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anti-nucleaRist bloG #75/ 09 Nov 2011 u-S Monetarist Policy to kill-Off a merchant class of the world’s states

anti-nucleaRist bloG #75/ 09 Nov 2011

u-S Monetarist Policy to kill-Off a merchant class of the world’s states


People say to me “you’ve had your way” which is falsity, lie, deceptive, anarchaic and anathema. Because I relate back when I personally started in 1967, if I had had my way, or people had moved closer in the circ of “IN-decision is IN-digestion” they would have not oNLY heard, but somehow had proven thru doing and listening of outreach w others, what a non-contrary to human-Rights way was necessity. However, partiality is no excuse, and I’ve never allotted and excuse for any need. Activism is not an excuse and I did not cause nor direct V-C-L to be caused, nor the “three-phases Iraq lands INvasions” to be caused, either! There is and has been a need to petition the Supreme court because all wars since 1990 have been illegal-INvasions as well as UN-constitutional embarkations.


Where there has been since that same year is insanity, as well as illegal and anti: hum-an-Rights treaty/pact as set forth under laws of the olde-Republic, pre-1980 and the debtor-Statis established by monetary imbalance and over-wrought repayment rates of Interests on both the Federal Reserve monies and the actuarian panoply of covetous that allows “milit-ary-hegemony”? The usages of each round of NSDU-238 has been recorded, but as each day since 1991 has occurred the incursions of IMpunity continued, also has been ordered by a-Hole penataGooons (a-Hole means assignine-Basket or basket-Case worthless cause) where everything is not okay because that’s okay says who? The NSDU-238 was used and who says oNLY a military person received the 90% average miss-each-time-dispensed: ration. Observance has gone along far to long a in low-Demurred beseechment.


An international-Petition has been started by several groups but one that is of most use is the current one put-into cyber-Space to dwell onward a perspicacious nature of space-Time. That is the one connected w the following quote, and it’s connections on the contam-ination is not really good for you, nor your neighbors amplification. I feel that people who’ve a conscientiousness, are not making positive-Strides toward “the nuclear-Molecular: catharsis” which is that there are being exposures of the UN-necessary as well as the socie-ties being impinged upon by the onrush toward an autocratic-Ruler is not the singular pros-criptive worthy of challenge each day, primarily because ‘the radiologic-Contamination’ has already become multi-fold while remaining delinquent. The uranium-contaminations as well as other contaminations have far exceeded “safe” known, but always into UN-known(s) is well known, but too well disregarded. This reason, per se makes signing this petition w the most extensive-Coverage of groups working upon the anti-Nuclearist contention.         “R”


“Sunday´s objective was to inform passers-by of the harm depleted uranium weapons cause to civilian populations, military personnel deployed in wars and to the environment. The United States and the UK have used DU weapons in Iraq and the Balkans. Radioactive and toxic DU bullets are a by-product of the enrichment of uranium for nuclear fuel and have a half life of 4.5 billion years.

Signatures were gathered in support of ICBUW´s International Petition to Ban Uranium Weapons which demands an immediate end to the use of uranium weapons, disclosure of all locations where these have been used and the immediate removal of the remnants and contaminated materials from the sites.”


“The petition also demands health surveys of victims and medical treatment and compensation. Immediate follow up to this year’s action day will be a visit on November 10 to the office of U.S. Representative José E. Serrano (D-NY) who has presented a bill The Depleted Uranium Screening and Testing Act, which seeks to identify members of the US armed forces who may have been exposed to depleted uranium and which aims to ensure health monitoring. Information will be gathered at this meeting with the goal of supporting or co-sponsoring this text. Readers are encouraged to join this effort to ensure that this bill does not founder through lack of support as in previous years.”


Twenty years of depleted uranium contamination dumped on MoD’s doorstep

8 November 2011 – ICBUW


What will be good is to bring “back” a defense-System where attributes of dealing w contaminants of various “radionuclides” is uppermost the need, since its always been upper-Most the consequence and why d-F Oligarchs do not werk toward assurances of social-System: sociology, then again, neither does the dept-of-Offense—headed by the gOOns of intel-Gence? Why not? You have not signed the petition yet…       “R”


Remember, what OWS is going thru will eventuate the need of a stern reconciliation from all who consider themselves anti-plutocracy and non-Oligarch...



Dept of Offense is not good for us– a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior


–notes: peace-Warrior bloG post #30


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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