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anti-nucleaRist bloG #36/ 22 Dec 2009 there is no Planet-B nature doesn’t compromise

anti-nucleaRist bloG #36/ 22 Dec 2009

there is no Planet-B nature doesn’t compromise

© apeco 12-22-09


tO peace-People,


Ever been to Bolivia? The Andes are amazing as the centrail-Rockybilts. However, the people there are preyed upon—that’s my memory of my visit in 1977; even gave vigilance, and awaited other international “peace-Keepors” to Che Quevara’s assassination place. The people, were impoverished, needing freedom, and peace from autocracy, which was worse than here. The El Presidente’ of Bolivia is now an indigenous-Persona, and carries his burden, well enough to be a featured speaker @ COP-15, altho Evo Morales “clima-Forum” probably admits his words verbatim most often, Amy Goodman’s interview today on DEM Now—please see:


”…he says in a non-rebukable manner his words ever-so-worthy of repeating (saw and listened 3X)… “best thing would be that all war spending be directed towards climate change, instead of spending it on troops in Iraq, in Afghanistan or the military bases in Latin America. This money would be better directed to attending to the damages that were created by the United States. And, of course, this isn’t just $100 billion; this is probably trillions and trillions of dollars. How are we going to spend money to kill and not save lives? We have to spend money to save lives, not to kill. These are our differences with capitalism.”…” It’s changing economic policies, ending luxury, consumerism. It’s ending the struggle to—or this searching for living better. Living better is to exploit human beings. It’s plundering natural resources. It’s egoism and individualism. Therefore, in those promises of capitalism, there is no solidarity or complementarity. There’s no reciprocity. So that’s why we’re trying to think about other ways of living lives and living well, not living better…”…” There’s no reciprocity. So that’s why we’re trying to think about other ways of living lives and living well, not living better.”


A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition has had some verity since 1991, however, other than lots of money fidelity is 100% on rationalism maintaining the peace-for-Austerity, in this following mannerist sic “essay” formula! The A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition has been like you, dumbing down, not competing with human-Rights “needs” and rather thumbing their noses beyond organizing for “national-Mobilizations”? They and many news-Agencies have not allowed, even dis-avowed necessity for “copies” of demonstration-Speakers and maintaining those for “audio” and plausibly (but secondly in virtue of visual: vis-à-vis pre-emptives) not even asked “we-the-People” for approbation due the verisimilitudes of aspects in awareness and human-Dignity levels?


Those “needs of speakers heard since 1989, are yet in need. I demand that you make your awareness more open to this one-Aspect? However, organizing a sex-Orgy is harder or not as hard as getting down to the “brass-Nookie” because mobilizing and protesting are demonstrations? I would like, find less “fecundity” that the YOU-tUBE gets used like goes back and into the deep dark recesses of past EVEnTS, butt-Holds! Where are the speakers from 1989, 1990, 1991 and up to and including less news about Ohh-bomb-bah each nite on Pacifica-Reports, which is as antagonizing, as, weld, those speakers and chief delivered words on voices not YET HEARd about, because from the doing the insult is they do exist. The demonstrations they were, like, aT when and such and such is what’s SAID? Dig.       “R”

“Representatives of 34 antiwar organizations, including the ANSWER Coalition, delivered an open letter to President Obama strongly opposing his anticipated decision to expand the war in Afghanistan…


National March on Washington: March 20, 2010

The letter pledges to:

“to build the kind of massive movement –which today represents the sentiments of a majority of the American people–that will play a key role in ending U.S. war in Afghanistan.” The U.S./NATO military intervention in Afghanistan is not a so-called war of necessity. It is a colonial-type war. The people of Afghanistan will resist until the foreign occupation ends. The U.S. war effort is doomed. Tens of thousands more troops will be sent into the country because the Pentagon cannot figure out what else to do. The continued war and its escalation threaten the lives of untold thousands of Afghan people and U.S. soldiers. 

The ANSWER Coalition is demanding the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan as well as Iraq.


Momentum is building for major national events in March 2010, including the March 20 National March on Washington with joint actions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Please see below for details.

People from all over the country are organizing to converge on Washington, D.C., to demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. 

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, there will be a mass National March & Rally in D.C. We will march together to say “No Colonial-type Wars and Occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine!” We will march together to say “No War Against Iran!” …”

(send this poster…Nat’l march-on-Washington d-C sat. March 20th 2010/bailout the tax-Payers…)


We will march together to say “No War for Empire Anywhere!” Instead of war, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing. 

A day of action and outreach in Washington, D.C., will take place on Friday, March 19, preceding the Saturday march. There will be coinciding mass marches on March 20 in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Cindy Sheehan and a coalition of groups has announced a new initiative set to begin in March 2010 called Peace of the Action, an integral part of which will be a camp that will be set up beginning March 13. This camp will be a staging area for people coming to DC to take part in anti-war activities. 

March 20 is the seventh anniversary of the criminal war of aggression launched by Bush and Cheney against Iraq. One million or more Iraqis have died. Tens of thousands of U.S. troops have lost their lives or been maimed, and continue to suffer a whole host of enduring problems from this terrible war. 

This is the time for united action. The slogans on banners may differ, but all those who carry them should be marching shoulder to shoulder.


The reasons for NOT having public-Speakers at DEMOnSTRATIONS heard and purveyed again on radio and in books “quoted” is neither beyond me, nor you? Check the A.N.S.W.E.R. un-nerving @ The anti-war movement responds 
to President Obama’s speech
 (apeco filed 12-16-09)


Statement from the ANSWER Coalition

Rhetoric and Reality:
 Masking War Escalation as a Withdrawal Plan


Grace Lee Boggs says: “Ten years ago, the movement against corporate globalization and market-based economics took off when 50,000 Americans, including steelworkers, women, people of color, environmentalists[1] and just plain citizens, closed down the WTO at the “Battle of Seattle.”

Since 1999, this movement has been gaining depth and breadth in response to skyrocketing economic inequality, the catastrophic breakdown/meltdown of the world and American economy, and greenhouse emissions that threaten to extinguish all life on Earth.

Yet the U.S. Congress and President Obama, always more accommodating to right-wing than liberal and left forces, continue to offer market-based solutions like carbon-trading, while the only other alternative seems to be more government regulation.

Meanwhile, however, at the grassroots more democratic and participatory alternatives are being created or explored.”


You may find “inthesetimes” assertive at journalistic best, alongside Laura Flanders, as well as Amy Goodman– Will Copenhagen Catalyze a Movement? by GRACE LEE BOGGS and I find that all are not as internecine as plausible, because some are writers and some are journalists, while others are being analysts, and socio-Polity is yet social-Responsibility? Dig.


NSDu-238 Disposition-Paper #2/9-05-08 in Berkeley CA       by “R” Addison


NSDU-238 in the news on gREEnPEAcE I wonder, but their nuclear reports get my attention-Spans! Point #17 in my “disposition Paper #2 delivered 9-05-08 in Berkeley CA should be credence of allotable proportions, so I’ll interject: here…” #17/ “not-so-Depleted: uranium-238”

Is 60% fissile and only 40% FUSION. Lame-O’d “dirty-Stuff” there is lots to say about why nobody’s to not want anybody’s but, what is that “stuff”? However, no matter, “it-is-despicable” because the stuff cannot be vacuumed-Up after incinerating people in Kuwait and Iraq, and Kosovo and Afghanistan and Bosnia for insufferable “usages” of killing civilians and a few “hyped-Military personnel” only know what “encephalogy is not to themselves. As hard as land-Sweeping for “burrowed: munitions/mines” is or would be for those who never made their “million-Dollars” but died trying to earn $250 per day is, the “cleaning-Up: processes” are liable to start as soon as the egregious “intimacy of UN-lawful: excess was known”. Question-Mark? When will they start, then? The “d-U munitions” has been started-by-Those of us in-the-Know, and with research-Realised, pocket-Expenses, since nGO’s were awaiting to go to Iraq and find how much “radiation, or dispersal, or contamination per-site: was”. Yet, the 17-years since ought to have incarcerated the “contemptuous” murderous-Leadership. The “dirty lil-Ace” is used in manufactured “high-Purpose” industrialized “capacities” such as ballast on wing’s, tip-ends of aero-Jets commercial and military -Transports, as well as munitions, as-well-as tank-Armor, as well as killing one’s own: soldiers, as immoral-as “continuation of killing: civilians.


They dirty-Stuff, which is ur-234, th-234, uranium-236, ur-238, some pu-240 and some am-242, must serve well for what purpose, remains the constant-of-UN: known. Any rad-active isotope over “235” that of natural-Uranium is man-Made, yet ur-238 is also “natural” as well as for mutilating-Significancies. But not of “highly contaminated rotting- Corpses” if one can touch them to bury, as well as visualize the children born w immense “deformities from encephalogy” of radiation-Rearranging chromosomes and probity of DNA in infants so prone to radiation’s maladaptive-Consequences. The rotting corpses is closer to what has happened by the u-S Pentagons not allowing specifics for handling, thus munitions and usages were accepted for “mishandling” and not many knew of d-U munitions dutifulness, when pyrophoric-Exchanges made contamination “nearby, as highly likely” not matter when used, and worser when not “cleaned-Up” rite-Away, i.e. like a vacuum-Cleaner ought to be useful! What had to be disposed of was “highly contaminated ‘rad-Active’ waste” in the first place, too.

There is even de-233 in the desert-Regions of Iraq, but not many reports on uses in Afghanistan have been relegated “as permanent until disposal-is-Complete! What is reported and inspected on site—as in Iraq, since 1991— remains one fixture of the “not-so-Depleted: uranium-238” feature of ennui: at last. The deceit is that a cover-Up has ensued not only with the “military” against the u-S service-Personnel and against “military accord” in respect to management of sourcing post-Use, but also in a pernicious “mismanagement-Program” for propaganda-Deceit, to maintain military-Bases overseas, and perpetrate “ever-More: bases” to maintain thermonuclear-Weapons, so as the need to continue w merry-Making of “the dirty-Stuff”. But, what of making of the dirty-Stuff from other “dirty-Stuff” imperils the “imperil” so says the military “brass” who want their “propaganda-Cover” to remain “covetous”. The research has exposed them, now the people need to get-On: uppe, and communicate the facts, en masse.


Start w the bodies of “returning-Veterans: u-S”in body-Bags but not urns to measure ashes contaminated after ash-Making procedures? Need I say more, YES. The “true-Story is the embodiment, not empowerment” and this I’ve mentioned as “philosophically-Structured: determinism”? However, the Pentagons/CIAs have secretized the “experimentation” from 1956 thru 1991. TELL My STORY: of Chalmers Johnson; of Damacio Lopez, of Dan Bishop; of Lauren Moret, and of the researchers in Europe connected to “the intrinsic: sicko-Studies” from the embodiments of “nano-Particles and infused not-so-Depleted”. The d-U usage-Areas: dead-Bodies need to be dug-Up and measured for the excesses of nucleus-Structure in the bone-MARROWS: post-Death– for an accurate-Accounting of how, the Radiation may become contained” when always in suspended state of markings from enrichment processes, where the market-Structure, for this lavish “killing-Consortia” began in quest of determination by non-Focus “beyond” the measurements of any “already-Known: understandings”? Pluralism has raised its head against “this extreme-Nuclear: usage”. This is no MINe-FIeLD this is an omen of destruction of this nation-State by the military or the extreme-Measure of actually making a positive-Step toward the new-Rome, a context, beyond the plausibles “nuclearism” already, known: as post-Determinism already, renown: as “rad-Active: dirty-Radionuclide, numero-Uno”?


Noam Chomsky speaks-Out…why don’t you dissent & do civil-Activism is specific to “democracy”?


Prof. Noam Chomsky has been another interviewed “author” and person with whom my contexts can gravitate. He says (recently):


“After reviewing the record, Carothers concludes that all U.S. leaders have been “schizophren-ic”—supporting democracy if it conforms to U.S. strategic and economic objectives, as in Soviet satellites but not in U.S. client states.

This perspective is dramatically confirmed by the recent commemoration of the events of November 1989. The fall of the Berlin wall was rightly celebrated, but there was little notice of what happened one week later: on Nov. 16, in El Salvador, the assassination of six leading Latin American intellectuals, Jesuit priests, along with their cook and her daughter, by the elite, U.S.-armed Atlacatl battalion, fresh from renewed training at the JFK Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg, N.C.

The battalion and its cohorts had already compiled a bloody record through the grisly decade in El Salvador that began in 1980 with the assassination, by much the same hands, of Archbishop Oscar Romero, known as “the voice of the voiceless.”

During the decade of the “war on terror” declared by the Reagan administration, the horror was similar throughout Central America. The reign of torture, murder and destruction in the region left hundreds of thousands dead.”

The Legacy of 1989, in Two Hemispheres   by NOAM CHOMSKY


“R’s” Not into Contentions—my views on inactivity of Lameo’s—


The Afghan-Wars go along in the inadeptness of “empire” is speaking SHUTUP? However, the people of Afghanistan were not cajoled into speaking much at all by international Journalists, and thus this enjoinder seems adequate in filing the space-Place: bomb-Crater walk-aAround nomerism: “The so-called presidential elections in Afghanistan will not change the structure and distribu-tion of power in the country in the interest of the Afghan masses nor will it bring any fundamental change in the daily lives of workers, peasants, toiling masses and other oppressed and vulnerable layers of Afghan society. The results are already known: desired elements belonging to the Old Reaction (former Mujahedeen who form the present imperialist- backed regime) and/or the New Reaction (former Leftists who have abandoned Marxism-Leninism and have embraced liberalism, reformism, etc.) or a combination of the two will be brought into the highest state positions. World imperialism in Afghanistan, headed by US imperialism, has made necessary investments for per-petuation of the power of its long-time local allies, the Old Reaction. Participation in this so-called elections amounts to taking part in this politico-legal coup d’état against the toiling masses of Afghanistan.”

http://www.marxist. com/elections- afghanistan- different- fact-sheet. htm         [apeco © filed 12-16-09]

the Elections in Afghanistan a Different Fact Sheet

written by Fraidoon Amel Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Weld. What’s else if not the polluted-Planet is relying on “military-Vehicles” to pollute, while the aero-Jets get-off-Scoot-Free. The aero-Jets do most of the hydro-Carbon’s sleaze while transporting military personnel like Major Hasan, was wont not to be relegated into so-Doing? Or, was he not!. The news and views of latest specifics on that envelope needing to be precisely opened is: , although the u-S I now have heard gets most oiel from”tar-Pits” Canada. Wow, what’s happening in “investment-Banking…


see: for Webster Tarpley’s book “obama & civil liberties” boobs: 911 synthetic terror: made In the USA w Bonnie Faulkner   Guns and Butter, for December 16, 2009 – 1:00pm I would say you’ll come away with a sheedy ‘grin”…


“R’s” comments on “clima-Forum, COP-15 AND hEgEmONyiTEs”


The rudeness of the cops @ “clima-Forum and COP-15” is indicative of the fascists swings that were brought about by the inadeptnesses of “political-Leaders” who have no heart for “we-the-People”. The sad displays of brutality in mood-Swings by armored-Police in Copenhagen, is the antithesis of the talks, conversations, peaceful-Gatherings, peace-Marchers in peace-Pronouncements of non-Violence that may have been purveyed by the anti-War delegations of “we-People: citizens” in little-D and in St. Paul. The context, overall is being too much undercut by the buy-Off of United Nations departments and supervising whimsies, that the United States and so-Called “industrial-Nations” are all about ripping-Off the Kyoto Accords, rather than extend and improve by virtues of worldwide needs, those technocratic ways. morosely weigh-ins of technocracy regarding bureaucracy and money market Wall-Street money market banking system” not savings and money interest. The indigenous and grass-Roots aplomb of how peoples around the world live, survive, and maintain language and cultural tie-Ins as human-Rights capacities have ascertained is all out reproof of lawful acknowledgement. The indigenous and impoverished nations have no fail-Safe in wars-for-Profit and neither do the people of the u-S. The insufferability of “carbon-Sheens of fouled airs, global-Climate change” are very real i.e. beyond the 350*.


The industrial nations are actually ruining the world’s climate in an accelerating rate of disshevelments prosaic, and the Democracy Now reportage is covering quite well the below surface enlightenments of truths corresponding, while the gloss-overs are adaged thru actual delegates of COP-15 who have joined with the “clima-Forum” the actual movement focal points of the world’s people: now!


The nGO’s were locked-Out from the COP-15 this morning, and they were awaiting the ticketed liaison with the general gathering of United Nations associative means of this worldwide gathering for “global-climate started in Kyoto in 1993”. Also, in 1993, the general knowledge of NSDU-238 was finally unleashing and became “people’d Knowledge”. The massacre by the Pentagons-Forces of 236,000 soldiers under a flag of truce/retreating from Kuwait w 33,325 civilians, was MASSACRED by edict of u-S military. Yet, not one arrest for anti Human-Rights laws, nor of so-called “international-Diplomacy” has occurred of the generals or chief-Commander has been SUGGESTED.


Global climate vituperations are as real as that annihilation of 236,450 persons. ILLEGALITY has maintained that immoralism is immoralism is seen by the constant din found in industrial-Nations as the continuation to show no pity and therefore are lacking virtue of themselves in their “haughty” stanzas never using the terms of peace—nor the word?. On Saturday, given an afternoon’s reprieve from inter-Nay, I ventured to College and Mulberry with new placard-Signage, since Ohh-bomb-bah was in actuality, that he had accepted the Nobel Prize for war-Monger: select? Please see attachment,(I’ll be posting those vigil’s placards) you may keep for files or sends © copywritten… and once again, there are two parallels for peace indige-Rights and anti: nuclear-Molecular, as both have to do with doling the premises of “human-Rights” as undersigned by the u-S Constitution.


Halt the export of not-so-depleted-uranium: 238 isotope is the current extent of de-Alerting thermonuclear weapons and ending the cheap-Price of 50% fissile’d NSDU-238 to other countries by export, and to arms-Makers in u-S by edict of “war-Mongering” needs—quite similar to non-Signage of land-Mines treaty, but START II renewal does not yet include NSDU-238, the single longest-Lasting nuclear-Weapon in terms of half-Lives and also in terms of microns size, making air-Bourne atoms even worse than thermo-Nuclears explosions to find and to cordon-Off. While all uranium is Radiologic, must, assuredly be remembered as UN-controlled premsing.


The cordoning of peaceful marchers en route to “clima-Forum” parties, is what should be done to all fissile’d matter. The parallel goes along symbolically, but the radionuclides remains egregious-Methods, disclosed, known and semi-Autocratically protected by greed, the same kinds that “pollute” industrially?


What the 6-day and catch-all the 10 Democracy-Now sessions, start w Bill McKibben, and hear the voices of people such as ourselves from around the globe on the harms not yet being remedied, yet since 1993 being within the scope of known answers and new discretions of making waters, air and lands usages observable for all of us “Humans”? 

AND because my trek on foot hiking the whole continent took me to “tar-Sands” in 1974 and then back in my Van-1 a 170 cu-inch inline 6-cylinder to photograph (they did not turn out although others were stolen by ‘environmentalist’s) as Ecology is the main goal of the pentagons dept of Offense, to destroy, as was wanton disrespect for humanity in North Korea, as well as in V-C-L i.e. totally lacking any but empire devaluations.


DEM Now’s continuation of “oiel-Discussion” which does not venture into “liquid Natural Gas” as opposed to hydrocarbon-Fuels—nat-Gas is inert, percolates from the earth’s crust right thru and into basements, thru asphalts which pollute PROF– USELY? Soooo, you may want to e-Send to friends or donation nGO’S or non-Profits another “placard” also © copyrighted… Dig.


leave sovereignty to the people of their nations,

the global-Village patriot

-notes: the global-Village patriot bloG #12/

Tags/ Che Quevara’s, assassination place, National March on Washington: March 20, 2010, NSDu-238, Disposition-Paper #2, war in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Nobel Prize, war-Monger: select, land-Mines treaty, clima-Forum, COP-15, global climate change, indigenous and impoverished nations, egoism, and individualism, arms-Makers, immoralism is immoralism, industrial nations, actually ruining, climate, controlled

[1] Is an environmentalist an ecology-activist, or verses of poets never repeated?

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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