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Ecosocialism #10/ 03 Mar 2017 POem, essay, content of Volumes & the Grace Of The Green Leaf ‘nEw Nati0n’ apeco filed 3-03-17

Ecosocialism #10/ 03 Mar 2017 

POem, essay, content of Volumes & the Grace Of The Green Leaf  ‘nEw Nati0n’


Here the Id-al is of transpositioners!

What I’ve been through since August 19 when I left my cabin to go explore in fall not thinking student winter, yeah. I thought through and am all right let me tell you. It was seven weeks first session photography with the geese’s and the chemtrails listening to Phyllis, Lis’s farm songs… my sister, but does she read and adhere to “contaminations from chemicalizationings”? And obeying my innermost thoughts regarding pains and what was I was trying to write, that which needs to be editing-once, again and that which I was reviewing over and over, in a haphazard fashion due to the nature of being burglarized at stop and rest ‘n cabin.

Now, interruptions by punks, no burglaries and loss of 2-vehicles, w me paying property taxes and not having funds to make a home of this: in shatters, stowage-aged, 1923 bldg. How I would get through having to hire proxy for five people–four was the actual—to move, watching them, and watching people, moving-in, again! I don’t know what the apartment building, and so try to keep abreast of my thoughts regarding what my office should look like as is very similar and now after 10-weeks since the surgery, the rest of the story.

Looking up: the second time after returning to stop and rest cabin September 30 was, through Brenda’s birthday November 10th and my having to make a decision as to whether or not to put off the ninth super pain remedy that’s an injection into the bone and I remembered dad and his red blood court corpuscles having to have his this blood count as improved, positive and not dumbfounding. And I found myself taxed with how my getting ‘get away from the pain since 1973’ those templates.

The pain pills! So, I followed onto my phOtO-sessions, maybe, and not to have any but LibRary and walking and peace-Complement: end the wars or end he empire; but you’d better do both”. The two places in Colorado Springs leaving before Thanksgiving on Monday, 23 November from metro: little-D: denver, with my 20-feet trailer en tow attached properly and wTR’s sockeye transigence—chem-tRails, weather. Plastic. The fanatic-penataGooons, and propaganda-State of police-State. now wait one minute, who;’s rushing?

Listens then. Now living, listening to Shostakovich, that one, Symphony number five, he did for all Soviets people (those freedom wanting we-people) I have made great headway; great improvement; great meditative strides; comparative analysis of two prosthesis knees and being rid of both: pain relievers, osteoarthritis pains non-persistent which put me into the metaphysical for which the right knee was totally imbalanced to the left knee both physically and mental, as well as metaphysically.

This is now 10 1/2 weeks well directly to now. Today, I have my friend Mel gallows help me over the years in the metro area as she is by Ken has her own injuries and yet we emptied out almost a whole interior of my A.R.R. which is helpful in terms of the send significance of my fusion-energy of my musculature nature. This was a great workout and I’m pleased I did not exceed my limit once my claims did not get worse the muscle soreness was lessened, due to the nature of the smaller muscles being tested and tried for true! So we worked outside from 4:30 until 6:30 came inside work for another half hour inside and now I’m set to get person to help me import the books and another person to help bimonthly with my bookkeeping. In this way I won’t gain a heart attack for free! So if you want to know the history of the new Rome I can’t tell you where to start but I can only tell you that the plutocracy due to the nature of nuclear weapons do the non-supportive proof Lewis method of madness that is radionuclide scampi dispensed of and that the Pacific Ocean is now getting contaminated and no warming rate thus.

This new direction in what I started the study of eco-socialism, while at UC Berkeley working with the general intelligence of how to deprogram the propaganda pertaining to radionuclides not been cleaned up how mass are the nuclear power facilities in terms of what kind of atoms the molecules are affecting. That was 1960’s seven actually because I started from an abstract. Thus by 1969-1971 I was pleased to really feel that I had a way to coal less my need for other arts and culture to the civilization in as much as you don’t gain history and less you study the truths and the knowns of the constant of that time in the not to parable id-al by making a BS line. UC Berkeley and UC Davis I attended both as well as scale State Hayward, and I did two years of trade and correspondence in the study of metals; and, as that got me into Ohio into Youngstown into many of the steel mills there were soon to be closed up so basically I started my study and smacks by ‘72 and finished 1974-75 but by then I’ll is always protesting against not knowing how much plutonium was capable of mass annihilation just by the first nuclear weapon which was called the “scatter method” or what I call NSDU-238.

Thus, I was prepared for the “anti-Nuclearist” dispositions, and that has become my bloGs, now I am starting “Ecosocialism: the hype of warring propaganda is not truth, but remains unheard, propaganda”.


poem      the Second Major International War of US-Military    23 Nov 16 & 16 Jan 20


know the resolve to halt all wArs-wArrings has happened, elsewhere

as the Second Major International War of US-Military became

a fissure and a fixture of how to fix-Dilemma, make a deep-State

how to become military-Hegemony, just-Shadow democracy,

why the nucleaRism made gReat Rex a pRopaganda-Machine


after the Second Major International War of Power belongs soothe

European & Nippons Archipelago concerned US-Military paradox
as the cRutch of the US-Oligarchs, for plutocRacy-Sake, new-Rome
and masse’-murder on their mindscape w.o. use of staid tan sand

nucleaRism, uranium-239 and thermo-Nuclears until ur-238 ceramic


uranium-238 nano-Particles 10-years into the third major pork

international conflagration bully-Boy clyNeton had werked

central-Americas, plaith for the fourth international conflagration

of the new-Rome, to call all propaganda what is nuclear-Anxiety

for historic-Resentment dRugs accessoRy to gHW Bushwhacky


not of laws and astute theoretizing intel-Gence others-Millions

bully-Boy thought and his thinking his member needing a specific

in-closet: closure is blow-Job, the political-Enticement a-Holes

Henry Kissinger and tRicky-Dick Nixon, talk to themselves about

being into destabilzation of Cambodia, because that was/is

what Lyndon Baines Johnson and ennui-Kissinger coming-On


“noise-Everywhere” is one loused situation after another w.o. a

chance for the sitcom to become advertising on teevee, the id-Al

pizza-Launch, an idiopathic lustre was bourne w N.A.F.T.A internet

launches intel-Gence gruesome-Twosome reality that fiat bombing

escapade of secrecy utilizing as much munitions as all Mejico lust


watch deluded movies they devised a seclusion illusion and

aroused their visits to sud-Americanism boRder used Everyman

europe: world-War One, European War for degeneRacy to continue

w.o. made for a Buddhist monk to become a dictator w excuses,

or love of people heralding himself as a communist-Hitler, the


type-Masse` murderer, no matter whatever political-party gHW’s

and his appeal belonged soo bully-Boy would now aBjuRe w odd

power, as he suRmised a pizza launch to cover-up his demure

airport-Mena hispano hot sauce, how to throw 2,000 pizza’s

at those gangs killing citizens of Mejico and kidnapping youths


N.A.F.T.A. would be his when the pizzas landed and slaughtered

the gangs when they ate sauce w uranium-238 a hot-Sauce laced

for Kissinger “zionism support” had not or had been or one very

pRe-pRepared, suppress those pizza-LauncheRs would have to be

has been souveniRs, like in the process of killing two-million LBJ


pizza launch idiopathic of bombing Camobodia for the total of

destabilization, a non-Cultural adapting instead allowing civilization

southeast-Asia was lost to further-Starvation and dying in pain

could not be foRgotten did not those mejico-Gangs know we, are

w.o. medicines, or doctors’ care, for which post end of war, lost


like gMOS invasionings before when Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos would

again lose 3.5 million, 1.5 million, 725,000 people, to US-military sur-

veying bombs cRaters why that invasion, anyhow, what was $171-

billion Vietnam not outdone by Cambdia-Communism unseen teevee

unscene-pTSD would be deceptive but fReely deciminated, give the

u.s.a. citizens wars not jobs, tRees, forest-Oxygenate not uranium


astute misjudgment of aversion for always having cRiminality when

I saw the stacked skulls and could not puke as theirs was all-solace

as to how these dead-Humans became skulls, as I was not hired

by an NGO to forage for masse` murder pits, altho 1975 125,000

cRapholism is good for you, eat chem-tRails allow Ionizationings


persons: women, children, older men and not the Pol Pot soldiers,

were murdered, left in shallow gRaves for the insects to scavenge,

instead I was visiting there in 1977 to see how to designate Ecology

and the wars-of-Attrition, destabilization by imperialism, rage on

you were there w you kindly to ask me, words, that were attributable


war inside three southeast-Asia countries where world’s second-

Oldest civilization Lao-people were next world’s most peaceful know

nation-State, Cambodia was not Iran, riled some doby hegemonyites

lists of Oligarchs we need to jail for masse` muRdeRings, good fore

sooner to disgrace the we-People premise of one-Person/one-Vote


would never happen military-Hegemony is the cruelty Americanization

utilizes tyranny that we ought belong to imperialist: new-Rome stats

accomplishing no use of nuclear-Thermos while relegating NSDU-238

and usages-Barbaric as “non- Lethal, but not mentionable because” too

something not a gas: terror, torture, chem-tRails, electromagnetic-Pulse


and redirected: direct-Energy, nucleaR-weaponizations, not-tRansport

phooels, but energy to put millions of wiRkoRs toward pRactice on

removing molecules of methane for sake of no: universal-Healthcare

new-Improved weapons of masse’ annihilation practice for continuing

Rex: those fascist-tyRannical, destabilization-Trysts, they’Re not fRee


written by “R” Addison written 11-23-16 & 07 fEb 2020 @ SRC

nUkiEmOLe poems #66/ 18 Dec 2014

Ecosocialism. Or Else. the socialistTags

(6-13-15) SPUSA

“The canary is dead. Now, we are waiting for the mineshaft to explode. Every week brings ever more apocalyptic headline regarding the Earthʼs climate. Lakes dry up, sea levels rise, hydraulic fracturing spawns earthquakes, animals die off en masse, super storms rage from Miami to Manila, and Antarctica experiences its warmest temperatures EVER. Reading newspapers or following the developments on the Internet exposes one to horrors only eclipsed in scope within the pages of Lovecraft.

One must ask, “How is it that this crisis remains largely unaddressed?” We know more than ever before about our role in climate change at a time when there is an overwhelming majority within the scientific establishment that agrees on our role as the catalyst of climate change. Furthermore, an environmental movement exists that is decades old, well enriched, and sizable enough to be a social, political, and economic force. Yet, the march to doomsday continues unimpeded, while well-paid, useful idiots stand on the floor of congress with snowballs and wax moronic about “global wobbling,” attempting to drown out the roar or reality?

To answer that question is easy. To accept that answer may be difficult for some. We continue down a path towards the destruction of the ecosystem and even the most remedial quality of life, not because of a lack of understanding, compassion, or effort, but because the logic of capitalism offers no alternative. The romantic liberal notions of piecemeal reform, sustainable business, and voting with your dollar have failed. No amount of swirly light bulbs or responsible devotions to locally-sourced produce can overcome the immense concentrations of power and wealth that reside at the top of the capitalist hierarchy.

That is not to say that we are relieved of the responsibility of making our best individual efforts to save our ecosystem. But we should accept that our methods and results of production are not currently in our power to change. The dogma of lifestyle change cannot equal the reality of socio-economic and capital relations. Furthermore, that same dogma is degrading and dispiriting to those who do not possess the means to radically change their circumstances. Much of mainstream environmentalism is placed, therefore, beyond the reach of the great working-class masses of the world; the same masses who will, in a spectacularly cruel work of irony, be left mostly at the mercy of a vengeful climate.

To understand why previous well-intentioned efforts at changing our paradigm have failed, we must understand the logic of capitalism. Capitalism demands that great numbers of unnecessary products be made and their wanton consumption steadfastly encouraged. Capitalism demands that this wasteful production be done as cheaply and quickly as possible, no matter the expense to people or planet entailed. Capitalism demands that resources be extracted from the earth and sea in ever-greater quantities, no matter the damage caused or the lengths went to in that extraction. Capitalism demands that billions be spent on needless, tacky advertising. Billions more are pillaged from the Global South and held as numbers in private digital coffers, instead of poured into the necessary task of saving and advancing our prosperity as a species in a sustainable manner. Then there is capitalism’s final demand that the people doing the work necessary to make everything good in life possible be exploited and disenfranchised so heavily that it becomes impossible for them to stop the cycle of destruction and exploitation that their own labour is used to prop up.

These are the bedrock necessities of capitalism. They have given rise to poverty, slavery, racism, sexism, and imperialism, and now add an ecological Armageddon to the heads of its dreaded hydra. Without these ransoms being paid in full, capitalism cannot exist. The heart of our ecological dilemma isnʼt a matter of social irresponsibility on the part of the masses, it is the existential crises which forms the core of capitalism. Capitalism was once dynamic and revolutionary. It built towering, ungodly spires, created previously unachievable wonders, and brought forth a pantheon of Promethean technological developments into the story of humanity. However, it contained a self-destruct mechanism that will sweep away both its victories and its failures. The question of the validity of the continued existence of capitalism is no longer a question of its social benefits and detriments, or of the human relationships it engenders. It is no longer even a question. Capitalism is destroying the natural basis for its own existence. The validity of capitalism is, therefore, logically dead. If capitalism has forfeited its right to exist, and it did so long before now, there remain twin questions concerning what to replace it with and how to do so. Thankfully, the antidote to the poisons of capitalism already exists. It is none other than capitalismʼs age old foe and critic, socialism, whose specter shall never be banished so long as one person is permitted to harm many for his or her own gain. So, we have our answer, but now we must figure out the algebra involved in getting from x, our current position, to socialism. Fortunately, that mathematics has already been figured out as well. Unfortunately, it is not as easy a formula to enact as the failed equations of our romantic liberal friends.

Only by engaging in the hard work of direct action, by demanding and then taking control of our communities, workplaces, homes, and lives, and by beginning the construction of a new order now — RIGHT NOW! — we may we save ourselves. Only by rebuilding the great revolutionary parties of yesterday, infusing them with the knowledge of today, and thrusting them into tomorrow’s prominence may we grasp sufficient power to challenge that which currently rules us. Only by having a revolution from the bottom, a true democratic and socialist revolution emboldened by but not beholden to the revolutions of the past may we claim for ourselves our rightful prize of a better tomorrow. Only by taking hold of the ability to change the wasteful, polluting, destructive order of our society can we stop what has already been set in motion and build a sustainable future of dignity, liberty, comfort, and justice. We cannot stop merely at the ballot box and the farmers market. While the best time to do all of this would have been a century ago, the second best time is now. Fear and we shall wither, retreat and we shall perish, but advance and we shall stand victorious.

However, I can already hear the scoffing of our liberal friends over the raging bluster of our conservative neighbors. They label our answers as failed, utopian, and overly harsh. To them we must ask, first and foremost, why their answers have been tested and found inadequate. To criticize our ideas effectively, one must present answers of his or her own. Unfortunately, the ideas of liberal, mainstream environmentalism have been applied time and time again, yet they do nothing more than smooth the ragged edges of the hemorrhaging wounds inflicted upon the world by capitalism. The liberal position is, therefore, exposed for what it really is, the “straight man” juxtaposed against the cartoonish buffoonery of conservatives throughout the last several decades. This comedy, however, is no longer funny; and is an art form better left to the Marx brothers. Our words may seem harsh, but the reality is much harsher. The offended sensibilities of an American political plurality are not of greater importance than the lives of the billions of the working class the world over.

I would like to conclude by quoting Eugene Debs and paraphrasing Rosa Luxemburg, two of my favorite historical socialists. Debs once said, “I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition; as it is now the capitalists use your heads and your hands.” In this same manner, we of the Socialist Party USA do not seek followers; we seek comrades who will stand with us as equals in reclaiming our lives and securing our future. We seek comrades who will share in the necessary work being done, and contribute their unique perspectives and experiences free from the beating sticks of classism, sexism, and racism. These include members of the Ecosocialist Commission, of which I am proud to be a part. Our goal is noble and essential, but cannot be accomplished without the help of many others.

It is also prudent to remember the words of Rosa Luxemburg, who prophetically stated, “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.” It is easy to see how our current system of profits over people, police states, wanton environmental destruction, and all the other deadly horns that protrude from this beastʼs head could be called “barbaric.” However, we no longer face a choice merely between exploitative capitalism or liberating socialism. We now face a much more diabolical gambit: Ecosocialism or annihilation. In other words: Ecosocialism. Or else.”


Japan nuclear war targets US Canada Mexico and Hawaii. m4v

1-22-15 Leuren Moret – 37,450 views, 59:58 mins. youTube / uploaded on Mar 27, 2011…


“Independent scientist Leuren Moret in an exclusive March 27, 2011 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre has stated that the west coasts of the United States and Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii are being intentionally targeted by dangerous radiation from the March 11, 2011 tectonic warfare earthquake and nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima, Japan.

The west coasts of the United States and Canada, and Mexico, Ms. Moret indicated, are the major food producing areas for North America. Radiation from the Japan quake/nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima is intentionally being steered into these areas in order to dose the land and the food with radiation.

The ultimate purpose of this nuclear war is to attack the health and genome of the North American the population is attacked with radiation, to depopulate North America, and to make future humans less healthy and less resistant to takeover by a global new world order.”


“Canada: is it really at the forefront of efforts against depleted uranium weapons?”



“Ironically, the resolution text Canada abstained on called for more studies into DU [NSDU-238] hazards in conflict settings and for assistance for states affected by the use of the weapons. The purpose of both was to help ensure that civilians enjoy greater protection from contamination in areas where the munitions are used. Studies in conflict settings would also help increase our understanding of the exposure risks for civilians, research needed to determine the health risks posed by the weapons in real world settings. This has become increasingly important in recent years as our knowledge of the means through which DU exposure could damage health has grown.


During the last two years, the DU debate in Canada has focused solely on the risks to Canadian personnel who have served in areas where DU was used (for example the recent case of Alain Vachon). A study commissioned by parliament looked into the matter and in 2013 concluded that the risks were low. However its scope did not cover the risks to civilians. In doing so it mirrored work done in the UK and US, where civilian health risks – particularly for high risk groups such as children and scrap metal workers – have been wholly absent from considerations over the acceptability of DU munitions.”


“GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP: Ernest Sternglass Berkeley 2006”

2-23-25 youTube 869 views… 55:13 mins


my comments: Because, all uranium is Radiologic; and factuality, regarding low-level radiation, apprises exposure buildup and in children especially, Dr. Sternglass will be missed for his quality and care given to the boomer-Generation. He will be remembered for what is has continually extolled regarding the egregious nature of nuclearist-policy and the needs for and of collective “concerns” too!             “R”


Remember being a we-BoomeR is closest anti-nucleaRist than mere-BoomeR

                             a voice from the VIOd, the peace-Warrior

–note: posted 3-03-16




Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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