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anti-nucleaRist bloG #45/ 27 Oct 2010 five-Wars & go back 20-years on same-Syndrome

The US-military overtook the control of our once-Waz republic, via obfuscating the US-constitution, in 1956-58. Once the use of the “first: nuclear-Molecular weapon” was UN-leashed, the prognostication that I foresaw w those precepts of laws and principles of morality and Ecology, in 1967, was becoming honed. Therefore, when the b00meRs of tRansient Berkeley CA got together for our affinity gRoup meetings we really hammered the exasperations of not knowing and we came-up w impunity thy name is “the new-Rome”.

There was not gReatness to the dastardly-Act of 1991, usages for impunity-Sake upon the civilians and the Ecology of Iraqs’ landscape and water-Systems. The egregiousness was sacRosanct seemed to be the one “word-teRm” that exposed what had become ‘transposited, most’ NSDU-238, of course!

The bombing for ‘collateral-Damage” sake is the preposterous-Excess and extent that propaganda heightened the noon-Need and usages for contaminations w.o. fore-Knowledge what would happen to the 745,000 US-participants, some of whom would become the one-of-265,000 w permanent disability, as yet 27 years later no re-patrionizing of the enlisted persons has been assembled into an adjutant direct-Order by the fecund-Congress over that of the fanatic-penataGooons. Dig?

The Pentagon-CIA Cover-Up of Gulf War Syndrome: Chemical Agents Conspiracy (1997)
youTube 1:33:15 mins.

Published on Jun 22, 2014– Gulf War syndrome (GWS), also known as Gulf War illness (GWI), is a chronic multi[-]symptom disorder affecting returning military veterans and civilian workers of the Gulf War. About the book: 347 pgs. that I’d like to read and add to my home-Library…

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anti-nucleaRist bloG #45/ 27 Oct 2010

five-Wars; go back 20-years on same-Syndrome

tO peace-People:

All of u-S should read the whole concurrence of events UN-folded by the two major “War Logs releases”. Have you gotten the whole fibre and the wholesomeness of the con-cepts behind freedom “of-the-Press” yet? Demised stature as a once-Waz: republic, sinking in or sinking you, outwardly?

I’ve now read and reviewed 45 texts on Iraq & Afghan War Logs Releases and find one question out-distances a stay of the reprimand condition. That reason is that most d-F Amers live in a state of fear, and are not as much in flux as they say each may be. What’s happened from the early 1970’s politics backlash and shenanigans was fragmented-Politics. In all actuality, the one-Party: system, lost to the diminishing returns on where the small amount of savings gathered by werking people who sought a suburban house moreso than a savings account. This figgetiness became what is best described as the one-Word of the straits renown today for no-Accountability on so much of our Conditionalism that no other political-Party exist, when there at least 5-6.


Today’s connote on the exposure that was more than impending need, for the covet-ous against the people has been assuaging neglect, deceit, and lies, is this. Accountability on the Revelations from these transcripts of the data analogs, and more exposure of those delineations forward and back in the time-Spans, are the reality, and all is taskfully not angst-prone.


Another aspect would be placing the anti-War significance as peace never discussed, which has been as disgusting if ever the venue was not needed. What else is the five-Wars go back 20-years of same-syndrome, different tacts now tacitly approved but not “by-the-people” w the latest of latent “releases on illegal-Wars”!!


1] “R’s” comments: the u-S Pentagons has basically run its course to encircling red-china and Russia as though every sovereign nation was to be bases for capitalist-Empire. The ex-cuses are the congealing glue. However, travels and fuels for aero-Jets will yet be diagnosed rather than reduction of “Oiel as phooel” the lubricant will run out before the u-S populous and culture, regains its once topo-Position as world’s heartiest “manufacturer” non-Techno-cracy? Going into Afghanistan, rather than alleviating the world’s sources of food, water, poverty and medicines is where the 40-tons finger is pointed, w.o. energy exertion. Afghanistan was a very scenic mountainous state; and the people were hearty, jiga governing them-selves people who can grow lots more from their ecology. Their quest may have been that, if they had ways to utilize hydro-phonics.

How would your neighborhood like any source of flight-Vehicle eradicating the local weddings procedures? Opium has now, according to Journeyman reporters and researchers. The invasion has ruined the world trade economy, and steepens for those whom once believing in globalism are now forewarning against concepts of negating life, continually, as that of globalization, was instead, and more threatening. Great PR rhetoric. Time now to throw the bums out, and regain a posture of defense, which is going to be and become the hardest entreaty for me. Civil Defense and nuclear offensiveness can be separated, but do not remain inseparable.


“Shadowy sources have been disclosing secret information of all kinds to newspapers and

magazines for decades, ever since Watergate made it seem like a public service to do so. But in this case, there was a middleman in the process, and one with a considerable amount of power — far more than any other source in a similar situation. WikiLeaks didn’t get the documents directly, but was given them by another unnamed source (possibly Bradley Manning.


Is WikiLeaks More Than Just a High-Tech Brown Envelope? Yes by Mathew Ingram Jul. 29, 2010, 3:30pm PDT


2] “R’s” comments: as Afghanistan like America “was” a beautiful country, before pollution, oligarchs and warlords tore the diminutives from the normal life’s considerations of the needs and the amenities of normalcy.

What election for Ohh-bom-bah are the concurrents of issueless supremacy so important? His issueless admin is making haste for more of the provincialist-Arrogance—I’ve often spoken of these insobrieties as socio-complement of nothing is Nowhere ?


“The arrogance of these adventures in nation-building represents an enduring exam-ple of America’s deeply provincial and blindingly self-centered role in the world. That Holbrooke has learned nothing from his trail of deceit posing as diplomacy is not so startling given the obtuse nature of the man, but that Obama has entrusted this most critical aspect of his foreign policy to the likes of a hack like Holbrooke is truly depressing.”


“It’s over for the U.S. in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean the death and destruction are about to stop. Quagmires don’t just go away. However, the signs are everywhere that the American course in that nation is doomed, that those directing this forlorn attempt at occupation of a country that has never tolerated occupation know there is no positive end in sight, and that the locals from President Hamid Karzai to the competing warlords and the Taliban are cutting their own deals on the assumption that our wishes no longer matter.

Predictably, the U.S. media dismissed Karzai’s denunciation on Monday of the role of American mercenaries in the wanton destruction of his society. “Karzai rails against America in a diatribe,” was the way a New York Times headline summarized his press conference, suggesting that his complaints were nothing more than the temper tantrum of an ungrateful child.

But Karzai is right. American mercenaries are spreading mayhem across Afghanistan thanks to enormous U.S. spending on the contractors that he has ordered out of the country. “The money starts in the name of the private security companies in the hallways of the U.S. government,” Karzai stated in a clear description of the modern working of our military-industrial complex, adding: “The profits are made and arranged there … then they send the money to kill people here. … When this money comes to Afghanistan, it causes insecurity in Afghan homes and causes the killing of Afghan children and causes explosions and terrorism in Afghanistan.”


The High Price of Patriotism by Robert Scheer Posted on Oct 26, 2010


3] “R’s” comments: i would much rather have had the no controversy approach i.e. Der Speigel, Al Jazeera English (both), the Guardian CO UK and san-Fran Chronicle. How-ever, the final analysis that Julian made was the best, regarding NY Times for the despicable source imbalancing in favor of military-Media and IDF, as well as somewhat being influ-enced by A.I.P.A.C. was impossible to get around —going’ back and into nYC in 1996 (my last visit)—last introspection cognizant-Time! There is no stigma for the rest of us, whether journalists report or not, is merely naught. Desperation is easier when being a dunce, as most the citizens of u-S were appalled by foreclosures, but taking war was so hushed, that people’s cleanliness “smelled”! Wars are a brainless way of having brain-matter!


“The leading role played by Al Jazeera in examining 391,000 classified American docu-ments released through Wikileaks has not been widely acknowledged in the U.S. But Al Jazeera’s efforts have resulted in important revelations on a wide range of topics, including Iraqi state torture, the killings of hundreds of civilians at coalition roadblocks, Al Qaeda’s presence in Iraq, and the detaining of three American citizens by Iran near the Iraqi border in 2009.

In coordination with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London, Al Jazeera spent 10 weeks examining tens of thousands of secret documents on Iraq dating from Janu-ary 1, 2004, through December 31, 2009.

The trove of data—which was also released early to the New York Times, The Guard-ian, Der Spiegel, and the UK’s Channel 4 TV before being made public last week on the Wikileaks website—was more than four times larger than the cache of files on the Afghanis-tan War previously released by Wikileaks in July.”


Al Jazeera and the Secret Iraqi Files

New America Media, News Report, Jalal Ghazi, Posted: Oct 26, 2010


4] “R’s” comments: the nature of black-Holes, or the intimacy of corporate structured intel-Gence inside the defense-Intelligence, there are issues since the inception of the “nuclearist” molecular-Age entwined w the bomer-Generation, what remains an aegis and an animosity that predicates knowing the substance associative is correlative to any who proceed ahead, but along lines observable and delineations of human-Nature, included. As worldwide human-Population getting educated and receiving the auspice of participatory-Democracy, but involving human-Rights—if, you please! The CTBT is on-the-Tabled list of eccentric Reps and Sens?

The issues of the new-Start Treaty have not made front page news, and should have been there since 1989? NSDU-238 was being used on u-S military bases in u-S geographic scenes, and on Torishima Island off Island Okinawa, Nippon.


                     U.S.-Russian Plutonium Disposition Agreement

On September 1, 2000, the United States and Russia signed the Plutonium Manage-ment and Disposition Agreement (PMDA). It stated that both countries must dispose of at least 34mt of weapons-grade plutonium at a rate of 2mt per year. Although the United States originally planned to dispose of 25.5mt as MOX, and to immobilize 8.5mt for storage in a geological depository, Washington has since revised this plan and will now irradiate all of its material as MOX fuel. Russia will also utilize the MOX method to dispose of its 34 metric tons. The 2000 agreement stated that both countries would irradiate the fuel in light-water reactors but Russia retained the option of using its BN-600 fast-reactor at Beloyarsk.

However, implementation of the agreement was delayed, partly because of Russia’s reluctance to devote significant resources to a program that would be based on light-water reactor technology. In order to solve this problem, both parties agreed in 2007 that Russia would instead use fast-neutron reactors, including its existing BN-600 reactor at Beloyarsk and a more advanced BN-800 reactor that will be constructed at the same location. The protocol to the PMDA — signed in April 2010 at the Washington Nuclear Security Summit – will make the Russian disposition method compatible with the country’s long-term nuclear energy strategy and therefore more financially viable.[6] Furthermore, the 2010 protocol also included a revised disposition rate of no less than 1.3mt per year, which more accur-ately reflects the combined disposition capacity of the two fast-neutron reactors at Beloyarsk

Plutonium Disposition Author: Elena Sokova, Res. Assoc. 
Updated: Thomas Young Monterey Instit. 4 Int’l Stud. @ James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
 September 16, 2010


5] “R’s” comments: there are mighty associative changes in the homeland-Affrontal of NSDU-238 munitions being made by furthering allotments by the D of E to continue both monies for new “plutonium-Pits” which makes for ur-238 being gathered again and again; and, for the whole assemblage of nuclearist weapons treaties such as new-START and CTBT not yet discussed by this current congress, yet! Soooo, what are the issues of the concurrent one-Party: parody that are being lavished by non-Discussion?


“The Pentagon has long been devoted to destroying the credibility and reputation of WikiLeaks, and the military-revering John Burns and his war-enabling newspaper, as usual, lent its helping hand to the Government’s agenda.  This is what NPR’s Gjelten routinely does as well.  The Pulitzer-Prize-winning David Cay Johnston, formerly of the NYT, wrote his own letter yesterday supporting Parker, citing the media’s Pentagon-parroting line (from Gjelten and others) that there is nothing new in the WikiLeaks documents…”

“There it is in black and white. Gjelten is lending his credibility to the Pentagon as “neutral” national journalist. . . . Gjelten, other Pentagon journalists and informed members of the public would benefit from watching “The Selling of the Pentagon,” a 1971 documen-tary. It details how, in the height of the Vietnam War, the Pentagon sophisticatedly used taxpayer money against taxpayers in an effort to sway their opinions toward the Pentagon’s desires for unlimited war. Forty years later, the techniques of shaping public opinion via media has evolved exponentially. It has reached the point where flipping major journal-ists is a matter of painting in their personal numbers.”


–see: More on the media’s Pentagon-subservient WikiLeaks coverage

By Glenn Greernwald Wed. Oct 27, 2010… 04:28 ET


6] “R’s” comments: having been in 15-warring nations while guns were shown in public, men and some nations, women were inside uniforms holding those m-16’s or AK-47’s the dead “obviated” lifeless bodies, and the stench of dictators or insufficiencies of people trying to make food and water. The livelihoods of daily life being interrupted for 10,000’s of others, what a government never said was “unjustly seen” as staid gravures of once plentiful staid conditionalist polemics. The war-soldiers w.o. sanity were availing the eyeballs normalcy that could not follow! I’d been into both Iraq and Afghanistan, also as the peace-Diplo-mat—poet and traveling peace-Person. The measures of NSDU-238 despicableness was TOTaLLY UN-necessary. That gHW Bush-whacker was a genocide-Expert, and that his son g-Enron went onto protecting his “should be hanged for treasonable-Act” is yet an affirmation of justice due, altho buried beneath three wTC building exploded for gleeful reaffirmation on Revelations. A reaffirmation that bully-Clyneton could have arrested gHW for war-crimes and genocide-Crimes against-humanity—and against laws. Some dignity never lapses, but others help those along? The “war-logs” are revelations! Dig.


“I write as a young veteran who once fully embraced the concept of a preemptive war

to keep my fellow citizens safe and, as President Bush declared, because “America is a friend to the people of Iraq.” I now hope to preempt your response to the information regarding that war in which I fought. When I learned in school about the design of the American system of government and all the noble qualities it represented, invading Iraq seemed to me, at the time, to be a surefire way to make the world a better place.

On the front-lines however, I saw those very values that had so inspired me seldom put into practice. Despite claims of goodwill, infantry training left my comrades and I desensitized; how could we scream “Kill them all, let God sort them out” on a regular basis and still believe that we were caring for the oppressed people of Iraq?”


“The coming leak about Iraq is your chance, your obligation to make up for what was largely ignored last time. For every question you ask of Manning and Assange and their characters, the much greater question needs to be asked of where the accountability in U.S. foreign policy has gone. Pentagon officials said there was blood on Assange’s hands over the last leak; can you back those claims? And how do you respond to the blood that has been needlessly spilled throughout the war?”


An Open Letter on the Needed Response to the Upcoming Wikileaks Report by Josh Steiber October 22 – 24, 2010


7] “R’s” comments: Wars are lots of fun! Your get to go outdoors and kill someone? Shooting guns makes holes in inanimate things, objects bounce. However, support of those troops is a die-cast condition. Do the people support principles and laws, and ecology, or the needs for war-heroes? Do the military personnel treat you right, or do they bounce you off the board of brains, into brainless heap-o’s of gunney’s awaiting no advancement but super-Sargeant they are already—sport-fans of arm-pits are not yours?

Wars are fun for management and are attorney-Privileged, sorts of impractical bureau-crats and other professional sorts who could not get four feet up any-ole tree. There are many millions of wall-Street fans who support the foot-soldiers goin’ off to get ass-kicked and shot at or to continue the practice of killing others and making five-Times over-Normal amounts of hydrocarbons into the excuse better that than NSDU-238 nerve agents blown or NSDU-238 used for that, or buildings destroyed just to see a straight line thru someone’s community, almost all who speak another language, and probably none have a deeper knowledge of the historic knowledge of the area than you, the dunce does–or not? Who cares, killing is better than getting paid to empty trailers.           “R”


“The most shocking of the revelations in the current batch of leaked Iraq war logs is that most of the acts of torture and murder were committed in the open. They weren’t secret. They were tolerated, sanitised – justified, even. Take the Wolf Brigade, the 2nd battalion of the interior minis-try’s special commandos. Everybody knew about them. You would see them in their pick-up trucks wearing balaclavas. When there was a sectarian murder people would talk about the wolves, until they became a shorthand to describe a certain kind of cruel violence. The wolf commandos became killers in the uniform of the Iraqi police.

I recall speaking to UN human rights investigators, western police advisers, diplomats and army officers about what was going on. In 2005 an Iraqi government official confirmed a list of places where she believed torture and murder were taking place. A British police mentor described entering the office of a notorious figure at the interior ministry and found a man with a bag over his head standing in the corner of the office.”


Iraq war logs: These crimes were not secret, they were tolerated By Peter Beaumont, the Guardian CO UK Monday 25 October 2010 12.00 BST


8] “R’s” comments: My personal take—having been a journalist and white-paper giver, while trying to decide how to maintain a focus as writor (as well as metals-Sculptor) in the past—on the “lacking proper rhetoric in espousing” the Iraq War Logs, which has been first-of-All, rude. That the people are not important is also a closer respect of what respect Assange must have all the time for himself?

The UN-declared: wars in Iraq (3-phases) have to be the messenger. Julian and I have spoken of this twice together—almost 20-years—and then-some! Greenwald is an excellent introspector. Burns would do well to take a long walk all the way around Manhattan, and regain some sense of consciousness, which maybe he cannot find during sitt-Butt sessions @ nY-Times.


“Greenwald has responded to Burns’ comments in this piece, and said that he wasn’t specifically calling the Times reporter a “sociopath.” Greenwald explains: “I didn’t actually call Burns that. What I wrote was that, in light of what these documents reveal, “even” a  borderline-sociopath would be awash with guilt over having supported this war and would be eager to distract attention away from that — by belittling the importance of the documents and focusing instead on the messenger:  Julian Assange.  In other words, there’s only one category of people who would not feel such guilt — an absolute sociopath — and I was generously assuming that Burns was not in that category, which is why I would expect (and hope) that he is driven by guilt over the war he supported.  That’s the most generous explanation I can think of for why — in the face of these startling, historic revelations — his journalistic choice was to pass on personality chatter about Assange.””


NY Times reporter defends profile of WikiLeaks’ Assange By Michael Calderone Tue Oct 26, 5:22 pm ET


9] “R’s” comments: i was pleased in this one respect, that the occlusion-Factor would come around, but awkward course remains the “killings” in both nation-States and the adverse-Innuendo of NSDU-238 usages—three times in Iraq and once 2001 in Afghanistan? Soooo, as yet the stats are werking against the subscription “of geographic-Placemats of NSDU-238” being placed-upon-a-Map like the killings reports or harbored murders, then realized by the war-Logs: releases. This was the lead-in or the non-usury realization of concomitancy to vituperations of always war (re: our discussions, past). The we-Boomers shall have to be once again, prescient to all offensive indifferences suffered by the u-S oligarchic “plutocrats” because of their profound disregard in the use and abuse of none-Other: than not-so-depleted: uranium-238!


“However, it has been common knowledge for years that the ISI created the Taliban and Al Qaeda as we now know them, acting in its capacity as a direct front for U.S. intelligence.

Before 9/11, Pakistan worked directly with the CIA to create the Taliban in Afghanistan. Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars stated:

“The CIA made a[n] historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan. The U.S. provided $3 billion for building up these Islamic groups, and it accepted Pakistan’s demand that they should decide how this money should be spent.

The old associations between the intelligence agencies continue. The CIA still has close links with the ISI (Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence).”


“The Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs, publicly released today, highlight and corrobo-rate what we already know about the “war on terror” – it is a vast and decompartmentalised intelligence operation.

The London Guardian reports:

“A stream of U.S. military intelligence reports accuse Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency of arming, training and financing the Taliban insurgency since 2004, the war logs reveal, bringing fresh scrutiny on one of the war’s most contentious issues.”


WikiLeaks’ War Logs Highlight Global Intelligence Façade of “War on Terror’ (CIA funds ISI – ISI funds Taliban, Al Qaeda) Steve Watson 
Monday, Jul 26th, 2010 Inforwars dot com’-war-logs-highlight-global-intelligence-facade-of-‘war-on-terror’/


Going backward in space-Time, one may see more beauty—of the planet-Erathe’s virtues and significance. Going forward we may see gMO pesticides rearrange our DNA and the RNA. The cliche` that wars are always w us does mean they should not be w.i. our progressive reassertion in not having the human-Consciousness.


Democracy is not plutocracy, the global-Village patriot


note: blog-Post #43 zNet

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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