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anti-NucleaRist bloG #29 / 15 Feb 2009 Nationalize Banks, civic-Hold, halt NSDU-238

anti-NucleaRist bloG #29 / 15 Feb 2009

Nationalize Banks, civic-Hold, halt NSDU-238

apeco © 1-11-15

9]       That the “federal-Reserve act of 1913” has never passed should be of primary appeal to making another correct analysis of credit-Banking, mortgage-Banking, as the monetary-System really should have been challenged in FDR’s time—unjustly to the populous as Billy Clinton did not challenge gHW Bush’s massacre of the “march of Death: retreating army w 33,30 civilians en tow” Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy has given Geithner too much slack, because the total-Whole has been awaited by professionals, moreso than business, or inespecially because corporatism was not “business”?” The housing purchases may always be a struggle, but at least the military is not confiding that this should be their need. How sickening to have had 26-Years of wars, and no inflationary pattern because interest-Rates were always helping corporations cushion there manufacturing while that industrial morass left the nation and took “human-Enterprise” w those dollars, not leaving, of course, a savings but a “credit-Line” is morosely an attachment bigger than the crisis. That the crisis is the monetary-System not the BAILoUT, because that’s a disparagement ongoing to continue w what proceeded that keeps milking the economy’s “savings”?               “R”
“Nationalization — call it “receivership”… determine which banks are insolvent… the only way to save it is to nationalize it… As free-market economists teaching at a business school in the heart of the world’s financial capital, we feel downright blasphemous proposing an all-out government takeover of the banking system. But the U.S. financial system has reached such a dangerous tipping point that little choice remains. And while Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s recent plan to save it has many of the right elements, it’s basically too late.

The subprime mortgage mess alone does not force our hand; the $1.2 trillion it involves is just the beginning of the problem. Another $7 trillion — including commercial real estate loans, consumer credit-card debt and high-yield bonds and leveraged loans — is at risk of losing much of its value. Then there are trillions more in high-grade corporate bonds and loans and jumbo prime mortgages, whose worth will also drop precipitously as the recession deepens and more firms and households default on their loans and mortgages.”


“…if you think that $2 trillion is high, consider our latest estimates at the financial Web site RGE Monitor: They suggest that total losses on loans made by U.S. banks and the fall in the market value of the assets they are holding will reach about $3.6 trillion. The U.S. banking sector is exposed to half that figure, or $1.8 trillion. Even with the original federal bailout funds from last fall, the capital backing the banks’ assets was only $1.4 trillion, leaving the U.S. banking system about $400 billion in the hole.

Two important parts of Geithner’s plan are “stress testing” banks by poring over their books to separate viable institutions from bankrupt ones and establishing an investment fund with private and public money to purchase bad assets. These are necessary steps toward a healthy financial sector.

But unfortunately, the plan won’t solve our financial woes, because it assumes that the system is solvent. If implemented fairly for current taxpayers (i.e., no more freebies in the form of under-priced equity, preferred shares, loan guarantees or insurance on assets), it will just confirm how bad things really are.

Nationalization is the only option that would permit us to solve the problem of toxic assets in an orderly fashion and finally allow lending to resume. Of course, the economy would still stink, but the death spiral we are in would end.”


Nationalize the Banks! We’re all Swedes Now February 15, 2009 by Matthew

Richardson & Nouriel Roubini


10]     Hey, have kids; wirk yo’ ass off; make amends for money’s in hands gone, but, to have teens sent to county-Pens to maintain that the “private Prisons” keep building the prison-Industial: system, no way would an adolescent-Parent want to do that? Weld, not, grind-First, then prep again, like what-Ski! The judges conspire w management of hire corporate-Disunity credos and make magic! More like a day-Dream w NSDU-238 oozing from nostrils, as one awakens in a stupor of “what the heck, at least I don’t know where the Judge’s at, too”? That tender age of youth dispossessed is becoming of the g-Enron war’s long, we do not doubt, but reading g-Enron’s lips, that’s sick. Just to watch his lips hurt as transitions were never meant to transmit into change, unless “autocractic-Ascendency” rules, first and elitists, foremost appeared as a prosaic to no second thoughts, no debates, one-Strike you win!! There was the judge’s training that just naturally slipped from the grasp of, “laws”. They may have oNLY been influenced by gravity instead of corporate-Greed.

AND, of course, at least they did not cop-Out from the monetary-System, too!       “R”


“The answers became a bit clearer on Thursday as the judge, Mark A. Ciavarella Jr., and a colleague, Michael T. Conahan, appeared in federal court in Scranton, Pa., to plead guilty to wire fraud and income tax fraud for taking more than $2.6 million in kickbacks to send teenagers to two privately run youth detention centers run by PA Child Care and a sister company, Western PA Child Care.

While prosecutors say that Judge Conahan, 56, secured contracts for the two centers to house juvenile offenders, Judge Ciavarella, 58, was the one who carried out the sentencing to keep the centers filled.

“In my entire career, I’ve never heard of anything remotely approaching this,” said Senior Judge Arthur E. Grim, who was appointed by the State Supreme Court this week to determine what should be done with the estimated 5,000 juveniles who have been sentenced by Judge Ciavarella since the scheme started in 2003. Many of them were first-time offenders and some remain in detention.

The case has shocked Luzerne County, an area in northeastern Pennsylvania that has been battered by a loss of industrial jobs and the closing of most of its anthracite coal mines.”


February 13, 2009 by The New York Times

Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit

by Ian Urbina and Sean D. Hamill         


11]       Wars are so much fun, that many want to go overseas and join in the illegal national-Guard “protection-Society”. One factor is that killing people “over-There” keeps the bases, all 737 overseas, where they can pollute and not have to have soldiers rely upon being human, like in open-their-Hearts to the EPA—at home in the pat-Act, territory—or was that once-Waz: republic! The neo-Cons do not have to abdicate the elitists rulers, but many are lousy at justifying “positive-Adventure” in law-Making amenities of providing a FuTuRE. Now that the manufacturing “base of production” has been sent abroad, we cannot be glad that they made and economy-Shrink into another rightwing backlash endeavor. Paulson was wrong but Nancy was not knowing how wrong he was-going-to-Be. Gimme dysfunction and I’d be a proletariat-Congressman. Ms. Pelsoi does not listen to the law of abiding by “the rule of law” and she’ hardly gotten into the dance of movin’ on. But this craftie-Crap of dEMs allowing wars to go along as the economy-Ruins is castigated to the radinuclides “wastebins: unseen” is justice w.o,. parody? Gomme some parody to parity those needs of what has transpired because the speaker went “lameo’d” the whole remedial discourse by not discoursing. Thus, well said, allow Mr. Ralph Nader to entertain a few major glitches, if oNLY to fill in the remedial-Spite places of antiquity!               “R”


“Constitution….But Congress does not act as if it is the most powerful branch. It routinely abdicates its constitutional responsibilities-the declaration of war authority and the plenary authority to investigate and require access to information in the executive branch.

Even after the Democrats took control of the Congress in January 2007, George W. Bush again and again got his way including a rubber stamp for the huge Iraq and Afghanistan war budgets outside of the normal appropriations processes.

Efforts by Senator Russ Feingold and Cong. John Conyers to move a modest censure resolution of Bush and Cheney for their many constitutional and statutory violations were aggressively rejected by their leaders-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid. In January 2007, Pelosi and Reid two took impeachment off the table allowing the most chronically impeachable presidency in our history to continue undisturbed.

…their majority status in 2007 to 2009 and a Democratic President in the White House, the Congressional Democrats are not moving swiftly to repeal the ban on Uncle Sam negotiating drug prices from volume discounts under the drug benefit law. They are not moving to amend the Patriot Act, regain control of warrantless surveillance, strengthen the corporate criminal laws and enforcement budgets. Congress is not even pushing to require taxing Hedge Fund manager’s income as ordinary income not as capital gains.

I cite these policies because they are policies much favored by many Democratic lawmakers. But in practice lawmakers duck and duck and duck from translating their beliefs into contentious action vis-à-vis the lobbyists and their captive legislators.

Senator Chris Dodd and the vast majority of the American people want to do something about credit card company abuses and gouges. But he is surrounded not just by the Republicans on the Senate Banking Committees but high-ranking Democrats beholden to the financial goliaths who, are demanding and receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts.

There is word from the politicians that consideration of health care insurance-apart from a quickly enacted expansion of some coverage for more poor children-will be put off for a year. The trade unions’ top priority to enact labor law reforms, supported by Obama during his presidential campaign, are being held back by the Democrats.

There is even doubt whether the District of Columbia will get a voting Representative in the House when push comes to shove in the Senate.”


It’s Going to Take a Civic Jolt by Ralph Nader February 14, 2009 by


12]     Three mile Island and Chernobyl, accidents w events on the superlative conditional aspects that nuclear is pollution, and accidents and melt-Downs and nobody’s storage but rusting containors leaking into ground-Waters already soaked w radionuclides for the 1940’s and 1950’s but the people who know about clean-Ups do not want to deal w nuclear-Armaments and NSDU-238 wasn’t knew, has to be the travesty of the current stipulations for more “digressions”. We need those immoral digressions so that the empire can aver not needing to survive a “thousand-Years” w only one voice saying “ohh, weld, that’s the new-Rome for ya”! The accident, first one @ Chernobyl had happened about four-to-six years before “the Ecology group” got to the plateau of bricks ensembling the trail-Winding that led to the top of number two, already top-Blown in 1980! There was a definite paradox that one-to-three had been exposed: died, but not of the venture of steam-Esteem that would blow-Forth six years after, our peace-Pilgrimage (& visit). The grup was never going to be “UN-glad” that they had come to bringing me and had actually gone thru all my thoughts endeavoring about had bad the darkness-Depths of human-Reality could be enjoined, as goin’ was outta-Question, not outta-Mind!


The average-Joe: mindscape in the Pentagons land of empire, is about the same as that diurnal bequeathal 29-years ago. Accidents happened elsewhere, we flew over the Azores, marked the spot of four trigger-Mech’d h-Bombs; we camped beside the ridiculously muddied and harried by 15-waves off Greenland’s ice-Coast. We’d not expected me to hike 50 kiolmteres to the back door of red-China’s ulam Batar test-Zone. We’d expected that abysmal was metal, well-Prepped would contain most of the 76-100 tons of waste, but did not expect than “millions-of-Tons” was the actuality, back, then, and of course, has worsened as old sites are now remediating and the sooner-Better: factor, weld, that has not started, yet, the un-Declared wars go along @ $11 billion per month—almost six-Full years on phase-#: Iraq, w the NSDU-238 hardly mentioned as number-One clean-up factor in front of the United Nations, etc.         “R”


“The nuclear power industry is back to where it always goes when it wants to build new reactors—the taxpayer trough…Time after time over the past half-century, the atomic energy industry has gone to the government to demand massive amounts of money. The most recent public gouging came during the Great Deregulation Scam of 1999-2001. As Enron and its cronies contrived phony energy shortages and nearly bankrupted California, the atomic pushers went before America’s state legislatures and asked for a massive bailout. They complained that with the coming age of deregulation (about two dozen states deregulated their electricity businesses) nuclear power plants were too expensive, inefficient and obsolete to compete in the coming green age.

So they demanded—and got—more than $100 billion in “stranded cost” payouts. These were the ultimate admission that atomic power simply could not make it in the marketplace. As deregulation failed throughout the US, what Forbes Magazine labeled “the largest managerial disaster in business history” stayed alive as America’s ultimate welfare cheat.

Now the industry is back for more. After complaining about its old reactors’ lousy economic performance, it now argues that the new ones will be magically transformed, and that billions more should be spent building them.”


Nukes Are Back and So Are We by Harvey Wasserman October 18, 2007 by


[publications available thru apeco © 2 chapbooks of poetry w pHots…

“impunity with roughshod method” © 10-01-08           AND

“rightwing victimization, neo-Cons, their liberal-Wars & head-Space not so depleted ur-238 entropy” © 1-09-09 & 2-18-o9 (luv from the peace-Warrior…) copy-2/resized smaller: 2-19-09]


social-Com #12-09   “almost-Pdf and other socio-Polity”           apeco © (2-15-09)


1]       Was Ivin’s involved beyond the u-S secrecy-Policy or entrapped by the Pat-Act? Seems that somebody may have duped him or that he meagerly suggested that some-Dysfunction of impropriety could be carried along because he would be from his desk, as per useful for any human ‘need’. The pressure on him was by somebody who ostensibly was into over-powering his methods as well as his protection guaranteeing he would not need to become paranoid. Thus, he was entrapped by either himself or someone-Else helped that issue along into sequences of obduracy in the freakish-Incident that parable’d outside-Use!         “R”


“In reading through reams of coverage of Ivins’s suicide and the FBI case against him, I found only a single reference to the work his lab at Fort Detrick had been dedicated to throughout most of the Cold War era. Here is that sentence from the Washington Post: “As home to the Army Biological Warfare Laboratories, the facility ran a top-secret program producing offensive biological weapons from 1943 until 1969.” And yet, if you don’t grasp this fact, the real significance of the anthrax case remains in the shadows.”

“This essentially remained the state of the case until, as July ended, Ivins committed suicide. Then, what a field day! The details, the questions, the doubts, the disputed scientific evidence, the lists of kinds of drugs he was prescribed, the lurid quotes, the “rat’s nest” of an anthrax-contaminated lab he worked in, the strange emails and letters! (“I wish I could control the thoughts in my mind… I get incredible paranoid, delusional thoughts at times, and there’s nothing I can do until they go away, either by themselves or with drugs.”) Case solved! Or not… The “mad scientist” from the Army’s Fort Detrick bio-wars labs finally nabbed! Or not…

It was a dream of a story. And the mainstream media ran with it, knowledgeably, authoritatively, as if they had never let it go. Now, as the coverage fades and the story once again threatens to head for obscurity (despite doubts about Ivins’s role in the attacks), I thought it might be worth mentioning a few questions that came to my mind as I read through recent coverage — not on Ivins’s guilt or innocence, but on matters that are so much a part of our American landscape that normally no one even thinks to ask about them.

Here are my top six questions about the case:…”


Double Standards in the Global War on Terror: Anthrax Department

by Tom Engelhardt / August 18, 2008


2]     The last time I traveled down and to the northern reaches of this Americas continent from the high-Country, was in 1977. Charley & I hiked from Nome to Beaufort Sea, and there was one place, south east of Prudhoe, inland where we had to by-Pass the muskeog, that gave us fair and ever-Warm air. The Indige-Tribe I went back to three days later said right-Off, What will happen next”? We were lucky that we had a ship to take us eastward along the coastline we explored as they delivered to people, parties, tribes, businesses, w scientists coming ‘n going, too! That we could further our hikes onto ice floes and inlands white-Snow ‘n ice remained w the command of ecology’s quest, or paradise, cold ‘n amusing. The report last summer, 2008, states that the Arctic “ices” will disappear in five years from August. I sense that the area where we headed inland had an inversion as the heat stayed in the high sixties late into evening before dissipating, as a fog would warm-Up, dissipating w.o. leaving moisture behind.                 “R”


“’When we did the first climate change computer models, we thought the Arctic’s summer ice cover would last until around 2070,’ said Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University. ‘It is now clear we did not understand how thin the ice cap had already become – for Arctic ice cover has since been disappearing at ever increasing rates. Every few years we have to revise our estimates downwards. Now the most detailed computer models suggest the Arctic’s summer ice is going to last for only a few more years – and given what we have seen happen last week, I think they are probably correct.’”


Meltdown In The Arctic Is Speeding Up Scientists warn that the North Pole could be free of ice in just five years’ time instead of 60 by Robin McKie /8-11-08


3]       NSDU-238 is not to be good for you, so why would a whole war be invented for the excessive “piles” to be used elsewhere, as vehicles can pollute 5-times over “normal-Background” elsewhere? That’s why they’d use NSDU-238, because the stuff can make a bigger “mess” than having hospital-Car ingratiated like workers may need their health all though they should smoke themselves to death in worries, first! All that became egregious as March of 1991 came around. The story since is multiples of stories, lies by the government not more than merely delinquency to keep using the “totally innocuous” chemical and radiation i.e. low-Level, which makes even worse the manners of finding what diseases have been caused thru a multiplying force of forensics involving studies the “d-F Pentagons” oNLY covered-Up to avail “lies & deceits together” which made for less than superficial “deceits”. Fouls committed since then, must be brought around full 180* to in-Front of the public, even if that takes the passage of the “referendum” and the total “abandonment” of the federal-Reserve-Act: 1913, which has never, not yet even, been PASSeD—total vote of Congress, not show of hands?             “R”


“…”The most worrying is that many of our women have suffered loss of their babies, and some had babies born with deformations.”

“I had two children who had brain damage from birth,” 28-year-old Hayfa’ Shukur told IPS. “My husband has been detained by the Americans since November 2004 and so I had to take the children around by myself to hospitals and private clinics. They died. I spent all our savings and borrowed a considerable amount of money.”

Shukur said doctors told her that it was use of the restricted weapons that caused her children’s brain damage and subsequent deaths, “but none of them had the courage to give me a written report.”

“Many babies were born with major congenital malformations,” a paediatric doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, told IPS. “These infants include many with heart defects, cleft lip or palate, Down’s syndrome, and limb defects.”

The doctor added, “I can say all kinds of problems related to toxic pollution took place in Fallujah after the November 2004 massacre.”

Many doctors speak of similar cases and a similar pattern. The indications remain anecdotal, in the absence of either a study, or any available official records.

The Fallujah General Hospital administration was unwilling to give any statistics on deformed babies, but one doctor volunteered to speak on condition of anonymity — for fear of reprisals if seen to be critical of the administration.

“Maternal exposure to toxins and radioactive material can lead to miscarriage and frequent abortions, still birth, and congenital malformation,” the doctor told IPS. There have been many such cases, and the government “did not move to contain the damage, or present any assistance to the hospital whatsoever.

“These cases need intensive international efforts that provide the highest and most recent technologies that we will not have here in a hundred years,” he added.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expressed concern Mar. 31 about the lack of medical supplies in hospitals in Baghdad and Basra.

“Hospitals have used up stocks of vital medical items, and require further supplies to cope with the influx of wounded patients. Access to water remains a matter of concern in certain areas,” the ICRC said in a statement.

A senior Iraqi health ministry official was quoted as saying Feb. 26 that the health sector is under “great pressure”, with scores of doctors killed, an exodus of medical personnel, poor medical infrastructure, and shortage of medicines.”


‘Special Weapons’ Have a Fallout on Babies by Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail June 12, 2008


footnote: International Commission on Radiological Protection (from: Uranium Weapons Summary: A concise guide to uranium weapons, the science and their legal status) “The ICRP is an undemocratic, self-sustaining body, which issues recommendations to governments and supranational bodies on radiological protection. They make political choices between dose received and the benefit obtained to society; a job that many would say should be left to politicians. While its members appear strong on radiation physics, they have been criticised for being significantly weaker on radiobiology. The ICRP uses data from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts to estimate dose and exposure rates. Japanese bomb victims were exposed to an acute burst of external gamma and beta radiation. As has been shown, long-term environmental DU contamination leads to chronic internal exposure from alpha radiation, thus rendering the ICRP’s whole body and organ dose rates largely irrelevant.”


The devaluation of American-People is a capitalist-Totalitarian crime, the wars &

INvasions are IMperium/IMperialism…


foreign-Policy is soooo-Belligerent, a voice from the VOId,

the radionuclidesPOet, “R” Addison

Tags/ warrantless surveillance, NSDU-238 is not good for you, Arctic melt, DU contamination, leads to chronic internal exposure, Fallujah,November 2004 massacre, lies & deceits together, once-Waz: republic, Three mile Island and Chernobyl, radiologic contaminations, International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s, Great Deregulation Scam of 1999-2001, NRC, Ralph Nader

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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