have set fire to government buildings as well as the offices of Shia-based parties that support the government.


The protests, which have demanded jobs, improved living conditions and an end to corruption, are the largest and most widespread that have broken out in Iraq in the more than 16 years since Washington launched its war to topple the government of Saddam Hussein.

Most of those confronting US-trained security forces in the streets are unemployed youth and young workers whose entire lives have been shaped by the criminal US war of aggression, the subsequent eight years of US occupation and the bitter sectarian conflicts instigated by Washington as part of its divide-and-rule strategy.

The effects of the US war amounted to sociocide, i.e., the systematic destruction of an entire society. The number of Iraqis who lost their lives due to the war is estimated at well over a million. What had been among the most advanced healthcare, education and social welfare systems in the Middle East were demolished, along with the bulk of the country’s infrastructure.

Washington launched the 2003 invasion based on lies about “weapons of mass destruction” and the predatory conception that by militarily conquering Iraq it could seize control of the vast energy resources of the Middle East and thereby offset the decline of US imperialism’s global hegemony.”[17]


The US: military-Hegemonyites are an empiricist-Force, one that associatively, utilizes what I have discussed many times, known as Conditionalism. This is the staid-Allotment, which enterprises the practices of impunity and of usuries, not plenaries and democracy-at work associated-Connoting. Hegemony is kept associated by the facets of plutocracy, the system the 1891 thru pResent “coRpoRatists” seem to have as their stake, by using a word known as Economics, whatever that may be, they invent! Is fascism sooo important that a world has to be suspended and upended to have an intel which is one-sided? Is that the most presaging of all our Humanoid concerns? Or, is decontaminating of all Radionuclides and having tReaties on each of-the-thRee, nuclear-Molecular: weapons, instead of having wArs by imperialism being non-descript, but weigh-ins implausible and outta consort w congressional-Control by overrated-Government toward peace and Diplomacy—now, long since disappeared by plutocrats of the new-Rome? That “sociocide, i.e., the systematic destruction of an entire society” (see above quotation) is both disconcerting-Definition, as well as tRuth. Yipes.          “R”


poem           a nice Morning to Roll the chem-tRails off


just such a nice-Morning to roll the chem-tRails off

or a nice-Morning to end the illegal invasioning

                                                                                 by US-military in Syria,

they’re soo interfering w yet another once-Waz government able

bites the US-military dusts, while we get chemicalized, here

at homeland-Insecurity, those government for-You: needs idiocy

those happy thoughts to pRopagandize, to be surreptitious, our

health-Universality, their austere takeover, soo they can waste

our-Ecology, their need is to control themselves, but they have

professed to control our not having “health-Medicare”


the Syrias did not ask for rogue-Empire to be there, did they

nor the client-state Israels of Zionism seemed to be worth

not-having a thought-Demise, each and every-Biltski, morning

three-Weeks ago, the eastern Syria was more than complement,

as more wArs-wArrings in not peace-pRophecy adjunctives is

not less, as invasionings means the chem-tRails are less overhead

but same cost, here in “the chemicalizing wyoming-Corridor”

no tax to Ionize, while the military-IndustRial idiocy is complex


the air as we-Humanity once knew that, as that is need yet,

as now we are not now free of evil-Empire, nor free-Speaking

just ubiquitous cogs of blotto-Dusts accumulations, dust-out

heffer-Dung mixtures w chemicals, now we can add plastispheres

particulate-of-Micron, to the strontium-90 microns, and load-of

dead-Body refugees must pass in fRont, since 1978, long tRain  


we can to roll in cattle-Dung easier w.o. chem-tRails overflights

aiding and abetting our misery of plastispheres in water

and CO-2 accumulationings but methane-Release reports are

not seen as they do not enterprise in make dusts of dung and

chem-tRails chaste-Usury not-fun, like bought-Off is nice-Usury


in nucleaR-Molecular counts on strontium-90, have yet to be

added the continuous-Demise of our once-Waz: weather, as when

molecule measures, not yet seen in 21-years of chemicalizationings

no-Reports, retorts are made or they are not made, but enacted

to be made next decade-Made, bought-off for Ionizationings


can we wondeR togetheR, order of when in east-Syria, US-military

does or can chemicalize overhead there, for fRee, or for scatter

into Iran the chemicals, overhead-Syrias, for equality sake, you know,

samish: free-Roguishness, the same for them and the same for them,

maybe the Syrias can invite plastispheres for luncheons, and salad


then the US-military will leave behind cattle-dung, soo all humanity

can roll in that and get the chem-tRails off, park that in molecules

of gravel-Dusts already there w exploded munitions-Molecules

good salad you know, “Bligh-me” like captain-Bligh of the Bounty

in need of breadfruit soo we can say somethinGy-Bop like “mutiny:  

Bligh-me, being bought is not soo much fun” grow that as organic


written by “R” the Righteous, Addison 07 Oct 2019


“Forests are burning, droughts are devastating, storms are thrashing. We know why. We also know what we have to do to prevent it from getting worse and to mitigate and deal with what is already happening. But instead, the richest among us—in terms of individuals, in terms of governments—choose instead to invest in weapons. They choose instead to fuel war. To build walls. To construct and solidify surveillance states. To weaponise their security—their own security, not the security, or safety, or well-being of their fellow citizens or anyone else.

As we prepare for another round of First Committee, we would do well to bear in mind this reality. Some participants are working hard to create a future in which the 1% thrive while the rest of the world crumbles, in which weapons are used as the primary mode of order and control. They assert this power through their investments in technology of violence, through attempts to crush and criminalise resistance and revolt, and through their condescension to the rest of the world’s governments and people. This condescension will be on full display during First Committee. The majority of delegations will be told by the minority that they don’t understand the “international security environment” and that they are “politicising” issues or creating “divisions” whenever they speak up for disarmament. These same delegations will fight with each other vociferously, trying to score points—with whom we are not sure, because the schoolyard antics of name-calling and finger-pointing grow tiresome for the rest of us by the end of the first day. The informal back-and-forth of these end-of-day discussions would be most useful to figuring out how to eliminate weapons. But instead the time is spent reinforcing hostilities and tensions among the most weaponised.


While this theatrical performance goes on, the rest of First Committee would do well to recall the words of Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines during last month’s high-level debate at the UN General Assembly. “As the original builders of our global economic and political architecture descend into jingoistic isolationism, and succumb to the narrowest pursuits of short term self-interest,” he noted, “it is the small, the poor and the historically marginalised states of our global village that present the last, best chance to restore the crumbling edifice of international cooperation, and the principles on which that cooperation rests.”

The UN General Assembly was designed as a place for the governments of all member states to have an equal say, and it is this spirit that we urge First Committee delegates to uphold in 2019. The activists, survivors, and public that look to the UN for progress and change urge all delegates to speak up for humanity. The resolutions and agreements reached in this Committee can have meaning: they have led to great things in the past and can again. Do not let a handful of heavily militarised governments shut you down. What needs to be shut down are arms factories and arms fairs, not international discourse about disarmament. At a time when the nuclear-armed states are ripping apart arms control treaties, when they are more interested in the profits of the arms trade instead of the well-being of people, the rest of the international community has a vital role to play in putting forward alternatives for our collective security—security based on the rule of law, disarmament, equity, justice, and peace.”[18]


The mannerism of Objectioning, is not necessarily a “radicalism and Radicalization” but moreso the context of peace as american-Socialism as well as “speaking-Out” because the usury gets codified to chauvinism of Technocracy for the plutocracy-System. When we-People say or state, “it’s (the id-al is) obvious, the method of subscribing to relating and bein0Informed is being abrogated” do we mean that is necessary to be against our being a public-Forum and formula”? No. I personally, have been Objectioning to Ionizationings, due the due the excessive-Buildups in the air-waters-landscapes that Ecology may not be best able to divert, like the needs for carbon-sinks is known as natural-forest, such as the once-Waz jungles of the Amazon river’s basin, such as the once-Waz confer-forests of u.s.a. and of Canada, that are purposefully being torched as though smoke is only-Useful to help control cover-ups of chem-tRails: Ionizationings all told! The patterns of disbelief are not too blame other than the staid annointments of not knowing enough and sharing evermore as much as possible, because again and again is the productful means to subsequent, knowing. There may not be an end is what we’re up and against. The system is imperialist, not colonialist.           “R”


“The telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.

They thought [though] they called their new, alleged “communications technology”, adapted from the military Active Denial Technology, “5G” or fifth generation, the public would just assume that it was more of the same as 4G, 3G or 2G. And if they could characterise the rollout as a race, the public would not have enough time to find out what a killer technology 5G is. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now they know how lethal previous generations of wireless technology – to be used concurrently with 5G – are as well.

Below is the evidence from a number of different countries that the pushback is huge and growing. The telcos have lost the propaganda war, despite their control of the mainstream media, from which not a whisper of the dangers of 5G is heard, and of social media and Youtube, who have been desperately deleting millions of accounts to silence the naysayers.

As this article went to press, support arrived from an unlikely source. In an impassioned speech before the United Nations General Assembly on 24 September 2019, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that digital authoritarianism is not the stuff of dystopian fantasy but of an emerging reality. He described the Internet of Things, “smart” cities and AI as a giant, dark thundercloud lowering ever more oppressively over the human race, a gathering force reshaping the future of humanity over which the human race has no control and from which, in future, there may be nowhere to hide.


He asked if algorithms could be trusted with our lives and hopes and whether machines should be allowed to doom us to a cold and heartless future in an Orwellian world designed for censorship, repression and control. He recalled the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and endorsed its ideals of upholding freedom of opinion and expression, the privacy of home and correspondence, and the right to seek and impart information and ideas.

He exhorted the academic committees, company boards and industry standards groups who are writing the rulebooks of the future, making ethical judgements, and choosing what will or will not be rendered possible to find the right balance between freedom and control, between innovation and regulation, between private enterprise and government oversight. He insisted that the ethical judgements inherent in the design of new technology must be made transparent to all and that joint efforts must be made to agree a common set of global principles to shape the norms and standards that will guide the development of emerging technology.

What follows is a citizen journalist’s list of the actions taken to halt 5G and reports and complaints that have discredited this Machiavellian attempt to foist a disastrous technology on the world in 2019. It is not an exhaustive list and I extend my apologies to all those whose efforts I may have overlooked here and much gratitude to all who have contributed to making this pushback so successful.

However, we cannot afford to be complacent and, in particular, we must work to stop the use of the Earth orbits and the stratosphere to beam 5G down to Earth, for this puts the ionosphere and the entire planet at risk. We must also work to ensure that the use of street lights with blue light for this anti-life agenda is rapidly reversed.

The effort to stop 5G is still gathering momentum and we must continue to work together and tirelessly to protect all life on Earth and the planet itself until this demented plan is relegated to the history books as the most Mephistophelian scheme in the history of humankind.”[19]


The lithium of Afghanistan would provide mush the resources for cellular-Phones, and computers. However, the industry never does “Balance” when extracting ores. There, were upon my 3-visits to Afghanistan, a people needing to abet mountains where snows and rains can wash away meagre top-soils accumulations. Now that there are millions of landmines the ecosystem tRoubles in in near-Collapse. However, where there is fact there is rationale. Balance is yet necessary. Mountainside jobs is need. Saplings is need, land-mines- Extraction is need. The proper-Planning on mountainsides is half engineering and half gardening. As the saying goes: where is the third-Half? The Ionzationings of Ionisphere is done by ionospheric-Heaters. The results do not help the soils as bio-Accumulations of all three known contaminants in chem-tRails usurps feeding even partial fertilizers and phosphorous. What kind of partial-World is the new-Rome of Plutocracy feeding to us? What about our millions-Acres national-Forests already chopped-off to 5-acres and 35-40 acres mansion-Homes lots, under the raw-Goon admins? Are we supposed to eat “shidski-and homeland-Insecurity w gMOS topping”?          “R”


“I have long been inspired by the American Peace activists and it is a joy to be with some of you at this conference. A long time ago, as a teenager living in Belfast, and social activist, I was inspired by the life of Dorothy Day, of the Catholic Worker.  Dorothy, a nonviolent Prophet, called for an end to war and the money from militarism, to be used to help alleviate poverty. Alas, if today Dorothy (RIP) knew that one in six individuals in the USA is in the Military-Media-Industrial-Complex and armament costs continue to rise daily, how disappointed she would be.  Indeed, one third of the USA military budget would eliminate the entire poverty in the USA.

We need to offer new hope to a humanity suffering under the scourge of militarism and war. People are tired of armaments and war. People want Peace. They have seen that militarism does not solve problems, but is a part of the problem. The Global Climate crisis is added to by the emissions of US military, the greatest polluter in the World.  Militarism also creates uncontrollable forms of tribalism and nationalism. These are a dangerous and murderous form of identity and about which we need to take steps to transcend, lest we unleash further dreadful violence upon the world. To do this we need to acknowledge that our common humanity and human dignity is more important than our different traditions.  We need to recognize our life and the lives of others (and Nature) are sacred and we can solve our problems without killing each other.  We need to accept and celebrate diversity and otherness. We need to work to heal the old divisions and misunderstandings, give and accept forgiveness and choose nonkilling and nonviolence as ways to solve our problems.


We are also challenged to build structures through which we can co-operate and which reflect our interconnected and inter-dependent relationships.  The vision of the European Union founders to link countries together economically unfortunately has lost its way as we are witnessing the growing militarization of Europe, its role as a driving force for armaments, and the dangerous path, under the leadership of the USA/NATO towards a new cold war and military aggression with the building up of battle groups and a European army.  I believe the European countries, who used to take initiatives in the UN for peaceful settlements of conflicts, particularly allegedly peaceful countries, like Norway and Sweden, are now one of the USA/NATO’s most important war assets.

The EU is a threat to the survival of neutrality and has been drawn into being complicit in breaking international law through so many illegal and immoral wars since 9/ll.  I therefore believe NATO should be abolished, and the myth of military security replaced by Human Security, through International Law and implementation of Peace Architecture.  The Science of Peace and implementation of Nonkilling/Nonviolent Political Science will help us transcend violent thinking and replace a culture of violence with a culture of nonkilling/nonviolence in our homes, our societies, our world.

Also the UN should be reformed and should actively take up their mandate to save the world from the scourge of war.    People and Governments should be encouraged to evoke moral and ethical standards in our own personal lives and for Public Standards.  As we have abolished slavery, so too we can abolish militarism and war in our world.


Racism, Propaganda and Wars

I believe if we are to survive as the human family, we must end Militarism and War and have a policy of general and complete disarmament.  In order to do so, we have to look at what is sold to us as   the driving forces for militarism and war.

Who are the real beneficiaries of war? So to begin we are sold the wars under democracy, the fight against terrorism, but history has taught us wars proceeded the fight against terrorism.  Greed and Colonialism and seizing of resources proceeded terrorism and the fight for so called democracy proceeded terrorism by thousands of years.  We now live in an age of Western Colonialism disguised as a fight for freedom, civil rights, religious wars, right to Protect.

Under the premises we are sold the opinion that by sending our troops there and facilitating this, we are bringing democracy, rights for women, education, and for the more slightly astute of us, for those of us who see through this war propaganda, we are told that this has benefits for our countries.  For those of us who are slightly more realistic about our countries goals in these countries we see an economic benefit for cheap oil, tax revenues from companies expansion into these countries, through mining, oil, resources in general and arms sale.

So at this point we are questioned morally for the good of our own country, or for our own morals. The majority of us do not own shares, in Shell, BP, Raytheon, Halliburton, etc.[,] Shares that skyrocketed (including Raytheon) three[-]fold since the Syrian proxy war began. The major US military firms are:


Lockheed Martin



BAE Systems

Northrop Grumman

General Dynamics



The General Public do not benefit from the massive tax expenditure incurred by these wars.  In the end these benefits are funnelled towards the top.  Shareholders benefit and the top l% who run our media, and the military industrial complex, will be the beneficiaries of war.  So we find ourselves in a world of endless wars, as large arms companies, and the people who benefit the most have no financial incentives for peace in these countries.”[20]


The money is not in-the-hands of the coRpoRate-Sleaze: idious-One, personhood, as cRiminals who enterprise “empire, not a future”. Wall Street earnings transactions are not taxed, extractions of oils are not taxed, the control on that is fascist-Empire. Mairead Maguire states “the Syrian proxy war began” now ongoing and basically seven-plus years of displacements, destructionings, refugees, civilian-hostage-taking, murder and relentless iSIS build-ups, by US and UK and IDF-goods (oftentimes handled by ex-Mossad).       “R”


Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault, Live Presentation

‘geoengineeringwatch’ 17 Sep 2015, 51:27 mins. 175,328 views


What is the idea of merely speaking on one topic when the expose` is multifaceted, as Dane Wigington, has been doing w me and to the general-Public, since 2002 (?). What he has said therein, above is immense. I first briefed thRu this, beyond séance, in 2015. He, todays makes more precisely the adjudicationing that I could not find, altho he’s come to view my “anti-Radionuclides: dispostioning” moreso. His points are well worth subscribing to us, american-Socialists, especially. Four years, have now departed. Do that neutering of coRpoRate-Sleaze back those a-Holes.           “R”


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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