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anti-nucleaRist bloG#103/ 18 Jan 2012 OCCuPY dept-of-OFFenSe bloGs or how-to-be-shit & really demean ‘shit’

anti-nucleaRist bloG#103/ 18 Jan 2012

OCCuPY dept-of-OFFenSe bloGs or how-to-be-shit & really demean ‘shit’

As w my association of Allen Ginsberg (in persona) i did learn, that “it” pertains to the sleaze of irrational-Nationalism, because that is the h-boMBS. However, i never did quite receive an understanding, since NSDU-238 was on my mind i merely asked Allen while we were sitting on the railroad ‘tracks’ that entered Rocky Flats–from the south– what does ‘plutonium’ have to do w NSDU-238. His answer took until two months later, and by that time, we were rite inside the east-Gate (also) on the tracks being watched by fBIS and grinning at our observances of doing poetry w.o. littering–primarily because the wind was always prevalent and we knew plutonium was much likely to “scatter” as in or w wanton “dis-Regard for ‘dis-INformation’ is not ‘mis-INformation’…”. We did know that we knew scatter uranium-238 was not oblique nor maybe not as disjoined as the “there and now” of ubiquitous Rocky Flats–here. How did we answer the quest w.o. war-Chuckle’?

We did not! We tried to do that chuckle, but id-Al justly ‘could not’ happen’? That fact is that today, NSDU-238 has scattered from the shit being mis-Strewn around Yugoslavia–due the practice in Iraq: 1991, 2003– into Europe, 1995, but cantankerously, back then was in 1983. Allen had been to Prague, and did the u-S anti-Nuclearist scene w aplomb, from the reports we garnered from east-coast to san-Fran/Berkeley-Oakland/Sausalito. What was anti asia-Minor, and from Europe we’d heard and could resolve little for “all-our-Selves” (bad-English: good)! When you’re waiting on the bus route, awaiting not “hegemonyites” but polluting-Buses, what is soooo good about shit, that you may not want to inhale hydrocarbons while sit on a splintery bench for four people—today that might be “powder-coated metal Bench” at the bus-Route stop! This is a hardship for the penataGooons are so full of “shit” that they invade country after country and kill their own, your neighbors, ex-Unionists, and community persons at-the-Stupor market. Is this a “soldiering-Dilemma” dis-REgarding merely “humanity”?

Such a hardship came around, because the honest rapprochement states, the choice is beef, soooo off they go to looking for cowards–innards of merely cow-Guts. Where the “innards” came into militarist-Terminology is from having learned how to murder “indigenous-Peoples” really swell, shooting old-Farts, young children outta breath from running away those “black-OPs” cavalry-INdifferences, but on continent of north-Americas more than INdifferences, since that was craven “genocide-Exploitation, repression,” or merely colonialist death-Expertise! Now, the “new-IMproved” shit is more-Better? We do not need a revolution-ONLy we need a new-IMproved cabal of “education meaning non-sense is no shit”? This no-shit stat must be new-IMproved “history” as pertains to what usury is now known, what neo-Colonialism: now known, was doing, and what “false-Flag war number your usuried grandaddy was”? Now and renown. Good shit!

We have gone from secret “death-Squads” traumatization against “us” we-the-Peeps as the centrail-Americas fracas was merely, obliquely “illegal_INvasion for disINformation sake” chaos and disorder that could not be disseminated thru old-Fart politics of the one-Party: parody! Now, on the Untoward accounting 28.5 years later, shit we’re fedUP being from DisINformation is good misINformation. This, both we’ll buy amplification and illegal INvasions begets nonsense that wars are benign Sociology. The both today is two genders and one inbetween two-genders. Homophobia was not a cover-UP for not joining the military before and after indige-Amers exterminations but peace is not always “male-Belligerence”. Orwwellian was before and after George Orwell. Like we”ll never allow you the we-Peeps to go under in Sociology because we-Boomers joined w beats ad Bohemians to mainstay social-Change as all the we-Peeps! What is to ever have been enabled to defend from NPP’s that we will merely be blown-to-Bits merely “suicide-Bombers” w NSDU-238 strapped to their crotches running around nuclear-Power Plants in sleaze against ourselves! Women too, for this is co-Ed fun! No thanks. However, turn-us-on. Leave us this-is-hype, yes. Satire, OKay! The angst and very decent “delinquent-style”. Why? Because the peanataGooons are the world’s number-One polluter, and the aero-Jets, why gHW Bushwhacky went to soooo much trouble to cause the use of NSDU-238 to be used w.o. any “debate in Congress” that the sleaze was frenetic, another portion of war-Chaos theory rampaging against police-state maintained at home to maintain illegal war-INvasions, and GMO’s future stocks on Wall Street. Or “in-front-of specifically hand-chosen news-Media”, coRpoRatist erosion must happen already embedded w nowhere is theirs any better “usury” not to be — USED!

There is another reason that dis-INformation is mis-INformation, that is that the peantaGooons are protected by the cIAS who are protected (may be this has not been proven) but by the black-OPs. Therefore to pollute w IMpunity means to regale in the usages of obsequious-Methods, and usage illegal “nuclearist-Policy” of NSDU-238 for INsurance in-order-to-Maintain the INsurance that thermo-Nuclears is protective-INsurance for INvaded w usury. Therefore mis-INformation about IMpunity is usury protected by dis-INformation. Now we “all” know that when the government wants full steam-Ahead, meaning utilizing NPPs to make sure that there is “radionuclides of ur-238” proficient enough to never-Ever run: o-u-t, that no-One will ever want to talk about the IMpunity done by usury against the centrail-Americas denizens of once-Waz their-own country to dig in and bury themselves. Therefore the we-Peeps need to read and tokeep-ON rediscoer facts w words read.

Now, we all know that this IMpunity is “rightie-Wingy belligerence” prognosticated for disguise and not dis-Use. Shit is good to eat because that way you cannot deficate, not to use an obsequious “word-term”. Thus, in this manner there is no-Rights for Humanity, oNLY against humanity is the same as you-all-are-being-Forced to eat shit, since there is also “no Bill of Rights” oNLY IMpunity of R-O-N-G. You should be lucky that this term is spelled “correctly” for you? Thus, the police-State can continue to IMpugn against the public watching the shennanigan’s practice-Sessions of OWS, because when they need to know how to puke peaceful people, peace-ably assembled, they must disrespect law and entertain the “chaos-Zone” for stupe-Faction purpose and no reason other than photo-OPs in their USury “riot-Gear w make-Up and $1,250 uniforms for paid: double overtime” merely to practice brutality and usury: combined. This is liberal-Arts version of subversive para-Psychology, yet. This is good shit, because you can fry-IT or bake-IT or eat-IT raw and yet the “two” nuclear-Weapons are always around IMpugning for usury of smelly, stickiness, literally: s-h-i-t.

Wonderful decades of scientific-Inquiries “lost”. The devaluation of Life because is u-S Council on Foreign Relations, on oil-as-Pollution: plutocracy-Practiced, as dis-INformation is excusable mis-INformation is the very knd nurture for “wars-Insured”. Also the Trilateral commission, holds forth the demean-Excising of the we-Peeps, thru the practices of ‘illogical rebuke’ as illicitness in excess outstrips any motion to halting illegal-Incursions against the people of the world, including those in this “shit-Hole: empire”? The people that I grew-UP have shittle all over their face (pluralist). They have not heard from others what I’ve been into regarded disposition-Expose`s on nuclear-Weapons, that can be a harder-Shit, for me than they expected. This aspect is open-ended or closed circuit discussions on-Going, rather than that which they’ve already sluffed-OFF. Theirs is no shit on shit-Brains-their ‘own’! A laminations hit is yet, a stench UN-bearable until you must reach for the always “chlorinated-Tissue” which is chemically wrapped into the chaos of state against the world because of nothing granted about “lawful-Abidance”. The we-Boomers remember what gets laid down as “Give me a shit-Break, I’m ruined” in laminations of pretense and prescience abused!            “R”

“Central to the Western powers’ avowed rationale in the Persian Gulf is their presentation of Iran as a threat to world peace, in particular from its alleged development of nuclear weapons.  In Part III, Media Manipulation: Lies, Distortions and Selling Yet Another War to the Public, we dispel the myths, fog and fabrications behind these allegations to show that Iran does not have, nor is intending to build, nuclear weapons. Its “nuclear ambitions” (a phrase so often said with sinister connotations) are to develop civilian energy and medical capabilities – well within the provisions and entitlements of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Countless inspections over several years by the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), have not found any evidence to support Western claims. Yet these well-worn and hollow claims continue to be recycled in the mainstream media. The IAEA has also shown itself to have become a willing political tool for Western governments and intelligence agencies by casting sinister doubt on the Iranian nuclear programme even though the IAEA has not found any proof to justify such doubts. We show that the supposed nuclear threat feared by the Western powers is a specious pretext for their otherwise criminal aggression towards Iran and its 80 million people.

Finally, in Part IV Towards a Global Conflagration, we point to the very real danger of a horrendous cataclysm – if Western governments persist in their criminal drumbeat for war in the Persian Gulf. Russia and China are fully aware that a war on Iran is a stepping stone towards a broader war. The Russian government, in a recent statement, has warned the US and NATO that  “should Iran get drawn into any political or military hardships, this will be a direct threat to our national security.”

The region is on a hair-trigger for a conflagration that would involve nuclear weapons and the collision of global powers in what would constitute World War III. The consequences are barely imaginable for the loss of life in such a scenario and for the very future of the planet. Yet all the while, the mainstream media has served to justify this march to war or to downplay its horrific possibilities. The complacency of Western public opinion –including segments of the US anti-war movement– is disturbing. No concern has been expressed at the political level as to the likely consequences of  a US-NATO-Israel attack on Iran, using nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state.”

WAR PLAN IRAN: Dispelling the Lies, Telling the Truth about Western Aggression in the Persian Gulf –GR ONine News Reader

by Finian Cunningham and Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, January 16, 2012


The INtimidization of the populous goes along handily, as the intricacies get more INadept the complexity is designated as more covert when in actuality that is more-Moronically “negligible” because the Involvements are always for a “military utilizing oil-Fuels via air” before any turning point of oil occurs. Why this is not of INterest has been detrimental to “mass-Transportation: liquid-Natural-Gas” altho not one major “research-Source” has reported the ways to that from tank to tank for run-Outs and also for research into “hydrogen-LNG”! That IMpugning has the one negation stipulation, that since 1974, monopoly-Oil is lubricant shit-Hold on your life’s temperament to get thru the day w “both” healthcare and no-Wars. This is shit, mons! Couple this to the uses of “core-Exit” all over the waters-of-fishing grounds Gulf of America (greed-Gulf) as well as the CO2 of world’s oceans and many millions of once Republic of u-S peoples wanting balanced-Ecology, but instead the none-Million acres of dead-Coniferous high-country: mountains in coloRadie alone, and exploitation of Bana Republics expoling mania to kill thru death-Squads penataGooons? Why should they not get shit stuffed down their throats for their murders. Theirs is not protection from NPP’s radionuclides in multi-Releases and in non-Measurements of radionuclides: allowed. The IMpunity is the training against Hispanics absorbed for designations on how well that “extent” goes. Then, the utilization begins, again, but w immersed IMpunity against all working-class, and management class w the moribundity that they shall never last 44-years w.o. d-F shit-Headed “non-Healthcare”: anyhow”? One does not intend to love the democracy, because the “shi-Heads” of plutocrats “ruinous-Shit” haha.              “R”

“Feb 24-25 [2012] protest of ICBM launch from VAFB to Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall


Vandenberg Space Command dominates the Pacific

Vandenberg Space Command is located in Southern California 200 miles north of Los Angeles. Poised at the edge of the Pacific, the base routinely test Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. These long range high speed hydrogen bomb delivery systems are tested several times a year landing in the once beautiful Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands.  Every three years Vandenberg does an extended range test all the way to Guam.

If North Korea or Iran test a few missiles world wide hysteria breaks out. When the US does these routine tests, it does not even make the news except as a routine report. Many peace activists are not aware that these tests occur, much less the general public. David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, said, “The US moratorium on nuclear testing remains incomplete as long as we continue testing missiles designed to carry nuclear  warheads. Minuteman III missiles are used solely to deliver nuclear warheads.”

“The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation  seeks the abolition of all nuclear weapons worldwide. The Foundation calls on the United States and all countries around the world to recognize their full obligation to halt all nuclear testing – not only of the warheads, but also of nuclear- capable missiles. The Preamble to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) calls upon the 189 countries that signed the NPT to facilitate “the elimination from national arsenals of nuclear weapons and the means of their delivery.”

“The US is demonstrating a stark double standard by condemning missile tests of other nations while continuing to conduct them on a regular basis itself. Continued testing of Minuteman III missiles by the United States sends a provocative message and encourages other countries to pursue their own nuclear weapon and missile delivery programs.” …”

world wide protest against hydrogen bomb capable missile test from Vandenberg to Marshall Islands Friday, January 13, 2012 … 7:46 AM


This is a “time-Era” when shit is produced to be eaten soooo that sickness will spread and nobody will relate. This is partially what the “Hispanics do” and wholly what the afro-Amers do, soooo why do-do. Is Shit the answer? Why question, is not shit-heads! Like when you do you have “defense” is when we-Peeps get our heads out and lick that shittle–Off. The ensemble of anachyists and militaryism is the d-F shits want Offense thru the olde “war-Dept” there is no secret” but there is shittle to slip and slide w, for lots of INvasions and deaths and destructions soooo the shit never gets seen on the teevee “shit-Screen”! Ahh yess, merely-Empire soooo good for your “taste” that you’ve finally wondered what the shit of deaths to civilians “shit” is all about. The u-S death-Squads are Marine’s, are Navy intel-Gence ending their shit apparency for UN-declared w-a-Rs, shit-Heads those examples for the el-Presidente`s that those “male-Gender’s” utilize to tantalize—if not mesmerize or to hypnotize–the we-Peeps. The shit they throw to-the-Populous, cannot be smelled due the propaganda-Sheen, of shit, that is already eaten which is dis-INformation and regurge, because that’s what they just ate for you? Hold onto the Republic, we will wash back when the smog appears deeper, into your lungs. Great theoretical analysis, Buttholds? Dig.


“More than six decades of U.S. nuclear weapons research, testing, and production have left dozens of DOE sites polluted with massive amounts of radioactive and hazardous wastes. This contamination threatens millions of people living near the sites or along major waste transportation routes. Most DOE sites are now on the Superfund list of the nation’s most environmentally dangerous facilities. While some progress has been made, DOE has missed legally–agreed–to milestones, resulting in fines and penalties, increased contamination, and escalating costs. The FY2012 Budget Request estimates that cleanup will stretch at least to 2038 and as long as 2062 for a number of sites. All told the cost will be between $275 billion and $308 billion. Those funds are on top of hundreds of millions of dollars needed every year to cover costs at sites declared “closed.”

In the face of such daunting challenges, DOE has yet to provide a publicly accessible database of its thousands of cleanup milestones, updated baseline cost and schedules, or annual evaluations of whether performance measures are being met at each site.”

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability—reactors and radioactive waste issues April 2011

Practicing for a police-State remains a way to keep ‘tourism’ downerism, and fellatelists informed anyhow? Dig.

You must have shit in order to eat shit like a “real” shit. Good dis-INformation is mis-INformation, shit? 

your biF fRom the radionuclides POet,

“R” Addison

–notes: edited 10-22-12;

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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