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Ecosocialism #14/ 05 Jan 2017 tRuths beyond Destabilization Deifice of the new-Rome

Ecosocialism #14/05 Jan 2017

tRuths beyond Destabilization Deifice of the new-Rome


bio-sketch 2017:

My 2017-year started w a plastic-surgeon’s removal of a BCC. The carcinoma. The lip was partially removed w the cancer. I am now 9-days later! Today was warming to 10* by 12:30 p.m. altho yester-Morn was -10*F and day before -24*F. Today, to fulfill my photo-Session in that higher altitude, the chem-tRails are keeping me from traveling into the Shirley mTNS (north) altho I practice my clothing use and manipulation for drafts, pocket’s usages, and where to park keys. Driving means attaching 12 gauge cords to keep anti-freeze circulating and warm-enough for instant start. Camera’s must have heater running and I configured incorrectly on Saturday’s return to Stop-in rest Cabin. I have needed nat-Gas but the egregiousness of Source Gas as well as Black Hills Gas is a usury of their lack of knowing elderly and disabled people have a difference, as per needs of associations. Also, another propane tank, insulation in my A.R.E. and a replacement “electric heater” plus another.

My sculptures are not yet available to scope, as knee-Replacement #2 and IT-Bands both legs, are repatriating. However, I’ve posted to Nat’l Geo the largest “biG gRanite”… 
However, I am much appreciating that “Ecosocialism” or Ecology and socialism-is-not-Sociology has been making strides due my website.

Ecosocialism is the anthropocene in the stead of Ecology & Socialism for we-People to survive w food, peace, water and oxygenate. There is a way about humanity becoming to used to societies that want death and destruction of the planet-eRathe via wars, contaminations and idiocy.
You’ll not know how much poetry is a cultural phenomena to our irresolute war-N-Monger society—until you go listen to crafties-cRap and some decent honesty in reading poems-Books. I started into public pronouncements of voice after studying public-Speak-ing, my mother to thank for impressing an opportunity a dozen times—space-Time was that as well.


poem     phytoremediations and my-Gawd is an amazon    1-03-17


I’m a ghost, I see many of your sleaze-Ways, I see you

enjoy having wars-Killings for your children to be entertained

by government’s military rottenness-Excesses

Wars are good for you, as you get to kill others for a sense

of religious-Perversions coupled to thrills

One must attain how well phytoremediations and my-Gawd

is an amazon Woman, as not the free hegemon death cult

of Muslim Brotherhood after Iraq can now become slaughter

of innocents you should be glad that nobody outside is safe

from chem-tRails, as that way strontium-90 always

contaminates open-waters, grasses, roadways dusts

as a ghost I get to goe outside and watch women and children

and elders die from being civilians in a nation-state

that the US-military invaded w.o. homeland being impunity-Galore

contaminated and stuffed into the abscess eyeballs


you should be lucky you have eyeballs since automaton vehicular

daylight ‘glare’ over-sensitizes the nerves and cause stress,

like forgetting the wars exist is not stressful enough

for greatness-Excuses does too often not forgive

I’m a ghost, I go to opera’s and listen to the theatre

of stress while music harmonizes my sensitivity-Levels

I see you scrutinize every aspect of my thoughts

from outside my space-Place like a garbage heap-0

of plutonium-239 350 tons per day sodomizing

the pacific-Ocean in such a non-chalant egregious manner

how come you need wars to ruin what little culture,

what little community, what little you know

and universal-education, when the enslavement

if not merely of yourself but is and remains egomaniacal-self

the appointment of tRumpeteR’s billionaire war-Mongers

and assorted plutocrats of military, banking

coRpoRate-sleaze…I’m outta here, as I am not your

pet-Ghost the actual snow mounds higher like the deaths

from the new-Rome empire


written by “R” Addison 1-03 & 04-17 @ SRC


Much of the edifice of intel-Gence and US-Military is militarism for plutocracy. Ether we-People end the war and reinstate the US Constitution or we remain headlong toward an imperialist empire: the equivalent of the new-Rome, which this nation of stars and stri-pes has become. The flag yet belongs to the we-People, but that should be hung upside-down due the tyranny of total lapse and lack of accountability. Nuclearism is at the bottom of intel-Gence bad-Habit. The US-Congress never apologized to the Nipponese people for the use of the fecund atomic and plutonium Bombs used against their archipelago. While “Oiel Industry” is the propaganda-Speil for deifice to not change toward LNG in Jan 1975—post script Oiel cRisis, that and intel-Gence events by school of assassins and cIAS, made the hapless, if they did not push forward toward reform of illegal: wars-Warring.

Today, events of the contemporary 21st century have gotten older while the jobs catharsis has not been promulgated by the people as definitive-Need coupled or parallel w Universal healthcare for all aka Medicare, why don’t you receive what you’ve paid into, and not have need next 45 years?

“Christian Crusades of the late 11th century; split between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox; the War on Terror; WWI betrayal as incubator for Muslim Brother jihadists; Sykes-Picot secret agreement; Muslim Brotherhood in Nazi Germ-any; the CIA and the Muslim Brothers; Osama bin Laden; Azerbaijan and Chechnya; Muslim Brotherhood a death cult; T.E. Lawrence; Muslim World League as the missionary arm of the Muslim Brotherhood; indebtedness as the model for bringing down the Ottoman Empire and others ever since; Fetullah Gulen’s Worldwide Islamic Movement in the Turkic belt; Gladio networks in Turkey; color revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Tiananmen Square; CANVAS in Belgrade, Serbia; National Endowment for Democracy; the Albert Einstein Institution; Graham Fuller and the
CIA; Boston Marathon bombing; undeveloped oil and gas reserves in Syria. Origin-ally Aired: December 28, 2016 Visit Guns and Butter at: “

The ‘eventfulness of new-Rome is negligence. The immorality of sending troops to war for ergonomics of tyranny as professed by an irresolute-Economy w.o. there first being a reason is merely tyranny-Rex continuing plutocracy. Since 1945 the militarism and US-Military have been sidled for Oligarchs, technocrats, elites, and corrupt offshore banking set forward money laundering! Where intel-Gence enters is the formidably glib beyond “nuclearism”. Murdering via illegal-Invasions the we-People of Iraq: women, older folks, especially children is as heinous an act as ever the olde-Rome transpired for power-Ludi-crous. The systematic-destruction from war after war is an excuse not to allow the planet-Earth and knowledge to be utilized Universally. Seeking no-destination other than the destruction of civilizations is coupled to the able-Bodies do not do anythinGy-Bop, thus the Oligarchs must stay imperialistic for capitalist-Totalitarianism, their fussy misfit. The wars cannot even be cleaned-up by Technology as funds for research are further elevated against the Universal usages of proper, not improper propriety.

“A United Nations report on environmental and health risks in the Mosul area said that “hundreds of people were treated for exposure to chemicals, and millions are exposed to soot and gases from the burning oil wells”.

“The events are occurring in an already environmentally degraded region, threatened by substantial environmental legacy risk from previous conflicts, coupled with serious desertification and land degradation primarily caused by unsustainable agricultural practices,” the report said.
IS set fire to oil wells before the Qayyarah area was recaptured by Iraqi forces in August, and these have burned for months, turning sheep that graze in the area black with soot.
Workers tasked with putting out the fire in an oil well assemble a water pipeline in the town of Qayyarah, some 70 km south of Mosul on November 20, 2016 (photo by: Odd Andersen/AFP)

“We can’t sell our sheep any more. We have had some sheep die, other times people won’t buy them because they look black,” said Jaber, a 16-year-old shep-herd.
Iraqi civil defence forces have been battling the Qayyarah fires, and while they have extinguished some, others are still burning.
IS also set fire to the Mishraq sulphur plant south of Mosul, and while the blaze was eventually put out, it had already blanketed nearby areas with a haze of smoke that caused respiratory problems for those who inhaled it.”

Does one feel the eventfulness of democracy as peace and formidable diplomacy of convincing levels to not install dictators? Then why or how come, but allow cIAS that deifice: either moribund cIAS at werk or Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy’s mother was cIAS in Indonesia! Sept. 11th 2001 was an insider’s job of fascist-Zionists in collusion w subterfuge Jews of state of US and Israel’s carrying passports i.e. dual citizenship. The overall plan, most likely, was accompli-shed and done in collusions w Pakistan military: ISI, w Gaudi aRabia [sic” mine] intelligence or dictatorial (Muslim Brotherhood associations) w Operation Gladio of Turkey-Azer-baijan, Mossad (IDF) agent arms dealors in Iraq, as well as pNAC and shadow government US-Military associates of NORAD and fanatic-penataGooons. The georges-Enron admin
was fulla lies, for deceitful purposes other than to maintain NSDU-238 as a useful ploy, a tool used but never to be explained as the nuclear-Weapon no-One invented that the ur-238 not depleted is, yet—60% fissile matter.

“On 9/11, the 9/11 Report confirms, COG was implemented. As we shall see, Cheney promptly ordered the three top figures in the Justice Department out of Washington to a designated COG site buried deep underground.
This allowed Cheney’s cabal to deal instead, starting that same afternoon, with John Yoo in the Justice Department command center. At that time John Yoo, a 34-year-old distinguished chiefly for his repeated defense of Cheney’s eccentric views on presidential authority, had only been in the government for two months.

As a consequence, since 9/11 we have seen warrantless surveillance, suspension of habeas corpus, and the militarization of homeland security, on an unpreceden-ted scale that is not just illegal but an erasure of rights specified in the U.S. constitu-tion.[1] Furthermore, the secrecy and speed of the manner in which our rights were drastically subverted is itself an affront to the ideals of America as an open society: one in which major changes to our political fabric are only made through author-ized channels, and after debate.

The Background: Continuity of Government Planning
The origin of many of these measures – both their content and their secret plan-
ning outside of channels – was the secret Continuity of Government (COG) plan-ning that Rumsfeld and Cheney had been engaged in since 1982.
In the 1980s three secret COG provisions were roughly identified by Alfonso
Chardy of the Miami News and Ross Gelbspan of the Boston Globe. According to Chardy in 1987, the plans envisaged suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the government over to the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA], emergency appointment of military commanders to run state and local govern-ments and declaration of martial law during a national crisis.”[2] Gelbspan added that North was also working with FEMA officials on a secret contingency plan to surveil political dissenters and to arrange for the detention of hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens in case of an unspecified national emergency.[3] The detention planning was clearly aimed at protesters, many of them Hispanic, who objected to Reagan’s policies in Nicaragua and El Salvador. (Col. Oliver North, who coordinated the planning, was also at the center of a “three-year operation aimed at monitoring the activities of U.S.-based opponents of Reagan’s Central America policies.”)[4]

Between them, the two journalists thus pointed to the content of the surveil-lance, detention, and militarization measures which, after over a decade of further refinement, were finally implemented on 9/11.
They also indicated how secret, extra-constitutional, and unaccountable was the process of the COG planning. Chardy accurately referred to North’s network as “a virtual parallel government outside the traditional Cabinet departments and agencies almost from the day Reagan took office.”[5]

My position on george-Enron is from our 2.5 hours discussion in 1983 at his office in Austin Texas—a follow-up w neo-cons that started w a debate which David Horowitz and I started in 1969 san fRan, but continued in LOS 1972 and then again in 1974. As a Jew David never mentioned he supported the Israels stance on secrecy but H-bomb is defense. The Zionists wanted to use h-bOMBs against the Soviet Union which had millions of Jews, at that space-Time: juncture. Remembering that gHW Bushwhacky had profited from sales of NSDU-238 to IDF, thru US-Carlisle gRoup in 1972, exported from Port of Houston Texas. That very same NSDU-238 was used against Egyptian military forces in the Sinai, and the Zionist/IDF went onto build underground bases. In 2015, IDF shot down an aerojet-liner passing overhead. The Russian civilians on board were heading home from the Red Sea Resort towns. All on board, Metrojet 9268, 274 passengers and crew perished by the fascist-Zionist: terrorist-Act as per the “war against Terrorism” established as a diplomatic arrangement in 1978, Teheran, Iran—continued in 1979 in Cairo—between Peres, Begin. Netanyahu, gHW Bush, Henry Kissinger. Those acts of indecency produced moribund mass-Acts of en masse` slaughter, including Sept. 11th 2001 in our research into that day’s events and those lead-ups from known historic-Presentment.

“November 20th, 2016, the police and National Guard violently attacked peace-ful water protectors at Standing Rock. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, sound grenades, and sprayed them with water cannons in subfreezing conditions, hundreds of people were injured. Our solidarity efforts are needed now more than ever.
The financial footing of the Dakota Access Pipeline is in jeopardy if they do not complete the project by January 1st. If this deadline is missed, a majority of the stakeholders with contracts to ship oil through the pipeline will be able to renego-tiate or cancel their contracts. This could be devastating to Energy Transfer Partners and the other pipeline companies behind DAPL.
Solidarity actions are having a measurable impact and Dakota Access is facing a major deadline. With its vulnerabilities exposed, our solidarity efforts are needed now more than ever.
We are calling for a week of action beginning on November 25th culminating
with a Global Day of Action on December 1st. We are asking people to target the banks funding Dakota Access Pipeline and the Sheriff Departments that have been brutalizing peaceful water protectors. Click here to locate a target near you.

Please help us spread the word about this Global Day of Action by sharing this meme on Facebook, and retweeting this image.

Taking Action Against the Banks
We are calling for direct actions, demonstrations and other disruptions target-ing the banks behind the pipeline. We also ask that people use this date to close their accounts with these banks. Here is a guide on how to close and switch your bank account.

In August, a group of banks agreed to lend $2.5 billion to Dakota Access. But $1.4 billion of this loan is still on hold until the Army Corps grants the final permits for the pipeline. This means that there is still time for the banks involved in this loan to cut their line of credit.
TD Bank and Citi Bank are two of the main banks on this loan, but we need to
target all of the lenders involved:..”

The footwork that I did, last century, in 1998, was precisely Lake Ohau, as I camped upon the very hill where the Corps of engineers was ruining a dirt the roadway to hill’s crest. I tried to get to know why the partitioning walled-off segment was important to equipment when merely a roadway was being: tugged, widened, raised. As the roadway ran outta money, and as the roadway was not defense certified “U.S. highway” I was a concerned journalist. Those photos taken were in my oro-Bar studio, for which I am trying to retrieve my copy-written writings-tapes-photos. Besides that the new-Rome is getting more immoralist and Conditionalist as the arts are less defined, as community resources makes for travel and people’s homes are broken into by petty thieves and druggies making worse their own predicament. The punditry goads along as though life is not merely worth connoting whether police-state u.s.a. of imbibing-Imperialism: massacre after massacre of civilians as CO-2 accumulations reach UN-orthodoxy i.e. immense putrifaction-Proportions w.o. phooel-Change—LNG the most popular and cleanest.


“JILL STEIN: That’s correct. And also, just for the record, I didn’t fully hear the intro, just to clarify — the launch of Count My Vote took place yesterday at the Capital in Madison, at the Capital Building, the launch of a campaign specifically for Wisconsin, but it is part of a much broader movement that may have a similar name or different names in various states. But what we found in the recount, you know, essentially the recount asked the question, “Do we have a voting system we can trust which is accurate, secure and just, and free from Jim Crowe in our elections?” And, unfortunately, we got a resounding, “No!” as the answer to that question.

There were all sorts of obstructions to the recount but also what we learned was that there were all sorts of errors, both human and machine, and particularly in communities of color which are under-resourced and whose machines, therefore, are old, more liable to fail, more poorly maintained and calibrated. In the City of Detroit alone, there were 87 counting machines, that is these optical scanners that count your paper ballot — 87 of them failed in Detroit alone on Election Day. And it’s, unfortunately, a symbol of the kind of untrustworthiness, inaccuracy and racial bias that’s built into our election system.
KIM BROWN: Indeed. Dr. Stein, and your party and along with the Wisconsin
Green Party, the state party there, you presented a report about some of the electi-on irregularities, suppression, voter oppression tactics that you found. So, tell us more about this report and how it was exactly compiled. You know, where did you get the information to generate the report from?
JILL STEIN: Great. So, the report that we gave yesterday was the preliminary be-cause, unfortunately, many of the county election departments still have not hand-ed over their minutes from the recount — which is one of the problems. We didn’t even have the results of the recount where it was conducted in time to assess the vote before the vote was finalized. You know, and so this is an obvious problem. If you can’t even check on the vote in enough time to have the information, that’s a real problem. So, the minutes basically have not been turned over still, from almost half of the voters. The counties covering half of the voters still have not turned in their reports on December 16th which was the last day at which you could challenge the results of the election.
So, that was one problem, not having the information in a timely manner. But what we were able to put together piecemeal, showed that there were over 17,000 miscounted or discounted votes just from the information we had and that information covered about half, not even half, of the voting precincts. So, 17,000 mis-counted votes in which many of those votes balanced each other out, there were equal problems on both sides. But the area that was not hand-counted was, again, the communities of color and the low-income communities — Milwaukee and Racine and other areas that represent[,] really[,] the communities of color disproportionately in Wisconsin. So, the recount was essentially not done there because those districts simply fed the ballots back into the same fallible and vulnerable machines. It was not a hand-recount.”

The ecology-gRoup did pilgrimage to the Kurds in those five countries they inhabit, 1981; and, I found some lovely women-soldiers atop mountains to share snooze-segrega-ted in the open, and wonder why they, too, had green eyes. Like, in a way, the gReen Party of u.s.a. has made a mess, and grand-Strides, too. This one cannot pilgrimage to them, yet I can indeed political-analyze, that they missed a measure of americanism, buy not chancing all the contexts of “american-Socialism” as they too should know older is a mite traditional-ly more renown! Socialism started in the u.s.a. and took hold against the forces of coRpoR-atism in 1981, when the International Peace Bureau was started as well as when socialism found small favors of liberty and freedom in Europe—a continent always at fooker-Wars. Did they encounter that ecology was more potent than wrong phooel? Not yet! What are their topicalities for change is characteristic of progressive cultural needs, that many socialists cannot attain, yet w which both should share, in my humble opinion.

Now, the fooker wars-Warring has been parallel to Exceptionalism. The sickness of the psychopathic-Mindscape of the plutocrats is concomitancy to new-world chaos thru anarchyist el Presidents, as the past ‘six’ do attest by definition, each of them was/is.

“We had a decision, a court decision that strongly recommended a hand recount, but it did not enforce a hand recount. So, unfortunately many of the districts did not do a hand recount. It’s like asking the same doctor for a second opinion, or it’s like measuring twice with a bent ruler. It doesn’t give you an accurate result.
…we are trying to examine the software from the machines — the optical scan-ners and the touch screen machines. We’re trying to actually examine those on the inside. The state is required to do that because these machines are run by private companies who run the software, who do not have standards for accuracy or security. So, it’s really up to the state, we the public, to ensure that this source code, in fact, has not been corrupted, that there hasn’t been some kind of error. And what applies to Wisconsin here, basically applies all over the country — that we do not have standards for security. So, we are also in the process of trying to get that infor-mation. So, I’d say stand by and stay tuned again to where we will be compiling the information from all three states where we attempted but were basically stopped from applying transparency and accountability to our elec-tion system where we deserve to have it.

…So, it sounds like Count My Vote, your new campaign, is more so aimed at peop-le who actually were able to cast a ballot. What about the people who have been precluded from casting ballots for a variety of reasons, including these new voter ID laws that sprang up in a variety of Republican-controlled states after the Shelby County versus Holder Supreme Court Decision, which gutted some key pro-visions in the Voting Rights Act? How can Count My Vote help those folks?
JILL STEIN: Exactly. And let me just qualify Count My Vote to say that that is the initiative of the Wisconsin Voting Integrity Movement. But what our campaign is pushing for in the follow-up to the recount is a joint movement for voting justice because there was plenty of Jim Crowe built into the dysfunction of our machines. There’s plenty of racial bias built in to the lack of voting integrity but the problem doesn’t stop there. As you point out, we need not only to count our votes accur-ately but we need to ensure that we have a right to vote. And we need to ensure that there is a strong and respected constitutional right to vote so that these voter ID laws are not allowed. And we shouldn’t stop there because there’s also the sys-tem of inter-state CrossCheck which is also stripping people from the voter rolls — and particularly people of color and Latino communities. This has been demon-strated in wonderful work done by Greg Palast and you can see many of his writ-ings about this, as well as his recent documentary called, I think, “The Best Democ-racy Money Could Buy” that really focuses in on inter-state CrossCheck and voter ID laws.
And let me say, Kim, we don’t want to stop there either because we are preclud-ed from a just and fair system of voting not only by the denial of the right to vote but also by not knowing who we can vote for. So, we’re also calling for a Citizen’s Debate Commission — a people’s debate commission — because in this election you not only had trouble asserting your right to vote, but then once you got to the polls, you didn’t know who your candidates really were. You saw names on the ballot, but voters were not informed through our debates. And we need a Debate Commission which is not run and not censored by the Democratic and Republican parties who currently run the Commission on Presidential Debates.”

One should have the self-Integrity to understand and to share the voter fraud by defrauding machines, and loping registered voters—as well as allowing prisoners in all the jail cells to be able to vote in national and state of residence prioritized before incarcerations. Those semblances of disorder are merely chaos, yes. Predicted anarchyism, at that, since being a fool or being framed before jailing may also be due mob-payoff, bribed officials, victimized by graft and corruption, etc. What does one expect when the current anarchyist-President grew-up overseas w cIAS’ parents?

“On this episode of Watching the Hawks, Sean Stone interviews veteran, entrepreneur, and now activist Wesley Clarke Jr. on his work to protect the water protectors. He discusses the very real dangers of direct action and how professional agitators will use everything from lies to boobie traps in order to derail peaceful protest.”

The internet has proviso’s such as no programs on or of discussions of intellect. Democracy Now! discusses books, In These times, books and articles, common Dreams the same, but as much as there are books and connections, is that ample, I must assert: here? No. The intellect was bought by teevee, long ago, by 1957, which leaves much of the younger set from ever having memory recourse. Our traditions have been ravages, by war after assertive faulty patriotism and propaganda, too! do either help to build enlivened public conversations. The Oligarchic-elites: technocrats try to keep the people spaced w factual endemics of technology all for technocratic barriers oNLY preempted by wars are patriotism. The biggest lie and the ascertainable reproof that all is well when the economy is run to ruin by crooks in crimes UN-punishable by democracy’s fecund “accountability-state” is closer the truths of fascist-Zionists getting away w wings hovering over those who participate w them “war against-Terrorism” is as old as 1979—38 years, now!
The illegal: un-Constitutional wars are 36.67 years now. Strictly dullsville?

“On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Russ Baker, managing editor of, about President Obama withholding more than 50,000 pages of JFK assassination-related documents, and looks at the unanswered questions in the case. Abby then talks to RT correspondent Anastasia Churkina about how ‘sequestration’ is affecting the delivery of federal funds promised to 9/11 first responders. BTS wraps up the show with a look at the growing militari-zation of local police departments, and the evolution of police riot gear over the last 50 years.“

Breaking the Set was a three year long program brought forth by the younger-set journalists e.g. not as I was, mostly undercover and not radical but an honest “anti-Nuclear: protestor. Abby Martin has made a gReat quest of fact-funding from realizing that history is stronger than the illegal-state: the new-Rome, as the we-Boomers have understood since, 1969.

“”Without the Kurds a new status-quo and political balance cannot be determin-ed in the Middle East. If the Kurds lose once again in this century, they will be subjected to massacres,” Bayik said.

World War III
“There is an intense war in the Middle East and we consider this to be World War III. The Middle East is the spine of the world. All issues stem from here and must be resolved here. The balance after World War I and II didn’t consider the Kurds and divided them. But the Kurds fought against this and resisted. The disruption of the status quo created after World Wars I and II is a positive thing for Kurds.”
Kurds’ fight against Islamic State Bayik also mentioned the Kurds’ fight against the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ ISIL) group and said: “The Kurds are fighting ISIS and dealing great blows. ISIS gangs are a threat to the whole world not just the Kurds and the Middle East. Everyone, the whole world has seen the Kurds resisting this menace harder than anybody else and dealing blows, fighting for all of humanity and it’s values; this has created a significant effect in the international area.”

Kurdish national congress
The Kurdish leader also commented on his organisation’s recent call for a nati-onal congress and stated: “The people want this. The parties, the institutions have this demand. Intellectuals, artists, writers want this. Some powers in the international level also want this. Taking everything into consideration, the National Congress should happen as soon as possible. The PKK has always shown awareness regarding its national and historic duties and that is why we have called for a National Congress.”
Bayik also added that most Kurdish parties had responded positively to the call. “Until now there have been many positive responses and approaches. Throughout Kurdistan, there are only a few parties who haven’t responded to this call. This is encouraging for putting the congress into practice. I believe everybody will stand behind their declarations and the practical steps taken will be supported as well.”

Historic time for Kurdish unity
Referring particularly to certain parties in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, the KCK Executive Council co-chair stated some groups were declaring support to avoid a negative reaction from the public, but were not taking any practical steps. “Some groups state that they are in favour of the congress to avoid reaction from the pub-lic. But when you look at their practice, their rhetoric and their reality it is different. This is most prominent in the South. Conditions are ripe and that is why the Kurds shouldn’t miss this chance. If the Kurds don’t take advantage of this opportunity, achieve unity and hold the congress, they will lose,” Bayik said.

Preparations began for a national congress after the KCK made an appeal to all parties on 10 December. Previous attempts at a national congress in 2014 failed due to disagreements and differences, especially between the PKK (KCK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).”

The four parties that comprise the Kurds as one people, are not quite Kurdistan for two major reasons. One, they are in five separate nation-states. Two, those disagreements have been geographically kept apart for one hundred years i.e. not a short while for space-Time consideration. Yet, there is another preconceived mention, that of the known constant of new-Rome interference via Operation Gladio, and the power vacuum about to happen due CO-2. Are we ready, already, or not? There is a heck of a lot more than “phony-defense” utilizing N.A.T.O. as an extreme ‘offensive-Aggressor: measure” for dominant con-trol of how ell to contaminate, pollute utilizing CO-2, allowing GMO and manipulative natural-resources rip-offs of water for that purpose. Shamefully not, Leuren Moret, whom I’ve known since 1969, has had some steady resolve and disavows the castigations of lies by federal and state governments as I have since before Medicare for all: 1961.


“Berkeley, CA —… —
“In this Special Exopolitics program with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Indepen-dent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD reveals a covert plan initiated January 1, 2014 that targets Berkeley, CA as the first of 100 NWO cities with a template in which DHS (Homeland Security), FEMA, the Nuke “Labs”, and UC President Janet Napolitano employ a coordinated infrastructure of organized “gangs stalking”, elec-tronic cop toys, grid changes, and institutional infiltration as a methodology aimed at the overthrow of the USA.
“The ruling elite have been carrying out secret nuclear war for the purpose of depopulation since World War II under the guise of atmospheric testing ‘for the national security,’ nuclear power ‘too cheap to meter’ and depleted uranium ‘kinetic energy’ bullets”.

This new template is based on the Phoenix Program originally designed to elim-inate all civilian resistance to the US occupation of Vietnam. While she was DHS director, Janet Napolitano entered into agreements with 15 commonwealth nati-ons to provide “Homeland Security” and “FEMA” services. This new template can be a mechanism for overthrow of nations throughout the world and implementation of, The New World Order. Leuren Moret”

Her videos are an immense appeal and data-fulfilling fact and find w.o. usury and pretentiousness. Go thru the whole of this even-toned video, as there is an expansion on fact and fallacy, that I also cover w history of cIAS’ and wars that she does not. Many a neo-Liberalist banking consortium does off-shore money-Laundering making our wars parallel w crimes of mob-Rule as well as crimes-against-Humanity. We all should be tuned into becoming most aware! Tyranny in the new-Rome exists on every human-Rights indignation.

“I’m writing to express serious concern regarding the proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The Bayou Bridge pipeline would have significant effects on the surround-ing wetlands, wildlife, and communities. I urge the Army Corps of Engineers and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement and address the following critical issues:
– This pipeline would cross 11 parishes, more than 600 acres of wetlands, and almost 700 bodies of water. Yet there is no plan to address these critical disruptions.
– The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is inconsistent with Louisiana’s Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast and the LDEQ must do everything possible to prevent more coastal erosion.
– The Corps must consider how the Bayou Bridge pipeline would affect our climate, from the point of oil extraction through use of the refined product, in its decision-making process. The corps must also look at how climate change will impact the longterm viability of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.
– Louisiana’s wetlands are disappearing at an astonishing rate of a football field worth of land a day. These wetlands are critical to protecting the coast from flood-ing and storms. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is set to cross Atchafalaya Basin, the only growing delta in the state. The Atchafalaya Basin is also home to nine federal- and state-listed endangered or threatened wildlife species and six endangered or threatened birds. We cannot afford to lose any more of our coast or wildlife.”

Human-Rights indignation, again. Any contamination of “Oiel” is a CO-2 hazard of immense importuning upon our lungs. This fact has been known since, 1958, why await an EPA standard, when coRpoRate-sleaze should have changed to LNG in 1975, anyhow? Get rid of Oiel as phooel and save for plastics use the next 1,000 years—butt-holds. Why not a referendum and more public input upon CHANGE?

“Claim: DAPL Does Not Go Through Sioux Treaty Land
This is technically true, but overall very misleading. Yes, the DAPL runs adjacent and parallel to an older 1982 pipeline in the same place. The pipeline passes by a point about 500 feet from Sioux land. Obviously, if some kind of oil spill were to occur, the probability is almost 100% that it would affect American Indian land. How could it not being that close? The Lakota Sioux on pine Ridge used to depend upon the Ogallala Aquifer for their drinking water. But since the uranium contamination, they now pump water from the Missouri River. They have had their drinking water permanently poisoned from resource extraction in the past. Clearly, it’s fair for them to protest a pipeline right next to them with such a potential of disruption and danger to their lives. And if you think that pipelines are “safe”, look at the next claim.
Anther North Dakota spill (not DAPL) that happened near
Standing Rock in December 2016. Is any oil safe? Credit: RT.

Claim: Pipelines are Safer to Transfer Oil than Trains and Other Overland Methods
Another technically true but misleading point. Pipelines may be safer than other methods, but they still break and spill. Just in case you think that a domestic Ameri-can oil spill is an unlikely event, consider this: only around 4 weeks ago another oil pipeline in North Dakota (not the DAPL, but a different one around 150 miles from Standing Rock) spilled into a creek. This happened at Ash Coulee Creek in North Dakota. 176,000 gallons of oil were spilled which contaminated around 5.4 miles of the creek. Oil is a dirty fuel; these kind of accidents are bound to happen. The more a country relies on oil, the more accidents it can expect to have. Did you know the Keystone XL pipeline leaked 12 times in its 1st year of operation?
In fact, there have been thousands of documented oil spills and pipeline breaks (averaging 31,500 barrels per year according to this source) in the USA alone in the last 15 years! That is an astonishing figure and truly goes to show that there is no way “safe” way to transport oil. This doesn’t even include the 100s of undocumented spills that we were not told about …”

We Ecosocialists want you to know that decontamination of all Radionuclides can be sur-mounted, but Oiel Industry has coupled w coRpoRate-greed to maintain plutocracy. Get rid of plutocracy then. Do not wait for more impact on our collective and Universal psyche’s while Conditionalism amounts to heap-o’s of wasteful wars and wasteful socialist-Improprieties by lying.

“[singing] I was dreamin’ in my dreamin’
Well, of an aspect bright and fair
And my sleepin’ it was broken
But my dream it lingered near

In the form of shinin’ valleys
Where the pure air rarefied
And my senses newly opened
I awakened to the cry

That the people have the power
To redeem the work of fools
Upon the meek the graces shower
It’s decreed the people rule

People have the power
People have the power
People have the power, come on!
People have the power, believe it!

Vengeful aspects became suspect
And bending low as if to hear
And the armies ceased advancin’
Because the people had their ear

And the shepherds and the soldiers
Well, they lay beneath the stars
Exchanging visions, layin’ arms
To waste in the dust

In the form of shinin’ valleys
Where the pure air rarefied
And my senses newly opened
I awakened to the cry

People have the power
People have the power
People have the power
People have the power
Make it so!

Where there were deserts, I saw fountains
And like cream the waters rise
And we strolled there together
With none to laugh or criticize

Well, the leopard and the lamb
Lay together truly bound
Well, I was hopin’ in my hopin’
To recall what I had found

I was dreamin’ in my dreamin’
God knows a pure view
As I surrender into my sleepin’
I commit my dream with you

People have the power to dream
People have the power to vote
People have the power to strike
People have the power to live

The power to dream, to rule
To wrestle the world from fools
It’s decreed the people rule
Well, it’s decreed the people rule

Listen, I believe everythin’ we dream
Can come to pass through our union
We can turn the world around
We can turn the earth’s revolution

People have the power
People have the power
The people have the power
People have the power”

(Nice song as ever there was. Learn the music-Notes.)

Personally, I liked John Pilger’s “The Last Dream: Other People’s Wars” as the precon-ditionalized bias for invading by US-Military are hoaxes to use chemicals and to abuse “life of humanity” via masse` murder is not any but high act of treason to our Constitution. What does encompass the chores of being precise in masse murder has remained, since 1944 , and the usage suggestion for NSDU-238 but the sordid manipulation thru masse` propaganda, not masse` appeal for peace and harmony and language preservation for all humanity on planet w.o. known-Constants of imbalance, that of masse` decimation. Let the vigor of let’s not get all stressed, not be abused, John Pilger seems to state in his 50-docu-mentaries, because history is history, not dogma.

“Pilger’s career on television began on World in Action (Granada Television) in 1969, directed by Denton, for whom he made two documentaries broadcast in 1970 and 1971, the earliest of more than fifty in his career. The Quiet Mutiny (1970) was filmed at Camp Snuffy, presenting a character study of the common US soldier during the Vietnam War. It revealed the shifting morale and open rebellion of American troops. Pilger later described the film as “something of a scoop” – it was the first documentary to show the problems with morale among the drafted ranks of the US military.

“When I flew to New York and showed it to Mike Wallace, the star reporter of CBS’ 60 Minutes, he agreed. “Real shame we can’t show it here””, Pilger said in an interview with the New Statesman.[15] He made additional documentaries about the United States involvement in Vietnam, including Vietnam: Still America’s War (1974), Do You Remember Viet-nam? (1978), and Vietnam: The Last Battle (1995).
… Pilger has been a strong critic of American, Australian and British foreign pol-icy, which he considers to be driven by an imperialist agenda. Pilger has also criti-cised his native country’s treatment of Indigenous Australians.

His career as a documentary film maker began with The Quiet Mutiny (1970), made during one of his visits to Vietnam, and has continued with over fifty documentaries since then. Other works in this form include Year Zero (1979), about the aftermath of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, and Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy (1993). Pilger’s many documentary films on indigenous Australians in-clude The Secret Country (1985) and Utopia (2013). In the British print media, Pilger worked at the Daily Mirror from 1963–86,[6] and wrote a regular column for the New Statesman magazine from 1991 to 2014.
Pilger has twice won Britain’s Journalist of the Year Award[clarification needed]. His documentaries have gained awards in Britain and worldwide.[6][7] The practices of the mainstream media are a regular subject in Pilger’s writing.”

My world pilgrimages, produced 44,450 miles of not-so-much-wandering-for-Peace as peace was what we, the Ecology group transpired for each other and shared our solace for human-Spirit to survive in all those years, first travailing the nordic-Americas continent, then getting to Asia and Australia in 1977 from Daiichi’s protesting. One such tribute to myself, may be mentioned here (now). When in 1981, post meeting w Ahmadinejad, at Bushsehr, Iran—but not being able to see enough of the ancient civilization due the con-troversies of being an Aryan, from the evil-Empire, Charley and I had protested in down-town, war-torn, Beirut. Our signs carried notice: do not trust the US nuclear Weapons. Later that month we made our way to Jordan, and back thru Syria, then into a wasteland ancient and once cobblestone laid 45 acre parade-gRounds. I was met, or rather squeezed by two other journalists, none-other than Seymour Hersh, and none-other than John Pilger.

Our greetings to one-another was quite comic, “I’ve never wanted to be this much the center of activity” Sy Hersh said, and “which army will you take” John Pilger, as the parade ground filled w three international nation-States armies—all heading in a direction that placed us w odds to not defend ourselves but please, do, “stand our ground atop the ancient-Rome: cobblestones w.o. asphalt I stated”. The experience was eye-opening and amassed for each-of-us as integrity was commandeered into being “journalistic” anyhow! “How resourceful” stated John Pilger? “Wonderful” stated Sy Hersh. Not such a good stay” I stated. We each spoke the other’s thoughts, not to loose that integrity that we knew we had to have, for insouciance was not to take us away. I also remember John asking to me “do you have a gun” an explicitly complementary discern to equate to the younger guy on the program sheet—which UN-fortunately was not available.

1. See @
2. “Guns and Butter “The Lost Hegemon: How the CIA Lost It’s Holy War Crusade – F. William Engdahl, #357” w Bonnie Faulkner
3. “Mosul battle leaving legacy of environmental damage” December 17, 2016 by Maya Gebeily
4. “Dick Cheney, John Yoo, and “Continuity in Government” (COG) Measures on 9/11” September 17, 2016
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6. “Dr. Jill Stein: Jim Crow is Built into Our Voting Machines” TRNN Jan 4 2017 “R’s” take is: the one party Parody is the system of wars, tyranny and injustices, which equals the new-Rome until changes are done them!
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14. “People Have the Power” written by Patti smith and her husband in 1970’s, this is a near anthem, a song for peace w.o. wars and nuclear-Contaminations never decontaminated!
15. Seems to me that Josef Stalin’s purges for masse` murder, well enough known in Europe, definitely, should have been known to the joe-Average, u.s.a. citizen, here in the new-Rome…
16. John Pilger, Wikipedia, and “John Pilger – Other People’s Wars” youTube 45:16 mins, 15,132 views, Published on Feb 4, 2015–A look at the complicated relationship that Australians have with war.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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