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anti-nucleaRist bLog #7/ 04 May 2006 crony Capitalism, military hegemony disguises propaganda

anti-nucleaRist bLog #7/ 04 May 2006

crony Capitalism, military hegemony disguises propaganda


The ‘crony Capitalism’ are the military hegemonyites disguises of propaganda, and there are many golf courses using an immense amount of “fresh” water while there is an immense disparity between social insensitivity to “socialized aggrandizement” that which the current invasion of Iraq, since August has done atop the “military hegemony” and that which, again, has left the nation of Afghanistan in a lurch? While the people of our nation deserve not the tyranny of war, but the leadership as premised in ‘democracy’ the tribal cabal of Afghanistan has been overlooked, beseiged, as the geographic regionalism of Pakistan’s support of the Taliban agenda, to bid India good riddance and bolster armaments from Saudi Arabia for their war against India: involvements “Kashmir” we north Americans have become all too lame for the democracy that “diplomacy” as law abiding can aver within the context of needs to UN-burdened democracy as diplomacy under laws of treaties, and laws of “human Rights”. There is no dignity for Afghanistan after five furthering years of invasion into Iraqs lands–now, 15.67 years long. The road of transgressions to law has become long, and the spurious nature intimate to maintaining our nuclear arsenal of 10,660 ‘h-b00mbs’ now at 6,660 on alert or stand-by for a propaganda of less, which remains the current ideologue disposition of maintaining augre for hegemony, since 1982? This is empire formulating and the republic may not withstand the anti-democracy prowess of taxpayer’s funds being ripped-off, for war materials, nuclear weapons to maintain weapons of h-bomBs or laser nuclear guidance in space, that the corporatist elites have sought not to pay in that share of business without autocratic excess. That the planet Erathe, as the old Angle-Saxon so spelled is not currently defended, because any fallout additionally will only bring further demise to the chemicals composures of our Sun’s Earth. We may need peace before that venture to protect the planet from comets and from asteroids as big as 10 kilometers in width. So be governance by equating to military via technocracy transposing democracy’s purpose without worldwide measures to maintain all-nations under laws of the peoples of the people’d planet?


please see slice-o-life here @   ‎


_ylu=X3oDMTBjM3FjYjBzBHNlYwNibG9nLXN1bQ– ]…


…..”But in a country of perpetual chaos, conspiracies are tough to hatch, and there’s no word from local villagers that any other Americans, besides journalists, have actually been on the ground here. Mohammed tells us there is one other place that we should see. We follow him up a dirt road that leads to a bunker in the hillside.

From sophomore science I remember this: potential energy is stored energy, the energy equivalent of basketball’s sixth man: on the bench when the game starts but the first one buzzed in to play. Kinetic energy is the energy of something in motion.

……As we walk past the door of the bunker, what we see is a bit hard to comprehend. Piles and piles of potential energy. Pandora’s Box, filled with ammunition. An island of misfit ordinance. If we slip, trip or drop say, the camera, all of it could be quickly converted to the kinetic kind. At this moment, I am walking on a carpet of copper, my boots chinkling through thousands of live Kalashnikov rounds. To the left, an open wooden crate filled with TS-50’s. In military circles, they call them Chinese toe poppers — landmines with just enough explosives to take off your foot. Engineered, diabolically, not to kill, but to maim so your comrades must shoulder their weapons while they try to carry you to safety. They are plastic and paperweight-small with little pressure triggers on the top. They are benign looking, almost cute. If you were a child you would want to stack them up like blocks. Adults here plant them. Like seeds.

……But this is just the beginning. In another corner, stacks of discus-shaped anti-tank mines. A colleague of mine, a reporter from the Voice of America, saw a man and his donkey step on one of these on the road outside Khodja Bahaudin. She told me when the parts finally landed she couldn’t tell man from beast. In the back of the room are hundreds of cylinders stacked from floor to ceiling. They are loaded with rocket-propelled grenades, as ubiquitous as dust here. To the right, sinister-looking rockets with fins, and against the east wall, a stack of claymore anti-personnel mines. They are printed with these words in English: “Front towards enemy.” I think that anyone truly needing instructions like these will eventually blow himself or herself up anyway.

…..The room is frightening, but at the same time, deadly fascinating. I know the destructive power that surrounds me. Have seen it firsthand, the history and potential of these weapons to wreak havoc and heartache, to permanently make people and families and villages less than whole forever.”


……[Four! Monopoly has already gone too far, and usurping out prescience as our own. We are faced to the monotony of usury. Not only “laws of human dignity/rights” again? But, military slush funds for space abuses by design, and by ethics of ‘the New Rome’ as hideous lies and warmongering past four “el Presidente`s”…]


…….”What this will do is change that, because that genius was built on policy, not technology. It was a common carrier requirement of the Telecom Act, which required the phone companies to give all websites equal access. They want to get rid of that, because they see enormous amounts of money if they can decide which website gets the inside lane and which website is on the dirt path.

…….It’s truly crony capitalism. It’s just these big companies, the cable companies and the phone companies, that want this inordinate power over everyone else in our society over the internet, over the right of who gets to speak and who doesn’t get to speak. And so, what we find is the more people know about it, the more we win. I mean, no one supports this, unless you’re getting paid off by these companies.”


[please read more about this lack of volition for the freedom of information, news, and social polemnics called ” ‘crony’ capitalism”…

And what has been more than “the Patriot Act” one must ask, but where is the plutocratic fecundity while autos, boats, and truks, trains foul the thinning oxygenated airs]?


“There are two stories that I know by talking to people who have been interviewed that the C.I.A. considers to be evidence of criminal behavior on the part of someone. Our story on the C.I.A. secret prisons, the Washington Post broke that story. They did not report the two countries. We came along and with our own sources reported the two countries where the prisons had been were Poland and Romania, and this set off quite a firestorm inside the C.I.A. ……

……As well, we reported on an attack in Pakistan using a C.I.A. Predator with missiles attached to it, the one that killed 18 people there, looking for the number two man in al-Qaeda, al-Zawahiri. We got word of that very early and reported it, and that infuriated the C.I.A., because it embarrassed them with the Pakistanis. They hadn’t quite made up the cover story they used when the C.I.A. operates inside Pakistan. Generally, the Pakistanis will say it was a bomb they set off or something to cover the fact that the U.S. operates inside Pakistan sometimes. So those two incidents resulted in the C.I.A. being upset and asking for an investigation as to who leaked that information.”


[And, why does the need of FISA ‘bring-out’ into the open as g-Enron castigates the future of “our” free speech with his lapse of intelligibility, normal for his excesses to equate or rather to continue to obviate to maintain lies of “his war (or is that Dick Cheney’s) course” need to be waylaid by the PNAC idiocy guise. Those “radomes” of Buckley Air Field in Aurora CO zap downloads of extra satellite “programs rather than progress” from 11,000 and 23,000 miles into interstellar planet’s orbit, and they cannot be as exact as having the media journalists re-enlist their ‘turned-on’ cell-phones and e-mails, but these patterns do download each and every ‘seine net like vagary’ because of the nuclear cover-ups ALSO out, there?].


[Try this little adjunct on for right-angle prophylactic excized aggrandisement: from


……”Points to make: All the 3 alternatives provided are unsatisfactory, given the high social, environmental, financial and security costs of Pu-238 production, enrichment, and transportation. Each launch of Pu-238 into space also carries a real risk of a catastrophic accident. The environmentally sensible approach is to develop other power sources for space missions, including solar power, and to design space missions with this in mind. It is not true that (as the DEIS states) “without these [RPS] power systems, NASA missions could not explore deep space and the surfaces of neighboring planets.” DOE and NASA should suspend all plans and operations to produce, purify, assemble, test, and launch plutonium. Specific environmental problems with all 3 alternatives include: water and soil contamination, air pollution, production of nuclear waste, possibility of accidents during transportation, and impact on Native American sacred lands. In addition, all 3 alternatives are very expensive. It is immoral and unwise to spread the poison seed of radioactive contamination to space and other planets.”

…..[So, the spacetime hang-ups are yet inadequacies for the media to publish, but we the people must suffer “war as tyranny” while the admin lies surmount more CIA embalming for degenerate military bases ( now at 725 overseas) while the space inertia is over-looked for the fuchia color of weapons monies also adjuncted to those new weapons to eradicate satellites in immediate Earth orbit or therefore, monies spent in wartime can re-filter into “military hegemony” and all will equate: any other nation’s duty w.o. international laws as foreseen by the way-manner-shape-form that the US rip-s-off the people of the world. Basic paranoias or self-servient republic-gone propaganda. Not quite yet, but read between the lies?].

….. “Before Gonzales began his testimony, the committee voted along party lines to dispense with the oath. Thus, if Gonzales were to lie, he could not be convicted or even charged with perjury, which requires the lie be made under oath. Why would the Republican senators insist that Gonzales not be sworn to tell the truth unless they expected him to lie?

…..Gonzales testified that Bush authorized his “Terrorist Surveillance Program” in late 2001, and has renewed it every 45 days since then. The program allows the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on telephone and computer communications of Americans in the United States if the NSA decides there is probable cause to believe that one party is a member or agent of al Qaeda or an affiliated terrorist organization, provided one party to the conversation is overseas.

…..The program is so highly classified that Gonzales refused to tell the senators how many US citizens’ emails or phone calls had been intercepted, whether there have been abuses, and whether anyone had been disciplined for abuses.”



peace to you people, non-hegemonyites precluded,

from the desk of, apeco peace keepor,

“R” Addison


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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