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anti-Nuclearist bloG #39/ 11 Mar 2010 how constitutional is the war-Laureate?

anti-Nuclearist bloG #39/ 11 Mar 2010

how constitutional is the war-Laureate?


The new-Improved uncle-Tom, pres. Ohh-bomb-bah-bin-dingy, or usury not to bring to advent an accent on Jim crow laws, not to reduce the 10,000 thermo-Nuclear-Weapons; not to halt the uses and experts of NSDU-238; not to make the war-Bases return home so that the 50-States can be using the tax-monies that the people of these 50-States undivided until Bailout and Stimulus package. That Ohh-bomb-bah-bin-dingy did not provide a new-Improved capital-Offensive program by “legislation for mortgage-Bank federally run, by a credit-Bank federally run, by a pension-Investment law” stating that no hedge-funds nor investment banking nor corporate structure run by wall-street and off-Shore investments by multi-Nationals, was why the people probably sought a vote for yet the “single-Party: corporate-Investments” not to be relied upon.


Nor did Ohh-bomb-bah do any re-Adjusting of corporate “superficial-Interests” for ribald greediness called forth for excesses of the “financing and economic-system” that they had enterprised (the corporate-Hierarchy and the military-Hegemony) by establishing an affirmed reversal of those tactics to allow no civil-domain to exist without corporate-controls? The people were wrong about Ohh-bomb-bah-bin-dingy’s promises, and even his ingraciations to “accept” not except the Nobel prize is parallel his meager allotment of stating point-Blank that the constitution states no laws without the full consent of the Reps of Congress—of which he was not. Did he make excuses beyond any doubts other than being an uncle-Tom, and showing rather than castigating that fact! knew that he would turn-Tail, because he was pro-War. That he is also a usury as the “un-Constitutionality” of u-S Congress not having passed “declaration” of wars-2, was why the progressives did not vote for him i.e. real progressives who see the caucuses as merely encapsulations of “corrupt-Governance or technocracy” as malicious—that which has been historically, as well as that which is plutocracy, too?


That the u-s is a debtor-Nation (1988) and no longer a republic, let alone a democracy that has laws by executive-disorder: office, represents the interests of the investment-Banking, corporate-Mergers (more rather than eradicating bourgeois-Policy of grafted corruption banking to maintain congressional corruption, and other socio-Polity) is partial to why obduracy in not reducing thermo-Nuclear: weapons, has not even been elevated to being equalized by the imbalance of NSDU-238, illegal “nuclear-Molecular” usages that now is known, and renown as that which encircles the globe in a stratosphere lower than the above ground testing, and nuclear-Accident(s) of Chernobyl—there were two (one in the 1970’s)? AND that as well which has never been mentioned as needs for clean-Ups in Iraq, in Kosovo, in Afghanistan—5-full blown invasionary-Wars. As an activist I’ve seen Y-12 near Oak Ridge TN where 24,000 billets are known to leak chemical and nuclides wastes.


I’ve known Hanford Nuclear-Reserve, where plutonium and americium are leaking into ground seepages moving towards the Columbia River. I’ve been in a dingy measuring the water content of hot-waters from the cooling recycling into the Savannah River at the outside the graphite-Reactor. I’ve been arrested at Pantex where groundwater recording records were not allowed. I’ve been arrested 4-times at R-Flats where groundwater and retriculation-Studies were also not allowed to be completed. I’ve been arrested at nev-Testsite 3-times and I’ve been invited inside the 1,250 feet caverns where recorded temps were over 62* beneath Yucca Mtn.


That the u-S Pentagons are not allowing measurements not actual “information/ data” released so that NGO’s and institutes may assuage how to measure and clean-Up those four nations now adversely “contaminated” by NSDU-238 from u-S, from G-Britain, from N.A.T.O. abuses, is not mentioned by the “war-Laureate”? Does war-Laureate only want to bank into savings the money-Wasted from excessive burdens to and of the populous of this nation-state, while PTSD, while veterans-Administration cannot yet “offer” total “healthcare to the service-personnel from “highway of Death” and from the illegal-Usages since gHW Bush should have been impeached or lawfully thrown-in-jail for his knowledge or ordering as commander-in-chief the March 1991 MaSSaCRE …the amount of unlawful excess also does not give credence nor lend hands in maintaining invasionary-Principles of the already overseas-bases surmounting 737 total.


What else then can the afro-Amer “war-Laureate” do to bring passage of laws that pertains to our “social-Crisis” of gravure but ever tightening evacuation of “civil-Rights” and voter-statis. The article in today’s Democracy Now shows that backlash-Political: policy’s of the degenerate “raw-Goon” admin followed by the criminal gHW Bush admin, followed by the bully-Admins of bully-Clyneton, followed by the criminal-Admins of george-Enron, have no place in democracy. So, what should Ohh-bomb-bah allow ingénue, or disingenuine-Excess of the illegality be tyranny-gate: allowed “continuance” by a war-laureate who seems not to want to turn digression around? Ohh-bomb-bah yet further devolves the means by which those ill-Rebukes of pentagons-Wars are not his, that Banks for mortgage and credit and monetary-Funding should have become “centalized” and not kept burner-heat for oligarchs are “economy”? He could be disassociated from corporatism for public-Populous analyzing and 5-states: tasks more than noteworthy @

“Legal Scholar Michelle Alexander on “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” ..a new book by legal scholar and civil rights advocate Michelle Alexander argues that although Jim Crow laws have been eliminated, the racial caste system it set up was not eradicated. It’s simply been redesigned, and now racial control functions through the criminal justice system. [includes rush transcript]”


The wars are on-Going , so Ohh-bomb-bah will not show support for the Constitution, as “civilians” are continually being killed because of CIAS attenuations in 2000 by calling-Off the forces that were fighting the “Taliban-Hats”, and so corruption has filtered preposterously before August of 2001. Now, $250 billion dollars are wasted in the hapless invasion of Afghanistan to enterprise “so-Called: foreign-Diplomacy” in central-Asia by tactics of moronic support of illegality for more investment banking and not halt to the usury against afro-Amers incarcerated at home in the millions who will not be allowed to vote because of minor “drug-Offensiveness” parabled to and with “quota-Arrests”, as yet NSDU-238 is used by irresponsible-Methods for quotas of invasions killing “civilians” by the u-S Pentagons thru CIAS to continue to buy-Off United Nations from “international” formulas, as well as to provide no assurances in maintaining human-Rights: dignity? Shameful policies solicit more, not less shame in socio-Polity? There is the wrongful way here. Turn this indemnity around, people. End these wars by protests, dissent, and mass participation against “hegemony” the military-Invasionary kind of the Bourgeoisie, that has no democracy-Roots?


For more on the economic-Discrepancy of “capitalism” since 1880 inception of “corporate-Structure: privatization” that has led to globalization, one should find a test in your lack ‘n lapse of Economics 301, which I’ve certainly found more information than some of Nobel Laureate in Economics Joseph Stiglitz, but since both complement just look into Democracy Now last month too?


Looking forward to national-Protests against two-Wars on March 2oth—altho we do not ever get-to-Hear: demonstration-Speakers during and after on Democracy Now, nor on Pacifica radio—for which they’ve been chastised by me since 1990, anyhow? How come?? [… please see attachment for pHoT of “placard” in my blogs]…


“The capitalist crisis and the return of history “The significance of the stock exchange in American (and, subsequently, international) business was particularly evident in the fourth wave of mergers, which occurred between 1984 and 1989. It was during this period that the essentially parasitic, destructive and criminal modus operandi of the new finance-driven corporate model was firmly established. Investment bankers played a central role in this process. Mergers, as Patrick Gaughan points out, “were a great source of virtually risk-free advisory fees for investment bankers. Merger specialists at both investment banks and law firms developed many innovative products and techniques designed to facilitate or prevent takeovers” (Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring, p. 57). Under the guidance of investment bankers, the “hostile takeover”—though hardly unknown in the history of American capital-ism—assumed unprecedented and staggering dimensions. Another significant feature of the fourth wave was the financial scale of the mergers. The number of transactions involving more than $100 million increased more than 23 times between 1974 and 1986 (Ibid, p. 54). The hostile takeovers of the 1980s saw the triumph of the very personification of financial parasitism: the “corporate raider,” whose main source of income was the proceeds generated by the attempted takeover. Enrichment did not depend on the success of the effort, let alone on the long-term viability of the company in the aftermath of the takeover attempt.

The leveraged buyouts and “Merchants of Debt”

  1. Mergers during the fourth wave were financed with immense amounts of debt. As one specialist in the subject has explained:

Another term that came into the lexicon of the business community during this fourth wave of acquisition and merger activity is the leveraged buy-out or LBO. Kohlberg Kravis helped develop and popularize the LBO concept by creating a series of limited partnerships to acquire various corporations, which they deemed to be under-performing. In most cases, Kohlberg Kravis financed up to ten percent of the acquisition price with its own capital and borrowed the remainder through bank loans and by issuing high-yield bonds…

The bank loans and bonds used the tangible and intangible assets of the target company as collateral… Investment banks such as Drexel Burnham Lambert, led by Michael Milken, helped raise money for leveraged buyouts. Following the acquisition, Kohlberg Kravis would help restructure the company, sell off underperforming assets, and implement cost-cutting measures. After achieving these efficiencies, the company was usually then resold at a significant profit.”


“The Lessons of History Related to Mergers and Acquisitions, by Bill Duncan”By David North 
26 March 2009


end all wArs– luv from the peace-warrior to you


+ first posted around 1:30 p.m. then re-edited when Comcast halted service 2:30 p.m… what for?

+ blog-Scape #11 @ zCommunications…

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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