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anti-nucleaRist bLog #1/ 10 April 2006
theories on nuclear history & nuclear-Aegis

48 day/F*
How many pins do you need to assure mutually friendly ‘anti-Wars-Warring’ is the measure of friends-4-Peace…

apeco © 4-10-06

Theories on nuclear history and nuclear aegis, but how far is the US remiss with radio-nuclides (plural) the cleanups misled and weigh-laid by ideologies of the nation- state’s Republic attachments– to the old Rome– from the “Cold W-a-r’?

About Me: Name:….apeco peace keepor a.k.a. radionucleides (1950’s & 1960’s spelling of word-Term) POet, peace-Diplomat, radionuclides-POet…Tuesday, April 11, 2006.. Following sent to group(s) 3/30/06)…

Since I cannot attend the monthly meetings–oftentimes because there is no real ‘co-ordination between peace & justice groups in terms of the stress upon being transported hundreds-of-miles distances’, I’ve suggested peace “n Justice ‘n Environmental NGOs go sTrAtospheric like uranium-235 & ur-238 and pu-239—still encircling the planet not lookin’ where, particularly, to land! My endeavoring thru witness in public “placards-of truth” and while driving “en voce’ tRukkor has been happening, lots, since 1970—upward curve! The goshe` style, and goad-Forth into “current events” memory-streams, suits all non-Anarchist protestors of anti-War and anti-Nuclear dispositions!

The whole world is awaiting a “halt” if not a virtual law-abiding “revolutionary resolve to NSDU-238 ‘arrogance of warmongering’”…not halting this speaking-Out! As I’ve often tried to share my little desktop with you, many of whom I’ve met, but cannot proffer a visual memory, the remonstration, as yet Radionuclides ‘contaminate’ the whole planet-eRathe. You may find me attempting to do what I did starting in 1967 i.e. traveling and protesting! I’d like to share my Greens approach with the letters I share to our national “elected offices” as so often I cannot repair wounds from your voce’ or from without contact, buti am morally more akin w we-Boomers who were socialist-Amers. Thus, I’ll be that. I’ll be moving back next month to Colorado; that you’ll have an affirmed ideologue of letters and words ‘spoken’ by the radio action nuclides POet as seen from non-Glarinoid eyeballs. Dig.

Enclosed are letters to/fro Rep Barbara Cubin and Sen. Mike Enzi—I’ll leave-out Sen. Craig Thomas, until I know what he’s done (in Congress) when I return from forthcoming events in Citizens 4 Peace program: Denver April 2nd 7pm @ ? CO Spgs. ‘space forum’ @ Slocum Hall Colorado College.. Ap. 3rd 7:30 p.m. Buckley Air Base visit, Aurora @ 11am April 4th Vigil @ N-8 Weld county—again?–@ 4pm Forum on Space & Nuclear issues 7-9pm Ft. Collins “whistle-blower protest @ Broadmoor Hotel in C. Spgs. @ 11 am April 5th justly, to name a few—social-Justice aspects to you. Please click-on the attachments to realize what writing letters looks like from a peace-Warrior/peace-POet…don’t forget the indige-Amers have wanted the genetic herd more than the Nat’l Park service has alluded to brucellosis in ‘elk-ski-herds does buffalo meat: harm’…as, I’d like, also, to share my “socialist” participating connotes.

I’ve met many profession “personas” personally, such as those national-Politicians, and those many literary “authors” who speak truthouts. I read their books and my valoresse in sharing is as much their words as my discourse in Thought—philosophical—about history and socialist, gReens, Libertarian, political-Parties aligned w we-Amers.

Peace w.o. nuclearist-Usury, from the desk of apeco peace keepor… “R” Addison

–note: (apeco-Activist bloG#1)—
Tags/ Forum on Space & Nuclear issues, Green party, socialists, Americans, stratospeheric,
Uranium-238, pu-239, Rep Barbara Cubin, Sen. Mike Enzi, Citizens 4 Peace program,
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