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anti-nucleaRist bloG #91/ 16 Dec 2011 INdigestion status-Quo, Oligarch presidents, or dept-of-Offense

anti-nucleaRist bloG #91/ 16 Dec 2011

INdigestion status-Quo, Oligarch presidents, or dept-of-Offense

© apeco 12-16-11


INdigestion of the status-Quotient Oligarch presidents or dept-of-Offense sucks

#1>               misbehavior-by-Plutocratic instigations & relegations


INgredients for not having “wars-Warring” was once called “peace-is-Democracy”! The empire-Plutocrats say they need the IMperium w its IMpunity to maintain IMperialism, but the once-Waz “socialists” say that was merely “status-Quotient”. What is INcorrect has been stated by both Dr. Jill Stein and ex-Governor Rocky Anderson who will never have to square-Off against Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Dr. Ron Paul. What u-S empire “presidential-Candidates” are running on the three ‘socialists-parties, since stein is Green’s candidate and Anderson is justice party candidate? The national elections, as explained to viewers and listeners on Democracy Now yesterday, explained that the voter-Registration is an on-Going farce since 1787. I say the electoral-college is more than a meta-Physic of “military-hegemony”. Some of us knows, both opinions are not new, and both UNfortunately are correct, too!           “R”


“Recent polls have show[n] that three out of four Americans support the complete withdrawal of all American forces from Iraq. At the same time, they indicate that two-thirds of the population believes the war was not worth fighting, given its terrible costs.

Nearly 4,500 American soldiers and Marines were killed in the nearly nine years of war, while tens of thousands returned home severely wounded and many more suffered psychological and emotional trauma that will last a lifetime.

According to conservative estimates, the war’s costs will amount to over $3.5 trillion, a vast expenditure that is being paid for through unending cutbacks in public sector jobs and social pro-grams upon which millions depend…


“The US withdrawal from Iraq does not represent a turn away from militarism. Rather, it is part of the tactical preparations for far more devastating wars to come. The explosive development of US militarism, which gave rise to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is driven by the decline of American capitalism and the crisis of the world capitalist system, which have deepened immensely over the past decade.”


The Iraq withdrawal and the continuing eruption of US militarism

14 December 2011 WSWS


tags/ u-S militarism, new parties, of politics Oil, $ trillions on death, trauma


#2>         central role of journalists, community, jailed voters & police-State

What is social-change when there is no social-Justice for “democracy anti-Plutocracy” has become the iconographic grounds of worldwide revolt against “capitalist-Totalitarian hegemony” mainly re-know by the renown of the world’s Oligarchs agglomeration behind coRporatist-Conditionalism. This is also defined as ‘the IMperium’ a term from tyrannical ways of Oligarchic “olde-Rome”! Tyranny remains in propaganda-Estate, and the populous has been suffering for 30-years, while ‘socialists’ hardly now better than great-Good; definitions based upon Marxist liturgy. Micro and macro-Economics was born before raw-Economics became Oiligarchs-for-Tyranny i.e. derivative-Banking post Jeb Bush rip-Off Savings and Loans.             “R”


“The year 2011 began with powerful struggles of workers and youth in North Africa against long-time US-backed dictators, which culminated in the forced resignation of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak on February 11. As the year draws to a close, a new wave of demonstrations is rocking Egypt, directed at the military government that replaced him.

The renewed revolutionary upsurge is the working class’s verdict on the Egyptian military’s claims to be leading “democratic transition.” Demonstrations throughout the country against the military junta, still backed with billions of dollars in money from American imperialism, have con-fronted a brutal state crackdown, which has already killed dozens and wounded thousands.

Attempts to promote elections that are to be held under the junta’s thumb today were met with mass chants of “Down, down with military rule!” When the junta chose a new prime minister, Kamal El-Ghanzouri—who served as prime minister under Mubarak from 1996 to 1999—to form a new government on Thursday, protesters immediately opposed it.”


“The protests dealt a serious blow to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which hoped to profit from popular disillusionment with the middle-class “left” parties’ support for the junta to win today’s elections and take office. The MB even publicly criticized anti-junta protests. Now they stand exposed as a counterrevolutionary force tied to the US. Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El Beltagi was expelled from Tahrir Square by protesters on Monday.

The central role in propping up the junta was played by various petty-bourgeois pseudo-left groups like the Revolutionary Socialists (RS), the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (SPAP) and the Egyptian Socialist Party (ESP). They said Mubarak’s generals could be pressured, and the demands of the Egyptian revolution achieved, by building “independent” trade unions and working with pro-capitalist forces—the Islamists, ElBaradei and the junta itself.”


The Egyptian revolution turns against the military

28 November 2011 WSWS


Tags/ north Africa, spring-Revolutions, IMperium, Oligarchs, demonstrations, u-S supported juntas, Conditionalism, undercurrents …


#3>                   Dismantling the Empire’s IMpugning et al-Ski


There are forces as discivil as those of “undercurrents” explained above. What is propaganda is morose in u-S civil-Society, when people do not respond to the community affectations that “wars are good for you because they kill people better”. This is sickness, and cannot be disguised, yet those who attempt disguise see not the deaths by autocratic-Ascendancy built-In to the plutocracy methods, as well as the quandaries of “torture-Renditions, black-Ops, cIAS, IMpugning against US AID, IMpunity by bases not bought but deposited, Lear-Jet flights w single prisoner’s raked-Off a sovereign-State’s public sidewalks, ad infinitum. The definitions are the excoriations to fact, and of the tyranny of fact patriotism is idiotic-Act. Habeas Corpus must be re-Established, as well as rule of laws accountability, not exasperation accounted-for before hand—also IMpunity!             “R”


“President Obama received more money from Wall Street than any other candidate has ever received in a presidential or any other election campaign. And he surrounded himself with all these alumni from Goldman Sachs. Not one person, Amy, has spent one day in prison as a result of the massive financial fraud that we know took place by these Wall Street firms, and the people that work for them, that did so much damage to the American people. All any of us have to do is look at our pension plans, our 401(k) accounts, and we can see the direct impacts of this economic disaster, brought to us through, by and large, these criminal acts committed by these Wall Street firms and their employees. And not one of them has been brought to justice under the Obama administration.


When they make these campaign contributions, they get a very good return on their investment. But it’s no different, really, than the polluting industries making their campaign contributions, and then the EPA wanting to impose more strict ozone standards, and President Obama basically vetoing the EPA. We know that’s not in the public interest. President Obama has to know that’s not in the public interest. He’s serving the interest of those polluting industries.”


“What we’re doing, I think, converges beautifully with the Occupy movement, and what they’re doing converges beautifully with what we’re doing. I think that the Occupy movement is one of the most promising things I’ve seen, especially from young people, in decades, because they get it, they’re willing to take action, and I think that it’s really been enlightening for the American people to see that we can do this from the grassroots and really take on a system that has been so corrupt and has so disserved the American people and the public interest.”


DEM Now 12-13-11

Ex-Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Democrat, Launches Third Party Presidential Bid Against Obama, GOP


Tags/ Occupy movement, plutocracy methods, EPA, civil society, ozone regulations, Goldman Sachs …


#4>         the rundown on Occupy-Cities & the Occupy social-Space Venues


The Occupy Wall Street was started by Madison: people’s demonstration, as the fundaments had remained in hibernations since 1994. The Occupy Movement is what is continuing to happenstance for change, not chance, as that of the 1% Oligarchs who have technocrats to ruin American-Lifestyle by savings in a stagnation of strangulations. The remainder is not jargon, altho the extent could be w the greatest of generalized, depends upon a standardization, which would probably take several “volumes” of written history and proper adjudication of eradicated-Democracy, to make into a revolution by ex-Patriotic might, or merely “just-Communications”! This is not funny, but we did leave this somewhere in 1992 and 1993 when NSDU-238 had been the first “nuclear-Weapon” used for the purpose of eradicating humans.


Much of the communications, hardship brought into social-focus has been necessitating since 1983. Since, then this state has not had a “defense” structure, NPP’s protected by giant coRporate firms remains the spasdic-Doubt of success. That we need to be protected from the “ugli-Scape” may speak better than “chemical, nano, molecular-decay rates” technology of radiologic-Dysfunctionalism. Never take words at face value when the plutocracy wants more. My pleasure!   “R”


Tags/ not-so-depleted uranium-238, NSDU-238, Occupy Wall Street, justice, one-Percent, chemical-nano-molecular decay rates, human malnourishment …


#5> West Coast demonstrations target port operators By David Brown 

December 2011 WSWS



“On Monday, Occupy protesters sought to shut down ports across the West Coast. They succeeded in disrupting the ports in Oakland, Longview, and Portland, and caused temporary delays in Seattle and Long Beach.

The largest turnout was at Oakland, which peaked below 2,000 protesters. The most heavy-handed police response was in Seattle where the police used stun grenades and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of several hundred. Eleven people were arrested.” …


“The demonstrations were denounced by local businesses and officials, including Democratic Party Mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan, who oversaw earlier brutal attacks on Occupy demonstrators.

The demonstrations come as city officials and police have shut down most of the Occupy en-campments, often with brutal violence. Many of these actions have been organized by Democratic Party politicians, and they have been implicitly sanctioned by the Obama administration. The suppression of the protests has raised fundamental political questions, above all the necessity for a political break with the Democratic Party.

However, the principal organizers of the port protests, including middle class groups such as the International Socialist Organization, promoted the demonstrations as a stunt, oriented entirely at bolstering the trade union bureaucracy and pressuring the political establishment.” …


#6> Occupy is Not Just About Occupying: The Goal is Not to Occupy it is to End Corporate Rule by Kevin Zeese Global Research, December 11, 2011


“The occupations of public space have already done a great deal to lift the veil of lies.  People are now more aware than ever that the wealth divide is caused by a rigged economic system of crony capitalism and that we can create a fair economy that works for all Americans.  We are also aware that many of our fellow citizens are ready to take action – extreme action of sleeping outside in the cold in a public park.  And, we also now know that we have the power to shift the debate and force the economic and political elites to listen to us. In just a few months we have made a difference. Occupying public space involves a lot of resources and energy that could be spent educating, organizing and mobilizing people in much greater numbers. There is a lot to do to end corporate rule and the challenges of occupying public space can divert our attention and resources from other responsibilities we have as a movement.”


#7A>                 OCCuPY have sUM VIDEOS (for virtue-Sake)

One People Flash Mob — Occupy 5,530 views… 3:51 mins… @ On 19 November 2011 Uploaded by dancewithoutborders on Dec 13, 2011 –over 100 dancers converged at Occupy SF & Oak-land to dance the world awake. Flashmob Produced & Directed by Magalie Bonneau-Marcil of, Video Directed & Edited by Ben Flanigan (, Thanks to our team of choreographers: Giuliana Blasi, Samantha Sweetwater and Mika Lemoine. Co-sponsors: & Want to bring the flash mob to your community? Go to for choreography video tutorial. Music: Thanks to the Black Eyed Peas.


Occupy Wall Street Declares Goldman Sachs Guilty 13,833 views…3:50 mins… Uploaded by TheRealNews on Nov 14, 2011…

General Assembly holds mock trial and journalist Chris Hedges reads indictment accusing Goldman Sachs of financial crimes against humanity.


Occupy Oakland Closes Ports 842 views… 6:21 mins… Uploaded by TheRealNews on Dec 14, 2011

Protesters close ports of Oakland and Portland in actions along California coast…


use of Radiologic-Weapons by imperialist overture is heinous war-Crime,

a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison


–note: weB-Nukie ODO bloG #5


Tags/ u-S militarism, new parties, of politics Oil, $ trillions on death, trauma, north Africa, spring-Revolutions, IMperium, Oligarchs, demonstrations, u-S supported juntas, Conditionalism, undercurrents, not-so-depleted uranium-238, NSDU-238, Occupy Wall Street, justice, one-Percent, chemical-nano-molecular decay rates, human malnourishment, Occupy movement, plutocracy methods, EPA, civil society, ozone regulations, Goldman Sachs …








Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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