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Ecosocialism #22/ 10 June 2018 Ecosocialism Ecology is as olde as gRanite, Hills, oceans, planets

Ecosocialism #22/ 10 June 2018

Ecosocialism Ecology is as olde as gRanite, Hills, oceans, planets


Animals are a pain, of sorts, sordid social-Participants and very much loved for their survival-Capacity. I look forward to meeting “golden-Eagles and bald Eagles” on my many treks—monthly—living here in the med-Bow. The garbage of US: military-Hegemony chem “austere” tRailings/geoengineering is yet my photo’s on  interferes w longevity of all mammals, especially whenever the methane-Releases become to late to fend for “renewal earth-Phooel desired, since 1954—when I had to ask my olde-Man what that puke coming from tailpipe onto sidewalks where we passaged, was fouling away the oxygenate.            “R”


“While we don’t know exactly when animals first left tracks on our planet, the oldest footprints ever found were left between 551 million and 541 million years ago during the Ediacaran period, a new study finds. That’s hundreds of millions of years before dinosaurs started roaming Earth, about 245 million years ago. The new findings suggest animals evolved primitive “arms” and “legs” earlier than previously thought.

The odd-looking prehistoric trackways show two rows of imprints that resemble a series of repeated footprints, the researchers said. The scientists found the trackways in the Dengying Formation, a site in the Yangtze Gorges area of southern China.

The trackways’ characteristics indicate that a bilaterian animal – that is, a creature with bilateral symmetry that has a head at one end, a back end at the other, and a symmetrical right and left side – made the tracks. This sea-dwelling animal had paired appendages that raised its body above the ocean floor, the footprints left behind by its multiple feet suggest.”


As I’ve been intrigued by what knowledge and further data on facts-of-Planetary Life have been evaluated, I remain very much impressed w these stats on animals “before” hughmongous-Dinosaurs. Recently the longevity of “pterosaurs” as they lived simultaneously as reptiles, not dinosaurs, for over 160 millions years. They were amazingly adapted to an adaptable ecology–not one w fetid plastispheres, NSDU-238, CME’s and EMF’s did their anythinGy-Bop, but we are now merely entering the Anthropocene. Again, ‘know-ledge need not sidetrack’. Knowledge is understanding and not coRpoRate-sleaze as geo-Engineering is—now into the 20th full year of contaminating the Ecology w.o. recognitions merely nonsense sublimations by an egregious-Extent of propaganda by plutocracy’s quest’s for propaganda.         “R”


“Oldest footprints discovered on ancient seafloor”

Laura Geggel, Live Science, 2018-06-06 16:41:00




I motivated movements and worked w numerous groups from veterans, to labor unions, to peace and Justice, to U-U’s and onto Feminists. Basically there is no “clean-ups fore and what onward” other than propaganda and rapprochements of NSDU-238 (not-so-depleted ur-238). That Ecosocialism became the meeting points of contaminations and Ecologic-Extent, my field of social-Introspections went beyond “global-Village” 1967.


I had started that endeavor w Rev. Paul Sawyer and then next w Dr. Carl Sagan. We wirked me toward my field of scientific-Evaluation, but as w poly-Sci and physics I was not accepted at Cal Tech to entertain that field of endeavor there. I suggested to Carl that there was a need to know the fullest-Extent of post-Apocalyptic “demise” in terms of burn-offs of natural-Vegetation, especially, the coniferous forests that were being devoured in clear-cuts and hardly re-planted after forest-Fires.


He hailed me for inventing that specific on abstracting “nuclear-Winter” for the study that he and three others, Turco, Pollack, Ackerman @ J.P.L. had completed by 1983– in Colorado. Dr. Sagan thanked me under house arrest at Oak Ridge, TN 1974 when I was protesting Y-14 and related that I had finesse’d, eventfully, onto: The Nuclear Winter…the book title. I was amazed he had such a vast recollection.


My other ventures were positing social-Prognostication thru en-voce` consciousness from 1971 last millennium thru today 2018 (next millennium). Morosely, I was the one who reported the A.W.O.L. of George Bush. As I was en route to do a sampling in the holding ponds of Savannah River, gRaphite, nuclear-Reactor. I was hailed by the Staff officer of the national-Guard in Alabama. I came back that way, and got admitted to sit for an hour and explain for another hour that being a part-time journalist that I was also into researching topics of social-Purport. They handed me two typed military (government sheets) on the reasoning of 6-months non-reporting for duty/service.


I sent that onto Mr. Dan Rather at CBS in Manhattan where I was born. I felt honored that this report was made as I endeavored my best to note that I am sole-Survivor of two family surnames and not available for military-service, as well as having multiple physical, injuries. The colonel in charge granted me those records to do what he felt a citizen ,might do better than him.


My travels w the Ecology group under auspice of Prof. Sam Trull were renown since they were in correlative relationship w foot-werk of National Geographic Society. This also widened my prospectus in Soviet Un ion on the Vladimir Lenin nuclear-Reactors geographically located in Ukraines wetlands. I visited 6 total nuclear-Reserves to study what if anythinGy-Bop w a being accomplished there. Comparing nothing to all my visits of all major nuclear-Facilities in u.s.a. I was wont not to let fellow-Boomers d-o-w-n, as I ‘d

not allowed myself in doing that w Dr. Sagan @ JPL in 1969-70, why us?


Radionuclides & de-Contaminations pRospects for me, “R” Addison (Pollack) 2-12-18



poem:                        winds of the med-Bow

the winds slower lower down to whisper’s of no more mono-Tony

mom’s tell they children to go out, play beneath the garbage: chem-tRails

ever-so assailable the US: military-Hegemony is ever more-so quieted

because they’re bourgeois, soooo fecund to purchase or buy a dictionary


while viewing the gEEsEs, you know the smart Canadian gEEsEs hanging

around…walking, occasionally flying, parading the young hatchlings curbside

making accultural, the Ecology mind, ubiquity nearby the Belmar pond

where they nest high-up in deadwood tRees allotting their views concrete


of coyotes, of foxes, of skunks, of red-tailed hawks and/or an occasional

eagle, I like being at home, where everybody is soooo neurotic-Snoopy,

there are reminders of more “body” those pains in addition to those last

vestiges of urban camping 240-miles south not liking mister Nobody


winning the coloRadie ‘L0tt0’ alongside vagaries of not maybe having

ever a family to count on my leaving, sperm not to have her to lick-up

my legend behind in a sidelight legacy beyond phytoremediations of

tritium, pu-239, ce-134 & 137 writings, poems, blogs, w.o. a swack


awaiting war-illegalities to end-end-end and begin Ecosocialism


                                   written by “R” Addison @ SRC 6-08-18



Above all, my experiences w nuclear-Molecular: ecology, was geography and ethnog-raphy. The peoples of this planet comprise what is composed regional-Ecology, or as we scientifically understand planetary eco-systems. When my time w the gReen-eyed Kurds of Turkey-Iran regions was again one of fifteen war-zones I personally experienced, I felt more like a journalist than ethnographer: peace-Diplomat. I must again, relate that a group of 175 blue-eyed children, came to insect my ‘ethnic-traits’ of gReen-eyes and caucasian-White: skin coloration. That was an amazing experience as very few stared, and most were under age 7-8, altho some were teens.      “R”


What happened is the rogue-Empire.

There are many ethnicities in the middle-east, not all of whom re Arbas: semites, not islam-Semites, nor one language. Whereas, had the north-Americas indigenous-Tribes, been allowed to exist, in their tribal habitats w.o. extermination, they may have been as diverse ethnographically and geo-Ecologically. Why I did not go back into the middle-East was that my own understanding of Philosophy was not world-Philosophers—luckily!     “R”


“The Yazidi people traditionally live in northern Iraq, particularly around the Nineveh and Dohuk provinces with large communities in SInjar and Shekhan, where a number of their holy sites are located.

Khalaf Smoqi, from the US-based Yazidi advocacy organisation Yazda, called the Yazidis an ancient people.


A map of traditional Yazidi settlements in northern Iraq. (SBS News)

“Yazidis believe that they were the first people on earth,” he told SBS.

“You can see that through their traditions.” says there are about 600,000 Yazidi people in Iraq, of which about 400,000 lived in Sinjar and another 200,000 in the Dohuk province.

“The Yazidis exist also in Russia – about 40,000 people, and in Georgia – about 20,000 people, and Armenia – 35,000 people,” Mr Smoqi.

“And in Syria, it’s very hard to tell because of the Syrian civil war that’s going on right now, it’s less than 10,000 in entire Syria.”

Other estimates of the remaining Yazidi population hover around the 400,000 mark,

but exact figures are difficult to pin down.


Yazidis gather at the shrine of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir to celebrate their new year with the lighting of candles in Lalesh, north of Mosul, Iraq. (AAP)

Ethnically they are originally related to the Kurds and speak Kurmanji, a northern Kurdish dialect, but Human Rights Watch senior Iraq researcher Belkis Wille told SBS many Yazidis reject suggestions they are Kurdish.

“If you ask Yazidis whether they are Kurdish, they very vehemently disagree with that,” she said.

“They do not want to be identified as Kurdish. They think of themselves as an entirely separate group. And that feeling of separation from Kurds I think was significantly exacerbated by the fact that on August 3, 2014, when ISIS came in to slaughter them, the Kurdish military forces – the Peshmerga – pulled out entirely in the middle of the night, not warning any of them, and left them at the mercy of ISIS.”

Miss Wille said the Yazidis were also frustrated with Kurdish attempts to “co-opt what

happened to them, calling them ‘Yazidi Kurds’, thus calling that ISIS essentially carried out these horrific attacks on the Kurdish community”.

Religiously, the Kurds are Muslim, mainly Sunni or Shia, while the Yazidis follow their own religion, Yazidism.”


The Yazidi people: who are they and why are they on the run?

by Kerrie Armstrong 22 Aug 2017 – 5:33 PM




Ever really ’wonder’ where all those animals that you’ve from your specific-Vehicle have gone or been found? Weld the nature magazines help much in sharing where and what their habitats, may be. Do not go outdoors beneath the sleaze-Chems. Please admit that you can always earn much more than you may not know. Find an equal balance-pole. The recent study has come from decades of learning how to ‘photo’ wildlife: animals. Accentu-ate to the normative on what their habtat should be. Therein, allied w facts and gistory is Ecology.           “R”


“The Department of Agriculture needs to get out of the wildlife-slaughter business,” said Collette Adkins, a biologist and attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “There’s just no scientific basis for continuing to shoot, poison and strangle more than a million animals every year. Even pets and endangered species are being killed by mistake, as collateral damage.

According to the latest report, the federal program last year killed 357 gray wolves; 69,041 adult coyotes, plus an unknown number of coyote pups in 393 destroyed dens; 624,845 red-winged blackbirds; 552 black bears; 319 mountain lions; 1,001 bobcats; 675 river otters, including 587 killed “unintentionally”; 3,827 foxes, plus an unknown number of fox pups in 128 dens; and 23,646 beavers.

The program also killed 15,933 prairie dogs outright, as well as an unknown number

killed in more than 38,452 burrows that were destroyed or fumigated. These figures almost certainly underestimate the actual number of animals killed, as program insiders have revealed that Wildlife Services kills many more animals than it reports.

According to the new data, the wildlife-killing program unintentionally killed nearly 3,000 animals last year, including wolves, badgers, bears, bobcats, foxes, muskrats, otters, porcupines, raccoons and turtles. Its killing of nontarget birds included chickadees, bluebirds, cardinals, ducks, eagles, grouse, hawks, herons, swans and owls. Dozens of domestic animals, including pets and livestock, were also killed. Such data reveals the indiscriminate nature of painful leghold traps, strangulation snares, poisons and other methods used by federal agents.

“The barbaric, outdated tactics Wildlife Services uses to destroy America’s animals need to end,” Adkins added. “Wolves, bears and other carnivores help balance the web of life where they live. Our government needs to end its pointless cycle of violence.”

The wildlife-killing program contributed to the decline of gray wolves, Mexican wolves, black-footed ferrets, black-tailed prairie dogs and other imperiled species during the first half of the 1900s and continues to impede their recovery today.”


“Wildlife Services Killed 1.3 Million Native Animals in 2017, Including Coyotes, Bears, Wolves”

Center for Biological Diversity, Apr. 24, 2018 07:13 am EST


Much, too much land-water-air is being chemicalized by stearate-barium, aluminum-Oxide, while there are no studies made available in all the regions of the world, and as the Radionuclide “strontium-90” is also used this past 20-years. What do these three geoengineering military-Hegemony ‘sleaze-Weapons’ do if not to maintain Conditionalism. The latter is the theosophy of plutocracy and that maintains new-World: chaos. Thus, the past years since 2006changes in patterns and increased funding enveloped utilizing “air-Corridors”. The one overhead in themed-Bow is called the Wyoming Air Corridor. The oxygenate and my aorta have disclosed chemicals doesn’t make for breathing regularly.             “R”


“A primary objective of ongoing geoengineering operations is to mask the true severity of climate collapse from potentially powerful populations who could oppose climate engineering if awakened to the reality. The majority of the US population is in the eastern half of the country. By consistently engineering cool-down zones over the same heavily populated regions, the power structure and the climate engineers are able to further fuel division and confusion in regard to the actual state of global temperatures. The GISS departure from normal high temperature map below is the most recent case in point. Where was the only anomalously cool region in the world for the entire month of April? The eastern half of the North American continent. This anomaly was not an act of nature, it is a direct result of massive climate intervention operations. For the record, though April, 2018, was the 400th consecutive month of above normal global temperatures (3rd warmest April ever recorded globally), the US was miraculously below normal temperatures with the coldest April in more than 20 years.

Global departure from normal high temperature anomalies have remained similar for an extremely long span of time as next GISS map reveals (April, 2017, through April, 2018). Again, as already stated, such anomalies are not an act of nature, they are the result of climate engineering operations. The country with largest military by far (The US military is larger than the next 10 largest militaries combined) is the most capable of carrying out unimaginably extensive climate engineering operations. It must be remembered and considered that the materials utilized in these operations are highly toxic.

Climate engineering can and is creating short term highly toxic cool-downs at the cost of a worsened overall planetary warming. has repeatedly documented the ongoing engineered winter / engineered cool-down component of climate engineering. The article links below should be reviewed and considered by any that truly want to comprehend the totality of impact geoengineering operations are having on regional temperatures and thus public perception. Sharing credible and referenced information is essential in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, all of us are needed to help sound the alarm.”


Climate Engineers Cool Eastern US While World Burns

May 22, 2018


“The engineered cool-downs and artificial snow storms are already in full swing in parts of the US even as the sweltering triple digit heat in the Western US contin-ues to break high temperature records. Most of the population as of yet has no idea that the record cool-downs in a record warm world are anything but natural. Even many anti-geoengineering activists still seem unwilling to connect this important part of the puzzle. The patent below is for the purpose of artificial ice nucleation for weather modification. The climate engineers have been at this for a very long time. This patent is from 1966 but similar patents go all the way back to 1950. The more relevant parts of this patent are highlighted in yellow for easier review. This patent should give pause to those that still doubt the magnitude of what is happening in our skies. The “weather makers” do in fact “own the weather”, but their ongoing experiments will decimate Earth’s life support systems beyond repair if they are allowed to continue.”


Creating Snow Storms, The Knollenberg Patent

September 11, 2014


There is lotsa good facts and the energy is there for us, all, to generate! The latest:

‘youTube: geoengineering watch’

“Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 9, 2018, #148”




Everyone of us american-Socialists are anti-Warand wherefore why not anti-Nuc;ear—especially strontium-90 in chem-tRails: sleaze, and de-Contamination the Atlantic ocean as dumpings of pu-239 started in 1954. As well as de-Contaminating the pacific-Ocean since 3-11-11 a misshaped don’eat fish vakidation. UN-less there is technology that is not war-Overture i.e. military-Hegemony, the EXTRACTION of all and any Radionuclides from all seafood must be standardized w.o. sleazy: cHem yRails hauteurs that the world’s we=People need to NOT DIE!

Ever wonder my protesting for 47-years never made an award? The Ecology gRoup landed on Bikini Atoll and visited 5-6 islands in that Marshall’s chain. That experience is noted many times on my website—please keep at eye o-u-t. The feature, here is CME’s, HAARP, EMF’s and sleaze-Head fanatic-penataGooons. Matching what has happened in the releases from our Sun, will we loose the electrical-Discharges thru an over-abundance of electromagnetic frequency. This process is happening at an alarming rat…view and relate for 77-minutes.          “R”


“Suspicious0bservers–Published on 27 Feb 2018

The critical issue in this presentation is whether the reversal is going to happen soon. It is undeniable that the general pole shift and field weakening have presented symptomatically of a reversal or significant excursion, and the only point both ESA/SWARM and MIT use to quell fear is that they believe it will take 1000s of years. The math of losing 5% per decade, and the potential for fast reversals, cast a shadow on such aspersions of safety.”


“Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun”



There is no word as “eqgsistential”. However our Existentialist dictums have been interrupted by that “paradigm” of plutocracy, for which, now, new nozzles and hughmongous and new (170 aerojets) are now plaguing us from chemicalizing—as far as I have determined 3.5X larger and wider chem-tRails sleazing! The fact that plutocratic-state are fascists does seem the reason that coRpoRations are soooo boredom-pRone w their disingenuous aformations of never appease Oligarchs because military-Hegemony is theirs—like do they not eat shid-ski! Yes sleaze is good for them because they must eat what they sow.         “R”


“The anti-G7 march that took place Saturday afternoon in Quebec City suffered the same fate as protests organized earlier in the day and on Friday, both there and in La Malbaie, the resort town 140 kilometers (87 miles) to the east where the heads of the principal imperialist powers were holding their annual summit. Small numbers of protesters were met by a massive and intimidating mobilization of state security forces, including police armed with assault rifles.

The organizers of Saturday afternoon’s Quebec City protest had emphasized their opposition to anarchist “disruption” tactics and, in accordance with anti-democratic regulations adopted in response to the 2012 Quebec student strike, submitted the march’s itinerary to police for their approval well in advance.

Yet, from beginning to finish, the few hundred demonstrators were forced to march through a corridor of police, many of them outfitted in full-riot gear. The police visibly sought a pretext for confrontation, while surveillance helicopters circled overhead.

Protestors gathering for Saturday’s anti-G7 march in Quebec City

For the two days of the summit, several thousand police effectively placed the center of Quebec’s capital and second largest city under occupation.

Moreover, in the run-up to the G-7 and with the transparent aim of intimidating protesters and justifying state repression, the corporate media and authorities, particularly Quebec’s Liberal government and the right-wing Quebec City administration, mounted a fear campaign, with warnings of possible violence in the streets. Thousands of civil servants were told not to report for work on Friday and the media instructed people to stay off the streets and to shut their windows so as to avoid tear gas.

This massive military-style mobilization and the government-media fear campaign that accompanied it underscore that Canada’s ruling elite, like those of its G-7 allies, is intent on criminalizing social opposition.

“We feel intimidated by this police presence that is everywhere,” said Claude Vaillancourt, president of ATTAC-Québec and spokesperson for the Coalition for an Alternative Forum to the G-7, a group of civil organizations and unions that organized Saturday’s protest against “the inequalities generated by the G-7.”

Vaillancourt bemoaned the fact that “there are people who normally would have come here and who are not here.” Undoubtedly, the massive police presence did have an impact, as did the summit’s deliberately-chosen remote locale.

But these factors alone don’t explain the sparse number of anti-G-7 protesters.

Quebec’s trade union federations, which have in the past bussed tens of thousands of their members from all over the province to mass protests in Montreal and Quebec City, had no interest in mobilizing against the G-7 or the Trudeau Liberal government, whose election in 2015 they hailed. With general elections set to take place in Quebec this fall, the nationalist and pro-capitalist union bureaucracy is solely focused on once again diverting the mass opposition to austerity and social inequality behind the Parti Québécois (PQ), the big business party to which it has politically subordinated the working class for decades.”


“Quebec City anti-G7 protest forced to “run police gauntlet” its entire route”

by our reporters 11 June 2018



Ever wonder my protesting for 47-years never made an award? The Ecology gRoup landed on Bikini Atoll and visited 5-6 islands in that Marshall’s chain. That experience is noted many times on my website—please keep at eye o-u-t.    “R”


the peace leadership program offers individuals a new way of learning about peace, social justice and the actions people can take to create a more peaceful world. The program gives participants the training and skills needed to become strong leaders. The program focuses primarily on students but reaches out to people of all ages. The foundation works to empower a new generation of peace leaders through hosting approximately 10 interns per year, both paid and volunteer. The peace poetry contest encourages poets to explore and illuminate positive visions of peace and the human spirit. The contest received over 140 entries in 2014. The winning poems were published on the foundation’s website. The swackhamer disarmament video contest seeks short videos on subjects relating to nuclear disarmament. The contest received over 100 entries in 2014.

legal action

the foundation serves as a consultant to the republic of the marshall islands in the nuclear zero lawsuits, which the marshall islands filed against the world’s nine nuclear-armed nations in april 2014. The foundation worked to coordinate a team of pro-bono lawyers from around the world to work on the applications and subsequent materials for the nine lawsuits brought before the international court of justice. The foundation worked to build a consortium of organizations dedicated to the abolition of nuclear weapons and, specifically, to supporting the marshall islands’ nuclear zero lawsuits. In addition to its active participation in networks including abolition 2000, the inter-national campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, the alliance for nuclear accountability, and the middle powers initiative, the foundation built relationships with groups from around the world interested in pursuing this bold new approach toward nuclear disarmament. The foundation created and executed a media strategy in support of the marshall islands’ nuclear zero lawsuits, including both social media and traditional media.”

Nuclear age Peace foundation: Non-pRofit overview (circa 6-11-18)



More of my many times in protest at Hanford WA, have been reconnoiteured, over a rest and 3-detainings. Never finding a lace to camp that was not down-winded from graphite reactors. Camping next a tritium pit. Girls not remembering you the next day when we re-gRouped. Long distance and challenge to inform others of NSDU-238 that first nuclear-Molecular: weapon—not then used but somehow was exported or not?     “R”


“Hanford Site–Published on 18 Apr 2012

Hanford produced nearly two-thirds of the nation’s plutonium from the 1940s to the 1980s, and the Plutonium Finishing Plant was a key part of that mission. Today, the plant is Hanford’s most hazardous facility and poses a monumental cleanup challenge to the Department of Energy and contractor CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company”


The Hanford Story – Plutonium Finishing Plant



Charley Klatt and I had a hardship time hiking the perifary of Mt. Toba’s cRater lake and we wanted to swim, too. However, the size of the caldera is many time larger than Yellowstone’s caldera-w-lake where I did swim 5-6 times. The need for geographic-Dimension is always best affirmative to us travelor’s as we had to recollect, remember and realize, if not meditate, too! Toba’s waters were not clear, and yet there were fish, if I

Remember, correctly. What got to me was why were we there hiking around a huge 35-miles lake?       “R”


“2015 Hallam L. Movius, Jr. lecture and reception with Stanley H. Ambrose, Professor of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The eruption of the Mount Toba supervolcano in the Indonesian island of Sumatra 74,000 years ago brought about an era of severe environmental degradation that decimated populations of Neanderthals and modern humans. Archaeological evidence suggests that modern humans survived this era by creating cooperative intergroup social net-works and behaving like tribes. Neanderthals, on the other hand, behaved more like primate troops, living in small, closed territories with limited intergroup interaction. Stanley Ambrose will discuss the behaviors that contributed to the competitive advantage of modern humans and the demise of Neanderthals. Recorded March 12, 2015”

 “Volcanic Winter, Population Bottlenecks, and Human Evolution”

27,883 views, ‘youTube’– June 9, 2018  peabodymuseum Published on 6 Apr 2015


eggsistential now has a meaning, such as Conditionalism is vagary of a long-Gone Republic—now the new-Rome

          a voiD in humanity’s quest for Universalism ought change,


the peace-Warrior













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