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anti-nucleaRist bloG #94/ 25 Dec 2011 Hari Kiri, Hari Kiri, Omni-Omni

The US-military overtook the control of our once-Waz republic, via obfuscating the US-constitution, in 1956-58. Once the use of the “first: nuclear-Molecular weapon” was UN-leashed, the prognostication that I foresaw w those precepts of laws and principles of morality and Ecology, in 1967, was becoming honed. Therefore, when the b00meRs of tRansient Berkeley CA got together for our affinity gRoup meetings we really hammered the exasperations of not knowing and we came-up w impunity thy name is “the new-Rome”.

There was not gReatness to the dastardly-Act of 1991, usages for impunity-Sake upon the civilians and the Ecology of Iraqs’ landscape and water-Systems. The egregiousness was sacRosanct seemed to be the one “word-teRm” that exposed what had become ‘transposited, most’ NSDU-238, of course!

The bombing for ‘collateral-Damage” sake is the preposterous-Excess and extent that propaganda heightened the noon-Need and usages for contaminations w.o. fore-Knowledge what would happen to the 745,000 US-participants, some of whom would become the one-of-265,000 w permanent disability, as yet 27 years later no re-patrionizing of the enlisted persons has been assembled into an adjutant direct-Order by the fecund-Congress over that of the fanatic-penataGooons. Dig?

The Pentagon-CIA Cover-Up of Gulf War Syndrome: Chemical Agents Conspiracy (1997)
youTube 1:33:15 mins.

Published on Jun 22, 2014– Gulf War syndrome (GWS), also known as Gulf War illness (GWI), is a chronic multi[-]symptom disorder affecting returning military veterans and civilian workers of the Gulf War. About the book: 347 pgs. that I’d like to read and add to my home-Library…

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anti-nucleaRist bloG #94/ 25 Dec 2011

Hari Kiri, Hari Kiri, Omni-Omni


You’re lucky it’s Sunday…wars aren’t had on this day-of-the-Week. Are They?

My right-Angle pro-phy-lake-tic is oNLY 21.5 feet long, but at least the object-of-Desire can think. Soooo, why do we all not join w making “political-parties” the parity and leave the one-Party: parody on their asses-collective of globalists-Pollutions. Mabe, we should treat them as the goon-Scape, the way they have mistreated “all-Others”!


Hear-hear, the wars will end by 11:59 pm tonite, keeping “death-Squads, Marines, and grunts” well-Hidden is “cool: intel-Gence, march” because lies are made for killing civilians better a la the cIAS/ penataGooons. I leave you w this happy thought, that NSDU-238 is better for you than a strontium-89 sandwich, eaten daily. Better for your “deaths” collected thru 20-States that have such “demeanors” packed in parked “tanks’ that merely seek focus on Syria’s over-Use of abuse. Then again, masse-media is not news, soooo, why not overdose on the inter-Nay, and do the gaRbonzo’d beans salads again… Xmas is a fugue. The year’s end-Zone has started! You can catch history later. I am goin’ campin’ w.o. having to move. I think naked-Women are IMportant. That way you can have a shared-Shower…Hari Kiri, Hari Kiri, Omni-Omni…       “R”


“Nietzsche was also to play a powerful role in the development of one of Germany’s most prominent philosophers in the first half of the twentieth century, Martin Heidegger…it is ludicrous to suggest any connection between the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and extreme-right movements of the twentieth century, in particular National Socialism…it is correct that following his final mental breakdown and during the last decade of his life, his sister Elisabeth Förster Nietzsche took over prime responsibility for his care. With total control over her brother’s literary estate she abused her position of trust to falsify and distort particular aspects of his work. In particular she prevented the publication of his last written text and biographical work Ecce Homo, which, with its pronounced tones of megalomania, pointed only too clearly to Nietzsche’s impending mental collapse. By all accounts a thoroughly mean and possessive woman, Elisabeth Förster Nietzsche was also a virulent anti-Semite. She tampered with material and forged letters to transform her brother and depict him in the same light, i.e., as a rabid anti-Semite.”

One hundred years since the death of Friedrich Nietzsche: a review of his ideas and influence—Part 2

By Stefan Steinberg 
21 October 2000 WSWS


My father and I became studious ‘together’ when as a child from age-5 thru 9.5 he opened my mind and we sought to understand “understanding and knowledge” i.e. about the father of Existentialism, Jean Paul Sartre[1] . My father-is-Gone, could not fathom discussions w me about Philosophy, wanted to drink to get from blood and gore of ‘syrgical-Procedures” that must have been around30 per week from 1943 thru 1979, when he change “tomes” to Insurance adjusting for Traveler’s INsurance. However, my discussion on having a conifer in a planter to bring into the house, altho maybe a huge “bonsai” would mabe be 3-feet did not so far. The discussion on “wars’ was his response to my “nuclear-Molecular: contaminations’ inquiries.

Gist of story, I got another dad aka ‘daddio’ was that Insubordinations to knowledge should not be allowed, therefore Bohemians are good for you—to a point not of mere-Tokenism? I miss the olde man as he was both kind w gentle-Hands (a surgeon’s hands) and he was never stupid about saying “I agree, no longer”! Prof Sam then Ellis Findly, complete opposites in terms of education valuing, worth and non-Surreptition “both could not go there” I would not allow. For Ellis, having a cat-Box around was just as significant as a green stem-Conifer to have to throw-out, until I forced him to do the over-Due: just ‘recycle routine. Prof Sam had the Grizzly Peak Stables, where the fire-place during winter months of rains was superlative—active to say the least.

My father would say upon the occasion of visits, “you’re not giving to people enough” because my mA brought that to his attention. But he knew that “I did too much of that” and wherefore, I remain single at age 13.5 years—or is that a white-Lie, not to become white-Line!       “R”

“Many of the remaining user states were sold DU ammunition by the US or are thought to have inherited it following the breakup of the USSR.

The vast majority of DU ammunition falls into the category of large calibre tank ammunition (ranging from 105mm to 125mm). Much ammunition of this type could theoretically be fired from tanks of other nations; while it is difficult to prove or disprove the presence of DU ammunition in national inventories, producer states do not appear to have widely exported their ammunition.

DU Ammunition which does not fall into this category includes 25mm and 30mm rounds fired by US Bradley Fighting Vehicles and A-10 aircraft, 25mm rounds for the Phalanx ship defence system (now mostly phased out in favour of a tungsten round), some variants of the Russian R-60 air-to-air missile.

This list of users and weapons is a work in progress, and should not be regarded as exhaustive…”

Research into the murky world of arms industry exports and the proliferation of DU weapons around the world ICUBW



Another case of the blues, I won’t be able-to-help-you replant the 9-million “dead-Ak-res of coloRadie” until you-all get rid the INsects: first. Then, we’ll go along to the spore-Spredation’s —a non-Hoax (so far) is DO NOT BELiEVE iN GMO SAPLINGS, dig!   “R”

“The determined struggle by the villagers of Wukan in Guangdong province to oppose the corrupt sale of their collectively owned land to developers is a sign of what is to come, not only among China’s rural masses, but also its urban working class.

The acute social tensions in China find their expression in numerous protests and strikes often involving many thousands of people. An estimated 180,000 “mass incident” took place in 2010. But few have been as protracted as the standoff in Wukan, which has lasted for months despite heavy-handed police-state measures, including arrests and an armed siege of the small community of 20,000. Two weeks ago, one of the protest leaders, Xue Jinbo, died in police custody in suspicious circumstances.

In September, the villagers drove out the local Communist Party officials, who left behind an empty police station and government offices, and elected their own representative committee. Xue’s son explained: “We found we were better at administration. The old officials turned out not to have had any accounts in their office, so they must have been swindling us.”

The Wukan protest began to pose the issue of toppling the corrupt Stalinist bureaucracy and replacing it with democratic organs of working people. The stand by the villagers struck a sympathetic chord among wide layers of working people, in both rural areas and neighbouring manufacturing centres.

Inspired by the struggle in Wukan, some 50,000 people protested in Haimen in nearby Shantou city on Tuesday over pollution from a coal-fired power plant and its impact on local fishing grounds.”

The siege of Wukan village in China

24 December 2011 WSWS


Being a ‘metals-Sculptor’ as well as other part-time excoriation’s involving a professionalism, my last travels in Canada—protests @ Port Hope Ontario– w John La Forge of Nukewatch Progressives—was a thrill of disproportions! The stuff of NSDU-238 is separated into some 238 w ur-236 at Paducah, and we had wanted to know where the shipments leaving Paducah in 1983 were ‘frickin-Frackin’ heading. The radionulcides-for-armaments shipped from both Paducah and Port Hope (the two-Pees), were going to Alliant Industries—largest producer and shipments to all 20-others states yet in doubt-of-Answers. Otherwise, how can we find where the aerosolized dust was used, if not for protecting humans doin’ this Unbelievable necessary job. Many have started, but 100,000’s around the globe need to be better informed, and better clothed-protected, and the stuff-Shipments be halted—especially before revolution turns lobbyists on their collective-Asses!

See (above) “Research into the murky world of arms industry exports”…         “R”

“The trade union bureaucrats along with their allies in the social-democratic New Democratic Party (NDP) promote the reactionary illusion that there are “good” home-grown capitalists, who, for the benefit of all Canadians, altruistically refuse to maximize their profits. This line is counter-posed to the “bad” foreign interlopers who will do their utmost to beggar the Canadian population.

As always, neither Neumann nor Gerstenberger make any mention of the pain that Canadian-owned Stelco, the previous owner of US Steel’s Canadian operations, inflicted on workers during its death throes. They make no mention of their current stalking horse, Canadian owned Lakeside Steel’s mega-expansion projects in the low-wage American south. Nor do they point to the role that Canada’s big banks—the country’s most profitable corporations and all firmly in the hands of the Canada’s capitalist elite—played in pushing Stelco and Algoma Steel into bankruptcy and in organ-izing numerous other industry restructurings that have ravaged entire communities.

Neither Canadian nor American USW officials considered—not even for a moment—mobilz-zing their memberships on both sides of the border to fight the depredations of their common employer. As a result, Local 1005 workers were forced to accept further layoffs as well as massive concessions in virtually every aspect of their new contract, including cuts to pensioners’ allowances and the introduction of a two-tier wage system for new hires. And with the Canadian workforce now adequately disciplined, U.S. Steel is preparing for a similar onslaught against its unionized American employees in 2012.”

Canadian government drops lawsuit against U.S. Steel

By Carl Bronski 
17 December 2011 WSWS


IMpunity has been the cathartic “resonance’ of the globalists…these past INvasions, and before 1989, when supposedly the grand “debtor-nation” could no longer turn around and face ‘reality”! Killings is INvasions, and peace is not peace!       “R”

“Even South America is not spared. There has been a lull in overt American meddling, allow-ing South America to become a bastion of sorts against the agents of globalization, however, covert operations and staging has been ongoing.

Troubling reports coming from South America’s Argentina, no stranger to the ire of Anglo-American ambitions, indicate that tension is building up between Buenos Aires and Washington. It has culminated in a diplomatic row over a recently seized US C-17 transport chalk full of suspici-ous equipment and an even more suspicious explanation. This is leading many, including the government of Argentina, to believe the US is staging another round of destabilization efforts in South America.”

“It is quite clear that Washington is using its control of the Middle East and its control of the seas, albeit challenged control, to check China’s vastly superior financial and economic position. It is also clear that Washington is investing a great amount of military resources and intelligence assets to destabilize the entire “String of Pearls” to confound, contain, and leverage concessions from China, with the ultimate goal of folding the emerging Asian giant into the unipolar Anglo-American global order.”

“Russia, along with China appear to be the two biggest blocs of opposition to the Anglo-American establishment. Indeed there are plenty of people and organizations within each nation gladly working hand-in-hand with the globalists, who in turn, are overtly trying to tempt and coerce the two nations to integrate themselves into their global world order.

Men like Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who rose to power in Russia amongst an era of immense corruption, began building networks of NGOs modeled directly after those of the Anglo-Americans in the West, even naming this network the “Open Russian Foundation” after George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. According to geopolitical researcher William Engdahl, this Open Russian Foundation included Henry Kissinger and Lord Jacob Rothschild on its board of directors and its goal was to transform Russia from a sovereign state and into something more palatable for globalist consumption.

Whatever Khdorkovsky’s early successes may have been, they were cut short by Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin, who has safely confined Khodorkovsky behind the bars of a Siberian prison.”

“With the globalist fueled destabilization in progress, concessions and regime changes are being made from Jordan to Egypt, all in the name of “democratization.” The protesters’ calls are verbatim repeats of the their local US funded NGOs’ mission statements. Skeptical as many may be that all of this is being orchestrated by the West, one needs only read the RAND Corporation’s 2007 report titled “Building Moderate Muslim Networks” where breathtaking confessions are made to not only reorder the Muslim world according to the West’s interests, but how they would follow the same model of “civil society networks” they have already used for decades during the Cold War.

Egypt’s recent “transition” played out as a direct translation of RAND’s blueprint for meddling in the Muslim world. From the protest organizers and NGOs to the protest leaders, to the behind-the-scenes meddling by America’s military leadership, the Egyptian uprising was entirely a US production. Even the drafting of the new Egyptian Constitution is being carried out by organizations funded by George Soros and the US National Endowment for Democracy.”

The Middle East & then the World

February 18, 2011 analysis by Tony Cartalucci


The season of humanitarian –Worth and yet we must wonder how-far-Corrupted the United Nations has been by allowing the surreptition of N.A.T.O. pacts to maintain the use of both “uranium-Bombs’ and good-Ole dirty-Lil Ace NSDU-238? The question is “useful-Dupe: revolutions” or “usweful-Idiot” the pat-Act is yet parallel to al Qaeda as far, in-as-Much-as corrupt-Congress, cIAS/penataGooons are disconcertedly “connected”!!     “R”

“In January of 2011, we were told that “spontaneous,” “indigenous” uprising had begun sweeping North Africa and the Middle East in what was hailed as the “Arab Spring.” It would be almost four months before the corporate-media would admit that the US had been behind the uprisings and that they were anything but “spontaneous,” or “indigenous.” In an April 2011 article published by the New York Times titled, “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” it was stated:

“A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington.”

The article would also add, regarding the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED):

“The Republican and Democratic institutes are loosely affiliated with the Republican and Democratic Parties. They were created by Congress and are financed through the National Endowment for Democracy, which was set up in 1983 to channel grants for promoting democracy in developing nations. The National Endowment receives about $100 million annually from Congress. Freedom House also gets the bulk of its money from the American government, mainly from the State Department. ”

“”Revolution U,” that CANVAS assisted protesters in the “Rose Revolution” of Georgia, the “Orange Revolution” of the Ukraine, and is currently working with networks from Belarus, Myanmar (Burma), all across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as with activists in North Korea, and 50 other countries.

2009: In a US State Department funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) article titled, “Exporting Nonviolent Revolution, From Eastern Europe to The Middle East,” it was stated, “Popovic then exported his nonviolent methods, helping train the activists who spearheaded Georgia’s Rose Revolution in 2003 and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004. And now, Popovic is deploying his new organization, called Canvas, even farther afield — assisting the pro-democracy activists who recently brought down despotic regimes in Egypt and Tunisia.”

Activists from Iran, Belarus, and North Korea were also confirmed by RFE/RL as having received training from CANVAS. The RFE/RL article places the activists’ meeting with CANVAS sometime during 2009.

February 2010: The April 6 Movement, after training with CANVAS, would return to Egypt in 2010, along with UN IAEA Chief Mohammed ElBaradei. April 6 members would even be arrested while awaiting for ElBaradei’s arrival at Cairo’s airport in mid-February. Already, ElBaradei, as early as 2010, announced his intentions of running for president in the 2011 elections. Together with April 6, Wael Ghonim of Google, and a coalition of other opposition parties, ElBaradei assembled his “National Front for Change” and began preparing for the coming “Arab Spring.”

Clearly then, unrest was long planned, with activists from Tunisia and Egypt on record receiving training and support from abroad, so that they could return to their home nations and sow unrest in a region-wide coordinated campaign.”

2011 YEAR of the DUPE: One Year into the Engineered “Arab Spring,”
One Step Closer to Global Hegemony–Timeline and History

by Tony Cartalucci Global Research, Dec 24, 2011

Season of peace…season of worth, when will we bring peace-to-the-Planet Erathe !

A voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,
“R” Addison (posted 2:13 pm MST)

–note: –note: peace-Warrior bloG #43

Tags/ Anglo-American ambitions, NSDU-238, Lakeside Steel, uranium-Bombs, Stelco & Algoma, debtor-nation, cIAS/penataGooons, humanitarian –Worth, Existentialism, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Wukan Village, Port Hope, Paducah, DU-users, cIAS/ penataGooons, Existentialism, humanitarian –Worth, lakeside steel, proliferation of, DU weapons, around world, ICUBW, 2011, YEAR of the DUPE,

1] Jean-Paul Sartre: essays in Existentialism edited by Wade Baskin, pub. by Citadel Press © 1965, 1st       paperbound edition © 1967…437 pgs.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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