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anti-nucleaRist bloG#18/ 17 Jan 2009 continuous-War is war-Theory not-so-great-to-relate

anti-nucleaRist bloG#18/ 17 Jan 2009

continuous-War is war-Theory not-so-great-to-relate


Why do we-People not believe in the “war-Theory” is that war-is-not-Peace.


First cuppo-Cough-ee, Sun’s not up quite, but five-point-5 hours sleep. The cage-War: gaza, goes along as though those nuclear-Nations of u-S Pentagons and Israels Armed forces had ONLy regards for “war-Theory”! That GNEP is a plan in the mindscape of ubiquitous “keeping nuclear-Weapons on 24/7” and the new-Improved version of “making not-so-Depleted-uranium weapons” is not understood by the publics, yet. What then also remains on the “tips of the nuclear-Weapons” protection “list-Plan” of making more than overtures of keeping on w the tax-Monies “wastes” for making war-Theory a reality of the dispensation found ONLy in GNEP—another Pentagons relatible “energy-Dept.” usurpation. This one was proffered by g-Enron in January 2006. He knew his way ‘out’ then. War is fun continues, because those illegal-Acts kill people better. Not much doubt that wars-Warring makes for having to study the “oblique-Side” of the dark-Force, whether one is worker, or professional, or lay-Person i.e. like a teen-Ager is not!


One can drink “organic” coffee, or organic herbal-Tea, outdoors, specifically, to maintain a decades long affrontal of the self in protest against “war-Theory” and by passing Time relate not to the era, or one can be “get rid the war-Rhetoric”! What should be riddance w the decadence of the static-Minds. Not nuclear-Animosity. One should equate “nuclear-Molecularism”. One wholesome population should. The peace theory states that with (w) nuclear-Weapons of thermo-nuclear capaciousness on 24/7 aggressor-Stance, where then does peace impose the need of self-Self? This Zen encapsulation at an inner-Peace of heart-rhythm, slowed pace thought, inner-connected breathing, is the sympathic edifice of metabolism, but warrior-Peace stays the mind—what “R” calls ‘mindscape’! I remain, because those who have had 25-Years to assimilate the war-Monger economy, yet have need of heart-Awakening. This is a pluralist entirety, not an entity of a yin-Yang, a predilected sense for not returning to the duality of Cold-War rhetorical excesses!


One can thumb his or her nose to living indoors, and become a citizen participant w the whole-Earth, outdoors. One should then, learn what the outdoors is, as well as what GNEP is. Why GNEP? Israel can reprieve the need for maintenance of the religious-State by not ridiculing the United Nations overtures of Laws—as the u-S has done–as though following in the heavily worn path of ubiquity, that of ‘the shadow of bOMb’ was the ennui of mass: anti-Matter. The populous has needs. The pluralism has needs of a not forgotten inertia. Is that not yet a virtue? So, what is GNEP if a non-Virtue is endemic. The sociology of socio-Polity does well to survive. The nonsense of a non-Need “hype” is a measure of forget diplomacy w neighbors! Yet, the new-Rome exists w 26-years of undeclared wars against the laws-Abidance of “democracy-Purpose”! Is this yet to be reversed, as the capitalist-State has done for them a grate-Disservice! The populous is stuffed into subservience and oblique non-Existence of pensions, jobs, words, Life devaluations. What can be quite strong in inner-Conviction, is never “inertia” of strength, because that is the ubiquitous “implosion” of the nuclear chain-Reaction and the not abiding thru the metaphysics a need of juncture, unless of extent-the-Documentation of FACT?


The Gaza warring affectation is political, but the excuses for the killings are plentiful. These excuses do not allow peace-in-the associative-Value “of world”. That is in a weigh-In that Israels are a nuclear-Nation, but that is not GNEP, Global Nuclear Energy Partnership or UK/US: GNEP, Global Nuclear Energy Partnership. This partly covered-Up, Dept-Energy plan is a lousy prospectus in any space-Time, admittedly worth a durn? There is not a value in allowing the reproduction of “war-always-leads-to-more-War” premise to survive stoically inimical, in the new-Rome. But, this is an inadept, method if the new-Rome has gotten all that much of powerful in the power-Elite, premises, when killing others is great-Fun, other nations wish to do that, too! Halting wars is easier than building bases overseas, the Obama insubordination toward “peace-Department” has basically, allowed to pass in negation, onto a passive-Act sheen, one of “des-Plaines” surreality in the guise of talking “senators who held majority” pasted onto the context that the new-Admin could not allow Rep. Dennis Kucinich the position of Secretary of State! However, Dennis Kucinich, because he’s the peace-Awareness thru “leach the negated democracy” and “talk about NSDU-238” amongst the publics admittance that needs of knowing do survive in a populous-Extant, one cannot freeze that tenet, anyhow. The same is truth w the GNEP premise. The tenet that “nuclear-Power is worshipful for power-Mongering and other dissolutions of neo-Con’s that maintain belligerence as their-Own, may be in need not hindrance of Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy’s quest to rebuild a “change” into political context, to continue w oligarchic-Method, not allow a Bailout “coinage” to continue coRpoRate-Sleaze–unnecessarily!


The political jurispridence is a question “for a change” speaking of chance not availing principle of precept, and of principle in accordance w the morality of “war-is-Immoralism” is not an occurrence in words used–to most of those who putdown “Liberalist tradition” because they’re progressive in electing another oblique “duopoly” expert—or soon to be another genocide-Expert! This also holds that MLK Jr. had a mobilization and a cultural impact, but not as a politician, however as a voice that held prosperity ideas close to non-Violence ideals “of practice’ and that commanded rationalism, was for th sake of human-Dignity, against killing millions overseas, for the sake of laws abiding moralism: universal-Tenets of laws abiding by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dec. 10th 1948 passage.


We’ll give him a chance to make “change” w.o. tunnel-Vision of the past. I did not relate my anti-War posturing at-the-Park yesterday-Evening, because sitting for 3-4 days makes for sitt-Butt entropy toward the outdoors “mindscape” that was casting about for where that aside relating to GNEP had gone. I went for a three-hour bicycle-Ride, and hike, thru the blue-Oaks of b-Cal (bitchen-California) in-as-much-as breathing harmonic air-Lung was supposed-to-be-conducive not insufferable to “lung-Scape”! I remained outdoors w the deer couple, the big black-Hawk overhead, the wholesome pecking-Flock of wild-Turkeys,–almost 30 non-Voters now– and squirrels that do not eat buckeyes scattered in profusion atop boulders in the creekway. Now that turkeys do that, peck-out buck-eyes and squirrels never did, was yet a cause that sprouting from rains-Soak: moistures the trees are harmonious to water, not grasses. The buckeye-Globes are everywhere crunchable, in the greenery of grasses and blue sky beneath a canopy of growing and decaying limbs and branches, many with a tap-Root groping for gravity into all these amenities of not-Obsessing. The animals were gone, not one sitting at a computer, when I returned to GNEP. The spirit of cognizance, realized, arose in physical exertion and entropy of heart was let. What has been the missing assertion about “empire” is the nuclear-Aegis misunderstood, as well as the other, darker-Side, not in films. What is that much that has been “not-Discussed”. I’ve not written because the flavor was therefore, quite, bland, nor is GNEP. That too much overdoing while standing about, temporarily, weeks, years, decades in protests, made for a hike about the same length-o-Time. I, too, lost friends due to illness-Death, last year and I regained literary connection w poetry-People, somehow by getting here to bitchen-Cal to relate the facts that stoic-Embrace of wars leads banks into corruption, and that Bailout was rip-Off: both numero-Uno, are not nuclear-Animosity, nor nuclear-Molecularism, misunderstood!


This, a fidelity that the new-Rome shall not take my “soul” I felt to regain a composite of mindscape, as one relinquished spirit, as that of at least the last 18-Years were tyranny-Gate. The overtures of “war-Theory” go along, in interstellar-Space, the pentaGons have nuclear-Generated “lasers” ready for more billions dollars in waste tax-Monies, but here, on-Moribund planet-Erathe are visions from classmates at least of that in growing-Pains. The wars tolls take PTSd to heart and NSDU-238[1] is pushed aside because. Somehow, that castigations under “tyranny-Gate” aplomb exist is propaganda handed to the needs of abusives is more than indigestible. They rationalism was not left underscored, my educational-Institutions as past & proponently structured onto forum-Plateau held that “tyranny” has been rifeness in excess of “undeclared-Wars: seven” for one ventured-thought. I held forth against the rattling sabers of V-C-L, and they headed for the inter-Nay. I wish to visit that direction, for the Soul to be w.i. scope-of-Fear premises. We’ve a world of many publics in disarray, because they, the pentagons. As-well-as the peers having needs, one may regard a dispassion-for-Truth exudes the lapse-of-Method! That compassion can abide in the prescience of living, is this too much to ask? Should “tyranny-Gate exist or naught? Yes, is the reply form the Pentagons/cIAS who scourge the world’s nations with over 737 overseas bases, as well as refusals to maintain those 6,660 nuclear-Weapons on 24/7 w.o. reduction into non-Assembly parts. Because they, the so-called “defense-Dept” really is a continuation of “war-Dept” whose war-College exemplariness covets being at war intermittently every five-ten years was not curt-Enough, as being at war each-Year, which has proliferated since 1983! There is no need for the GNEP which has already “unfurled” and needs no compassion from peace ‘n Justice, for an even worsened event-Horizon of thermonuclear-Demise w.o. “peace-Prescience” evermore a mere gratuity of delinquent and diminished “thought” of ubiquitous “diplomacy-at-War, thy name is NSDU-238” has not happened, first? Dig.


One must assume, that because the peNtagons/cIAs are in power, that peace-Prescience must be wholly inadept, or that Congress would “always stand on virtue of Laws” altho outmoded, is ONLy die-Cast, and therefore the “tyranny-Gate” of total-Degeneracy. I’m into the second cuppo-cough-ee, now! Is that a relinquishment that a power-Trippe is yet not accepted by the “we-Boomers”. Who are we now? Who sought to parlay love and peace by integrative-Measures but not to complete the Thought premises that a generation is up-Against the Wall that does not reduce the stupid-Stockpile: stupid? What does that substantiate, not having-a-Life, or expediently w.o. war-Warring, because the 1,000’s of thermo-Nuclears “protect-the-peNtagOns”? That was not too much to ask, as the V-C-L was an un-Declared 12-years-long-Event, and wasted 1.5 million Vietnamese lives: alone. That is how many people are crammed into Gaza, and the past two years they have been embargo’d and the past year “a Blockade” atop that insolence to humanity has squished “democracy-Purpose” even more than “tyranny-Gate” does not exist for you. The premise that wars are great for killing starved-people: caged! First of all, Gaza is an illegal-Blockade, also an embargo in international-Law is allowed, because the Isreals governance refuses to impart “publicly” that the politics is not in the way i.e that Hezbollah is not related to Fatah, and Fatah is not related to Hamas, that border-Crossings is keeping Palestines from working in Israels lands of beyond 1967 borders “expansionism” which involves “revisionism-Politics”! But, yesterday, political associations about the muddled middle-East not mentioned in this country were focused: in-the-News. Grate, ultra “tyranny-Gate” shows up the U.N. lacking a process to obviate the pentagons demands for delinquency, ahoy!


Sovereignity does not seem to enter into the war-is-Diplomacy “rhetoric” because the people are bound to politics somewhat semi-Informed or worse, beyond in Egypt is what Prof. Rashid Khalidi[2] depicts when he says:

“Hamas was extremely unpopular for firing rockets at Israel, to no purpose except causing civilian casualties and bringing fire and brimstone down on the heads of a million and a half innocent civilians…So, both have been, I would argue, weakened. I would—my guess is the Palestinian Authority and Fatah much more. The Arab regimes, I think, have been weakened. Their position is detested and loathed by most of their people. People are ashamed of what their governments have done, all over the Arab world.” and that “Well, many of them are in agreement with the goal of weakening Hamas, very simply. I mean, in Egypt, this is a domestic security issue. Hamas is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the main opposition movement. It couldn’t be simpler. The same is true in Jordan: the Muslim Brotherhood is the main—or it is actually the main opposition movement in Jordan. And so forth. So, for these regimes, keeping their chairs, keeping their thrones, keeping their money, their power, is the only thing that’s really important. Their people? They don’t care about their people.”


Does the above quotation seem to encapsulate the ordinary “political-Discourse” motifs, adjunctives, premises, and lack-o-Rhetoric, bemusings that are quite literally, remiss in open discourse and public-Discussion, not-here, too. Dig.


That there is too much war-Propaganda is more imperative to glossing the populous than the populous has needs “excuse-Me” because sociology is remiss! Discussion of the “military-Media” polemics, u-S. is all the discourse of war, as well as of populous needs, too sadly resplendent, anarchaic, devalued, hot precepts in realizing and relating no known principles. The adjunctives put forth above, remain what has been adjunct, not wholly because the Pentagons abide by a Nuclear “non-Proliferation Treaty” but because the u-S Congress has not “passed” the great and nations-Friendly, supportive treaty that proved positive, passed wholeheartedly in-the-rest-World. In other words, the u-S penTagoNs can support the Israels Military and the Israels can illegally “bazziote” the mountains of Golan Heights or Lebanon, again, kind of how Afghanistan is “bazziote’d” by NATO forces because u-S Pentagons says so, and in so-Doing keeps the u-S populous from utilizing “common-Conversations of” nuclear-NPT. The “treaty” since 1997, not unpassed, is like the “fenced in 1.5 million persons of Gaza-Palestine, being destroyed for being behind a fence, when the GNEP came in-between the context and the usurped principle, of passage. There is the land-Grab support of empire, because “the Palestines Peace” was not more than one cease- fire,after another. The other premise is thatkilling people is the pentagons dastardly forensic, sic no control from g-Enron, who had done his dastardly deed of “oil-for-Military: always” by allowing Richard Cheney to be divergent w “defense Intelligence” removal, and corporate intel-Gence, emplaced—as 9-11 was about to be the devaluation of American steel anyway, or naught, an debarkation point? And the heck w diplomacy for aero-Jets not being more than D-U wing-Tipped despite the Plaestines beings in place of guinea-Populous of non-Violence.


That the other aspect of Israels is their army invaded Lebanon in 1982 and started using “d-U weapons” that demanded a high expense, for which the autocrats of the u-S found the Pentagons in needs of having not made the excessive, over-burdensome purchases, yet! The delay helped to gather the amenity of making “uranium-238 manufacturing-Practical” whiling-at-home-in-Savannah. The non remedy of reducing background levels of rad-Actives had never been asserted into politics since Truman, space-Time, anyhow! While the bio-Remediation of inorganic wastes of oil-Sludge the “nuclear-Wastes” sat, and that then allowed the solo, inward, despicable-Use: syndrome the opportunity the politicians could use! One apportionment of nuclear-Weapon #2, NSDU-238, which came into focus was “cheap and availability could be re-Regualted—not-so-Depleted! The words-Arcane use-Term remains this two-Ways despicable, because the opposite of “deplete-What” is morosely more ‘true’ in terms of deceitful-Enterprise: depleted-What? Then soon to be used after “economy” was rearranged in 1983, a mannerism only lacked the tenacious-Excises of meaningful “die-Cast” that the politicians of autocracy could and would amalgamate for plutocracy-to-Continue unabated i.e. w use, followed by what was not halted thru Bill Clinton’s 1993opportunity to arrest the one-Person who ordered the genocidal-Slaughter of the retreating army from Kuwait into Iraq-Lands—all 238,380 w civilians 33,230. Then, GNEP for passage could be assuaged in the same fashion positive endemnic ONLy when NSDU-238 was not-so-Presciently “public-Know-How in word-Usage”. So, then a discourse has to start w GNEP, as the idea. Whatever that is remains, whoever we are? Dig.


Control of the populous must be interpreted in terms of health and no misque on nonsense! The fact is that Israels used NSDU-238 in 1973 in Lebanon as an invasionary tactic of so-called impartiality. Sound familiar. Aggression is aggression, ineffective and costly, but w the addition of technology-Makeup, that’s the aggressor-Stance! Hardly that what we-Boomers do, does that not make for a great economy is useless unless “war-Theory” is maintained. Soooo, the Pentagons were not the first, for use? However, they, the useless dropouts and hippies and returning-Troops supported those necessary-Studies, of how well-Done the eradication of nuclear-Prescience before that exalting “halt” to undeclared-War—1960’s. And that no follow-Up: studies were in connection, people made assurances that the facts would not be well disguised. Thence, the also-Factor as anti-War V-C-L rhetoric was meteoric and climaxed-Disposition to people “dispossession from community” halt-the-Tyranny” was borne by the whole populous? The “tyranny-Gate” started w V-C-L and the end of “hippie-Dropout” scenes were hardly noticed, but history, not histrionics has the weigh-Ins. This hour-Glass is a good eye-Level in journalistic rapprochement for the “accountability-Level” of why pTSD cannot be treated w “depleted-Uranium: 238” usury, because both healthcare needs must be properly diagnosed, as well as 200,000 to 300,000 service-Personnel who need populous-Support for governmental-Paid medical lowdowns to “all” satisfactoily new & improved ends to means specific. That NSDU-238 (not-so-Depleted-Uranium is ur-238) is availing ‘High-Despicable: use” does not mean that “illegal-Wars” do not exist! The facts on making enrichment “recyclable” is propaganda in the military-Uniform, but for civilians to maintain the illegal “use AND abuse” aspect of the NSDU-238 4.44 billion years “first” half-Life, anyhow. Dig.


Veterans groups do not know what fun they’re really missing by not supporting a “peace-Program” for the eradication of DU-uses by a world-Wide “treaty” the foreinstance being healthcare that qualifies for all our citizens, not only their wives and all neighbors & sisters knowing, but an information regarding “radionuclides” that has a weigh-In, as in the worst toxicity ever invented! Weld. A high-School topic that is dervishly, the putdown catharsis to veterans and by belligerence-Veterans, or comatose-Bets who want offensive-Measures to remain “not-so-Defense-like: nothing but killing”, or veterans and peace-Keepors who know that human-Nature demands a halt to violence and not laziness, so who’s not to know how “bad ‘n harsh’ the offensive-Aggression by the Pentagons has been? Who does not remember good days at high-School? Who does not know that’s how bad “not-so-Depleted-Uranium is or NSDU-238 causes pTSD, too! It’s nuclear and the waste is in using weaponry that has already been outlawed “:before the vestibule of lies” indicating that truth cannot be controlled! Let’s adjudicate the unilateralism aspect alone, but what was allowed as defensive weapon against incoming “belligerence” that NSDU-238 is used, back then, when the id-Al context should not have been, butt-Holds! And what of longest-Lasting, just-Toxic, that’s not stronger than diplomacy, nor rationalism. But, DU “as rad-Actives” is yet into uses of practice in Hawaii, Afghanistan, and Torishima Island off-Bases of Okinawa!


We do not make a party of the oneness of meagre uranium-238, not these projectiles and bunker-Busters w.o. both enrichment processes and availability at low-Cost deifices. However, there is need of dialogue, because GNEP is not yet the inconsiderateness of power-Elites, et al-Ski? There are now two-Nuclear: weapons and this one got that the links to their “enrichment” is accountability, need continuance, accountability! That there is a transcending into the news of inter-Nay, not yet about silos, subs, missiles, numbers and “reduction” which makes for a pro-Reduction cause continuing, makes “tyranny-Gate” a worshipful retreat. Since the thermonuclears are on “aggressor-Stance: 24/7” not bombs unsteady-in-Missiles, but pulses. That the uranium-238: weapon is w.i. a consummate throwing distance also admonishes that tanks, A10’s aero-Jets, 20mm & 50-caliber armored usages of protection, non-Remediation of shoot-First, off-Shoot then they have been anointed for overseas, exposures. The body of abuse is obtuse what a reuse, but never used w anarchy at home on a daily basis. I have no technics of accountability to share– because they’re in an illegal-Disposition of dispossessed aggression, non-Needs, violence, not non-Violence oriented—who is to be those whose anti-Humanity sees fit to ruination of 110,000 servicepersons then 310,000 in needs of redress on disability payments never yet surrendered. How come? That the declared unlawful, non-Peaceful despoils of non-Reduction is yet, hype as well! So, what is GNEP?


Who is the they is quite a new fact to “phase-3 veterans” because PTSd cannot be eradicated as “depleted-Uranium poisoning in 310,000 servicepersons” cannot extricate what they’ve contacted from “phase-1” dirty Lil ole-Ace, undeclared-War? How then, does a nation of autocrats who stand to gain billions dollars from each war-Time, not suffer indelibly the expenses and costs of “hospital-care-for-Life” unless theirs is always privatization? What is Bailout, now, that healthcare should be expended to those ‘Gulf-War syndrome embedded veterans who have need of being. A “Bailout” does what displeasure! NSDU-238 then, is aerosolized-Explosive more dangerous than white-Phosphorous, now being used as though we had to be postponed by factual-Endemnity in the Gaza, for a constant of why wars to a caged-People is so important in the structure of maintaining how to take the minds off NSDU-238, that the Palestines “lands” were important and then the anti-Palestines import. Approximation could be less than impartially “cleansed, Plaestines, after Bosnia usages by N.A.T.O. w NSDU-238 weapons, and in Kosovo, then back to Afghanistan in 2002, and then Iraq, Baghdad in 2003.


GNEP, Global Nuclear Energy Partnership is bringing facts to those tabled events, of last century, millennium, because nuclear-Animosity has not accomplished much at all! The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership or GNEP was announced by g-Enron in Feb. 2006. This is a:

“sweeping proposal to promote nuclear power worldwide by establishing a consortium of countries (such as U.S., France, Japan, Russia, U.K.) that would provide “fuel services” to developing countries. These services include providing fresh fuel, importing spent nuclear to the United States, and reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. At its basic core, GNEP is a program to restart nuclear waste reprocessing in the United States. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is responsible for implementing GNEP… Reprocessing—incorrectly call “recycling” by the DOE—is simply the separation of uranium, plutonium and other elements from nuclear spent fuel. The plutonium may then be used in fresh fuel for reactors (called plutonium fuel). Currently there are only a couple of reactors licensed to use plutonium fuel in the United States. None of the existing reactors is the U.S>, called light-water reactors can “burn-up” the plutonium. To destroy the plutonium would require an experimental type of reactor called a fast reactor, of which there are only three operating in the world today. The history of fast reactors throughout the world has been marked by both safety and economic failures.”[3]


One enrichment over that of another utilizing indifference to remake those nucleotides that are radically different, from isotopes of characterization of nuclear-Weapons still exist w all the munitions waste in assembling “both nuclear-Weapons” but may yet be made into “NSDU-238” was never mentioned. So, to pas to the public further incriminating careless amenity on the part of post-Mortem “nuclearism” is to impart that sleaze appears before the horizon-Line—in this case nuclear-Aegis, continues w.o. public thoroughness of even high-School educational levels, but is not enough in need of the problem-Solving when the public “statement period” ends on March 16th 2009. When will waste be halted as apparency to need that continually making “weapons” is always allocation ends, not only probity– as well as means. This is how I see the certainty of specifics. However, the rapprochements are far more ingrained. Foreinstance, Dr. Arjun Makijani, well known for his various reports of “retriculation-Studies” @ INEEL and purveyance-Studies @ nev-Testsite, as well as the advent processes in the radioactivity prognostication-Sense has specifics and definitions as well as the text documenting:


“A huge and unjustifiably large sum – on the order of $100 billion worldwide – has already been spent over the past five decades on attempts to create a plutonium economy. There is no end in sight to the subsidies and there is no reasonable way to resolve the many problems that are still outstanding in the foreseeable future. By any rational economic and security criteria, the commercial plutonium fuel and breeder industries should have made a complete exit from the stage of energy choices at least a decade ago. Yet, commercial plutonium separation continues in several countries, adding to the problem. Plans for breeder reactors also remain in place in some countries. Uneconomical use of plutonium as a fuel (in the form of mixed uranium and plutonium oxide or MOX) in existing reactors grew considerably in the 1990s, creating a new set of subsidies for the plutonium industry.”[4]

The pursuit of happiness for too many people has to be the choice between past-Military: involvement (pension yet “ahoy”) and not knowing the truth—let alone the venues of war-Dept, energy-Dept, transportation-Dept and so forth until over $ one trillion $ is spendt annually on nuclear-Weapons, nuclear killing machines like subs, aircraft-Carrier groups—and, what of reforesting millions of acres of conifers, demised, cut, perturbed by acid-Reins and ultra “global: climate-Change” so that pollution is war-Machines “un-Measured” and the topic of radionuclides-Americas continent is looked at w devoid eyeballs in the propaganda-Dominance and minimalist ‘extent’!


“Instead of pursuing this environmentally destructive, dangerous, and exorbitantly expensive GNEP program, DOE should store nuclear waste at reactor sites and safeguard it from terrorist attack.

The analysis provided in the Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) is appallingly inadequate. Despite its legal mandate to analyze the full socio-economic and environmental impacts of GNEP, this PEIS does not include a complete life cycle cost analysis or fully addressing environmental or nonproliferation impacts. Furthermore, it inadequately addresses the full extent of health impacts from reprocessing.

Ignoring thousands of letters from the public and repeated requests from Congress, DOE has still not provided and this PEIS does not include a total lifecycle cost of GNEP, including all of the reprocessing facilities, fast reactors and fuel fabrication facilities required to fully implement GNEP. This analysis must include clean-up of the reprocessing facilities, as well as decommissioning of fast reactors and fuel fabrication facilities.

No analysis of GNEP’s proliferation risks or impacts is provided. Instead, it states that the National Nuclear Security Administration is providing a separate nonproliferation assessment, but fails to provide any clear timetable for its release. For the public to fully assess the impacts of GNEP, a nonproliferation analysis must be included within the PEIS.

The PEIS inaccurately argues that reprocessing reduces the total volume of waste, and therefore, limits long-term health impacts related to disposal. This argument not only ignores recent independent studies that conclude reprocessing does not diminish the volume of waste, but also contradicts a previous section of the report that explicitly states reprocessing will not diminish the need for waste disposal. The Department of Energy must describe how it is going to manage and protect the public and workers from the many radioactive and hazardous waste streams that result from all phases of the GNEP plan. These wastes include, but are not limited to, strontium, cesium, radioactive lanthanides, technetium, uranium, and krypton gas.

Reprocessing is polluting, expensive, and a threat to U.S. national security. DOE should abandon the dangerous GNEP proposal and focus instead on safeguarding nuclear waste at reactor sites.[5]


The stewardship for “radioactive-Used: anti-Matter, matter” is worse to control, because the “military-Hegemony” portends to making unfeasible the task-worthiness of non-Excess! Period. Since the early uses of yellowcake onto the plateaus of “hydrogen above-Group” atmosphere-Stratosphere fallout-Making attenuations were never thoroughly realized, by any but small groups in disarray for wont-of-Facts> Expanding upon that base, is beyond basics, as rational-Sense has overcome many dispositions considered, merely, propaganda. This is the prosaoic and stoic “hegemonyites” dominance. Here is what domineering has produced:


“Radioactive materials from nuclear weapons production sites are being dumped into regular landfills, and are available for recycling and resale. The Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) has tracked the Department of Energy’s (DOE) release of radioactive scrap, concrete, equipment, asphalt, chemicals, soil, and more, to unaware and unprepared recipients such as landfills, commercial businesses, and recreation areas. Under the current system, the DOE releases contaminated materials directly, sells them at auctions or through exchanges, or sends the materials to processors who can release them from radioactive controls. The recycling of these materials—for reuse in the production of everyday household and personal items such as zippers, toys, furniture, and automobiles, or to build roads, schools, and playgrounds—is increasingly common.

The NIRS report, “Out of Control on Purpose: DOE’s Dispersal of Radioactive Waste into Landfills and Consumer Products,” tracks the laws, methods, and justifications used by the DOE to expedite the mandatory cleanup of the environmental legacy being created by the nation’s nuclear weapons program and government-sponsored nuclear energy research. One of the largest and most technically complex environmental cleanup programs in the world, the effort includes cleanup of 114 sites across the country to be completed by the end of 2008.

The DOE has unilaterally chosen allowable radioactive contamination and public exposure levels to facilitate “clean-up” of these sites. Pressure is increasing to allow clearing radioactivity from control in order to legalize the dispensing and disbursing of nuclear waste.

In 2000, the Secretary of Energy banned the commercial recycling of potentially radioactive metal. However, the ban does not apply to the disposal, reuse, or recycling of metal equipment, components, and pipes, or of other materials.

Seven sites of importance were investigated for the NIRS report: Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Rocky Flats, Colorado; Los Alamos, New Mexico; Mound and Fernald, Ohio; West Valley, New York; and Paducah, Kentucky. Of these, Tennessee is said to be the main funnel that pours nuclear weapon and power waste from around the country into landfills and recycling facilities without public knowledge.”[6]


The Cold War is over for 19-full years. There is an aura of gravure on that ensizement of space-Time! We’re, in all probability, in need of recnting the disposition and disposses-sion due the increase in the usurpation of UN-toward “war-Theory”. However, w.i. the 1989 year following the onset of war-Theory as practice was the abuse-Use of NSDU-238. The second weapon of nuclear-Inconsistency to the space-Age or the age-of-Ecology was an anthema, too. Has “History” in universities gotten attached to that era, or has “nuclear-Aegis” just become another apportioning of military-Excess, was the question from 1975 thru 1990, and where was the populous undoing the stressures of yet another amalgameto-Amphoric? The use of making more waste, rather than substantiating that waste is useful for making more “radionuclides” which is what automatically happens because uranium-235 is taken from natural-Uranium: 238. This is what thee-System has been in military-Hegemony diaspora: terms of writ-Large “plutocracy”, because the people of the nation, have never voted upon this characterization, and wars causes start from this ubiquity-Affectation.         “R”

“A government agency, now called U.S. Department of Energy, was formed to oversee private contractors who churned out no less than 30,000 nuclear warheads over the next four decades and established the nuclear industry as an economic force in human affairs.

A people’s movement to “Ban the Bomb” formed instantly in response to the wartime bombing of Japan, and to the “test bombings” on the lands of the Western Shoshone Nation in Nevada and Utah and the Pacific islanders of the Moruroa Atoll.

From protests on the street to civil disobedience at weapons sites, the public has been vocal and insistent that our only reasonable option is to abolish nuclear weapons. Indeed, in 1996 the World Court issued a landmark decision defending this basic ethic when it declared the manufacture, possession or use of nuclear weapons to be illegal.

The Cold War bomb factories were built in secret in the 1940s and 1950s. They operated without public oversight until the Cold War ended in 1991, when crumbling Russian and U.S. nuclear bomb factories and reactors were forced to shut down.

With the Cold War’s end, shocking security issues and environmental contamination throughout Russia and the U.S. bomb complexes were discovered.

Huge inventories of U.S. nuclear waste and weapons-grade plutonium had piled up and were stored in slipshod, temporary containers — even cardboard boxes tossed into landfills.

The U.S. is for the third time seeking permission from its people to rebuild the nuclear weapons complex. There are eight sites that would be involved in the current DOE vision: Savannah River Site near Augusta, Oak Ridge in Tennessee, Los Alamos and Sandia labs in New Mexico, Pantex in Texas, the Kansas City Plant, Lawrence Livermore in California and the Nevada test site.

There are literally dozens of facilities proposed to be spread around at these eight sites, and the sites are being pitted against each other to lure DOE to set up the new facilities there. SRS, for example, is competing against Los Alamos for a consolidated plutonium center.[7]


Now, what GNEP ought-to-be is “the people’s” community of non-Governmental organizations and peace-Justice associations, just in needs not hindrances to rectify the injustices, one-step-at-a: space-Time, step, as contemporary values of democracy-Purpose, and not heck w clocks. However, the federal-Government, the they for much of the nuclear-Animosity holds acrimony in abeyances of arrears, only to continue to designate that tyranny-Gate is not knowing enough about injustices, has been a sham, a flawed “gesture” as well as remuneration of flawed doings, prior to the public-Disclosure or public environmental Impact. Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) has a simplified version to summarize the innerconnected discrepancies @


Mary O’Driscoll, this time writing in Greenwire (Jan 9, 2007), quoted John Deutsch of MIT, who is generally pro-nuclear, as saying GNEP “is hugely expensive, hugely misdirected and hugely out of sync with the needs of the industry and the nation.” Yet the DOE seems intent on making decisions now that will commit the nation to particular technologies for many decades into the future. Most importantly, the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership is not a research and development plan. The current plan is to build what will be the world’s largest reprocessing facility capable of reprocessing (assuming all goes as advertised) 2000-3000 tons of reactor fuel a year, significantly larger than the French reprocessing facility which has processed 1650 tons a year (but now handles about half that because its foreign business has disappeared). DOE is proposing that the first GNEP burner reactor will be a full-scale, commercial power plant. Global Nuclear Energy Partnership plans do not include technology demonstrations, pilot plants, or scalable production. This is a recipe for disaster. Experience in the United States and other countries is not encouraging. The British recently awarded the first contracts of 17-18 billion pounds to cover the costs of cleaning up the reprocessing facility at Sellafield. GNEP has the potential to become the greatest technological debacle in US history.[8]


The Scientific-Communities were outwardly well-Spoken, that a calumny existed, and the above was a resolved disclosure. However, the inside-Keepor that got the methods of “expenditures” unnecessary and far beyond weighing “needs” is in the structuring of MOX[9] details. The airing of inconsistencies is one garnish, and NSDU-238 another, and then the anomalies of the past, but the prevarications for a vituperative-Future to continue w g-Enron’s waste anythink-Tank: method, was that MOX does not have the ability to be maintained as “secure”. The nGO’s stated fact, that more than $10 billion would be needed to start the UK & US program, while $100 billion is yet needed for Hanford and Savannah clean-up dispositions from before the 1996 NPT put-off by Senate not voting into “law”. Statute therefore remains, remiss, in the sociological apportionments of what disclosures were pertinent in 1999. The measures today involve MOX as an architecture for realizing more proliferation, in the long and short ends of that enterprise. What is know remains for Arjun Makhijani’s explanation:


“The main current use of plutonium separated from commercial spent fuel is the fabrication of the plutonium into mixed oxide, or MOX, fuel for use in light water reactors. MOX is a mixture of afew percent (generally 5 to 7 percent total plutonium) plutonium dioxide (PuO2) with the rest being depleted uranium dioxide (UO2), which consists almost entirely of uranium-238. The MOX fuel is used in some of the same light water nuclear power reactors that now use uranium oxide fuel, containing 3 to 5 percent uranium-235, which is the fissile isotope of uranium. Essentially, the plutonium-239 and plutonium-241, both fissile isotopes of plutonium, replace the uranium-235 as the fuel.13 Both uranium and MOX fuel contain mostly uranium-238.14 In both cases, some of the uranium-238 is converted to plutonium-239 (and higher isotopes) during reactor operation. Some of this new Pu-239 is fissioned during reactor operation and the rest remains in the spent fuel. Spent fuel derived from uranium-fueled light water reactors contains about 1 percent plutonium, while that derived from MOX-fueled light water reactors would contain 1.6 to 3.9 percent depending on the length of irradiation of the fuel, the reactor type and the percentage of MOX fuel loading.15 …Fresh MOX fuel is a far greater proliferation risk than fresh uranium fuel for commercial reactors. In the latter case, the low-enriched uranium, if stolen, would have to be further enriched in huge, costly and complex uranium enrichment plants, present in only a few countries. In the case of MOX, the plutonium and uranium in the fuel, being different elements with differing chemical properties, can be chemically separated with relative ease in smaller scale facilities that would be difficult to detect. Since the principal uranium and plutonium isotopes are alpha-emitting radionuclides, with weak gamma rays, thick shielding and remote operation are not necessary for processing fresh MOX fuel so as to separate the plutonium from the uranium in it. While glove boxes and complex worker protection are desirable, this is unlikely to be a significant restraint on plutonium recovery from fresh MOX fuel, should non-weapons states or terrorist organizations acquire it for the purpose of acquiring sufficient plutonium for making nuclear weapons.”[10]


As MLK Jr. had warned that the poverty of afro-Amers was worth more than the $100 billion $ wasted in a senseless (and un-Declared) War, in all probability we shall be needing a revolution that takes the non-Violent helm but one that re-Establishes the “rule of law” w.o. un-Ethicality of radionuclide-Isotopic disharmony. Why make more plutonium or uranium-235 when ur-238 is being so useful as NSDU-238, or the more you make the harder the take is not enterprise worthy, and remains enterprise “swarthy”. This has been a brief “interlude” by the peace-Warrior, once again, the dysfunctional “values” of nuclear-Animosity win-All, accoutrement.


HALT NSDU-238 eXpoRt, the radionuclides-POet

–note: blog # 19… (z-Net needs clarity)

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[1] The analog form useful in describing ‘not-so-Depleted-uranium: 238” or natural-Uranium that kills, and keeps on decaying, too!

[2] Democracy Now 1-15-09 interview w Rashid Khalidi “Bloody Israeli Assault on Gaza Enters Fourth Week, Palestinian Death Toll Tops 1,100” please see:

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Surplus Nuclear Weapons Plutonium by Arjun Makhijani January 22, 2001 pg. 7 @

[5] officially “GNEP” or “Global Nuclear Energy Partnership” an auspice of nGO planning that resulted in a necessity of “letters” thru         sent to: Francis G. Schwartz, GNEP PEIS Document Manager, Office of Nuclear Energy
, U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., SW 
Washington, DC 20585 1-13-09…

[6] “#14 Mainstreaming Nuclear Waste in top 25-Stories for 2009” published by Project Censored Dec. 2008 –many sources that are research, of realizable amenities of public atonement in citizen-Inspectors: verity, a fulfillment of fact-Finding against the nation-States convexity Sources! Those were: 
Nuclear Information and Resource Service, May 14, 2007 
Title: “Nuclear Waste in Landfills” 
Author: Diane D’Arrigo ;Environment News Service, May 14, 2007 
Title: “US Allows Radioactive Materials in Ordinary Landfills” 
Author: Sunny Lewis ;Environment News Service, February 4, 2008 
Title: “US Company Seeks Permit to Import Nuclear Waste” 
Author: Sunny Lewis ;Student Researchers: Derek Harms and Cedric Therene; Faculty Evaluator: Noel Byrne, PhD

[7] Published on Monday, March 3, 2008 by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution This Is the Time to Reject Nuclear Arms by Glenn Carroll downloaded from

[8] Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)—federation of American Scientists

[9] Plutonium End Game: Managing Global Stocks of Separated Weapons-Usable Commercial and Surplus Nuclear Weapons Plutonium by Arjun Makhijani January 22, 2001 pg. 21 with Cogéma, the government-owned reprocessing company (now 19 percent privately owned) to the use of MOX in its reactors, assuming that it would be economical. But by 1989, the situation had changed and EDF had concluded that MOX was “not competitive” with uranium fuel and that its use could impose additional costs on EDF of billions of francs during the 1990s “ read the document’s full length to understand the simplistic autism of u-S Energy Dept. and cohesion to war-Dept mishapened ethics?

[10] Plutonium End Game: Managing Global Stocks of Separated Weapons-Usable Commercial and Surplus Nuclear Weapons Plutonium by Arjun Makhijani January 22, 2001 pg. 17-18…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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