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anti-nucleaRist bloG #8/ 05 May 2006 no more nuclear armaments on alert

anti-nucleaRist bloG #8/ 05 May 2006

no more nuclear armaments on alert


“On the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, we remember the tragedy of this, the worst industrial accident in human history.

++1. We recognize the dangers of using nuclear energy. We also recognize that using nuclear energy encourages nuclear proliferation.

++2.We therefore make the following appeal and the general public work together to dramatically reduce total energy consumption in the 21st Century;

++ and 3. that the use of renewable forms of energy be expanded as rapidly as possible. Overall Assessment of nuclear energy.” (UN-disclosed)


See example: Severe Accident Risks– An Assessment for Five U.S. Nuclear Power Plants: Final Summary Report NUREG-1150-v1-


…..Twenty years ago today, in what is now Ukraine[s], a run-away nuclear reaction caused an explosion and fire at the Chernobyl number 4 reactor. With this accident, the true nature of nuclear energy was revealed. As a result of the accident, it is estimated that about 400 million Curies of radioactivity were released into the environment. The land within a 30-kilometer radius of the accident was declared permanently out-of-bounds for human habitation. The inhabitants abandoned the highly contaminated areas and 500 villages disappeared off the face of the map. It is well known that the death rate from cancer and other diseases increased amongst the liquidators and those living in the most contaminated areas. It is also predicted that many people in less contaminated areas will die as a result of radiation-induced diseases. However, the effects of the disaster go beyond simple body counts. The general health of a much larger number of people has been adversely affected and the social disruption has been enormous. Those who left the highly contaminated areas have had great difficulty adapting and have faced discrimination in their new surroundings. The 600,000 liquidators, feted as heroes at the time, feel that they have been abandoned. It is said that a mere 10 percent of these people are in good health. Due to the delayed onset of many radiation-induced diseases, the cloud of Chernobyl will hang over the Chernobyl generation, as the mushroom cloud has hung over the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for the duration of their lives. And while shorter-lived radioactive isotopes will eventually decay, others will remain in the environment effectively forever.” [this was an e-letter mailed to me re:   [please read]


………..Computers may also keep us closer “the more nuclear armaments on alert 24/7 aggressor-stance/US” but guns and teevee is the chaste side-effect. War continues as tyranny and the milestone of one trillion dollars spendt was passed almost two months ago. That’s what 15.67 years of invasion Iraq has foretold by the non-virtuous “hegemonyites”. However, what about the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl is that so much a portion of our ‘behavioralist’ new-improved stockpiled dementia, or is depleted uranium to supercede “defense” only since the US Pentagon/Def. Dept. has completed it’s second ‘nuclear genocide’ 15 years ago. Weld. We need not pass either past the pollution-point or the remnants are always to be pollution of the very hazardous “hazard dust/isotope nucleides”. Remembering the Americium Man from the accident @ INEEL(Idaho National Engineering Laboratory) in the late 1960’s (?) had put my memory to the test in a1981 visit* to Chernobyl. The man was injured beyond mere perception, and I was to be gathering with others of that same classification for a visit to a Soviet Republic, once toxic due to some shortcuts that had made tower-2 UN-usable, as I continued my travels as a member of “the Ecology group”. We were en route to Kiev but National Geographic had done the river, I believe the Knuiper, before and many other agrarian photos journals, so we by-passed the urban for the textbook routes and headed into Chernobyl. We asked for quarters before meeting with someone who would direct us into the nuclear power-plant’s facilities. We had been on a zig-zag course in Ukraines and I wanted to see Byelorussia–Belarus, today? There had been a release and we felt the cleanup, since 1978 accident–was what we had to agree upon since the 1973 timespan date was Sovietskaya cover-up–would have had sufficient time to alleviate the hot spots. Physically, we found on our first day out that what had happened was a release, and that the superintendent was not available, because of death and no one had followed in his place. Nice.


………….The second day, we proceeded to enter, as advised, but were hindered by guards wearing sidearms, and our interpreter was arguing as she had the day before, having shown written papers, from the Scientific government bureau. When, finally four hours had passed they left and told us to be returned, but that we could chose who would go forward and find the proper course for the next day’s return, when all would be allowed to go “uppe there” and return. I was chosen, altho I felt pertinacity was not the problem, but the guards were being watched by Charley-K, who had camped-out in a barn with Professor Sam’s knowing, our leader or main manager from the US. Having a geiger meter was my demand, as well, and since the werkers of need had left we yet had to have an interpreter. But, we were able to use that one, once “it” had been cleaned of dust/ contaminants–if, any? This was six years before the “disaster” and already, as I went into the perimeter wall area with two armed guards and others inside not armed we were the disaster, but was told by them how illustrious they would be, only upon this once/chance meeting dismal arrival. I had my reservations? I was gone for 35 minutes and the broken-down walls, were partly secure zones, because pools of radionuclides were quite close, but not gamma rays, which pass thru just about anything solid or flesh.


……….We all got together the post-event walks were three-miles before we split to go separate quarters and I was accompanied by the interpreter, until township. Then, I got together secretly with all of us and proposed my angles of dismay, about “people, place, surety, danger & animosity” within the confident and not-so anguishable: guards. But, the guy who had taken our will the day before showed late, the next day, and yet, several of us, only could go. The scent of depravity was anti-climatic for sure. I was petrified, for sure. How could they not allow the interpreter, who left after fifteen minutes, when we arrived after 10am the next day. We wore extra clothes because the weather was wind-chill and moisture had dampened the routes in, but yet, I wanted to know how contaminated the in route was compared to the “out” route, and had no interpreter to admonish for all our sakes, since contamination is easily transferred. We wore coveralls, but had to take them off after a ways in. Then, I knew we were not coming back that way, because they also took those away, too! I had to figure and remember each passage and every change of direction, but I passed that onto Charley who was waiting at the fence with Deborah, prof. Sam and the other person from town–we were totally transcendent to thought/thinking. We were allowed to go nowhere without a party member, but these were town’s persons, and yet I could have felt better! The radiation “measure meter” had stayed in hands of the lead guard, as others were on focus with him, so I thought, but there was one less person after 800-100 yards into the Chernobyl facility. And, three of us made the top where a fourth person came along a different path.


………….This is what they had meant by the checkout area as the view must be immense. I kept my eyes on where each step had been by the geiger-meter person, and the lack of disassemble equipment, from the day before seemed to have been in order. However, there was no-one really disassembling the plant’s contaminated tower as they were anywhere and everywhere-else, and everyone inside could not be seen, but where we were was “hot”. This was a three-rems day, for sure. The lower being built tower was what was being ‘decommissioned’ and the tower nearby 1000-yards close was working, while another tower was the settling pond–altho they used ‘graphite’ as was Hanford site where pu-239 was used to make fissile extraction of ur-238–to generate plants such as these behemoths. Finally, the guy had criss-crossed the upper deck with the “Alamo” walls look-a-like disshevelments, and debris everywhere underfoot, made me think twice, again, before lifting my eyes from shoes venerable, and me “vunerable” to a lavish “view-that area” futility push. That last 200 meters had been a steep, treacherous, mount of annointment like-type trace-path dilemma. Crumbly-peg brick, hot-zones called wurk-zones, no-one to understand English language and me way up, Nowheresville. So, I looked into the township urban buildings, as I tested the down-there views and a step nowhere-else within the 240-degrees scope they gave me. The wind cold came up as dense black clouds were seen to hearing them thunder10-miles distant. They stayed put, and when the trace meter went “off” I motioned to the guide to get us down, pronto. The other guy wanted top wait, and we left without him, taking the downsteps as close as the ups, but the dust of bricks was everywhere and not to be disturbed.


…………..What I remember, 1981. The most was the grotesque awesome-context of size, as well as how extravagant the demised parts everywhere one could go or did. There had pretty much been contaminated every flatness area, by bringing machinery and equipment together, so there was a terrible host of bulldozers, dump-trucks and personnel vehicles that had paint sluiced-off or actually, virtually, visually paled in nuclides adjuncts. The greyness was vastness, both in the atmosphere and any 180-degrees turn-of-neck, which was basically not allowed UNless under furled eyebrows. They showed us that the day before, as we walked 25 feet close-enough for the onslaught of evening. Only one of my friends, fellow traveling companions was visible, when I returned to the other side of the protective wall. We had stayed-up-there 35 minutes and two hours in and 1:40 hours back. I was dismayed, and disgruntled, but had to find solace in what this “sculptor/writor” had seen, because I had “felt” an aloneness of mindful prescience as well as an asundering by geography.


……………National Geographic Magazine April 2006 “the Long Shadow of Chernobyl” takes a look into the “second” shadow of 20 years ago–second to me, for sure. Standing nearby the physical edifice of those nuclear towers without their steams gurging-forth, was like the spacetime of being into Arkansas, northwest of Fort Smith, viewing the grounds of an ICBM missile silo who’s lid had been blown skyward by an acetylene tank explosion, later that 1981 year. The missile was scorched, but I got to see inside, with the monstrous UN-loaded missile, before Governor Bill Clinton was to arrive, and with him a coterie of reporters and ‘the feds’ of various agencies. The mass equivalent of standing nearby one of the silos during launch would have been death by fire from the missiles fuel heat, but as I searched around, I found no such commodiousness. I was brought back to my senses after I had left the towers from mind, long after our visits into Pripyat, which was that I had not wanted to think any American thoughts until Europe. That also, was what my strength had to garner for me. But, then 1986 came along, and my sorrows were feelings for those being down-winded, as those in Saint George UT had been, when I first visited the area with the same Professor Sam, following and awaiting to introduce himself, from the blast vantage the next day, which was a site that was not those of the full blown mushroom clouds, but more akin the burning of oil as seen from afar, only that was 1959, and that was huge, as we soon zoomed into context, how close “far” was?


……….Today’s “nuclear issues” are prevalently without the “diplomacy” of a mature, human, diplomatic intensity. In the US, the state-dept. has been superceded by the CIA/Pentagons, because we’ve not allowed a civil-Union with the peace dividend/peaceful polemnic of worldwide reason and nation-state defense debased by common-Measure of ‘space-Exploration”? This has also become caustic, and is seen in the US first uses of “depleted uranium” in 1990: Iraqs”, an invasion continuing as the polemnic of NPT has also been cast-aside toward that indifference no more founded than “millions-of-tons” of radionuclides waste-keeping illicit measures of scattered-not-hewn toward propensity by other than “excuses”. The diabolical use of “depleted uranium was heinous genocide” as manner sources have agreed, one reason the excuse to come back and bomb from-the-air, another reason to coax United Nations into disassembled array regarding “white-flag of truce: retreat: and the deaths attributable”? There were two commiserable relegations, the first was that 238,000 men and transports without armaments, included approximately, 32,500 civil wekers/civilians “humanity” from four separate nations i.e. India, Palestine, Syria, and Egypt. Second was that over 10,500 US service-persons have quantified exposures and deaths. But, there is a third, a commensurate risk that was abjured beyond the scope of “human rights” as an indemnity for which Human Rights Watch, IDUST, and Amnesty International have all separate disclosures–the malformities at births of both Ameris’ and Iraqs’ infants as disgusting and fundamentally over-principled as any comparable natural disaster.


……… I find this equation more than disgusting, more than abeisance to “cover-ups/deceits” by the military hegemony of “the Hegemon: the Pentagons/Def. Dept.” because without the measure for freedom, all the liberty to dispensing the truths regarding the propaganda of “nuclear dissemination by the use of wars/invasion” is yet always cover-up. This is not “democracy” for which matter a republic may find “the nation-state” not needing, however, accidents do happen. Chernobyl did meltdown and explode, and the Challenger did explode, but had no plutonium-238 onboard, but the last shuttle orbiter, which entered outer-Earth orbit, that space ship ‘Columbia’ was scant-released answer to the “battery is pu-238/equation”. The accidents, the cover-ups, the lack of historical course in “the nuclear aegis/enterprises” are the losses of education and value of human life and knowledge. There can always be life without autocracy, but somehow technocracy has raised its ubiquitous “plutocratic and insipid heads” not its hands forward and endearing the truth measures of defense is defense, but offense causes accidents, and therefore, nobody is supposed to know what grief and turmoil are as anarchism by the nation-state continues, that, remains the lie of moralism.


…………submitted by apeco peace keepor



–note: (7:47 pm)


Tags/ Report NUREG-1150-v1, Chernobyl accident, 600,000 liquidators, 500 villages disappeared, hegemonyites, ICBM missile silo, Pripyat, three-rems day, 1970’s accident, NSDU-238, excuse, depleted iranium, pu-238/equation, battery



Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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