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anti-nucleaRist bloG # 93/ 04 Jan 2012 dust around nuclear-Facilities not NSDU-238 remakes Iran-Syria


anti-nucleaRist bloG # 93/ 04 Jan 2012

dust around nuclear-Facilities not NSDU-238 remakes Iran-Syria


The skies over Tar-Sands plants, the waters beneath BP oiel-Gusher, the dead-Decaying 9-million acres of ‘coloRadie mNTNS’ and the brain-washing coming from the mouth Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy is hardly an anathema of good “radionuclides-practices” in which pride and prowess excels. In fact, might is just-the-Opposite of where a change-from-Oil/fuel must have stalled in 1974! One, must realize that the nonsense of six-Reactors sitting in-a-row of radionuclides despoils possibility, has happened and is nowhere near resolutions, quest for dismissals and parvenu’s of renewable stature’s for riddance and clean-UPs order of uranium-is-not-good-for “You people” but death is okay? The IMpugning has overstretched their limits, the CEO’s Oligarchs consequencia. What has emerged is the past in a haunting black-Ops psychotomy i.e. no paradigm where IN-consequencia has maxed “out”? Technology that supra-Pollutes is dichotomy and not IN-consequencia, nor an end to the superlatives of illegal-Wars for practice-Killings. This business makes building “nuclear-Reactors” a spontaneous element of space-Out not land-us w.o. catharsis!       “R”


“The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and French company Areva signed an agreement RPT signed an agreement for building two European Pressure Reactors at Jaitapur in Maharashtra after talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh [ Images ] and visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy [ Images ].

However, the prime minister made it clear that issues related to pricing of nuclear power and other technical matters were yet to be settled. “The framework agreement has been signed between Areva and NPCIL. There are issues with regard to other technical matters including pricing. This are subject matter of negotiations,” Singh told reporters at a joint press conference with Sarkozy.

India and France plan to jointly set up six nuclear power plants of 1650 MW each at Jaitapur at an approximate cost of 25 billion dollars.

Agreements have been signed and clearances granted for the first two nuclear power plants.

Areva has said it would take up-to seven years for the first nuclear power plant to be made operational after the first pour of concrete.”


India, France ink pact to build two N-power plants

By Pakistan’s defense News Dec 6,2011




Who are they emerging elites is all the propaganda the penataGoons can muster rather than the Kurds, as yet w.o. an national state borders and parliament have others countries, as do the Palestines-People. The reports in Online news these days is ever-more-so non-Descript and discrepantly, such misnomer facts—smaller than the fruit tree should grow baring fruit? That all countries do not need nuclearist-Policy is not set dealt appeal w NPT as much as w the UN-signed CTBT of u-s ever-compunctive “empire-Fugue” premisings1 dig. The Osama bib Ladin affair is not finished, as redacted-Reports does not make for truths regarding ‘false-Flag assassination” or merely IM-pugning upon Pakistan to maintain the “killing-Drones: syndrome”…? Accordingly, 9-slash-11 is nowhere near completed as no arrests for 2,718 murders is not actual account of who happened, too?           “R”


“Iran has been central to the Obama administration’s calculations in the Middle East over the past year. Having been taken by surprise by the upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt, the US and its European allies exploited anti-government protests in Libya to intervene militarily with a criminal bombing campaign to oust Gaddafi and install a client regime in Tripoli. Now similar methods are being used against Iran’s key regional ally—the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

US efforts to isolate and undermine Assad have received considerable assistance from Turkey, which is exploiting the so-called Arab Spring to further its own ambitions as a regional power. In recent months, the Turkish government, undoubtedly encouraged by Washington, has retreated from its developing ties with Iran to become a sponsor of the anti-Assad opposition groups.


Having failed to secure a continued US troop presence in Iraq, Washington is also intriguing with Sunni-based parties against the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, which is regarded as too closely aligned with Tehran. The US is exploiting the current bitter sectarian wrangling in Baghdad either to pull Maliki into line or to fashion a regime more in line with American interests…

US preparations for a war against Iran are not directed at stopping the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program, but at furthering Washington’s hegemony over the strategic, energy-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. The US has not abandoned the aim that drove the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq: to exercise control over the oil and gas supplies of its European and Asian rivals.”


2012 opens with mounting war threat in Persian Gulf

4 January 2012 WSWS




I’ve recently changed from high-speed (15 MB) inter-Nay to slower speed (3 MB) and not much is noticeable—in fact the video’s are found w/o/ the crashes to my non-INtel chip? Every-time there is a change in system’s not analysis and training, as those aspects of Education are high-Priced: tutors and otherwise who needs to get a degree, when merely desirous of making more use of the “great-New: usurper-Technology”!


The SOPA and PIPA bills are degenerate and one-Percenter enhanced to make reparation for attorneys not making enough to join the one-Percent. The dust of temporary-Conditions, has again, become fixed to people not having Incomes after they retire, while raising taxes. This scene is practice-IMpugning! The coRpoRate-Welfare has not been turned ‘down’ rather the other, an inappropriate way. Making conditions is enhanced Conditionalism, forwarding globalization for globalists by ripping-Off the good-folks at home who have paid “coRpoRate-healthcare” instead of receiving health-need: care from Medicare, established in 1965 for “universality” of need from putting money into the ‘kitty’ each payroll-Check rec’d! This reson` de etra is more than loused by judges who have not acceptd the “banking needs of credit-Card institutionalizing, and of need of Mortgage-Banks, and of need for non “off-Shore” accounts and hedge-Funds” which have become politely the excise w.o. excise-Tax?                “R”


“Both bills claim to be aimed at protecting intellectual property and preventing online piracy and have received predictable support from the film and music industry. In fact they

pose a serious threat to democratic rights.

While pandering to the intellectual property rights holders, politicians of both capitalist parties are seeking to introduce a legal framework which will allow the government to shut down entire domains, both in the US and internationally.

There is widespread opposition to this blatant act of state censorship. The domain registrar Go Daddy, which had been an early supporter of the SOPA bill, was forced to change its position following a boycott call posted on the social news site The tech web site reported December 26 that Go Daddy had lost over 72,000 domain names in five days.


In an “Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the US Congress” issued December 15, a group of 83 prominent engineers and inventors who had been instrumental in the development of the Internet protested against SOPA and PIPA, calling on Congress to reject both bills. Signatories to the letter include Vinct Cerf, the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocol used to transfer traffic across the Internet, and Paul Vixie, the author of BIND—the software used to run much of the Domain Name System…

The Open Letter continues, “The current bills—SOPA explicitly and PIPA implicitly—also threaten engineers who build Internet systems or offer services that are not readily and automatically compliant with censorship actions by the US Government.”


Congress seeks legal framework for Internet censorship

By Mike Ingram 28 December 2011 WSWS




The underground “righties” have no other program as plutocrats unless to continue w the “nuclear-Weapons INsurance-Plan” which allots becoming technocrats of maintaining Oligarch’s enterprises. This visible nomen is not sacrosanct. They’ve pollution by oil schema’s the introversion of not maintaining allowances for clean-UPs radionuclides. Theirs is a no-Fateful way other than precognitives of Conditionalism? Since the cIAS/ penataGooons have used Determinism, they do no thave to think-Relate to “changeover from hyrdo-carbon” fuels, other than lip-Service, or why Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy thought he had a great and progressive lance to thrust thru all seats of both Houses, and not have to pay the price—a la ex-Sec-State Albright—allowing the summary of regurge-to-All as future space-out, no, but airheads-Galore, yes.           “R”


“2011 was a year of austerity for Europe. At the behest of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, stringent programs imposing cuts in wages, pensions and social services, combined with the decimation of jobs, were introduced by governments across the continent.

These austerity measures, designed to pay for massive bailouts of the banks following the financial crash of 2008, are now plunging Europe into new economic and social turmoil. This is confirmed by the most recent economic figures, which indicate that 2012 will be a year of renewed recession in Europe.

The first economic statistics for Europe issued in the new year show that manufacturing across the euro zone declined in December, the fifth consecutive month of decreased output. Overall economic growth in the 17-nation euro zone was anemic throughout the second half of 2011, increasing by just 0.2 percent between July and September. The performance of the 27 economies of the entire European Union was only slightly higher, at 0.3 percent. Since September the general trend has been downwards.

While Europe’s biggest economy, Germany, recorded significant economic growth in the second half of 2011, other major economies such as Italy and Spain registered large falls in production.”


Europe plunging into recession

By Stefan Steinberg 4 January 2012 WSWS




How, now will the use of N.A.T.O. be continued for any other than “thermo-Nuclears” providing interest for illegal: NSDU-238 usage continuing w NA.T.O. if the u-S has no reason to continue false-Theory for protecting Russia w offensive weapons aimed at them. How else is the question! The IMpugning reigns of programs as set-forth by the military-Hegemony: plutocrats is a multi-Faceted grouping of (Conditionalist) tenets we of progressive non-dEMS lefte understand as “terror-Policy, nuclear-Policy, and war-Chaos: theory”. The INvasions are illegal and IMpugning against the people is the “UN-cionstitutional evidenced stance” that is supposed to transfix the coRpoRate-Media, but what we know is zilch from them until some of them become 99% w a meaningful glance into 9-slash-11? Meanwhile, the Grunge edicts have all kinds of superlatives for globalist-Expansion. This is empire, and Palestine was left out-from United nation entry, again last year!             “R”


“ Jerusalem: In one of the most blacked-out stories in America right now, the US military is preparing to send thousands of US troops, along with US Naval anti-missile ships and accompanying support personnel, to Israel. It took forever to find a second source for confirmation of this story and both relatively mainstream media outlets are in Israel. With one source saying the military deployment and corresponding exercises are to occur in January, the source providing most of the details suggests it will occur later this spring.

Calling it not just an “exercise”, but a “deployment”, the Jerusalem Post quotes US Lt.-Gen Frank Gorenc, Commander of the US Third Air Force based in Germany. The US Commander visited Israel two weeks ago to confirm details for “the deployment of several thousand American soldiers to Israel.” In an effort to respond to recent Iranian threats and counter-threats, Israel an-nounced the largest ever missile defense exercise in its history. Now, it’s reported that the US mili-tary, including the US Navy, will be stationed throughout Israel, also taking part.

While American troops will be stationed in Israel for an unspecified amount of time, Israeli military personnel will be added to EUCOM in Germany. EUCOM stands for United States European Command.

In preparation for anticipated Iranian missile attacks upon Israel, the US is reportedly bringing its THAAD, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, and ship-based Aegis ballistic missile systems to Israel. The US forces will join Israeli missile defense systems like the Patriot and Arrow. The deployment comes with “the ultimate goal of establishing joint task forces in the event of a large-scale conflict in the Middle East”. The Jerusalem Post reports that US Lt.-Gen Frank Gorenc was in Israel meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Brig.-Gen Doron Gavish, commander of the Air Defense Division. While there, the US General visited one of Israel’s three ‘Iron Dome’ anti-missile outposts. The Israeli Air Force has announced plans to deploy a fourth Iron Dome system in the coming months. Additional spending increases in the Jewish state will guarantee the manufacture and deployment of three more Iron Dome systems by the end of 2012.”


US Troops going to Israel Preparing ‘Missile Defense’ Exercises

January 2, 2012 Wednesday, January 4, 2012 3:05 PM posted




While the “police-State” on the backs of OWS-movement, the fBIS and cIAS, the black-Ops and psy-Ops and the drone-Ops, and the insubordination to laws, is not for you-People, nor the 99% people, nor the premise of sovereignty—even in the once-Waz Republic. The war-Chaos theory was not ‘regally no resolutely given to the u-S social-Publics, in case the structure IMpugned against laws of Human Rights, and anti-Intelligence be not damned nor damnable! The crooks of illegal “interventions’ are all alive, excluding the one whose feebleness was used excessively between 1980 and 1983 to jump-start the ascendance of righties for Oligarchs, and the fundamentalist-Propaganda ‘come-ON” foretells why! The other foretelling is that the u-S longest war was against southeast-Asia, that of Indo-Wars, south of china-Mainland—not Taiwan off-Shore which is another Chinese republic not communist-party totalitarian-Regime. Basically, once again, about all that these IMpugning frequencies of sovereignty-Interventions can do is to protect “aero-Jet: transports” from being shot outta polluted stratosphere. This is called “peace-Carrot”. The people of the world are about to suffer this immensity because of the 2005 non-Reported housing bubble in u-s which went ballistic in 2008.             “R”


“Voices are now increasingly calling for foreign intervention and military solution. On December 20, 2011, the Syrian National Council (SNC)’s leadership requested the establishment of “safe zones for civilians and the establishment of humanitarian corridors for delivery of relief, medical and other humanitarian needs”, as well as “prompt intervention to stop the massacres”.

In this, the SNC repeated earlier appeals by the Free Syrian Army for a no-fly zone, as well as a few scattered calls in the street. The plight suffered by civilian protesters has indeed reached an unbearable level. This raises questions about how to achieve lasting change in Syria…


The regime is still in control of the army and the security forces, despite a few thousand defections to the Free Syrian Army. To deter future dissent, tortured bodies have been found or returned to families. The regime’s increasing violence is also leading to the collapse of institutions and public authority. Declining incomes from oil sales and the public sector, and a freeze on trade with Turkey and the European Union are impacting on the population rather than the regime.

Most regions have no heat as fuel oil has becomes scarce or even non-existent. Prices have risen dramatically and electricity is being cut on a daily basis for six hours in major hubs such as Aleppo. Protesters’ have shown lucidity in keeping a united front beyond sectarian divides, but resistance to the regime has moved in some parts of the country from non-violent rebellion to armed insurgency. Six-hundred soldiers were allegedly killed in the clashes. The risk of civil war is looming. Syrians are now killing each other in isolated incidents on the basis of their uniforms, alleged loyalties and religious affiliations.”


The case against military intervention in Syria

Aljazeera News 04 Jan 2012 (last mod-ified 13:37)




Bio-terrorism is alive, but pollution is over-Stretch! There is yet fallout-Molecules in the upper-Stratosphere, and that of NSDU-238 in lower atmosphere, and that of any and all reactors—including Savannah River site—are contaminating as I sitt-butt type away into theirs has been nefarity of misuse, mistrust and mis-INformation. Water has become more than a program, because the “misuse commands scarcity-Tactic” from NPP’s, and the reactors need more in event of emergency, terrorist contravention for bio-Terror attack. The IMpugning penataGooons has made this a no-talk-slow-zone-of-exasperation, no doubt! The temerity of the executive-Office dept has not been curtailed nor have the penataGooons IMpugning against the monies of the 99%? The we-people must stand and atone these lacking principles in our midst? The love of GMO’s is somethingy-Bop more than moribund, because of the usury allowed that “cause’ to IMpugn against what’s left of INdependent farmers in u-S and in Canada!         “R”


“The walls were always closing around him. He shut himself in his bedroom, suffering extreme depression and feelings of utter worthlessness – all symptoms that is induced by hallucinogenic drugs that were given to him.

Shortly after he left Moscow, he was admitted to the Priory hospital in London, England. Within 36 hours of his arrival in London, and against the advice of Soviet doctors, Robeson was subjected to the first of 54 electro-convulsive shock therapy sessions.

Mike Miniccino, an MK-Ultra historian with very close contacts in the American intelligence, said that the allegations that Paul Robeson was really targeted by the CIA were “entirely plausible.” His family kept the suicide attempt and depression a secret….


Paul Robeson was more than a singer, and actor. He learned more than 20 languages, including several African dialects, Chinese and Russian. He was also the first Black man to be employed by a leading New York law firm.

For the intelligence agencies in America and in Britain, Robeson’s stature as an artist, combin-ed with his increasing radical political activities, made him a serious threat to the establishment. He was a close friend not only of the American civil rights activists, but also a leading light of the col-onial independence movement, such as Jawaharlal Nehru and Jomo Kenyatta.

As early as 1936, MI5 of Britain officers visited Robeson on the set of Sanders of the River, an Alexander Korda epic film that was the first to feature a powerful Black male star. The CIA (or its previous title) opened also a file on Robeson in 1943. At the end of World War II his case was assigned to a special agent who was directly responsible for covert operations…


According to Robeson Jr., his father’s symptoms at the time of the attempted suicide were identical with those produced by BZ, a mind-altering drug developed by the intelligence agencies in Britain and in the USA for use in a highly classified psychological warfare programme known as MK-Ultra. He found out that at least two Doctors that treated him in London and in New York had links to this programme…

“US Poisoned Paul Robeson with Mind-Bending Drug”

By Tom Rhodes, New York, Sunday Times of London, 14 March 1999 [] The round of meetings, interviews and speeches had been strenuous, but by the time Paul Robeson reached Moscow on a spring evening in 1961, the singer, actor and Black American, was in usually good spirits.


He was planning to meet Fidel Castro in Cuba before returning to the US to join the

growing wave of civil rights activism led by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. It was a very exciting prospect for Robeson.

However Robeson never made it to Cuba. A surprise party was arranged for him at a Moscow hotel suite, after which he was hit by an extreme paranoia and tried to kill himself by slashing his wrists.

Three weeks later Cuban Exiles from USA, led by the CIA, landed on the Island’s Bay of Pigs in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Castro. This led to an international crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.”


Paul Robeson by cIAS’ MK-Ultra

Report by Prof. Alan Gilbert 1-03-12


we were living in an Existentialist ‘space-Time’ world until military-Hegemony took-over like dinosaurs resurrected to eat toxicity and radionuclides-contamina-tions —that would make ‘horribillus’ compost…


a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,

“R” Addison


–note: peace-Warrior bloG post #48

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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