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anti-nucleaRist bloG #284/ 25 May 2020 One thinGy-Bop for Certain the new-Rome of PlutocRacy is 

anti-nucleaRist bloG #284/ 25 May 2020

One thinGy-Bop for Certain the new-Rome of PlutocRacy is 


coRonaviRus, the impugning-Empire is not-so-Humanitarian, the opposite, as they have killed. murdered, maimed all those nice-People in Banana Republics, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq-lands, Yugoslavia, Libya. Yemen. If covid-19 is that holy, as soRdid as tRumpeteR won’t paRitally do for Us, quit werk and form a union of bRothers and sisteRs against his continuing the tyRanny-Rex. Do not allow ”the system-to-suRvive”. The nucleaR-Molecular, empire of fascist-cRimes system, exists and must be bRought d-o-w-n for a logical-Conclusion or our planet’s Ecology, disappears into nano-Humanoid disgRace or pResciences further UnpRoven. What then does U.N. agenda 2030, have to do w that overloRd scenaRio of Ur-238 is illegal clean-that shid-ski outta of lives?

“Not long ago, we’d line up at stadium gates eager and excited, decked out in fan gear and ready to tailgate. If we felt any anxiety, it was the healthy kind that breathes life into sports. We always knew, deep in our hearts, the stakes weren’t life-or-death.

The anxiety is different now. Many stadiums and sports fields around the world are converted to different purposes. They are field hospitals or coronavirus test sites. Some shelter the homeless. Others are used to feed the hungry. Some are morgues.

But their concrete facades, raised hoops, hardwood floors and green grass re-mind us of what we had, and of the promise of what’s waiting just on the other side of this pandemic.

These are our playing fields.”1

1- Nat’l Geo “Sports Stations tRansformed to Help Pandemic Relief”

Now should I continue w no internet because I was not allowed a phone call back due not having my passwords, and wanting my 10-weeks vacation—first in five years of joint-Replacements, burglaries, and broken-down vehicles eating my cash as I wrote and added both text and photos to my websites. The SARSCoV-2 is immense because “the it” jumps those pathogens both between humans as well as viral-Changes. The “it” is nasty, not nice and akin the a-Hole hackers who have ruined my photo-LibRary before I could get my observances of 35 years werk underscored w.o. snoops knowing my thinking! Now, I cannot view those Nat’l Geo photos, making analysis too impaRtial for proper context abidances. I leave that tender-ness in your hands, wear a mask, pRotest and do not hold a hand-gun when buying gum.

“The pandemic hit Washington State’s King County early and hard. On January 20, the first coronavirus case in the United States (recognized at that time) was confirm-ed here. On May 10, the county hit a grim, milestone of 500 COVID-19 deaths. As of May 13, that number has ticked up to 511.”2

2- Nat’l Geo “How creative thinking helped Seattle flatten the curveby Amanda Castleman and Corinne Whiting, photogRaphs by Aaron Huey

Allowing  the fanatic-penataGooons to imbibe into the deep-State was not Eisenhower’s curse, but his helpful doling, which further evolved the one-Party: parody. I was already listen- to the AFL-CIO news 5-times per week as my mother would drive home from the smaller than super: food-Market, three-miles distant. We did not need dog-food anyway! Then, I could not find cans of ‘pork ’n beans’ in the 24 ounce size, there was cat-food in bags but dog-food was a heavier verity. There was always “fResh-fish”from the san-fRan Bay’s sloughs. Today, the bigger markets show they are asinine regarding their “total-Disregard” to test fish fRom the Pacific Ocean for Radionuclides. Daiichis, eat your subjective-Heart into extinction. Ohh-how-not-so-nice during coRonavirus, everywheresville-Economy is bank is forwarding “neoliberal-ist-Policy”. Why not merely vacuum those square-Inches ofRadionuclides? Err weld they are bery small microns, and smaller nano-particles that each could cause a standard-Bearer of “cancerous-Rex”.

These are strong and unsubstantiated words, since there has never been a clearly documented accusation against China in how precisely China mismanaged the COVID-19 outbreak and is supposedly responsible for the COVID crisis in the US – where real mismanagement, corruption, conflict of interest and particularly pharma-interests, competing private vaccine company interests – are written all over the walls, the walls of shame, falsifying corona statistics, by falsifying death certificates, paying hospitals for declaring any patient a COVID-patient, even if many of them aren’t, and for using ventilators, though it is widely known that ventilators are causing death in 40% to 60% of patients; see this.

Was the virus created in a US bio-weapons lab from where it escaped deliberately or by accident and that patient zero was in the US and that the virus was brought to China in one way or another? President Trump knows it. He also knows about the real mismanagement of the crisis in his country, the United States. But he has always been good at self-promoting propaganda and slandering perceived enemies, as long as he thinks it may help him being reelected.

It is obvious that the US China bashing has nothing to do with China’s “mismanagement” of the corona epidemic, but rather with China’s bold move a step further away from the dollar-economy, by

  • First, using the yuan and local currencies boosting trade among the ASEAN+3 countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam; plus 3 = Japan, South Korea and China). Monetary transactions will use the CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System), avoiding the dollar controlled SWIFT payment scheme. This is mostly to prevent US interference in international monetary transactions – and also in response to the United States’ threat of cutting off Chinese supply chains.

The cutting off supply chains, is of course, sheer bluff, as literally 80 percent-plus of US industries depend in one way or another on supplies from China. This dependence is particularly significant in medical supplies, where the US depends for 80% to 90% on China. But China is China, and President Xi acted fast calling the bluff – and the US may suddenly stand therewith an empty cup, since such supply chains are not replaced overnight.

In the first quarter 2020, ASEAN countries have become China’s largest trading partner with 15.1 %, outpacing the European Union (EU). Trade with South Korea and Japan amounted to another 13.7%, bringing the total close to 30%. Adding China’s trade with Russia, another at least 15%, is getting close to a 50% tipping point of China’s closest partners abandoning commercial transactions in US-dollars.

  • Second, by launching a new People’s Bank of China (PBC = China’s Central Bank) controlled crypto-currency for international trade, thereby further circumventing the US-dollar and SWIFT controlled international money transfer system which makes all transactions vulnerable to US interference and sanctions.

China’s new cyber-money, e-RMB (Ren Min Bi, meaning People’s Money), or Yuan, is currently being tested in several Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, and Xiong’an. In these cities it has almost universal acceptance, i.e. for salary payments, public transportation, food and most retail shopping.

The use of digital money is nothing new in China. Today about 90% of all monetary transactions are electronic, for example through WeChat and AliPay, but they do not replace the existing cash currency.

Commodity pricing today mostly dollarized, will be priced by China in yuan and trad-ed in crypto-yuan. Yuan pricing for commodities, such as gold, crude oil and iron ore, has already started. As China is recovering from the pandemic more quickly than the rest of the world, relatively high-returning yuan-denominated investments and commod-ity assets will become more attractive.

The non-interference factor of a Chinese Central Bank backed crypto-currency is an additional security element that will further boost the Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency. Already now, countries around the globe are sick and tired of US meddling in their international transactions and especially with US sanctions – that may come at a whim – every time a country demonstrates her sovereignty, or disobedience to US dictates. This leads many countries that may not speak out publicly for fear of sanctions, to gradually and quietly divesting their dollar holdings into Chinese yuan.

A tipping point may be reached, when about 50% of world trade and world reserves are denominated in yuan. At this point it would be likely that the worldwide dollar hegemony will be no more, as it may be displaced by the yuan.

…The cutting off supply chains, is of course, sheer bluff, as literally 80 percent-plus of US industries depend in one way or another on supplies from China. This dependence is particularly significant in medical supplies, where the US depends for 80% to 90% on China. But China is China, and President Xi acted fast calling the bluff – and the US may suddenly stand therewith an empty cup, since such supply chains are not replaced overnight.3

3- “China’s New Crypto-Currency – First Step to Full Dedollarizationrization?” By Peter Koenig Global Research, May 17, 2020

“By sapping demand for garments and other goods produced in export-oriented developing and emerging economies, the COVID-19 pandemic poses an acute threat to women workers and progress toward greater gender equality. In addressing the economic fallout of the public-health crisis, policymakers must tailor their response accordingly.

In April, the International Labour Organization (ILO) predicted that 195 million workers worldwide would “suffer severely” in the second quarter of this year, owing to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. And markets remain shaky, raising fears of a recession more severe and prolonged than that following the 2008 financial crisis. The stakes are high for everyone, but particularly for women – and especially for women in developing and emerging economies.

A recession (or even depression) would cause more than just economic losses. The experience of the post-2008 period suggests that women’s advances will be rolled back substantially, even among those already doing low-income work. In that case, the gains will be difficult, if not impossible, to win back.

The COVID-19 crisis, like the 2008 crisis, has revealed features of globalization that many take for granted in normal times. When advanced economies like the United States contract sharply, their consumers cut back on spending, and demand for goods from export-oriented countries plummets. Owing to the pandemic, the low-wage global garment industry is facing what some manufacturers describe as an ‘apocalyptic’ situa-tion.4

4- “Will the Pandemic Set Women Back?” the Bulletin—feminism, Labour May 17, 2020  Beth English and Kelly Pike

Allowing the torpoRous banks is like, letting fascism have the manner-State of empire—once-Waz; republic. What cRap those chem-Trails dumpaging gaRbage-Sleaze: pilots and Oligarchs, have been to a new commitment, that is further diminishing the we-People. Like el tRumpeter and his sleaze want to pRivatize “postal Werkors and offices and distRibutions” so we do not get our Unemployment checks as well as a $1,200 kick in the pants. Huh, are they hedge-fund:accounts each day or Wall Street hooray another rip-off company to bring down and destroy? Viva, the US-post-Office!

Belgian nurses and frontline medical staff had been striking for a year, before they were called up to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. After months of ignored demands, they seized their chance when the prime minister came to visit.

By now the video of the viral protest has been seen the world over; the heroes of the coronavirus turning their backs on Belgium’s PM Sophie Wilmes upon her arrival at the Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels. RT sat down with one nurse at the hospital, Nicolas Houyoux, to understand what exactly motivated the stirring protest after a year of strikes at the hospital over poor working conditions.

RT sat down with one nurse at the hospital, Nicolas Houyoux, to understand what exactly motivated the stirring protest after a year of strikes at the hospital over poor working conditions.

“The politicians said they heard and they were going to do things, and there was a budget set aside for us, but never used,” Hoyoux tells RT, detailing staffing shortages, increased workload and budget cuts as primary drivers behind the strike action. 

While their grievances predated the coronavirus crisis, Hoyoux says staff adopted the “shut up and do your job” attitude when the pandemic struck. However, when word spread of Wilmes’ visit, they knew they had an opportunity to be heard. 

“The whole healthcare system should be better financed so we can work better, especially in the public sector, so everyone can get the same level of treatment,” Hoy-oux says, decrying the ‘economical’ approach to healthcare where hospitals are incen-tivized to order the most expensive treatments and carry out lots of examinations whet-her they are required or not, all in the interests of getting more funding. © Reuters

While Hoyoux acknowledges that Saint-Pierre is one of the main specialist hospitals in the country, and therefore had all the equipment needed to fight the coronavirus when it hit, other facilities around the country were not so fortunate. 

This he puts down to government inefficiency in handling the crisis, especially at the ministry of health where he claims nine ministers were responsible for handling the pandemic response and yet still unsuitable protective equipment was ordered, while some masks never arrived at all. 

So egregious was the mismanagement, Hoyoux says, that the ministry of defense was brought in to manage future PPE orders and distribution. 

Hoyoux acknowledges that some financial stimulus was offered to nurses for working on the frontline and risking their lives, but says that’s not what the nurses are seeking. 

Instead of a temporary monetary incentive that will evaporate once the crisis dissi-pates, nurses want lasting better conditions and better overall pay, especially given that nursing studies have gone from three to four year university courses, before specializa-tion.  

When asked about Belgium’s handling of the crisis, Hoyoux says that communica-tion has, for the most part, been good, but there are issues with Belgium’s reported mortality rate.

Nurse Nicolas Hoyoux

“I think Belgium has been maybe too honest in the numbers that they were giving. People in old folks homes were all considered positive, even though they were not test-ed,” Hoyoux says, adding that, in his estimation at least, almost half of the country’s alleged Covid-19 deaths were in elderly care homes, meaning the death toll has been artificially inflated. 

“We wanted to protest but sort of a soft protest; no words, nothing bad, just expla-ining what and how we are feeling. So, yeah, there will be other strikes which will be in the more classical way where people gather in the streets… at least if nothing chan-ges,” Hoyoux concludes.

Belgium, a country of roughly 11.5 million people, has a reported 55,791 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and a death toll of 9,108.”5

5- ‘We turned our back on PM because of budget cuts & lack of staff’ – Belgian nurse to RT on viral protest 19 May, 2020 14:17

The hay is not for hoRses means alpha-Alpha is nucleaR-moleculaR. for Uranium-238 never should have been used, thus abusing land and prioritizing. Hypersonic missiles is akin manufactuRing “boutique-Weapons” as 38.43 million wiRkoRs on Unemployment ought be protesting against HypeRsensitivity. That “Directed Energy Weapons (fusion-NucleaR)” were used against “world-tRade centeR buildings 1 thru 6” and no-one-Person was ever fookeR-ingly arrested from the new-Rome of plutocRacy. While the eclectic Khalid Sheik Mohammed sits in pRison here on mainland, found in Indonesia 2005, arrested, but never sat in fRont of a judge and juRy for tRial, tells us what impugning and “deep-State” do when while the prison is coRpoRate-sleaze owned and he should be “heard not neglected furtheR holding at least 100—Put-Options insiders, for that cRaftie “fake-News” does tell us more-than-somethinGy-Bop.

Flowing out of the Black Forest in Germany across Europe, the Danube runs for more than 1,700 miles before it meets the Black Sea. This river, Europe’s second longest, shaped the history of the continent as much as it shaped the landscape. The Danube created a natural border, and the rulers of Rome, starting with the first emperor, Augustus, used it to mark the place where Rome ended and the frontier began.

On one side of the river dwelled Romans, on the other were barbarians. Roman writers did not differentiate among the Germanic tribes who lived north of the Danube. Their culture and practices were of no interest to Rome. All Rome wanted to do was keep the barbarians out as it turned its attentions to expanding and maintaining its empire.

…Barbarians were not one large group of people. They were many different cultures with differing ethnicities and origins from all over Europe and Asia. The nomadic Huns most likely came from the area around Kazakhstan, the Vandals from Poland and Scandinavia, and the Picts from Britain, while the Sarmatians migrated westward from Iran.

…The Germanic tribes that lived along the Danube were not monolithic. They were numerous and distinctive. Some were more powerful than others, such as Marcomanni, the Quadi and Cherusci. Most used Germanic languages that probably differed (histor-ians have found no written records from these cultures). They practiced different faiths. They had different motives for interacting with the Romans: Some sought trade, while others formed alliances. Some sought conflict with Rome, while others may have pre-ferred no interaction at all.

The Germanic tribes fought with each other just as easily as they fought with Rome. The Cherusci leader Arminius in A.D. 9, sought a pact with the king of the Marcomanni to launch a joint attack against the empire. He turned him down, and eight years later, in A.D. 17, Arminius attacked and defeated the Marcomanni instead, sending their king to exile in Italy.

…When it came to frontier defense, the emperor’s priority was the Italian Peninsu-la’s northern border. Germanic tribes migrating into what is now southern Germany and Austria had been boldly launching raids on frontier settlements, sometimes striking inside the peninsula itself. Until then, Roman expansion had been mostly by sea toward the west, south, and east, leaving the mainland of Europe relatively neglected and vulnerable to attack.

…For Augustus and his successors, the defeat at Teutoburg—one of the empire’s worst—made it clear that the Germanic tribes were a formidable foe. The Romans withdrew to the south, and Augustus set a fixed northern border along the banks of the Danube. From then, Roman strategy to the north shifted to defending the frontier more than expanding the empire. Together with the Rhine to the east, the Danube would remain a boundary of imperial Europe for more than four centuries.

…The Roman territorial army was divided into legions, each containing some 5,000 regular troops, plus auxiliaries. A main frontier base along the Danube could accommodate as many as 6,000 men, much larger than the villages and hamlets in the frontier zone. Within the legion there were different infantry, cavalry, and mixed units known as the cohortes and alae, each of which numbered between 500 and 1,000 men. The smallest detachments, or numeri, consisted of some 200 barbarian men who fought with their own equipment and customs rather than the Roman style.

…Emperor Trajan, fought two separate wars against the Dacians. The first was fought 101-102. King Decebalus and Trajan formed a treaty, which the king then broke. In the second conflict, Trajan and his legions wiped out the Dacians. In a marvelous show of organization and engineering, Trajan’s forces built the first permanent bridge spanning the Danube to facilitate military supply lines. Tens of thousands of soldiers finished off the Dacians and reestablished Roman control along this portion of the Danube.

The spoils were brought back to Rome and used to build Trajan’s Column, a 126-foot-high monument that still stands in Trajan’s Forum in Rome. The column is covered with sculptural reliefs of 155 scenes that depict multiple aspects of Trajan’s campaigns. Roughly half of the scenes involve the Roman military, showing them marching, fighting, and making sacrifices. Their opponents, the Dacians, also appear and provide one of the best visual sources of how barbarians looked—their shaggy beards contrasting with clean-shaven Roman faces. Other panels show more practical concerns of daily life on the frontier: harvesting grain, clearing forests, and building forts.

…The empire began to weaken in the third century as Rome itself began to fall into chaos. Between A.D. 235 and 284, emperors reigned an average of 18 months. This instability drew Rome’s attention away from the frontier. The Visigoths (western Goths) took advantage and attacked Dacia in A.D. 270. Although Emperor Aurelian defeated the Visigoths, he surrendered the territory north of the Danube to them.

Meanwhile, smaller tribes of barbarians beyond the Danube and the Rhine had been forming mighty confederations: the southern Germans into the Alemanni and middle Rhine groups into the Franks. In A.D. 260 the Alemanni broke through northern limes established by Hadrian, forcing the Roman frontier back to the Danube and Rhine. The Danube limes fell into disrepair, and emperors tried to strengthen them in the 300s. When Rome fell a century later, the Danube limes would still be standing.”6

6- “Barbarians and Rome’s legions battled along the Danube for 400 years” by Borja Pelegero, Nat’l Geo pub. 14 May 2020

All viRuses have a start, and modern-Medicine know that they have been around for thousands years, so why not full-Research starting in 1918 w the”Flu Pandemic”? Have we-People been duped since then? Yes. Has the once-Waz: republic-People” been duped or have they been BouRgeoisie, because they were “duped”? Neither. Does the el-tRumpeteR blame himself for the usury against not providing “war-Power Act” in mid-January 2020? No, but this is 23 May 2020, and he ought to have been placed on House arrest by both Houses of el CongRess. Is vice-pResident Pense a nice guy? No. Is Pompeo as nice guy? Yes. Did either the latter two speak to the populous stating that he made a mistake and we put him to be early because he should have contRacted covid-19? No. Should they have said what in fookeRing-blitski: heck, are congRessional people doing, when he should have thus, then been impeached or arrested for masse` death and tRying to outdo pRevious anarchyist-pRes-idents. That is the question. Ten-four that one.

What is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, but only seven of its members infect humans. Four types cause minor illnesses like the common cold, while other corona-viruses have triggered far more devastating impacts such as SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19. Coronaviruses can be zoonotic, meaning they jump from animals to humans.

Like its relatives, COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory disease that starts in the lungs, causing pneumonia-like symptoms, but can also cast a storm across the entire body.

How does COVID-19 spread?

Like other respiratory diseases, COVID-19 primarily spreads through small droplets—saliva or mucus—that an infected person expels when they cough, sneeze, or talk. These droplets can travel three to six feet and remain infectious for anywhere from four to 48 hours, depending on the surface. (The virus may also spread via accidental consumption of fecal matter or aerosols, tiny particles that are mostly a concern in clinical settings.)

You can protect yourself from catching the virus by staying six feet away from others and washing your hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds.”7

7- “What is the coronavirus?” Nat’l Geo by A,y McKeever pub. 15 May 2020

Why would I, myself a native-Born north-american, not want the oRge-Nals, indigenus-Folksnot to be called “indigenous-Americans”? Whose cRutch are we using, when History ought not be polite and as well as renown for apologetic. HistoRic tRuths must be assuaged  words w.o. assuaging. Apologyze, do not be assuagingly-Apologetic. Indigenous-amers need hospitals and health-Werkors tRained on ReseRvations where the cultural centeRs of their “tRibal-Nations reside” not arresting, Leonard Peltier for attempting to HALT-the-tyRanny of Radionuclides mining tailings dumpages, on the Ogalala. The indigenous-Folks on the fifteen Reservations that I’ve lived to study their lifestyle—my own is yet coldwater cabin— ought to have “Unemployment Subsidies” too!

Native Americans are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 due to underlying health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as crowded multigenerational homes. On reservations, where roughly half of Native Americans live, not everyone has indoor plumbing or electricity, making it difficult to follow the guidelines to wash hands regularly in hot water. As a result, Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the United States, has an infection rate nearly as high as that of New York and New Jersey. As of May 11 there have been 102 confirmed deaths.

“An already traumatized people are being retraumatized,” says Joseph, a member of the Gros Ventre or Aaniiih people who are from Fort Belknap, Montana. Managing the pandemic’s psychological and spiritual toll has become her focus.

As a community health practitioner, Joseph sees traditional cultural beliefs and practices as powerful tools for helping indigenous people understand this pandemic. She is not alone. With an emphasis on community, resilience, and a holistic relationship with nature, spiritual leaders from different tribes express guarded optimism that people of all backgrounds will learn from the lessons coronavirus has to teach.

‘Blood memory’

For indigenous people, history plays an unavoidable role in interpreting the pandemic. One elder from Michigan called Joseph to talk about how difficult it’s been for her to care for herself and her family. After some reflection, the woman realized why: She was weighed down by thoughts of the smallpox epidemic that had killed so many Native Americans. She felt she needed to forgive the U.S. government for intentionally giving her people the illness.

While documentary evidence that Europeans or Americans purposely spread smallpox is scarce, there’s little doubt that colonizers brought infectious diseases that killed an estimated 90 percent—some 20 million people or more—of the indigenous population in the Americas. “Even though we may not have been alive in the time of the smallpox epidemic, that’s in our blood memory,” says Joseph, “just as historical resiliency is also in our blood memory.”…”8

8- “Traditional indigenous beliefs are a powerful tool for understanding the pandemic” Nat’l Geo by Rachel Hartigan Shea 12 May 2020

Like I stated above, the viruses have been a choRus known and an impaRtial-ChoRus. Why has that not been a medical-Functionality for every medical-doctor gRaduating from Medical School. do they need to learn more about how to recommend studies not necessary and forget “the thRee-viral:outbReaks” this 21st centuRy? Seems to you is that is what their failure is w being “ bought: bourgeois-pRofessionals”. Do they need Sheldon Adelson hand-outs? You and I cannot have “it” all-the-time, because “IT” means neuteRing. Quit being Bour-geois, butt-Holds. What say, bought-Holds?

“With CIA backing, the small Spanish security consulting firm UC Global and the security team of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a Trump mega-donor, teamed up to monitor Assange, sabotage an asylum plan for the Australian journalist, install software to monitor him, and control lawyers, friends, family and colleagues.

The independent U.S. outlet The Grayzone has revealed this after gaining access to Supreme Court documents relating to the ongoing Spanish criminal investigation into Undercover Global (UC Global) CEO David Morales, who was originally hired to provide protection to the Embassy of Ecuador.

Morales perceived that Julian Assange was in the embassy, thanks to the asylum granted in 2012 by then president of Ecuador Rafael Correa. 

The journalist was one of the main targets of the U.S. government, and Morales believed he had a unique opportunity in his hands.

“That’s David Morales, the one investigated in the CIA’s espionage of Julian Assange.”

 The documents revealed that, in 2016, Morales participated in a security fair in Las Vegas, hoping to get some lucrative deal by promoting his role as Assange’s guardian. 

Days later, he returned to his company’s headquarters in Jerez de Frontera, Spain, with the signing of a contract to guard the Queen Miri, the $70 million yacht of the billionaire campaign contributor to U.S. President Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson. 

Adelson already had a large security team assigned to watch over him and his family at all times. This shows that UC Global and Andelson’s casino company, Las Vegas Sands, was the cover for a CIA-supervised spying campaign. 

Las Vegas Sands “was doing a favor for the Trump administration and specifically for CIA director Mike Pompeo, who is a close ally of Sheldon Adelson,” the reporter who unveiled the information Max Blumenthal explained during an interview with Sputnik.

According to Blumenthal, “this case should invalidate the U.S. indictment of Assange and the attempt by the U.S. to extradite him from the U.K.. 

Morales was charged by a Spanish High Court in October 2019 with violating Assange’s privacy, as well as money laundering and bribery. The Spanish criminal investigation is still ongoing.”9

9-“New Docs Revel Links between Firm that Spied on Assange and cIAS”

Weld. The cRimes against Humanity need to have “arrests, butt-Holds”. Do they not? cRimes w.o. alleyances for Justice, are yet crimes, Unpaid and swaRthy-Unlawful. Good gRief do we, yet live in a “democRacy”? Since when bought-Holds? Are the Gaudis youR fRiends or is american-Business takeover for technological-Improvement in lower “flash rate from me-thane-Refining of availing interest now 35-years later—no not? Be the “it” who can see you when you are visible! Quit being bought for alleyances. Do we need to HALT Uranium-238 before that shittle-Radionuclides of 4.45 billion years half-Life is let loose—which has already happened. Do we need to hat “covid-19”? Do we need to be suffeRing for-lack-of ”health-Medicare”while illegal-Empire’s: invasions are had to dRain the US-tReasuRy or not? Do we need Epidemiologists being “bought for bio-Germ research” or for fanatic-penataGoons of the intel-Gence: estate? Neither,butt-holds.

Venezuela’s government revealed Monday new evidence that shows that the United States-backed opposition was aware of the foiled May 3 plot aimed at killing President Nicolas Maduro. The Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez presented an audio testimony that ties Venezuelan lawmaker Hernan Aleman with the failed mercenary raid. During the recording, Aleman is heard saying he maintained links with Cliver Alcala, the ringleader of the Venezuelan military deserters that are hiding in Colombia and who is now in U.S. custody on charges of drug trafficking.  

The lawmaker also admitted that he had visited the mercenary training camps in Riohacha in northern Colombia. Both former U.S. green berets Luke Denman and Airan Berry, arrested on May 3, explained that about 300 deserters were training there as part of ‘Operation Gedeon’.

Aleman also mentioned that he saw armed personel wearing uniforms with the U.S. flag on them and that he knew that U.S. troops were intended to arrive in Colombia.

As the Venezuelan Minister of Communication revealed, the opposition lawmaker was in contact with a CIA agent through a meeting provided by James Broward Story, the U.S. special envoy for Juan Guaido. The U.S. diplomat received the Venezuelan deputy at his embassy and there they discussed the armed incursion.

Amongst other evidence provided by Rodriguez was the revelation that the Futuro Presente foundation, a supposed NGO, channeled money to pay “deserters and trai-tors” who arrived in Cucuta on Feb. 23, 2019.

In this regard, one of those captured in the unraveling of Operation Gedeon named Victor Salazar, denounced that in armed raids the same organization was used by Rayder Russo, alias “Pico”, to carry out the failed assassination plan on Aug. 4 of last year. In addition, he financed the Riohacha camps in Colombia to train mercenaries.

Also, it was learned that so-called “investors” gave US$300 million to former Miami-based Guaido adviser, Juan Jose Rendon, one of the signatories of the contract with mercenary firm Silvercorp USA. 

The U.S.-based company hired by Guaido and his allies was meant to provide serv-ices, including “strategic planning,” “equipment procuring” and “project execution advisement.” According to mercenary Jordan Goudreau, ‘’Operation Gedeon’ had been coordinated with Guaido who signed a contract on Oct. 16, 2019, for US$212 million. 

Among those investors was the United States Office of Drug Control (DEA), U.S. companies and some Venezuelans also contributed funds, which would later benefit from state contracts for gold, oil and other natural resources after eliminating the Venezuelan authorities and military forces.

These investigations and more than 90 arrests are now part of the unraveling of the so-called ‘Operation Gedeon’, which is lead by Goudreau.”10

10- “Venezuela Reveal more Links Between Opposition and Foiled Plot” 18 May 2020 telesur news

Of all the misnomer thinGy-Bops that any ole Boy Scout could fail, what el tRumpeteR did was same-Ole. The Oligarchic nonsense w.o. a twist of political-Endurance for actuality. Bully Boy Clyneton, geoRges “al Qaeda” Enron, Ohh-bom-bah “bin-Dingy”, entRopy “tRum-peteR” Donald, not once mention of chem-tRails, not one mention of uRanium-238 mass-muR-derings, not one mention of “defense from covid-19 as democRacy-Defense” merely Unjus-tice must pRactice like, “political-Discourse cannot be Philosophy of democRacy”, nor actual accRual of “thought-Discourse”. The Unthinking leading the blind, is a cliche` useful at this juncture of N-95 masks are for “paint-Odors” and not worthy of viral-pRotection, wear a bandana instead. Adding “R” is justly being himself all the d-Day long, just being Righteous, even wearing his eyeball-Patch: daily, and recovering almost ad-Infinitum from suRgeries since 2011. I have never stated this: being an aRtiste` is not being a wRitor, but that having to be an aRtiste` in this empire, since 1961, has been your-wRitings may well be necessaRy like american-Philosophy lackings are hackneyed and irresolute w.o discourse, thought-Discourse.

The Trump administration is saber rattling, again. Five Iranian trade ships are on their way to Venezuela as the two countries are engaging in trade in order to overcome the brutal sanctions imposed by the U.S. Unfortunately, senior administration officials have called this trade “unwelcome” and threatened to take “measures” in response, an ominous warning given that the US Navy is already deployed in the Caribbean and has threatened to shoot down Iranian ships in the seas outside their own country.

Both Iran and Venezuela are subject to what Trump calls “maximum pressure.”  Now the Trump administration could start a war or deadly military actions against both countries if it intercepts the trade ships. 

The U.S. has no business interfering in peaceful trade between two countries.

It’s no secret why Venezuela and Iran are trading: the U.S. sanctions. The people, economies and health sectors of both countries have been devastated by sanctions, and the U.S. is targeting businesses that trade with either. That leaves them little choice but to trade with each other. Iran is sending oil refinery technicians and gasoline to Venezuela in exchange for gold. Iran faces a cash deficit and Venezuela has a fuel shortage (after the Trump administration abruptly cut it off from purchasing chemicals needed to make gas last month), so it’s trade that makes sense for both, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

There’s nothing alarming or nefarious about a gasoline for gold trade, but the Trump administration is doing everything it can to criminalize something countries do on a daily basis. Venezuela noted that any action against the ships would be a violation of international law, while Iran warned of a “quick and decisive response” should the ships be confronted — a potentially catastrophic situation.

Iran and Venezuela have a lot in common: they’re both nations that have opposed U.S. hegemony and have faced U.S. regime change efforts for decades. At CODEPINK we stand in solidarity with the Iranian and Venezuelan peoples as they confront sanctions and threats of war. The U.S. government should fight Covid-19, not Iran or Venezuela!”11

11- Codepink keeps us informed…

There are multiples of discourses ongoing that maintains our balance w.i. “thought-dis-course” one that is basically from Humanism and Existentialism to peace and fReedom to dissenting anarchyist-Presidents of the new-Rome, to science and “Electric-Universe” to new historic-findings and to pRopaganda and coverups, covetous of plutocRacy, not democRacy. Do we ever see reports on internet-News that an Ohh-bom-bah was pRotesting in-fRont-of SupReme-court while those hardly impassioned to intepRet the Unconstitutional war-Powers Act not being used correctly, or total Un-constitution, invasions, by any vice-pResident? The biggest most loudness-Offensive is that by early-Invasion, one’s surreptitious-Nation beats the cRimewave of not having to have “defense by invading and being belligerence”. This is a bestial-Neurotic tempeRament of disassociating the whole world, w a llie of inveterate-Psychopathology is useful. The useful-Excuse and the diabolical-Lie answers all methods to avert mass-Killings by masse` murderings and masse` refugee-ism, the latter-Word, since bec-oming renown word-Number: one, for the new-Rome’s emblazoning-Invasions by pRoxy: school-of-the-Americas (school-of-Assassins) of 1979 thRu 1988, the Banana-Republic: invasions, located in fort-Bragg, South Carolina.

There seems to be no enteRpRise for “defense”in any but “offensive-Degenerations” as no epiRe is worth weight unless belligeRent, like the olde-Rome, assuredly, was. That makes the new-Rome a usury-of-History, as complement to same-ole-stupefaction! Add to thatthe military-Vases in 140 nation-states is already a usury, and not cleaning-up waters from multiple contaminants, especially fire-Retardants, is yet immoral-Excuse to maintain illegal-Invasions as justifications fo lies and not understanding “the whole-Planet’s Ecology” as one-word. such imbecilic collateral-Damage to maintain the R-O-N-G phooels and never abide by “tReaties on merely nuclear-Missiles, never reaching-Out for either uRanium-238 nor “directed-Energy and Electromagnetic: nuclearist-Weapons” used and usefully-Determinant, especially on word-tRade center masse-Murderings: September 11th 2001. Spending on the incorrect uses of billi-ons-of-dollars, shamefully, always bypassing “defense-Democracy as diplomacy-Necessity”. The fanatic-penataGooons, Oligarchs, hegemonyites-Heavy, seem not to use the word “sur-reptition, preferring ‘surreptitiousness’ instead to bypass the noun, that I’ve been using since 1961. Such are those ways of the new-Rome to maintain coverups of masse` abhorrences of ex-gRaduates of the school-of-Assassins.

The US threats follow increased pressure in April on the Western energy giants that still operate in Venezuela, forcing them to further reduce their activities under waiver agreements previously agreed with the US Treasury Department.  Chevron had been exempted from the US oil sanctions imposed in January 2019 so that it could continue operations in Venezuela and export crude shipments from its joint ventures. The exemption was renewed until 1 December after the previous one expired in April, along with the exemptions granted to US servicing companies Halliburton, Schlum-berger, Baker Hughes and Weatherford. However, the renewed authorizations include a prohibition on drilling, lifting, purchasing or processing Venezuelan-origin crude or oil products. The US companies’ activities are now strictly limited to maintenance of essential operations and contracts.

Thus developments continue to follow the script laid out by the US Southern Command’s strategic document ‘Master Stroke – Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan dictatorship’, leaked by the press 2 years ago (first reported by Stella Calloni at Voltaire Network).”12

12- “Iran Warns the US against Intercepting Fuel Shipments to Venezuela” ’southfront news’ 18 May 2020

Lotsa not-so-nice deep-State: tyranny, against the US-constitution for fascist-Rhetoric and fascist-System. All those big-US: coRpoRations, like Halliburton, Schlumberger could have done the air we bReathe and planet Ecology a disparage compensation not, dispensation of “nowhere, we’ll get to  that —underscoRe” rhetoRical nexis”. Like, long ago, as late as 1977, as eaRly as 1983, w winsome plans for LNG as fuel, then in 1998, as “hydRogen-L.N.G.” fuels changeover, because tundra was known in late 1980’s to-be-buried deposits for extRaction—if necessary! NitRogen is 80% the eRathe’s dispensation, in other words. Like Halliburton, and Schlumberger are Wyoming tRuks on highways and dusty-Roads, in Wyoming at laRge, so I have gotten to be enabled-Eyeballs not merely discourse. Altho their taxes payments fund our “asphalt-roadways”who says that a changeover of phooel would have made a changeover fRom tacky-tar surfaces need-fixes every 2.33 years? Is there a change from ”staid and fascist CongRessional-Persons” who are bought for anti-Constitutional refugee-Millions and masse` muRderings everso-ImpoRtant to those masochists?

“The US continues with its efforts to ratchet up its long running campaign of financial sanctions and economic blockade against Venezuela, with the objective of either forcing President Nicolas Maduro to resign and turn power over to a transitional ‘government’ acceptable to the US, or persuading his colleagues (and senior military officials in particular) to abandon the president and agree to a transitional power-sharing agreement. If this cannot be achieved the US seems determined to devastate the South American country’s economy to such an extent that it becomes ungovernable.

As the US runs out of additional targets within Venezuela that it can add to its campaign of financial and economic pressure, last week a senior official in the Trump administration told Reuters News Agency that the US was considering measures it could take in response to reports of a fuel shipment from Iran to Venezuela. Both Iran and Venezuela are subject to extensive unilateral US sanctions. The Trump administration official declined to specify the measures being weighed, but said options would be presented to Trump.

According to the media reports, the Iran-flagged vessel ‘Clavel’ passed the Suez Canal on Wednesday after loading fuel at Iran’s Bandar Abbas port in late March. As subsequently reported by Al Jazeera, an Iranian news agency declared on Saturday that there would be repercussions if the United States attempted to intercept the Iranian fuel shipment.

Iran’s Nour news agency reported that: “News received from informed sources indicate that the US Navy has sent four warships and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon from the VP-26 squadron to the Caribbean region.” The agency further declared:

“If the United States, just like pirates, intends to create insecurity on international waterways, it would be taking a dangerous risk, and that will certainly not go without repercussion.”

Separately, an Iranian analyst suggested Tehran may retaliate against US vessels in the Gulf if the US takes action against the Iranian vessel, noting that.

“The US Navy and its allies in the Persian Gulf are hostages to any kind of violation against Iran’s legal international shipping,” Mahdi Mohammadi said on Twitter.

…The latest measures come several weeks after the US offered a reward of $15 million for Maduro’s capture, presumably a motivating factor behind the recent failed incursion attempt by mercenaries from Colombia. The provocative US actions and their readiness to flagrantly violate international laws and norms make a reduction in tensions in both regions extremely unlikely, as is apparent from the Iranian leader’s latest statement earlier today that it is inevitable that the US will be forced to retreat from Syria and Iraq if they do not leave voluntarily.”13

13-Iran Warns the US against Intercepting Fuel Shipments to Venezuela” ’southfront news’ 18 May 2020

The “extReme lack of discourse is a dead-Giveaway” that tyRanny of fascist-Ex: repub-lic, new-Rome, and zionist-Fascist: client-state that has never been taken to task for murdering 39-sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty, in 1967, as-well-as all installed-Dictators w cIAS help is more meaningful than all meaningless, fool-hearty pull-the-wool-over-Eyes deep-State rhetoric and enteRpRisings. Sadly, american-Women are nowhere near any but entRopied and too-Bourg-eois, must be dispensed, when fact comes onto discourse, far less-so than intercourse and family needs of “who has tRaditions anymore”? The coRpoRate-Sleaze teevee cannot ever be relied upon to open discussion toward “discourse” any longer, if ever those ever did, as “pub-lic-National: teevee” should be far beyond their slanted contests of belligerence is for pRopaganda-Sake. Wow, how is that again? Many people lavished my foRging discouRse on and of rhetoric, for speaking-out from my two Ford econoline-Vans, as well as personally, for the protests-Vigils numbering well over 950, my one, long memory: anti-NucleaRist blurr.

“While most of the country is trying to cope with the spread of COVID-19, Twin Pines Minerals—an Alabama-based company that plans on building a massive heavy minerals (titanium and zirconium) sand mine next to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness in Georgia—quietly presses on. The Okefenokee Refuge covers 440,000 acres in all, of which 353,981 acres were designated by Congress in 1974 as Wilderness, making the Okefenokee Wilderness one of the largest Wildernesses in the country east of the Rockies. Please take action today to keep the Okefenokee wild. The comment deadline has been extended to May 28.
The Okefenokee Wilderness is part of one of the world’s largest still intact black-water swamp ecosystems, and provides important habitat for native wildlife such as black bears, American alligators, and red-cockaded woodpeckers. Obviously, water is critical to the well-being of Okefenokee, which is recognized worldwide as a Wetland of International Importance. The proposed mine could impact thousands of acres of wetlands, which would forever change the unique ecosystem of the Swamp. Wilderness values like solitude, silence, and remoteness could be impacted by the close proximity of industrial mining activity and associated development. 

Twin Pines Minerals wants to mine 12,000 acres of Trail Ridge where it forms the eastern border of the Okefenokee Refuge and Wilderness. Among the concerns of min-ing so close to the Wilderness is that hydrologic and water quality changes will damage the Swamp, as well as the St. Marys and Suwannee Rivers that flow from its beautiful, placid waters.
After the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told the company that a full environmental impact statement (EIS) would be required to evaluate the adverse impacts of the mine (thanks in no small part to over 14,000 letters sent by Wilderness Watch supporters!), Twin Pines withdrew its application in February 2020. Twin Pines has now resubmitted an application for the first phase of the mine as a “demonstration project” spanning 898 acres in the hopes of avoiding the scientific scrutiny and public comments that go with a full-blown EIS. 

The Corps now needs to hear from you—again—to save the threatened Okefeno-kee Wilderness! Submit your concerns to the Corps and ask the agency to deny Twin Pines a toehold on Trail Ridge and request a full EIS that includes a peer-reviewed groundwater flow model of the Swamp and the mining site itself. The comment deadline has been extended to May 28, 2020.”14

14- “Raise Your Voice to Keep the Okefenokee Wild!” ‘’wilderness watch’ Okefenokee Wilder-ness, Georgia


What then is the “national Security Stat” about when there is “none: no-Defense emplaced from viRus-Attacks” such as the SARsCoV-2, even aside from the bio-Germ: weapons-pRogram of fascist-Estate, the deep-State connected to the system of rip-offs, masse` muRders and egRegiousness-Extent. The SARS was developed from Ebola which was hatched, if you will for continuation of chems-Ionizations and nucleaRism: thRee nucleaR-Mol-ecular, P.O.S. statures. Not for status, ohh give us our “defense is democRacy” not the new-ImpRoved new-Rome. You know what-ski, I want to vacuum my oldeR caRpets, cleanup the dust ledges, wash the door nobs and keep the damnable chemicals o-u-t-s-i-d-e. Why cannot I vacuum the plutocRats and hegemonyites outta the bush-League and allow us to get back “the fRedom-League” and, thRow those bag-Wads into the land-fill, the ones that have liners and do not leak-Ahoy!

Regarding the disregaRd of the no-Defense plutocRacy, did they inform us by04 Jan 2020 that we would need masks that protect from exposure microns, tests-that-pRove or disappRove, ventilators in all health-Facilities but never did get aRound to pRoving Unemploy-ment would-could-should be paid fore by collective aRrangement either w or w.o. the funeral-CongRess until no-Further: enlivenment-OutbReaks, not necessaRily 2-years from now when a vaccine may come around and yet have to be proven. Yes, that was the intRoduct-Line, not the replenish: health-Medicare has to be passed—for everybody BECAUZ, that is  really so-long-Overdone and due-Yesterday’s “emphasis on fRee-Internet” colloquium, got stucco’d by Oligarchs and neo-Liberalism for fascist-PlutocRacy. What is needed, instead of egRegious-ness the a-hole dollar’s Empire? Pass the “end-the-Hegemonyite-Heavy: Act” or have a really-Nice thRow those bums into the gutter “revolution”? Yes

We american-Socialist, we of “democRacy-defense” not of the new-Rome of plutocRacy, are resolved and becoming more solvent in this world of Ebola, of H.I.V., and covid-19 sleaze-Diseases. The scene is NOT “have-Dust wilt-tRavel”, as Unfortunately, more and more and more people are doomed and are ‘bound’ to die from that sleaze-Disease. The fact to relate since Jan 16th 2020 is that one w H.I.V. cannot get covid-19 because he/she does not get the “flu” if and when the normal cocktail-of-medicines are taken as pRescRibed. The scenaRio thus, remains cogent, while the virus must remain “defense is our and in the warehouses: STORED” remains an enormous DELUSION, as capitalism failed. Capitalism was installed on the back of the Dark Age emergences. Especially, the wars-Against Muslims, or “feudalism wRite laRge economics” the chRistian cRusades”. Many who went there never returned! What is said was 40-50%.

Some married oveR-There, in the middle-East or aRabs and sands and oasis-Distances, and masse` battles for being slaves, or seRfs, one-step-above, venerability-Rex. The so-called inter-Marriages, but is not “love, normal” and not a plague, which may be consideRed “goshe`” but does that matter where integRationing is concerned? Yes. The lords of Europe were, very much a staid component of not having capitalism to winde-aRound, or did not need “visa’s” so they did not tRavel. Like, who knew about the middle-East, and had that become “muddlesome, yet”? The muddlesome affectation was also an historic-Affliction, one that monguls had used to conquer the “silk-road venues”. Did they have viRus-OutbReaks? Yes, not very often but in context of 1,400 years one or two, so the asians retReated. So, today’s big dealie-Bop is wear-a mask not a paint screen looks like N-95 that does not have enough breathe-and-exhale, but do not get H.I.V. to allay covid-19.

One thinGy-Bop for certain, the new-Rome of PlutocRacy is totally degenerate and too-Fascist for democRacy at work, and is a louse-system. Does the new-Rome dollar mean more than accomplishing oil-Pirating in eastern-Syria, or morally using “D.E.W. immorally again”?

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham enjoys the direct protection of the Turkish Armed Forces and indirectly receives financial support from Ankara. But the group is too large and too influential to be an ordinary Turkish puppet. In fact, the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham leadership and its close allies are working to turn Greater Idlib into their own ISIS-style emirate. While publicly they make loud statements about the goals of the so-called Syrian revol-ution and the need to ‘liberate’ Damascus from the ‘bloody Assad regime’, in fact, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has long since abandoned any plans of major expansion through direct attacks on the Syrian Army. They have been tightening their military, security and political grip over the militant-held part of Greater Idlib. If the situation develops in this direction, Idlib will have every chance of becoming a foothold for international terrorist groups operating all around the world, primarily in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. A network of training camps, weapon trafficking and financial flows for terrorist organizations recruiting new members and planning terrorist operations will all contribute to the growing influence and wealth of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Some global and regional players would be happy to use this opportunity to pursue their own geopolitical goals.

Turkey, which controls the border and is a key regional player keeping ties with Idlib militant groups, may become one of the main beneficiaries of this scenario and the Erdogan government could have agreed on this if the world were the same as it was back in 2011. However it is not.

The weakening of US influence in the Middle East, the shrinking global economy, the fragmentation of global markets and the collapse of the remote chance of Turkey join-ing the European Union as well as Turkey’s own diplomatic and political pretensions towards regional leadership turned Moscow into its key economic, diplomatic and sec-urity partner. Therefore, Ankara is forced to consult the interests of Moscow in its policy because without the military technological, diplomatic and economic cooperation with Russia Turkey has no chances to turn its own geopolitical ambitions into reality.

The current agreement between Turkey and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is rather a result of the tactical convergence of interests rather than a solid alliance. Even if they are able to prevent the resumption of the Syrian Army advance on Idlib, the tensions between Hay-at Tahrir al-Sham and Turkey will increase because they have different strategic inter-ests. It is likely that within the next half year, Ankara will increase pressure on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) and their allies in order to undermine their influence and bring most of the political, administrative and military influence in the Greater Idlib region to ethnic Turks and representatives of groups directly control-led by Ankara.”15

15- “Caliphate In Miniature: Rift Between Turkey And Al-Qaeda In Idlib” ‘southfront’ 20 May 2020

Did the Russia-Military invite eRdogan, dictator into Syria, so that they could send forces to Libya? Not necessarily, but that is what has tRanspiRed. Has the Israels: I.D.F. been invited into Syria? No not at all. Does I.S.I.S. contRol one-Third of Yemen geogRaphy? Yes. When I am wiRking upon my aRtes-pRojects, do you people say “end the fookeRing wars”? Do you people ever say “end the chem-Foookering: tRails” when you dRrive past? When you’Re lazy and indigent, do you ever say “I’ve been pRe-occupied w being totally-Indigent neRd-bRain”. You had better, not. As this one intellect has not a family because of your sleazing and incapaciousness-Excesses. I am not youR neRd-bRain, noR pea-bRain. Why in heck are you so damnably indigent-Bourgeois? Do you folks thank me for my social-Inputs? Yes, some-times. Am I still searching for an aRtes-studio/weRkshop, since I left the last one in May 1991? Yes. what does an opposite-GendeR do when she moves in and does want to be w you? What happens? I would like to know that!

Why not nationalize the Utilities, and do not have this “enough-SyndRome”? Slow down the metabolic: fRee-Radicals? Yes. The resbit pRoclivity is this: no ‘automatic’ accountability will be of “reshape the fanatic-penataGooons” reconnoiteuring. They are then ones of the deep-State, which also need 10,000’s arrested, jailed and bRought into assimilation, while impRisoned? Okay, this is not a sample, any longeR, than the past35-years have been. While allowing accountants to do-their-jobs w in person visual and visible pRofessionalism, instead o f and to paRsimonials of “cRime pays” the system is always in chaRge.

The World is at a dangerous crossroads. A culture of war and military conquest is upheld. War is presented to public opinion as a US-NATO peace-making endeavor which will ultimately result in the spread of Western democracy.

Military intervention not to mention “economic warfare” (including sanctions) are routinely upheld as part of a humanitarian campaign.  War has been granted a humanitarian mandate under NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P).

Culture which is the theme of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilisations (Beijing, May 15-16, 2019) is of utmost importance in resolving conflicts within and between nations. Culture defines perceptions and understanding as well as dialogue and diplomacy.

In this regard, “Towards a Culture of World Peace” constitutes a commitment to Human Livelihood. It is  an initiative  which consists in confronting the discourse in support of  war and military intervention emanating from NATO and the Pentagon. It requires reviving a Worldwide anti-war movement, nationally and internationally as well as establishing a resolve by the governments of sovereign nation states to reject this Worldwide process of militarization.  

The contemporary US-NATO “culture of war” (which has its roots in European colonial history) constitutes an obvious obstacle and impediment to the Dialogue of Civilizations and China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013. 

The culture of peace is universal. It is shared by people and nations Worldwide. Today’s “culture of war” is a US hegemonic project predicated on the creation of conflict and divisions within and between countries. It is this (unilateral) project of global warfare which is intent upon destroying civilization.

“The culture of peace” which was addressed by President Xi Jinping in his opening address of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, constitutes an important instrument which has a bearing on broad geopolitical, economic and strategic relations.

The procedure consists in ultimately confronting and dismantling “the culture of war”  which has a pervasive impact on the human mindset. 

This endeavour will not succeed through political rhetoric or a “war of words”.

It requires:

  • Translating the “culture of peace” into concrete actions at the geopolitical and diplomatic levels
  • Confronting media disinformation and war propaganda
  •  A cohesive anti-war movement at the grassroots of society (nationally and internationally)
  • An endorsement by the governments of sovereign countries, member states of the United Nations, namely a decisive inter-governmental rejection of the US-NATO “culture of war”, which is in blatant violation of the UN Charter.
  • The disbandment of military alliances, including NATO, which are supportive of global warfare.
  • The withdrawal of NATO member states and NATO partner member states from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • The adoption of a coherent and Worldwide disarmament programme coupled with major reductions in military spending.
  • The closing down of all military bases, some 800 US military bases in about 80 countries
  • The curtailment in the international trade of weapons
  • The restructuring of national economies with a view to downgrading and eventually closing down the war economy,
  • The reallocation of financial resources and tax revenues towards the civilian economy including social services.

So-called “Humanitarian Warfare”

The victims of U.S. led wars are routinely presented by the Western media as the perpetrators of war.

Realities are turned upside down. “War is Peace” said George Orwell. The Western media in chorus upholds war as a humanitarian endeavor. “Wars make us safer and richer” says the Washington Post.

When war becomes peace, the world is turned upside down. Conceptualization is no longer possible. The consensus is to wage war.

The building of this diabolical consensus consists in the militarization of the “cultural industries”. The latter are supported by the US Department of Defense which allocates a large share of its budget to upholding the “culture of war”.”16

16- Towards a Culture of World Peace” By pRof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, May 21, 2020

When we exclaim, Oh My gawd, do we mean “oh that fookeRing-Myth”? Yes. There are many types of gAwds, and many meanings, as plausibly the oRge-Nal meaning was “alien-Peoples who arose off and fRom, the eRathe’s surface” to enter their space-ships. The context of Peru high mountains upon my visits there, Charlie Klatt, and myself walked five miles “stRaight” as though a machine had engineered at 12,000 feet, altitude, a road, but then other connections cRossed, and others cRossed those. Very intRiguing as well. There were also human “stick-like: figuRines” seem from planes—actually there was one scoping and flying those stRaight-lines adeptly. The videos on internet have helped show, and divulge the key features, pus analysis and dating as-well-as main-taining the theoRetical-Basics for other geogRaphical-Spots as seen all around the world. Where-upon for me, being thrilled w knowing was raptuRous. This, then, is the emphasis on “Renaissance” in our thinking, human-Adeptness, as well as enlightening in respect to that OMG expression. But to me, for “thought-discourse” amongst the thinking human—Extensions of how and why? Humans are-not-always masochistic as el tRumpeteR and as Ohh-bom-bah—please refer, read my above references regarding: plutocRacy, murders, deep-State, police-state, etc. People are not gAwds, but aliens are not either. Both imbue myths for long-Terms chagrins, not longer-memory know-how-to remember fact as factual!

The “social-Distancing is a need, not a myth” as I found these words one of doom and yet of populous-Care “Last Words to comfort the Dying: “Thank You. Please Forgive Me. I Forgive You. I Love You. Goodbye.”1! Weld, but just how real is the defense-DemocRacy, as we do not yet have the others, Ebola, H.I.V., MERS, castigated into a coRner, where control, is once again, the method, to hold “defense from” in primary, uppe-fRont positioning. People today, can and do get “bubonic-Plague” yet. Whereupon the need of a central-Authority, but one that does not get outta-Hand w masochistic-Rapprochement Those include any possibility of Electromagnetic fRequency dysfunc-tionalism, if not already, now the most impoRtant of any confluences of reshaped virus due the outdoors naturalness of Ecology as staying and as constantly, berated by chemicals such as stearate-Barium and aluminum-Oxide, especially. In other words, not berated by Xenophobia, which is something maybe “nano-Technology” will never accomplish for intel-Gence—or not? The Xeno-phobia of course, is a byproduct of paranoia or state-Control, behavioralist and fascist, respectively,  in mannerism and Reality. There are both the ”hanta-viRus” and the Bubonic-Plague” that is also viral. Virologists, today may be quite busy w encirclements of control, not oNLY allotted and allot-table to the new-Rome’s: military C.D.C.

The “Black Death: bubonic-Plague” a public-Spectacle, bubose, a swelling in thigh, armpit painfully, fevers, hallucinations, skin discolorations, a disease, not a viRus, but a pandemic. Are we lucky? No. However, public health was a legacy of Bubonic Plague, need of centRalized-Authority, because every area of society had become inculcated, w.i. the course of need i.e. not blaming “mythologically others for being there as all were, castigated, not chastened by the concurrent-Pan-demic. In other words, false-pRemises are not naturally endemic, but become abstRuse-Justifi-cations for indecisiveness. Excesses pRoverbial incantations. As for covid-19, full-Disclosures altho necessary to the populous/public, are not good to be sequestered by centRalized-Authority. The facts have been there, that “social-democRacy” is not a habit, but can be doomed by anxiety-Attacks of the mental off-Que, as well as not known as “defense-Mechanism: necessity” which is my proponency, here. There are “differential-Immunities” socially, as disease is not an equal-Opportun-ity equality i.e. definitely not egalitarian. The “yellow-Fever as a pandemic in the Carribean” Haiti came into being because and due the nature of that pandemic-Attached disease, small-pox, a can-didate where does-not-have animal characteristic that will re-instate the disease. This is what hap-pens for “viral-outbReaks” probably not aRcane fosteRing, but metaphysical-Stasis.

“In fact, the technology already exists. In 1975, the U.S. Navy patented a device for producing “a powder contrail having maximum radiation-scattering ability”. The powder contained a mixture of 0.3 micron-sized titanium dioxide pigment particles coated with 0.0007 micron hydrophobic colloidal silica and 4.5 micron particles of silica gel. The purpose of the apparatus was “to generate contrails or reflective screens for any desired purpose”.”

The Welsbach Patent proposed using “very fine, talcum like” powder of 10 to 100 micron-sized aluminum oxide to produce a “pure white plume” in the sky.

In a May 2000 dRaft report submitted to the International Panel on climate Change (IPCC), an expert panel chosen from among 3,000 atmospheric scientists, concluded that Teller’s scheme might work. But the IPCC warned against predictable upsets of the atmosphere. The panel also warned against angry populaces reacting to “the associated whitening of the visual appearance of the sky”.

Caldeira was so concerned that he went public. Deflecting sunlight would further cool the stratosphere, he warned, and this could intensify icy clouds of ozone-gobbling CFC’s that could destroy the ozone layer—the Earth’s already damaged solar radiation shield.”17

17- “Stolen Skies: the Chemtrail Mystery” E.I. Staff—summer 2002, Earth Island Journal

We do need to be protected from Edward Teller’s collateral-Damage, of 1996 conference-Meeting of the scientists, the mad-Nazi who bitterly attacked Prof. Carl Sagan, on the Presentation Panel pros and cons of nucleaRism and nuclear-Molecular weapons, on U.C. Berkeley campus 1969. Altho they did not “discuss uranium-238” will we ever wonder why the disclosure was not made and/or not allowed, as pRopaganda was rampant and impaRting cold-War features did not need to be abstrusely-Unjustified. Edward Teller was bigoted, and his pRejudice against Prof. Sagan showed all 2,000 people, who packed Wheeler Hall, on that day. He may have already had too-much-politics-power and helped cause the “deep-State” as well. The Rev. Paul Sawyer, of the Berk-eley Fellowship of U-U’s, and I, w others helped get Prof. Sagan out the back-doors of that auditor-ium, as a malicious enraged audience was hardly calmed, and may have ensured as riotous dis-order. The “empiRe’s-Invasions of southeast-Asia” also raged on and along, another 7-years.

There was a nexus from 1975 to 1979 happens, uranium-238 has been accumulating from one Nuclear Power Plant to the other w no particular place to go. Very few we-People pRotested against the tyRanny of useful 44.5 billion years full-Life of that antic were that used. Then, whammy. Why would that be “cleaned-up if the stuff merely contaminates like gaRbage-Microns accumulating. Happen-ed. The empire’s-Invasions, once again, postscRipt “banana-Republics were merely mass-Murder-ings” of 85,000 in Honduras, 200,000 in El Salvador, 110,000 deaths by murdering death-Squads in Guatemala.Those tRained goons were enough to cost the Drug Enforcement Agency to hire United States Agency for International Development U.S.A.I.D. That the empiRe’s-Invasioning suRfaced but was accomplished by US-military under the guise of ‘dictator’s don’t do the job, we’ll help’ type of ascertainable repRoof. No. was done as-well-as accomplished to keep dictatoRs enthralled w themselves.

What was R-O-N-G w use of Uranium is that stuff will always give-off Radiation, always hot, always contaminating, where to put that waste from NPPs, if not stored “onsite for terrorists to be invented, as useful—once again. Which “uRanium-Type was USED, usury” each invasion, like pu-239 is made from NPP’s, since used in bomb-Nagasaki, 09 Aug 1945. Which uRanium-238 would be used in 1991, to destRoy Basra, to amelioRate what part of Baghdad to live-in 1991, before during and after “the highway of Death” amassed 238336 deaths by A-10’s slaughterful-Fancy: use of gauwitzer’s leaving dustful carry of microns fromo their nozzles unloading 35-mm rounds, ten-Pounds each. Those buRnt-out: cRispies coRes-of-horrorful “deaths” by US-military, against civil-ians and army-Reserve units. The aimless mass-Murderer gHW Bushwhacky himself had to be the one. Who did give the final say on “so-Called calamity-is-Useful, call” as he was headship in charge. Which one uranium-238, again was used in Iraq, as though they attacked and merely theirs was rHetoric as theirs was edicts from el-Dictator: saddam-Insane, useful for determining the slaughter of women, children, older men in Fallujah, 2004, twice invaded from empires camps, solely to prove conquering by Uranium-238 was as virtuous as allowing hired-Thugs for exteRminating, in the centRail-Americas, banana-Republics of installed-Dictators, hardly a word for democracy spoken.

When I was first viewing death-Squads was El Salvador. I was detained for walking 50-miles from that jungle thRu dN-tN San Salvador for 12-hours in 1981. Then in 1983, I saw detained by Colonel’s who were incharge of tRansporting cocaine to Mena Airport, AR and to Texas by DEA renown smugglers. The airport had a small about their doings the colonel had them clear that out, so they could eat, and actually on the third day I got a tortilla w.o. hot sauce. which was that the ceramic-dusts from the heat congeals into parts that will stay lodged in blood as kidneys and as veins pump. Freeway Ricky,Rick Ross, was feeding fellow afro-Amers his bRand of significant black-Money accumulation in LOS. He made a name for himself, but began using and could not bReak the mental-Cacophony, bond.

“The new gang-related violence can be attributed to several factors including decades of internal wars and impunity, extensive displacement to urban areas, the ab-sence of social and economic programmes to integrate the youth, the migration to the Uni-ted States, and the over all social exclusion of a large proportion of the population. The continuation of death squad violence and the expansion of the drug trade is a reflection of the absence of the rule of law as well as the continued links between these clandestine organizations and the military and other power elites.

The harsh response to the variety of gang activities in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras has proved ineffective. While the problems are real, the government and the press find it more expedient to target the gangs and street children for virtually all the rampant violence in the society. In response, many citizens support draconian anti-gang laws and self-help “social cleansing” practices. In the process, the more powerful clandestine organized crime units tend to be overlooked, in part because of the links, influence and control they exercise at various institutional levels in the governments. Nicaragua, while the poorest country in Central America, has fewer gangs and less violence and its government’s alternative approach to rehabilitate and integrate gang members into society has been much more successful.

Violence against women is an extremely serious problem. These crimes are seldom solved or punished, creating further fear and vulnerability among women. Crimes against homosexuals are less identified and are also likely under-reported. Politically motivated violence against party workers, human rights defenders, and professionals dedicated to investigating and bringing to justice those responsible for these crimes, especially in Guatemala, has seen an alarming rise. The judicial system and the police have proved largely to be ineffective. The serious instability and danger resulting from violence and the failure of national protection leads to displacement and migration out of the country, especially to the United States. These undocumented migrants live in limbo with the increasing threat of deportation back to the country they fled, often in fear for their lives. iii

[1Introduction11.1Regional Historical Background The Mayans populated the Central Am-erican isthmus for centuries prior to the arrival of the Spaniards at the turn of the sixteenth century. In 1523, Hernán Cortés, who led Spain’s conquest of Mexico, assigned the ruth-less Pedro de Alvarado to head south on a military expedition to subdue the Mayan population. At the time the K’iche’ and Kaqchikel were the two largest and most powerful civilizations in what is today Guatemala. In the wake of Alvarado’s military victories, Spain created the Kingdom of Guatemala (Capitanía General de Guatemala) and imposed a colonial system on the indigenous peoples living on the lands that now comprise modern Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The legacy of this colonial system is still evident in the four countries discussed in this report. The legacy of colonization is strongest today in those areas in which the population concentrations were the most dense prior to the Spanish conquest; thus, the farther south in the isthmus, the less the negative impact left by the colonial encounter. But, some impact of the conquest lingers everywhere 500 years later. The inhumane abuse of the indigenous population, along with deadly new diseases against which they had no immunity, decimated the population in the first decades of the colonial period. A perverse legal structure exacerbated the abuse: the crown granted the indigenous populations to the colonists as a labour force, with few incentives to treat them well. In effect, the indigenous people endured many of the horrors of slavery without any corresponding paternalism. Instead, each colonist sought to extract as much work as possible from the native people in his “possession” knowing a new crew of workers would be allocated to him. In the mid-1500s Bartolomé de las Casas, a colonist turned Dominican priest, witnessed and recorded the brutality to which the indigenous people were subjected at the hands of his fellow Spaniards. He eloquently described the abuses that caused labourers to collapse, the unmerciful beatings and vicious lashings. These workers were denied the most basic human considerations, according to de las Casas. They were hungry, worked to exhaustion, and even beaten to death. Other Catholic priests shared de las Casas’s alarm over the cruelty and harshness that accompanied the conversion to Christianity. Central America, unlike Mexico, was not rich in gold or silver.]”18

18- “Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,Nicaragua): patterns of Human Rights Violations” A Writenet Report by Beatriz Manz (University of California, Berkeley) commissioned by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Status Determination and Protection Infor-mation Section (DIPS) August 2008 (pdf) …

Eugenics, bio-Germ: viruses, uRanium-238 cRuelty-Usages, typo-Glitches in couRtrooms by judges who study-Laws and cannot arrest “police-Officer: offenders” who by murder and mans-laughter bRought denunciation due the-System”? As though impoverished-people were never “whistled down when they needed an ambulance for 8-gunshots wounds. Tens of thousands of “New-Rome’s 1.5 million people have had confirmed-Case” is that not enough. Get that anus-Act outta pResdential: offal-Office, as he’s stucco’d to his chair and needs be declassified. Don’t people on the sidewalks, living in tents, children holding onto women who birthed them. How many of those homeless once-Waz gReat big supporters of US-military mass-Murders and emp-ire-Invasions, and you want me to be there, doing interviews w people who do not know “of ur-238”. They’ve been forced to eat chemicalized food and we all have chemicalized “AIR”. Where is the couth of regard-the-tRuths?

Not better to go-to-weRk: now, and get pandemic w.o. testing-Kits and mask-Replacements if even masks have been used and given w six-feet: distancing! Where are the respirators and the gRants for Medicare hospitalization and healthcare going when fookeRville-Airlines were give $610 billion gift card? Ohh, viRuses are not woRth discussion, by delinquent: anarchyist-pResi-dent stucco’d to the shid-ski he’s given to people for discourtesy-Sake. Wear a bandana and do not carry a handgun! Angola state Penitentiary, where people die every other day from “violence of guards” who think they can met-Injustice in allusion that is Just-them being powerful and murdeRous, for a keepsake method that “testing for covid-19” is merely for the guarDs and the rich-Athletes. Such professed-ness is not professionalism w,i, the scopes on laws and accounta-bility. This needs to be “dumped upon” not the planet-eRathe. Brutality, the state’s hiRed-People must know somethinGy-Bop more than Nothingism.

   “The Earth has a moderately strong magnetic field, which is generated by superheated liquid iron that makes up the outer core of our planet. The magnetic field is vital to life as it shields the Earth’s ozone layer from solar winds, cosmic rays, and harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, the European Space Agency (ESA) said in a statement, citing data from its Swarm mission, a constellation of satellites that was launched in 2013. According to the ESA, over the last 200 years, the Earth’s magnetic has field has lost 9 percent of its strength.

In 1958, scientists discovered the South Atlantic Anomaly, an area that sits between Africa and South America where the magnetic field has been weakening considerably. According to the ESA’s latest study, this area has grown and moved westward at a pace of around 12 miles (20 km) per year and scientists cannot explain why.

Moreover, according to data provided by the Swarm mission, which studies our planet’s magnetic field, a second area with less strength has emerged in South Africa, which the ESA says could be a sign that the South Atlantic Anomaly “could split up into two separate cells”.

“The new, eastern minimum of the South Atlantic Anomaly has appeared over the last decade and in recent years is developing vigorously”, said Jürgen Matzka, from the German Research Centre for Geosciences. “We are very lucky to have the Swarm satellites in orbit to investigate the development of the South Atlantic Anomaly. The challenge now is to understand the processes in Earth’s core driving these changes”, Matzka said

The space agency said one hypothesis that may explain the magnetic field’s bizarre behaviour is a reversal of the North and South Poles, a process during which the poles switch places. It has occurred many times throughout the planet’s history and the ESA says “we are long overdue by the average rate of roughly 250,000 years”.

The ESA said that at the moment, the weakening of the magnetic field, which protects our planet from cosmic radiation and charged particles emitted by the Sun, poses no risk for humans. However, satellites and spacecraft that fly through an area with reduced field strength are more likely to experience technical malfunctions.”19

19- “Earth’s Magnetic Field Weakening For Unexplained Reason, Reveals European Space Agency” © Sputnik / Alexander Mokletsov Tech 18:22 GMT 23.05.2020

The tRuths on “paranoiac” can best be descRibed by mis-Information on the plant-eRathe’s magnetic-Field, but this does not demean that LNG is not worthwhile to capture before releases do us in, altho methane may be peRtinent to poles-Reversals. That is the paRanoiac-reactionary-ism which never gets dispelled by continuous support of deep-State and intel-Gence and emp-iRe’s-Invasions as well. Well we still have 20% electRicity fRom Uranium-238 and pu-239 pRo-ducing NPP’s, as this polemic has always been indeed-in-Need for a defense non-Static in political-Expense, and accountability, exorcism. This does mean that NPP’s re-Designs have been on the books and are now in double-Indemnity for “disclosures on what is documented as cleanup-Radionuclides: first and foremost” as well as what is continuously noxious as “not-Plan-ned ever”? Vital, cRitical, impoRtant tReaties have been attempts for elimination by fascist el tRumpeteR. Especially during coRonaviRus pandemic. Very inteResting since bReaking tReaties and re-Establishing “nucleaR-Molecular” is pRotected by Uranium-238 at home. Ohh, my really-bRash. Such a need for bullshid-ski w.o. composting that “Idyl” to make the planet’s surface fRee from aluminum-Oxide?

Why not the 2,600 military-Satellites interstellar, 1,300 of US-military? Is that why el tRump-eter does not want to have a defense-DemocRacy from covid-19: pandemic? I am not your cove-tous-Cover-ups, but those I’ve mentioned thRu-out my wRitings since I started into my amalgam that has hardly gotten to include my pRescience-of-Observations, enough! Fundamentally, Urani-um-238 usages are anti-tReaties of “nucleaR-Molecular: testing”. Basically unlawful to say the least, a method of we’ve the money, we’Re the fanatic-penataGooons eat shid-ski our anarchyist-pResidents tell you. The decisive-Fascism? Yes. The practice of toRtuRe in Abu gRahib must have had a psychopathic-Physicality, an accomplice of disassociated-Indemics. Sure, democRacy by the wayside. Ur-238 by the ton-Loads! Where is that cRack-Cocaine galvanizing the Bourgeoisie?

Race for a vaccine

The capitalists are champing at the bit to restart the economy, with the ruling classes of each nation eager to get the leg up on their rivals. As a result, billions have been invested in creating a vaccine to halt the spread of the pandemic and prevent a second wave of infections. There are currently 76 candidate drugs at various stages of testing and development.

The US-based biotech firm Moderna seems to be in the lead. In the first round of human trials, their vaccine (mRNA-1273) produced only minor side effects and demonstrated the ability to stop the virus from replicating in human cells, in addition to creating levels of antibodies similar to those in recovered COVID-19 patients.

When this news broke on Monday, the S&P 500 US benchmark equity index closed at 3.2 percent higher, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced almost 4 percent. The capitalists are pinning their hopes on Moderna’s vaccine, but their celebrations could be premature. At the moment, it has only proved effective for a pool of 45 test subjects. Experts warn that Moderna’s timeline of a mass-produced vaccine being available by the end of the year is extremely optimistic. Such a quick turnaround has never been achieved before. Approval by the FDA will require testing on thousands of patients, which could take months or even years.

Moreover, as Daniel Salmon, director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at the Johns Hop-kins Bloomberg School of Public Health, pointed out: “Lots of vaccines that look good out of Phase 1 that don’t turn out to be good products.” Indeed, a competitor vaccine developed with the backing of the British government at Oxford University looked promising, but failed to immunise the monkeys it was tested on. Donald Trump recently signed an executive order allowing private companies to slash regulations in order to restart the economy as quickly as possible. This could also have implications for the pharmaceutical industry. Rushing a half-baked vaccine to market in order to kickstart production is a recipe for disaster.

Needless to say, it is in the immediate interests of Moderna’s shareholders to promote faith in their product. On Monday, shares in Moderna closed 20 percent higher than the previous day, giving the company a market valuation of almost $30bn. It promised to invest new funds in expanding manufacturing capacity for the COVID-19 vaccine, with any spillover going back into R&D. Still, one can imagine its directors and shareholders were handsomely rewarded by this windfall.

This rising star of the big pharma world is also becoming enmeshed with the state. It was awarded a $483m grant by the federal Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority; and its director, Moncef Slaoui, stepped down to become the chief scientist for Operation Warp Speed: a White House initiative to accelerate vaccine development. Watch dogs decried Slaoui’s appointment as a conflict of interest. But in fact, the interests of the big pharma capitalists and US imperialism are one and the same: get a vaccine as quickly as possible, patent it, get it to market and (if profit margins allow), immunise the workforce to give the US economy a headstart over everyone else.

Imperialist squabbling

So far, Trump’s administration has completely bungled its response to the coronavirus pandemic. At the time of writing, there have been 92,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 in the USA: the most in the world. With an election coming up, Trump needs to get the economy going and divert any blame from himself, going to war with national and international public health bodies in the process.

The US is racing to capitalise on a functional vaccine. The capitalists are pinning a lot of hopes of it / Image: White House, Flickr

Whistleblower Rick Bright was removed from his position as director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority after resisting pressure by the White House to make “potentially harmful drugs widely available”, including chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. These anti-malarial drugs have been touted by Trump as effective treatments for COVID-19, although initial trials are unconvincing. Bright additionally claims he was sidelined after pushing for a greater stockpile of masks, swabs and medical equipment during the early pandemic. This came at a time when the White House was more-or-less dismissing COVID-19 as a hoax.

Trump has also been distracting from his administration’s failings by attacking the WHO’s “gross failures [that] helped fuel the current pandemic” – and for favouring China. While the president exaggerates the situation, it is true that Trump’s protectionist policies and the relative increase in China’s power mean the latter has been able to push its agenda with global bodies like the WHO. It was no accident that Chinese Premier Xi Jinping gave the opening address on Monday’s meeting, in which he pledged to donate $2bn over two years to respond to the crisis – with a special focus on the WHO’s African member states within China’s sphere of influence.”20

20- “Capitalists clash over hunt for COVID-19 vaccine” ‘in defence marxism’ by Joe Attard, 22 May 2020

The capitalists are imperialists, and thus they keep power and gain nothingism, again and again. Does our human-History have any factual-Basis other than money and gimme? Theirs is objectivism and subjectivism simultaneously, w only any allowable-Room for adversity must be the Bourgeoisie unknowing. The drive for wArs and pRopaganda-Coverups are two separate-Entities. However, not allowing Ecology to be repatRiated is also a diveRsion from Ecology offers more than industrial-pRo-duction. The human-Ecology would be Universal when all people who werk and earn pay into the “heal-th-Medicare”, not the war-pRoductions. The state-Capitalist: economy is not the state of the majority of the population. The government is thusly, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Not so gReat, not so consuming, very shallowly, don’t get sick. Now, whether or not there exists a pandemic-Worldwide, of merely, their-impeRialism. They be sick? We know. Nw you folks are wondeRing, what was that “R” influenced that el tRumpeteR ay have wanted to re-Establish as a miserly-Behavioralism? Okay go ahead, but don’t you hit that wall too hard. There was pRivacy on the Road-ski for those years from 1969 thru 2013 that I tRaveled unassailably in peace to make jurispRudence for rights of we-people not to be “Radionucleated”. Period.

This one-socialist had to learn and had to ear, on-the-Road. I did lumping-Jobs and humping-Jobs. But, I did anti-nucleaRist: protesting, in Europe as well as in Japan and UK. I was into Europe the third-Time—first someone paid for my flight-over-there, just handed to me a ticket. We pRotesting anti-NucleaRists had to communicate w whomever we were to meet in those meanie-Factories of “de-NeuteRing” spent-Radionuclides post tRansport, like into Cogema. Just to see was not in pRotest, just to pRotect others, while this one or we, were there, was not in jest. Was readying to find whether protest for wiRkors Rights was also in need of deedful-pRotesting. Facts are that protesting is not an easy, fRee-Task, because that is a fReedom-Task. We must fRee the human-spiRit and flee fRom tyran-nical-Excesses such as not having an expensive: geiger-counter, more often than not, but being inside Cogema, fRance for example, and merely told the air is clear, or clean, or staid—but not the asphalt nor gravel-Dusts? I had to be polite. I asked many people wurking there, and would not stay if Radionu-clides measurements were not available for citizen inspection, I would be relegated to await, and wait even, several-Days, too. I did these “non-Violent Acts” for peace and harmony of family, and unity amongst us anti-nucleaRists, was I ever to get fRom, my being disabled—since 1973.

“This 2001 Doha Declaration waives IP protection guaranteed by the WTO’s Trade-Related Intellectual Property (TRIPS) agreement when it comes into conflict with public health. Imperialist countries have ignored the Doha Declaration from the day it was signed, resulting in tens of mill-ions of needless deaths in the poorest parts of the world where lifesaving drugs are simply unaf-fordable.

Jamie Love, director of the NGO Knowledge Ecology International called the watered-down resolution “a disappointment” and “appalling.” He said, “there was better text that was rejected”. In a global crisis like this, that has such a massive impact on everyone, you would expect the WHO governing body to have the backbone to say no monopolies in this pandemic.

In fact, it is precisely in crises such as these that global bodies like the WHO, EU and UN reveal their impotence. They are totally ill-equipped to deal with this global emergency, because doing so would bring them into conflict with the interests of the capitalist system.”21

21- “Capitalists clash over hunt for COVID-19 vaccine” by Joe Attard, 22 May 2020

The wirkoR’s Rights may also include doings incorrectly w pRotestors outta-Fear. This is a behavioral-Reaction, of paranoia and of un-Explained consequence, as knowing or not knowing that “health-Insurance” is not too useful around any and “all-Radionuclides”. That is why we were for teams or buddy-System, and formidability to have defensive-Measured backups of other: peace-People, protestors or Peace & Justice association, to explain our “peace-Endeavors” immediately. Werking alone, I developed my inner-Consciousness onto a planar of active-Wordages, the Universal-Consci-ousness does protect the human-Psyche`. That is an inner-Phenomenon of Libidinal-Care useful for recollection of how one’s sculptuRe is being pRoduced i.e. pRractices in practicality and in complexity. I had four-good sculptuRal-aRtes instRuctors. They studied my ethicality basics, but not my psyche` or that would make me “paranoiac” as in-astute decertifies compleatness—the hacker was tRying to do that aRcane “discipline” to me for 35-years, bothersomely and irreconcilable. The use of SARS,MERS, Ebola, is enough-to-make anyone paranoiac, whether reaction or thought”. I made my comRades do that so they would assuredly recognize a demure and devastating-significant, factor if “factoRables” were necessary. When I was at the Ebola complex a second time inAfrica,I was pushed by bush-League agents, untRained but too Jewish-like and into indemnics for theirs or my own good. I really, especially, told them off i.e. not scientific-Enough.

The patchwork of city and state moratoriums on evictions are not enough. In a few months when these moratoriums are lifted and the rents come due — we will still not have the money! Join thousands of people across the country in car caravan protests on Saturday, May 30 to demand the cancellation of rent, mortgages and all debts to landlords for the duration of the pandemic. Protesters will adhere to social distancing guidelines and requirements, including wearing masks, that have been established to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Now is the time to act to cancel rents and mortgage payments for tenants, homeowners, small landlords and other small businesses! Massive testing and personal protective equipment are still not available, despite the great productive capacity of the United States. In December 2019, when COVID-19 presented in China, the United States was warned that we would be affected. Instead of using the next two months to prepare, Trump and the U.S. government ig-nored public health experts, even ridiculing them. Now, due to this lack of preparedness, the United States has become the epicenter of the pandemic.

  The effect on the people is devastating. Nearly 90,000 people in the United States have died and more than 1.5 million have gotten ill. There is no end to the health and economic crisis in the near future. 37 million people have lost their jobs since March with millions more jobless to come. We are in the worst depression since the 1930s, and it’s getting worse.

As a result of the economic crisis, at least 30 percent of renters will be unable to pay their rent on June 1st. No one should lose their housing for any reason in this crisis! The rents and mortgages must be cancelled!

A short-term suspension of evictions is not enough to save people’s homes. And the meager rescue stimulus payments the government provided are long gone for most people. Even if there is another one, it will be needed for food, healthcare and other necessities.

 Canceling rents and mortgage payments for the duration of the crisis can be won! Since the start of the pandemic in the United States, the federal government has pumped at least 5 trillion dollars into the big banks and the largest corporations. Only $249 billion was allocated for unemployment funding. This massive gift to the banks — the 1% at the top, compared to the 160 million U.S. workers — is 20 times the amount allotted for the unemployed. The money is there, it is simply a question of whether it is used to bail out Wall Street or to protect the homes of poor and working people. This wealth and the vast number of vacant housing units can be used to provide shelter for the homeless as well.

The government has the authority to cancel the rent. In fact, a bill has already been introduced in Congress, the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act. But this will be bitterly oppos-ed by the landlords and big banks. The mobilization of the people, done in a socially responsible way, is urgently needed to ensure housing for all.

If you agree with the call to Cancel the Rents and Mortgage Payments for tenants, homeowners, small landlords and small businesses, join or organize a Car Caravan in your area on Saturday, May 30!”22

22- “Cancel the Rents and Mortgages—Make the Banks Pay—SatuRday May 30”

One-on-one, not a good social-Aspect, as the capitalists are imperialists. They thus, keep power and gain Nothingism, again and again, as though being, lame-o is extRaordinary. Other countRies invest in their-People, money to-come-in food on the table. The chem-tRails contaminating foods as much as pesticides and residues fRom that cRapola-Capitalism, is not Ecology. Did the gaRbage microns from chemicalizationings via aero-Jets that simply add, how much is added in CO-2 tons per day? This is fRee-Rein of gaRbage-capital. Do be much more than concerned, as gMOS gRowing in fields also pickup “aluminum-Oxide microns too”! Oh how not-so-lucky. Huh. What then is the extended “global-consequence”? Is that to be “digital-Paralysis, food”? Millions of human-Beings in this countRy are being more than readied to loose their homes, after losing their jobs 75% not being able to “buy-Whatever is renown ripoff: insurance” health or dRiving a R-O-N-G phooel vehicle.Higher casualty rates to emerge from prison-Industrial: privatization-Ripoff, as inmates, guards spread covid-19 has become the case in “pRivatization is gReater rip-off than anticipated”? Where do those rip-offs start is w the fascist-system, cRapholism. You need that shid-ski, now. Put your hands under the nearest-Neighbor and have her/him let loose then ‘eat-fResh”. You can always “bake that shid-ski” and pRay that governance is covid-19 not Ebola, nor H.I.V. However that may not wirk for Oligarchs, those who want their share of your prospect.

Where is covid-19 going into the adverse-Health: central? The gRaves from covid-19 outside coRpoRate-sleaze: prisons, gRaves for Uranium-238 not pre-dug, gRaves for Oil-Industry’s continued usages w.o. we-People taking-Over manufacturing of “low-Volatile: liquid-natural Gas”? Yes. The hypeRsonic-Aerojets, air-force super-duper, missiles and space-Agency: dept. Stay tuned for “no-Defense: democRacy” empire-Bought: economy to a standstill 35 years ago. History is not merely rele-gated to class-rooms. The c0-2 of our planet’s lower-Atmosphere, is full-to-the-bRim w cRapholist-Chemicalizationings, since 22-years ago. That is our climate-Ecological: stRuggle. The nucleaR-Molecular: empire of fascist-cRimes system, exists and must be bRought d-o-w-n for a logical-Conclusion or our planet’s Ecology, disappears into nano-Humanoid disgRace or pResciences further UnpRoven. What then does U.N. agenda 2030, have to do w that overloRd scenaRio of Ur-238 is illegal clean-that shid-ski outta our lives?

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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