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anti-nucleaRist bloG#13/ 14 Feb 2008 do you call this warmongering, health care

anti-nucleaRist bloG#13/ 14 Feb 2008

do you call this warmongering, health care

apeco fiiled 2-14-08


Music is not about “speaking-Out” any more than haight-Ashbury or 1968! Wars are the same as warmongering back then. You and I know or ought to know, that an UN-Declared: w-A-R, means that the war is being fought w your tax-Money and therefore that any others who pay taxes, are “illegally” supporting the war. Who cares whether the war is for attrition of military-merrymaking: markets, because the money thy make is not yours, the fact is “that money” should be, yours. Why, though, were not ‘rock-Bands’ not utilizing   principles and morals in words-Wordage, was where I was at in cognizance and in heart ‘n soul, mindfulness. Since then the word-Term, that one could not really use and be ‘looked’ inn-0the-eyeballs directly. These days “save the internet” is all tied to the deceits of the fCC and Kevin Martin’s (headship) trying to run the disposition of telecommunications into continuing to support the “radomes” of Raytheon, where the “military” uploads information and zaps into the huge ‘golf-Balls” that makes money because they can continue to deceive the people, and keep notes on your bank-Accounts, your e-Mails, your cel-Phone calls, because of g-Enron’s whitewash? That is not Kevin Martin who heads “peace-Action: by the way.


Did I leave something out, purposefully, or just promise to forget my consequence in speech to others, that there are no songs, none that I’ve heard, specifically to save to save the internet? One should have principles I seem to be saying over and over, and to others, as well as reminding myself that “we all should have common-Decency under the umbrella of the global-Village”. Dig. This whitewash by the “BUSH-FAMILY’ of 1990 and 2001, that allowed the usages of NSDSU-238 was a heinous anti-People ordeal, atop lacking principles and lacking morals and lacking any astute judgment about our already contaminated “planet-Erathe”? That family goads backward as their oligarch enhancement program looped others into their “web-of-Despair” that not enough a-Holes were like they are i.e. dirty, oblique psycho-Pathic and liars about money interests!


Now, there’s the 700 khz debacle, that “huge-Corporate” telecomms are tryin’ to maintain for even more-Earnings, same injustice as the giant oil corporations ‘rip-oFFs’ by not getting-Off oil as pollutin’ phooel in 1974: did, so too does the communications “tyranny” CEO’s and their ilk of stocks ‘n bonds. Where’s the ‘liquid-natural-gas’ since then? Do not allow yourselves to falter w these needful “issues” that always complement the rich getting even richer since 1989? Please check out some simply-Stated facts( for renewals):

Tim Wu before Congress at the “iPhone Hearing” (July 11 ’07)/ also save the internet (from April 2007) @     and “net-Neutrality” @     for “YouTube Goes to Washington”

Breaking news in Congress: Net Neutrality needs YOU       w (u-S) Sen. Markey


What else goes back is to the history of the union-Bank in 1938, how and whether the banker of reserve-Funds embellishments could “not” resolve, the money-Funds, as Greenbacks no longer supported by gold. There is no gold-Standard since before 1930, anymore. There is the cIAS and interventions killing people, to make the corporate “rich” hegemonyites for the new-World: order. The order of new-World is anarchism, and we see that happening ten-Fold over what’s on-goin’ in Africa, moreso than in Pakistan/Iraqs? Why did the free-the-Internet movement, start then, was that without the free-Communications of the people, the anarchy would be ever an immediacy of “symbolic” consternation—just like the ban-the-Bomb: symbol, is. However, the movement started because the Congress, again faltered in front to big-Lobby and/or handout money for Sen.s & Rep.s to have millions more in the coffers.


I do [write] social-Commentary. The need for commentary is not found on your teevee, nor do you find that people read the you-Tube to that greater condition of the plural extents, that they could share with somebody on a denver-Street bus, what is said. If, your so bored that you find the war’s torture is fascinating, you probably watch “orge-Nal: teevee” where boring-Boredom prevails. If, you know ‘everything’ then, you know what the universe looked like @ 700 millions years after the first inclusion of gases into “formulation” galaxy, was yet incomplete. The Fact is the oligarchs have made “democracy” incomplete for 24-Years running. The facts are that anti-War groups are not a dime a dozen. However, the anti-War groups are a very-Big necessity to your history. Those of us boomers, who relate to all-Generations are overworked, because we’re the very-Few who have gone this far in out discourse with maintaining “existentialism” outlook as well as humanism “input” for forty years—and, more?


The anti-Nuclear movement is yet more important than the god-Damned war-Mongers ravishing praise upon themselves. You do not have to be anti-War to be anti-Nuclear, because anti-Nuclear is anti-War. Non-violence speaks in no-Violent empathics of consciousness! Nor do you have to bend-Over and say the students are doin’ well in their ‘protests’. Such lacking compassion is an avowal to giving breathe to “radical-Rightist” ennui’s, for which their number-One, genocide-Expert was raw-Goon. The next three: executive-Officers have all been genocide-Experts, as well as the chief-Poop “raw-Goon”. Each genocide-Expert has killed-Off over 240,000 people in one manneristic exchange of “fascist” courtesy. Such iconoclasm is not “democracy” to say the least. The process has also give-Rise to the Israels leaders to ascertain that the same “reproof” is the better weigh-In for eradication of Palestines: house, towns, olive-Orchards and leaders (by assassination, if not out-Right invasion, w.o. declaration of war).


These are no good habits, is a basic “tenet” of the kill-First and lean-On the h-Bombs: bins next: the application of negate-Life: aptitude your killings, neo-Con’s style. I see many direct-Action: activists, pertaining to these inward-Stats, who are wurkin’ their fingers to the bones. Their minds are cleansed of the hypocrisy of this nation-State being a “diplomatic & reasonable one” making success-Stories of peace! There is only “wars” coming from the dept of War. Theirs is not “defense” or we’d be having “diplomacy”. There are several “parlances” that I’ve recently heard, which pertain to today’s essay-Forum. One, news is not free, but the views aired are people’s way of liberty. A compassionate pleasing is the higher definition of meagreness and aplomb to the those extents “free-Expression” is not encumbered by this format. When, I was growing up: high-School, My chief-Honcho and I hung-out w the beat-Bohemians in san-Fran/Sausalito/berkeley-Oakland.


The wherewithals by application of the-mind, I helped myself into “individual ascendancy” but I could only espouse what the abstract features of what I was knowing were. I was not a fully aware “psychologist” or “philosopher” like Aldous Huxley, George Santayana, Alan Watts or Bertrand Russell. But, we read geography into our beings, Richard drove and I did the readings to a parable of connote. That, then was free-Expression. This, now, is writing! That adolescents and young adults need to give themselves “space-Time” is that they should allow their own sense to open to the consciousness available within the human psyche. However, the drinking and smoGging “ciggybutts” is not giving themselves “any-Factor” of space-Time. Basically, what they’re doing is giving themselves “more” not “less” and that is crass-Commercialism. One needs, again, a conscientious manner, and that means people in their 30’s age-Wise giving more to people in their teens ‘n twenties. Otherwise, those dumb-Buns, are sidling w giving no credibility but “radicalism of the religious: rightwing” which is goin’ nowhere but into your tax-Monies to be paid “out-Pocket” ?


The invasion of Iraq is as much the selling of “do you call this warmongering, health care” as Henry Kissinger was irresponsible in selling “nuclear-Cognizance” to Pakistan’s ‘generals’ in 1979 was, which helped cause the assassination of Benazhir Bhutto’s father, then current leader. The opposing of “power” of democracy and free-Elections, by this dastardly “nation-State” has corrupted the “prescience” of “diplomacy” because when do you ever “hear” of a diplomat making a “peace-Move” if not a rather egalitarian banality of ‘peace-Gesture’? The selection of installing oligarchs and eradicating leadership, is a sadistic, mannerism to say the least, too! Now the new-Rome, is as caustic as death-Traps for “humanity” gets, other than the nuclear-Weapons that this “empire” has on 24/7, now? So, the fealty of wars is only a “litmus” for the arcane: UN-discipline of not warranting the use of “diplomacy” for peaceful “method”. When, folks of my boomer-Generation say, “that’s sad” this latter is what they’ve discerned as “heavy” as an spendt-Element of radionuclides’ gets.


Reduction of thermos ‘n HALT NSDU-238, the peace-Activist


-note: blog #14: the peace-Warrior


Tags/ power, radomes, Raytheon, george-Enron, whitewash, oligarch enhancement program, NSDU-238, oil corporations, rip-oFFs, the global-Village, eradicating leadership, sadistic, egalitarian banality, beat-Bohemians, hegemonyites, new-World: order, aptitude your killings, Aldous Huxley, George Santayana, Alan Watts, Bertrand Russell, sadistic, killing of 10,ooo’s



Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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