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anti-nucleaRist bloG #47/ 28 Dec 2010 the disregard of nuclear-Weapon #1– NSDU-238

Getting to know what the facts, how many the amer-People who know that secrecy was cover-ups has deleterious to having morals and principles, let alone virtues together in one prospectus, that of NSDU-238 i.e. not-so-depleted ur-238. “Explore the illegal worldwide sale and use of one of the deadliest weapons ever invented. Beyond the disclosure of black-ops projects spanning the past 6 decades, Beyond Treason also addresses the complex subject of Gulf War Illness. It includes interviews with experts, both civilian and military, who say that the government is hiding the truth from the public and they can prove it. UNMASKING SECRET MILITARY PROJECTS: Chemical & Biological Exposures, Radioactive Poisoning, Mind Control Projects, Experimental Vaccines, Gulf War Illness and Depleted Uranium (DU).

Beyond Treason – Depleted Uranium – Anthrax Vaccines [Full Film]
1:28:53 mins. Published on Apr 1, 2011

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anti-nucleaRist bloG #47/ 28 Dec 2010

the disregard of nuclear-Weapon #1– NSDU-238

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148 states have supported a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling on state users of depleted uranium weapons to reveal where the weapons have been fired when asked to do so by affected countries.


The resolution was passed by a huge majority, with just four countries opposing the text. As with previous UN resolutions in 2007 and 2008, the UK, US, Israel and France voted against.


The resolution was triggered by growing concern over the US’s failure to release information on the whereabouts of at least 400,000kgs depleted uranium munitions used in Iraq. Question marks also remain over whether the weapons have been used in Afghanistan, Somalia and Chechnya. Research by ICBUW has shown that the rapid release of targeting data after conflicts is crucial in reducing avoidable civilian exposures; recommendations that national authorities monitor soil and water contamination and, where necessary, decontaminate sites, are also reliant on this data.


“requests that states that have used depleted uranium in armed conflict to provide information about its use. We have serious doubts on the relevance of such a request, according to IHL [International Humanitarian Law]. We consider that it is up to each state to provide data at such a time and in such a manner as it deems appropriate…”


Reacting to the vote, an ICBUW spokesperson said: “It is abundantly clear that even the most conservative mitigation measures are made much more difficult by the failure of states to promptly identify where the weapons have been used.

“The US, UK and France’s ongoing apparent policy of non or limited disclosure is outrageous and at odds with their legal obligations to protect civilians and the environment during and after conflict.


“All these sites require remedial work and, as a vast majority of states recognise, including those states that have had to endure the impact of these weapons, this work is impossible without full trans-parency over where the weapons have been used.”

 148 states call for transparency over depleted uranium use in UN vote


             The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)

START was first signed in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan, largely as a response to the public pressure of the nuclear Freeze campaign (which with SANE later gave birth to Peace Action). START laid the groundwork for nuclear arms reductions goals between the US and USSR, and now Russia. START expires December 5, 2009, and needs to be replaced or extended, providing another opportunity for the peace movement to press world leaders on nuclear disarmament. While START is limited to only Russia and the US, between them the two nations possess 95% of the world’s nuclear weapons and have a special responsibility to lead on global nuclear disarmament.

It’s predicted that a new treaty would limit each nation to no more than 1,500 warheads. Already progress is being made as meetings begin this month and Secretary of State Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov are productive discussions to renew the START (as of May 7th 2009). The negotiations between the US and Russia on START provide an important building block to better diplomatic relationships between the two nations, in turn facilitating broader global disarmament agreements and better relations between the US and Iran. The success of START depends not only on the negotiations between the two states, but also support in the Senate to ratify the new treaty that is developed or extend the current one. Like the CTBT, Peace Action will continue to put pressure on Congress and President Obama through lobbying, grassroots activism and public education, to help support strong nuclear disarmament treaties.


                                             Peace Action on CTBT, START & NPT


now, the New START


the New START (treaty) was signed thurs 12-23-10 then 36 hours later 90 thermo-nuclear “bombs” were delivered to Turkey ’the Asia-Nation is anti-Kurds, of course nearbyIran (& Russia) and as of last take on muddlesome keeping w oligarchs expansionism was anti-Kurds, but remains Oligarch/N.A.T.O. government…we were lucky the treaty lasted that long! What an xMAS present for my Jewish friends?


Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation Commentary, December 2010


The START Treaty and Disarmament: a Dilemma in Search of a Debate 
by Andrew Lichterman*

For months now, what little public discussion there is in the United States about arms
 control and disarmament has been dominated by treaty negotiations between the Obama administration and a formidable adversary. The treaty in question is the new U.S.– Russia
 strategic arms reduction treaty (START). The adversary is not Russia (those negotiations 
concluded last spring); it is the U.S. military-industrial complex and its representatives in the 
United States Senate. The U.S. Constitution requires Senate consent for treaty ratification, and
 those who advocate unfettered U.S. military power long have seen the ratification process as an
 opportunity to extract both policy and spending commitments in return….


New START does not de-alert silos on-alert 24/7


the re-written dialog… new-START does not de-alert Thermos AND thensome


The treaty between Russia and u-S has been pending since 1993, or from START II to START III this is all that “may” occur. This grade-School conditionalized schema may be voted and passed which makes for an enactment is good prognostication, in as much as partial-Necessity is partial equity!


The facts are on the table, too? The de-alerting of 148 nuclear silos (NE-WY-CO) of the armed thermo-Nuclears AND no Treaty yet abrogating the u-S to halt supplying N.A.T.O. and other NPT signatories and non-signed nation-States, with NSDU-238 (not-so-depleted UR-238) has not been discussed, and should have been more than this ultra-Conservative malicious extent toward any virtuous peace-Proposal.


The treaty basically is post-Anathema and poses more than traumatizing of the needs to reduce 95% the federal-Budget on “b-s killing weapons to mainstay the UN-constitutional and illegally provoking international capitalist-Totalitarian insurance polemic again and again, of w-a-r-s” amplitude. If any-thank Tank measure on positive placations had not been released, yet is not the first nuclear-weapon of more import now that the recent five wars-Invasions that have now been incorporated into that nemesis–so-called, eventfully—billions dollars for offense-Weaponization?


These realizable facts are in and w the rational and logical amenity for a peace-Polemic since 1953. Many cover-ups of NSDU-238 were utilized in placations of MK-Ultra, of “… ‘quinea-Pigs’ u-S military soldiers” w.o. proper associative factual basics and releases as well as the useful disassociation of “radiation exposures”. Clean thermo-Nuclears yet strident? Why or why not allow Russia to become an asian nation-State w the accent on “diplomacy” and not militarism is officially not coinage of plutocracy, the imperialist-Military, and why not hyperextension on disavowal of “defense” is the association toward 200 actual limit of thermo-Nuclears. Inspections of all facilities were allayed to maintain imperium for g-Enron’s defense of his father’s genocide thru NSDU-238 and the first use of the first weapon of nuclear divinity. That NSDU-238 is let for defense is the bunker-Buster hype to continue the degeneracy of offense-proscription as defense, and not use the word “peace”, which begins w democracy and never assuages to continue those illegal and UN-declared wars.


Please read the powerpoint attachment for one factorable relationship of the fed-Government’s disinclined toward non-Rhetoric and thensome passive Senate passage elsewhere. I am busy being pre-occupied w “so-Called ” missile-Defense systems that approach the same idiocy as I’ve mentioned above, in Poland as F-15’s sales are imperative to Lithuania, which was always larger than Russia until the Czar’s regimes…here, butt-Holds… peace is every-think-Tank method–where is ours?


The attachment, Modernization Presentation-1.ppt/TriValley study on new & dismantlement 12-21-10 @  is listed as October, 2010 Power Point Presentation: “…”Modernization” of the Nuclear Weapons Complex: As Proposed and as it Should be…” is a case of the blues not considered satisfactory for camping on the Moon. The Pentagons behoove themselves as being pro-Defense thru offensive rhetoric, beguile for technology that involves w-a-r-s and those have killed millions of the world’s indigenous and impoverished peoples, and the “implication is nonsense” while the reality of truth is control the world’s waters, and oil-Resources but do not have defense, as that would mean “reduction” of expense account—and, of overseas bases to toil onto the next illegal war.

12-21-10 @ sRC 3:14 pm…

don’t have to welcome Nukes into Turkey… Friday, December 24, 2010 10:37 PM


tO peace-People,


Many of us citizens, are at least pleased, but not appeased by the passage of the New START (which by-passed vote and passage on START II & START III). Basically, if there is any ‘catch’ there would be Pentagons “Offense (not defense) Dept” … you don’t have to welcome Nukes into Turkey, as they’ve already arrived. That 50, and soon another 40 will be on the lower Euro continent…


Turkey probes US nukes at airbase

Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:14 AM


The fact yet remains, that Russia does not need nor allow the recent F-15’s order fulfilled thru the Bank of Lithuania’s affairs w the GAO procurements Bank (u-S). That the shipment of those weapons is going into Poland–where the so-called “offensive: aggressor-Stance” in particular is another anti-Diplomacy misapprehension both before and after the signage of the New START.


Wow, glad this happened after Winter solstice… the peace-Warrior

–note: this was also nUkiEmOLe #18 (same)

— bLog-post #45

Tags/ NSDU-238, START II & START III, b-s killing weapons, where used, United Nations General Assembly, New START, Peace Action on CTBT, START & NPT, have been fired, questions w.o. constipation answers

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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