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volume-ExceRpts post #20/ 17 Nov 2018 asseRtive pRolixities of Hegemonyites Asinine MisbehavioRalism

volume-ExceRpts post #20/  17 Nov 2018

asseRtive pRolixities of Hegemonyites Asinine MisbehavioRalism


Eco-Topia Moronic, the planet’s ecology & H.A.A.R.P.  paradox                         6-03-14

Terror punitive the IMpunity & imprudent belligerence-Multiple                     1-19-14


The state of capitalist-Totalitarian is soooo good that you’re allowed to kill others by

imperialism, too! Join-up, the militarism is explained, but NSDU-238 is nothing-Much, not even an aspirin is recommended. Remains the big concoctive lie, the biggest foot-in-Mouth assertion, the worst case scenario by plan, by design, by ubiquitous desire, too! The AWACs are coming, the GAU-8 is suspended and seeks trouble, then makes a contaminated mess that lasts at least ONE MILLION YEARS, and who’ll be around to finish the countdown when all the plutocrats w remiss mindscape are bound into the interstellar-Gaseous estate w dribble DNA delineages that have no strength—at least, mostly no commiseration for themselves. The death-Ray has been discovered, by the plutocrats, now makes me wonder whether the plutocrats also discovered NSDU-238 and that is why the designing that re-started in 1971, was exponential by 1983, when the full-til boogie on death-Squads had been asserted by School of Assassins, at least not suspended, but moreso, re-suspended!


Let’s face reality, the new-Rome loves themselves, or basically the ego-Trippe that they garner for killing-fields—and that they do such, is somewhere betwixt Holywood and anathema six-Gun americanism edifice! Arrogance aside, what is Socialism was Henry Wall-ace’s mainstay for better or rather the best-Becoming of a Progressive. Who else had more Americanism? Was that the Camelot admin. No, I see not and think that Liberalism made for indignant neo-Liberalist Banking to upswing into the codiferous of ‘derivative-Banking’ more slowly, but that trick-Dick was very much an assertive who backed from LBJ’s assertiveness, seeking no reparations where reparations were not oozing! Nonetheless, who had the gall to keep track of both NSDU-238 and the death-Ray, because to get to H.A.A.R.P. one had to practice changing the ‘actual-Forces’ w.i. nature, that of clouds w winds i.e. hurricanes. The amalgamated sleaze as trick-Dick would say is: better to have all misunderstood, or LBJ, but not JFK. Either way, the word intel-Gence was suspended, while cIAS went forward w building anarchism in Europe thru Operation Gladio.


“The modern weather modification program, at least in the US, is over 70 years old. Public service announcements printed in newspapers back in the 1960s warned of government intention to modify the weather.

Life Magazine, back in the 50s and 60s, continually covered US weather modification programs, including Project Storm-fury which redirected and reduced hurricane intensity from 1962 to 1983. The IPCC’s continuing and absolute silence on such programs is deafening.

With insider knowledge, a chapter in the 1968 book, Unless Peace Comes: A   Scientific Forecast of New Weapons, predicts the development of technologies that will use the planet itself as a weapon. The chapter, “How to Wreck the Environment,” [2] was penned by geophysicist and member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee, Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald, wherein he states:


“The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.”

The chapter envisions four planetary weapons which MacDonald predicted would be fully developed by the 21st century, based on the then-current state of research:

Climate modification;

Earthquake generation;

Tsunami generation and direction; and

Mass behavior control via electromagnetic manipulation of the ionosphere.

The idea is carried forward in several geoengineering schemes detailed in Eli Kintisch’s Hack the Planet, in a chapter entitled “The Pursuit of Levers,” explained as “small changes in Earth’s system that can have profound global effects.” [3]


As LBJ’s Science Advisor, MacDonald surely knew of the military’s weather modification program known as Operation Popeye, which ran from 1967 thru 1972 in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. By seeding clouds, the US military caused torrential downpours that inhibited enemy truck and troop movements. Initially exposed by investigative journalist Jack Anderson, the existence of the project was later corroborated in The Pentagon Papers.

In 1996, world renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who served on the Bhopal and the Chernobyl Medical Commissions, and was a recipient of the Right Liveli-hood Award, published “Background on HAARP,” [4] describing Dr. Bernard Eastlund’s brainchild, the US High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, as fol-lows:

“It would be rash to assume that HAARP is an isolated experiment which would not be expanded. It is related to fifty years of intensive and increasingly destructive programs to understand and control the upper atmosphere. It would be rash not to associate HAARP with the space laboratory construction which is separately being planned by the United States. HAARP is an integral part of a long history of space research and development of a deliberate military nature.”


In 2000, reports Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Dr Bertell told The Times of London, “US military scientists … are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include the enhancing of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth’s atmosphere to produce targeted droughts or floods.” [5]

HAARP’s use of the ionosphere through radio frequencies, explains Dr. Nick Begich, co-author of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, also triggers earthquakes and volcanoes. [6] Begich quotes Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, who said in 1997 at a conference on terrorism:

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” [7]

Pragmatically, the US wouldn’t be worried about such weapons unless they knew with certainty that they were feasible and had, in all likelihood, already developed them itself.


In “Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chem-trails,” which was named the 9th most censored story in 2012 by Project Censored, a brief history of known geoengineering events was published. [8] From that report, the IPCC’s co-founder, the World Meteorological Organization, complained six years ago, in 2007, that:

“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.” [9]

But the IPCC remains mum on these projects, except to deny they exist, while at the same time urging in its Summary that they must continue or global warming will spike. The 2013 IPCC report states:

“Theory, model studies and observations suggest that some Solar Radiation Management (SRM) methods, if practicable, could substantially offset a global temperature rise and partially offset some other impacts of global warming, but the compensation for the climate change caused by greenhouse gases would be imprecise (high confidence).” [emphasis in original]

To claim that solar radiation management methods (which include chemtrails and HAARP-induced changes) are “unimplemented and untested” is patently absurd, and contradicts a library of evidence.[1]


Why the harbingeR  ‘to have all misunderstood‘ was important reminder to the indignation of already having “used nuclearism” to build a nuclearist-Policy of hawks, lamentable to para-dox of power-Ergonomics for too-much power usury, would have to remain where that is suspended,. Today, and to date, that is the assertive. The oNLY hang-up there was, that the plans be not-so-civil discourse, at home had to include, no longer colonialism, was that NSDU-238 got into the fracas. Somehow, the power w that kept building beyond LBJ and trick-Dick was to become non-apparency w the military as the insiders built there cold-War into rhetoric while more and more strength had to become assertive for NSDU-238, actually to be test-Used e.g. the Sinai Peninsula and the IDF. Henry Wallace putdown by the democratic-Party Chicago machine, 1944 was a rampage against the two-party parody and the new-Rome would win, because socialist parties were weakened by the anti-Union consortium of fools. Who then was onto building NPP’s for plutonium to become stock-piled for an eternity of non-Resurrections. Thus, this is the mess that needs to be UN-tang-led from adversity to share in the values of being ‘devalued’! Whereupon, NSDU-238 had already become a punitive-Terror.


The anti-Autocracy plan thus did fool, but Libertarianism arose and by the late 1980’s the fourth International placed Populism w that of a parity, prioritized, but not-so-planned.  The peace & Freedom Party of the 1960’s pooled all Progressives together. Though there would not be a Progressive-Party, the peace & Freedom Party was resplendently indicative of integrative forces of what is call the Amers. Traditionalism and behavioralism had to go somewhere because those acculturalists did not goad into a socialist platform but neither did they gratuitously reform on an anarchist placations’ list to obviating what was in need of ‘to-do’ as that was the radical right-wing backlash, of 1969. The peace and Freedom Party was anti-Nuclearist, but had placations of NSDU-238 beneath themselves caught betwixt intel-Gence schemas’ and not being educated to Radionuclides propensities other than Beatniks, err-so, poetics and language not yet fully parlanced, by 1977! The factual side of the 1950’s was both Americanism as culturalism and politics as political-Party parities, the coalition forming would come much later!


AMY GOODMAN: Vandana Shiva, you have said that climate emergencies are often the time in which GMO seeds, genetically modified seeds, are pushed. Can you explain what you mean and what your problem is with GMOs, genetically modified organisms?

VANDANA SHIVA: We realized, with the Supercyclone in Orissa in 1999, when we were doing rehabilitation work—on the one hand, distributing salt-tolerant seeds that we had saved in our community seed banks, so that farmers could sow and have a crop. And then the peasants showed us these sacks and said, “They’re giving us stuff that’s inedible. Please get us rice. We are rice-eating people.” We saw the sacks. They had a U.S. handshake. They were a corn-soya blend. If it’s corn and soya, I knew even in 1999 it’s going to be genetically modified. We had it tested. It was genetically engineered. I wrote to our Health Ministry, which then basically said, “We don’t have an approval.” And this was just brought in in the name of an emergency. I was attacked, saying I’m letting people starve. But rice-eating people want rice, not a bad, inedible corn-soya blend.


So, what’s my critique of genetic engineering? It actually builds on my experience of what I saw with the Green Revolution in Punjab. There were banners in the climate march where the Sikhs were saying, “Our land of five rivers has been destroyed.” That’s what Punjab means, the land of five rivers. Abundant water, fertile soils. They took this chemical agriculture, called it the “Green Revolution”—not green, not revolutionary—built it all on subsidies, and then the subsidies started to get withdrawn. And the negative economy that industrial chemical agriculture is started to hurt the people. The peasants rose. You had a movement, that was called an extremist movement. The army was sent to Punjab. Indira Gandhi was assassinated as a consequence of the army going to the sacred shrine of the Sikhs, the Gol-den Temple. I realized then that the myth of the Green Revolution, where Borlaug is made a saint—Borlaug, the man who came from the DuPont defense labs—to re-engineer plants so that they could take up more chemicals, because that was the block. It was basically to sell chemicals. And they had to modify the plant and make them dwarves. But it needed more water, 10 times more water, so the huge amount of irrigation, and, of course, converting a biodiverse system of 250 species into a monoculture of rice in one season and a monoculture of wheat in the other season.”


That NSDU-238 is a nano-Molecule is not derisive, but that there is no chemical make-up comprising “how, what, when” to clean-UPs the miasmatical mess, that is an Ontological prolixity beyond the problematic, like why create a sleaze to prove there is a Sleaze is anti-Existentialist and anti-Life, too! Nano-Particulate anti-Matter is a hardship for the cellu-lar structure of the lymph nodes, the blood vessels inner-Walls, and of course, we’re discus-sing the minutiae of cells w.i. the confines of the human anatomy! Atoms are very hard to determine where those are in the Ecology ruinations. The molecular-Radionuclides altho somewhat easier is determinant. Not determinism.This is big, egregious,faux pas,reminds me of the good-Smile of “raw-Goon’s” blunderous, pleased, hauteur-Smile.


“So then, when they come with the next miracle of genetic engineering, which is often called the Second Green Revolution—and there’s a huge push on Africa in the name of the Alliance of the Green Revolution in Africa, through the Gates Foundation—I know three things. One, that this is part of the industrial agriculture system, so all the problems of industrial agriculture will intensify, whether it’s emissions of greenhouse gases, the 40 percent problem of climate change, whether it’s abuse of water, 75 percent of the problem of water, the soil degradation, and the species extinction, because this model of agriculture can only be a monoculture, and the U.N. has recognized that we’ve lost 75 percent species due to monocultures in industrial farming.

But there is a new problem that is over and above the typical Green Revolution industrial agriculture. And that is that genetic engineering, unlike all conventional breeding, is producing species with traits that don’t belong to that species. Wheat breeds with wheat, rice breeds with rice. For the first time, we can put into rice or cotton a Bt toxin from a soil organism. And now this toxin is in—

AMY GOODMAN: What does Bt mean?

VANDANA SHIVA: Bt is a soil organism name called Bacillus thuringiensis. And so, you have Bt crops and HT crops. The Bt crops have a toxin. They say it will control pests. The herbicide-tolerant crops, like the Roundup Ready crops, are supposed to control weeds. Interestingly in the U.S., the genetically engineered Bt crops have been approved as a pesticide, not as a food. And as a pesticide, I think we need to recognize that the same industry—“ [2]


Given the opportunity, coRpoRate sleaze prevention-Society will soon exist, if that has not already been factored in your own lives, since 1969?

This one feature of control seems to attenuate coming from sleaze because that is easily more readily accessible confidence in the anathema exists therefore use that. A stupidity outlasts until another stupidity translates is akin cellular growth, soooo why akin bog-Business? Yes. The cornucopia horn, is not yours, but that does not mean that can be socialized into becoming anybody’s and everybody’s UN-less ethicality has been imparted as americanism. True. However, the business of engorging into larger segmentus of coRpoRatism is also akin fascism. The enterprises of statelessness, means no mouthing of which propensity has, does or takes precedent. A planet of coRpoRatism is already too close to the worldwide NWO, or the new-Rome is multinationalist and quite “sleazy”.


“AMY GOODMAN: Wait, so you mean that the crops have pesticide in them?

VANDANA SHIVA: Are producing a pesticide. They should be honestly called pesticide-producing plants. Now, it’s the same industry that created the chemicals for the concentration camps and the wars, that then produced agrichemicals that came from inside, that’s now doing genetic engineering to produce the poisons from inside the plant. It’s a continuum. That’s why I call it a continuum of war. But it’s such an unreliable technology. Even though it is working with the genes, it’s not accurate at the genetic level. So, most of the time, when you shoot—the only way to introduce a bacterial gene into a plant cell is through shooting with a gene gun or infecting with a plant cancer, called agrobacteria. When you shoot with a gene gun, you don’t know if the cell has absorbed it. So you add another gene, which is an antibiotic resistance marker. You could have TB, and there’s a concanamycin-resistant gene. What is the purpose? To pour an antibiotic on a Petri dish to decide which cell absorbed the new gene and which cell didn’t. But in the process, forever in our food system, we are putting in antibiotic resistance, and we know there’s horizontal gene transfer in our gut. So, the bacteria in our gut could pick up this, and then we can’t be treated. As it is, antibiotic resistance is a major problem.

But that’s not all. There’s a third gene added, and that gene is a viral promoter that pumps up the expression. That viral promoter also hybridizes with viruses in our gut. A lot of people said the SARS epidemic that spread from China was super-viruses that had come out of hybridization, and then they leaped species’ boundaries.”[3]


This response to a viral-Conditionalist premise is what one should expect, because as truth there is less extracting another course of delineations. Dr. Shiva is correct and not assumptively right, but stat-pat. Chem-tRails, as previously mentioned, has beckoned ‘de-mise of land-water-soil-air’ and therefore, the we-People are propagandated to assume that nothing wills change—other than DNA re-arrangement, which may sound progressive—but, UN-toward change, remains UN-proven! Determinism, coupled to military-Hegemony equaled no-Defense for humanity from both no-Heathcare but nonsense, as well as no-Decontaminations for anythinGy-Bop, but Conditionalism.


And then, of course, the most important issue is: Why is all this being done? It’s insane. It’s not controlling pests. It’s not controlling weeds. We’ve got superpests and superweeds. Why would humanity take a technology with externalities and risks, and deploy it worldwide, twisting every law, subverting every democracy, and destroying every sovereignty? Because through genetic engineering, the entry is made to patent life forms and seeds. And it’s the royalties that come, the rent collection that come, from the process by which seed renews itself, which now is made to look like a manufacturing process. And thank goodness my country put in a clause that says, “But biological systems don’t get invented. They are not an invention, therefore not patentable.” In this country, there has never been a discussion in Congress about what’s patentable and what’s not patentable. There’s never been an ethical discussion about all this. And the fact that 300,000—nearly 300, it was 294, when the government released the data for last year, and the farmer suicide data is official statistics, it comes from the government. Most of the suicides in the cotton belt, 95 percent of the cotton is controlled for royalty collection by one com-pany. And we are talking of—

AMY GOODMAN: That company is?

VANDANA SHIVA: —royalty extraction that is killing farmers.

AMY GOODMAN: And that company is?”[4]


The company of the new-Rome Exceptionalism, rootless, groundless, impoverished to a mindless sordidness, leaving americanism as a Dreamland and extracting money from blood. This, actuality, is also a dementia, that of arrogance to maintain non-Discussion of “greed”. The American-Dream is not americanism, while somethinGy-Bop, olde and in-the-way, technically that leaves socializing o-u-t. The which gets more hidden somewhere-Else by the egoistical indigency of Monsanto, of plutocrats and of Technocrats, and of killing-Fields, always civilians of 90% therefore is supersedent. Where’s the need for Life? Yes, the olde-Republic begat “killing fields” and somewhere there is money maintaining the “shadow-government” fore how else could that not be under capitalist-Conditionalism.


“VANDANA SHIVA: That company is Monsanto. Monsanto is 98 percent of the GM problem. And I would like to mention two very fast things. Monsanto has bought up the Climate Corporation, which is the biggest climate data corporation, hoping that they’ll sell climate data to farmers and say, you know, “The climate will be like this, so buy this seed,” from which they’ll collect royalty. More interestingly, as the work on the soil starts to grow where we realize 100 percent, they’re trying to take control of the soil. And they bought up the biggest soil data corporation. They’ve, of course, bought up the biggest bee research institute of this country. And now they’re giving a donation to the climate, to the Global Clinton Initiative, to protect the bees. Bt toxins in the corn kill bees through the pollen. There was a Cornell study done on the monarch butterfly, that the larvae died when they ate Bt toxin. We know that Roundup spraying is killing the milkweed, which is the single biggest habitat for the monarch butterfly. So we are losing bees, we’re losing butterflies, which are the pollinators accounting for one-third of the food production, $169 billion worth of contribution through ecological system. So we are talk-ing about a total control system, beginning with owning the seed, owning climate data, owning soil data, owning research, owning our governments. That’s why this climate march was so important, to make us realize that people need to act before we have a dictatorship to extinction.”[5]


What did happen was that beat-Bohemia became insular hipsterism/non-Anarchyism, and somehow, that prompted amer-Communist anarchists and radicals non-descript, be-cause they would rather not be socialist endemically, since Socialism had been putdown, as though a curse akin BT Corn. Why not leave or why leave that putdown there, was the question. There was however, no assertives other than non-assertive just did not comprise sense, as my interests in political-Science, as a discourse. The second lambastication of the world via manipulated megalomania US Re-public military’s forces, of that Korean Peninsula UN-declared warring and total-Destruction for mass-Media appeal (and propaganda manipulations) led me onto the americanism also did not comprise rational-Sense not the rationale that comprises the making assertion into ideology, that a new-Rome had indeed incepted, in 1969-1970. Because, the V-C-L was the itinerary, space-Time sequencing w intel-Gence did apprise.


Why squelch the Boomer generation, when we were the ‘we-Boomers’ was the question we, the boomers of americanism put to ourselves, as discussions on and if nationalism were as couthful as stating that MLK Jr. and Malcolm-X were correct, that A.I.M. was correct, that chicano and black-Freedom League apparency was correct, that police-State was IN-correct, too? In other words, words/wordage was there descriptly to be used not as rhetoric nor as leverage to become, not merely a sociologic-Goading into the deception of deceits as that of cIAS build-ups of impersonal-sidelight affectation, the personnel for not intelligence gathering for better State Dept. methods, but for that of building an aghast, maintenance —reading the cIA’S manual in Political Science class did help—service parablizing the iconoclasm of expedient assassinations and dichotomies of nuclearism!


The nuclear-Policy aforemations were beyond the interest of Beats to sum-Extent, thus “extents” was the hipsterist polemic we-Boomers would and did ascertain for full reproof. The wars-Warring will be had, but by the inveterate Plutocracy’s hosting the multi-nationals and empire’s propaganda. Evermore, the anti-War is not anti-nucleaRist and that is why I am an insular “legend” not an individual who is Individualist, but hardly not anti-War! Integration, seems to me, has been halted by the aristocratic insurgences of CFR, Carlyle Group, Bilderberg Group and gay-Liberation movement’s presciences—as they may be Libertarian and controllable! The how come has been manipulated, from the tease by plutocrats that ‘you can always become a communist when they demean that they are never deceitful, mistrustful of laws and anti-constitutionalist’ w.o. either an inveteracy of ideological paradox of Elites-Nationalism nor making an opportunity for a breathe in that phraseology of theirs paradigm and the we-People’s ‘paradox’ w.o. ever stating that much at all. Primarily, though we-People are of one-Party system never seems to sink into the miasmatic-Conditionalism of where they are not.


The participatory nature is not a turn-Off but neither is that a paradigm. Again mor-ose propaganda methodism, is an occlusion to membership of the system of Derivatives Bank-ing and following that is as much as stating yiu do not know what a cRedit Union is. This one soul has never concurred that the we-People are one-Party capitalist-System, because the we-People “socialize” inespecially the afro-Amers, and the indige-Amers  who traditionalize, and any time you talk w a father or mother or have a friendship based on non-Ameliorations of words-Wordage, we all socialize. Yet, one also can relate to tRibalize, but regard for the socialists and Ecosocialists to socialize is not anathema to any but the intel-Gence NSA, spying on the we-People or police-State non-virtues for murder supports civilian-Killings en masse` overseas! Here one-personhood altho not as much understood because that is a written law, enters the feigning that we-people don’t always-Socialize. The word-Term ‘egregious’ enters w full pomp of Impunity for usury sake, and transcribes as Korea-Gate and V-C-L-Gate also.


“For the past 24 years, the United States has relentlessly bombed Iraq and now it is bombing Syria. Neither Iraq nor Syria has ever attacked the United States or its people. This enduring war against previously colonized peoples is justified with shifting and changing rationales. But it is illegal. It is an expression of modern-day imperialism. It is causing chaos and destruction in the targeted countries. And ultimately it will fail to satisfy its objectives because it is based on the fantasies of those who have become drunk on that now-familiar toxic combination of unbridled arrogance and military power.

The majority of people of the United States oppose this endless war in Iraq and now Syria. It is not in their interest. At any moment this or that poll will announce that the American people favor military action of some sort. This is paper-thin propaganda. If the country and its people were actually threatened, the Commander in Chief would not have to go on national TV and promise the people that this war will involve “no boots on the ground.” There is no clearer indication that the motivation for the new imperial war is not just flimsy but false.

Demonstrations will be taking place nationwide to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. A list of demonstrations will be available soon at”[6]


Whereupon, most we-Amers find strengths in americanism, because we-are-Existen-tialists—not-oNLY at-Heart, too! Thus is a dualism, of which the split into the paradoxes of DeteRminism became outgrowths of Phenomenology, so as to continue the factual para-doxes of Hegel’s apothecaries, that stoicism and imperative remain w.i. context of Empiricism rather than Humanism. Thus, those ‘extents’ of Existentialism are important, historically and found in Marxism and the histories of worldwide Socialism w.o stoicism. This is not a paradigm nor a paradox. Period. The NSA is a case, because the cIAS were intimidating and nor wanton disregard for any but the fBIS. Know-Nothingism may be utilized to expel the superstitious thoughts of being such non-Nonsense, and thus infer nonsense, or make realizing such a task that rationalism does not quite relate to logic! This is the para-digm of ISO, the apologist aspect of International Socialist Party, of the olde-Republic not of the new-Rome, which is one of progressives, but largely a party one seen as too rhetorical w.o. usages of words-Wordage and apologizes for fecund methods to make excuses for “anarchist” w.i. their ranks.


These stoic-socialists may do this to actually be rid of Communists, who many feel are too much ideals of Stalinism and Leninism was their was not their path, but also, the ISO related not to any but the Third International, when integration meant the Fourth International was heralded. I’ve personally found, that most CP USA persons, are not racist nor apologetic, let alone ‘anarchists’ since Berkeley CP in 1968, which was presciently, both, as we-Boomers, all were facing down what is integration/what is anarchist disorder was not– doing of not w the Radicals of rightie-Right is one-party system. Again, socialism is not stoic, because we both ‘socialize’ and we have plenty of apparent to we-People: needs, not always Bourgeois wants and desires, some proletaRiat-PerfunctoRies as scorn, not balance.


Terror punitive the IMpunity & imprudent belligerence-Multiple                       1-19-14


What war w terror, and how to war to covet-Terrorism, but please continue destructtionism and damned be terror UN-less that is the new-Rome’s one and oNLY! The once mighty superstition of ennui supercedes method came true when plutocracy obliterated the landscape/Ecology of Korea-Peninsula; then, the jungles and trees and arable-Lands Ecology of V-C-L; then the jungles of central-Americas littered w masse` graves of 200,000 souls in Nicaragua, alone (what of El Salvador, of Guatemala)? Terror was disguised as ‘power-Ployance’ a weight on one end does not sink the infernal methods of madness to install dictatorships and coRpoRatist rulers of more one-Personhood madness.


The impudence of headlamps-On glarinoid daylight is yet another devoid measure to inculcate  war fervency upon the we-people’s will of no republic blind you dissertation for    the very innocuous reason of allowing nonsense toward humanity. The pretense is for an impugning frequency of non-Exchange as well as for “over-sensitizing the eyeballs” of any and of all other vehicle drivors–primarily. The daylight vampidness is egregious because these drivors w headlamps on during daylight show callousness and disregard for the human anatomy. What goes against statute laws of common decency is that egregious tenet. All remains palliative to the cause of non-Justification, no whistle-blowers ’what law deifice’ and no speaking-out i.e. be good boy-scouts when bubonic plague vaccinations are not available, suffer for attributableness.


The government’s supporters seem morosely to blame for lambasting the eyeballs w headlamps-daylight “glare”. While having a hand-up, but off the wheel is far better to protect the impact of “white-Light” who in the government is protecting us from “the imbecilic coRpoRations’ usury”? Where are those “bRainless medical-Doctors” who either do not need to specialize in eye-Surgery or who are opthalmologists? How much “hyper-attenuating stimulation do our eyes NOT NEED” on-a-daily basis. Is this a palliative of propaganda for war-support thru an act of belligerence? I’d say definitely. I’d also state this as a measure of propaganda forwarding illegal-wars thru punitive measure, first and belligerence back-up for illegality again and again is the commensurateness for unlawfulness, second.


Again and again, these ways of NSDU-238 punitives and over-flight bombings impudence coupled to every oddity of Rumsfeld-Cheney-G-enron-Wolfowitz hardly comes al-ong as IMpunity, but those were illegal acts by Oligarchic government and why should they be excused from the law accountability and I do mean arrest for their illegal acts, too! The palliatives of embargo coupled w illegal blockade by bully-Clyneton is a war crime under international laws, as well as use f drones to kill weddings is a crime against Humanity too. The so-called murder of Osama bin Ladin who was not on the fBIS list of involvements, for Sept 11th 2001 bombings, and usury to bring anarchy into the eyes of USA citizens since their el-Presidente`s certainly are that of anarchists first and plutocrats secondly. How else do the Oligarchs of dis-Humanity support a police-state?


The empire’s thirst for punitives measures is the extent of anarchyism of leadership w.i. Executive office overreach, and the state-Dept Blowback from arms sales and inter connectivity of penataGooons to intel-Gence billions dollars annual budgeting, which is anarchistically maintained as well. The whole tangent of excess is no mere tangent for protecting the people but is to maintain the empire’s goals of economic deprivation of the world’s people, as we’ve seen this indemnity since Indonesia, V-C-L and operation condor in south Americas. You do not have a democracy people, as the we-People are interred from participating by the police-state and by these punitives used as insular methodology for control of populous to inordinately control propaganda methods of state usury. Some vicious circles are just known as plutocracy.


Where are the “clean-Up of radionuclides training corps” and why are there none of those rather than illegal Invasion after illegal INvasion, if not for IMpunity sake to be the be-all/catch-all punitive of maintain UN-lawfulness for anarchyist-disorder—of and by the state governments. Again, not all bureaucrats are swayed by technocrats and not all government officials are bureaucrats. However, one must look harder to find that as other than obsequious truth. Palliative methods of Technocrats do exist to the greater extent in fBIS and cIAS, too. Why not NSA? FDA, USDA, they do IN-justice to the people, cIAS to the world’s people, and fBIS maintain business as extraordinary by acts of indecency to bag- bombers in 2013’s Boston Marathon, where belligerence leads the way of build publics support, evermore propaganda, and to heck w lawful abiding. That, the perpetrators may be innocent is never allowed as public ways.


But morose brutality is the way of belligerence to answer any acts of volition. That theirs was not acknowledged as possible, remained as source of scourge, but merely recalcitrance mannerism supersedes any need of sup-port for the police-state public discussion, was adversity. And the more innocuous murder of persons not involved while allowed keystone-cops venerable-Excess and free exits, as was the case in JFK’s haplessly lacking post murder investigation whitewashes was prescient to maintaining collusion and control would be automotive, simple enactment. The whitewash of Davidian’s murders and Ruby ridge murders and Murrah Building murders and cover-ups in all those cases to build the lamentable “police-state” and now we have to be BLINDED while driving the R-O-N-G phooels vehicles, too? Shame on the new-Rome’s officials for being bought-Off.


MLK Jr. was remembered as a torch-bearer of Justice, and instead of ‘reform’ change. I wanted to hear whenever there was an anti-war person speaking his or her standard-bearing and accentuations for anti-NucleaRist polemic included or I’d find the apparitions. Pluralism of the establishment of plutocrats and ascendancy before the republic’s total collapse was repugnant enough. Enough was why dropouts and turn-off the degeneracy of establishment had become a huge social-movement.


“King’s opposition to the war in Vietnam is often omitted—particularly by those

pro-war politicians who like to claim his legacy. King said, “I had to speak out if I was

to erase my name from the bombs which fall over South and North Vietnam. The time had come, indeed it was past due, when I had to disavow and disassociate my-self from those who, in the name of peace, burn, maim and kill.”[7]

King’s ideas and positions have been stripped of their potency. Officially, he is only remembered for having a dream of a “color-blind” country. In fact, he had an expansive definition of justice for Black people and all poor people, and a vision      which would force this country to reckon with and pay for its historic crimes.

Russian revolutionary V.I. Lenin once remarked: “During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander. After their death, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons.” This applies well to Dr. King.”[8]


Dr. Martin Luther King was one of america’s greatest speakers, as well as one of our best leader’s. His words should have been more closely scrutinized than they may have been. Primarily, he placed his spirit and willpower w correlative-thinking to produce a movement that should have supported his anti: V-C-L leadership quality. He and W.E.B. Dubois, Frederick Douglass (1818–1895), and author/poet Langston Hughes, altho Thur-good Marshall  was a leader morosely, no one has come closest to Paul Leroy Robeson  as leader, singer, actor, human-Rights spokesperson, unless that was Malcolm-X, as well as Medgar Evers. Much of our americanism is thru the immense activism of these afro-Ameri-cans who provided fodder to maintain Liberty.


“The U.S. Civil War was a social revolution that smashed slavery. Rather than being a purely political transformation, the social and economic relations were overturned in half the country. Slave owners were stripped of their “property,” as African Americans won the basic human dignity to control their own bodies. During the Reconstruction period, from 1867 to 1877, the old slaveocracy was deprived of political power while African Americans became a decisive political force in the South for the first time.

The overthrow of Reconstruction led to the construction of a new Jim Crow segregation system aimed at depriving Blacks of social, economic and political rights, and preventing any sort of unity between Black and white sharecroppers and farmers. It represented a full-scale political counterrevolution, characterized by fascist Klan terror against anyone who crossed the line.

It took the Civil Rights revolution nearly a century after Reconstruction to destroy Jim Crow’s rule and re-establish the full citizenship rights of African Americans.”[9]


Jim cRow laws were and are, if there are cases, law suits, those too pertain to civil and human-Rights abuses and non-cognitive racist aplomb. The worst human-Rights abuses have been promulgations for propaganda by US-military using NSDU-238 as the gofer/excuse, another paradigm-Context, altho we understand that as rudeness, insolence, paradox making nonsense w.o. diplomacy is yet militarization by the state intel-Gence, and plutocracy/Elites! Quit eating human-Fecalmatter, as that may cause extreme-Indigestion making chemicaliziations.


“Dr. King was dangerous to the political establishment because he started to draw the connection between different struggles and unite them against a common enemy. We cannot protest the war in Afghanistan and forget the racist laws directed at the immigrant community; we cannot fight for women’s rights and not speak to the need for full equality for the LGBT community.


Today the struggle against racism is taking a new direction. A new movement exists in the Latino community that is standing up to the country’s many immigrant bashers and demanding full rights for immigrants. In the past three years, hundreds of thousands of Latinos have protested the assault on their family and friends. Supporting  this movement is honoring King’s legacy.”[10]


“Declaring war on a tactic” the war agin Tea-Orism was anathema from the very first volley of UN-declared wars doth continue under “War dept. No. The will forwarding war was done and prognosticated before the INvasion of Korea, in 1959. The Impunity utilized was the third-World needs to be “updated’ and thus destruction of lands-forests waters was piecemeal and quasi-Etiquette—altho, 3 millions of V-C-L perished, because they inhabited their lands. The wars-Warring since 1980, the thirty-four thrify-year since, has been most hideous, egregious, land destructive, refugees-Making: innocuous, and oNLY use NSDU-238 because the first nuclear-Molecular nano-Improved weapon of Radionuclides-for-all-what-an-adventure. Why, under war-chaos theory, is there ‘why always IMpunity’?


There is a paradox here. The succoring of new perimeters to meet over-Militarization for formulating new intel-Gence agencies and to maintain racism was albeit, the strength that should have been less for paradigm compliances. Whereupon, under the ageis of pNAC instead the panoply private-Fearmongers: Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg gRoup, the tRilateRal Commission, the Carlyle gRoup almighty power-mongering went over-the-Edge, because they allotted not to have any “Defense” at all. This latter, and the “continuous blundering to steal the national-treasury” and forever hold nationalism—even traditionalism—in abeyance, wore the improvement of ‘democracy as participation and not as placation(s) fore! The not-so-wholesome sake of regret, none, is not much a challenge to decipher. What once had the Elites might they have to face an autocratic-Dictator. Yes. Fear is fearsome.


Sept. 11th 2001 remains UN-detected for arrests—so to speak. Who had not over-thrown the psychotic lamentation in the second-place, remains wide open—not much in doubt. As both Edward S. Herman and Paul Craig Roberts have written of this context, why then are the people not reading into “ravenous futility” because of NSDU-238 a nuclear-weapon’s use? My dilemma was had I not stated to all I could in 23 years of successfully choosing progressives, those w had a broad base and formula for rhetorical analysis of governance waylaid by neo-Liberalist “banking and Wall street” intimacies understood. Thus, that ominous side-effect of knowing but having to choose a course other than NSDU-238!


Extraordinary Rendition; collateral damage; war on terror;  perpetual war; “tactic” in correlation to g-Enron, by Oliver Stone in “Untold Story:  ‘axis of evil”;  war against terror; regime change; simulated drowning; preventive war; civilians killed (now were) collateral damage; CIAs abductions ‘extraordinary renditions’; homeland NSA (laborious-gRotesque) sic mine!! Study Voltaire who said “those that can make you believe absurdities observe can make you  commit atrocities…was merely the identity of how diffused the pNAC had found relegating the cRonyist word and the NSDU-238 word as used w connote, or con-notation(s). Why shod not the soldier be the soldier-Warrior aka bully-Clyneton’s visits to Holywood for participatory nature of allowing not creativity but technical-Technologic: makeups, instead of motion to Halt for peace to catch-up w ole egregious gHW Bush-whack–into battle. Onward all Uranium is Radiologic lack of remonstrations and subter-fuge to the Constitution by all those anarchist-Presidents.


“What War on Terror?

But talk of the “failure” of the war on terror rests on the false premise that there really is such a war.   This we reject on a number of grounds.  First, in all serious definitions of the term, terror is a means of pursuing political ends, an instrument of struggle, and it makes little sense to talk about war against a means and instrument. Furthermore, if the means consists of modes of political intimidation and publicity-seeking that use or threaten force against civilians, a major problem with the alleged “war” is that the United States and Israel also clearly use terror and sup-port allies and agents who do the same. The “shock and awe” strategy that opened the 2002 invasion-occupation of Iraq was openly and explicitly a paradigm-Abstract, designed to terrorize the Iraq population and armed forces. Much of the bombing and torture, and the attack that destroyed Fallujah, have been de-signed to instill fear and intimidate the general population and resistance. Israel’s repeated bomb-ing attacks, ground assaults, and targeted assassinations of Palestinians are also designed to create fear and apathy, that is, terrorize. As longtime Labour Party official Abba Eban admitted years ago, Israel’s bombing of Lebanon civilians was based on “the rational prospect, ultimately fulfilled, that afflicted populations [i.e.], civili-ans deliberately targeted] would exert pressure for the cessation of hostilities.” This was a precise admission of the use of terrorism, and surely fits Israeli policy in the years of the alleged “war on terror”.  Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has also acknowledged an intent to attack civilians, declaring in March 2002 that “The Palestinians must be hit and it must be very painful: we must cause them losses, victims, so that they feel the heavy price.”[19] …”[11]


The propaganda forwarding war has come from delineations of why not hold to power, since the US-militarists have been rude, counter-intuitive, counter-Mandeering the laws-Statutes and especially being that of the “egregiousness-Extent”. Does one stay deep-ly committed, moreso to plutocracy than democracy? Who knows whether the two are measurable in that sense. However, the plutocracy, as I’ve stated hundreds times is that they are usury. As indifference is settled by lies, deceits and gReed-Excesses, the ways be-have w an ego-Self, not a self-Self as w zen-Existentialism. They are extreme and like NSDU-238 is pyrophoric, nothing of the planet’s litter being somethinGy-Bop worth less than more psychopathic utility of cIAS “destabilization and assassinations: progRams keep the money like play-money! Sooo, microns are cancerous and illegal. They are magaloman-ia. You tell me why plutocracy has to be used or saved from any but fascism—in other words.


“The United States and Israel actually engage in big-time terror, like strategic bombing, helicopter attacks, torture on a continuing basis, and large-scale invas-ions and invasion threats, not lower-casualty-inflicting actions like occasional plane hijackings and suicide bombings. This has long been characterized as  the differ-ence between wholesale and retail terror, the former carried out by states and on a large scale, the latter  implemented by individuals and small groups, much smaller in scale, and causing fewer civilian victims than its wholesale counterpart. Retail ter-rorists don’t maintain multiple detention centers in which they employ torture (at the height of its state terror activities in the 1970s the Argentinian military main-tained an estimated 60 such centers, according to Amnesty International; the Uni-ted States today, on land bases and naval vessels and in client state operated facilities, uses dozens of such centers).” [12]


The we-People don’t just say there is a black-Ops, a new-World chaos, or disorder, a shadow government, we must not-Assume that we-Know: that. Moreover, what are those stats that have brought cover-ups closer the taxonomy of deceits coupled w “no-Defense” is leaving Radionuclides UN-defended? Why then are illegal-War more important than specifying the persons who are the dumb-Fool liars in office, on national invasionary-Bases, missions? How do we HALT and tReaty non-Egregioousness, all three nuclear-Molecular: weapons?


“Concluding Note:

In sum, the war on terror is a political gambit and myth used to cover over a U.S. projection of power that needed rhetorical help with the disappearance of the Soviet Union and Cold War. It has been successful because U.S. leaders could hide behind the very real 9/11 terrorist attack and pretend that their own wars, whole-sale terrorist actions, and  enlarged support of a string of countries —many authori-tarian and engaged in state terrorism—were somehow linked to that attack and its Al Qaeda authors. But most U.S. military actions abroad since 9/11 have had little or  no connection with Al Qaeda; and you cannot war on a method of  struggle, especially when you, your allies and clients use those methods as well.”[13]


Gambit and myth and zionist–Anglo American tirade of and by specific intel-Gence relating shadow-government misconstruals for power-Elitism of the plutocracy and egregiousness-Extent to lambast the US-constitution. How-do-we-get to invent “producing water” when the Sun is hydrogen and helium-2?


”The first report, “Laid to Waste: depleted uranium contaminated military scrap in Iraq,” published in June by the Dutch organization PAX, is based on newly releas-ed US Air Force firing coordinates and shows that US pilots fired DU into civilian areas of Iraq and at Iraqi troops during the 2003 invasion and occupation. The actions defied the Air Force’s own legal advice that the toxic and radioactive ammunition be used only against hardened targets in compliance with the laws of war.

The PAX report’s principle warning is that the lack of legal obligations requiring environmental clean-up after using DU weapons — at least 488 tons in the 1991 and 2003 attacks—leaves Iraqi civilians continuously exposed to the highly hazardous debris years after the war. “[14]


When is rage for the lack of non-Continuing support by the United Nations specialists to ascertain how much NSDU-238 was used in Iraq, going to start—w.o. funds by the Israels/U.S.: new-Rome? As a researchor on and of the ‘nuclear-Molecular’ topicality of no-defense from offensive-weapon, who all is left-out is any but the infirm, the strong, the non-Perplexed, but not the Oligarchs? No. The whole matter of anti-Matter is defense. We do not have a defense of planet planned, nor of imbecility utilized other than mutual-Anni-hilation and more decontaminations left to wayside gathering moldy pea-bRains.


“The second report, “Malignant Effects: depleted uranium as a genotoxin and carcinogen,” published in September by the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons with funding by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, details the scientific evidence that internal contamination by DU is destructive of DNA — the building blocks of cells.

The 31-page study details the persistent hazards to civilians posed by radioac-tively contaminated wreckage and hotspots “long after conflict ends.” If inhaled, drunk or eaten, embedded uranium particles emit alpha radiation that can alter or destroy DNA in ways that can cause cancer. Some studies have shown skyrocketing increases in birth abnormalities in areas heavily hit with DU weapons.

The authors recommend 1) full disclosure of targeting information, much of which is still kept secret by the Pentagon; 2) urgent initiation of civilian DU expos-ure studies; 3) the adoption of precautionary safeguards in the introduction of any new weapons; and 4) completion and adoption of an international agreement ban-ning the use of uranium in weapons system.—Both reports are at International Coa lition to Ban Uranium Weapons, “[15]


What cannot be more punitive than the NWO? The war-hawks of Ohh-bom-bah’s first admin, were not worthy, forcefully swarthy instead of diminutively-Diplomatic. The ameri-can-Philosophy is totally negligent and w.o. any eclecticism forewarning usages of NSDU-238 between 1973, first usages, and 1991 second-Usages and US-military succumbing to cIAS’ dictates. Yet, when ascertaining reproof, other than myself, who else? Who is stand-ing for Justice of ”veterans” abused by NSDU-238 and austere inarticulateness by penata-Gooons made the soldier suffer pTSD, suicides, family and spousal-Murders. Always ”perfunctoriness-Upfront” and diabolicalness to cover-Up, that states you do not have medicare-Healthcare, you have ”been-Bought”. What about you’re being bought on ionizationings, the Anthropocene degeneracies of chemicalization and human-Stress akin pTSD? The US-military is insufferably, aggressions against us.  Do you have health-Medicare or merely a promisory-Citation stating remain-Calm being bought-Off is a fascist-Privilege?


US DU usage policy unclear

The deployment may provide a new test for US policy on DU use – namely when does it view its use acceptable or unacceptable. Following the short-lived use of A-10s in Libya in 2011, the US claimed that no DU had been used – although reserved the right to use it in future. Concern over the potential use of DU in Libya had been raised by parliamentarians in a number of NATO countries, including the UK and Belgium. Analysts expressed surprise at the US decision, as tackling Libya’s armour-ed vehicles seemed like a logical use for the A-10, a role for which the US claims DU ammunition is critically important. This remains the political line although inform-ation revealed earlier this year demonstrated that DU was also used against non-armoured targets, unmounted troops and buildings in Iraq in 2003.


A-10 aircraft fire 30mm PGU-14 armour piercing incendiary DU ammunition from a cannon fitted beneath the cockpit. The GAU-8 cannon normally fires a standard combat mixture of PGU-14 and PGU-13 high explosive rounds, which are pre-loaded on an ammunition belt before the plane takes off. The A-10 has been responsible for more DU contamination than any other platform. In the case of Libya, and if the US statement was correct, then it was the first public acknowledgement by the US that A-10s were being loaded only with the high explosive PGU-13 rounds during combat of this type, although the practice has previously been identified in photographs of A-10 units in Afghanistan.

At issue is therefore whether the US has set itself a voluntary code of conduct that determines whether DU use is acceptable or not in any given conflict. Perhaps it is cost/benefit analysis of perceived military necessity versus impact on public relati-ons? The calculation underlines the continuing global stigmatisation of the weapons, which is also reflected in the increasingly large majorities voting in favour of DU reso-lutions at the UN General Assembly. It is highly likely that, given the level of concern about the weapons in the region, any use of DU by the US would be a propaganda victory for IS.”[16]


The USA NSDU-238 usage policy is unclear—to state the understatement—and  where has the State Dept. been carried to, now that the new-Rome’s last five el-Presidente’s have warred w errors galore and UN-lawful negligence, too! The United Nations has been bought by multinationals cRonyist policy as global Climate changes is being manipulated by the chem-tRails dis-associative patterning, of killing civilians cover-UPs, while the propaganda to send the new-Rome’s troops into “nuclear-Molecular radionuclides” is another ‘first’ for the imperialism and the empire! Morosely, The United Nations has been bought by the empire’s power as those bureaucrats are not UN-knowledgeable of the usury of EMF.


The rudderless world, has maybe, another chance w.o. manipulation, and that is to start clean-UPs, but the “Oil-Wars” have cRonies, UN-arrested for the Sept 11th 2001 bombings of 4-buildings “UN-finished business—no arrests”! My-my how useless a nation-State ploy for empire. We do not need garbage in our lungs that we get from our once-Waz blue-Skies oxygenate. The oxygen has been bought-Off my militarism and US-military control along-side Plutocracy tooling out Consciousness thru degenerating our-Consci-ousness. We’ve long since not had blue-skies constant and we have had pRopaganda speils relating no since of balance to the human-Psyche`.


“After WIPP’s radiation release, and in an attempt to meet an arbitrary removal

deadline, LANL pushed its contractors to move the remaining waste containers packed with the reactive compound to a private low-level waste storage site in Texas. A few hundred of the barrels were sent to the neighboring state’s facility, run by Waste Control Specialists (WCS), before DOE investigators put a stop to the ship-ments. LANL has agreed to pay WCS $8 million for storing the volatile drums.


Chuck McDonald, a WCS representative, said in an interview that the Texas site had turned down earlier high- level waste shipments from LANL because its license is only for low-level waste. Prior to receiving the barrels that were rerouted from WIPP, WCS had received multiple warnings for accepting waste too hot for its permit. Now there is legislation pending in Texas that would allow WCS to accept high-ly radioactive waste. In late August, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quali-ty approved changes to the WCS license that would more than triple the amount of waste the site can accept and reduce the amount of money the company would need to have on hand to address an accident like the one at WIPP (or worse)—leaving the remainder of the financial liability to taxpayers.


When the DOE designed WIPP as the “solution” to the problem of military radio-active waste, it estimated the risk of a radioactive release at one event every 200, 000 years — not one every 15 years — according to former Assistant Energy Secre-tary Robert Alvarez. Official estimates of the cost of the accident have not been released, but experts and an Los Angeles Times analysis indicate it could approach $1 billion. In August, Energy Secretary Ernest J. Moniz reassured worried residents at a Carlsbad town hall meeting that he would ensure the future safety of the facility: “You stick with us, and we’re sticking with you,” Moniz said.“[17]


The costs of Three Mile Island (TMI) reactor meltdown and releases, were never divul-ged to the knowing public, even after being promised after one year the NRC would release data and facts—but they did-not-do that on time nor later and history is not irrele-vant, altho coRpoRate associations were irreverent. Then, the propaganda assertion that time will make people forget, altho Radionuclides cannot-be-handled nor do good-rid-dance applications availing immediacy, exist for despotism of the plutocracy UN-kind/UN-toward torporisms.


“With no end in sight to the stream of radioactive waste from weapons produc-tion and used nuclear reactor fuel, we’re all stuck. But there is no excuse for the kind of negligence that put the public in danger in February.

— Natural Resource News Service, June 5; The New Mexican (Santa Fe), July 15; Albuquerque Journal, July 20; AP, Aug. 21; Reuters, Aug. 22; Los Angeles Times, Aug. 23, 2014” [18]


Is “peace” a hang-up to radionuclides-Decontaminations, requiring Universal under-standing and non-Ubiquitous entreaty? Yes and no. Peace does not demean that all-radionuclides are not stored, but that there is no “defense-Mechanism in place” w casks need and five-Years amenities to cool—and that, w billions of gallons per day water already AB– USED. The defense is not habitual, basically. No further explanation, as that was how both NRC and the ubiquity of two atomic-Bombs having already been used came about to an ”ubiquitous-Entreaty” of US-military. Loss of civilian control had already been proceeded by militarism of anointment(s) for disorder i.e. not defense (circa 1952).


“Our democracy [plutocracy] is an elaborate public relations charade. And the longer we accept this charade the longer we will be irrelevant. Only when we understand power can we fight [the tyranny of Oligarchs & Technocrats] it. This fight must be waged on two fronts. We must disrupt the machinery of corporate capitalism and at the same time build parallel, autonomous structures for self-governance that address basic needs such as food and green energy. Capitalism, as Karl Marx pointed out, is not merely a system of economic exploitation. [capitalist-cRonyism] justifies itself by hijacking the ruling political and economic ideologies—ideologies that buttress capitalism’s ceaseless expansion and commodification of the natural world and human beings. “The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships,” Marx wrote, “the domi-nant material relationships grasped as ideas.” And this makes our struggle a battle  for ideas as well as a battle for power.”[19]


Otherwise, why doesn’t tRuthdig do this type editing, may have become a portrayal of need for all once a book, always a writor who does not check his “articles”. This reason, for this very reasoned assertive, I find expedience to relay on Marxist-Socialist websites for data that not oNLY transcends ‘lack of definition–that which should have been highlight-ed’. As an Ecosocialist, I probably would not have any but surreptitious complement w.o. ‘couplements’ ad Infinitum.  Does one need ad Infinitum aka nuclear-Policy of coRpoRatist rule, aka, militarism and NSA, aka, slymies-of-deRivatives-Sleaze?


Why social-Delirium, when  dementia is caused, specific-gRavity, by chem-tRails, and by we-People not knowing the rip-off-of-all-rip-offs: nucleaRism. Read Chris Hedges, he’s apprised some moot points, his books and his platitudes, altho he’s not a socialist-Commentary writor. May be, he should be. Lastly, does he nor any other writor /professional other than Prof. Karl Grossman correspondingly keep abreast of any and all type-kinds of radio-nuclides-Contaminating issues?


“…the basic fission reaction happening in a nuclear reactor (or bomb) when U235 nuclei are bombarded by slow neutrons. A typical reaction goes as – n  U  Ba  Kr  n  energy (as first reported by Hahn and Strassmann back in 1939). The superscript represents the atomic weight (total numbers of protons and neutrons) and the subscript the atomic number (number of electrons). Since there are more neutrons produced than go into the reaction, one will produce a chain reaction which makes atomic bombs and nuclear reactors possible. Notice the balance in electronic charge and atomic weight in the reaction. The small difference in total mass on the two sides of the reaction equals ∆m and produces an energy of E=(∆m)c2 speed of light. The fission products need not always be barium and krypton as shown above, but rather can be any two unequal mass fragments whose atomic weight is most likely to lie near 95 and 140. This means that typical uranium fission will also produce the three dangerous radioactive isotopes of cesium 137, strontium 90 and iodine 131. Since some of these fission fragments can remain radioactive for many years, they pose a potential threat to living plants and animals including immediate death due to DNA damage and cancers produced many years after exposure. It is imperative that such radioactive waste be safely stored in long term guarded depositories and not be allowed to escape into the environment either through reactor accidents or leakage at intermediate storage sites. There are essentially three types of radiation emanating from radioactive nuclei. These are the alpha particles, the beta particles , and gamma rays. An alpha particle is a helium nucleus which will not penetrate more than a few sheets of writing paper and so is not a problem for man’s health unless ingested or inhaled.


Alpha particles emanating from long half-life alpha emitters such as plutonium 239 or polonium 210 will cause major destruction of body cells if brought next to these cells. It was recently found that Yasser Arafat was poisoned with polonium by an unknown adversary. Plutonium 239 is a radioactive nucleus produced by neutron bombardment of regular U238 in nuclear reactors. It is highly toxic when in-haled because of its high alpha particle activity.”[20]


Was there any figment that the polonium-210 death by Radionuclide of Yasser Arafat was by–at least two specific groups of assassins? Those immediately reprehensible, being Mossad, and the opposite group or rebels w.i. militant wings of PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), yes. Was this also to keep strong-arm politicians in line, too? Yes. Would the discussion of NSDU-238 also been a cause w the timing of his not-so-public death? Yes. Why then, is there soooo much rapprochement against “teaching the honest a truthful side and maintain some Enlightenment role of association w thought and knowledge, sci-entific endeavor evaluating the not-always dumb-Fool Fed and coRpoRatist w a chip-on-Shoulder one-person-hoodski-biltism?


Wars are not Enlightenment. The wars-Warring are much easier to stop before they ever begin,as standards forpeace-Needs beset in braille on a new-Improved: constituion. One needs look no further than Afghanistan, Iraq,Yugoslavia, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Do we need to de-Contam-inate those nations has yet to be determined by whom-ever, buttholds?


“Russia’s Phobos-Grunt space probe, with 22 pounds of radioactive Cobalt-57 on board, fell to Earth Sunday. The probe was launched in November to go to Phobos, a moon of Mars, but its rocket system failed to fire it onward from low Earth orbit.

There is some confusion as to where pieces of the 14.9-ton probe fell. The Asso-ciated Press reported Sunday that “pieces…landed in water 2,350 kilometers west

of Wellington Island in Chile’s south, the Russian military Air and Space Defense Forces said in a statement.” The AP dispatch, datelined Moscow, quoted a spokes-man, Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin, as saying that this “deserted ocean area is where Russia guides its discarded space cargo ships serving the International Space Station.”


But, the article went on: “RIA Novosti news agency, however, cited Russian ball-istic experts who said the fragments fell over a broader patch of Earth’s surface, spreading from the Atlantic and including the territory of Brazil. It said the midpoint of the crash zone was located in the Brazilian state of Goias.”

“The $170 million craft was one of the heaviest and most toxic pieces of space junk ever to crash to Earth, but space officials and experts said the risks posed by its crash were minimal because the toxic rocket fuel on board and most of the craft’s structure would burn up in the atmosphere high above the Earth anyway,” said the article by Vladimir Isachenkov.”[21]


Radio-isotopes: cesium-137, strontium-90 and iodine-131, have been primary down-winding anxieties, since 1952—if, not before unexplained to military personnel in not-so-supercilious methods of a word longer than five letters and may include a hyphen! The slowness w which we heard publicly, was a turndown method of secret-This, or anxiety is always over-prone to correctness—hype instead! The fact is radionuclides-Spredation increases likelihood that each of us on planet-Erathe is gathering and we are collecting, a higher cancer-Incidence amassed-Amount, when there is no vacuum-Cleaner nor disposal method—other than by the current neglect system that does an itinerant job w specificity.


“What happened demonstrates what could have occurred to the plutonium-fueled rover which NASA calls Curiosity which it launched on November 26 on a voyage to Mars.  Curiosity’s launch went without incident. It is now on its way to Mars. But it could have ended up like Phobos-Grunt—falling back to Earth from orbit, its 10.6 pounds of plutonium released as deadly radioactive dust.

Moreover, the United States and Russia are both planning to launch other space devices with nuclear materials on board. Accidents involving discharge of nuclear materials is inevitable—they’ve already occurred in both the U.S. and Russian/ Sovi-et space programs.


NASA is not only planning more space missions using plutonium but it is devel-oping nuclear-powered rockets. Some of the rocket designs go back to the 1950s and 60s and the projects had come to an end out of concern of such a rocket blow-ing up on launch or falling back to Earth. Further, NASA is planning nuclear-power-ed colonies on the Moon and Mars. These nuclear power systems would be launch-ed from Earth—and there could be release of radioactive material in an accident on launch or a subsequent crash back to Earth.”[22]


What good is accumulating radionuclides of three particles and the x-Ray a fourth dementia, when there is no way to measure the incoming on a nano-second verity for information, nor, unless a perfected ‘whole-Body scan’ other than x-Ray? How will we know where these capitalist-Cancers have started, from what source did they start, and which older geiger-Counter was not replaced by a radiation-Meter? There is just such a phenomena called, to lengthy not to be first in line for protection! The best bet for being killed by a micro-gram of anything. Or for committing suicide, such a luxury, is pu-238 i.e. is plutonium, not uranium! What is the simplest task of knowing, is yet, not moving forward, as water densities must now be handled by depth-measurements of the freshwater and Radionuclides nixing the saltwater-Currents and flows of the Daiichi’s contaminations “sources”.


Altho, they have the whole pacific-Ocean to play w for excuses numbering, the nippon-Archipelago is waylaid in radionuclides: de-Contaminant, necessity—yet, surly the Olympics must go along for capitalist-Overbearings. Who-knows-how-many-now tons have been dumped into our food: once-Waz non-Usury. Sensically, w what radionuclides-Measurements as this is the, so-Called. computer-Age? This is a scourge, the actual source-Scourge, and as such is not being depleted, controlled, nor siphoned-off, as too much of one or other Radioisotope, will be getting morosely more hazardous to those humans having to interact w robots upon wave-Prone ocean! When will phytoremediations curtails 15% of water-Contaminated fRom the three-Reactors, thru “phytoing”? The Nipponese are no more scientifically-Advanced than talk-Show hosts, of the u.s.a. boob-Tube. Are the scientists of nipponese-Islands investing in Wall Street, in the hydro-Acoustic system, in-stead of phytoremediating everywhere on thie sparseness islands?


“To detect α, β, and γ ionizing radiation one uses Geiger-Mueller or scintillation counters. Also for cumulative exposure one can use film badges. A Geiger counter (invented in 1908 by the German physicist Hans Geiger and his student Mueller) is essentially a partially evacuated cylinder filled with argon in which an electric po-tential is maintained between a central wire insulated from an outer coaxial cylin-der. When radiation enters through an end window it will momentarily produce an electric discharge between the cylinder and central wire which registers as a click. A measure of the incoming radiation will be proportional to the number of clicks per second. Unfortunately a Geiger counter does not distinguish what fractions of the incoming radiation is α, β, or γ nor what its energy is. Alpha particles can be pre-vented from entering the Geiger counter by replacing the thin mica window with thicker glass. Also by blocking the window with metal foil only gamma rays will be detected by the counter. Scintillation counters function by having the incoming radiation produce photons in certain crystals such as zinc-sulfide which can then be amplified by use of a photoelectric multiplier. Different crystals may be used to distinguish between alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Film badges measure the degree of darkness produced on a piece of film after exposure to radiation for a fixed length of time. Film badges are one of the least accurate measures of radia-tion but serve the purpose of indicating when there might be a problem for nuclear plant workers. In the language of economics, a film badge can be thought of as a lagging indicator.”[23]


No medical-Doctors explaining NSDU-238 is a Radionuclide that causes cancers from red-Cells in the walls of human-Tissue blood-Vessels. Now medical-Doctor’s explaining that hypersentizing the eyballs via ‘automaton-Vehicular: headlamps constant” of pertur-bations into the human-Anatomy. No medical-Doctors explaining chem-Fooking: tRails of 20-fookering long years. What is this surprise, or facism explained because fascisms are sociopaths? The chemcialization of foetuses started w “formaldehyde” in 1957, while child-ren’s vaccines are laced w aluminum-Oxide making that formula for ionizing the human-anatomy. Is the humanoid race in just such a decline, or was that accelerated by making oligarch-pResciences of zapping the human anatomy from passing vehicles w cel-Phones? Yes. Do those technocrats try merely to make change or to force-Will our mental propriety-Collective understanding levels? Collectively as in fascist-Considerations cons is all they have to maintain a constant of misconsiderations. We are now Anthropogenically, disqualifying ourselves as “the humanoid-Race” due to their obduracy and UN-lawful pRactices.

“R” Addison

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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