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Ecosocialism #11/ 05-Nov 2016 Discivil society is discordant (filed 8-12-16)

Ecosocialism #11/ 05-Nov 2016
Discivil society is discordant 


Discivil society is discordant, as much as the US government is UN-wielding to liberty and democracy, hardly non-War: peace!

The harm done to our psyche` is the spate of incompleteness found in our collective-Consciousness. The discordant has no ameliorations of issues conquered let alone found. Thus, the BAILOUT should have been, always, for the we-People because bankors are businesses and those can and do regroup. Look at Carlisle gRoup pulling GHW’s auspice of crime back and under consort to do more harm for and w derivatives. Bully Clyneton did not have to allot cIAS control and takeover of Haiti, when Haiti’s path was already onto low military budget of defense not offense as US Military’s practices are morosely anti-Diplomatic and associative w coRpoRate-Munitions lust for 30-40% gains. Did bully do his dastardly deed for NAFTA to pass, or to appease plutocracy? Society’s middle-class remains muddlesome 8-years after Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy’s going the incorrect discerned direction of ‘we’re the people not you’? Whence, but then he’s an Oligarch and both facts are never quite mentioned in the auspices of 2016 one-Party: parody, specifics of need, or redresses never attenuated.

Do we need war-after war, or peace (w.o. dept-of-Offense), retribution (w.o. WTO allocations and accountability to no-charges in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya and Yemen w Medicare-for-all or a shoot-‘em-up get rid of plutocrats-Technocracy? What of Timor, Uganda, Somalia retributions for deaths even w. “dRone-Weddings”? Liberty of the we-People was harmed, but the dRone-War’s UN-constitutionality kept the police-State in charge of murders on sidewalks and not-so-casual pullovers. Egregious-Extent is Conditionalism, continues UN-abated under guise of where is that Constitution going, when in reality check after check, we have no Constitution. The bath in dirt goes along nowhere. Peregrinations of spite exist for the Conditionalism, the consort of no-Res-bit for democracy and diplomacy since 1996, when bully-Clyneton should have intervened in Rwanda. Maintaining no exhoneration of trust pleases the scene in middle-East of main-taining dictators or allowing wars to bring dictators into arms/munitions sales such as Saudi’s w US, Britain and now France selling arms to them, but Turkey already has arms from US-munitions dealors and buys another 3 billion dollars worth from Russia.

Basically, the bias of coRpoRatism is sleaze and plutocracy. Conditionalism if discordant mistrust allowed instead of Constitution. Israels people suffer, Iran’s people suffer, Iraq’s people specifically are indemnographic of munitions sales and suffer as much as both Rwanda: Tutsi’s and Hutu’s. The arms-Sales to Liberia kept the dictator Johnson, in power as his goons cut-off the hands of nearly 11,000 people. The new-Rome is awkward and Conditionalism debasement enshrines that chem-tRails and NSDU-238 usages will make 20-nation’s formidably, soooo that the we-People suffer beyond needs of healthcare for all and munitions is all you needed, a consort of oligarchic-Control. But diplomacy, that does not suffer is an infernal “lie” as the dept-of-Offense, long ago, took over the governance of monies to drain the coffers of civilian analysis and accountability, and they do not remediate to expose why those “illegal-Invasions” are important for world-control: military-Bases.


“It’s tempting to see that story as mostly an epic engineering. This is the origin site of the Manhattan project–a vast engineering enterprise undertaken during a national emergency in an attempt to win a war. We know the B reactor had global political influence as well as environmental fallout. It played a role in ending World War II, and launching the Cold War, the entire nuclear industry and the perpetual cleanup work facing today with all the attendant societal impacts. There’s no shortage of story.

Still let’s hope the diverse people story of Hanford doesn’t get overwhelmed. That’s a tale that involves the Native Americans whose land it was built on–viewed by the new deal planners during the depression as the double quotes land of abandoned hopes double quotes, according to his story and Michelle Steinemem Gerber in her excellent Hanford history, on the home front. Native Americans also were impacted by atomic tests and uranium mining in the Southwest. And there are the Japanese who were the first bombs victims.

There are also the stories of the residents of rural communities who were displaced by the secretive project–who didn’t know why the government had removed them from their land until the day the bomb was dropped in Japan in 1945. There are the scientists and engineers, the farmers, and “downwinders” who suffered subsequently from the sites toxic elements released into the atmosphere.

There are the families who grew up nearby. One of those was a family of poet Kathleen FIenniken who is raised in rich land and whose book, plume, is a meditation on life in a nuclear site. She says families like hers (her dad was a Hanford chemist) lived as though they were members of the “secret society” where hazards were undisclosed, work cannot be divulged even to loved ones, and where people were encouraged to have faith that something good and necessary was being done. ” You were loyal to something you did not understand”, she says. Think of a man-men-era nuclear cold in the desert.

An interesting exhibit the brings a little-known slice of ham birds human story to a Seattle audience is currently at the Northwest African American Museum it’s called the atomic frontier: black life at Hanford double quotes. Vast numbers of workers shift into the van-remote desert to build and run up the reactor. That in-cluded thousands of African-Americans eager to escape the Jim Crow South and get decent jobs during the wartime labor shortage. About 5000 roughly 10% of the hampered workforce–was black, according to atomic Some 15,000 African-Americans moved to the area for the duration.

The exhibit sheds light on a little-known aspect of work time work and race in Washington. Blacks did construction and service jobs. They were janitors, waitresses and drivers. For the most part, they were banned from local restaurants and target-ed by the local Pascoe police for harassment. Still, they were, at least for a time, partially free of the limits they faced down south.

Mess halls were integrated, although the barracks in many social events were not. Hanford maintained a weekly calendar of events–plays, dances, concerts, ETC.–The men had to Manhattan project workers trapped in the middle of a dusty no work. A large wartime calendar on display in the exhibit is divided into double quotes white” and” color” categories–startling to see for those who think such things did not happen in the Pacific northwest. According to atomic heritage, double quotes little may little-a waitress who worked in the mess hall, referred to hampered as the single quote Mississippi of the North’ “.

It was likewise startling to see a WWII propaganda poster in the exhibit that features a white and black workers side-by-side–an indication of how necessary Blacks were seen to the war effort, and clearly an attempt to make whites understand there working with them was their patriotic duty. That attitude did not survive the war’s ends. Governor Art Langlie stated his preference that workers brought into the state for the war he sent back to where they came from, and Hanford hired no blacks as permanent workers in the wake of the war.

Some stayed in the tri-cities. Others disperse, but not necessarily back double quotes home”. After the war, many black work is moved to find jobs elsewhere, especially in coastal cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The postwar boom change the race dynamics of Seattle and solidified the central district as the cities double quotes black neighborhood double quotes. Many African-Americans settled in West Coast” Japan towns double quotes that had been depopulated by the wartime internment’s.”1

The laws, Universal declaration of Human Rights, included, have been overrun by plutocrats in US military as well as caustic-Families who support power-Mongering/elites rather than laws for all, of oneness and no global-Hegemony. because they love fear that democracy is not Existent nor extent of strident military order maintained outside the populous. This mannerist exchange is to keep making soldiers from wirking-Class, rather than exchange democracy w will-Power for peace. Antithesis, which is done evermore-so by promulgating the “propaganda-Model”. What I did by attempting to underscore the need of study in the higher-ed University grad-Studies of was ask that “nuclear-Molecular social-Science” or “nuclear-Weapons: both” be studied, and not to have military mainstay impasse’ nor to have indifference as not seeing enough natural-Ecology to need-fully underscore how sore, UN-healthy the air is due those idiotic: chem-tRails?

What impasse’. I sought not to bring about “nerds of haven sit upon rapprochement” but found instead a host of paranoiac reactions, that which may have led to ‘rightwing elementalist’ and may have sparked a liberalist adjunct for the birth of neo-Liberalism in becoming defined, which was apparent in cover-ups, deceits, lies, and ground-Zero “guinea-pig” studies, not released to public “health, and kept under-covers for covert usurpations, etc. my 1960’s were busy revolutionary causes for social-Change and not convolutions of mistrust like being rid of “unions”!

The inevitability of wars interfering w “nuclearist-Policy formulations” was about nine of ten? While the animosity levels could be dwelled upon w.o. sanctimony by having a behavioralist disposition wielding definitions of sociologic-Temperaments w the social-Change: movements, rather than a dispossession of what was used to “determine” which is where the military-Hegemony– in 1945 started upon philosophic-Basics of Determinism. What not to dote upon nor garner forward inference obviations pre-established for non-Scrutiny? One must realize that the duality is that there are “two” nuclear-molecular weapons, but technocrats of Technology built—too much industrial-Power. What portends of history are overlooked by drinking oneself around every sleazy avenue and see how scarce of Vegetation, we actually, live!


    POem          the veil of pRopaganda, wall of INsincerity           5-08-15

you’Re back is against the sarcophagus near pRipyat, Ukraines heavy-
Metal cover over reactoR-4 maintains a memory of those men who once
wirked there, maybe some of those whom you met in 1981 when there–
beneath the reactor, seeing where uranium melt-thru might happen…
whose continued operation on the other reactor, (cold fusion) an insanity
but running nuclear reactor, is not picking-up Radionuclides casks delivery
contaminations scattered 1-2-3-4 thousand miles from “ground-Pollute”
mindscape in memory of the 600,000 helpor-Liquidators of Chernobyl 1986
the Chernobyl-Meltdown an enterprise… an accident
rings discordant not harmony and discord, stridency, the composite of 500
hundred thousand children, dying of starvation in Iraq-Lands
US-Military hewn-recourse, Hegemony of a new-Rome embrace for what
now accord the fullest of NSDU-238 Radionuclides-contaminations

compassionate support of furtive ruin ‘n destabilization
most likely they never will have other than “human-Malformities”
indiscrepancies of a lifetime besettling from the radionuclides-Released,
a relinquishment that compares w afro-Amers & hispano-Amers poverty
of usa: the new-Rome, impoverishment by their dept-of-Offense plutocracy
their millions civilians murdered since 1950, unlisted in entirety-Historicum
around the planet-World they’ve mostly destroyed…
now compared w Chernobyl’s mishap, abstruse and psychopathological

today is Victory-Day, known widely around the world but excluding, the
new-Rome where propaganda reigns IN-justice against those
men and women who defended the Ukraines, Byelorusse, Poland, and
Latvia from nazi’s supremacy forwarding war thru ‘blitz’
— known 70-years ago– when the 27 (once-Waz 20 millions)
million souls murdered in gulags by Stalin’s many purges, not those
however, of those imprisoned by Adolph’s Hitlerist war-Machine
propagated by Goebbels

one day the encirclement of Russia and the relinquishments by peoples
the federation of 110 ethnicities will be remembered not differently, not
indifferently as the new-Rome has armed fascist-Pigs w military madness
in middel-East deserts so as not to discuss: Chernobyl Sarcophagus,
NSDU-238 gHW Bushwhacky crime against-Humanity for what?

the Donetsk invasion by neo-Fascist forces to entertain warring

the “mighty” sarcophagus, rather than rebuild and maintain structural,
an integrity of ‘peace’ all the infernal harm that which propaganda
has wrought by the three-propaganda’s beneath one-Veil:
capitalist-Totalitarian, bureaucratic-Stalin gulags, fascist-Dictators
as the deformed, the children in those nation-States,
look not for comfort to pains
from Chernobyl’s realized beseechment’s, the waste…

of children suffering in pains, their odious-Malformities w innate

a lament concertina, Iraq-lands of the gulags and neo-Fascist

they, who’s the they anymore, Sept 11th 2001 cannot fully comprehend,
mixed emotive, families against fascist-Zionism–yet only feel…



Some excuses makes for narrow-minded senselessness, ennui and those proverbials-of-Excess: illegal-Wars are illegal. The US Constitution is law of land not an oligarch who cheated to get elected—or most proverbially allowed others to do the dastardly-Deed. Do you and I need an accouterment of doggie-shit on sidewalk, or cleanliness is not excess litter and plastispheres melting into microns for all biological and botanical microns to remain contaminated. Why cannot I sleep there. Boo-hoo inhumaneness is excess wars-warring as much as too much tyranny goes society ‘backwards’. How sad, and how non-commital toward building a culture thru acculturalization-Method.

What need never attempted amplification by proxy, or by experience handed in ex-emplary non-veteran sidewalk drunks of sleaze my country tis of thee amiable and wan-dering: is that? What has to transcend and who is defining, is the necessity whether you feel lost or might be brain-warped from propaganda? Those we’ve got ‘em has become the superlative reason for not relating that the new-Rome as empire is not for you, nor the known of this sociologic-Factor is know, and renown as constant swarthy, but not worthy, to be befitting of and for democracy, obviously! How about justice for the Republic, since capitalism obviates democracy?

Because we’ve worked to get this far, the anti-Nuclearists are morosely anti-War but anti-Nuclearist first since wars kill others—morosely– as they’re not supposed to be inva-sions for US Republic’s long-gone Constitution! Where do we ordinance thru our ways not for Cons of oblique Conditionalist reprisals, but for we have us, by not allotting to others that degeneracy is not always WASP, nor, Jewish, nor Muslim, nor fundamentalist, nor politics? The integrity lacking amenity that is itinerant is not being fooled because that is inanimate, but subjective. This is that people like “R” Addison have been into keeping us from the precipice of demised-consciousness, a type of humanist expectancy built upon human rights, and not indignations. Here the poets words are known and not insular to superlative empiricist methods of nuclearist “madness”. This non-truth is not truth. However, the allotments are truths regarding insiders of black Ops and negligence in radiation-Monitoring now most assuredly needing to go ahead for traditionalist basics, a new basic of social integrated traditions, not war-Soldiering ad infinitum.

written by, “R” Addison (submitted 11-06-16)dscn2606_2-%22the-angle-off-angle-to-place-the-ten-feet-width-of-aramassd00micated%22-17-5%22h-x-13%22w-edited-11-06-16-src

1- “Hanford’s diverse human history deserves to be told” by Knute Berger, May 16th 2016

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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