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anti-nucleaRist bloG #82/ 28 Nov 2011 Assange, Revolutionary u-S, cIAS as dastardly as NSDU-238, 28.5 years @ wArS

anti-nucleaRist bloG #82/ 28 Nov 2011

Assange, Revolutionary u-S, cIAS as dastardly as NSDU-238, 28.5 years @ wArS


You who have read my analysis and remuneratives have read/heard “bring the bases home”! The idea about being “revolutionary” is to be rid the people of the Empire’s IMperium and Imperialist conditionalism. OWS is as important as accomplishing more involvements, and that means learning “defense is not NSDU-238”! The plutocratic: capitalist-Totalitarian IMperium was orge-Nal, meaning that messianic-Fundamentalist impropriety started w american-Trade failure by increasing sales overseas during those V-C-L years of 1962 thru 1975 when u-S military (but not cIAS) agonized over covert-Aversion w “oil” remaining a fuel? Altho that resource is a necessity for plastics, those that can wrap fresh foods, poultry meats, yes, but those that can make lightweight auto-Parts: motor-parts, interiors, and the obsession will end abruptly if we do not relinquish a yield to Oligarchs & investments bakers. Thus, the raw-Goon admin, Ronnie-actor, came-In but did not insert “value-Assertiveness”.


The follow-UP admins could best be described as IMpugning NSDU-238 instead of language. The rest is corporate and Investment bankers/ derivatives obsessions for power thru “imperialist-Methods” of takeovers via INvasions: illegal and useful for wasting land-mass w not-so-depleted-Uranium: 238 isotope. Do we ever, now more than before, need to be rid of the plutocracy: technocrats, Oligarchs, and usury from their military-Hegemony ilk? Yes. Thru revolution of non-Violence. Yes. Anybody who does not know the “wars are not good-for-You” needs to update their “d-f (dumb-Fool– until we get outdoors where words are freer spoken and not token). Then, get your thumbs from under your acts and move, but stay assertive in revolutionary-Spirit and revolt-Aplomb, because there are no spaces to retreat and a certain amount of inordinacy w which to wurk the pangs from the anxieties! Dig.           “R”


““What we actually see is the decline of the US empire. If you look back at the fall of the Spanish, the French, the British empires – in those cases the fall of the empire has been accompanied by world wars. If the US decides to go after Pakistan, they will get into a collision with China. At that point, Russia will also have to respond in some way. What you see is how the decline of an empire can lead to a war by miscalculation,” says Tarpley.

The US ruling elite is in a frenzy as they try to prevent Saudi Arabia and Pakistan from leaving the Empire. That is why Washington has chosen to liquidate the billions of dollars they have invested into the mythological figure of Bin Laden,” Tarpley believes.

The main danger now is false-flag terror events, in reality organized by the US or by NATO intelligence that will be blamed on Pakistan. Indeed, we have heard that from several CIA people in the media, saying there will be revenge terror attacks, but they will be coming from the Inter-Services Intelligence network – that is the much demonized ISI of Pakistan. This is a complete set-up,” concludes Tarpley.”


Washington in a frenzy over Pakistan leaving US Empire – investigative journalist Webster Tarpley

03 May, 2011




What “investigative-Journalist’ Webster Tarpley has analyzed is the continuation of this “theoretical “cIAS veil” as he embarks from one state to another using languages we English speakers, morosely have hardly heard enough to gather our senses; let alone our refining judgments! RT foreshortens what could be a peace-Measures for both u-S-UK-France and Russia, as the dimensions seem to skitter from rather than into a cubic adjusting for templates that both corner and fit. Altho I’ve never heard Tarpley on NSDU-238 I’ve surely heard Dennis Kyne, Bob Jones, Doug Rokke, Joyce Riley and Leuren Moret—all who came together in the DVD “Beyond Treason” which is what millions of we-Amers should be converging upon now that OWS has taken the edge “off”! Tarpley does the same wherever he reports from, in inimicable fastidious answers and cogent ‘fastidiousness’. Check both op-u-t? Dig.       “R”


“The West is doing its best to destabilize the situation in Syria, author and journalist Webster Tarpley told RT. According to him, civilians have to deal with death squads and blind terrorism, which is typical of the CIA.

­“What average Syrians of all ethnic groups say about this is that they are being shot at by snipers. People complained that there are terrorist snipers who are shooting at civilians, blind terrorism simply for the purpose of destabilizing the country. I would not call this civil war – it is a very misleading term. What you are dealing with here are death squads, you are dealing with terror commandos; this is a typical CIA method. In this case it’s a joint production of CIA, MI6, Mossad, it’s got money coming from Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Qatar,” he explained.

He added that Syrian society is the most tolerant society in the Middle East, the one place where all kinds of people live together in remarkable harmony, Muslims and Christians of all kinds.

“This is a model of a peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups. The US policy right now is to smash the Middle East according to ethnic lines,” he added.

Assad’s rule is increasingly being called illegitimate. But the US and Europe do not seem concerned that getting rid of the Syrian president could cause even more violence, as was seen in Egypt, believes Tarpley.

“After Libya becoming a bloodbath with 150.000 dead and now with Egypt showing what it was all along – there was no revolution there, it was a complete failure and now people are beginning to understand that. Still, Mrs Clinton and Ms Rice (sic) continue to push this bankrupt model of the colour revolution, backed up by terrorist troops – people from Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a growing movement inside the Islamic community, which says ‘We want reconciliation, we want law and order, and we want legality’,” he said.”


CIA, MI6 and Mossad: Together against Syria’ RT News: 21 November, 2011 (video)

Syrian mourners carrying the coffin of a victim killed in recent violence in Tal Kalakh in the Homs governorate on November 20, 2011

(AFP Photo / Youtube)



Expand from the basics of radiologic-Contamination is necessity for others who have been thru Iraq: phases 1 & 3. Dennis is factual and he is incredulously real. He is well-spoken, and in his thinking best assertions, maintains on his own what his memory best atones, not pseudo but surreal regarding cultural gravity viability—as well!! It’s up to past-Iraq soldiers, past Bosnia & past Libya NA.T.O. (amer-Forces) to support the I.V.A.W. w comments on the lack of clean-UP by the USAID in the Iraq lands, and especially of u-S soldiers needing to get from the u-S belligerence corps—here, at home– and back into and with the amer-Communities that need to know how dastardly the “military-Hegemony” has been.

The time-Era is that the current “batch” of posted into military service personnel have to speak for having been the soldiers who did not receive “just-Do” let alone justice-Necessitating how they’ve been misperceived in eyes of the “turkey-Brass” of those despicable usages of not-so-depleted-uranium-238 (NSDU-238) which have been UN-lawful and radiologic. The first nuclear-Weapon has been known since 1943. The immense task cannot be done until and UN-less you all veterans “compost” the b-S. Get to sending e-Mails to Justin Raimondo @ anti-War dot com, let him know you’ll not support his reports until he covers NSDU-238 every week and in a special sense the past travesty…       “R”


youTube/ Interview – Dennis Kyne – Depleted Uranium (DU)! alkingsticktv on Nov 22, 2009 …55:08 mins…Interview with Dennis Kyne, 15-year U.S. Army Veteran serving in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm! (I preferred this website VIDEO)…




I am starting to explore “Dennis Kyne” on his life in expose’s of NSDU-238, as I first met w him and Doug Rokke in Berkeley Ca in 1996.           R”


Talk – Dennis Kyne on Depleted Uranium

Fri Apr 01, 2011 55:26 mins…recorded in Canada




The masse-Protests in the u-S at the start of phase-One Iraq-INvasions and phase-Three Iraq-INvasion, also saw a parallel consequence to that same orthodoxy of IMperium as the Empire Imperialists wanted more expansion, and more “new-World Chaos”! That you may not want to read because your bed-of-ease states that ‘winning is all-IMportant’ you may want to ponder at my request, because you’re nowhere nearer the honest rapprochement until you see that the debtor-Nation of 1989, went to war and used NSDU-238 because it was useful and not-so-supposed-too-Be “radiologic-dysfunctional” because that was exactly what radioisotopes of uranium “are”. Immensely renown as “all uranium is radiation” and radiologic w beta, gamma, alpha, and even ex-Rays that cannot de-Particlize those particles but cannot carry atoms on their backs, know that radiation is empiricism of “deadliness, of decay by half-Lives, of long-Term rad-Active contamination” or what we-Boomers learned in senior year high-School “physics” classes.         “R”


“The renewed mass protests have laid bare the huge gap between the working class and the entire political establishment, which has sought to cultivate illusions about the junta’s supposed reforms. Protesters did not let any political parties set up stages on Tahrir Square Friday, as they are widely seen as tools of the junta.

The protests dealt a serious blow to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which hoped to profit from popular disillusionment with the middle-class “left” parties’ support for the junta to win today’s elections and take office. The MB even publicly criticized anti-junta protests. Now they stand exposed as a counterrevolutionary force tied to the US. Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El Beltagi was expelled from Tahrir Square by protesters on Monday.

The central role in propping up the junta was played by various petty-bourgeois pseudo-left groups like the Revolutionary Socialists (RS), the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (SPAP) and the Egyptian Socialist Party (ESP). They said Mubarak’s generals could be pressured, and the demands of the Egyptian revolution achieved, by building “independent” trade unions and working with pro-capitalist forces—the Islamists, ElBaradei and the junta itself.”


“As the events in Egypt are making clear to millions of workers, the only way forward is socialist revolution. The downfall of Mubarak, while an event of immense objective significance, has not resolved any of the political and social questions confronting the masses.

The reemergence of working-class struggles against the US-backed junta is a powerful confirmation of the perspective of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI). As the WSWS explained on February 14, “The continuation of the revolution and the fight for its interests is bringing the working class and oppressed masses into ever more direct conflict with the military, the official opposition, and US imperialism.”…”


The Egyptian revolution turns against the military

28 November 2011 WSWS




Having heard Julian Assange twice in person (nYC & London UK) he’s more than proven the worth of “investigative-Journalists” at werk for freedom and truth. Thje epicurean hassles he’s faced have been wear and tear. Just as my psyche` is wrent asunder by others not at all pissed at their communities ‘for the word-Peace” is just not needed to be heard, I nnow the infantile remediations will not outlast the participation in maintaining the ful outlook for truth and democracy.         “R”


“The anti-secrecy website was lauded at the annual Walkley Awards, where winners are chosen by an independent panel of journalists and photographers, for its courageous reporting of secret US cables.

“WikiLeaks applied new technology to penetrate the inner workings of government to reveal an avalanche of inconvenient truths in a global publishing coup,” the Walkley trustees said in bestowing the award Sunday evening.

“Its revelations, from the way the war on terror was being waged, to diplomatic bastardry, high-level horse-trading and the interference in the domestic affairs of nations, have had an undeniable impact.”

The whistleblowing website has published thousands of cables in which US diplomats give their often candid views on world leaders, to Washington’s acute embarrassment.”


WikiLeaks wins Australian journalism award

11-28-11 AFP


“”We, journalists, are at our best when we share with activists and lawyers the goal of opposing illegality and wrongdoing,” Assange said in a videoed speech accepting the award in England.

“When we help to hold others to account. This award is a sign of encouragement to our people and other people who labour under difficult conditions in this task. Our lives have been threatened, attempts have been made to censor us. Banks have attempted to cut off our financial lifeline. An unprecedented banking blockade have shown us that Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, the Bank of America and Western Union are mere instruments of Washington foreign policy. Censorship has in this manner been privatised…

“This time last year Julia Gillard commissioned an absurd, absurd all of government taskforce against us, comprising of ASIO, ASIS, the Department of Defence, the Attorney-General’s Office and the Australian Federal Police. The prime minister falsely stated that Wikileaks had acted illegally… ”

In his speech, Assange also mentioned the plight of Bradley Manning, the US soldier alleged to have been the source of material leaked to Wikileaks. Manning has been imprisoned in the US since mid-2010, much of that time in conditions that have provoked criticism from human rights advocates.”


Outstanding Walkley win for Wikileaks TechWorld staff (Techworld Australia) 28 Nov. 2011


–see also:


Video: Assange Acceptance speech for Walkley Award – 28 Nov 2011

YouTube @!




I attended both UC Berkeley (twice) and UC Davis as a grad-Student. I never git my MA in poly-Sci and MFA in Fine Arts for various reasons, and went on to outdistance any aand all who wanted “pure-Knowledge” by advancing “accelerated course-Wirk’ thru varius anti-pathologic means. What has transpired in the “usury by IMpugning” methods of Conditionalism that the police-State by virtue of training deems their ‘success-Story” is more than hyprocriful and in part wholly subsidiary of grotesques takeover means by “belligerence-First methods of greed-Excess”? That we should need to put into circulation more-Plutocracy is not civil-Minded nor civic discipline of the duty toward community, let alone others! Mostly, the start of NSDU-238 thru Determinism came at the behest of making war-Games from adversity of atomic-Weapons, has never yet really been challenged for all that the topics entail!               “R”


“The pepper spraying of peaceful student protesters at the University of California, Davis has become a focal point for national outrage over the police repression of demonstrations against social inequality.

The police action was ordered by UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, who was acting on behalf of the UC Regents and the Democratic Party-controlled political establishment in California, which is determined to enforce a new round of drastic tuition increases on students. Katehi has spent the past week and a half defending herself against demands for her resignation, while making half-hearted attempts to distance herself from the police violence.


However, Katehi’s claims of innocence in the matter are belied by her past. She has played a major role in developing repressive measures against students protesting austerity measures and is a prime example of the growing nexus between corporate CEOs, academic administrators and the police-intelligence apparatus.

Katehi’s has been involved with police crackdowns in her home country of Greece, is one of 20 administrators involved in a national FBI network aimed at monitoring “anti-U.S.” activities on college campuses, and has overseen an administration-run campus infiltration program.”


“UC Davis Chancellor Katehi’s past: police repression in Greece, FBI spying in the US

By Jack Hood 
28 November 2011 WSWS


“Many times true revolt is waylaid by incitement thru inciteful methods of violence all aimed at belligerence “continuing” –-phrase I heard many times @ UC 1966 thru 1972


a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,

–note: peace-Warrior bloG post #37

Tags/ plutocratic: capitalist-Totalitarian IMperium, to prevent, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Webster Tarpley, Chancellor Katehi’s past, pepper spraying, peaceful student protesters, Assange Acceptance speech, Walkley Award, Egyptian revolution turns, against military, US-backed junta, not-so-depleted-Uranium: 238, uranium isotope 238,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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