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volume-ExceRpt #2/ 06 Oct 16 Egalomaniacal Society of Elites Perturbations or Liberty

volume-ExceRpt #2/ 06 Oct 16

Egalomaniacal Society of Elites Perturbations or Liberty 

Seeking justice is a socio-Political event, and demise of democracy-Purpose usefully and most readily brings people to their ‘feet’. While the society that has not been arrested for Sept 11th 2001 Directed energy Beams extermination via “worst terrorist act in u.s.a.” how can one state that: the new-Rome is not producing. The peregrinationous portion is that of Conditionalism will rule where the venues of illegal-Invasions w.o. “Defense” has ensued. This is a black-Ops, stat. We live and we wirk outdoors. Why the police-State to retain “non-tRuths”?
One of my journalist-Investigations was on why and how Mumia Abu Jamal was arrested, while finding the city/urban Police did not understand what human-Rights and police-Brutality were conceptually—in Philadelphia PA. Thus, defense of the planet is “defense for ourselves”. There comes a time, when wars-Warring has to be halted for peace and terrorism jailed for Liberty to resume. Free Leonard Peltier and throw-out the Conditionalism of typecasting leaders of traditionals and their indige-Amer’s needs of freedom. A one-party system is the parody of corrupting thru ‘propaganda-Model’. If, one is not for the free-will of police to speak “freely” then black-Ops has a backdoor to prop-up the usury to continue Impunity, the corrupting leading-Edge.

“Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks will be on the ballot in Iowa for president and vice-president as the candidates of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.
Both candidates recently traveled to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota to stand with the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline (#NODAPL). That dangerous pipeline is planned to cut diagonally across Iowa as well as crossing other states.
La Riva posted a message from the encampment at Standing Rock on Aug. 28: “At Standing Rock Sioux Tribe land now. The camp and resistance is powerful, with so much spirit and solidarity of people from 90 plus Native nations. It is an honor to be with the community here. Their determination is tremendous.”
She also stated, “The stand that people are taking here is also for the people of Iowa and the whole country. We need to stand together to say no more drilling. No more oil pipeline. We must stop the destruction of the earth.”
Dennis Banks, Anishinaabe born on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation and fam-ed co-founder of American Indian Movement in 1968 has also taken part at the pro-tests in Standing Rock. The following is from a statement he wrote about the resistance to #DAPL:
“They (The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) never once contacted the reservation to ask about the impact on their land or to ask for input on what could be a very dangerous project. People’s lives are at stake.
“Because of that, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has taken a very strong position to halt any kind of construction of pipeline underneath their land. Not only would the pipeline destroy the environment, it would poison and contaminate the water for years.
“This is why over 90 Native nations have come together. They’ve brought their tribal flags. That’s what is flying over Standing Rock.
“Stopping the destruction of the environment is of primary importance, not only to Native people, but to environmentalists all across the country, to farmers in the area to people around the world. Water is life, without water there is no life.
“They plan to pump 400,000 barrels a day through the pipeline under the Miss-ouri River. If it breaks it would be a huge catastrophe.
“Our land and water are at stake, our history is at stake, our culture is at stake, our spiritual values, our spiritual sites and ceremonies are at stake.”

These above tRuths are not clever diversions for laws to always have lawyers? They are morose examples of the disregard of traditions and indigenous—not necessarily native, since anyone born on north-Americas is a ‘native’. The making of right-of-Way for chemical-Pollutions has had the day and we too much anxiety, since all we’ve wanted was LNG as phooel since Jan 1st 1975. Oil is yet a lubricant and a necessary ingredient to food-packaging and all other utilizations of plastic-Amenities. Anymore use of wars w Oil and the me-thane arising from arctic-Circle will all have to be captured and apprised for LNG: liquid natural-Gas, changeover. That plan to assert holding a pattern of releases that are not mathematical, but algebraic, needs industry and more than likely “national: not coRpoRate-Greed control”.

My geographic-tReks into the arctic-Circle 1977, 1981 into Antarctica, were adequate to see that fast-Melt-off is pre-dispossessing our normal, human-evolutionary course. Directed energy terrorism UN-justly allots there is a back-Ops course, but what and who is/are that Nemesis. The Memesis of intel-Gence to buy-off some people, is the we-People’s side-light to maintaining a global-Village, when and where that not allowable becomes renown. The complicitness to sell one’s soul by secrecy needs be considered “all-the-D-Day long” when traveling the world as a journalist, due the stupendous insidiousness-Excesses of fascist-Zionists and ISI and cIAS. This is not that encouragement is merely deception, but that involvement is encouraged by sicko-Psychopaths of intel-Gence agencies—too-Powerful, but corrupting forces of discivilry for democracy-Maintained. The capaciousness is the whatever, that which can and does provide “blowback” of the civilian in discivilry, as both patriotism and compassion are not less than a crutch, but should the civilian desire honest-Rapprochement for himself, or friends of nGOS, necessity is truthful relating to sub-sequences, always.

“The generalization of Marx and Engels about the evolution of the “modern state,” and especially its executive as managing the “common affairs” of the bourgeoisie was not an observation of a finished process.
Before the rise of the modern state the capitalists employed their own private armies, navies and militias.
In 1599, the English East Indies Company began its vast colonial plunder in Asia. In 1602, the Dutch capitalists formed the Dutch East India Company to challenge British plans to acquire hegemony in the region. Technically, under the license from their home governments, these companies not only monopolized trade in gold, spices, opium, silk, Chinese porcelain and other goods, they also took control of territories with huge armies and navies that were in fact larger than the British or Dutch official armies and navies.
By 1782, the English East India Company army was made up of more than 100,000 soldiers, all mercenaries—far larger than the British army at the time. The Dutch company armed forces grew to more than 25,000 full-time soldiers and an armada of 140 ships.
The companies had a monopoly position in trade and assumed all the “normal” state functions of sovereign countries. The Universal Dictionary of 1751 wrote: “One of the reasons why the Dutch East India Company flourishes, and has become the richest and most powerful … [is because it] makes peace and war at pleasure, and by its own authority; administers justice to all … settles colonies, builds fortification, levies troops, maintains numerous armies and garrisons, fits out fleets, and coins money.”
By assuming the absolute powers that later fell exclusively to the modern capi-
talist state, these individual corporate entities conducted themselves narrowly bas-ed on their own profits without regard for the needs and interests of the other capitalists.
For example, King James I told the English East India Company to avoid unnecessary conflict with Portugal, since the British crown was seeking a diplomatic alliance with Portugal. The company nonetheless sank most of the Portuguese ships in the region. More than a century later, in 1759, the British and Dutch companies fought a land and sea war with each other when the English East India Company tried to defeat all commercial rivals in India. The English company prevailed.
The economic establishments back home gradually rejected the massive unilat-eral powers that these companies held. The companies pursued their own narrow commercial interests and the cost of maintaining their own armies, navies and forts was an increasing drain on profits. Investors turned sour on both the Dutch comp-any, which went bankrupt in 1798, and the English company, which began losing major powers to the British crown in the early 1800s.
The great 1857 Indian Revolt ended with the English East India Company’s dis-solution and with the British state replacing the company’s more or less direct rule. Thousands of Indians as well as British forces were killed before the rebellion was put down.”

What my thingy-Bop was, getting close-in to report on factors as they are, and were, the correlatives, has been very plussed for a pulse to define expropriately, for a well-done, concisely written, essay or article-Piece. Having already talked w the sons on Ruby Ridge, one-of-the-two-leaders of Davidians, the ATF officer @ Murrah Building (OK-City) regarding my finding dynamite being “actually-set” inside that building, as well as the augre and auspices: being into the eighth-floor of WTC-NYC building #7, and being asked about the spy-aero-jet overhead the freeway near the Pentagon building, as well as asked en silent-voce` to not post ‘letter’ at mailbox where “anthrax was eventually dropped and picked-up w delivery success. My non-complicity was study w SINC credentiality. This as both me being followed by ATF and bumping into events where fBIS would soon be investigating, either sophisticatedly or valoressely wised, not apprise my position as journalist—on-the-spot!
The ATF man’s voice was, too, the same as the man I sought, and afro-American who was being squeezed from his functionalities in Oklahoma City parking lot, but who did nod his head in approval “that some federal-Agency had allowed planting of dynamite, altho I had seen and reported to fBIS, there” too! my peregrinations took me into the crevasse’s of government delinquency as a Socialist enterprising how to defend from exterior-Terror which was not ever to be the case, but hopefully, not caused by my prodding into the dis-graceful UN-turned motif’s that should have been “defense” but definitively, were not i.e. why I was given free-reign and why my indemnographics may have turned fascist-Zionists, or black-Ops, in a non-Discretionary fashion. That is what ales me now, since 1996.

“In fact, a spike in infant mortality had occurred in New Mexico after the first bomb test in 1945, which must have been noted by government officials at the time, but secrecy connected with the bomb project prevented public knowledge of the link to nuclear fallout for a quarter century to come. By the time atmospheric tests had ended in 1962, 100 atmospheric tests had taken place in Nevada (2), covering most of the country with fallout clouds.[2] But no epidemiological studies that would have detected such well-known effects as leukaemia and cancer in children were carried out by government agencies. Thus, the full extent of the damage to human health and the racial and ethnic discrimination involved did not become known until long after it was discovered by non-government funded independent scientists that very low-level chronic internal exposures to radioactive particles in the milk, the drinking water and the food led not only to leukaemia, other cancers and other conditions such as infections, heart disease and strokes, but also to much larger numbers of foetal deaths, low birth weight, congenital malformations and infant mortality (6,7,8).

Thyroid damage to the foetus also increases the risk of hypothyroidism at birth, leading to impairment of brain development. This turned out to explain the decline in Scholastic Aptitude Tests taken typically at age 18 that began in the U.S. beginning some 18 years after the first nuclear test in 1945. It was found that annual declines correlated closely with the magnitude of each test series in Nevada and the amount of Iodine–131 in the milk 18 years earlier (9,10). Moreover, as predicted, the SAT score decline ended 18 years and began to rise with the end of all atmospheric testing by the U.S., the U.K. and the U.S.S.R. in 1963 (1).

Atmospheric nuclear tests were carried out by the Soviet Union in the Kazakh Republic beginning in 1949, from where the winds brought the fallout into the Himalaya Mountains, India, Burma and Afghanistan, again affecting the health of indigenous populations rather than the majority of Russians. This was followed by the first French atmospheric tests in the Sahara desert in 1960 from where the nuclear fallout came down in the high rainfall areas of Equatorial Africa, affecting most seriously the native African population, and probably triggering the AIDS epidemic as described in Chapter 10 of “Deadly Deceit” (1). Subsequently, French nuclear tests were moved to Mururoa Island of the South Pacific continuing until 1975, where the winds took the clouds of fission products to South America and South Africa where once again the indigenous population bore the brunt of the effects.

The last atmospheric tests were carried out by China at Lop Nor just north of Tibet, beginning in 1964, not ending until 1980, with tests taking place when the winds were blowing south towards the Himalayan Mountains rather than to the east where the large cities were located. Again this resulted in the greatest radiation exposures for the indigenous population of Tibet and India. Underground nuclear tests by China that frequently vented as in the U.S. continued until 1993, a year after they were discontinued by the U.S.”

One does not have to be a patriot ‘of a gawd’ to be anti-War/anti-Invasions, pro-Constitution not offensive-Aggression supportive. The nuclear-Molecular degeneration of the planet’s immuno-Deficiency that which we configure as Ecology, but constantly have need to expand in order to find protective-Measures, is not a sanctimonious ‘study’ of convolution, but one of Evolution and adaptability. Altho human-Negligence is the cacophony in the ways of formulating, the surreptition is that every partial-nuance needs be investigated for “conceit by human-control”. The “biosphere” oNLY adapts as far as the chemical enterprise i.e. what is comprised.

The we-people of the middle-East was never asked to be a diplomatic-Terror. Odiously they became terrorized by NSDU-238, UN-justly as we-Peeps of u.s.a. have been terroriz-ed by chem-tRails and by an egregious admin showering drone-Weddings into oblivion. Meanwhile, the whole world’s people does or does not want to know what the Sept 11th 2001 utility for “free-energy technology” that as Directed Energy in the cause to murder almost 3,000 people w beams and then the Pentagon w bombs-planted and surreptition of neo-Liberalism imprint. and excuse Jews/Israels from the throes of terrorist-Bravado, exists! This is neo-Liberalist banking, yes. However, the “colonialism-Past” is not new and improved, but heinous UN-lawful and anti-constitutional as far as cover-ups did go, but as far as tRtuhs have discerned to alleviate our collective-Anxieties. Directed Energy pulse weapons, we know now. They exist. Soooo, too, do the laws o arrest those, all of them, in-volved for murder, which also includes “the assassination of witnesses” post fact. History cannot be written o-u-t as a good composite of what may have been formulated and posi-ted, since Operation Gladio and since USS Liberty, attacked purposefully by IDF in 1968.
“Today, we discuss military exercises and drills that can be then flipped live. We take a look at drills in the years leading up to the events September 11 and those taking place on the day of. These 46 exercises and drills identified by Webster Tarpley are outlined in a revised Chapter 9 of the Fifth Edition of “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the U.S.A.,” Tarpley’s seminal work on 9/11. This book is concerned not only with what did happen on 9/11 but also with larger tragedies which came close to happening, but which ultimately did not occur.

Webster Tarpley, welcome. You have a new chapter 9 for the 5th edition of “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the U.S.A:” “The 46 Exercises and Drills of 9/11.” Which I have just finished reading. Great chapter! How has this chapter been updated for the 5th edition?
Tarpley: Well, compared to the 4th edition, which came out 3 or 4 years ago, the big difference is that I’ve found about 20 to 25 more drills, depending on how you want to count it. The history of my “9/11 Synthetic” book is the history of delving deeper and deeper into the drills. I think in the first edition in 2005, I was aware of 5 or 6 drills. There was above all Amalgam Virgo 01 and then Amalgam Virgo 02 that had come out in the hearings, although they suppressed it, it disappeared in the final report of the Kean-Hamilton Commission. Then in the 2nd and 3rd editions, I was up to 10 to 15 drills. The U.S. edition, the 4th edition had about 25. And then I’ve added now the remainder.

Let me point everybody in a direction. If you want a convenient way to research these drills for yourself, go to this complete 9/11 timeline; it’s a data base that has been assembled been by various people. It’s part of a website called history-com-mons. And what you’ll find there is a lot of detail and links and key words and you can follow the links back to the original publications where news of these drills ap-peared.

The problem, of course, is that they whole website; they seem to be determine to ignore what their own data prove. Which is that 9/11 was, of course, an inside job. It was, very specifically, a state-sponsored, false-flag, synthetic terror action. It was a war provocation designed to produce the war of civilizations and the “clash of civilizations” in the form of the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, and other wars that we’ve come close to or are now in, with Libya. And this was carried out by this rogue network or invisible government which has been infesting the U.S. federal government in the current form since about the middle of 1890s; since the time of Grover Cleveland.

So rather than waste time with trying to blame this on Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Israel or anybody else, the attention has to be focused on the U.S. federal bureaucracy- and above all, the interface between Wall Street and the intelligence community. If you can think of somebody like Allen Dulles, the Wall Street bond lawyer and reputed Nazi sympathizer, or worse, who was one of the people to help create the CIA. If you think of his brother, John Foster Dulles. That sort of gives you the neck of the woods that we’re talking about. Where those Wall Street lawyer types meet the intelligence community. And that of course is the CIA pre-eminantly. That’s where you have to look for the problem. These other countries that get invol-ved are at most very peripheral subcontractors who deliver things that the U.S. invisible government wants. I make a partial exception for the British, since they play a somewhat larger role than others. But that’s basically the idea. So if you want to look at this stuff, go to the complete 9/11 timeline, but don’t take seriously the overview that they seem to be trying to give you with 9/11.”
One does not need “methane” to fight wars, and forget about methane and meth-ane-Hydrate, at all. Why the delay and dalliances to arrest the murdering-Terrorists, the deluxe-Foolheads? Transport phooels can now mesh, technologically because injection system regulate the flow in “the contained-system”. The plutocrats want monopoly/ mon-otony and that was where we were in 1980 when war-Chaos theory was inactivity for soci-al-Progress—once again. What is a transport phooel when one has no oxygenate to bRe-athe? There is nothing much disconcerting than not having 200 or fewer “thermo-Nucle-aRs” and zero-NSDU-238: penetrators, altho the munitions and manufacture adjudicates be rid use all. That, the latter, is world-War One rhetoric for chems and shells. Today’s il-legal-Wars, does and ought make for a war-Chaos: theory “expired and not ever renew-able”. Defense of the planet and ‘defense’ of the home-Borders, is entirely the necessity, but that was in 1946 thru 1996 dimensions.

Ecology of the planet is the major-Defense that is people-Needed. Firsthand thought, not derision i.e. not elites-Plutocracy as defense from all others! The 10-billion dollars budgeted by war-Laureate, should have been spent on changeover to LNG, as I’ve mentioned above, because use of any and all Radionuclides NEEDS TO BE CLEAN-UP ENTIRELY SINCE 1945 USAGES.

When is the next impact from asteroid larger or smaller? How do we-People allot that U.N. leaders and American-Leaders do not get bought-Off, since they’ve passed that “buck /greenback” to the people who need the arrests and Justice to have a defense from the plutocrats. Two hundred thermos, and 10-million tons of NSDU-238, does that seem like too much not to recognize what can be worldwide investigated and controlled by the world’s we-People, or what cannot be used is now not “defense” but memory of what we may never-ever, need.

The methane is on it’s way; the fascist-Zionist: terRorists for the masse` murders on Sept. 11th 2001 have not been arrested. The spirit of killing People/populous must be halted and weapons used reduced way-down to near ‘zilch’ and zilch.


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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