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Ecosocialism #27/  09 Sep 2019   nucleaRism as well as Ecosocialism Philosophy, plus September 11, 2001

Ecosocialism #27/  09 Sep 2019  

nucleaRism as well as Ecosocialism Philosophy, plus September 11, 2001

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<10 Sep 2019>

As of August 2001, when i heard news on NPR, since pRN-fm was

 years from happening, as I maintained having a start, in 1996,

“how many wArs does the fanatic-penataGooons need to have

for an UN-declared-War”? This, of course was because

gHW Bushwhacky had abused the privilege

to disclose NSDU-238 instead languish-Purposeful: 

egRegiousness-Excess…32 years of wArs-wArrings!


a) I’m looking foRwaRd to “Human rights Day”

my annual holiday places content into a context of Ecosocialism

need accepted as-well-as those not fulfilled…

b) I’d like to have a clear “winteR solstice” whole-Day

as the Ionizationings are not fun nor healthy, for us. I feel

after my 31-years output that staying home

and just ‘modulating’ is where living in this new-Rome

might be at, as I am not supportive of x-Mas

celebrations pertuRable on any other day–

altho twice w family in past 35-years is enough!

c) since 10 Oct 2018 my eyeball has been seeing 10-15%

 larger, and I am now slated for eyeball operation

w corrective measures for stereo-Scoptic eye-site



While traveling in Van’s #1 & #2—from 1966 thru 2013—I protested, marched, vigil’d to the extent where I was always there finding-out more about the immoralism and the Determinism of “america’s military connected to an absolutist-Extent” of “the nuclear-Molecular”. The more I traveled the more I camped, the more I wrote poetry and tried to earn american-Steel. I soon tried essays by 1973-74. Allen Ginsberg had paid for my “encounter-theRapy sessions”. Those, psychologists and therapists, became a portion of gRoup in California known as “Men Sana”. The progressive measures of his and now my, forward anti-nuclearist dispositions were also into peace-Proponency. However, my fidelity and what I asked Allen was this: “isn’t the first nuclear-Weapon the ‘scatter-Method’ and the thermos, as heinous as those are, not allowing peace, unless we reduce the ‘stockpiles’ anywhere?”.


The returning soldiers were afro-Amers, and I never did see Allen, nor rev-Paul have a sidewalk discussion w those veterans and/or dRaft-Dodgers, because both Paul and I were helping guys make the decision to “Conscientious-Objectors”.  Nonetheless, I would also ask afro-Amers this: “were the stockpile reduced to 1,200 or 1,000 would that indicate that peace w U.S.S.R. would be a tReaty and not the “nuclear-Nonproliferation treaty” which does not indicate ‘p-e-a-c-e.’…”. Another question regarding anti-nucleaRist, concerns, was “do not women have a voice in reducing the stockpile of thermos to 300-total, per each nation, as here in U.S.A.”? Now, that was a double hardship for me, because making close friendships or hetero-Dates was this proviso. There was also, the mention that ur-236 was a scatter method concocted as weapon, in 1943. Did you know? Now, what my book details is “nucleaRism, Conditionalism, deteRminism, Ecosocialism: Philosophy, uranium-238, psychopathology of capitalist-Totality: neo-Liberalism, Ionizationing: nano-Bots technology, chem-tRails fascism. Whether you know Philosophy or not ‘LEAVE MY WEBSITE ALONE, as I have 1,000’s of ph0t0s fRom 6-plus decades of studying pHoTogRapHy, much is historic and much is not yours. This is my website. However, I want many others to participate, is forecast in FutuRe. Afterall, I have cameras, weldors, and storage of gReateR defeats of human-Energy.


[Keep your fooking “g00kd0m” off my pRocesses. The fookeRing thieves will get theirs in Jail(s). The e-Mail addresse` is for comments not austere belligerencies, for spam, because you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ, AND TO THINK! Whether, you do not like my werks do not meddle, eat shid-ski, instead.]


Now, my four-Volumes are en route to U.S. copyright Office. When I receive that number, I shall add, below the titles, as american-Socialism is not dependent upon theft, thieving, debasement of artistic and literary works, nor merely Marxism: economic-Theory, political-Theoretics, nor Anarchism.  As stated above, I configured NSDU-238 would be radioisotope-236, but in stories (high school, College, University—each for years duration). Prof. Howard Zinn in 1968, personally told me that there was NSDU-238, meaning he understood a fissile scatter method, but he was not sure what radioisotope, as well. I was weigh-ins along on NSDU-238 knowing that matter was also anti-Matter, or “nuclear-Molecular” and knowing the excising (excise, accoutrement, dishonesty) from March, 1943. What was done and therefore known, by the US-military and whatever has been done by 1979, when the fanatic-penataGooons went into massive buildup progRoms.


I am not beside myself now that I’ve finished the first 50% of my wRitings, but I am thoroughly pleased. Because! The parttime tRukken, finding places to reside, having numerous ailments (now @ 40-total) and having to balance wurk w S.S.I. time after decade that is knowing that my disabilities, was half-Healthcare and half pains, anxiety and maintaining on a quite less that other socialist-Boomers. I kept expanding the pRopaganda-Model, as that was a curve which leaned upon the discursives of power and military-Usuries. Thus, “the whole-Pap” became nucleaRism, a philosophy of technocratic-Plutocracy, austerity by-Oligarchs 1983. I kept the sanctimony quiet, to myself until 1999. Because. My wRitings were a collective-Hardship, as sculpturing and moving metals, demanded. Howver, I kept my journals as proponency and thought-Discourse as knowing who I am as artist-wRitor: philosopheR. Along the way I found that spousal-Abuse was a capitalist-Ploy of anti-culturalism, for which philosophy was somewhere found on that curve.


The philosophy of “determinism” was essentially, the worst.  From 1960 thru 2013, when I realized that aggrandizement is an egregiousness-Extent, one that can and most often are, becoming of a belligerence-Behavior brought-on by wAras-wArring, iillegal-Invasions, superlatives of token reparations, and a host of one-sided, class-consciousness stupendous amenities of anarchyism. The U.S. pResidents have been just that. One after the other. The socialists around the world have hindered and hampered exposure of socials-Polemics that ordinary acculturations could or would do. Maintaining a hand on bible–symbolic. Maintaining in the nexus, a war-is-good invade and forget the U.S. constitution is not legal and is UN-awful. Those assholes should have been impeached, arrested, placed in confinements. Thus, thru anarchaic-Dissident:   inchoateness, a philosophy of “determinism” was maintained, but in actuality is plutocratic/ Fascist.


One extent or another, is good for backwardness pronounced as indecision. That is also the Bourgeois stasis of inactive-Thinking on the part of wirkoRs and professionals. Yes, the empire is deceitful. Yes, because of deceits, lies, ripping-off the healthcare as Medicare, making masse` murder enterprise for Wall Street or money-Marketing instead of Savings and finance at reasonable rates. All those aspects and lost more I’ve delved into as they are the stoic-Embrace for fascism and off-shore accounts to continue the fecund malleability of coRpoRatists who basically maintain plutocracy-Rule and not enterprise-Democracy. What is democracy-Extent then, because Ecology has become lies about global-climate instead of climate-Manipulation by Ionizationing from fanatic-penataGooons. You’ll read more and find the finer disconnects snafus, connectedness between need and why the Anthropocene, isn’t always “nucleaRism”. What poRtRayals are then “nucleaRism”?


You’ve been “bought” people, since 1961. You live in a “rogue-Empire” w 767 bases overseas, not pulling for any, but more military expense and armaments-Developments are a non-stop: constant of Plutocracy—un-Lawful (untaxed), hand-outs (cRonyist). My wRitings now have encompassed 31-years of utility, public metaphysics and en Voce` (enlightenments and enlivenment). The website needs me as much as that needful-Amenity.


poem      Ether, H.A.A.R.P. Ionispheric-Heaters Climate Plutocracy

there are sooo many wArs-wArring that one may

have such a luxurious time deciding

which one to go to, as to kill people for free,

like american-Ski teevee: guns and shoot-em-up

oNLY blood and gore is real thinGy-Bop

that’s sooo American, because they’re all

distilled and on-Going, looking deeper

not that they’re going to be bases forever

and the taxpayers don’t have jobs to pay for taxes

but that is not okay since H.A.A.R.P.

and other Ionispheric heaters are wi-fying our bRains

to the re-fRy Conditionalism debasements

we have had 20-years to assuage

truth of lies nebulousness, where are those

daily measurements on nano-Particulates

accumulating each lamination, each dissemination

nothing is fRee, but that plutocratic method

merely bio-accumulates while it’s acid-Rein

kills, kills, like that is the american-Smog

such lacking good-Habits rogue-Empire has

written by “R” Addison, 12-11-18


Terror and terroRism, not merely hype, and deceitful-Excesses galore, but the mighty-Dollar pReying upon people who have need to shop or grow foodstuffs—most hopefully– “oRganics” and pay bills in Oaks and Digger pines country. The reviews on the 2017 fire was exponential to D.E.W. and studies were be expected to follow-up. How gReedy capitalist-Totality is, as the system is not set to self-DestRuct nor jail themselves. They wrap themselves in technocratic-Plutocracy. However, the first “how can one say “miserly usage of” D.E.W. was September 11th 2001, my city New York on Manhattan Island—the big-Apple. These following are tRuth expose`s on fascist-Mannerism of ilk-Rebukes.


“To those unfamiliar with the official story of WTC 7, this might seem like just another account of the terror, confusion and heroism that the victims of that day faced during their harrowing ordeal.

But this is not the case. Jennings’ story is in fact full of details that directly contradict NIST’s pronouncements on the destruction of the building.

Most notably, Jennings’ vivid description of the explosions that were taking place in the building during his ordeal is in direct contradiction to NIST’s assertion in its FAQ on WTC 7 that, although NIST “investigated the possibility” of explosions contributing to the building’s demolition, “NIST concluded that blast events inside the building did not occur and found no evidence supporting the existence of a blast event.”

In fact, not only is there ample evidence, available to anyone interested, that there were explosions going on in the building shortly before it went down, but Jennings’ personal account confirms that there were numerous explosions taking place inside WTC 7 in the morning, hours before the building was destroyed.

The BBC, in its “Conspiracy Files” program on “The Third Tower,” tries to muddy the waters by implying that the explosions that Jennings testified to were in fact the dust and debris from the Twin Towers’ demolitions impacting Building 7.

JENNINGS: At that time I received a phone call from one of my higher-ups and he said, “Where are you?” and I said, you know, “The emergency command center.” And then he came back, he said, “Get out of here get out of the area.”

NARRATOR: At 9:59 the 1,300-foot South Tower collapses. …


It is important to note that Jennings’ story does not present a different view of the official story of 9/11; it undermines that story entirely. Multiple explosions taking place in the lower floors of Building 7 before the Twin Towers’ destruction shows that NIST was wrong to dismiss the possibility of explosive demolition of WTC 7. Given that the explosions that trapped Jennings and Hess was not falling debris from the Twin Towers and was not a fuel oil tank explosion—a point stressed by Jennings and confirmed by NIST—then the most likely possibility—pre-planted explosives that were timed to go off during the attacks—remains not only uncontested, but unconsidered by NIST or any other investigative agency.

Indeed, the 9/11 Commission—which called Jennings in to question him about his story in one closed-door meeting that was never followed up—did not even mention the stunning, symmetrical, free-fall demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 in its final report on the attacks. The BBC, as we have seen, attempted to bring Jennings’ story in line with the official story by purposely misleading its viewers about the timeline that Jennings himself insisted on. And NIST, infamously, took seven years to finally offer an account of Building 7’s collapse; an account so absurd as to be self-refuting:

SUNDER: Here’s a video taken on 9/11 that shows WTC 7 collapsing. Note the kink in the East penthouse and the progression of the screening wall and the West penthouse collapsing from East to West. Here is our structural model showing the building collapsing, which matches quite quite well with the video of the event.

Most remarkable of all, and conveniently left out of the account of every so-called “debunker” of Jennings’ testimony, is what Jennings himself felt about the destruction of Building 7.

JENNINGS: Well, I’m just confused about one thing and one thing only. Why World Trade Center 7 went down in the first place. I’m very confused about that. I know what I heard. I heard explosions.”[1]


The pre-set munitions in Building #7 and timeline argument not reporteR-Refuted by NIST and the BBC, cRookeds, altered timeline, the OEM was the best protected as was building-7 much more protected than pentagon, and any other building in the whole fookeRing world, including Shyam Santer. And more lie-Lines of corporate gReedies for the “deep-State”. I am reminded of my space-Times in Manhattan, like meting David Bowie s we were waiting for ‘the Velvet Underground” as well as my poetry-Reading always in connote to nucleaRism. Not me being anxiety-pRone and sidewalk discussion in 1993 and again in 1996, as big-Rig tRuks got me to the bus and subway tRains. However, I gRew-up san-fRan and Sausalito style, w beat-Bohemian, and many readings all over the u.s.a. and Canada. I lived in Paradise as well as Chico. I did a SINC participation into building #7, on my 1996 visit. Made the 8th floor and exact stairwells but had not been allowed to go above floor-7. They allowed the construction, paths for me. A I noted, then, this building had been started in 1989 and yet they were still hard at werk—finishing touches, I had to suspect. I made floor eight and clambored, down stairs, to street level having to go up at other end. That was an immensely strong building, as I have always inspected structure of high-rises in san fRan, glad to have done sooo here.


“NEXRAD stands for Next Generation Radar and is comprised of 159 high-resolution S-band Doppler weather radars that bounces microwaves off of targeted areas. It is said to be for the purpose of collecting data about the atmosphere, but anyone who knows anything about microwaves, know that they have an effect on what they hit. Whether by accident or on purpose, NEXRAD, also known as Doppler Radar, effects precipitation and atmospheric temperature. It is operated by the National Weather Service (NWS), an agency of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) within the United States Department of Commerce, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Air Force within the Department of Defense.

This page overlaps with a couple of the other weather warfare pages because NEXRAD plays a role with weather control. I share four examples here of frequencies hitting certain areas and then a major storm hitting the same areas one or two days later or having a storm front pushed away from one area and made to sit over or move toward another.

Weather control is not the only function of microwaves, microwaves are also used for mind control and have detrimental effects on our health. I’ll cover this aspect of microwaves on the bottom of this page.

Of course the above definition of what kind of frequency/energy does doppler use mentions only the purpose of getting and analyzing data. Don’t ever expect Wikipedia to admit to weather warfare or to any method of depopulation, unless it is tagged with the phrase “conspiracy theory”. The reason I share the definition above is to show that Doppler radar uses microwave energy. Below on the left is a doppler tower and on the right and U.S. map of doppler locations. This will be important later when you see the frequencies manipulating storm systems.”[2]


My indigestion was that the fires were due to no forest-Culling by the US forest-Service as though they weren’t supposed to plant saplings and hire us-People needing food-Money and socialism contexts already! Thus, I moved to Oroville, organized my sculptural aRtes-Materials and continued to expand the forest’s dilemma prior to asinine “chemicalizing” 1990 and 1993, mainly noticeable over Mt. Shasta in ph0t0graphy of clear-Cuts. Moving from ‘oRo-bAr studio’ back coloRadie, in May 1993. What else had tRanspired was no space-Place for my aRte-Werks to be moved to due no parttime tRukken jobs, on a bald tire w no female companionship. That bitchen-Cal was hardship, as well as being an art-Sit, and I was wRiting daily in my journals, then started onto non-fiction.


“This page includes, but is not limited to, Lockheed Martin bragging about and demonstrating their directed energy weapons, a History Channel documentary on directed energy weapons, people’s footage of lasers in California the night the fires started and of the strange and unnatural aftermath of the fires. The videos people took of the laser matched the demonstrations given by Lockheed Martin and other official sources.

The news tried to give the impression that the over 100 fires (in 2017) that occurred all at once were from a forest fire spreading into neighborhoods. Yet, most of the trees didn’t burn and there is no burnt path between houses that are next to or across from each other.

Notice how every home on this block burnt totally flat. Not a single item left–no refrigerators or bath tubs, toilets, etc. Not only did the trees again not burn but just about everything (aside from clothes, mattresses, furniture cloth and paper) that were in the homes did burn and just about everything in those homes that burnt require a higher burning temperature than wood (refer to temperature charts linked above)…

Not only were the trees leading to the houses not burnt, the streets between the homes look clean showing no ashes, debris or even charring. This shows that the fires didn’t arrive to the houses from the outside, but looks as if the fires came from inside. The fact that ashes cannot even be seen on the streets and the forest didn’t burn shows not only that it was not windy, but that the phrase “wild fires”used by the media is not only a misnomer, but an outright lie.

Looks as [though] some kind of directed energy attack went to each house or to the electrical wiring or meter of each house. Could the pulse have been sent by the power company to the electrical power supply of each house, by a microwave weapon or by a laser, or maybe all three, depending on which fires you’re talking about. Some people reported seeing a laser in the Santa Rosa Fire. The result of most of the fires point to microwaves due to the material specificness of what burned and what didn’t (for example the metal hinges on the roadside rails, but not the wooden beams held together by those metal hinges) and then they get quickly replaced as if to hide the evidence. One thing that is for certain is that these were not normal fires and this was an attack.

For perspective and to serve as a reminder of what the results of a house fire usually looks like, below are pictures of houses that burnt down. Normally, the entire house and all it’s contents are not vaporized or turned to dust and entire blocks don’t go down with it. Usually, not even the house next door gets affected. One might argue they were put out by firemen, but then why hasn’t that been done in Paradise before the fire reached the 2nd and 3rd and 4th house, and so on? One reason given is that the fires were too hot. Hotter than that of a normal house fire. There were also reports by some firemen that they were told to stand down.


This cannot be called a forest fire when the forest didn’t burn. This is Paradise, CA before and after. Look how cleanly cut the fire was around the parameter of the town. No trees looking burnt or singed. You naysayers may say it’s because the trees are green, but then stop calling them wild fires or forest fires. You can’t have it both ways. Nor does it make sense to say the fires started so easily because vegetation is dry. Either the vegetation was dry or it was wet. Please make up your minds or at least think before you speak. There is theory that Paradise was burnt because of gold under ground. This is possible. Not all the fires have to be for the same reason. Also, extremely quickly, wood from Paradise has been quickly harvested for lumber.

I wonder how many are only repeating what they heard from someone they idolize instead of using critical thinking and common sense. It is foolish to idolize anyone to the point of abandoning your own common sense. And, just because someone calls Directed Energy Weapons an “internet meme” it doesn’t mean it has no validity. What would be a better alternative source for information? The mainstream government propaganda media who also minimize anything that is on the internet only because it was on the internet? I do not trust anyone who copies the tactics of the msm…


This is one of several examples of a smart meter going on fire. Smart meters may have contributed to the fires, but this does not explain burnt cars from a fire hot enough to melt all the glass and the aluminum while the grass in between the houses and cars is still green showing no path of fire from the house to the car. It also does not explain the cars burning in the middle of a highway or the rabbit looking petrified…

The above pictures are screen captures of the video, ALERT! IT’S ALL PLANNED! Proof [t]he UN Is Involved in The California Fires! The first picture is of the fire threat areas, the second showing part of the Agenda 21 Biodiversity map and the third is of the two being overlapped. The red areas on the biodiversity map are the no to little human use areas. Here is the biodiversity document Convention of Biological Diversity, that goes with the vid:

Below are the hyperloop high speed rail maps for California and the United States. Some have found similarity between the California high speed rail system and the paths of the fires. But, why not just use eminent domain to build the railway just as what had always been done for highways and other railroads?. Well, it’s still all related to Agenda 30. The high rail system is planned to go from megaregion to megaregion and get people out of their cars to limit where we can go and to deprive plants of plant food, CO2.”[3]


What is sooo dumb-Fool asinine is that as soon as all trees in the world are dead, not even pants will be allowed to grow and thus give-Off oxygen, as forests should be left to stand not be enveloped in cashless price-Listing. This surrogate “anarcho-Syndicalist: plan” to burn and thus a fantasy of harmony will be rid of heat, all the while the “ionospheric-Heaters” are warming the Ionisphere as CO-2 come boredom out the exhaust. Heat coupled to new-Rome system of lies and further “devaluations” this moronically-Structured against non-enemy, the whole planet. The megalomania-Deceits by ton after tons, Carbon monoxide and dioxide, molecules of guck for humanoid-Lungs and eyeballs each takeoff and each dissemination of chems: strontium-90, continuing since 1998 start-up.


“Weather all over the world is becoming rapidly more erratic and destructive. What factors are playing a part in the complex weather/climate equation? How can we know what we are not being told by any “official” source? Who gets to decide what is “real” news, and what is not? What happens when governments know they can no longer hide dire unfolding scenarios from the public? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The “Red Bank Fire” just erupted in Northern California. This is the smoke filled sunset view from my backyard, September 5th, 2019. As of now the fire has already burned 7754 acres with only 9% containment. There were 19,000 lightning strikes in the North State in the early morning hours of September 5th. Sadly, it is California’s turn to burn, yet again.

The totality of converging challenges that we collectively face is daunting. Can we yet make a difference for the better? Waking populations to the wider horizon is imperative, that task will require the effort of all who are awake and aware already. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard, make every day count.”[4]


Why be subsuming the human-Consciousness to make everywheresville a consummate “con” while adding no-Alacrity to start removing methane for new-Transport masse` phooel? One, the deep-State wanted to be more than intel-Gence powerful because they are relatable to Silicon Valley as well as to Wall street. Two, who cares about the planet we can live anywhere in interstellar-Space is Fantasy. Three making money is off-shore non-Taxable and a crime to support for your cocaine-Overdosings. Why worry we can change DNA and oNLY 10,000 persons will be left to inhabit this planet. Fourth, people do not need to werk, they need to be kept from “health-Medicare promised to them in 1969 Medicare Act”. gHeez such gRand thoughts, once figured negligible acts or aRcane-Undisciplined criminalities. May be they never went to bed that night to figure which side to get-off boredom from?

Sept 11th 2001 report’ by Gordon-Duff-featured-image-1-1

“Jim Fetzer [Editor’s note: As we approach the 18th observance of 9/11, I am republishing several blogs to reaffirm what really happened, who was responsible and why. This blog originally appeared on 12 September 2017 under the title, “What Really Happened: America Nuked on 9/11”. I have added two videos, “9/11: Who was responsible and why”, and Christopher Bollyn exposes Alex Jones as a 9/11 Zionist Gatekeeper”,] The Cambridge University Press journal, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, became an instant sensation by publishing target articles on specific, well-defined subjects and inviting…”[5]


That Chris Bollyn, does not believe that D.E.W. did those buildings 1-thru-6 has yet to bet kept as renown, as I’ve not read nor heard/seen in writing he has changed his mind from total thermite bombing-Blasts. Where is the pulverizations-Dust coming from then? His stats otherwise are right-on. The stat on fact is that D.E.W. is a nuclear-Molecular: weapon, but not of Israeli-American acculturationing, but that of zionist-Gaudi-Neocons facsimile of disbelief of good characterization to pull the wool and suggest 2,859 people were not murdered in NY-City that day, September 11th 2001. However, keep-on-Murdering was their bottom-Line until the deep-State could turnover a new line of deceptioning. Ohh, how not-Wonderful. This mess is a simple example of “anarcho-Syndicalist usurpation w impunity ‘topping’…”.


“The whole of history is a process in which contradictions accumulate slowly, until they finally reach a critical point in which quantity becomes transformed into quality. The task of dialectics is to establish when such critical points emerge. For the last 10 or 20 years all the contradictions have been accumulating on a world scale. Now we see the results. In the history of the world since 1945 never have we seen such tremendous convulsions at all levels: economic, social, diplomatic and political. Never have the contradictions of the capitalist system been so clearly expressed in every part of the globe.

The present situation on a world scale resembles what is called a critical state in physics, where particles are subject to the wildest fluctuations. This creates certain difficulties for perspectives, which in the previous period were more predictable. Just as it is relatively easy to predict the laminar flow of a liquid, but difficult to predict the outcome of turbulence, so the world situation, balanced on the edge of chaos, can produce all kinds of surprises, both for the ruling class and for the Marxists.


The critical state in physics can be expressed by a simple experiment, in which the addition of a single grain to a heap of sand triggers a landslide. At the critical point, any accidental factor can trigger a serious crisis. This is known in modern physics as a “non-equilibrium system”. This phrase describes very well the present situation on a world scale. It is the fundamental characterisation of the historical epoch through which we are passing. This is what determines our analysis – not this or that event. It is necessary to look beyond the immediate particulars and look for the deeper historical processes.

There are certain historical periods in which nothing much seems to happen. For a long time after the end of the Second World War, the capitalist system succeeded in establishing a relative and temporary equilibrium. The division of the world between mighty Stalinist Russia and US imperialism led to the freezing of international relations for a whole historical period. At the same time, the long period of capitalist upswing led to a reduction of the tensions between the classes, at least in the advanced capitalist countries. Revolution was off the agenda for decades, although even at this stage there was the revolution of May 1968 in France. But now the whole process has been thrown into reverse.


These remarks refer, of course, to the advanced capitalist countries of Europe, Japan and the USA. For two-thirds of the world’s population living in the undeveloped countries, there was no respite. This was a period of almost continual upheavals, wars, revolutions and counterrevolutions. But for the developed capitalist countries, this was not the case. For a long time the conflicts and tensions were hidden beneath the surface. The working class was checked by the force of inertia. But now all the old equilibriums have been disrupted. The unseen forces have begun to assert themselves.

What is the main characteristic of the world situation? It is precisely the breakdown of the old stability, the violent disruption of the old equilibrium everywhere. Instead, wherever we look we see colossal and unprecedented instability and volatility at all levels. This is the most unstable period since 1945. Instead of boom, full employment and prosperity, there is crisis, growing unemployment and cuts in living standards, even in the most prosperous countries. The gap between rich and poor is constantly increasing and economic power is concentrated into fewer and fewer hands.”[6]


Someday the September 11th 2001 cRooks will be bRought in an urn and pulverized, is not good enough for me. How about you ‘folks’? Justice has been a moldy pizza, not a fresh approach w space-Time compendiums specifically well-Diagnosed. This is cRisis modicum wRit the system of Plutocracy, wRit. We have less space-Time to Un-wRit this iota that murdering, especially mass-Murdering, is allowed, because the deep-State eats shid-ski for two meals per-Day. The so-called: collapses, were not entirely that. Those were blasts resulting in “pulverizations” into particulate matter that rose from planet-Surface gRavity. While the tasks of the E.P.A. disapproved of testing what particulate-Matter was inside those plumes rising upwards for weeks-on-End, more than ominous, but totally unacceptable as fascist entropy necessitating closed-door/closed-Mouth, pea-bRain indemnities. That egregiousness was “total-anomalies” beridden-pRopaganda.


“Tuesday, September 11, 2001, was a non-teaching day for me.  I was home when the phone rang at 9 A.M.  It was my daughter, who was on a week’s vacation with her future husband.  “Turn on the TV,” she said.  “Why?” I asked.  “Haven’t you heard?  A plane hit the World Trade Tower.”

I turned the TV on and watched a plane crash into the Tower.  I said, “They just showed a replay.”  She quickly corrected me, “No, that’s another plane.”  And we talked as we watched in horror, learning that it was the South Tower this time.  Sitting next to my daughter was my future son-in-law; he had not had a day off from work in a year.  He had finally taken a week’s vacation so they could go to Cape Cod.  He worked on the 100th floor of the South Tower.  By chance, he had escaped the death that claimed 176 of his co-workers.

That was my introduction to the attacks.  Seventeen years have disappeared behind us, yet it seems like yesterday.  And yet again, it seems like long, long ago.


Over the next few days, as the government and the media accused Osama bin Laden and 19 Arabs of being responsible for the attacks, I told a friend that what I was hearing wasn’t believable; the official story was full of holes. I am a born and bred New Yorker with a long family history rooted in the NYC Fire and Police Departments, one grandfather having been the Deputy Chief of the Fire Department, the highest ranking uniformed firefighter, and the other a NYPD cop; a niece and her husband were NYPD detectives deeply involved in the response to that day’s attacks. Hearing the absurd official explanations and the deaths of so many innocent people, including many hundreds of firefighters, cops, and emergency workers, I felt a suspicious rage. It was a reaction that I couldn’t fully explain, but it set me on a search for the truth.  I proceeded in fits and starts, but by the fall of 2004, with the help of the extraordinary work of David Ray Griffin, Michael Ruppert, and other early skeptics, I could articulate the reasons for my initial intuition.  I set about creating and teaching a college course on what had come to be called 9/11.

But I no longer refer to the events of that day by those numbers.  Let me explain why.

By 2004 I had enough solid evidence to convince me that the U.S. government’s claims (and The 9/11 Commission Report) were fictitious.  They seemed so blatantly false that I concluded the attacks were a deep-state intelligence operation whose purpose was to initiate a national state of emergency to justify wars of aggression, known euphemistically as “the war on terror.”  The sophistication of the attacks, and the lack of any proffered evidence for the government’s claims, suggested that a great deal of planning had been involved.


Yet I was chagrined and amazed by so many people’s insouciant lack of interest in questioning and researching the most important world event since the assassination of President Kennedy.  I understood the various psychological dimensions of this denial, the fear, cognitive dissonance, etc., but I sensed something else as well.  For so many people their minds seemed to have been “made up” from the start.  I found that many young people were the exceptions, while most of their elders dared not question the official narrative.  These included many prominent leftist critics of American foreign policy, such as ((((((Noam Chomsky)))))), ((((((Howard Zinn)))))), Alexander Cockburn, and others, whose defenses of the official government and media explanations (when they even made such defenses; often they just trashed skeptics as “9/11 conspiracy nuts,” to quote Cockburn) totally lacked any scientific or logical rigor or even knowledge of the facts.  Now that seventeen years have elapsed, this seems truer than ever.  There is a long list of leftists who refuse to examine matter to this very day.  And most interestingly, they also do the same with the assassination of JFK, the other key seminal event of recent American history.


I kept thinking of the ongoing language and logic used to describe what had happened that terrible day in 2001 and in the weeks to follow.  It all seemed so clichéd and surreal, as if set phrases had it been extracted from some secret manual, phrases that rung with an historical resonance that cast a spell on the public, as if mass hypnosis were involved.  People seemed mesmerized as they spoke of the events in the official language that had been presented to them.

So with the promptings of people like Graeme MacQueen, Lance deHaven-Smith, T.H. ((((((Meyer)))))), et al., and much study and research, I have concluded that my initial intuitive skepticism was correct and that a process of linguistic mind-control was in place before, during, and after the attacks.  As with all good propaganda, the language had to be insinuated over time and introduced through intermediaries.  It had to seem “natural” and to flow out of events, not to precede them.  And it had to be repeated over and over again.

In summary form, I will list the language I believe “made up the minds” of those who have refused to examine the government’s claims about the September 11 attacks and the subsequent anthrax attacks.”[7]


My being followed by Dr. Ayman Farahwiri, while leaving Florida, after telling Mohammed Atta “o-f-f and leave these gals the fooking heck alone” in my attempt to get to prosecutors offices of Washington d-c, where I was hitch-hiking after camping and running outta gas. This alone made hm suspect, as I had heard his ranting reported kpfa-fm when I left Berkeley for San Jose, in fall. I was not angry that he had not been explaining NSDU-238 correctly for my need, but that his tenets were that his expose` got him booed outta the 1,100 strong conference center of medical-Doctors from around the country, 1991. This of course when I was heading to visit w Brande` in the southlands, LOS sprawl, bitchen-Cal. While there I had to post some mail and when I got to the “very metal postal-dRop box that was used for the anthrax-letters mailings 10-years after, I was starting to fit together what I had suspected. That I was wont to be involved as guinea-Pig for “the camp” al Qaeda, code-name by cIAS, I was also wont that what had happened at the barn outside, Waco, Texas where I had interviewed David Koresh, twice, before fBIS massacred all 68 people including children.

What kind of nation is the system-Perpetrating? As I kept my writings back in oRo-Bar studio, would those survive, I‘ve had to wonder time and again! That we know: Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Alexander Cockburn, are wRitors and authors, they , none of them are investigative-Journalists, altho Cockburn is a Journalist, he live outside the  US in England. Me, I am into research, and american-Socialism. The socialists I met w in NY City were not anarchists nor anarcho-Syndicalists as chainagang-Dickie is.


““Dr Judy Wood Where did the towers Go ?

177,990 views, 2:24:57 mins.


I first met Dr. Judy Wood in June, 1991 North Carolina. I found heR omniscience regarding factorable logic, a tRuth that had a backlog and/or background of meanings. In 2003, I was again, at a talk in NY City and she was discussing w folks that she would get more data on what the features on attack were comprising as components of destruction.  There was no NSDU-238 in 6-towers atop the granite brought down by D.E.W. and thermite explosives, but in both aero-Liners approximately 2,000 in each aero-Jet upon impact. Therefore, 4,000 lbs. in the two combined aero-jets upon impacting each of the tallest towers. This fact is realizable to me, since I had protested on Long Island at Brookhaven National Laboratories w others. The third time there, at admin-Offices were we told by police to leave of face arrest for no apparent “reason” other than our permit would be revoked by threat, of course. 1994, 1996, and 1998.  “R” (28 Jan 2018)


“After a lengthy investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller charged Russia made “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election” and said the incursion “deserves the attention of every American.”

But former FBI investigators say their old boss didn’t feel the same concern when they uncovered multiple, systemic efforts by the Saudi government to assist the hijackers in the lead-up to the 9/11 attacks — a far more consequential, to say nothing of deadly, foreign influence operation on America.

As the head of the FBI at the time, they say Mueller was not nearly as interested in investigating that espionage conspiracy, which also involved foreign intelligence officers. Far from it, the record shows he covered up evidence pointing back to the Saudi Embassy and Riyadh — and may have even misled Congress about what he knew.

9/11 victims agree. “He was the master when it came to covering up the kingdom’s role in 9/11,” said survivor Sharon Premoli, who was pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Center 18 years ago.

“In October of 2001, Mueller shut down the government’s investigation after only three weeks, and then took part in the Bush [administration’s] campaign to block, obfuscate and generally stop anything about Saudi Arabia from being released,” added Premoli, now a plaintiff in the 9/11 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia.

In fact, Mueller threw up roadblocks in the path of his own investigators working the 9/11 case, while making it easier for Saudi suspects to escape questioning, multiple case agents told me. Then he deep-sixed what evidence his agents did manage to uncover, according to the 9/11 lawsuit against the Saudis.


Former FBI agent Steve MooreTime and again, agents were called off from pursuing leads back to the kingdom’s embassy in Washington, as well as its consulate in Los Angeles, where former FBI Agent Steven Moore headed a 9/11 task force looking into local contacts made by two of the 15 Saudi hijackers, Moore testified in an affidavit for the 9/11 lawsuit. He concluded that “diplomatic and intelligence personnel of Saudi Arabia knowingly provided material support to the two hijackers and facilitated the 9/11 plot.” Yet he and his team were not allowed to interview them, according to the suit.

In Washington, former FBI Agent John Guandolo, who worked terror cases out of the bureau’s DC office, said then-Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar “should have been treated as a terrorist suspect” for giving money to a woman who funded two of the 9/11 hijackers. But he was never questioned either, Guandolo said.

Instead, Mueller obliged what Guandolo called an “outrageous request” from Bandar within days of the attacks to help evacuate from the country dozens of Saudi officials, including at least one Osama bin Laden relative on the terror watch list. Mueller assured their safe passage to planes, using agents as personal escorts, according to FBI documents obtained by Judicial Watch. Agents who should have been interrogating the Saudis instead acted as their bodyguards.

In 2002, Mueller prevented agents from arresting the Saudi-sponsored al Qaeda cleric who privately counseled the Saudi hijackers, said Raymond Fournier, an agent with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in San Diego at the time. “He was responsible for vacating the arrest warrant for Anwar al-Awlaki for passport fraud,” Fournier said. He even ordered agents who detained the fiend at JFK to release him into the custody of a “Saudi representative,” Fournier said. The FBI closed their investigation of Awlaki, who was allowed to leave the US on a Saudi plane. “Shortly thereafter, the Fort Hood shooting occurred and Awlaki’s fingerprints were all over that incident,” said former FBI Agent Michael Biasello, who helped work the Texas terror case.

At the same time, Mueller removed a veteran agent from investigating a tip that an adviser to the Saudi royal family had met with some of the Saudi hijackers at his home in Sarasota, Fla., effectively killing the case, according to the lawsuit. The home was suddenly abandoned two weeks before 9/11.

Mueller even tried to shut down a congressional investigation into the Saudi hijackers and their contacts in LA and San Diego, said Bob Graham, who led the joint inquiry as Senate Intelligence Committee chair. “The strongest objections” to his staff investigators visiting FBI offices there came from the FBI director himself, said Graham, in a 2017 interview with Harper’s magazine. Among other things, Mueller refused their demands to question a paid FBI informant who roomed with the hijackers and even moved him to a safe house where they couldn’t find him, Graham said. Mueller, with the White House, redacted 28 pages detailing Saudi-9/11 ties from the congressional report.


He also gave testimony to Congress that was, at the very least, misleading. In an October 2002 closed-door hearing, Mueller claimed he found out about Saudi-9/11 connections only as a result of the joint inquiry’s investigative work: “[S]ome facts came to light here and to me, frankly, that had not come to light before.” Only, Moore said he gave Mueller “daily” briefings on such connections in 2001. Mueller also testified the hijackers “contacted no known terrorist sympathizers in the United States,” even though the FBI’s own case files showed they had contact with at least 14 terrorist suspects and sympathizers in the US prior to 9/11, including some working for the Saudi government. (In later testimony, he tried to walk this back, insisting he “had no intent to mislead.”)

While the Beltway media have portrayed Mueller as a by-the-book former Marine whose integrity is as square as his lantern-shaped jaw — a cop who can’t be compromised — others know better.

“He’s a villain, and an arrogant one to boot,” former FBI Agent Mark Wauck said, adding that his former boss has a long history of acting as a “servant of the deep state,” or the permanent DC ruling class.

A Mueller spokesman declined to comment. But some agents say he was merely following White House orders.

“Any letting the Saudis off the hook came from the White House,” former Agent Mark Rossini said. “I can still see that photo of Bandar and Bush enjoying cigars on the balcony of the White House two days after 9/11.”

Still, others note the hypocrisy of Mueller going after President Trump for conspiring with a foreign enemy.

“Bottom line is, Mueller did not do an investigation on people involved in the 9/11 attacks who were connected to the Saudi government,” a former US counterintelligence official asserted. “Maybe if they were Russians, he would be interested. But he was not interested in investigating [Saudi] terrorists who murdered Americans.”[8]


Are the Gaudis on parole? No. In many of my now, 269 bloGs, I have determined that the fact georges-Enron allowed the Gaudis’ families et al-ski to go was a cover for not having Bandar Bush, arrested-arrested-arrested. While I am thankful to Alex Jones for onslaughts railing that the event on September 11th 2001 was a “false-Flag” he did delve into facet of investigations, but did he hinder or provide fodder for his initiation for “info-Wars to become the news center that now is, only”? His reports covered the sides on all gRounds but did he ever interview Dr. Judy Wood? Her videos are briefs on what visual-Acumen has to spate as “overlooked, how dare you”? My own visual-Acuity saw that ust from pulverized-Extent was why building-7 ought to have been the staging-Center that was supposd to be. Thus, where was Guiliani’ money. We found that his purchasing of 2-way radios was corrupt, and that he made $1.5 millions by cancelling the old-Ones for the new-Ones that did not have the range as the older models. Has he been brought to repay the city-Of: New York city? Why not? What else is going on was put-Options which 1,000’s of city’s Jewish investors saw fit to invest, thus involving themselves to corrupt-Acts, but of masse` murderings, not money-Laundering!


“I would appreciate hearing from readers whether they have come across a report in the print, TV, or NPR media of the highly professional four-year investigation of WTC Building 7’s demise. The international team of civil engineers concluded that the official story of Building 7’s destruction is entirely false. I reported their findings here.

I suspect that the expert report is already in the Memory Hole. Popular Mechanics, Wikipedia and CNN cannot label a distinguished team of experts “conspiracy theorists.” Therefore the presstitutes and assorted cover-up artists for the 9/11 false flag attack on the United States will simply act as if no such report exists. The vast majority of people in the world will never hear about the report. I doubt that the real perpetrators of 9/11 will even bother to hire their own team to “refute” the report as that would bring the report into the news, the last place the perpetrators want it to be.

False Flag Attack on classroom chalk board as the t[?r]eacher goes over the lesson Painting by Anthony Freda

The 9/11 Commission report was not an investigation and ignored all forensic evidence. The NIST simulation of Building 7’s collapse was rigged to get the desired result. The only real investigations have been done by private scientists, engineers, and architects. They have found clear evidence of the use of nano-thermite in the destruction of the twin towers. More than 100 First Responders have testified that they experienced a large number of explosions inside the towers, including a massive explosion in the sub-basement prior to the time the airliners are said to have hit the tower. Numerous military and civilian pilots have said that the flight maneuvers involved in the WTC and Pentagon attacks are beyond their skills and most certainly beyond the skills of the alleged hijackers. Wreckage of the airliners is surprisingly missing from impact sites. And so on and so on. That Building 7 was a controlled demolition is no longer disputable.


On the basis of the known evidence, knowledgeable and informed people have concluded that 9/11 was an inside job organized by Vice President Dick Cheney, his stable of neoconservatives, and Israel for the purpose of reconstructing the Middle East in Israel’s interest and enriching the US military/security complex in the process.

Robert Mueller in thought

Photo by Medill DC | CC BY 2.0

Most people are unaware of Robert Mueller’s role as FBI Director in protecting the official 9/11 story from the evidence. Paul Sperry reports in the New York Post the many actions Mueller took as FBI director to hide the facts from Congress and the public.”[9]


I have tried to be useful, to us, american-Socialists, as a professional-Proletariat, as technology and science has mean the molecular-Age would be morosely more “nano-Technic and intel-Gene technologies” since 1989. That variegation has kept me from having a family, from thinking about sexuality, and from contortions to my aRte and scientific-Investigations e.g. “electric-Universe and Cosmology” in particular, Ecology I continue to research and attestations for events that I became an apportionment as underground-Journalist (and poet) continues. The bourgeois-Tenets of non-Thinking are parables to people fooling themselves that they know facts by drinking beer and watching Fox-news, or merely listening to a few radio programs a week. Not enough people, the computer-Age is not the read tiny print on a cel-Phone age. While all of those are particulars of the facts on September 11, 2001, how? What we know as socialists and what we know of the deep-State is tRoubling to most investigators, altho they never state that amercian-Socialists “don’t know nor have they writors who have stated such and such in regard to ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ expose on September 11th 2001” yet. Weld, may be the tRuth, but who other than myself has stated this and in such manner so as not to be redundant?


“Directed energy weapons (DEWs) are defined as electromagnetic systems capable of converting chemical or electrical energy to radiated energy and focusing it on a target, resulting in physical damage that degrades, neutralizes, defeats, or destroys an adversarial capability. Navy DEWs include systems that use High Energy Lasers (HEL) that emit photons, and High Power Microwaves (HPM) that release radiofrequency waves. The U.S. Navy uses DEWs for power projection and integrated defense missions. The ability to focus the radiated energy reliably and repeatedly at range, with precision and controllable effects, while producing measured physical damage, is the measure of DEW system effectiveness. Conversely, capabilities to increase the resilience or survivability of platforms or Sailors from DEW threats are part of the Counter Directed Energy Weapons (CDEW) program.

The Office of Naval Research has three weapons-oriented research concentration areas: High Power Microwaves (HPM); Ultra-Short Pulse Laser (USPL) and Atmospheric Characterization; and Counter-Directed Energy Weapons and

High Energy Lasers (CDEW & HEL).

Research Concentration Area: CDEW and HEL

High energy lasers (HELs) lasers and high-power microwaves (HPM) systems as weapons have been under investigation since the 1960s and 70s. As an example of naval platform survivability and self-defense against small boat threats, the Office of Naval Research developed and tested the Maritime Laser Demonstrator (MLD), the first laser weapon system operated at sea. ONR and NRL later worked collaboratively with the Naval Sea Systems Command on the Solid State Laser Quick Reaction Capability Program (SSL-QRC) to actively deploy the first military HEL, the Laser Weapons System (LaWS) on the USS Ponce. Today, HEL research continues to offer breakthroughs in performance for continuous wave (CW) laser weapons.


The Counter-Directed Energy Weapons (CDEW) Program was initiated in response to the rapid development of high energy lasers (HEL) and high-power microwave (HPM)/high-power radio frequency (HPRF) threats being developed by potential foreign adversaries. The ONR Counter Directed Energy Weapons (CDEW) research program expands the understanding of the known sciences through both research and component testing to increase survivability and self-defense capabilities for U.S. Navy platforms. Directed energy weapons technology advancements and proliferation has raised the urgency of developing low-cost CDEW technologies for rapid deployment to Navy units. The ONR CDEW program addresses emerging directed energy threats in an operational, maritime construct containing three layers of defense: DEW detection, DEW effects mitigation, and unit protection.


Research Challenges and Opportunities

Scientific modeling and simulation of effects of HPRF and HEL capabilities against materials, electronics, sensors, and platforms in a maritime environment. These include high fidelity modeling, simulation and experimentation of material responses that lead to validated target-damage assessments or alternative mechanisms offering controlled, optimized effects during dynamic engagements.

The simulation and validation of CW laser beams’ optical performance and material (including metamaterials) responses in complex aero-thermal and aero-optics conditions, or that offers related aperture optical coating toughness, is of interest.

Novel instrumentation for detection of HEL and HPRF irradiation, including component development or the modeling and sensing of low level laser irradiation for off-axis (off-target directed) detection, characterization and source geo-location.

HEL and HPRF mitigation and protection components, including novel filters, signal-noise mitigation and utilizing material obscurants. Techniques to synthetically degrade the atmosphere for directed energy propagation are of interest, or where they otherwise provide protection to sensors, electronic systems, platforms and naval personnel. Efforts proposed for this research challenge should have clear and understandable scientific, technical or operational merits for use in the maritime environments where naval platforms (air, surface, subsurface, Marine, etc.) operate and might encounter adversaries that utilize directed energy capabilities.

HEL and HPM protection methods, including laser material hardening and electronic hardening, such as the development of metamaterials, nano scale materials, and nonlinear materials that enhance and ensure platform survival, operation and integrity. Research includes, but is not limited to, toughening and protection methods for electronic/optical subsystem or functions like communications, navigation, and ISR sensor subsystems, and for occupant protection. Research related to active and passive circuit protection that limit HPRF attack effectiveness.

For HEL, research leading to novel naval laser subsystem, beam director and fire control architectures, including advanced design power architectures for low-duty cycle and CW laser applications offering advantages of reduced size, weight and power with cooling (SWAP-C) to reduce naval platform integration impact. Of particular interest are CW laser components, offering higher brightness with high power beam combining technologies, or controlled micro-channel optical component cooling methods for the reduction of thermal distortions leading to high beam quality. Additionally, research leading to improvements in DEW system tracking sensors, target illuminators and automated target recognition components performance or robustness offering high accuracy pose/trajectory estimation, including those which offer tracking through intermittent or partial obscured maritime viewing conditions. Efforts proposed to this research challenge should have clear and understandable merit for use in the maritime environments where naval platforms operate.”[10]


Finally, I have found the diminutive definition and diabolical context for and of US-military-Hegemonyite weapons systems that have been portrayed in the downbeat -Dawning of ‘the destructive-Template’ the word-Term that should have mentioned ever-moreso than buildings “collapsed” which of course those never did.  Pulverized, blown as they were to be processed into pulverized: steel-Dust, as never before seen my masse` eyeballs, and the world-Overtly. My. What use for pulverizing the strongest steel building ever built—that of WTC NY City. What was the use for whatever was necessity. Was that what “the ‘deep-State’ could not get their ways otherwise”?


“That so many of the visas were issued from a single office may seem like a minor footnote at first glance, but it is not. In fact, the Jeddah Consulate is not just another US Consular Office. It has a history of issuing visas to terrorists at the request of the CIA. Just ask Michael Springmann. This is his story.[11]


This stat all by the loathesome, was not lonesome-Fact but fact-Fact. There was a cIAS doorway to anarcho-Syndicalist proceedings. Here they goofed-Odd as others would do, as though given a fascist-Que, or merely the system’s cause of technocratic-Plutocracy “false-Que”. Lookey folks, the tRaumatizationing of September 11th 2001 is yet on-Goings, those that we should bring into moral-compass focus for ourselves and the global-Village especially. There were lots and lotsa cRiminal and they are yet hoose-Gow: loose.


[1] “9/11 Whistleblowers: Barry Jennings” 24:12 mins, 09/08/2019 corbett report

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[11] “9/11 Whistleblowers: Michael Springmann” corbett report 25:27 mins. 14,177 views Published on Sep 9, 2019

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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