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anti-nucleaRist bloG#17 / 01 Jan 2009 the id-Al of NSDU-238 caged-Indigestion

anti-nucleaRist bloG#17 / 01 Jan 2009

the id-Al of NSDU-238 caged-Indigestion

© apeco filed 1-10-09


The Israels resurrection against Gaza goes along w “a decadence of resplendent-Degeneracy”. I’m glad I protested against u-S Pentagons: autocrats-Tyranny, once again, yesterday! My needs for time-Off are impingement, pointedly a weariness has set into a pattern of protesting-Wars while h-Bombs are on aggressor-Stance since 1972, and while un-Declared “war-Warrings” have been “war-Chaos: theory”, complicitness since raw-Goon “daze”…continues! I look @ the coffee-Froth in my mug, before I turn-the-Day-on, and a cuppo-Cough that sez the people of little-D and seven-Hills: region, are not reading into daily-Litany, how dirty-Radionuclides “choice-Weapon: NSDU-238” is being allowed for use. The comparison of Sen. Feinstein is being broadcast, that Senate oversight committee is all that any executive-Disorder, officer has to keep him from the push-Button {listen to Ray McGovern expose`] or the ephemeral conditionalism of maintaining 5.5 billion dollars—just give me one-Million, I’ll be satisfied for life. But, the people of little-D don’t even elevate the dNC from months ago, as the not-so-hype’d police-State that Palestines are about 10X more weight having to suffer, today, as compares to good ole Daze, rNC St. Paul, little-D: dNC does a forest-Fire makeover for repreive!


I can see thru the froth “now” that even Alan Dershowitz would not speakout against, but Norman Finkelstein sure added some “nice-Wordies”! Norman had a conversation w Martin Indyk and may have a spoke-out Registry-Record, now in Democracy Now 1-08-09! “Former Amb. Martin Indyk vs. Author Norman Finkelstein: A Debate on Israel’s Assault on Gaza and the US Role in the Conflict” against the “caged-Depositioning” of combined u-s-Pentagons and Israels AIPAC. Were they not in greedy excess of outspoken-Excess forwarding the needs of massacre. Quite a word. [see, read, listen to DEM Now]   The deaths-of-bombs-in-a-Cage reminds most-the-Rest: world, that “holocaust to gypsies and Ukraines and Russia ‘peasantry’ was merely pedantry”, a tool for holocaust-Genocide, a different “word”! The froth tells me everything, today, but yesterday, what was forecast against “tyranny” was merely “tyranny-Gate of 25-Years un-Declared wars”, and Sen. Feinstein’s accountability position not becoming of a deposition! Ray McGovern adds sum-Virtuous on this morning’s voices in truths not prosaics morning-Exorcises, etc. Altho, this does not say more than Rep. Dennis Kucinich, asking for Iraq-Invasions accountable to Law, as Ohh-bay-mah says “the rule of Law” in lightweight leader-Line, fishing for “embargo to not have ‘impeachment’ made his corollary support by which dEMS’ when the war-Zone was yet polluting holes in ozone. That the ruler of law was dictatorial-Methods of Richard Changang, because Mr. Cronyism himself Raw-Goon of odd-Economics, caused the hype! Froth this must be! Genocide, not “genome” is their-Word, the Israels-Jewish diaspora, a prose of megalo-Maniacal lawless-Excise does not listen to law but sum-Formula of land-Grab w.o. human-Rights—not humanmm-Rights, there.


Ray McGovern had some nice comments on the rule-of-Law malaise of astuteness, and Norman Finkelstein was smirking about his conversation w “the Ohh-bay-mah” look of apparency state-Dept. that is different than cronyism Congress. Dennis is on a skate-Board placed on the teeter-Tooter downside, trying’ to go upgrade these egg-Yolks who act like computers needing to be turned-On before the jump-Attempt! Okay, this shallow in-Depth report on the news pertains, as that the people ought to be getting’ sick as vomit from “the cage-Fracas” where professional white-Phosphorous reigns from the polluted-Airs of undeclared-Wars, bomb-Skis: galore! My cronyism is apparent, here. Say nothing and Know-Nothing politics wins!


I’d rather be outside in the blue-Oaks hunting fresh mushrooms to photograph before the turkeys eat them from my hand’s grasp, those wild-Thangs! Listening has the “sitt-Butt: blues” down-pat, however wars are where life’s demise is at and protestors in little-D do-not-want to know about NSDU-238 until the rest of the lefte-World does, too! That’s as despicable as NSDU-238 being the first half-Life is ONLy 4.45 billion years, and the full-Life, next “who cares” is 34.45 billion years? What you do to you-Tube “viewing” ought to pertain to about 75-minutes per nite of ascensions of “messed-Up people that cannot control their dNA”. Weld. Summarily Rep. Dennis does not act and his mind-Scape outta be used by Ohh-bom-bah decadents on the national-Security-Decadent board w.o. contrariness to truth not exorcised for extra understanding w erudition, because killing people in a “cage” is not moral or naught of conditionalism tenet known. Give my pea brain a rest, the pea’s so small you hardly know that the encirclement makes the thinking dizzy and symbolic from a cage of devastation of embargo coupled w ONLy illegal “blockade” a la Bully Clyneton, and Iraq’s children’;s deaths were too-Cool during 1993 thru 1998—basically 500,000 to one-Million!


There’s just too much truth in the news regarding “Israels mass-Genocide approach” to-the-Cage. After all the straight military-Media has not said whether the cage is comprised of meltible-Plastic or nano-Pollutes like nerve-Agents in wallet-Size exposure levels, or whether there has been a study in Iraq, completed in June before fiscal year started, that stresses ONLy so many million-Tons of CO2 emissions from u-S Army pollutes less than private-Army does pollute! That the state-Dept. leaves all resolve to the United Nations votes, and my vote was not on Allan Dershowitz, but the resolve of people who read and know truths of “diplomacy is new-Rome” is not yet a suppository-Form.? What ever happened to Holywood! This is the question that makes white-Phosphorous a grate-Commercial for “corporate-Artists on the board of too-Plenty” misnomerism, ahoy!


Yup, “over-There” the Israels like giving “indigestion away for the tax-Monies spendt retributions”? Hey, boats are smaller than ships, but halt even those from delivering food, water, medicine basics, it’s in the genome-Structure! Then again, nice-to-know-that-the–Precursor was that a new-Rome had taken place on the field of singular-Superpower in the muddled middle-East, as is spoken by token reportage against-Boredom. Obliquely by lack of alka-Selzer’s need the itinerant empire building goads forth from war-to-war. Needed the world’s largest “indigestion of “embassy” an architectonic-Wonder that really ought to be moved-Home, replacing old building like the-Pentagons, the one that cannot withstand a missile by propaganda!. ONLy a building w accessories of spying useful to the cIAS/ Pentagons, rather than the Pentagons/cIAS, like the painting-on-Wall is up-Against-the Wall, full of pollutants, but inside the boomer-Mindscape g-Enron’s no-Boomer. That, no generation would allow him “in” is fact because my lil cuppo-Cough is no longer full-of-Froth. However, the ozone level in my fogged-Over eyeballs is seeing mushrooms wilt in the global-Climate change, i.e. manner of what we’ve gotten used-to is ‘will-Do-Ya, blues’!


Ohhh, yes, thermo-Nuclears AND the d-U fluff-Stuff of denver-Bilt University. What of geo-Engineered psychopathic chems-Malaise and 8 million dead acres of conifers? What is that seven-hills area full of, that they teach gOPS formula ONLy at the International Relegation’s dept. level and some seven-Hills of little-D people were romping to blogscape experts “bops” rather the sense-in-any–truth corresponding to “foreign-Policy” that is not “nuclear: thermo’s mons”! What may be outta whack w gHW Bushwhacky’s calamitous venture into bringing the uranium-238 INSIgHT to a headship of stern reprobation in many of those-Times, has left an aura, or sun-Spot on the exposure of this stuff was wont because “not-to-be-Used” but then “not-so-depleted-uranium is 238 isotope” fun. Saturday does not have to be-Blues, when the id-Al of caged-Indigestio, is Ohh-bay-mah hip-Hop! That the uranium-238 was a treat is my supposition, and Ray McGovern was politely suggesting somebody-Else speak out and against what has been there under that skein of megalo-Mania since 1989, since before the infernal Usages that makes “white-Phosphorous” could look decadent, too!


Nothing like nowheresville is lookin’ at the froth-Remnant, rather than allowing the blues to sink-In and make headspace for hip-Hop theatre…you-Know Katrina-Rita, and all that jAzZ off main- Street, private-Armies and the use of NSDU-238 to look forward to, and for a happy new-Year: indigestion to all of u-S who go outside and protest instead of hikin’ around lookin’ for mushrooms, outside!


End UN-declaRed-Wars, the radioNuclides-POet, “R” Addison


+ notes: 60% fissile-Matter, uranium-238 is not-so-Depleted, however ur-235 is caged and sent elsewhere, maintaining pu-239 and enrichment costs for the “hegemony-Plan”

+ note: 60% fissile-Matter, uranium-238 is not-so-Depleted, however ur-235 is caged and sent elsewhere, maintaining pu-239 and enrichment costs for the “hegemony-Plan”… 1-10-09

+ note: posted after call-In to have problema’s dealt…1-12-09

*z-Nets—lack of payment yester—won’t get posted, but the above will win out? 1-10-09 © yup! (Satire to start the next-Hegemonyite, year!)

+ z-Net Communications bloGscAPe blog #18


Tags/ NSDU-238, police-State, Palestines, people, suffer, full-Life, 34.45 billion years, meltible-Plastic or nano-Pollutes, dictatorial-Methods, of Richard Changang, Israels-Jewish diaspora, megalomania, white-Phosphorous, commercial, geo-Engineered, psychopathic, chems-Malaise


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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