aRtes: in 3-dimensional, of my space-Time…

aRtes: in 3-dimensional, of my space-Time…


Where there is gesturing pRoclivity for visualizations of Ecology,

while in-the-Field, caring to read, view, listen,

and think–thoughts of discourse. The phantom

was found-art 1980, @ nearly 10,300 (around 9,300-700) feet!

We two had to be strong after the stay of 20-years…came back at 10-years

and propped from ground, collecting nettles-Debris, which i added near-to (same)

as the compost had been. The photo’s were 35mm SLR…my backlog

from any earnings relates the disposition, that arts in 3-dimensional, also

of my space-Time: 1997.  (10-16-08) 


5-a-good-buddy-stout-mind-helpor-pose%22   “A ‘coloRaDIE’ mTN person–aRtes helpor who recognized how meaningful sCulpTuRal labor is!” (circa 1998)

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