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anti-nucleaRist bloG #92/ 19 Dec 2011 disarmament promise is no
 longer attainable, 40 years of unfair system

anti-nucleaRist bloG #92/ 19 Dec 2011

disarmament promise is no
 longer attainable, 40 years of unfair system


NSDU-238 is the most “despicable” of the two NUCLEAR-WEaPONS” because there has been no ways of discovering how to Measure & monitor the multiple-Radioisotopes from each use in the many geographical-Regions where the soil-air-water has been allowed to become distraught—specifically due the aggressive-Overture for use of military ‘might’ as well as the covert instigation of oppressing the democratic-Values and peace-Presciences. Too MUCH CONTAMINATION” is not the key feature. That is that NSDU-238 has been used and uranium-Weapon uses have been allowed to follow ‘suit’ as though IMpunity was legal-Fair. The tokenist Cronyism is because NSDU-238 usages were let allowed by Plutocratic-methods. The penataGooons are the basic irresponsible “party”!   “R”


“…it is not only NATO that clearly has an anti-disarmament stance. US
President [Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy] Obama declared through a governmental decree, that an additional
80 billion dollars would be allocated to the modernization and creation of
new nuclear war heads.  Funding for U.S. defense research centers,
especially at one in Los Alamos, New Mexico, will rise in the coming years
at an annual rate of more than ten percent.  Washing-ton is part of the
trend: in the past months it has become clear, that all nuclear-weapons state – the official and the “unofficial” ones – have a verbal commitment to disarmament, a costly modernization of their nuclear potential.

In pursuing nuclear rearmament and deterrence policy, NATO is undoubtedly a
pioneer and a proponent.  At the same time, the group of those states who
want a world without nuclear weapons is also increasing.  It is more of a
grass-roots movement; they are comprised of political elites of the First
World and the elites of the South.  Central to all of these forces is the
support of a Nuclear Weapons Convention: an international treaty for the
destruction of all nuclear weapons.

Those advocating for this cause include UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon,
the major-ity of all states (e.g. the non-aligned, but also Austria and
Switzerland), the vast majority of parliaments (including the EU Parliament
in Brussels), conservative elder statesmen, churches, unions, and thousands
of mayors.  And lastly: 25 million people worldwide have expressed their
will through signature to an end of nuclear weapons.”


Disarmament Only Verbal

By Reiner Braun Originally in Junge Welt 26.05.2010 / Focus / Page 3




I started the OCCUPY dept-of-Offense, because the need forwarding more facts and information presented “stat”! History as disinformation is over, as far, and in-as-much-as Occupy Wall Street became America’s post-Republic amenity in 1990. Since then, the IMpugning regalia of black-Ops has followed thru for some cIAS activities, and for INvasions to make more, not less, world “oppression”. Facts of historic-Referendum proceedings, since 1968 have made essences of social-Change, the consensus on what barrenness has been proffered in propaganda-model and dis-INformation occlusion? The INjustices, due laws that would be more-glossed-over presented a diurnal-Auspice, and many groups made plans referring to this ‘empathic’. Justice is basically ‘laws’ accountability, which even the Supreme Court has reneged upon utilizing for the country “citizenry”?

Killing millions of people in other countries, is more than an anathema in vagary-of-Need: empathic of recourse thru Revolution, Imprisonment of the Oligarchs who continue and have in past, made prevarification instead of democracy-peace, thru “participation”!



“Of the three 1957 accidents referred to above, the Windscale fire occurred in a plutonium-production reactor, the Rocky Flats blaze in a factory where bomb parts were made, and the Chelyabinsk explosion in a waste-storage tank. Together these incidents reveal early in the history of nuclear bomb production that the industry is unsafe at each of three distinct stages in the nuclear cycle: creating fissile material in a reactor, fabricating bomb parts, handling waste. These three areas remain problematic. Bomb-makers seem slow to learn the lessons of 1957.

There are crucial parallels between what happened in 1957 at Rocky Flats, Chelyabinsk and Windscale:

Each accident endangered the downwind human population and contaminated the nearby environment, affecting all life forms for generations to come.

Official secrecy ruled the day at each location.

In each case, official secrecy gave way to official deceit. Dangers associated with radiation releases were minimized and local people were told they had nothing to fear and that, not being experts, they should keep quiet.

In all three settings local populations were forced to live with consequences of decisions made not by themselves but by others.

What has just been said underscores a fundamental truth. The primary problem with the production of nuclear bombs is not contamination of the environment. Nor is it the threat of nuc-lear holocaust. The primary problem is the lack of democracy. Democracy means rule by the people. If the people ruled, would they poison themselves? If the people ruled, would they contaminate the air, soil and water?”


1957: Fateful Year for Nuclear Weapons Industry

by LeRoy Moore Posted by admin on 01 Dec, 2010 in Nuclear Nexus, Recent News, Rocky Flats




Dennis is factual & is incredulously real! He’s well-spoken, and in his thinking best assertions, maintains on his own what his memory best atones, not pseudo but surreal regarding cultural gravity viable—as well!! [early a.m.]…

Expand from the basics of radiologic-Contamination is necessity for others who have been thru Iraq: phases 1 & 3. Dennis is factual and he is incredulously real. He is well-spoken, and in his thinking best assertions, maintains on his own what his memory best atones, not pseudo but surreal regarding cultural gravity viability—as well!! It’s up to past-Iraq soldiers, past Bosnia & past Libya NA.T.O. (amer-Forces) to support the I.V.A.W. w comments on the lack of clean-UP by the U.S.A.I.D. in the Iraq lands, and especially of u-S soldiers needing to get from the u-S belligerence corps—here, at home– and back into and with the amer-Communities that need to know how dastardly the “military-Hegemony” has been.

The time-Era is that the current “batch” of posted into military service personnel have to speak for having been the soldiers who did not receive “just-Do” let alone justice-Necessitating how they’ve been misperceived in eyes of the “turkey-Brass” of those despicable usages of not-so-depleted-uranium-238 (NSDU-238) which have been UN-lawful and radiologic. The first nuclear-Weapon has been known since 1943. The immense task cannot be done until and UN-less you all veterans “compost” the b-S. Get to sending e-Mails to Justin Raimondo @ anti-War dot com, let him know you’ll not support his reports until he covers NSDU-238 every week and in a special sense the past travesty…           “R”



Darrell Anderson WITNESS TO WAR CRIMES Iraq Veteran and War Resister Sgt. Anderson served in Baghdad and Najaf with the 1st Armored Division, and received a Purple Heart. Dennis Kyne WITNESS TO WAR CRIMES Fifteen year veteran of the U.S. Army who served with the 18th Airborne Corps during Operation Desert Storm. Army Veteran, Desert Storm “Kyne is recognized as an authority on the critique of illegal combat opera-tions, unlawful orders and trainee abuse due to his experience as a US Army Drill Sergeant. He also is recognized around the world as a leader in exposing the depleted uranium scandal that has plagued all species and the earth.” “Beginning in 1991, 425,000 troops have become ill or have died from what the Department of Defense still causes a mystery disease.” “Kyne is the author of the book, Support The Truth. Support The Truth, currently being translated into Japanese, inquires into who the soldiers are really defending and is written in sound bites. Dennis Kyne has taken a good hard look at the military industrial complex and has distilled it down to the most important question; Has the Machine outgrown the Operator? Support the Truth could well be described as an instruction manual in military misdirection.”…”*


*(SEE) Iraq Veterans Against the War Deployed Beyond Treason Courage to Resist Counter Recruiting Lt. Ehren Watada Sir! No Sir!«”


youTube/ Interview – Dennis Kyne – Depleted Uranium (DU)

talkingsticktv on Nov 22, 2009… 55:08 mins… Interview w with Dennis Kyne, 15-year U.S. Army Veteran serving in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm @!




Revolt is nothing new, and revolution against the Oligarchs specifically is vulnerable to winning the Uphill tour du force! The trek I had to Chelyabinsk-40 in 1981 also took me thru the “horses-States” of the asia-Steepe country! There was no reactor in 1957 there, but there were many asia faces from various soviet-Enterprises, and Kazakstan was one “bad-Ass” state to find food, a place to sleep and someone “smiling”. The oil was not as prevalent, but the metal processing plants pollution was. We needed our manufacturing bases, not d-F (dumb-fool) Oiel as the R-O-N-G Phooel. What we’re getting away w is nothing plus nothing equals worse than that. Serious harm will befall those who entice others to remonstrate in belligerence for belligerence-Sake! The corporatist control is just icing upon the crowning dissultries found in that maiming of diplomacy and peace and best-Manufacturing for all, so that interstellar-Space will continue in a space-time continuum. We’ve always needed the ‘referendum’ in the republic, why not to be rid the Empire is IMpunity coalesced? Dig.             “R”


“Nazarbayev is the longest-ruling despot of all the nations formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. For twenty years he has maneuvered between the United States and Russia, basing himself on the oil wealth of Kazakhstan and the strategic location of his state. His moves against the oil workers are consistent with his slavish cultivation of links to major oil companies both at home and abroad.

One of Nazarbayev’s advisers, Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, suggested in an interview with TengriNews that the “hooligans” (sometimes referred to as “bandits”) were well organ-ized and possibly financed by “external forces.” Many commentators, however, have sug-gested that the “hooligans” were provocateurs working for the oil companies and/or the government. There are a number of reasons why this is plausible.”

“The ongoing blockage of communications indicates that a cover-up is under way, and possibly further acts of repression. If, as the Kazakhstan government now claims, the situa-tion was brought under control by Saturday, why are communications still cut off as of Sunday? Why must the state of emergency, including restrictions on ingress and egress from the city, continue for eighteen more days?

Ironically, Friday’s events coincided not only with the twentieth anniversary of Kazakh-stan independence, but with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Zheltoksan, a popular uprising in Alma-Ata in 1986 that anti-communists of various stripes portray as the harbinger of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the restoration of capitalism. The scale of the repression during that uprising remains an object of controversy, as archival materials on the events are still held secret.”


Police massacre striking oil workers in Kazakhstan

By David Firestone 
19 December 2011 WSWS




The polemics of politics is yet that of “political-Parties: u-S” altho most educated people would warm first—being that they’re persuaded by the “one-party: system”—and thus the need of the following essay by a pertinent-to-Time: era, person who happens to be one of the dozen, national-Economists! Secondly, Prof. Michael Hudson is of a Research (group of professionals) who are not a ‘think-Tank”. Most of the research done thru Global Research Center in Toronto are open-minded. As I’ve spoken clearly that rhetoric-Political must include historic facts or preclude knowledge basics that political parties have “parity” not idiocy such as that who brought ‘habeas corpus’ demised pronouncements for Oligarchs as oil-Thefts who have used the American tax-Payers monies forwarding wars for more “pollution”. Not oNLY do we-People find NSDU-238 used in total abandon, w no clean-UPs contested, but that total-IMpunity maintains the Oiligar-archs [sic another discovery word-Term] disregard base!


One can learn a lot to engender ‘knowledge’ thru the profundity of learning via “books readings” and notes-taking. Wars merely get in the way of righteousness as g-Enron was wont to lie to us. However, wars that disregard the rights engendered by allof humanity is what those u-S death-Squads have been –or, the cIAS training in southeast-Asia, then Africa —have been. The stolidness of the IMpunity being extracted, then turned around and used against the Oiligarchs, has not to re-Deliver “plutocracy” because the communists one the one-Way street w.o. opposition. Therefore, “coalitions must demand democratic-Opprobrium i.e. people all in one space-Mind or mind-Scape! The mind-Scape stage has been set for change since the early 1960’s before the “American-Assassinations decade became” the whatever of IMpunity-Age. Conditionalism is the IMpunity. Condemnation is the alacrity to be rid Determinist nuclear-Policy and Conditionalist anti-Change economics. Collective ownership and management is already in place. Social change needs be given not beridden. The one party system derides and gets associated in beridden-Cathected catharsis. Other parties are way less perfunctory.


Give “peace” a chance, means halt the frickin-Frackin wars.         “R”


“For a sovereign’s debts to become binding upon the entire nation, elected representatives had to enact the taxes to pay their interest charges.

By giving taxpayers this voice in government, the Dutch and British democracies provided creditors with much safer claims for payment than did kings and princes whose debts died with them. But the recent debt protests from Iceland to Greece and Spain suggest that creditors are shifting their support away from democracies. They are demanding fiscal austerity and even privatization sell-offs.”


“Creditor power and stable growth rarely have gone together. Most personal debts in this classical period were the product of small amounts of money lent to individuals living on the edge of subsistence and who could not make ends meet. Forfeiture of land and assets – and personal liberty – forced debtors into bondage that became irreversible. By the 7th century BC, “tyrants” (popular leaders) emerged to overthrow the aristocracies in Corinth and other wealthy Greek cities, gaining support by cancelling the debts. In a less tyrannical manner, Solon founded the Athenian democracy in 594 BC by banning debt bondage.

But oligarchies re-emerged and called in Rome when Sparta’s kings Agis, Cleomenes and their successor Nabis sought to cancel debts late in the third century BC. They were killed and their supporters driven out. It has been a political constant of history since antiquity that creditor interests opposed both popular democracy and royal power able to limit the financial conquest of society – a conquest aimed at attaching interest-bearing debt claims for payment on as much of the economic surplus as possible.

When the Gracchi brothers and their followers tried to reform the credit laws in 133 BC, the dominant Senatorial class acted with violence, killing them and inaugurating a century of Social War, resolved by the ascension of Augustus as emperor in 29 BC.”


Debt and Democracy: Has the Link been Broken?

by Prof. Michael Hudson Global Research, December 6, 2011 Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung




Do men see more than women, or do women take orders for the birthing of off-spring oNLY needing to join-militarily? Where is the use of “pace’ as a word. Is that word merely in need of definition, or use-usefulness? Who’s the d-F (dumb-Fool) now? Both genders, morosely the Hispanics who came here on a lark that earning and spending @ Wal Mart was better than owning land in Mexico or being chased by Oligarch-Soldiers in Nicaragua and El Salvador. But please NAFTA did the worse-possible so too many people need to be getting themselves “UP-date”! Correct? Here’s a sample of needs Updating, especially, altho a semi-Dissimilar context! Canada and Mexico and u-S are one-pact from maternity of north-Americas “military-hegemony: takeover”. You piece this. My books are in need of edits. Now.         “R”


“The agreement in fact comprises two so-called “action plans,” one entitled Beyond The Bor-der and the other the Regulatory Cooperation Council. The former plan focuses on border security with the explicit aim of creating a security perimeter that encompasses both countries. The latter is meant to harmonize regulations for business, facilitating cross-border trade.

The security agreement uses the threat of terrorism, crime and health securities to announce an increasing merger of the two countries’ border security, including an integrated entry-exit system that will involve full sharing of individuals’ biometric details between the two governments by 2014 and even the creation of integrated cross-border law enforcement teams with authority to collect intelligence and conduct criminal investigations on either side of the border.

The regulatory plan, meanwhile, aims to standardize agricultural regulations on such items as maximum pesticide residue limits as well as develop standards and regulations for potential future products and industries like nanotechnology.”


“. Form-ally launched in 2005, the SPP quickly caught the attention of the public on both sides of the border, and as freedom of information requests shed more light on the process, including the almost total domination of the partnership in closed-door meetings by big business, the SPP’s annual sum-mit quickly became a flashpoint for political activism.

In the light of public scrutiny, the SPP was shelved in 2009, but many of its initiatives and recommendations continue on behind the scenes. SPP documents, for example, show how Cana-da’s controversial no-fly list was in fact part of a trilateral agreement, with the 2006 report to lead-ers in fact mandating the program’s June 2007 launch date.

Meanwhile, the military merger of Canada and the US has proceeded in its own series of mutual agreements, beginning with the creation of NORTHCOM, the United States Northern Command, in 2002, which charged the US military with the protection of the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada.

In February of 2008, the Canadian and American militaries signed an agreement allowing troops of either country to cross the border and carry out operations in the other country in the event of an emergency, such as civil unrest.

In 2010, the two countries signed the shiprider agreement, allowing the operation of specially designated vessels to patrol the shared waterways of the two countries by joint crew, consisting of both Canadian and American law enforcement. This agreement is cited in the new border proposal as an example of how cross-border policing can be implemented.”


End of Nations: Canada, the US and the “Security Perimeter”

by grtv James Corbett, Paul Hellyer Posted on: December 17, 2011


The u-S w Canada can now better monopolize N.A.T.O. to use more NSDU-238 Obliquely, since uranium-Bombs is hardly mentioned…


End these stinking-Wars, a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,


note: peace-Warrior bloG #42

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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