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anti-nucleaRist bloG #285/ 04 Jun 2020 the ‘new-Rome of PlutocRacy’ is the tyRannical-state  

anti-nucleaRist bloG #285/ 04 Jun 2020

the ‘new-Rome of PlutocRacy’ is the tyRannical-state     (c) apeco


Is there a defense fRom nuclear-Molecular-Weapons, each of the three, all three utilized at once, tReaties for each nations-State whole holding the new-Rome of plutocRacy to task, for not interfering w the United Nations, “International Atomic Energy Agency” in a regulatory commission-Pact of obeying tReaties not to use uranium-238 weapons, not to re-divert “directed-Energy: weapons (electromagnetic-energy that utilizes ‘atomic-Fusion’) as well as additions to “the New School” Universities that may already offer courses in full accountings of  of all “nucleaR-Molecular” weapons and nucleaRism entitlements? Any full-measure: history-Course in world “nucleaRism” yet? Impoverishment yourselves a need? Don’t exercise, but smoke cancersticks and drink-Alcohol for hours daily!     “R”


Monday evening at 8pm, police were called to the Cup Foods grocery store in South Minneapolis to investigate an alleged case of forgery. Hours later, a routine statement was issued by the police with the innocuous title, “Man Dies After Medical Incident During Police Interaction.”

Overnight, however, the official narrative unraveled as a video of two officers standing over a black man’s body went viral. In the footage taken by a bystander, one of the officers is seen kneeling on the man’s neck as he pleads, “I can’t breathe! Please, I can’t breathe! I’m about to die!” As he continues to gasp desperately for several minutes, one of the officers asks him in an exasperated tone, “what do you want?” Just hours later, George Floyd was pronounced dead.

The original police statement claimed they had found a man suspected of being under the influence. It informed the public that the police had called for an ambulance for someone who had been “suffering medical distress”—with no mention of how an officer kneeling on his neck may have induced that distress.

Over the course of Tuesday morning, more photos and videos emerged on social media. One image shows four officers in total, with three of them casually standing around while their fellow police officer kneels on George’s neck.

A protest was hastily organized through Facebook by Black Lives Matter Minnes-ota, for Tuesday at 5pm. By 3pm, the four officers involved—Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng—had been fired. But people had already start-ed to gather outside Cup Foods.

In the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, it was unclear what kind of response the call to action would receive. But after a long winter, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in US history, and with millions embittered by the results of the presidential primaries, the simmering anger in society was ready to burst to the surface. This was the 49th police murder of a black man in Minneapolis alone since 2000, and it was clear that enough was enough—pandemic or no pandemic.

Protest organizers distributed protective masks, hand sanitizer, and bottled water to anyone who needed it and social distancing was encouraged. At its height, the protest was several blocks long, as hundreds marched peacefully carrying signs such as “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe!” and chanting, “Fuck Trump!” and “No Justice No Peace!”

Protesters, most wearing masks, shut down the 101 Freeway tonight near down-town LA to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died after a police officer stood on his neck while detaining him

The uncontrolled rage and feeling of powerlessness of some individuals was expressed through a few broken windows on police vehicles as the march neared the precinct station on Lake St. and Minnehaha Ave. In retaliation, the police sent tear gas and non-lethal rounds into the crowd, which included children, parents, and grandpar-ents. On Wednesday morning, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a statement calling for the arrest of the officer who killed George Floyd.

Spontaneously, a smaller crowd gathered outside the police station that evening. Undoubtedly, the size of these protests would have been even larger were it not for COVID-19. Livestreams were watched by thousands of viewers who were overwhelm-ingly on the side of the protesters.

Although protesters stood still with arms raised in the street, chanting “I can’t breathe,” and “hands up, don’t shoot,” the police tear gassed the crowd yet again. Some of the protesters took the lids off large garbage bins to use as shields against rounds shot by the police, and anyone attempting to throw objects at the cops from behind the makeshift barricades was told immediately by other protestors to stop.

Just weeks ago, the cops stood calmly at the state capitol building in nearby St. Paul as armed protesters demanded that the governor reopen the economy. The racial and class composition of that protest was decidedly different—white and petty bourgeois. But since the police are a tool used to protect private property and the capitalists’ profits, the protests to reopen the economy were under their protection. But the pro-tests for justice in the killing of George Floyd—which are at root protests against a system that relies on racism to exploit and divide the working class—are not permissible to these same officers.

So far, the demonstrations have been largely spontaneous, the product of the accumulated anger being released like pressurized gas finally finding a fault in its vessel. Like the Ferguson movement which erupted in a very similar manner, the justified anger of the community has been met with police violence and repression. In response, more protests are set for Thursday and Saturday. But the movement is leaderless and therefore, ultimately, directionless.

Several unions have published statements condemning the Minneapolis Police Department and calling on the city government to “take action.” But far more is needed from organized labor! They should link up directly with the protests and mobilize their membership to flood the streets. With 364,000 union members statewide, the streets of the city could be immobilized if the union tops took action. It is the working class that has the power to “shut it down” by withholding its labor! A city-wide general strike—along the lines of the 1934 Teamsters Strike—would get the authorities’ attention! Ultimately, it would pose the question: who should run society?

Though some are taking advantage of the chaos and disorganization that comes from a spontaneous, leaderless movement to loot stores, and even burn down buildings, these actions are not a function of the protests but a product of the system the police are defending. Capitalism creates a world of plenty in the big retail stores, while armies of starving people are unable to afford to buy the products beyond their doors, and luxury condos stand vacant in the midst of a housing crisis. These contradictions have been exacerbated by the economic catastrophe that has befallen the workers and poor. Across the US today, fully 41 million workers have lost their jobs since March, including fully 39% of low-wage workers earning less than $49,000. A full 35% of households with children are now food insecure. This has led to an explosive mood of anger that is searching for an outlet.

Nonetheless, elements of organization have been seen in embryo in the first 48 hours of this movement, such as the distribution of masks, hand sanitizer, and other donations to those who need it. We also see the evidence that large crowds of protesters are perfectly capable of “maintaining order” among themselves. For example, when individuals have tried to throw litter at the police in brash anger, but were stopped by the rest of the crowd so as not to give the cops an excuse to unleash even more violence.”1

1- “Anger Explodes at Police Murder in Minneapolis

by Erika Roedl 28 May 2020

The cRonyism of cop-Payscales is knocking of tens-of-thousands ex-Military whether involved in fighting or in medics of the”hegemonyites-Military”. The we-Boomers in corRespondence w anti-Nuclearists around the 50-states of suRveillance: intel-Gences, had seen a decade and more of “hardly any afRo-Amers beside us all” in vigilance for non-Usages of 2-type-Kinds nucleaR-Molecular: weapons, Uranium-238 and theRmo-NucleaR: hydRogen bomBski’s i.e. no fun to be around and definitely “offensive, aggRessoR usury”. This one soul actually has had 57-years anti-nucleaRist: pRotests-vigils-marches-demonstRations-plenaRies-speakers and pRonouncements by ubiquitous propaganda-Agents of the plutcRacy we are forced to reside.

The report, above, is a close-Summary of what I recollect of the twin-cities police-Service, unions at odds w laws and lawful integrity for abidances. The IMT, or International Marxist Tendency, has been around since 1950’s as have socialist-Parties sharing parity between distances of nation-States, due the cRapholist “impugning” and tyRanny-Rex of the coRpoRatist-sleaze one-personhood. Altho, we are fortunate to have this gal, being so enticing w the facts and non-Usury, we “american-Socialists” are not enamored w the stats of 49: afRo-Amers men, sluiced from society in the manner of continued white-Racist/fascist embolism known as “southern inhospitality” or “lynching” a debtors-pRison characteristic bRought from Europe during many emigRations by others i.e.not associated w Chinese laborers, nor nipponese farmers, but mobsters-competing w Viking murders more than likely.


“Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Based on these concerns, WHO conducted a survey in May—a rapid assessment of service delivery for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases—with 155 countries submitting. These NCD illnesses, which kill more than 41 million people each year (equivalent to 71 percent of all deaths globally), make these populations more vulnerable to becoming severely ill and at risk for succumbing to infection with SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus).

According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “Many people who need treatment for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have not been receiving the health services and medicines they need since the COVID-19 pandemic began.”

Low-income countries have been most severely impacted in services for NCDs. More than half the reporting countries have reported that such services have been partially or entirely disrupted, while at least two-thirds said rehabilitation services had been affected. Almost unanimously, every country stated that health workers had been reassigned, wholly or partially, to support COVID-19 response. Screening for breast and cervical cancer has been postponed in more than half of the countries. Of note, in 2018, 627,000 women died from breast cancer and 300,000 from cervical cancer.

Service disruptions (from the WHO):

  • *53 percent have partially or completely disrupted services for hypertension treatment;
    49 percent for treatment for diabetes or diabetes-related complications;
    42 percent for cancer treatments;
    31 percent for cardiovascular emergencies;
    15 million people between the ages of 30 and 69 die from NCDs—85 percent of these “premature” deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

Director of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Carissa Etienne, said, “One of the most concerning aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the disproportionate impact of the virus on people suffering from NCDs. We have never seen such a destructive relationship between infectious disease and NCDs. Some of the data is truly alarming, especially for our region where NCDs are pervasive.”

Antimicrobial resistance

Worldwide, more than 700,000 people die each year due to drug-resistant infections, according to the WHO. Although the viral pandemic has taken priority, according to Muhammad Hamid Zaman, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor at Boston University, “We have to think of antimicrobial resistance not as detached but as something that’s going on simultaneously with this pandemic.”

According to a senior science adviser to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Since the emergence of COVID-19, collected data have shown an increase in antibiotic use, even though most of the initial illnesses being treated have been from COVID-19 viral infection. The resulting increased exposure to health care settings and invasive procedures, along with expanded antibiotic use, amplifies the opportunity for resistant pathogens to emerge and spread.” The use of antibiotics does little to treat the viral infection, but the over-prescription of antibiotics can lead to multi-drug resistant bacteria.

The use of antimicrobial treatment for COVID-19 patients has been commonplace, with many taking hydroxychloroquine and macrolides in the population as preventative measures against the infection. The dangerous hype by President Trump or celebrity politicians by promoting untested therapies not only led to drug shortages but potentially promoting the development of multi-drug resistant “superbugs.”

A recent meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases looking at coinfection in patients with coronavirus infections found that 8 percent of patients with COVID-19 also experienced a bacterial or fungal infection. However, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, despite a lack of evidence for bacterial infection, was reported in 1,450 out of 2,010 patients (72 percent).

The WHO has discouraged the use of antibiotics in mild cases of COVID-19, although recommending its use for severe cases where the risk of a bacterial infection and death is high.

Before the pandemic, approximately 65 percent of adults in the US received anti-biotic prescriptions for bronchitis even though the overwhelming cause of the condition is viral infections. Given the lack of COVID-19 testing, and clinical confusion caused by overlapping symptoms, the inappropriate use of antibiotics will only worsen. Dr. Priya Nori, the medical director of the antimicrobial stewardship program and outpatient parental antibiotic therapy program at Montefiore Health System in the Bronx, said in the British Medical Journal, “hospitals’ data also show a slow and steady increase in multi-drug resistance among gram-negative bacteria that can be potentially deadly coinfections with COVID-19.”

The WHO director-general said at Monday’s press briefing, “I’m glad to say a record number of countries are now monitoring and reporting on antibiotic resistance … but the data they provide reveals that a worrying number of bacterial infections are increasingly resistant to the medicines we have traditionally treated them with, as we gather more evidence, it’s clear that the world is losing its ability to use critically important antimicrobial medicines all over the world.”

While decrying developed nations’ overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals, underdeveloped nations continue to see these medicines out of reach for those that need them, which adds further to the already heavy burden of unnecessary morbidity and mortality. Presently, no studies are investigating the association between COVID-19 and the development of superinfections or multi-drug resistance.

…Additional concerns UNICEF raised include:

  • Nearly 1.3 billion students—over 72 percent—are out of school as a result of nationwide school closures in 177 countries.
    Nearly 370 million children across 143 countries who regularly rely on school meals for a reliable source of daily nutrition must now look to other sources as schools are shuttered.
    As of 14 April, over 117 million children in 37 countries may miss out on their measles vaccination as the pandemic causes immunization campaigns to stop, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Universal health is a global concern, and it requires an international perspective to address the enormous inequity that exists. That so many languish and face life-long health insecurities can no longer be tolerable.”2

2-COVID-19 pandemic exposes a rapidly developing global health crisis

WSWS by Benjamin Mateus 2 Jun 2020

What is neglect is also regRetful. The “new-Rome of PlutocRacy” is the tyRannical-state of modern-Fascism is everywheRe not good for people. The post-Modern estate of hegemony-gRowth is borne for those atavisms for intel-Gence and for contRol, of the werkors and of the Bourgeoisie. The new-Rome is the big-Bully amongst nations, on this planet. Yet, there is a “constant of viral-OutbReaks” going back to 1983—worldwide. The riots and pRotest based upon religious-pRecepts and hopefully principles first-of-all, in the new-Rome of plutocRacy, is a tyRannical-rex of cRapholism and capitalist-TotalitaRianism that are NOT surmising from community-Inputs and firsthand abuses, in in the fifty-States. The remainder of the world is also getting abused, ‘Health-wise’. No wonder there are people who would rather tear down small-Businesses than coRpoRate-Offices, does not make rational-Sense. The facts above are released, but egRegiousness-Extent is that the one-party: system is fascism in contRol. Is that so damnably hard to accept, unless you’ve the pea-bRain activated by chemicalization from Ionispheric-Heaters, which is not excuse anyhow, but continues the hypocRisy of deep-State and intel-Gence. 

 …the MilitaRism-Police Buildups Shid-ski Hit-the-Fan the split in the party, Oakland CA, chaps. in 37 states, werkin’ w PLO, being tRained, assassination of Fred Hampton, Chicago COINTELPRO (Wm O’neill, agent provacateur, phone calls! deliberate agitation, FBIs placed illicit files in pRison records (in state record) being ‘black’ was frightening to the stRucture of cRapholism—other aRmed armed black gRoups—but, all communities could become a core, but the murders of not centRal, the Black Panther Party persons, got the bRunt, and the illegality of fBIS assholes. In the consensus of Ideology, the gRoups were not allowed that fReedom! Calculated risk, a mistake, yet had to have ability to protect themselves due the decades long violence by white supRemacy i.e. kill us fighting-Back! The threat existed because they WERE SOCIALISTS. Hmmm cRimes by fBIS coupled w cIAS, against US-constitution!

There are afro-Amers mistReated by Police in their own neighborhoods? The who-what-when-where, are those arrests, of the police-bRutalizoRs, I say? The illegal cops go-along and do that anti-Human-Rights despicability, again? Total lack of respect for the businesses by the polease-Pole: persons of delinquency anti-Norms! CommeRcial pRopeRty ‘damage’, not own-ed by protestoRs unnecessarily; this kind of abuse is paradoxical-abuse wRit laRge! Definitely. The nature of policing is R-O-N-G sidearms are despicability for fecund-Laws not being lawful! Capitalist “fascist-System” is established to pRotect dumb-Fool: pRopeRty, but not humanity first and foremost! Suffering-Together does not determine that “the psychic-Phenomenon will suRvive the power-Trippe”! He who is authority does not paTronize herself/himself! Maybe, but cRapholism is totality is horrendo-Gully like is nucleaRism, pRissiness-Excess. What are the “oppRessors” doing to others? The oppressed will-have-to-rise-up, against the collective-OppRession.   “R”


“With complete disregard for the dangers of a new wave of infection, governments are lifting COVID-19 safety restrictions at breakneck speed in Australia, as they are around the world, despite the still worsening global pandemic.

Internationally, the pandemic is spreading and the toll is rising rapidly. So far, some 213 countries and territories have reported more than 6.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases and nearly 380,000 deaths. Shocking scenes of overrun hospitals have spread from the US, UK, Italy and Spain to Brazil, Russia, India, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

This is not simply a natural disaster. COVID-19 has triggered an historic failure of the capitalist profit system. Every aspect of the response of governments—their cuts to public healthcare and medical research, lack of pandemic preparation and indifference to the lives of working people—flows from the subordination of human needs to corporate profits and the accumulation of personal wealth.

In Australia, at the behest of big business, workers are being pushed back into unsafe workplaces, including schools, like their fellow workers internationally, even as fresh outbreaks keep appearing across the country, from schools and abattoirs to McDonalds outlets and aged care facilities.

Via decrees agreed by the so-called national cabinet, Liberal-National and Labor governments alike are gambling with the lives of the population. They are announcing accelerated “reopening” measures almost daily. In their haste, they are sweeping aside previous timetables, long before the impact of the earlier lifting of restrictions has been revealed.

Government leaders like Prime Minister Scott Morrison openly declare that new infections are unavoidable. The complicit corporate media declares that “living with COVID” is “the new normal,” dismissing the danger of explosive spreads of the highly infectious and deadly disease.

This is a dangerous leap in the dark. Studies conducted internationally have concluded that up to half of COVID-19 infections result from pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic transmissions—that is, from people who have no idea they are carrying the coronavirus. Yet no general testing had been done in Australia, nor is any proposed.

That is because, based solely on the financial impact on business of retaining restrictions, Morrison and his fellow government leaders have flatly ruled out seeking to eradicate the coronavirus—the only sure way to halt the deaths and disease until the development of a vaccine.

This official response is in line with the “death calculus” advocated in the financial newspapers in Australia, as well as around the globe. As far as the ruling capitalist class is concerned, working class deaths and ill-health are a price to be paid, if need be, in order to restore private profits and boost the share markets. The cost of saving lives is too high, according to this calculus, even as billions of dollars are spent on one corporate bailout package after another.

For all the endless government and media propaganda that Australia has beaten the pandemic, deep medical and public concerns remain. There is a bipartisan government rush to lift the restrictions that may have saved people, so far, from the terrible losses being suffered across Europe, the US, the Indian sub-continent and Latin America.

Australian governments had the distinct advantage of being forewarned by the calamities in China and Italy, as well as the World Health Organisation’s declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30. By early March, infections were growing exponentially in Australia. Nevertheless, the “national cabinet” resisted taking serious lockdown measures, such as the closures of pubs and clubs, until the third week of March, and even then tried to keep schools open, defying the concerns of teachers and parents. Most factories, warehouses and mining and construction sites were kept operating, despite workers’ protests.

A peer-reviewed data analytics study from the University of Sydney, published on May 18, found a further one-week delay in government action could have led to a five-fold increase in the total number of people infected. That would mean more than 35,000 cases today, not the current total of almost 7,200. Yet, these are the very measures now being reversed at a blinding pace.

Already, largely as a result of such disregard for working class lives, 103 people have died in Australia. Many of those resulted directly from profit-driven government responses, including the docking in Sydney of the infection-riddled Ruby Princess cruise ship on March 19 and the disembarkation of passengers without screening or quarantining.”3


3- “Oppose the premature lifting of COVID-19 safety restrictions!” 

by the Socialist Equality Party (Australia)” 03 Jun 2020

Where there is the militaRism-Police: buildups hit-the-Shid-ski: fans of plutocRacy-Delight. There is historical-Resentments from capitalist-totality going back the first indigenous-Persons killed in first-Annums, 1618, of making colonialist-Settlement in violence for themselves the disrespect they shall deserve. The history of afRo-americanism is one of parallelism. The power of power-Salute came from fighting power w pResciences of stRength. The split in the party, Oakland CA, chaps. in 37 states, werkin’ w PLO, being tRained, assassination of Fred Hampton, Chicago COINTELPRO (Wm O’neill, agent provacateur, phone calls! deliberate agitation, FBIs placed illicit files in pRison records (in state record) being ‘black’ was frightening to the stRucture of cRapholism—other aRmed armed black gRoups—but, all communities could become a core, but the murders of not centRal, the Black Panther Party persons, got the bRunt, and the illegality of fBIS assholes. In the consensus of Ideology, the gRoups were not allowed that fReedom! Calculated risk, a mistake, yet had to have ability to protect themselves due the decades long violence by white supRemacy i.e. kill us fighting-Back! The threat existed because they WERE SOCIALISTS. Hmmm cRimes by fBIS coupled w cIAS, against US-constitution!

There are afro-Amers mistReated by Police in their own neighborhoods? The who-what-when-where, are those arrests, of the police-bRutalizoRs, I say? The illegal cops go-along and do that anti-Human-Rights despicability, again? Total lack of respect for the businesses by the polease-Pole: persons of delinquency anti-Norms! CommeRcial pRopeRty ‘damage’, not own-ed by protestoRs unnecessarily; this kind of abuse is paradoxical-abuse wRit laRge! Definitely. The nature of policing is R-O-N-G sidearms are despicability for fecund-Laws not being lawful! Capitalist “fascist-System” is established to pRotect dumb-Fool: pRopeRty, but not humanity first and foremost! Suffering-Together does not determine that “the psychic-Phenomenon will suRvive the power-Trippe”! He who is authority does not paTronize herself/himself! Maybe, but cRapholism is totality is horrendo-Gully like is nucleaRism, pRissiness-Excess. What are the “oppRessors” doing to others? The oppressed will-have-to-rise-up, against the collective-OppRession.  “R”

“As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in the United States, the Trump administration has begun to roll back its White House Coronavirus Task Force. This has in effect ended even token efforts at the federal level to contain the disease now that all fifty states have begun to reopen.

The last time there was a press briefing on the pandemic was on May 22, when there were 1.6 million officially confirmed cases in the country and 97,600 deaths. The last time the task force was assembled, led by Vice President Mike Pence, was May 28, when there were more than 1.7 million cases and at least 103,000 deaths. As of today, the coronavirus has infected nearly 1.9 million people and killed more than 108,000 men, women and children in the United States.

Trump himself has largely stopped talking to his public health advisers. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, last spoke to Trump on May 18 in a call with the governors on the disease, according to CNN. In an interview with Stat News, Fauci noted that the president has not been inter-ested in discussing the progress in fighting the pandemic or making a vaccine for the virus in the past few weeks.

He said, “As you probably noticed, the task force meetings have not occurred as often lately. And certainly, my meetings with the president have been dramatically de-creased.”

The abandonment of the task force comes in the wake of Trump’s touting of hydroxychlorquine, Remdesivir and Moderna’s vaccine, as well as ingested bleach as cures for the deadly contagion. In each case, Trump was forced to walk back claims that some sort of “miracle drug” had been found in the face of opposition from his own team as well as the medical industry itself.

The rising case numbers and death toll are a warning that, despite the claims at the end of April that the country had succeeded in “flattening the curve,” the pandemic is ongoing. Since mid-May, the number of newly confirmed infections has not been going down nationally but holding steady at an average of 20,000 new cases each day, along with an average of at least 1,000 new deaths.

The pandemic has in particular begun spreading in the American South and West, which had not been initially as hard hit as New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California and Illinois. Now, however, the disease is rapidly spreading in all regions of the country and the case counts per capita in each state are becoming more equal than they were a month ago.

The situation is similar if not worse internationally. The number of new cases each day has been rising since the middle of last month and spiked above 125,000 on May 29. There have been at least 100,000 new cases globally each day for the past seven days, bring the total number of cases to well over 6.4 million. There are at the same time more than 381,000 deaths caused by the pandemic internationally, a number that is poised to accelerate as the virus continues its deadly course.

Despite the increasing dangers from the disease, every state in the US has reopened its economy in some form, pulling back measures that were implemented in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

Auto plants, Amazon warehouses and meatpacking factories, along with a whole host of other industries where the virus transmits easily from worker to worker, have forced their employees back to work with little to no personal protective equipment. There have already been reports of workers contracting the disease and dying as a result, with no doubt many more instances that have gone suppressed by the corporations and unreported in the mainstream media.

As a result of these reopenings, numerous scientific models of the pandemic now estimate that the number of cases in the US could soar as high as 4.3 million by the end of the summer, or 5.4 million if physical distancing rules are fully relaxed. The number of dead could rise to 293,000 in this time frame. By the end of the year, there could be as many as 1.2 million dead in the United States alone.

Moreover, no one in the political establishment has made serious mention of the fact that the nationwide protests against police violence will inevitably be followed by a rise in cases of COVID-19 despite efforts by organizers to promote social distancing and the wearing of face masks. The mass gatherings sparked by the murder of George Floyd will certainly spread the virus further, exacerbating an already dire public health crisis.

A further danger is that there is still not a clear understanding of the actual extent of the pandemic in the country. Estimates of the excess deaths in the United States, particularly those attributed to pneumonia, indicate that the true tally so far caused by the pandemic is about 50 percent higher than what is currently acknowledged. The spread of the disease has been similarly noted as being an undercount.

That the spread of the pandemic is not known is due to the dearth of testing in the United States, even now after more than four months of fighting the disease in the country. While the United States has performed the most tests in the world, it currently ranks 35th on a per capita basis.

In addition, because of the nation’s large population and massive spread, it was estimated in early May by researchers at the Harvard Global Health Institute that the country as a whole needed to ramp up testing to more than 900,000 a day by May 15 to be able to confidently know where the contagion is present. In the month since these predictions were made, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that, at most, half that are being done each day. The Harvard team explicitly noted that as physical distancing measures are relaxed, the number of tests performed each day will need to grow.

Multiple states as well as the CDC were also recently forced to revise the number of tests it had performed downward after it was uncovered that they had been counting the number of tests for the disease itself and tests for antibodies of the disease as essentially the same thing. While both are necessary for tracking the spread of the virus, counting them together artificially inflates the actual number of active coronavirus cases.”4

4- “White House Coronavirus Task Force effectively ended by Trump

WSWS by Bryan Dyne 03 Jun 2020

“The Trump administration and state governors are continuing to deploy tens of thousands of police and troops against peaceful demonstrations in over 200 cities in the US.

Curfews, mass arrests and police terror have not quelled the powerful movement of youth and workers of all races and ethnicities in response to the May 25 police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If anything, Trump’s fascist tirade from the Rose Garden on Monday, in which he asserted dictatorial powers and threatened to illegally deploy the military to crush the protests, has stiffened the resolve and heightened the anger of the hundreds of thousands marching in cities across the country.

Trump accompanied his repudiation of the US Constitution on Monday with the mobilization of hundreds of military police to spearhead an unprovoked attack on peaceful demonstrators well ahead of the 7:00 pm curfew declared by Washington DC’s Democratic mayor, Muriel Bowser.

The demonstrations are expanding internationally. Protests and marches have been held in London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin, Auckland, Sydney, Tehran, Halifax, Idlib (Syria) and many more cities.

In Houston, over 60,000 joined George Floyd’s family in a march against police murder. Drums played as tens of thousands, some on horseback, moved through downtown Houston. The march ended in front of City Hall with protesters holding signs reading, “I Can’t Breathe” and “No justice, no peace.”

In New York City, beginning at 2:00 p.m., thousands marched across the Manhattan Bridge towards Manhattan in an attempt to meet up with another group of marchers. At the Manhattan end of the bridge, protesters encountered a wall of police, forcing them to remain on the bridge. For two hours, protesters waited for the police to let them pass before deciding to turn around. Upon reaching the other side, the group came face-to-face with another wall of cops. For two hours the police refused to let anyone off the bridge. As word spread on social media of the cops’ thuggish tactics, the police were forced to relent and let the marchers pass.

In southern California, over 20,000 workers and youth braved scorching temperatures to march throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. These peaceful demonstrations were juxtaposed with the sight of heavily armed National Guard troops and Humvees deployed all along the famous boulevard to safeguard private property.

Demonstrating the widespread opposition to police violence, which takes place in every working-class community, protests have sprung up in rural towns such as Glasgow, Kentucky. This town of 14,000 people in south central Kentucky, in which 86 per-cent of residents identify as “white,” turned out 400 protesters on Tuesday afternoon.

Despite the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of the protests, governors, mayors and local officials have imposed curfews on over 60 million people living in 200 cities in 27 states. This includes a countywide 6:00 pm curfew for Los Angeles and an 8:00 pm curfew in New York City. The entire state of Arizona in under a curfew.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, imposed an 11:00 pm curfew on Monday which led to over 700 arrests. Not satisfied with this level of police repression, Trump demanded in a tweet that Cuomo “CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD” before “lowlifes and losers … rip the place apart.”

Taking Trump’s message to heart, in an extraordinary press conference on Tuesday, Cuomo characterized the New York Police Department’s response to the protests as a “disgrace.” He warned Mayor Bill de Blasio, also a Democrat, that there is an “option … to displace the mayor … bring in the National Guard.”

In an earlier press conference on Tuesday, de Blasio slammed his fist on the table as he decried “vicious attacks on police officers.” While dozens of social media videos have depicted NYPD thugs bashing, beating, gassing and attempting to run over protesters in the last 96 hours, de Blasio embraced the police and said, “anyone who attacks a police officer attacks all of us.” At the press conference he announced an extension of the curfew through the weekend.

While de Blasio had plenty of words for “violent outsiders,” he did not mention the vicious beating New York police delivered to 32-year-old hospital worker Rayne Valentine after his shift ended Saturday night at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Valentine described walking home from work when he came upon a group of officers chasing a young person. Valentine began to record the encounter as officers swarmed the individual. The police then turned to him, warned him to “get back” and began assaulting him.

The beating forced Valentine to undergo two CT scans and receive 7 staples to close a gaping head wound. Valentine recalled yelling to the officers beating him as he lay on the ground, “I’m just trying to go home.” One of the cops responded, “Well, you picked the wrong time to do that.”

As of this writing, governors in 28 states and the District of Columbia have activa-ted thousands of National Guard soldiers. In addition to the 45,000 Guard troops alre-ady activated in the previous months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 20,400 Guard soldiers have been deployed against the protests, with thousands more on standby.

While the bulk of this force is in Minnesota, nearly 2,000 have been activated in California. Currently, 1,200 soldiers are deployed in Los Angeles, 100 in Long Beach and 530 in Sacramento.

On Tuesday, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, activated 250 Guard troops and deployed them to Chicago. At a press conference, Pritzker assured his ruling class constituents that “We’ll continue to deploy as needed.” Bluntly stating the chief concern of the ruling class, Pritzker promised that “we are doing—and we will do—everything we can to protect private property.”

In Washington DC, soldiers have been deployed around national monuments. Three massive A4 tanker trucks, able to transport 2,500 gallons of fuel, rolled through city streets in preparation for the arrival of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) out of Tennessee. Ordered to deploy on Tuesday, the 1,000 soldiers are expected to arrive in the capital by Saturday. ACR units are known as “hunter-killer” units.

From the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers from the 278th will be occupying the capitol in Bradley Fighting Vehicles. Featuring explosive reactive armor, a 25mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun, TOW anti-tank missiles and a M240 machine gun, the Bradley’s battlefield purpose is to destroy light armor and scout out enemy tank positions in order to draw them out for the larger M1A1 battle tanks.

There is a glaring contrast between the response of the Trump administration and the ruling class to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and their response to the mass protests. In the case of COVID-19, nothing was done for weeks as the White House, senators and congressmen sought to downplay the threat, while they prepared a multi-trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street. The malign neglect of the ruling class has resulted in tens of thousands of preventable deaths, with more to come.

In the case of the protests, within hours thousands of police were mobilized and then quickly supplemented by state troopers and the National Guard.

This massive repression against the demonstrations includes the targeting of journalists and photographers. According to data provided by Trevor Timm, executive director of Freedom of the Press Foundation, there have been 211 “press freedom violations,” including over 33 arrests, 148 assaults (118 by police) and 30 instances of equipment or newsroom damage.

In the Philadelphia neighborhood of Fishtown, police still have no answers as to why officers abetted a group of 70 fascist thugs, armed with baseball bats, sledge-hammers and axes. The roving band was given free rein to violate curfew in order to harass and beat protesters, including local television producer Jon Ehrens of WHYY.

Ehrens was taken to the hospital Monday evening after he and his girlfriend were attacked by the group for recording them as they assaulted a protester. Even though the police precinct is on the street where the assault happened, and multiple cops were less than a block away, no one has been charged or arrested in connection with the assault.”5

5- “Protesters defy Trump’s threats, expand nationwide movement against police killings

WSWS by Jacob Crosse 03 June 2020

The state, if you will sidestep the empire of the new-Rome of plutocRacy, for a moment, is “that of organized violence”. They have a monopoly on “violence”murder w impunity, is their self-Defense mechanism. The tRumpeteR’s thRowing gasoline on the flame: when riot starts the guns come-out. His “hail-Caesar remarks, are not pRiorities for justice and Liberty, but rather fleeing to the undergRound bunker for a hambuRger. More likely he knew what he was causing. Get the people “off-the-stReets” is the will of plutocRacy, to maintain the system, no veneRation, threaten us of military, very-Illegal as though the fResh hambuRger is moldy in one hour. Go home. Vegetate. Biden or tRumpeteR? Go home, be bought again. I shall not repeat the idiocy of get gassed, get shot at, be a fool in bloodied clothing, by fighting the new-Rome’s tyRanny-guaRds. The prospects are “not prospeRing” they are adveRtent to dRawing conclusions”. The war-of-pRotestors against the formidable Bourgeois state-Powers. That the ‘covid-19’ made an appReciable need, an amenity into the absolute “need-of-Change” and that has not yet happened to occur, is their weakness of power and our-People street-power now, and ballot-Power on the anti-Cline of the Bourgeoisie, never the will of the people.

We are many they are few. They benefit the few, to marginalize the many. If I find my copy of my book, that shall be published. Read my book. Read that thRu then pick-up and read parts again, as you will like that eneRvation. You will love the parts when methane-Gas is inundating the lungs of millions like a pandemic and the dictator tRumpeteR does nothing, but pRactice “whimpie-BurgeRs in his undeRground silo, for another test-Run. Some dictators are too stir-cRazed, some aRe bought by cRapholist-tyRannizing of the Bourgeoisie to help induce deaths for the weRkoRs. He’ll maintain the lack of US-constitution means he must do both,  because as anaRchyist-pResident, he owns you. Somebody, if we get 4-years into “methane-Releases” will state to one-Another “he war-of-pRotestors against the formidable Bourgeois state-Powers” existed for more hegemonyites. What the hegemonyites-Heavy are doing to one-another we’ll know as not rioting against coRpoRate sleaze-Businesses. These riots need-ed more Gestalt.

“So, when I met Big Floyd, I met Big Floyd with Resurrection Houston, with Pastor P.T. We were all together. And so, we were coming into George’s home. We were coming into Third Ward as visitors. And so, we were hopeful to find what we call a person of peace, which is someone who is from Third Ward, who is loved there, who’s respected there, so that we can connect with the community and serve from a genuine place. And we were extremely fortunate to meet George. George was already — as you know, as you can see, as you’ve heard countless times, George was already preaching peace, love, God, unity, advocating against gun violence. He was already doing that before we showed up. And so, when we got there, George basically said, “If it’s God business, then it’s my business.” And so, that was our introduction.

We would shoot visuals and have Bible studies and different things like that in the community, and George came alongside us, saying, “Whatever you need, however I can serve,” you know, let people in the community know we’re good — “Welcome them. You know, they’re helping us” — a lot of things that we could never accomplish by ourself. I’m from a neighborhood like Third Ward in Houston. And you can’t just go into a neighborhood and do what you want to. You desperately need someone like Floyd to usher you into the community. And that’s who he was.

When I think about the biggest takeaway from my experience with Floyd, it’s the unity that he preached. George is a big guy, but then, once you’re around him and people who know him, you see that every — all of his respect and admiration is gained through love. It’s through nothing else but love. He just happens to be a real big guy. But the unity, the mentoring, from guys who were kids in elementary school who are now grown men, who have stories of George taking care of them, putting money in their pocket, you know, just looking out for them, and not even a blood relation.

You know, so, when I found out about what happened to George, I was actually making the video commentating on the Central Park incident, where a white lady called the police on a Black man, saying that he was threatening her life. So I was making that video when my friend Reconcile, who did ministry with us, as well, sent me the video about George. So, just the weight of that and everything that’s been going on, the way I feel is how we see on videos across the world how we’re all feeling right now.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Corey Paul, given the fact that the video of your friend’s death has been played over and over again on media around the world, every time you see the video, I’m wondering your — what you go through, and also the impact that it’s had, not just in this country, but protests around the world around your friend’s death.

COREY PAUL: Yeah, so, I only saw the video partially one time. I didn’t — that was the only time that I saw it, just that one time, and I didn’t see it again after that. From there, from seeing that on several different levels, you’re outraged, from a human level, even if George was a stranger, to a personal level, knowing him, having the opportunity to have met him and worked with him in ministry and knowing the love and the unity and what he gave and how his life was taken.

Also, I served as a Houston firefighter in my city, which makes me — made me a first responder and a civil servant. So, even the aspect of the video from him going to having life to being lifeless, and the officers continuing to hold him down and stay on his neck, as a first responder, you’re in charge of care, as well, to the best of your ability, right? And they did the exact opposite, right?

So, from every aspect of the video, it’s no gray area, that it was murder. It was, I say, a first-degree murder. And seeing the reaction around the world from the video is very telling, because I don’t think that most people have saw a person go from full of life to their life literally being drained out of them and to the point of death. That video is so graphic that you have to — you have to see it. And if you don’t see what we see, then you have something inside of you that’s foundationally flawed, and hopefully you can figure it out, because it’s blatant.

AMY GOODMAN: Corey, I wanted to bring Pastor Ngwolo into this conversation. If you could describe for us the scene yesterday? Sixty thousand people, at least, in Houston, addressed by the mayor, African American mayor, as well as many others, 16 members of Floyd’s family. Describe that scene and how you came to know Floyd, who so many call the “gentle giant.”

PASTOR PATRICK “P.T.” NGWOLO: Well, thank you for having me, Amy.

The scene was indescribable. I have never seen that many people downtown Houston. Even the time that we won, the Astros won, it didn’t compare to the scene that I saw. It wasn’t just the fact that there were so many people. People were showing so much love. I got there, and I had a hundred masks ready to give out to people who needed masks. People were coming up to me, giving me masks. And, you know, I’m a big Black guy myself. And it’s kind of off-putting when people walk up and offer me things. They offered me hand sanitizer, offered me masks, you know, offered me other substances that, you know, I don’t partake of. But, man, it was cool. It was just the gestures were cool, and the love and the unity that was out there and the passion. There were people from 6 to 70 out there, just giving.”6

6- “Remembering “Big Floyd”: Houston Friends of George Floyd Describe Him as a “Man of Peace

’democRacy now’ 03 Jun 2020

So theirs is no-Opposition to Gawd, let otheRs maRch and protest for Defense that does not exist, or that radically, peace-is-Justice. Not okay is the ‘pRopaganda-Machine” stRidently a militaRism of takeover by plutocRacy, the system is power-Elitism and that stinks for us we-People who are not the ‘bought’ Bourgeoisie. Yes. The afRo-American “big-Floyd” was a peace-Person, and we peace-People must side w Justice, which has been and is politicized. The lynching goes along and militarism backed by pRopaganda for and of “nucleaRism” has no esteem, altho that is discussed, talked about in public and remains a hype of ineptitude for powr and extRemist-Ecologic: contamination, as well as the cRux of anti: human-Rights. The police bReak the laws and are gRanted impunity and immunity. CoRonavirus is a “respiRatory-Disease” so why the national-Guard w ’tear-gas’ and the policepole-Persons w tear-gas, are not acceptable to-begin, unless there is indeed, a need for overturning the Establishment and “re-Establishing’ the US-constitution w.o. the plutocRacy-System. As Tamika Malory on democRacy Now—thurs. fourth June 2020— says, “we should speak tRuth to power”. Power is the disease that pRevents coRonaviRus being overtaken, thRu propeR netweRking and good, cool, sense.   “R”


The decrepit racial capitalist order appears to be unraveling under the weight of coronavirus, economic depression, and a quantitative leap in people’s willingness to confront power through the politics of the street.

“The Black Misleadership Class’s identification with Power has become all but complete.”

The scope and intensity of the convulsion that has shaken the United States since the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, is breathtaking. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ethnicities have participated in actions ranging from silent vigils to pitched battles with police in at least 140 cities, by the New York Times’ estimate  –or nearly 500 localities nationwide, according to a marvelously detail-ed Wikipedia page . The National Guard has been called out in 26 states and Washing-ton, DC, and U.S. Army units, including a battalion of paratroopers from the 82nd airborne division , await deployment to cities by the self-proclaimed “law and order president ,” Donald Trump. 

There has been nothing approaching this level of unrest since April, 1968, when 100 cities burned in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Back then, the U.S. corporate order responded to the challenge from below with massive expansion and militarization of local police forces, intensive secret police operations to eradicate Black and radical movements, and a policy of mass Black incarceration that, over the past half century, has boosted the national prison population from less than 200,000 in 1970, to 2.2 million , today – an 11-fold increase. With nearly equal zeal, the corporate order embraced a newly emergent Black political class, hungry for public office and private contracts, as a counterweight to the grassroots movements that had put revolution on the lips of millions of young people.

“Hundreds of thousands of people of all ethnicities have participated in actions ranging from silent vigils to pitched battles with police in at least 140 cities.”

A comparative analysis of the political economy of the Sixties versus the current era could easily stretch to book length, but four main factors combined to bring us the events of the past week: 

1) the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed Blacks at between 2.6 and 4 times the rate of whites, ghoulishly accentuating the deadly nature of a late stage racial capitalist system that, after 40 years of endless austerity and war has stripped the nation of even a semblance of a public health care system; 

2) the resulting economic shutdown that, in the bat of an eye, brought about Great Depression rates of unemployment and heart-stopping levels of general precarity, maddeningly combined with record-breaking highs on the stock exchanges and grotesque, near-instantaneous multi-billion dollar windfalls for the owners of Amazon, Google, Facebook and other oligarchs, while corporations received the bulk of trillions in federal disaster relief monies;

3) for the past four years the ruling class has been split, warring against itself and, in the process, creating an ongoing crisis of legitimacy for the U.S. regime. This has given the crisis a special and distinct character, in that elements of the ruling class and its media have given tacit moral support to at least some of the protesters in hopes of framing the unrest as the fault of their arch-rival, Donald Trump;

4) the Bernie Sanders presidential phenomenon, recently extinguished by corporate Democrats and their media allies, raised expectations among tens of millions of youth of all races that meaningful change – even some kind of “socialism” — was possible under the current order. With Sanders’ abdication, his supporters have been forced to accept that they can’t simply vote their way out of the contradictions of racial, late stage capitalism. They took to the streets in astounding numbers, in many instances outnumbering non-white protesters, providing a degree of white skin protection to darker activists in confrontations with police.

“Supporters have been forced to accept that they can’t simply vote their way out of the contradictions of racial, late stage capitalism.”

The video-taped killing of George Floyd, as horrifically cruel and sadistic as it was, is not a special factor in the past week’s events, because the essence of Black folks’ grievance is that murders such as this happen all the time at the hands of police in the United States. However, the national mega-mobilization in Mr. Floyd’s name was a quintessentially wired 21st century phenomenon. Back in 1968, it took the assassination of the most important Black leader of his time to bring about a few days of general Black urban rebellion. This time around, an activist confronting Los Angeles police knew in real-time that people just like her were facing off the cops a continent away, in New York. (To complete the updated picture, the secret police were simultaneously compiling and sharing data on all of them.)

The Black Misleadership Class was in its infancy in 1968, having at that time elected only one Black big city mayor, Carl Stokes of Cleveland. But by 2020 the Black misleaders were manifestly complicit in a whole host of crimes against Black America, having managed the workings of the Mass Black Incarceration Regime in most of the big cities and presided over the gentrification of urban centers under the guise of “renaissance.” Atlanta’s young Black mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms sounded just like one of Malcolm X’s house Negroes as she berated protesters for fighting her police and defiling the property once owned by one of her favorite rich white men. “Ted Turner started CNN in Atlanta 40 years ago because he believed in who we are as a city,” said Auntie Lance Bottoms, who evidently believes that CNN’s corporate brand of reporting is the gospel truth. “They are telling our stories, and you are disgracing their building…. Go home.”

“Bottoms sounded just like one of Malcolm X’s house Negroes.” 

Like other misleaders, the Mayor measures Black progress by how the system has treated her small, grasping and self-centered class – not by what happens to the likes of George Floyd. “So if you love this city,” she told the ungrateful hordes at the gate, “this city that has had a legacy of black mayors and black police chiefs and people who care about this city, where more than 50% of the business owners in metro Atlanta are minority business owners – if you care about this city, then go home.”

Ironically, Black servants of capital, like all of Atlanta’s mayors since Maynard Jackson won city hall in 1973, have no problem inviting whites with money to replace their own Black constituents in “renaissance” neighborhoods, but become fierce Black nationalists when whites join Black-led protests against the institutions that buttress racial capitalism. The Black Misleadership Class’s identification with Power has become all but complete. As embedded tools of the oligarchy, they view any attack on the system as an assault against themselves and their status in the hierarchy. They are right; they should be treated as the enemy. 

In this new phase of struggle, we see that there are plenty of non-Blacks that are quite willing to accept Black leadership – the signs they carry and the demands they shout in protests across the country are Black-vetted and correct. But the Black Misleadership Class – the enemy within – insists that they are our rightful leaders, when in fact their allegiance is to the ruling class: the Lords of Capital, like Ted Turner. 

When things seem like they’re coming apart, we need to ask: for whom? it may be that things are finally coming together. 

All power to the people!”7

7- “the Movement Gets Big—and Its Extremes Reveal Themselves

BAR by Glen Ford 04 Jun 2020

Mr. Glen Ford and pRof. Cornell West, I met in Washington d-c, in 1985 or ’86. Glen has been an instRospect adjutant for factual-Analysis, as I remember hearing his radio-progRams in the New York City area, since 1974 and 1977 visits to Manhattan Island’s museums and cultural-Oasis concRete-Grey arenas.The “black, afRo-Amers, of the new-Rome of plutocRacy” are a misleadership-Corps, as though one-Party: system, was not fascist but Evangelist. As well as not adventist, but Muslim oriented to peace and fReedom in religious-Persuasion, and then-some. Glen Ford does not say that but, I expand upon the expendable exorcises our “thought-discourse” has to embRace as “american-Socialists” who do not necessaRily want to be “cRonyists” but coalitionings of we-People, not we-Religions—if I may speak w.o. insufferability for both of our dimensions. What would Prof. and author, Howard Zinn have to state regarding these tenets and those tentacles of riotous-Order to eRadicate anarchistic-Fascism? Or, what did W.E.B.DuBois have to say about american-Fascism and the negRo, as well as pRof. Cornell West? What do any of the above have to state as I have since 1961, that “this empire has no-Defense, but we-people need socio-Political enchantment as well as Defense”.   “R”


With the creation of the U.S. Space Force, such a development moved one step – or maybe several steps – closer. When space is viewed as “a warfighting domain” that could utilize nuclear-powered battle platforms and lasers, we have no choice but to extend our opposition to nuclear power beyond Earth’s boundaries. Weapons in space have historically been justified as necessary for “defensive” purposes. But that all changed on May 15, 2020 when Trump, while unveiling the Space Force flag, declared: “Space is going to be…the future, both in terms of defense and offense [emphasis added].” The nuclear weaponizing of space has, to date, captured too little attention among politicians and the press. This booklet is intended, in some small way, to help redress that imbalance. Every booklet in our series is posted on the Beyond Nuclear International website where it is available for free download. Printed copies can also be ordered from Beyond Nuclear. We hope you will distribute this booklet widely and join us in keeping space for peace.

In announcing the Space Force, Trump said: “It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space.”1 In signing the NDAA setting up the Space Force, he stated: “Space is the newest warfighting domain”. With a U.S. Space Force, Trump said, the U.S. would “control the ultimate high ground.” Why do we need a Space Force? We don’t. A Space Force will weaponize space, increase the likelihood of war in space, and could potentially introduce the use of nuclear-powered battle platforms in space. The official reason, as asserted by Trump and the U.S. military, is that a Space Force is needed because China and Russia have been moving into space militarily. But it appears that the true aggressor is the U.S. China and Russia – along with Canada – have led efforts for decades to expand the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and ban all weapons in space. The Outer Space Treaty provides that nations “undertake not to place in orbit around the Earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in space in any other manner.”

China, Russia and Canada have led calls for the ratification of the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space or PAROS treaty, barring all space weaponry. But altho-ugh the PAROS treaty has had overwhelming support at the United Nations, year after year the U.S. has voted against it, vetoing its passage.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, called the creation of a U.S. Space Force “a serious violation of the international consensus on the peaceful use of outer space” and a “direct threat to outer space peace and security.”2

Viktor Bondarev, the head of the Russian Federation Council’s Defense and Sec-urity Committee, responded that “militarization of space is a way to disaster,” and that Russia would “strongly retaliate.”3

Despite pushing for years to expand the Outer Space Treaty and to forbid the deployment of any weapons in space, Russia and China will not sit back as the U.S. forms a Space Force and seeks “American dominance in space”. They will meet the U.S. in kind. And they will likely be followed by other nations, turning space into a war zone.”8

8- “The CASE AGAINST NUCLEAR POWER The U.S. Space Force and the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear war in space

pdf a publication of Beyond Nuclear

There again, another aspect of the new-Rome having “the three kinds of nucleaR-Molecular: weapons”. This mountain-Man does not bluff, as deadwood from decades of acid-Reinings caused by none-other, than: chem-tRails, molecules and atoms which pRepondeRantly raises into the Ionisphere (see: aa, below) and add nano-Particles into the, then atavistic “spherical”, which the planet has utilized for millions of years or at least 10,000’s years and more Ionizationings, galore, too much, cause of aridness-Ubiquity and lowered-by-far moisture levels. Thus a which-What cause of extReme tempeRatuRes “rise” pRematuRe-DevouRing of moistuRe abets “full-gRowth” fires. In other words, not nice plutocRacy, that new-Rome. Now then, the higher-Atmosphere (see: bb, below), of the five-Layers:

aa >“Tracking Solar Flares. The ionosphere is defined as the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. It lies 75-1000 km (46-621 miles) above the Earth.”

bb>“Atmosphere layers. Earth’s atmosphere is divided into five main layers: the exo sphere, the thermosphere, the mesosphere, the stratosphere and the troposphere. The atmosphere thins… in each higher layer until the gases dissipate in space. Oct 13, 2017

“Earths Atmosphere: Composition, Climate & Weather/space”

The ionosphere is defined as the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. It lies 75-1000 km (46-621 miles) above the Earth. (The Earth’s radius is 6370 km, so the thickness of the ionosphere is quite tiny compared with the size of Earth.) Because of the high energy from the Sun and from cosmic rays, the atoms in this area have been stripped of one or more of their electrons, or “ionized,” and are therefore positively charged. The ionized electrons behave as free particles. The Sun’s upper atmosphere, the corona, is very hot and produces a constant stream of plasma and UV and X-rays that flow out from the Sun and affect, or ionize, the Earth’s ionosphere. Only half the Earth’s ionosphere is being ionized by the Sun at any time.”9

9- “The Earth’s Ionosphere”

Basically, the interstellar-Regionalism known as space is comprised of ElectRomagetic-Frequencies known as plasmoids. There is no such thinGy-Bop as a “back-Hole” nor a “neutRon star” as those are misnomers of mathematical-Gavity, solutions for constant of human-Mind: consciousness, as all of universe is not gRavity hewing the weak-Force. The radiowaves can be found, altho those move and are not stationary. The current currents of the electRo-magnetism are wound electric-Charges known as Birkeland-Currents. Those currents formulate stars as well as planets, in superfast to challenges by the current charges i.e. hardly the same as a concentric spin of planets all located on one-Planar system, devoid of electronmagneticsm.

               One virus at a time is yet atavistic,

                          the peace-Warrior

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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