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anti-nucleaRist bloG #60/ 08 Oct 2011 a person of anti-Nuclearist Policy persuasion: in Memoriam

anti-nucleaRist bloG #60/ 08 Oct 2011

a person of anti-Nuclearist Policy persuasion: in Memoriam


My personal manner is not for fatalistic-Exchange. The fact is that nuclearist-Policy is Unnecessary has been proven time after memoriam! has been one of learning and of participating w others. One person w whom I participated that was of a developing sense from my pilgrimages was a Catholic nun, who shared her spirituality as w protested @ various “nuclear-Sites”. We, Jackie Hudson and others and myself, specifically identified w the ultra-Egregious sidelight affectation of “the masse` Annihilation” aspect of nuclear-Policy: over-stock—what is known and renown as “stockpile”. This is oNLY semi-Pertinent, as NSDU-238 is yet “remiss: adjutant-Cause of surreptition not to relate as “nuclear”. I’ve have one endemnopathic correlative for that “totally egregious, because “any-Uranium is radiological i.e. radiation Whereas she was of the “plowshares-Affinity group”, and I was of the “imagine-Affinity group—from Berkeley CA” we were both travellor waifs of anti-Nuclearist ledger.


The “plowshares people” integrated at my vehemence for integrating “knowledge to structure” discussions while upon my staying at Jonah House, before the house was fully functional i.e. the Berrigan’s House in Baltimore. This was not Unity church. I had been staying on the street in my Van-1 and was tired from noise and awaiting food-share allotment, which when I was fed turned around to help others and had a discussion w a person who turned out, and was an anti-nuclearist—to say the least of same temperament and older person who was anti-War but not yet anti-Nuclearist. Father Philipp Berrigan brought his brother Daniel and Rev Sawyer to his house, and thereupon others filtered inside whenever they had a chance. I insisted that they enjoin w women of faith, as I had been familiar w what rev-Paul was doing in the-Southlands in b-Cal. When I cam back later that year, 1974, there was a new-House, called Jonah that had been established by the fathers Berrigan.


Later in 1975, upon a trek to hear Prof Howard Zinn’s main public talks on “peace is survival of History” I met Jackie Hudson, who was taking a brief sojourn outside, from religious-Studies. Then, next we met in Bremerton area where the protests against “nuclear-Weapons: stockpile” had become the radio-programs of rev-Paul and interviewees —regarding how “nuclearism perpetuates aggression in arms-Sales had been my topic”. I believe that in 1981, when next into that protest scene, Jackie Hudson had spoken out that she was fully ensconced by indecisions of government and that she would recommend we all get arrested the other side of the fence would be a good “social-Action”. I was arrested there twice, but the third time back she was not there, and the vigils that had started in 1972 were waning.


Upon Jackie Hudson’s return to the degenerate “so-called defense-Dept scene”, she was just as antagonized by the “submarine’s base” as I was yet extolling that radiation-monitoring was not available to the silos that I’d been inside in WYoming, and had protested against in CO, NE & WY as well. She was most interested in hearing these facts, as much as I was into hearing about the UN-known amounts of weapons inside the mountainous-Island, as we knew what we had reconnoiteured.


I protested once again in Washington @ the Bangor base, as my memories of hiking the periphery fence from inside the base had shown that armed-Guards wore proper gear and were properly under “officers-Control” which was why my contacts were another paradigm? Then, the next time Jackie Hudson was back again, and she smiled this time in acknowledgment to us long time protestors amalgam, as beings innocuous we all were not i.e. those who participated and those who visually supported as back-Up or support-Group—peace’ n Justice.


When Jackie a Dominican nun, surfaced in Colorado, she was in need of her medicine —and one has wonDered what jails or tombs of reconciliations she may have been thru? The three gals were merely spiritually in-keeping w their progress, in words analysis or template’s—thereof erstwhile religion. We’d been @ N-7 that day, as I knew that the four-to-six of us were facing intemperate weather. Was 5* F. The pHots I took w my camera and those we knew represented ours-as-outdoors at these silos on 24/7 alert—in 1997. We’d lost a couple of memberships, soooo what transpired was on Video. Then, that was post, arrest of Sachio & another. Both rec’d jail sentences, and Carl Kabat shows up. He too is a plowshares-Person against silos and not yet de-Alerted. Courts and trials and sublimations we’d not get to hear first hand.


There was no sentience to the method of lost and abdandoned accoutrements regarding. Ban thermo nuclear’s or HaLt NSDU-238. I told Fa. Kabat and he went straight back into exiling for humanity. Thesis in spirits, while bothersome, not to have adjudged, we have now helped each-Other adjudge, to see “dead-Bodies: civilians” of Iraq-lands INvasions re: Baghdad, Basra, Kubril; and then he was not there to set-forth scattered dusts from Fallujah dead-Bodies in hospital morgues or burial children’s totally maimed by radiation-Madness– @ silos as 2003 & 2004, were those wars which these masse-Annihilation weapons are reared into INsurance about; or, that of NSDU-238. She had not seen that epicurean delight, and I am glad that I spoke that to remain on equilibrium. He was not much into prescient spirit of mAnkind, and took great incursions to reach our, mutual bother one-an-other schedule in conversant manner. He seemed to know Existentialism the first time we met decades before on the west coast once — a couple of times back East.


Then onto another father, reverend-Sawyer, who was neither nuclear-Molecular but he was pronounced “anti-Nuclear” and spiritually against state-mandated execution i.e. murder. Who was closest to me, of not my handicapped friend Gary Ball & Gary Erb a POet friend. Gary never calls and we’ve done four or five long-legs demonstrations-marches, together 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s. Neither Ball nor others of peace ‘n Justice Boulder seemed eager to converse on Ecology as coveted-Earth, nor NSDU-238 and NPP’s non-covetous. What do those who do not know of ‘radionuclides discard munitions” egregiousness beside thermo-Nuclears egregiousness s. These days w.o. “radiation-Monitoring”? I’ve been a liaison of many “anti-Nuclearist: dispositions” by 1983, and I am glad that my reb8uakable-Injuries were manipulated into peace ‘n Pains to survive these associations, which I consider my worth.


There is an eerie-Silence at those silos, and Jackie, Carol Gilbert, Ardeth Platte, Hudson, not to be confused w the rail-town township—en route, no doubt—Hudson!       “R”


8:31 mins. @ N-8 nuclear-policy: sil0—on the plains AND

N8 Nuke MIssile Silo protest

(Hudson) is on the phone… by CSaction on Sep 28, 2008

“On Saturday, Septmeber 27, about 40 people gathered at the nuclear missile silo, N8, in Weld County, to protest the possibility of nuclear weapon’s use and commemorate the anniversary of the arrest of 3 Dominican nuns, Ardeth Platte, Carol Gilbert, and Jackie Hudson, who were arrested in 2002 when they entered the silo compound and poured their blood, in the sign of the cross, on the silo hatch.
They were arrested, jailed, charged, and convicted of obstructing the national defense, which is listed under sabotage and destruction of government property. They were charged with felonies that carry up to 30 years in federal prison. They refused an offer of personal recognizance, knowing that they could not in conscience abide by conditions of their release (which forbid civil resistance) as this nation prepared to mount another war.
The nuns hoped to bring attention to the weapons of mass destruction covering more than 1,950 square miles of Colorado farmland (33,700 square miles in other states). The 49 nuclear-armed missiles in Colorado had recently been refitted with W-87 nuclear warheads, each with an explosive power of 300 kilotons (about 25 times the size of the Hiroshima bomb).
Carol Gilbert was sentenced to a term of two years and nine months. Jackie Hudson’s term was two years and six months and Ardeth Platte was ordered to serve three years and five months. They must also pay $3,080 in restitution and serve three years of supervised probation.” …”


Bill Sulzman is also a longtime religious “pacifist” ex-Priest. He and the camera-person did the post-Arrest event, and the peace-for-Radiation: monitoring affinity group, they were in the shadows w the Mennonites, who are not on speaking-Terms w “public-Journalism” much anymore. As another occasion, other than these arrests of women, who beyond spiritual presumption did more than something, and in a gesture of non-Violence, were arrested, nonetheless for being of a specific ‘anti-consciousness’ endemic—symbolic abstract-Gesture, as my friend Allen Ginsberg was wont to say to those who made peace and not structural social-Action, their strengths. I’ve seem some other good youTube videographers, what they did before Holywood was always a concern!


What did flyers before and flyer @ N-8-; N-7 and N-6, has all-Been parceling of “post-Happenings: happenstance resolute occurrence at the loaded, armed destructible—yes, annihilation, not-prone but hewn for that disposition the whole of space-time in-this ‘writing’. There is force-sight–a certain “awe-Grotesque” somewhat akin ‘dead body-Bags’ or phosphorous use for maimings to look-as-close-as NSDU-238 direct obliterations (Lebanon Invasion of IDF in 2006). But, rest in peace Jackie, for your sharing the “exonerable on ‘silos: deep-Protest” for your arrests that misguided your health wayfaring, for your consequence to raise “consciousness” levels so that others of similar-Ilk can remonstrate, remember, peace-quote and regale for what you helped to invoke.


As that of ennui cannot be envy, about standing fifty-Feet from a 16-tons lid—on the Plains—the des Plaines of north-Americas…i-n the low winds of anti-Hegemony, atop remnant prairie-Grass…in prong-Horn country (minus) the Bison herds, now barbed-wired by what peace-in-Space and peaceful-Usage is all about!! What more to be said, lots. When will the people be rid the plutocracy that owns and abuses our lives for the egregious methods of madness to cost more than life, when on 24/7 alert, and far too many to destroy everything in a matter of hours, or in am anti-Matter of three-decades!


Ban-the-bOMb-sYmBoL is b-a-n…NSDU-238 and thermo-Nuclears, the NPP’s and nuclear-Sub ‘radionuclides ’proscription…


the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison

Tags/ NSDU-238 scattered dusts, from Fallujah, prairie-Grass, Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson, Ardeth Platte, Allen Ginsberg, youTube videographers, nuclear-Policy: over-stock, Ban-the-bOMb-sYmBoL is b-a-n both, stockpile, Bill Sulzman, a liaison, egregious methods of madness, nuclear missile silo, N-8, W-87 nuclear warheads, peace ‘n Pains

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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