Bio-sketch (2-27-16)

Bio-sketch (2-27-16):

The woRse time of my liteRary-Ecology studies: caReeR, was in 1981, when the Ecology group was cRossing fRom Egypt into Libya–all deseRt geogRaphy. Because we weRe being followed, as well as in unknown geogRaphy/topogRaphy, and other than maps studies back-States my memoRy wirk. I noticed after my fRiend ‘ChaRlie K.’ had subducted/deduced how many possibilities theRe weRe–peRsons, what type– and w.i. 4-5 days we back-tRacked and found who was tailing us oR possibly lost on puRpose!

When we got neaReR to Ajdabiyah we weRe told to head south into deseRt, by Steve ouR ResouRces leadeR–me being Ecology leadeR. TheRe Charlie’s scouting and my checkmating the guy following us on foot, was we had to delay his foRwaRd progRess for pRospect of having best, the good Results on our excursions to recourse peace & Ecology. When we got to where we were proceeding–neither township not Bedouin-Camp–into the cIAS and Holywood agents and pRoduceR’s camp we had actually landed! Totally sand, and they even had aiR conditioninG –altho nites weRe yet late winteR. We Rested-up and into camp came Mahammed Atta, who had been followinG us in oRdeR to get to this spot! What a teenageR, of 13 yeaRs who looked maybe fifteen.             “R”

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