album-1/ seRies-2 “pH0t0gRapHiC speciAls feR sALe batch-2 (2008)”

album-2/ seRies-2 “pH0t0gRapHiC speciAls feR sALe batch-2 (2008)”

pHoTogRaphy I started to study @ age: 9.Five years, but cameRa’s were exclusively not tRiffles…leaRning was Ecology and visuality (1-25-17)! mR. Ansel Adams (Sierra Club and MonteRey county) was a studY zone in the pResidio paRk–seveRal adjunctive t-i-m-e-s as i gRew up-neaRby. What tO phOtOgRaph! Or, study pictuRe-bOOks of aRchitecuRe? The Ecology came into my pRescience by age-Eleven as I was forced to speAk in fRont San Mateo county-SupervisoRs as pArk lands needEd pRoTectiOning and thus–surveillance. HoweveR, mUlti-use was resultant factoRable resolVe.

R-A pHOtOgRapHiCs


#1) the baRn seRies from bLUe oAks countRy (will be posted)

#2) **staRted into the aRea alongside indigenous sAn- fRan region people who left to found a tRibal aRea and proceed w “cAsinos…

#3) Why this view, califoRnia’s hutchEs wheRe annual tRansiet hispaAnic wuRkoRs lived to handle cows and oRchards miles away…

#4) my backgRound in metalluRgy and still-Life pResentationing…

#5) I planted the bLu-oAk w saw-Off in 1971…

#6) the califoRnia gRass renown, but inescapable will be –chemicalizat0nings since 1998?

#7) WinteR’s lacking wondeR-Land, post 1998 onslaught of  chem-tRails that caused acid-Rein ‘shid-ski’  just above gRound levels– @ 8,310 feet in pondeRosa’s cut too fReakinG much!

#8) 5,380 feet on the south-Platte river south of little-D: denver!

#9) a favoRite camp-spot @ 9,998 feet along the gReat divide–coloRadie!

#10) dEer in tuRkey-countRy: CalifoRnia-gRasses heat-intense shade!

#11) B & W of fouR-feet tRunk bLu-oAk (study aRea) Sonoma County

#12)  the concRete sidewall from removed ‘dAm poRti0ns’ in 1975…

#13) 1998 study of high-countRy p0ndeRosa’s–at 8,310 feet– as onslaughts of sky weRe wilted-out fRom chemicalizationings…

#14)  a fAwn cheWing gReen shoots gRowing in dRy cReek-bed–bLu-oAks countRy!


#15) dRied califoRnia gRasses, no water flow, baRn in backgRound…

#16) dRied gRassEs–favoRite view fRom shade!


#17) this cut was added in 1976, made campgRound less pRivate and the cows alReady Removed, anywAy!

#18) anotheR view of califoRnia’s legacy of faRm-wiRkoRs befoRe Ceasr Chavez and unioniZationinG!

#19) the second-Dam of thRee, gate rEmoved–dRy bed–blU-oAks countRy!

#20) B & W captuRing the uniqueness of bLu-oAks!

#21) oveR-reAch of bLu-oAk gets neaReR Valley-Oaks sizes!

#22)  the route to liVe oAk-study in bLu-oAks countRy…


#23) l0ng distance viEw of bArn below ’round hill’ gOOd hike oveR 1.5 milEs fRom shadE rEst!

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