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Ecosocialism #23/ 04 Jul 2018 Locomotive drags my outer-Tube around w R-O-N-G phooel instead

Ecosocialism #23/ 04 Jul 2018

Locomotive drags my outer-Tube around w R-O-N-G phooel instead


The u.s.a. women have not stepped forward enough to HALT NSDU-238, nor to HALT wars-Warring, nor to HALT chem tRails sleaze, nor to get there being bought discretions of Medicare healthcare. At all? Righteous probability the olde catharsis of seeing somebody do that you know watching others doing sex may motivate the lame’o brain, that useless wonder. American women definitely, have proven themselves useless for any but plutocracy coupling that to bourgeoisie, again and again. Take my “outer-tube” tethered to that 2,400 bhp locomotive. Why must the outer-Tube pull the freight cars mile and half weight? Like going the RONG way makes improper weigh-ins. You see we are a free people country, not a drug-mongering disassociation for all involved intel-Agents to get their full retirement after serving 2-years in intel-Gence, anyhow.               “R”


“Comment: Kudos to Roger Waters for standing up to the pressure of Israel. His voice is an important one.

Roger Waters has lost millions defending Palestine – but he doesn’t care

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Comparisons between Israel and Nazis ‘crushingly obvious’

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd hits out at musicians for crossing Israel ‘picket line’

Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel

Roger Waters rocks on as B’nai Brith-sponsored film smears him for Palestine advocacy

“Propaganda seems to be more important than the reality of what is really going on” Roger Waters speaks out against White Helmets

Roger Waters calls for public resistance to government attempts to silence Julian Assange


SOTT focus

14 June 2018

As yet, PayPal has not apologized that I heard from cyber space, I do not recommend using PayPal but support what wikileaks releases have proffered to us.    “R”


The mistreatment of Kurds, by Turks’ Oligarchs/elites, makes for the most indetermin-able analog of what can languages and civilized people ‘do for themselves as well as their ethnicity’? Sooo much of US-military is hegemony and sooo much is bases building which leaves the third allotment to another contaminated ‘mess’ never going to be cleaned-up by impunity. This is the new-Rome antic. However, the deceitful-Extent is for both Condtionalism and eRegiousness to be extended rather than ‘diplomacy” or the basics of cultural-Identity as cultural-Anthropology preserved as the Ecology should be.


The Turks are not a tribe, such as tribes of Afghanistan. They are not a people sharing the extermination of Armenia genocide was an egregious offense against human-Conditions and being anti-Cultural. The Irans have a long civilized extent where they habitat, and were once much larger. The US-hegemonyites power-mongering makes no holds in the adult-large gRasp of that sea animal “Squid” that do not allow any manner of release to let-go the past and re-prime a pacified and subdued present! The Yazidi’s are also a middle-East people. Guns was the mannerism of anarchyism instilled by cIAS trade coupled w allowances of Mozzad’s arms to al nusra, al qaeda, ISIL and education/culture be damned.


Ohh, you mean you can live in this country and be a damn-Fools obeying caustic-Invasion and orders w.o. a chem-tRails rinse? Do I mean damn the cIAS? Of course, they’re guilty of masse` murder, too!       “R”


“After the UNHRC, a body of 47 nations, adopted five resolutions condemning Israel on March 23, 2018, Haley warned “our patience is not limited,” reminding the body that “The United States continues to evaluate our membership in the Human Rights Council.”

Palestinian demonstrators run for cover during a protest against U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem and ahead of the 70th anniversary of Nakba, at the Israel-Gaza border in the southern Gaza Strip May 14, 2018


On Anniversary of Six-Day War, Israel Still ‘Breaking Every Moral Code’

Those resolutions called on governments to stop selling weapons to Israel; for Palestinian self-rule according to Israel and the Palestinian territories’ pre-1967 borders; for Israel to remove itself from the Golan Heights, which it has illegally occupied since the 1967 Six Day War; and for an end to Israeli settlements and human rights abuses against Palestinians.


Haley called the council “foolish and unworthy of its name” for treating Israel “worse than North Korea, Iran and Syria.”

The US ambassador hasn’t only struggled with the Human Rights Council, but

also with the UN General Assembly and Security Council. On Wednesday, she failed

to prevent the assembly from condemning Israel’s use of deadly force against Palestinians demonstrating in the Great Return March after having vetoed a similar resolution in June. She fired back against the vote, saying that for some, “attacking Israel is their favorite political sport.”

More than 120 Palestinians have been killed and more than 13,000 injured, many by live ammunition, since the start of the protest on March 30, Sputnik News reported. Haley previously told the UN Security Council that Israel acted with “restraint” in the protests. One Israeli soldier was “slightly wounded” in the protests, according to an IDF spokesperson.”


US to Leave ‘Foolish, Unworthy’ UN Human Rights Council Over Anti-Israel Bias

23:01 15.06.2018




The sidling Conditionalism in the wars of middle-East, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen is there has never been and open-forum: public expose’ to help aver the insalubrity of US-military, doing what they started in 1978-79 in central-Americas. Thus, nothing attempted and lots of bloodletting and Ecology ruined. The lack-of-Attempts by american-People, left the middle-east w.o. a hope that their prayers or humanitarian-Thoughts were not empty There were no such overtures, but not divestment by politicians was enterprised. Instead what we-Boomers got, was psychopathy is best when extreme as per neo-Cons i.e. shit-heads. This also meant the guise that IDF/Israels would never apologize for the deaths to 39 service-persons onboard the USS Liberty should have come-out-the wood-Werk, altho 12-years later—by 1980.


Thus, the egregious-Extent, not americanism, altho not a philosophy, was not ridiculed to become emblematic, but moronistically, allowed the worst-case-scenario of all the middle-East’s people formulating into a democratic-Unity, a confederation. The fanatic-penataGooons as a dept-of-Offense was no where adept and diplomacy being a military agglomeration of killing offense, machines and technology for prowess needing to be proven by killing soldiers, not innocents. They never got that, now 39-years later!           “R”


“Since the Syrian city of Afrin was taken by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army, local Kurds, used to a secular lifestyle, have been reportedly forced to obey Sharia law. Beside religious pressure, Kurdish property has been seized, plundered and destroyed, according to human rights activists.

The pro-Sharia street posters in the Syrian city of Afrin, which was occupied by the Turkish military and Syrian anti-government militia in March 2018, have triggered an uproar among the local Kurdish majority, according the British newspaper Independent.

Mostly Muslim, but committed to a secular way of life, Kurdish women have reportedly held protests in the city, demanding that the ads be taken down, urging them to wear traditional clothes, covering the face and body, and follow extremely strict Sharia rules.

READ MORE: Turkish Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin: Facts and Figures

While the posters have been removed by the Turkish police, a local activist, cited by the British newspaper, calls the posters a part of a campaign impacting the independence of Kurdish women.

“Just because I wear jeans, I always hear words such as ‘whore, disbeliever, dogs of Assad and the Shiites from strangers in the street,” she says.

According to the Independent’s report, Kurdish women are under pressure from the militia belonging to fundamentalist Islamic groups that have seized control over Afrin, as well as from newcomers who had been ousted from eastern Ghouta during the operation of the governmental forces against the terror groups.

While about 137,000 people have left the area of Afrin since the Turkish Opera-tion Olive Branch began, 143,000 people remain in the war-torn area, according to the United Nations.

According to the Human Rights Watch, which interviewed people displaced from the area, the fighters who seized control over the city move their supporters from other parts of Syria and let them take over and damage their homes, businesses and property without compensation. The rights organization points out that such actions can be identified as war crimes.


Soon after the city was taken, the Turkish authorities reported that they were investigating looting allegations in Afrin and promised to ensure that it would be a safe place.

Later in April, one of the militia groups in the area, Ahrar al-Sharqiyah, also stated that they carried no responsibility for property seizures and looting.

The current situation in the Kurdish-dominated Syrian city of Afrin remains quite tense since it was overtaken by Turkey after a three-month operation, aimed at “clearing” its border with Syria of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Ankara believes them to be linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the advance would not end with the capture of Afrin, clarifying that the regions of Manbij and Idlib would be the next targets. Damascus slammed the operation as a violation of Syrian sovereignty.”


“Kurdish Women Protest as Syrian Militants Force Them to Wear Hijabs–Report”

© AFP 2018 / Delil Souleiman, MIDDLE EAST 19:42 15.06.2018




How do we-People resolve a conflict thru non-Violence, such as Gaza and the Pales-tines-People as opposed by fascist-Zionist: IDF. Why was no “non-Violence-Diplomacy”not utilized by the state-Dept, which has been bought by Hillary Clinton’s cronyism or neo-Con war-Mongering hype. Do we people remember word ‘peace’ has a meaning as close as non-violence, taught by an American, who excelled at non-violent leadership. Planning was the Key to M.L.K.Jr. and those many afro-Amers social and political groups ever-so-formulative! UN-armed observoRs in those contrite and contrary zionist-Spectaculars of masse` murderings. In other words, logic is not illogical. Where else? Huh.     “R”


“I was 21 years old when I met him. I was studying sociology at the University of Oslo. One of my teachers there who knew of my interest in the peace movement said that I might like to meet someone at the university who was researching Norwegian nonviolent resistance to the German Nazi occupation in World War II.


I dropped by his office and found a 30-year-old in jeans and sneakers with a quick smile. We both welcomed the chance to speak English, although his Norwegian was much better than mine. My eyes widened when he told me he was not only digging into stories of Norwegian resistance, but was going to conferences where he interviewed Africans in anti-colonial struggles who told him of nonviolent tactics being used there, sometimes alongside armed struggle.

At first I couldn’t make sense of it. Gene had been to prison as a conscientious objector and then became secretary to A.J. Muste, who Time magazine called “America’s number one pacifist.” I’d become a pacifist only recently after a fierce internal struggle, given my family’s pro-military beliefs. To me, the choice between violence and nonviolence was a choice of moral conviction. What happens to moral choice when we research violent and nonviolent methods as if they are alternative means to an end?


In dialogue with Gene over time I realized he was not closing the door on ethics. Instead, he saw much more promise through opening the door of practical advantages of nonviolent struggle. He and I wanted the same thing: maximum attraction to nonviolent struggle to win justice.

Gene also told me stories of his own disappointment, when pacifist intellectuals he knew who could have developed pragmatic strategies for nonviolent struggle chose not to, falling back on their ethical choice as their default. As an eager-beaver student, already set on getting a master’s in sociology, I sympathized with Gene’s eagerness to take on the tough questions on their own terms rather than rely on a default answer. From there, it wasn’t hard for Gene to convince me that I should write my own thesis on nonviolent struggle.


We stayed in touch after I returned to the United States, and — with his encouragement — I persuaded the University of Pennsylvania’s sociology department to allow me to write that thesis. In it, I proposed that there is not just one way that nonviolent campaigners win, when they do, but instead there are three different mechanisms through which success can come. Gene then adopted the mechanisms for his own work.

The lonely researcher

It’s difficult to understand in 2018 — when so many people around the world are researching and writing with sophistication about nonviolent struggle — how lonely Gene’s path was in the early years. When I met him in 1959, Gene was the only person in the world doing full-time research in nonviolent struggle.


True, peace and conflict research was happening at the same time, with a scholarly journal around Kenneth and Elise Boulding, based at the University of Michigan. In Oslo, I helped Johan Galtung on his first peace research project. The emerging field’s focus was on conflict resolution. Gene’s, however, was on conflict-waging.

I saw this emphasis coming from Gene’s being a warrior. His passion was to map a territory where fighters could take on their biggest opponents and win, nonviolently. Winning that way, he believed, could make a big difference. Whatever the win/win conflict resolution people might offer, Gene believed there are some struggles where the result needs to be a loss for one side: slaveholders needed to lose their slaves; fascists needed to lose their secret police.

His disposition to be a nonviolent warrior at a time when so many non-warriors were looking for conflict resolution, and warriors looking for a way to apply violence, made him a lonely scholar. To my eyes his perseverance made him a hero.”


Gene Sharp — the lonely scholar who became a nonviolent warrior

by George Lakey February 1, 2018



a)   poem:   Your GOVERNMENT IS p.o.s. BECAUZ They Stink

it’s sooo good to see a smiling afro-Amer child w.o. his and

her face in tears over the dead body of somebody shot and

killed in the line of being human trying to live normally, w.o.

peace, you know, walking, walking, walking on concrete grey

un-employed sidewalks, to a stupor-market where somebody

adult may want to relate

to knowing a spouse or ex-spouse child befriended or helping

teach primary words, and improper pronunciations

yet having to hear some flaming-Racist spouting spurts of words

he or she cannot understand, firsthand recognition

of facial-Expressions, helps while reading a book in a Library

okay soooo the federal-Government is p.o.s. and wars-Illegal

but did we need a Constitution since we-People lead where we go?

Sure we know where we go, becauZ we follow the stench of

US-tReasury ripped-off, body-bags on sale, and who’s the slave

for the next disenchanting invasions that will continue

w bombs for 10-20-30 years, that’s what the fun is, to teach kids

the truths about psychopaths, infirm cops being paid to do

harm’s way is open to them becauZ they’re either not smart

or tRigger-infiRmed, happy, we need happy kids never misinformed

sooo they do not gRow to become the a-Holes like those

type-casting cops ever-so tRigger happy and negRo-Haunting,

which ever comes first, like wars are good for you, you get to kill

others for fRee, to practice “cheating” the planet & the humanity

gheez, 39-years of wars-Warring causing immigrants for freedom

you’R a ritz-Cop and not a guard at a school w a gun, against

hot-headed psycho-Cyber punks, leave those children to be free

written by “R” Addison @ SRC (6-15-18)



“02 Worldwide, 73 percent of beach litter is plastic: filters from cigarette butts, bottles, bottle caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, and polystyrene containers.”




“05 As of 2015, more than 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste had been generated. Around 9 percent of that was recycled, 12 percent was incinerated, and 79 percent accumulated in landfills or environment.”




“08 The largest market for plastics today is packaging materials. That trash now accounts for nearly half of all plastic waste generated globally—most of it never gets recycled or incinerated.”





National Geographic May 2018



b)  poem:   feel fRee & dRive en Voce`

looken onto outside jeep traipse-tracks

would enterprise a fine phot were there sunshine

blue sky, but not fog, as snow keeps falling in

an on-off chem-tRails sleaze affectation

there was no May Day, sleaze

again and sleaze-Headed debasements unconditional

friendship w.o. yourself celebration altho I am 8,750 foots

elevation thinking about two gals who fit my depiction

of not maybe getting to know you merely pretensive

werk-wirk-wurk-clerical or waitressing not really wanting

to know what somebody might be there for you to know

giving-out biz-cards for my website, those brown-gReays

those chem-tRa8ils, those ultra-Wide chem-tRails, too

archive info for viewing and woo-commerce for me

to find somebody, who can re-Develop, do this do that,

show me now what is heck show me what you’ve not done,


my tracks follow the once-Waz major roadbed not

jeep-tRails roadbed where birds have died and winter’s

consciousness is anti-War in quiet, now and since 25-years ago

morose gravel & wash grader-bladed scarps nor wanted

for surface slow-goe driving erosive a visual-Cultural enjoinder

w.o. thinking do mountain people travel-Early would I need

first-aid, food, meeting a wonderful lassie, does not exist

they disappeared when they heard that study of Radionuclides

is writerly writing nucleaRism

i’ve already placed my blue-ice onto six-inches wet snow

but cold, had hot tea while I puttered readying to leave w

my camera’s and tripod en tow upon bad, okay maybe-shoulder

the propane-Cooker’s holder w stand was usefully used, wars

in Thought, as well, like last nite, first-Time, doing my en-voce`

everywhere my ¾ ton    w camera doth goad, miles of cracking

old asphalt swarthes too wide as new cam gets worn-in

the clouds peel back leaving chem-Corrupt, but some oddity

of blue-sky post meagre 15-minutes then overclouding back

if I had my weigh-ins, my ways of travel would be speaking

spanish and getting into Bolivia to discuss, injunctions against

oligarchs judges and police-state compromising people from

protests to have public-Education covered by costs, however

we need that here, substantially teachers on strike

I support 8-states now


written by “R” Addison @ shot-up small-Pines c.g. (5-03-18)


The populous of u.s.a. is morosely bourgeoisie, as bourgeois as not speaking-out nor remonstrating regarding ”20-years of chem-tRails” 39-years of wars, and since 1946 psychopathic political-Leadership debased by monetary extremes. Take a look at year 200 and 2004 national elections utilizing computer-Machines to disregard paper-counting and tarnish the once not-so-chaste Balloting system. Today, July 4th 2018 I am reminded of my many meetings w us, people, around the countRy-Bilt, as I protested against NPP’s making ur-238 and pu-239, as well as “decontaminations” not merely money-spending on deceptive “superfund-Sites” costing billions dollars. I did wonder whether that stat was a stasis. One such person was Howard Zinn, year after year his discussions against war and for peace thru non-Violence. Thus, I am returning from Savannah River facility, protesting on my own until along comes another fella and we spend the next 2.5 days at the gates w our signages.


Upon heading north to cooler climate I am going thru southern South Carolina (I believe) and I am told I should meet a fellow anti-Nuclearist who is a professional. A professional boxer. The guy is merely 15 years old and a professional making national boxing debut. None-other-than Michael Tyson, “Iron Mike”. He was somewhere on the street about a block long beneath shade trees, and nowhere to be found. I asked some-body, whether I could get some sleep and sooner than nodding off, Mike came bye. I jumped from Van-1 and he said we could talk in morning after his run, and that he’d find me. I had thought I was looking for a coach or trainor, but when I heard a voice, I saw a teenager. However, not many people had heard of this 15-year old. We talked 90-mnutes about needing health-care, how afro-Amers are abused by caustic remarks, or athletes in general. But, soon we both came to see a Universalist tenet in our liaisoning, me as impartial journalist-wRitor and he as up and coming iron-fist. I was utterly amazed at how knowledgable and keeping pace must be in this plutocracy. He acknowledged that nuclear-Contaminations does not make good diplomacy, nor great playing fields where he might jog.


I recollect that he was offering me some ‘liberty’ to fact-Find’ which was what I had cautiously mentioned the day before. Interesting time, but he never did speak-out in that same manneristic exchange, fashion. UN-justly too many people relapse into bourgeois-Tendentiousness. How about Leonard Peltier w whom I went to Vancouver B.C. looking for the actual “murderer” of Anna Mae, and possibly who was connected to fBIS being misinformed—1974. The fBIS being egregious and impugning got nowhere w us folks, who know that poverty does not make one kill, but does make one’s mind float from memory and history taken from the indigenous-tRibes and their once prolific, albeit, warmongering tribal ways.       “R”


“We have come up with a few tweets and would like you to follow us on Twitter @PeltierHQ and @LeonardPeltier and then use your own Twitter account to reach out to all your followers so we’ll be able to reach thousands of people daily with all our messages to bring Leonard home.


@POTUS Time is right to send Leonard Peltier home to his family! #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS Free Leonard Peltier! End FBI double standard #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS Free Leonard Peltier! End FBI misconduct #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS Free Leonard Peltier FBI’s scapegoat! #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS Free Leonard Peltier and Stand with the people #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS Compassion starts with Freeing Leonard Peltier! #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS FBI not above the law, Free Leonard Peltier! #FreeLeonardPeltier


@POTUS Free Leonard Peltier, Justice is for everyone! #FreeLeonardPeltier…”



6 a.m. to 6 p.m. EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD




There is no further need for ‘patriotism’ until we are at Liberty w.o. UN-constitutionality and corruption, coupled w ‘pseudo-Science’ of NSDU-238 is as good as org peanut-Butter, minus the chem-tRails rinse of which ‘none’ is ever mentioned! You need chemicals on your organic peanut-butter sandwich. You we-People who may have werk, are being bought as each payroll chek is not gRanted “Medicare-Health” but some formula of you wait 47-fookering years, bought-Hold! I spent 3-months in 2015 trying to find an apartment for my second-kNee ‘knee-Replacement’. I was inside my apartment December 20th and into hospital Dec 22nd. The return was postscript 4-full-days in hospital w 2-weeks rehabilitation. When I returned, my passwords for all websites and Rev. Paul’s book had been stolen. That book was hand signed to me.


When I left apartment, in Lakewood, I had additional images of those chem-tRails and returned to stop ‘n rest cabin (& storage) placements for brown/gRey and many other “65” series by then. I was wondering who would be helpful w Word Press. But then, I had attacks of arthritis—four excessive weeks long adventures. I wondered were those induced by stonrtium-90 of aluminum-Oxides? Still do. However, me in bio-Sketches, because now, onto essays.            “R”




essay: Volatility was the day before yesterday, every UN-declared-War was Un-declared



No matter the anarcho-Syndicalists, the plutocrats pertain not to “methane-Releases” as much as to “agenda-21”. The fact is that there is no defense planned for “methane-Releases” and that major fact stressed, which we do know is, the oRm-D will not be protected from methane-Volatility, and we need to offend to Define the Defense needs for planet as well as from “non-Decontamination” precepts, which are apparency of Radionuclides, not “methane and methane-Hydrate”.


The basis of organic units. organic communities, we’ve not been allowed to leave the feudal-ages, but Morgellons are micro-Organisms in our blood systems. The features of tyranny and ruthless monarchs has yet to be fully expanded w immoralism of new-Rome and ‘methane-Release’ tyranny in the guise of cultural-Anthropology. The tastes of monsters being dragons has been parable for at lease 1200 years since Beowulfe, which was where i started onto my “des plaines plateau” of Existentialism. The monster is always huge, whether factual-Fantasy or characterized satire-Fantasy. Seemingly to me, what is basic, seems basic as ill-will and that reprints “immoralism” of any ilk culture, may be not including headhunters of Borneo. I met that tribe but we were told not to wander nor to camp alone,because! Yet, the fascist ilk of present-Age new-Rome tyranny, has catastro-phic implications for masse` annihilation of the species, and ant-Matter has been placed into the parallel wide-dimensional status, readied for onslaughts that will not perish “any and all methane-Releases”. [consciousness pecked power…has the generative motifs to proceed against onslaught as in defense]


Those dragons are fearless but women are shameless in Beowulfe, and thus a decision to quest an answer or somehow an immediate resolve. The huge stride of computer-Techics superseded merely by the tyranny of Technology may be considered what is at stake that will be lost, but that dead-Forests will not be. The real loss will not be that Holywood was not given a chance, but that they passed the buck on new-Rome tyranny as plutocracy’s answer to everythingy-Bop one really does not need, thus warrant Fleeing fateful divination for lie and methods of money not being merely decadence when Wall Street is always be included for sanctimony. Like Sept 11th 2001 and ‘directed-energy beam’ need an expose to shoot down a dragon from inside the galaxy, not merely from inside “war-agin-Terrorism” a rock indistinguishable but may be that hardest rock which has been sheltered by lying archaeologists when dispensing past 10,500 years of ancient-History now unpadded by us. The we-Pubic of tRuth is that us, and the we-Public socializes for culture, whether we call that socialism against “anarcho-Syndicalists” or they do that!


Correct the mother-fookers in public or we-people are shorn to live beneath methane-Releases w.o. an outer-Tube to last the ferocious waves— like Colorado River 1848— as chem-tRails assail beyond “oRm-D”. How about me. I am not your leader, I am one of the anti-Plutocracy leaders, one of many, the philosopher uppe front on history of negligible nucleaRism. Is “oiel-Industry” the part of worldwide wars-Warring to make CO-2 more enterprising in Wall Street grotesque schema-boards or merely the disassociation of Conditionalism to enterprise plutocracy better and best? Or naught! Remember plasti-spheres is inculcating ll the world’s waters as is pacific and 3-major Radionuclides from Dai-ichi’s. The grotesque air is almost all chems-Molecularizations and quasi-Noxious but where is the oxygenate. The ‘one global Eunich’ of Agenda-21 may surpass all the insidiousness onto mass “schizo-Noia”. remember one must ‘worship the hem-tRails’ so as to help the plastisphere-Molecularizations from being picked-up thru ‘technology” way-Different than ‘agenda-21” since the chem-tRails will kill you anyway! Either way the Radionuclides in the uppe-Stratosphere will be coming down w continued usages of H.A.AR.P. and thus commingle w plasti-Molecules for one grandiose pseudo-cRatic Party, beyond the one-Party parody system, too! This all merely depends on continued allowances for stress-sake of Conditionalism e.g of smart-Meters untested for degeneracy of male sperm and other calamity like dig on negative effects of “electromagnetic frequency mind-Control”. Weld.


Thereupon, the above designates that we-Peoples must both learn and takeover the system by apparency of not manipulations but by hosting the pertinacity of all tRuths which parable the stat of Conditionalism and that is paradox. One nation cannot just go around murdering millions people en masse` decade after decade w.o. having to rebuild the US-tReasury and kick the staid new-Rome o-u-t!


Weld. Will that much be enabled w the oncoming of “methane-Releases” and coupled w the transhumanism that has become thE portrayals of extreme-Decadence by the new-Rome auspices of tyranny! Especially built-into that cognizance are the NWO and the Illuminati, yet H.A.A.R.P. cannot realize cleanups of the needs for following thru the ‘decontamination processes’ unless, being rid of organics is the agenda of by agenda-21 and plutocracy, which is they do not agree, because autocracy enters the fracas, yet time has passed, in merely saying that now. Thus, space-Time means riddance of plutocracts-System, all of those smitten entities, but allow that the feeblemindedness of agenda-21 can be reverse manipulated, because democracy will that overcome by force, if necessary, to build a system of protecting the planet from interstellar-Impacts. What’s more, than vaccinations w aluminum-Oxide, is the “fluoride” in the water than does not help teeth grow, but makes dementia solo that you do become a schizo-Noia. If, chloreine (chlorine since the use in water) is not enough then fluoride in teeth paste to further contaminate the bio-Degradation of waste water and evaporations, too!


I was like the dragon of yester-Yore, but what I did for anti-NucleaRism was to spew heat of interest via peace in profundity a denunciation of tyranny from both nuclear-molecular-weapons, a well as proffer a discerning directive of and toward peace. That past has been plentiful for most, publics, but i became the peace-Diplomat followed by becoming the ‘peace-Warrior’ which left the algorithms of spite in front the vestibule of space-Time. Decontaminate, rid the planet of the scourge of burying organic-Life before that demise of natural ways behestation of weighing are necessary to rid the sores, plural. Bury the plutocracy. Keep the definitions of that scourge alive, and do not perish in DNA re-arrangements before our time if beyond dreamlike ‘mannerism’. I was into that “need” not greed to accede limits of law and excess to chemicalizations, starting in 1954—age 8 years, when I had studied twice w poet, Robinson Jeffers—one of america’s greatest or one who understands Existentialism as Ecosocialism needs.

I needed a theme or a song, not psalm as thematic fore instance of ‘boomer-Gender anecdote for and of forensic” to navigate w the professionals that I had sought to know specifically to gather info on Existentialism vs Ecosocialism. That soon became what I had head, an intense not-so-high-strung anecdotal of leave all derision behind and stride forth UN i.e. UN-encumbered.      “R”


“Lounging with his guitar in a room decorated with Tibetan skulls, tantric art and Moroccan tapestries, chain-smoking and depressed at the thought of Anita being with Mick, Keith began to strum as lightning flashed across the London sky.

“It was just a terrible fucking day,” he recalls in his memoir, Life, “this incredible storm over London. So I got into that mode – looking at all these people… running like hell.”

Leaning on the same open chords that had become his signature, he crooned, ‘Oh, a storm is threatening, my very life today.’ Sounded good. He continued to strum, added another line: ‘If I don’t get some shelter, oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away…’

Six months later, when the Stones reconvened to begin work on their next album, Let It Bleed, the song of ultimate doom Keith had begun that stormy day, now titled Gimme Shelter, was among the first he and Jagger began working on with producer Jimmy Miller.


There were other monumental moments on the album to come, not least Jagger’s You Can’t Always Get What You Want. But everything the Stones would become, everything they would be glorified as – the greatest, most legendary, most daring and sophisticated and dark and evil and sexy and cool rock’n’roll band in the world – would be summed up by the apocalyptic Gimme Shelter, the album’s opening track

…After Jones, who had officially been ousted from the group in June ’69, was found dead in his swimming pool just three weeks later, the Stones went ahead with their planned free concert in Hyde Park, with new guitarist Mick Taylor.


…They also announced their first US tour for three years, due to start in November. First though, they had to complete the album. Miller argued there was something missing from Gimme Shelter, something that would turn good into great. They found what they were looking for in 20-year-old Merry Clayton. Suggested by producer and long-time Stones acolyte Jack Nitzsche, Clayton had made her name through duets and backing vocals for Ray Charles, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Presley, among many others.

She laughingly recalls how she was about to go to bed when she got Nitzsche’s call: “It was almost midnight. I was pregnant at the time and I thought, there’s no way in the world I’m getting out of bed to go down to some studio in the middle of the night.”


The Story Behind The Song: Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones Features/

28 Apr 2014 / by Mick Wall


“Of course, there would be a grim postscript to the story of Gimme Shelter. While it became the most praised album-only track in the Stones canon – “The cleverest amalgam of powerful sounds the Stones have yet created,” reckoned International Times; “Ecstatic, ironic, all-powerful, an erotic exorcism for a doomed decade,” claimed Newsweek – it also became the emblem of the moment when the 60s dream flared into the 70s nightmare.”[1]


When I finally heard “Gimme shelter” on somebody’s stereo, in Berkeley CA, mid-spring 1969, I was at last on the spring-action of my strong legs. Whereas, as much as I knew that driving to Hanford and then to NV-testsite but first stopping at Livermore labs to protest, no-matter what anti-Matter was not geiger-Meter or I’d pass that area and take me-own sign ages. Whatever-else would be hardship for peace-Niks such as myself. My spirit was enervating, because of Van-1 having been painted in rust w ‘lacquer’. The implications of odious decades ahead I’d encountered, thru the help of Allen Ginsberg’s parlancing to a Psychologist my need of “encounter-Therapy”. Keith Richards could have utilized that therapeutic, I mentioned quite a few time in my sense of actual and forensic journal-Writing, which I extended in quiet to a public prime to roadside cafe’s even tRuk-stops.


The power upsurge is totally and tonally placated, was what I had heard, but the riffs were to sound much as Brian Jones had played on “last Time” and I credited Keith after somebody corrected me that Brian was “long gone” and “in the pool” as Nick Hopkins (amazing pianist who played w grateful dEAd on: (??) Taylor was amongst 3-4 guitarists who were considered replacements for Brian (Jones)’s not entering drug rehab, which he could have afforded instead of perishment. All too symbolic, I felt plussed, not really being enabled to hear his sound other than earlier cuts. Keith did an immense job on writing, from his guitar riffs, and the lyrics would become powerful because they originated w empowerment. As I would eventually get myself into all of war torn “V-C-L” of the american/US-military invasion of Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia, in 1977, the use of pejoratives was never poetic enough, so I never did transposits while doling out my en-Voce’s for anti-War 1969 to present-Tense, 5-21-17—now. Were my en-voice’s put to music as I drove? No. I did my poetics as en-Voce’s as truths in my bRainscape could allow.      “R”


“The song was first recorded in London at Olympic Studios in February and March 1969; the version with Clayton was recorded in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound Recorders and Elektra Studios in October and November of that same year. Nicky Hopkins played piano, the Rolling Stones’ producer Jimmy Miller played percussion, Charlie Watts played drums, Bill Wyman played bass, Jagger played harmonica and sang backup vocals with Richards and Clayton. Guitarist Brian Jones was present during the early sessions but did not contribute, Richards being credited with both rhythm and lead guitars on the album sleeve. An unreleased version features only Richards providing vocals, while an extended remix version has also been created by British DJ Danny Howells[9][10] using isolated tracks ripped from the Rock Band video game, it features the bass much more in the forefront of the mix and the original unfaded outro.[11]


Gimme Shelter” (search on g00gLe

turned-up not much at all) read Keith’s books Life


The Conditions of mannerist-Mentality, is such that Radionuclides would not harm werkors who are put-to task, where methane needs be LNG in order to protect planet from immense impacts of the hyper-Extents projected. Whereas, there are plastispheres as well, that need be removed for werking those immense land and water expanses. No vacuum-Cleanor does that at all, let alone remove “strontium-89 and 90” from acid reins and soils—today!



As much as I’ve lauded that all “human-Rights” must include the arcane UN-disciplined we-People who think not now and feel that they are “people”. Whereas my past experiences 47-years as anti-Nuclear: activist has included non-Violence, what each person must do is relate to where the whole context has been moved, because they were sleazing, not adjunctively knowing. I was not surprised that Back Agenda had this article, today, fresh, since the police-State must be brought “downerism”. What I’ve done in my wRitings on nuclear-Molecular is to show that death w.o. “Medicare healthcare wRit large” is the pains-Insufferable of lawlessness-Excesses, done by point-1 percent of point one-Percent the people. Fallacies should NOT BE PRACTICED, as complementing “Life” is intimate to our Liberty and Justice when all consummate the “all” not the awl.            “R”


“Lynchings are as much a part of Americana as the 4thof July — occasions for white supremacist pyrotechnics and celebratory violence. Deep into the 1930s, hundreds — sometimes thousands — of whites would periodically gather, with their families and picnic baskets in tow, to ritually hang, burn, castrate, riddle with bullets and otherwise mutilate one or more Black men, oftentimes putting Black women and children to the torch, as well. At the turn of the 20thcentury, the crusading Black activist Ida B. Wells, who documented thousands of extrajudicial murders of Black people, declared “Our country’s national crime is lynching .” But the U.S. Congress never made lynching a federal crime.


Lynching remains the national pastime. In the 1960s, the U.S. Justice Department revived a nearly century-old practice of prosecuting lynchers on federal civil rights charges, since local authorities often sympathized with — or were, themselves — lynchers. In recent decades, however, the feds have grown reluctant to build criminal cases against the usual perpetrators of extrajudicial murder of Black people – the police — even in the face of a rejuvenated grassroots movement against killer cops. Barack Obama, the First Black President, offered empathy to the parents of Trayvon Martin, musing that the 17 year-old “could have been me 35 years ago,” but he failed to bring federal charges against the vigilante that shot him. Obama’s two Black attorneys general mounted federal cases against only two killer cops, both of whom had already been indicted by local authorities.


“The feds have grown reluctant to build criminal cases against the usual perpetrators of extrajudicial murder of Black people – the police.”

The elected ranks of the Democratic Party have no stomach for a real anti-lynching law, one that would corral the main body of lynchers: the men and women in blue, who kill a Black person every 28 hours . In June of 2014, just months before Mike Brown was shot down by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, the Congressional Black Caucus voted, 32 to 8, to continue the Pentagon’s infamous 1033 program, which funnels billions of dollars in battle-grade weapons and gear to local police departments. Barack Obama escalated the militarization of police to unprecedented levels, increasing 1033 program funding 24-fold over his Republican predecessor, George Bush.


The lynchers-in-blue run amuk because they are aided and abetted by the Black Misleadership Class and its Democratic elected representatives in Congress. The Black Caucus in May voted 29 to 11 , with 2 abstentions, to make assault on police officers a federal hate crime, effectively elevating cops to the status of a “protected class.” (See “Black Caucus Sells Out Its Constituents Again – to the Cops,” BAR.)


“Bobby Rush would not dare to construct a bill that is designed to facilitate the prosecution of cops.”


Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush was among the three-quarters of the Black Caucus that supported the Protect and Serve Act of 2018. Exactly one month later, on June 13, Rush introduced legislation to make lynching a federal hate crime . But, Blacks are already a “protected class” and, although the legislation has symbolic and political value, the feds are already empowered to bring federal civil rights charges that could result in death penalties for crimes “committed because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin of any person.” The government most often simply refuses to use its existing powers.


Rep. Rush’s bill does not enhance the already existing federal civil rights statutes that were designed to prosecute cops that commit crimes “under color of law” — that is, while acting as cops – against persons “on account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race,” according to FBI investigation guidelines . If Rush’s bill were to have more than symbolic value, it would reinforce the “under color of law” aspects of federal civil rights law, to make it easier to convict the police of “hate crime” murders, i.e., lynching — since they are by far the main perpetrators.But Bobby Rush would not dare to construct a bill that is designed to facilitate the prosecution of cops, a “class” he and three-quarters of the Black Caucus had just provided additional protections.


“Rep. Rush’s bill does not enhance the already existing federal civil rights statutes that were designed to prosecute cops.”


Black Caucus Support for Anti-Lynching Law is a Sham

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor 04 Jul 2018

1] Ibid.


HALT NSDU-238, find-out ‘directed energy weapons’ and fascist-Zionism…


the peace-Warrior

note: please read my poem:

the empiRe is a waRmongeRs system of nefaRity

nUkiemOLe poems #17/ 02 April 2015


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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