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Ecosocialism #13/ 17 Dec 2016 Standing w Standing Rock and return to human-Empathy w Spirit

Ecosocialism #13/ 17 Dec 2016
Standing w Standing Rock and return to human-Empathy w Spirit

poem how many more w.o. permission UN-declared-Wars 12-04-16

I awoke before Sun’s a.m. color had disappeared from the east feeling negligent
the apparency of Iraq-Warring invasions by-the new-Rome yet beleaguering me
daily context of how many we-People knowing of ‘not-so-depleted uranium-238’ becoming of NPP’s needing pu-239 to refuel that decontamination coverup

on…my… mind bombs-NSDU-238, thermo-Nuclear: bOmBs and Directed Energy “usuries” not-so-subtle heinous crime against the US Constitution and of course, we-Peeps, as my en Voce` dutifulness of over 51 years protesting also my volumes being completed almost…daily dalliences of extraordinary strength demanding personal usurpations

context of conceptual analysis are intrinsic and radiant, informative about the first nuclear-Molecular: weapon of radionuclides-Contaminations unfathomable i.e. animosity set-forth by the second: nuclear-molecular where practicing implosions, detonations, explosions are yet molecules encircling the upper stratospheres

what has our revolutionary compass accorded since NSDu-239 and March 1943 as a false-Flag had finally ensconced our republic is venality of murdering w.o. diplomacy having proceeded the banking-System, remains history instantly recollected by merely 40% of the nation’s populous

CO-2 and jest contaminate-Pollutions cross all continents delivering that usury of bombs-NSDU-238 waiting behind saffron curtains, these are adherences that the Imperium does, leave a dead-Ecology giving nothing, not ever speaking-out against tyranny

Industrialization makes production of war-Materiels, easier to wage war, or possibly to confront an invader as a defense-Mode. The US-military has no ‘defense-Mode’ per se—merely rhetoric that invading for destabilization is an offense of partiality for defense to be later constructed, rather than asserting lawful abidance thru “accountability”

while the national-debt has made this ‘evil-Empire’ dis-civil and immoral, and the new-Rome, and belligerence par masse` murderous, what can we expect for a future w.o. interstellar-Space impacts, including EMF’s and laser’s blowing g holes in ozone’s calling that un-Composted: bull’s poop peace-Dividend

written by “R” Addison @ Stop-in-Rest cabin, edited 12-31-16 & 01-02-17

This one poet-Philosopher, metal-Sculptor/photographer is not messing w dRuggie-Punks, or cypher-Punks or relinquishing what he has done to create a social-diaspora of events promulgating an eventide. The book: Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet by Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum (co-author), Andy Müller-Maguhn (co-author), Jérémie Zimmermann (co-author) is not estrangement from the present due a psychotic need for more Oligarchs in becoming plutocrats. A promising to do and doting on not attempting to complete, is the US-Military, but rather, we-People need to remove, that iconoclasm of world-Domination as the new-Rome has been encapsulated, and more. The anti-War, peace & prosperity is not capitalist-Totalitarianism, as those plutocrats. Nor is the spasmodicum of transgressing “democracy” our way.
I supported A.I.M. and I yet want Leonard Peltier free, in 1977 when I attended his trial, but knew the judge and state had separated the irresponsible person(s) from being indicted because of the shallowness of law-Providers in corresponding w fBIS and yes, cIAS too. Because of being w Leonard in Minneapolis, and in south-region of Seattle—early 1970’s– I know another indige-Amer was the irresponsible-Person. I investigated the murders and investigated what was on-going by GO.O.N.S. abd fBIS, w indge-Amers (Lahota tribal’s) and Terrorism seemed to be perpetrated as resolved-Definition. What were those persons doing and why were those dastardly deed being pursued, doting on Lahota territory?
My part time journalism continues w internet, today. As many more persons who were murdered were disappeared, but as the state is corrupted. There is a police-State and that space-Time on Rosebud Res and Lahota Res, were useful to corruption and corrupting mannerisms w.o. principles toward laws—as laws stood then and now! See my wRitings from the one-Party: parity, and the-System has not been relinquished as accomplishment altho that is truth. Fact is the so-called fascist ways negates any and all democracy for plutocracy-sake. We do not need corruption to perpetrate, plutocrats.

“VIDEO: Patti Smith & Michael Stipe Perform at Democracy Now!’s 20th Anniversary” WEB EXCLUSIVE 06 Dec 2016 12:36 mins.

The we-People power is 1835 plains of Nordic-America. We do have the power. Do we use that voice as one universal-tRait? Are you a boomer or a we-Boomer, or merely a peace-Proponent of long-standing since ‘whenever’? that ‘socialism’ started in America, then. Andrew Jackson was a tyrant for one reason, and extermination should have made his arrest and demise as anarchist-President. There are some songs that may and do have staying power. The song: people have the power is one of those w cultural-appreciation to my mindful listening. There is our collective-Acculturalization, but there is our culture w.o. plutocracy, hopefully well adapted.

“The Standing Rock Sioux Nation and the water protectors who have gathered in North Dakota from around the world have seen a victory in their struggle to stop the Dakota access pipeline.
The Army Corps of Engineers has denied Energy Transfer Partnership the right to drill under the Missouri River. The Army Corps of Engineers claim to have the authority to grant access to ETP, though this is disputed by The Standing Rock tribe.
In any event, this struggle which started in April, has gathered the support of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who now see the halting of the pipeline’s completion as a victory to be celebrated for people struggling everywhere to ensure their rights to clean water.
However as great of a victory as this is it should be viewed with cautious optimism. No one in Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone Camps entirely trust that the oil companies are going to comply with the order to not drill under the river. Kelcy Warren, the owner of ETP has previously stated that the Army Corps of Engineers decision is just a political one, and therefore ETP are willing to accept whatever fines that may be levied against them if they go ahead drill under the river to complete the pipeline. Banking on president-elect Trump’s stated commitment to complete the pipeline and to ensure that his investment is safe, the oil company is willing to complete this project at all costs.
For many months now the water protectors have been subjected to the most violent of abuses by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and the other agencies that have been involved. Protectors have been shot with rubber bullets, bean bags, concussion grenades and sprayed with water cannons in freezing cold temperatures. One young woman, Sofia Wilansky had her arm severely injured by a concussion grenade, while another young woman lost eyesight in one eye after being hit with a rubber bullet.
The brutality displayed by Morton County Sheriff’s Department, who are
basically paid mercenaries for the oil company, is a result of the energy company’s increasing fear that the people will win out and stop this pipeline completely.”

I was there decades back casing w the indige-Amers their homelands. The written, above, is conducive w present. I was not-so-status-Quo typical for dictators honed by u.s.a.’s cIAS covert assassinations and ‘school-of-Assassins’ diabolical pendulum-Scope for world domination i.e. global tyrannists—now called WHINSEC but that COINTELPRO was the continuation of “colonialism to neo-Colonialism” defined w.o. word ‘imperialism’? The new-Rome is as haughty today as ever, as the olde-Rome was. Since 1945, two nuclear-Weapons vying to be used as though timber and not apportioning an eco-zone of forest. There is no happy medium of debating before an illegal-Invasion. There is a continuum of UN-constitutionality invade w lies as pretext. The current admin has a terrorist headship, drones-Illegal, terror daily above the heads of people in Yemen. Libya is in ruins from NSDU-238 and as Iraq-invasions: illegal phases 1, 2, 3. NSDU-238 remains scattered about carcasses of buffalo-Slaughter: eradication and en masse` extermination to subdue indige-Tribes w.o. handling their lives as humanity on the u.s.a. plains, or in Reality indige-Amer: tribal-Plains, as thoughtless microns allowing billions years half-Life. Why live in Yugoslavia, same NSDU-238 happened there between 1991 and 1999.

“These kinds of government tactics violate our fundamental constitutional rights. They make it enormously difficult to sustain grass-roots organizing. They create an atmosphere of fear and distrust which undermines any effort to challenge official policy.
Similar measures were used in the 1960s as part of a secret FBI program known as “COINTELPRO.” COINTELPRO was later exposed and officially ended. But the evidence shows that it actually persisted and that clandestine operations to discredit and disrupt opposition movements have become an institutional feature of national and local government in the US. This pamphlet is designed to help current and future activists learn from the history of COINTELPRO, so that our movements can better withstand such attack.
The first section gives a brief overview of what we know the FBI did in the 60s. It explains why we can expect similar government intervention in the 80s and beyond, and offers general guidelines for effective response.”

The fBIS did not maintain investigations into “Mafioso and crime-Sprees” and the stage was set for governmental-Interference in human-Rights aspects of the Universal Declaration Law writ large. Ever been to New York City, where Jewish peoples seem bought by Israel’s people, who have a hard time fending from Zionist-Fascist: acts of –Terrorism?

The u.s.a. lacks a pertinent ‘diplomacy’ for state-Affairs, since the US-military has taken over monies and manipulated socialism, too! Foreinstance, Turkey is on a course to eradicate Kurds since later nineteenth century, nad has increased their-Fascism, too! Erdogan has brought Turks-of-Turkey (the nation-state) backward to besieging the temperaments of Ottoman Turks who ruled middle Europe w an iron-Fist.

“President Erdogan granted amnesty to 38,000 criminals after the coup to make room for political prisoners. On 4 November, ten Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MPs were arrested and gaoled on terrorism charges, including co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag. Parliamentary immunity had been removed from them. Within six days 441 HDP members were detained. Over 6,000 HDP members have been arrested since 15 July and 2,000 have been imprisoned. The HDP is Kurdish-led but won support from across Turkey in the June 2015 and November 2015 general elections, breaking the 10% of the vote threshold, established to prevent Kurdish representation in parliament. The HDP opposed the coup attempt but also opposes Erdogan’s plan to change Turkey’s constitution from a parliamentary to a presidential system. Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) government want to remove the HDP obstacle to constitutional change and to suppress any manifestation of Kurdish identity and aspirations in Turkey and abroad – including in Europe. All the HDP’s predecessor parties were banned on grounds of promoting separatism and terrorism.
On 25 October 2016 the co-mayors of the largest predominantly Kurdish city in Turkey, Diyarbakir, were arrested and charged with diverting funds to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). As of 17 November, 35 Kurdish Democratic Regions Party (DBP) administered municipalities have been seized by the Turkish state since August 2016. 27 elected co-mayors of Kurdish municipalities were imprisoned by 24 November. The DBP says that over 2,500 of its members have been gaoled since summer 2015. Co-mayors have been replaced by state appointed trustees who function like colonial governors. The government is attempting to create an auxiliary structure in Kurdish areas, with village guards and watchman systems alongside the state’s armed forces.
Kurdish cities, towns and villages have been attacked by Turkish artillery and fighter jets. The Diyarbakir Human Rights Association reported on 19 October 2016 that since 24 July 2015 over 2,000 people had been killed in Kurdish areas of Turkey; in the first nine months of 2016, 553 people were reported to have been tortured. 35 political parties were raided, 72 marches and 34 gatherings were banned. The scale of repression meted out to any opposition to the government, to any source of criticism whatsoever, bears the mark of fascism.”

No life goes merrily in a dream, but the dreamscape harbors assemblance of chaos fit to invent “disorder”. A military-Industrial: tribunal for having peace is never attenuated. My enlistment and constant annual-Donations to IPB (International Peace Bureau) and ICBUW (International Coalition to Ban Nuclear Weapons) seems to entice “apologists and fascist proponents for allowing US-military any ole mighty-Might they want, but do not need. Checkout “This US strike against an Islamic State fuel truck convoy on 18 November 2015 may have involved DU” @ and why the u.s.a. publics did not know that ‘UN General Assembly resolution on DU weapons in New York’ while the worst offender of NSDU-238 is the US-air-force AWAC or A-10 that fires 2,500 rounds of 10mm penetrators PER MINUTE. The fooking shame is who cleans their anuses, after they poop?

“The UN General Assembly has backed a new resolution on DU weapons by 151 votes to 4. The resolution, which highlights the ongoing concerns of affected states and communities, health experts and civil society over the potential health risks from DU exposure, is the sixth to be adopted since 2007. The text also recognises that countries affected by the use of DU weapons face considerable technical and financial barriers in dealing with DU contamination to internationally recognised radiation protection standards.
“While we welcome the fact that governments have finally acknowledged that those affected by the use of DU weapons have serious concerns over the risks they pose, we have seen little to suggest that states are willing to act,” said ICBUW Coordinator Doug Weir. “Resolutions alone will not clear land or assist communities, and it is high time that governments commit to delivering clear obligations that tackle the post-conflict legacy of DU weapons.”
Although an overwhelming majority of states vote in favour of the resolutions, a minority still abstain. Around half are EU members, all of whom have been urged to vote in favour by the European Parliament. Germany, which supported the resolutions until 2014, has been singled out for particular criticism over its efforts to weaken the resolution’s language and encourage others to abstain. Meanwhile, hopes were high this year that Canada would vote in favour for the first time. In opposition Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party had been publicly opposed to DU weapons but this policy appears to have been quietly dropped in government.
As usual, the resolution was opposed only by the US, UK, France and Israel. Unusually, Montenegro, which voted in favour in the first round of voting in November abstained in the later plenary vote. Similarly South Sudan, which didn’t vote in November voted in the second round, abstaining for the first time. ICBUW will check to confirm that both South Sudan and Montenegro’s votes were intentional.
The first round of voting on the resolution came just days after the US confirmed that it had used DU in Syria, sparking parliamentary interest in several of the countries that are part of the Operation Inherent Resolve military coalition, including Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the UK. Russia appeared to delight in the propaganda value of the disclosure, although as it has its own stocks of DU weapons, once again abstained on the resolution.
UN’s Sixth Committee debates principle on toxic remnants of war
In a move that could have ramifications for the development of post-conflict obligations for DU clearance, the toxic and hazardous remnants of war were also on the agenda of the UN General Assembly’s Sixth Committee. While the DU resolution was being dealt with by the General Assembly’s First Committee, its Sixth Committee, which considers legal matters, was debating the legal principles that should govern the protection of the environment after armed conflicts.
A draft principle on the management of toxic remnants of war that was proposed by the International Law Commission was backed by a number of states, although the US, Israel and the Netherlands registered objections to any attempt to expand the definition of remnants of war beyond explosive remnants of war. Two other principles, on post-conflict remedial measures and on information sharing were also on the agenda, both of which could help inform DU clearance practice in future.”

The fooking shame. Millions of persons displaced for american-Fascism abroad, rather than ‘americanism’ w peace at home that includes indige-Rights founded on not fookering their lands, and the treaties nevr once set uprightly adjunctive. Like, non-accountability the oligarchs-technocrats move along the past travesty as though nonsense was correct. One million or more dying since the three-Phases of invasions by fascist-Military foistered upon the Iraqs peoples, who were not ever known for “sectarianism”? Look somewhat in the muddied wall of foreign-Policy always mislead from the word peace, somehow UN-knowingly! What do we underscore, today, John Pilger has extenuated.

“I have spent two years making a documentary film, The Coming War on China, in which the evidence and witnesses warn that nuclear war is no longer a shadow, but a contingency. The greatest build-up of American-led military forces since the Second World War is well under way. They are in the northern hemisphere, on the western borders of Russia, and in Asia and the Pacific, confronting China.
The great danger this beckons is not news, or it is buried and distorted: a drumbeat of mainstream fake news that echoes the psychopathic fear embedded in public consciousness during much of the 20th century.
Like the renewal of post-Soviet Russia, the rise of China as an economic power is declared an “existential threat” to the divine right of the United States to rule and dominate human affairs.
To counter this, in 2011 President Obama announced a “pivot to Asia”, which meant that almost two-thirds of US naval forces would be transferred to Asia and the Pacific by 2020. Today, more than 400 American military bases encircle China with missiles, bombers, warships and, above all, nuclear weapons. From Australia north through the Pacific to Japan, Korea and across Eurasia to Afghanistan and India, the bases form, says one US strategist, “the perfect noose”.

A study by the RAND Corporation – which, since Vietnam, has planned America’s wars – is entitled, War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable. Commissioned by the US Army, the authors evoke the cold war when RAND made notorious the catch cry of its chief strategist, Herman Kahn — “thinking the unthinkable”. Kahn’s book, On Thermonuclear War, elaborated a plan for a “winnable” nuclear war against the Soviet Union.
Today, his apocalyptic view is shared by those holding real power in the United States: the militarists and neo-conservatives in the executive, the Pentagon, the intelligence and “national security” establishment and Congress.
The current Secretary of Defense, Ashley Carter, a verbose provocateur, says US
policy is to confront those “who see America’s dominance and want to take that
away from us”.
For all the attempts to detect a departure in foreign policy, this is almost certainly the view of Donald Trump, whose abuse of China during the election campaign included that of “rapist” of the American economy. On 2 December, in a direct provocation of China, President-elect Trump spoke to the President of Taiwan, which China considers a renegade province of the mainland. Armed with American missiles, Taiwan is an enduring flashpoint between Washington and Beijing…

The election of Rodrigo Duterte in April has unnerved Washington. Calling himself a socialist, he declared, “In our relations with the world, the Philippines will pursue an independent foreign policy” and noted that the United States had not apologized for its colonial atrocities. “I will break up with America,” he said, and promised to expel US troops. But the US remains in the Philippines; and joint military exercises continue.
In 2014, under the rubric of “information dominance” – the jargon for media manipulation, or fake news, on which the Pentagon spends more than $4 billion – the Obama administration launched a propaganda campaign that cast China, the world’s greatest trading nation, as a threat to “freedom of navigation”.
CNN led the way, its “national security reporter” reporting excitedly from on board a US Navy surveillance flight over the Spratlys. The BBC persuaded frightened Filipino pilots to fly a single-engine Cessna over the disputed islands “to see how the Chinese would react”. None of these reporters questioned why the Chinese were building airstrips off their own coastline, or why American military forces were massing on China’s doorstep.”

The fooking shame, continues! I have been involved in 950: demonstrations, civil-Protests against nuclearism-Policy and no-Cleanups, anti-War vigils and protest marches, and non-Violence arrests @ NV-testsite, other facilities—like Pantex and Rocky Flats, and Hanford. The Savannah River and all NPP’s need protection—civil-Defense—not discivil-Laws to cleanups for capitalist-Totalitarianism does nothing too well.

In 1971, activists broke into FBI offices in Media, Pennsylvania, and discovered files that proved what many had suspected for years-the government was involved in widespread domestic surveillance, infiltration, and violence against radical organizations and individuals. The Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), mounted by the FBI to “disrupt, misdirect, discredit, and otherwise neutralize” the civil rights, Black liberation, Puerto Rican independence, Native-American, antiwar, socialist, and New Left movements of the 1960s and 1970s, is one of the most notorious of the U.S. government’s domestic anti-radical programs. Most of what has been learned about government activities against radicals was accessed through hundreds of thousands of pages of previously secret documents released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)-though most information remains largely censored and blacked out.
COINTELPRO was the brainchild of J. Edgar Hoover, the founder and director of the FBI from 1924 until his death in 1972. Shaped by the anticommunist hysteria in the aftermath of the successful Russian Revolution of 1917, Hoover took part in the Palmer Raids against radicals and spent the rest of his life in the service of espionage and undermining suspected “subversives” of every sort. Contemporary histories tend to focus on Hoover’s maniacal egotism and closeted homosexuality to explain his lifelong fixation on repressing minorities who fought discrimination and reds who challenged the status quo. But Hoover’s agenda was embraced by every president he served, including Democrats Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson.
The FBI, in close collaboration with local police units (sometimes called Red
Squads), used a number of techniques in its efforts to disrupt and destroy leftist groups, the most important of which are enumerated here.”

The fooking shame, continues!

“On 9/11, the 9/11 Report confirms, COG was implemented. As we shall see, Cheney promptly ordered the three top figures in the Justice Department out of Washington to a designated COG site buried deep underground.
This allowed Cheney’s cabal to deal instead, starting that same afternoon, with John Yoo in the Justice Department command center. At that time John Yoo, a 34-year-old distinguished chiefly for his repeated defense of Cheney’s eccentric views on presidential authority, had only been in the government for two months.
As a consequence, since 9/11 we have seen warrantless surveillance, suspension of habeas corpus, and the militarization of homeland security, on an unprecedented scale that is not just illegal but an erasure of rights specified in the U.S. constitution.[1] Furthermore, the secrecy and speed of the manner in which our rights were drastically subverted is itself an affront to the ideals of America as an open society: one in which major changes to our political fabric are only made through authorized channels, and after debate.

How very true, then, was Mann’s observation that[:] Cheney and Rumsfeld were, in a sense, a part of the permanent hidden national-security apparatus of the United States—inhabitants of a world in which Presidents come and go, but America keeps on fighting.[11] This situation was particularly disturbing under Clinton, when Rumsfeld (and possibly Cheney) continued to plan for subordination of the constitution, even though at this time neither man was in the government.[12] Both men were now CEOs of large private corporations (as Rumsfeld had been since recruited in 1982 for the task).[13] And one of the planners told Andrew Cockburn that the Clinton administration had “no idea what was going on.”[14] (Such phenomena persuaded me to analyze 9/11 as a deep event, to be analyzed in the context of the American deep state.)[15] Private corporation leaders had been brought into COG planning under Eisenhower, because recovery from a nuclear attack would have required a corporate as well as government response.[16] Ike could hardly have foreseen that under Reagan private people would begin to plan for the extralegal surveillance and detention of their fellow citizens, still less that these plans would finally be implemented by two of the central planners — Rumsfeld and Cheney — on September 11, 2001…

So what Cheney, Gonzalez, and Flanigan had failed to obtain from Congress, they got instead from their own small group.[28] The War Council’s secret rulings were often kept hidden from other administration lawyers, as well as Congress. In October, for example, John Yoo, the young deputy at the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department, drafted a memo, quickly approved by Cheney and Addington, that ruled that the NSA could surveil whomever it wished without an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).[29] This memo granted the NSA a power which Michael Hayden had requested and already exercised. Yet many other administration lawyers were not consulted, including[:] the top lawyer for Condoleezza Rice’s National Security Council, John Bellinger III. In fact, Bellinger was not told about the Terrorist Surveillance Program at all. This was strange, because unlike Addington, who had no line authority over national security matters, Bellinger was the ranking lawyer in the White House on intelligence affairs, with statutory purview over the subject…. Richard Shiffrin was also not informed about the domestic spying program, which was remarkable, because Shiffrin was the Pentagon lawyer in charge of supervising the legality of the NSA’s programs…. Ashcroft’s deputy attorney general, Larry Thompson, the second-ranking lawyer in the Department of Justice, was excluded… too…. This was phenomenal, given that he was John Yoo’s boss.[30] This cabal-like behavior by Cheney and the War Council – the team that would subsequently produce the notorious torture memos — was repeated on other matters. In the decision to use military commissions to try the Guantanamo detainees, for example, those left out of the loop included Defense Secretary Powell, National Security Adviser Rice, Rice’s lawyer John Bellinger III, and Michael Chertoff, head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.
Attorney General Ashcroft had only learned of the military commission plan two days earlier, when he discovered to his outrage that John Yoo, his subordinate, had vouched for a confidential legal memorandum cutting the Justice Department and U.S. Courts out of the picture.[31] It would be wrong to think that all of the post-9/11 changes can be attributed to the legal team of the War Council. According to Professor Shirley Anne Warshaw, in this period
Cheney jumped into action in his bunker beneath the East Wing to ensure continuity in government. He immediately began to create his shadow government by ordering one hundred mid-level executive officials to move to specially designated underground bunkers and stay there twenty-four hours a day. They would not be rotated out, he informed them, for ninety days.[32] The Washington Post revealed this “shadow government” under Cheney in March 2002, and described it as still on-going.[33] What this parallel government did for three or more months is not known. But I have noted elsewhere a number of other new COG measures, such as permanent detention centers and the militarization of homeland security, that date back to this post-9/11 period.[34]”

The fooking shame, continues! “THE TYRANNY at STANDING ROCK: GOVERNMENT’S DIVIDE & CONQUER STRATEGY is WORKING” divide and conquer as COINTELPRO
attempted, is dicussed as well as a commentary of gravure and truth-Purport!

“FOR staff and National Council members worked with white organizers in Minneapolis under the guidance of Black activists in response to the murder of Philando Castile and other Black people by police. Photo by Rebecca Lawrence.
Strategic nonviolent movements are one of the most potent forces in the world. They oust dictators, change policy and realize the hopes of communities. Whether through supporting conscientious objectors of war or hosting trainings as part of #BlackLivesMatter, for over 100 years FOR has strengthened the movements that reshape society.”

The fooking shame, continues! I am a native American, bon on Manhattan Island, a white-Boy not an indigenous, polarized, individual, who has spent entire-Life inside human-Rights, Humanism, and anti-Nuclearism, due non-Cleanups and suspended information of why “nucleaRism” is merely dumb-fook h-BomBs building as gHW Bush-whacky’s over-usages of masse` murder in 1991.

“Thousands have been pouring onto Vancouver streets, as well as protesting across Canada, against the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been attempting to square the impossible – expanding oil sands production and building pipelines while addressing climate change. The Liberal governments of BC and Canada have ignored theses issues, as well as wider questions about First Nations consultations and sovereignty claims, already in the cases of the Pacific Northwest LNG, Woodfibre LNG and the Site C Dam in BC.
The recent Liberal announcements of ocean protection funds and carbon taxes are partly political dodges as they continue on with Harper’s plans to make Canada an energy super-power based on fossil fuels. Kinder Morgan is in line for approval, even as the arctic ice melt reached frightening levels, extreme weather events become commonplace and the climate change crisis deepens.
Political activism around climate change, from Standing Rock to Vancouver to innumerable cities across North America, is growing. Another failed climate meeting in Marrakesh this month and the climate denialists surrounding US President-elect Donald Trump have given these struggles added urgency in themselves and in the solidarity linking them to other social justice struggles. No need to even invoke the necessity of an eco-socialist political project as it is where all alternatives are pointing. Revolution in a warming world.”

The fooking shame, continues!

“The explosive situation in the Hungarian countryside towards the end of the 19th century is adequately conveyed in an official report of the powerful landowners’ association, the OMGE, written in 1894:
“The population of the great plain consists of civil servants, rich peasants and the agrarian proletariat, who all live isolated from each other, hating each other.
“The civil service regards the Hungarian agricultural districts as colonies, and their own jobs as colonial service.
“The rich peasants are somehow lodged in an unassailable and stable conservatism, while the land-workers remember the big historical revolutions and regard the future without hope. Nevertheless, their revolutionary ambitions are still alive.”
The government bureaucrats who compiled this report were not mistaken. The wave of farm labourers’ strikes which swept the country in the earlier years of this century, and which often led to pitched battles with the police, culminated in the strike of 10,000 estate workers in 1905 and the general strike of 100,000 “free labourers” in 1906, which was only broken by calling up the strikers into military service. The only possible escape from this appalling misery was emigration. Between 1891 and 1914 nearly two million Hungarians – 80% of them poor peasants – left the country, crowded like cattle on ships bound for the USA.
The social problem in Hungary was exacerbated and complicated by the existence of the national minorities. In 1910, out of 21 million people living in Hungary, there were 10 million Hungarians, 2.5 million Croats and Slovenes, 3 million Rumanians, 2 million Germans, and the rest were made up of Slovaks, Serbs, Ukrainians and other smaller peoples.

Thus, for Hungary, the national problem was not confined to the issue of her semi-colonial dependence on Austria, but also included the problem of the national oppression of the non-Magyar elements living within the frontiers of Hungary. The systematic discrimination against the minorities is most clearly demonstrated in the field of education.
In 1900, 39% of the total population was illiterate. But the figure for the Slovaks was 49.9%, for the Serbs, 58.5%, Romanians, 79.6% and Ukrainians, 85.1%. Wages in Hungary were 33% lower than in Austria and 50% lower than in Germany. But in 1913 the wages of non-Magyar workers were 30% lower than those of the Hungarian workers.
The weak and belated Hungarian bourgeoisie had proved incapable, throughout its entire history, of tackling a single one of these fundamental problems. The reason is not difficult to see. Although undoubtedly the more backward half of the Empire, Hungary had already decisively entered into the process of capitalist development by the turn of the century. Alongside the big feudal estates, modern capitalist industry sprang up, sustained by investments from foreign capitalists.
The banks dominated the Hungarian economy and through them was exercised the stranglehold of Austrian, German, French, British and American finance capital. The development of capitalism bound Hungary still closer to the rule of Austro-German imperialism. On the other hand, the feudal aristocracy was also tightly enmeshed with big business and the banks.”

The fooking shame, continues!
Ecosocialism, I helped found as combination of new-Parity: political-Socialism and Ecology—in 1969. As for “you-Tube” many good slice-o-Life, but one that explained in terms of deep-Ecology was not found due the cold here in med-Bow. I shall attempt to fond before I head to little-D: denver for a consultation w plastic-surgeon, regarding carcinoma removal operation.
Basically, NSDU-238 studies of ‘Phytoremediation’ has not been replete, by anyone—information regarding is in your trust to e-Mail to me–if even STARTED.

Submitted by “R” Addison, the peace-warrior (12-18-16)

–footnotes for WP (fookeRs):

1- “Victory for water protectors” Liberation News by Norman Clement Dec 07, 2016
2- “COINTELPRO Revisited – Spying & Disruption” by Brian Glick,
3- “Turkey Turned into a War Zone” Kurdish Question 10/12/2016-12:53 Trevor Rayne , my travels to Turkey summarized: Turks not knowingly well-informed of tyranny, but Kurds were better informed …
4- “UN General Assembly recognises ongoing concerns over health risks from depleted uranium: 5 December 2016 – ICBUW 151 countries at the UN General Assembly have sent a clear message that the concerns of affected states and communities over the health risks from depleted uranium must be properly addressed.
5- “The Coming War on China. Nuclear War is No Longer a Shadow” by John Pilger Global Research, Dec. 03, 2016
6- “ISR Issue 49, September–October 2006: Spies, lies and war” The lessons of COINTELPRO by Sherry Wolf
7- “Dick Cheney, John Yoo, and “Continuity in Government (COG) Measures on 9/11” Sept. 17, 2016 our P & J protest against ‘chaingang-Dickie’ on Sept 9-09-09 on Univ. of Wyoming campus went beyond 150 persons antagonized by his useless coRpoRatism sickness!
8- “Strengthening Movements for Justice & Peace”
9- “Climate Change and the Struggle Against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline” 27 November 2016
10- “The Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919 – The Forgotten Revolution” written by Alan Woods Mon. 12 Nov 1979

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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