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Ecosocialism #25/ 22 Aug 2018 Eyeball f00keRs, chem-tRails, dusts, Roads, wArmongeRs

Ecosocialism #25/ 22 Aug 2018

Eyeball f00keRs, chem-tRails, dusts, Roads, wArmongeRs


There is much to state regarding oligarchs-Central, in once-Waz “republic of United States”, now the rogue-empire since 1991, has been the “military-Hegemony” renown and belligerent, imperialist-Power, since 1956-57. There is not much to Life, were used to hearing as boomer-children and teens. The facts are in and altho our society changes, civilization can come and go-Bye-Byes, too. The ecology will adapt when “entrapment” has not obliterated the intellect of controlling the militaries, as was first seen in the olde-Roman empire from 410 BCE to 456 a.d. However, the new-Rome has a nonsense called “plutocracy” predicated upon large-Bureaucracy under consorts of capitalist-totality. That is not their problem altho they live as staid an existence as all technocratic-plutocrats do.         “R”


The persecution of Assange is part of a broad assault against anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist news organizations. The ruling elites, who refuse to accept responsibility for proof and social inequality or the crimes of empire, have no ideological veneer left to justify their greed, ineptitude and pillage. Global capitalism and its ideological justification, neo-liberalism, are discredited as forces for democracy and the equitable distribution of wealth. The corporate-controlled economic and political system is as hated by right-wing populists as it is by the rest of the population. This makes the critics of corporatism and imperialism—journalists, writers, dissidents and intellectuals already pushed to the margins of the media landscape—dangerous and it makes them prime targets. Assange is at the top of the list.

I took part with dozens of others, including Daniel Ellsberg, William Binney, Craig Murray, Peter Van Buren, Slavoj Zizek, George Galloway and Cian Westmoreland, a week ago in a 36-hour international online vigil demanding freedom for the WikiLeaks publisher. The vigil was organized by the New Zealand Internet Party leader Suzie Dawson. It was the third Unity4J vigil since all of Assange’s communication with the outside world was severed by the Ecuadorean authorities and visits with him were suspended in March, part of the increased pressure the United States has brought on the Ecuadorean government. Assange has since March been allow-d to meet only with his attorneys and consular officials from the Australian Embassy.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled Friday that those seeking political asylum have the right to take refuge in embassies and diplomatic compounds. The court stated that governments are obliged to provide safe passage out of the country to those granted asylum. The ruling did not name Assange, but it was a powerful rebuke to the British government, which has refused to allow the WikiLeaks co-founder safe passage to the airport.

The ruling elites no longer have a counterargument to their critics. They have resorted to cruder forms of control.

The ruling elites no longer have a counterargument to their critics. They have resorted to cruder forms of control. These include censorship, slander and character assassination (which in the case of Assange has sadly been successful), blacklisting, financial strangulation, intimidation, imprisonment under the Espionage Act and branding critics and dissidents as agents of a foreign power and purveyors of fake news. The corporate media amplifies these charges, which have no credibility but which become part of the common vernacular through constant repetition. The blacklisting, imprisonment and deportation of tens of thousands of people of conscience during the Red Scares of the 1920s and 1950s are back with a vengeance. It is a New McCarthyism.”[i]


There is not much kissing in-public these past 3-decades. The eco-Tide is not openly talked, nor discussions in socialist-Circs impermeated w what-is-Defense consequence. That in implosion upon land mass by any angled asteroid or comet 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 miles across would be devastating. That is whether or not the N.E.A.R. has given the whole “conscious-world” the oneness they have demanded. There are study circulars on food that grows under months of darkness, what of that is edible and what is akin poisonous mushrooms. Learning how well society had stashed foodstuffs in metro-Areas, as well as clothing for onslaught of 40-50 degrees colder weather, is not gestalt-tRaining unless that was “gestalt planning in “defense-beyond-infancy-Re-emergence” or D.B.I.R.E. where humanity must hang-on as a mammal or animal-Life will stave from w.i. to obey doubt fruitfully. Doubt is now, and therefore, why was not NSDU-238 chosen for re-doubt treatment—instead of us receiving mis-Information, as well as dis-Information, as well as psychopathic-Propaganda of the plutocracy-Machine?       “R”

Radiation belt

In July 1962 NASA announced that high altitude nuclear tests had created a new radiation belt 750 miles deep, girdling the earth.

This damage and pollution was compounded by ‘me too’ experiments by the USSR. Dr Bertell says it was 10 years before American scientists realized that it would be hundreds of years before the vital earth-shielding Van Allen belts of the earth’s atmosphere would recover from such onslaughts.

However, the repercussions may not be limited to the atmosphere itself. She says that, after one nuclear experiment, which created new electromagnetic belts in the atmosphere, the caribou mysteriously failed to migrate for the first time in 3000 years. A warning perhaps of how the migration of animals, fish and birds may be affected by disturbances to electromagnetic fields – and of the potential impact on man. For, with-out the caribou, many Inuit people starved to death.

Moreover, the nuclear radiation was not confined to the upper atmosphere: caribou and people who survived were dangerously contaminated with caesium 137, and cancer, lung disease and infant mortality soared.

Despite opposition from the International Union of Astronomers, the US military even put 350,000,000 copper needles into orbit. An experiment which Dr Bertell says some scientist believed may have upset the balance of the planetary magnetic field, causing the massive 8.5 Alaskan earthquake and losing Chile part of its coast.

Yet she shows that such experiments are small beer compared with what is being done today – and is to come.

HAARP – Ionosphere modification

For example, she describes HAARP (America’s High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) a multimillion pound ‘civilian’ installation, hidden away in Alaska, ostensibly intended to ‘alter the performance of communications and surveillance systems’.

Seemingly innocent enough, until she explains that this grid of 180 transmission towers is funded by the military and is part of the ‘Star Wars’ defence network. HAARP, and its linked brother projects are, she says, known to the military as ‘ionosphere modification facilities’. For, according to the proposal for its installation, HAARP is intended to trigger and control natural processes in the ionosphere in ways ‘that could be potentially exploited for department of Defence Purposes’.

In other words the ionosphere, which shelters the earth, will be used as the barrel of the gun.

Dr Bertell suggests that so great is the power of such transmitters that even living near them could be dangerous. She quotes a US federal Environmental Impact statement which says that HAARP can, ‘raise the internal body temperature of nearby people …(and) detonate aerial munitions, scramble aircraft communications and flight controls’.

Even slight increases in body temperature can alter functioning of brain and body and, as she points out, even a small rise in electromagnetic radiation may ca-use an in-crease in cataracts and leukemia and alter brain and body chemistry, blood pressure and heart rates. But such direct harm is the mere tip of the ice-berg.”[ii]


IAF-101 below answers many concerns and those questions, and uses a context parable of US-military and u.s.a. laws. The non-Abidance of those laws was what brought NSDU-238 around and into focal-Usages w.o. direct consent of US-congress and no fooking-Presidentalist decree was granted to the US-public that the usages were important in contrast to the laws not changed. The abuses were promulgating a plan for propaganda far beyond illegal-Use, but none in this occasioning departed upon that information. That was in 2007, on the ‘above-top-secret-website’. Nonetheless, by this adjunctive-Time, I’d already spoken to Pro. Chris Busby, Mr. Dai Williams, Prof. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, Prof. Asaf Durakovic, Dr. Doug Rokke, Ms. Leuren Moret, Prof. Michio Kaku, regarding “not-so-depleted ur-238”. I was utterly amazed that none was open-context on the dispositions of “nuclear-Molecular: contaminations” altho all were stating that NSDU-238 does and will cause, as latency periods proceed to transgress the humans who have inhaled or gotten “microns” into their body. The immune-Deficiency rates were also known to them sooo that they could state w.o. lies or non-tRuths.      “R”


Originally posted by IAF101

‘I suggest you jump in a battle ready Abrams and look at your dosameter then. 10 rems per year is the civilian occupational max, they exceed that in 20 hours’.

The max that humans can sustain per year is 150 rems as I have already mentioned in my previous posts. As for the Abrams I have close to many an Abram never in one but this is irrelevant.

The main point is the latency of DU radiation, and also the make up of DU. DU is in fact a better protector of radiation than a emitter as can be understood by its great molecular mass density than is much better than lead. Also the DU munitions in a tank are sto[a]red behind a blast proof door. plus the Crew-protection system in the tank is suitable for even beta radiations and thus the alpha decay of DU has minimal impact on the crew.

This is the science of DU, I have already mentioned all this and more in my thread that clearly shows what is known and what isn’t.”[iii]

“Unfortunately humanity is not one collective conscious[ness] and the “knowing better” argument does[n’]t carry far with many. The service of a nation, for a set of ideals, can never be something that can be looked down upon no matter which nation they belong to. It is a noble service.

I am futurist and efficiency activist, and war never adds up to being future oriented or efficient.

Though this is admirable in its own right, I would like to recall a famous quote by Gandhi who says : “I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. G’d has given me no control over the moment following.”[iv]


My collectivization-Principle and anti-Exceptionalism goes back to start, in 1951, at age five-years. What was attitude I asked my surgeon-Father? I had to attend Saturday course in family attenuations to hospitals w my father to Marine Hospital in the pResidio. Only military-personnel were allowed inside the building, altho the sterility was another reason. Sooo, I waited outside, or clambored thru holes in fence-lines, to see the embarkments and trees—Monterey-Cypress. Years alter I met none-other than, professional-PhotogRapheR, Ansel Adams while he was carting his camera’s over shoulder. Because my footrod-Method was to learn ‘how-to-hike’ and I was on my own, I was vulnerable to weather changes i.e. fog and moisture, rain or winds, and noises UN-familiar or the Ecology.

One year later, near Lake Merced—san fRan pRopeR—I was listening to the professional-Doctor’s conversations, and the planned scuttling of aircraft carrier USS Independence, the lead ship of its class of light aircraft carriers that was actually “used” in an experiment of testing how “malicious-Extent” of radionuclides from thermo-Nuclear explosion nearby bikini Atoll in the mid-Pacific ocean, had a profound affect on my youthful and questioning psyche`. That resolve panned as “crime and penury” and “crime-Anemia” before and during boy-Scouts meetings and gatherings as well as onward ‘hikes’.      “R”


“I believe that this highlights the situation of DU brilliantly, for DU is now the best thing that our military can use to expedite war, for if there were anything better that would be cheaper, as lethal and better for the environment I would doubt they would decline to utilize it. But as there is no such alternative, only resea[r]ch would herald something better. This would mean allocating more funds for the Pentagon, which the administration is disinclined to do at the moment. IAF

… posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 01:47 PM

i see the heartless ‘couldn’t give a stuff’ one’s that know all this as the ‘walking dead’…because what u give the world u get back many times more…(U.S.) …’s great to know that there are still ‘real’ human beings around who actually ‘care’…..that are still walking in ‘love’….thank you to u all for sharing this horrible insight into one if not the greatest trajedy in human history. [v]


What have I seen, if not discount american-Lives, because there is no such “known” as ‘americanism’ that adjudicates that Anthropocene might come on-the-Heals of US-military-Fanaticism, in using NSDU-238. The discount has happened not once, as in offering IDF to assure ours is all-Americans, w such a harshity by not allowing the we-People to know, of first usages under auspices of cIAS—1973. The discount was not allowed as ever the need of predilection, if ever there was not “need”. I felt that others were ”discounting me” in 1969-1971 meetings of the “revolution-Now: affinity” group, because Ecology and anti: nuclear-molecular would be when the remainder of boomers, caught our assemblages of information, before more oppression of the knowledge-base was let in, hardly. More likely, what we did not want, a pounced-Upon concatenation w.o. predilections allowances allowed. I demanded that we all know and all confide that until there are knowledgeable enough, professionals and we-Socialists, we’re at odds w whatever to call that forum of fascism-Anarchism against us—at that point spring 1970.

Don’t you just love “eyeball-Fookers” hypertensioning youR 2-eyeballs duRing daylight hours beneath the toxic and Radionuclide white-over and whispies-Disseminating molecules-Galore almost daily-Routine, eyes being accentuated-Daylight ?

Therefore, and whereupon, the usages of NSDU-238 would come after noon-support was premised and not neglected by arrogant-Offenders, who had to turn toward plutocracy-technocracy as non-autocratic rulers order of the use of the egregious-Extent. In other words, Conditionalism had come to roost to maintain Exceptionalism. I studied what Dr. Bertell had spoken in writings and in liaisons w peace ‘n Justice as well as articles written in literature, somewhere after 1983. Being that I had send-out measures on mess-ages that NSDU-238 had to be seen before usages, again. This informative measure coup-led w my en voce’ from 10,000’s miles as one pilgrimage seeking Rep. Kucinich turned toward meeting Dr. Cornell West, as well as Glen Ford, as well as meeting Bill Fletcher, too. all afro-Amers who had I found, delved into the miasmatic mysticism of military-integration-nuclearism dispositions. The Anthropocene was alive that whole time from 1963 thru 1983 i.e. 21 full years of being activist and pilgrimage oriented.       “R”


“In one type of experiment these transmission towers will, Dr Bertell reveals, combine to emit a giant beam, of such power that, ‘in a burst lasting more than a few minutes – it will slice through the ionosphere like a microwave knife’ producing a long incision in this vital layer of the atmosphere. However, the main aim of HAARP is, she explains, to heat sections of the ionosphere until they bulge to form a curved ‘lens’ which will ‘reflect’ HAARP’s massive energy beams back to earth to destroy selected targets – presumably without leaving even a trace of what caused the devastation.

The layers of our atmosphere are so little understood that no one can possibly know the impact of cutting the ionosphere open, or of making it bulge like a lens.

Moreover, she points out that scientists have warned that the energy from HAARP may combine with a natural wave frequency with results which are, ‘quite disproportionate to the level of input’ – including disrupting the harmony between ‘earth life forms…. and…. earth’s life support systems’.

The rings round Saturn are thought to have been caused by a comparable inter-action between energy waves. So, the possibility that HAARP, and its confreres, might trigger catastrophic changes to this planet cannot be ruled out.

As Dr Bertell explains, everything is connected, ‘everything in our universe is in dynamic equilibrium and this interference (from HAARP) may destabilize a system that has established and maintained its own cycle for millions of years’ – protecting life on earth.

ELF pulsed into the earth

Nor is that all. Dr Bertell says that both HAARP and installations in Russia – on which America has, remarkably, collaborated – can also create pulsed, extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which have been directed deep into the earth itself, potentially disrupt-ting delicately poised tectonic plates of the earth’s crust, such as those of California’s San Andreas fault.

Given the little understood interplay between tectonic plates, volcano’s and the earth’s molten core, to call this playing with fire would be an absurd understatement.

Nor, it seems are these the only military installations threatening earth’s viability. Dr Bertell tells us that HAARP is just one of a growing chain of astonishingly powerful, and potentially interactive, military installations, using varied types of electromagnetic fields or wavelengths, each with a different ability to affect the earth or its atmosphere.

For example, an installation in Alaska will have a magnetic field more than 60,000 times greater than the earth itself.

To anyone who knows the impact of magnetic fields on the human body the potential risks of such an installation are obvious. Equally, as Dr Bertell points out, the earth’s magnetic field is both produced by electric currents in the earth’s liquid core and interacts with the Van Allen belts of the earth’s atmosphere in ways not yet understood.”[vi]


As I’ve spoken and as I’ve written prior to now, today, there is nothing R-O-N-G w “Liberalism” as that was the initial mannerist appeal in 1750’s thru 1812, I’d say. The record does not stand on laurels of peaceful-Democracy, nor democracy per se, rather that of Oligopoly or technocratic-oligarchs maintaining elitism. Liberals are more easily bought UN-less one succumbs to right-wing technicalities meaningless than being bought e.g. medicare-Health, is that nomen. However, the militarism displaces Liberalism w ease when coupled w cRonyist and fascist-Capitalism, or how markets is money-supply for the rich concerns of manipulating resources and causing water usages of 55% for industry. Why are not studies done, and no prioritizing of US-militancy for military by technocrats-Plutocracy preceding as one-Only template of cyber-Insecurity?          “R”


“With typical restraint, she chooses not to guesstimate the effect that a magnetic field 60,000 times greater than the earth’s will have on the earth’s core or the atmosphere. Yet she believes that military tests may already have disturbed earth equilibrium.

In addition to showing how earlier military tests have massively contributed to ozone depletion and global warming Dr Bertell suggests that some freak weather conditions and ‘natural’ disasters may have been directly caused by testing installations such as H.A.A.R.P.

Links to earthquakes and freak weather

For example, in 1977 a freak storm which devastated a small town in Wisconsin and destroyed 350 hectares of forest, followed hot on the heels of a government ELF wave experiment.

While The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist reported that an ELF wave transmitter lay right in the middle of another storm which brought down 150 – 200 times more rain than normal. These links are more than purely circumstantial, for she says that weather modification is on the US air force agenda, and in 1992 the Russians told the Wall Street Journal they could already achieve it. And the Wisconsin storm offers what looks very much like direct evidence.

The question is, does anyone have the wisdom to control weather wisely, and unselfishly? And do they even begin to understand the potential for unexpected side-affects from all these experiments. As she points out, it is since the inception of Star Wars experiments that El Nino has changed its cycle and become far more severe with devastating effects.

Equally, a Soviet experiment with the ionosphere directly preceded an earthquake in China which killed 650,000 people.

While in America ELF – type waves were detected immediately before a San Francisco earthquake in 1989, and unnatural and unexplained low frequency waves were detected before earthquakes in Japan and California in 1989, and before an earthquake in Los Angeles in 1994. We can only wonder whether such ELF waves preceded the recent earthquakes in El Salvador and India this year, and whether the carnage has been caused by ‘security experiments’ by one of the ‘great powers’.

What is certain, as Dr Bertell shows, is that, globally, the number of earthquakes a year has more than doubled since the inception of military experiments which affect the earth and its atmosphere. Even this could, of course, be mere coincidence but another fact suggests something unusual is going on. Inexplicably, an earth-quake in Bolivia in 1994 originated 600 km below the earth’s surface – 24 times deeper than normal.

However, even if no such disasters can be laid at the door of the world’s military, weapons which interfere with the atmosphere violate the 1976 Environment Modification Convention. Yet, she tells us that in January 1991, despite America having signed that convention, the White House waived the requirement for actions by the Pentagon to be assessed for environmental impact.

However, America and Russia are not alone in possessing such weapons. Her revelations of 30 years of military innovations show that Britain, Germany and NATO have all been involved in military developments which show a cavalier disregard for life on earth.”[vii]


As I’ve stated and re-stated, the first usages of NSDU-238 were perpetrated from 250-tanks of IDF (Israels military) upon Egyptian forces as a “discount” type of madness, or commercialization of Radionuclides is good for you, w and under “propaganda-Methods” of US-military. In the 1973 war, known Yom Kippur, a man was eventually, murdered for reporting on the exit of munitions that had been produced, most like in Allenstown PA, shipped to Port of Houston—gHW Bush and soon-to-be-directors in US-intel-Gence–Comey and Robert Mueller, got together w in 1980-1987 affairs of state—sooo, the rightie-Right fascist elementus of bush-whacky crime-Family gets a “fRee: oil-War” and the nation-State looses whatever consciousness the country was trying to develop. All that is left standing is Universalism          “R”


“Less than a month before US President Donald Trump took office, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2334, calling on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem” al-Quds.

General view of the Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem al-Quds in the occupied West Bank with the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim seen in the background as Israeli police claimed the village closed military area on July 5, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

About 600,000 Israelis live in over 230 illegal settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds.

Palestinians want the West Bank as part of a future independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.

The last round of Israeli-Palestinian talks collapsed in 2014. Among the major sticking points in those negotiations was Israel’s continued settlement expansion on Palestinian territories.

Trump backtracked on Washington’s support for a “two-state solution” earlier this year, saying he would support any solution favored by both sides.

“Looking at two-state or one-state, I like the one that both parties like. I’m very happy with the one both parties like. I can live with either one,” the US president said during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington on February 15.”[viii]


Do not forget that “computer-age is molecular-Age” as well as nano-Inventions and maybe parasites are more intriguing. My contentions are that nowhere near-Enough: research has been promulgated, attempted and realized on how “bacteria-Growths” can reduce Radionuclides from formulating the concealments w hosts, much as bacterium does, is not anathema any longer. Altho NSDU-238 does have that capacity, do all Radionuclides or merely ur-238. Answer of course ur-238 is the ONLY known source and therefore has become a constant, nonetheless of digression towards being separated from daughter-Nuclides. This is good-Formula, but not greatness in-as-much-as lots of tons removed from vast areas needing treatment such as Semiplatinisk and nevada-Testsite. Since both Russia and US-military enterprise and control NSDU-238 sources fro each others stocking and illicit usages, Russia is not-yet-Renown, why not a forward-HALT premise of worthwhile and exponential context?                   “R”


Definition of Depleted Uranium — DU

Depleted uranium is what is left over when most of the highly radioactive types (isotopes) of uranium are removed for use as nuclear fuel or nuclear weapons. The depleted uranium used in armor-piercing munitions and in enhanced armor protection for some Abrams tanks is also used in civilian industry, primarily for stabilizers in airplanes and boats. Depleted uranium is a heavy metal that is also slightly radioactive. Heavy metals (uranium, lead, tungsten, etc.) have chemical toxicity properties that, in high doses, can cause adverse health effects. Depleted uranium that remains outside the body can not harm you.” [Department of Defense, Frequently Asked Questions, Depleted Uranium]

As far as this statement goes, we have no trouble with the facts DOD is setting forth, as it is virtually inert before it is fired off; however, once Depleted Uranium is used in battle, the dangerous contamination begins. This is the essence of this article.

Why and How Depleted Uranium Is Used By Our Military Machine

Almost 15 years ago, the Pentagon decided to start using Depleted Uranium extensively in our munitions. Depleted Uranium (DU) was dirt cheap, since it was the left over material from processing Uranium into nuclear weapons and was normally just being thrown away — in specially built containers in which all handling was done with men wearing special radiation protection suits, because in the commercial field, this stuff is considered “toxic waste”!

Depleted Uranium also possessed several one other characteristic that made it very useful to a modern fighting force. It is extremely dense and pyrophoric, which enables it to punch and burn its way through hard targets such as tanks. Therefore, DU is used extensively in all armor piercing munitions. [“Depleted Uranium: America’s Military ‘Gift’ That Keeps on Giving”, by Dan Fahey, L.A. Times, 2/18/01.]

DU has proven so effective, the United States is using it also in the following weapons systems:

  1. Navy ships carrying Phalanx rapid fire guns are capable of firing thousands of DU rounds per minute. [.”DOD Launches Depleted Uranium Training,” Linda Kozaryn, American Forces Press Service, 8-13-99]
  2. Some Tomahawk missiles launched from U.S. ships and subs are DU-tipped. [.”Nukes of the Gulf War,” John Shirley, See this article in archives at]
  3. M1 Abrams tanks are armored with DU, as are British tanks. [BBC News, “US To Use Depleted Uranium,” March 18, 2003; U.S. General Accounting Office, Operation Desert Storm: “Early Performance Assessment of Bradley and Abrams,” 1-2-92; covered also by Shirley, op. cit]
  4. The A-10 “tank buster” aircraft fires DU 30-mm shells at machines and people on the battlefield. [Shirley, op. cit.]

“When a DU shell is fired, it ignites upon impact. Uranium, plus traces of plutonium and americium, vaporize into tiny, ceramic particles of radioactive dust. Once inhaled, uranium oxides lodge in the body and emit radiation indefinitely. A single particle of DU lodged in a lymph node can devastate the entire immune system according to British radiation expert Roger Coghill.” [“US Shells Leave Lethal Legacy,” Toronto Star, July 31, 1999; also “Radiation Tests for Peacekeepers in the Balkans Exposed to Depleted Uranium,”  12-31-02]

Did you catch the critically important portion of this article, above? Let us repeat it for you:

“When a DU shell is fired, it ignites upon impact. Uranium, plus traces of plutonium and americium, vaporize into tiny, ceramic particles of radioactive dust. Once inhaled, uranium oxides lodge in the body and emit radiation indefinitely. A single particle of DU lodged in a lymph node can devastate the entire immune system …”

Once exploded, DU munitions turn instantly into fine dust. This dust then mixes with the dust on the ground and starts to kill civilians who breathe it into their lungs. If people could avoid breathing this dust, they could avoid contamination and prevent the onset of slow, agonizing radioactive death.“[ix]


The mindscape of technocracy has society in the open-eye, view. My thoughts go forward w the completion of a poem, well done and connoted as such. The doing is not the method. Poets reading always to other poets is not the premise of shared, merely missed/shared, almost dis-Information.           “R”


poem   gaseous-Cosmos for you who know Peace     9-04-09

many bottles of beer for hiking the continent, the whole

continent while participating in masse`-marches, sit-ins,

die-ins, protests, vigils, placarding, talks, planning,

conversations, and of course, en Voce` from my two ford-Vans,

and yet the public’s brainwashed “Conditionalism”, an

aberration for Pentagon’s “propaganda-Oligarchs” coupled

to plutocratic-Autocracy’s a machine…

there are these social-Excesses of the non-Hyperbole

of “empire: the new-Rome” due underhanded-Excesses

by the El Congress, averring a need for wars this dude is

still out-There and protesting both anti-Warring and de-Alert

reduction, but why I am not happening for “nuclearism’s”

more ass resbits” seemingly availing intelligentsia,

and not having a family, but not yet, only forty-fooking

years later…so please,

do not get sick on my front steps, the porch is negligible

for democracy’s beridden tasks hidden in the bushes

where grass-cuttings, mowed, cannot become composted,

unless turning the century back to this could be the first

non-War “century” since word: peace-dividend…

the term became the overture that once was a

pronouncement, a misque of how people “may have”

lived in accordance to naturalism plaintiff’s, before Gilgamesh

was another “poet” that gave voce’ to those encapsulated

amenities of living “wordages” w.o. technocracy

replacing bureaucracy, why have both?

“R” Addison 9-04-09 @ sRC


Yes, somehow w lotsa hardwirk, my website needs to go ahead, fast and then faster. Because, I am now, not going farther w Ecosocialism! No. But, I need to have folks I used to known garner, what I have been doing, since age 9-years.               “R”


ATT Monitor, Vol. 11, No. 2

Editorial: A look back to move forward

Allison Pytlak | Reaching Critical Will of WILPF

“The death toll from small arms dwarfs that of all other weapons systems. In terms of the carnage they cause, small arms, indeed, could be described as ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ Yet there is still no global non-proliferation regime to limit their spread.”

Kofi A. Annan

The opening day of the Fourth Conference of States Parties (CSP4) to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) began on a sober note, with a moment of silence to remember Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the kind of genuinely inspiring leader that only comes along once in a generation.”[x]


I met w Kofi Annan’s wife, awaiting a hitch-ride on fifth avenue in Manhattan, 1988. Much astonished, the limosine stopped for me, and Mrs. Annan was there asking where I wanted to go. I answered that I wanted to have a few good minutes w the United Nation’s assistant headship Mr. Kofi Annan. She said that she knows him, quite well and that she may be of assistance in allocating that request. I’d not eaten but a bagel in two-days and was wracked for loss of sleep. However, I was pleased and stated thanks are in order. When he came home to his large apartment, he was angry that his wife had let a white or western u.s.a. artiste` inside, their residence, to have a few minutes, chat which turned out to be 41 seconds. Nonetheless, I was there to ask in a sense of gRavure thRu a consternate warning, as that was how I did my proposal. That NSDU-238 would be used by the US-military and could, would the world’s people be better informed had the United nations chiefs ‘forewarned’ them.

I would not have been bemused, as I would have asked, which he did, his wife, who I was, first of all. He never answered, was quite abrupt and somewhat offensive to my visit, asked me to leave, but did not say w.o. and answer. His curtness was rude as well as non-Decipherable, and I had suggested that I could await another 10-minutes while merely sitting, for his day was being interrupted, altho I had waited hours to ask…then, he said, ”what do you want”. An answer that I never got, butt-hold. He did not listen, and was not any but obsolescent. He died last week and many others will not have known of my attempts, including this one good measure, to travel 2,850 miles merely to inform a good-Soul of NSDU-238, because of the non-Descript scenario of US-militarism, being a chasm—which I’d practiced all the way there to New York city!           “R”


“More Water Than Oil

The shale industry has been heavily focused on amping up the amount of fossil fuels it can pump per well by drilling longer horizontal well bores and using more sand, water and chemicals when fracking (which raises the costs per well and, as DeSmog recently reported, raises risks of water pollution).

But the water use and wastewater production per well have been growing even faster than the per-well fossil fuel production, the researchers found, labeling the water demand and wastewater growth “much higher” than the oil or gas increases.

Shale drilling and fracking often occurs in areas already suffering from water stress.

Duke University

The researchers studied data from more than 12,000 oil and gas wells representing each of the major shale-producing regions in the U.S.

Their findings are particularly troubling news for arid areas like the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, where underground water supplies are already taxed by residential and agricultural demand, and where fights over water use are brewing.

On average, a Permian Basin well used 10.3 million gallons of water in 2016, according to a San Antonio Express-News investigation earlier this year—more than double the average per-well demand just a few years ago.

A Waterfall of Waste

The wastewater problem has attracted the eye of industry analysts, particularly in the Permian…

Wastewater disposal—which often uses “injection wells” that pump toxic water down underground into areas where oil has been pumped out—is suspected not only of playing a role in causing earthquakes across the U.S., but also linked by scientists to the emergence of massive sinkholes in parts of Texas.

“The ground movement we’re seeing is not normal,” said geophysicist Zhong Lu, an earth sciences professor at Southern Methodist University, who recently published research that highlighted the connection of the sinkholes to fracking. “These hazards represent a danger to residents, roads, railroads, levees, dams, and oil and gas pipelines, as well as potential pollution of ground water.”…”[xi]

All my living-Life, I have striven as an independent-Sole, not as individualist, for not a whatever astringency, but an answerable allocation of questions on and of “defense of planet and human-Longevity”. Defense, not NSDU-238 should have come first. Foremost to that, the discussions on whether a nuclear-Molecular-concern was worth the preemptive-measures, would and not difficulty to repair and not make excuses, if post-Use became preamble. What then, was ‘defense’ if the Dept-of-war was allowing the illegality, that of usage following the 2nd nuclear-Molecular weapon, which never should have allowed a President being “bought-bought-bought”! tRuman of course.           “R”


“The disastrous effects of anthropogenic climate change aren’t some distant abstraction. They are happening now. People are being displaced. People are dying. Ecosystems are being destroyed. Conflicts have emerged. At the moment, those most directly feeling the effects are those least responsible for the systemic crisis. If you see yourself as part of the global community, their suffering is your suffering.

The need for reform-based action has long since passed. We must urgently transition away from capitalism, a system that must accumulate in order to maintain itself. Whether or not you agree with socialism is inconsequential.

This isn’t about belief or perspective. This is about survival.

How do we do this? We start at the community level. “Community” can, of course, take many shapes. Our friends and families, our neighborhood, our places of work, our schools, our online networks. It is critical that we couple two tasks: (1) education that highlights the relationship between capitalism and climate change; (2) possible solutions. Starting discussions where they’ve yet to take place. Listening. Learning. Putting ideas into action. Building power that’s aimed at establishing an ecosocialist future in a world where the possibility of a “future” is dwindling by the second.

We also have to grasp the reality that the solutions aren’t going to come through the Democratic and Republican parties. Both parties exist to serve capital, which lies at the source of the problem. In the United States, we’re fairly well-conditioned to see “democracy” as synonymous with the ballot box. A seismic shift away from that line of thinking will be necessary. We’ll need to participate in the establishment of democratic institutions — institutions that include the voices, input, and direction of our oppressed communities. These are the communities that are by-and-large those most heavily-affected by anthropogenic climate change. That means we will have to be present. For white folks, this will mean we’ll have to confront and unpack systemic racism. The situation and solutions are both incredibly complex and incredibly simple.

Ecosocialist resources are plentiful. If you aren’t sure where to look, ask. Ask me. If I can’t find an answer, I will try to find one for you. Do your research and educate yourself as soon as possible. This isn’t about belief or perspective. This is about survival.”[xii]

The inaffable-Resoluteness by US- fanatic-penataGooons is the reason beyond delightful to tReason i.e. that of subterfuge. Humanity is Universal, yet we 6.66 billions are not of one consciousness. The illicit use of “nuclear-Molecular: weapon #1” or NSDU-238 has not been helpful to gaining a solid-state of Consciousness, altho that possibility has been further negated, and reduced to brain-foggieness, or getting closer to singularity. We’re here w.o. Exceptionalism, must be that the majority does listen to the we-People voices of non-reticence. That is called resiliency, not Conditionalism, which remains Irresolute.      “R”


“An international team of scientists has published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) showing that even if the carbon emission reductions called for in the Paris Agreement are met, there is a risk of Earth entering what the scientists call “Hothouse Earth” conditions. A “Hothouse Earth” climate will in the long-term stabilize at a global average of 4-5°C higher than pre-industrial temperatures with sea level 10-60 m higher than today, the paper says. The authors conclude it is now urgent to greatly accelerate the transition towards an emission-free world economy.

“Human emissions of greenhouse gas are not the sole determinant of temperature on Earth. Our study suggests that human-induced global warming of 2°C may trigger other Earth system processes, often called “feedbacks,” that can drive further warming — even if we stop emitting greenhouse gases,” says lead author Will Steffen from the Australian National University and Stockholm Resilience Centre. “Avoiding this scenario requires a redirection of human actions from exploitation to stewardship of the Earth system.”

Currently, global average temperatures are just over 1°C above pre-industrial and rising at 0.17°C per decade.

The authors of the study consider ten natural feedback processes, some of which are “tipping elements” that lead to abrupt change if a critical threshold is crossed. These feedbacks could turn from being a “friend” that stores carbon to a “foe” that emits it uncontrollably in a warmer world. These feedbacks are: perma-frost thaw, loss of methane hydrates from the ocean floor, weakening land and ocean carbon sinks, increasing bacterial respiration in the oceans, Amazon rainforest dieback, boreal forest dieback, reduction of northern hemisphere snow cover, loss of Arctic summer sea ice, and reduction of Antarctic sea ice and polar ice sheets.”[xiii]


This, above, is what has happened since Harry tRuman was being prone to indigestion is continuing wars-Warring w.o. redress. And by that, I do mean not apologizing for fire-Bombings multiple cities in haste to kill-maim-destroy infrastructure (whatever word may have been transposited in 1945 lingo) but the rudeness does yet, now apology for both nuclear-Molecular and napalming civilians, like the a-Hole the wars-Dept liaisons to tRuman may have been. You, people, read-those reports, as well as recall what a mite stupid war-Mongering harangue has been back-then to continue this far in future-Forward, as well as not a word of peace-measure is apologize and blow-one-off over pacific, to show how Radionuclides CONTAMINATE.           “R”


“This is a very well written book that explores the dawn of the atomic age, and the US Government’s careless disregard for adverse biological effects of radiation. After the effects became clear, the government began testing off the US mainland, on near islands inhabited by people who had no idea what was going on and let their kids play in the fallout that looked like snow. This book isn’t incredibly scientific, but inspired me to do more research on mainland US atmospheric nuclear testing and the correlations between various cancer rates of people who lived in the areas that the wind carried fallout to. Also, I found grad research at Vanderbilt library on direct correlations between atmospheric mainland tests and SAT scores 18 years later ( ie pregnant women exposed to the fallout from tests hundreds of miles away had below average kids ). While I’m pro-nuclear with regard to power, the other side of the nuclear coin is a truly horrifying story. In essence, we’ve already had nuclear war over the US, with approximately 330 atmospheric nuclear explosions in the western US, and the wind carrying fallout eastbound.”[xiv]


The atmospheric-Tests have not had conclusive “high-altitude: research” nor has NSDU-238 (not-so-depleted ur-238) had conclusive reports which is amongst her articles and other books. Radionuclides of “all radioisotopes” need be vacuumed, or controlled by separating and not touching via UN-clothed humanity. The mainstay of her research is informative. Tritium from NPP’s can and should be surrounded at all times by phytoremediation “gReenery-Botanical”. The use of NPP’s is to industrially ‘produce’ putonium-239, for which much ur-238 is also intermixed–also ur-234, ur-236, th-234. Thus, ur-235 must be removed to enrich and separate ur-238 from pu-239, as well!

Dr. Bertell, ought to have been more reported, as she and other “nuclearist-Rese-archers” have not floundered such as Dr. Chris Busby, Mr. Dai Williams, Prof. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, Prof. Asaf Durakovic, Dr. Doug Rokke, Ms. Leuren Moret, Prof. Michio Kaku. Not at all! I’ve studied under all these knowledgeable researchers. We can HALT expoRts of ur-238 from Paducah and from any ole NPP’s in u.s.a. Gar-off your ‘collective-Asses’.        “R”


               a voice from the vOID, the peace-Warrior


[i] “The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom” by Chris Hedges Published on Monday, July 16, 2018 by Truthdig

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[xiv] “Customer Review: Excellent History of the dawn of nuclear proliferation” by Pippin Ain’t Easy on Sept. 22, 2009; Format: Paperback

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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