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anti-NucleaRist bloG #281/ 24 Mar 2020 Ur-238, chem-tRails, Ionispheric-Heaters, BiowaRfaRe oR coRonaviRus

anti-NucleaRist bloG #281/ 24 Mar 2020

Ur-238, chem-tRails, Ionispheric-Heaters, BiowaRfaRe oR coRonaviRus



Do we-Americans even need the one-PaRty: coRpoRate-sleaze parody? No. Do we have a Defense? No. Do we need “defense”? Yes. Has not having Medicare-for-all, hindered us from contRacting covid-19? Yes. This past year as a boomeR-geneRation, medicare-Recipient, was I yet angeRed by not having had a health-System, that would have done my need of knee-Replacement in 1998? Yes. I was into relaxation, recoverRy fRom RecupeRations post shouldeR-replacement, but what I got was hacker-Disspoils, 6-weeks for website to be tRansfeRred, then loss of finances fRom data-RecoveRy in the $1,000’s i.e. the fascists of the one-Party: parody are very sanctimonious. Yet, what are these tRuths-tRuing, continuous as we are people, not nonsense warRing–for-EmpiRe to destRoy plants gRowing w fungicide and pesticide, have no defense from asinine mis-leadership and asinine mis-Representations?


 The insects are being demised at an alaRming pace, as we-Humans know if that lasts, that mechanized-Insects will not feRtilize the pRocesses for photosynthesizing. As we know full well, what contaminating the atmosphere is 5-10-100 times easier than “de-Contaminating fertile-Soils: ad-Infinitum”. The american-Socialists are not discussing, so much the Environs, as we are the ecosystems and the Ecology. I shall not place the word “natural” in front of the scientific-word, because that would solicit a redundancy, which the hype and utility of pRopaganda-Machine has instilled upon us since 1945. Is not the accultuRationings w.i. our society not will-Will moreso than “capitalist-Totalitarian: neoliberalist”? No so much anymore these past 22 years, since chem-tRails, which is not a Defense but a “technology for morose mannerist sanctimony” that health and accultuRing should never succeed “dept-of-Offense”. Well yes, asinine once again!            “R”


“The Party for Socialism and Liberation and La Riva/Peltier presidential campaign calls for an immediate emergency program to combat the virus:

Mass produce COVID-19 test kits.

Provide free testing in newly created health centers for the whole population, identify the circle of people who are possibly exposed to isolate and minimize spread.

Full funding and staffing of public health departments. Full staffing of medical health providers in schools.

Provide protective equipment, training, breaks, and premium pay for hazard work for all medical workers, EMT, firefighters, and home-care aides.

Require employers to meet with and defer to front-line health workers on decisions related to staffing, health and safety.

Emergency order for full pay and benefits if not able to work due to the crisis, including but not limited to closures, cancellations, cut hours, quarantine, illness or caring for ill persons, and so on. An immediate $15 per hour minimum wage including for workers who depend on tips.

Moratorium on all evictions and rent increases during the epidemic, ban on all foreclosures, including for small businesses. Bail out the people, not the banks! Expedite and extend unemployment.


No ICE or immigration deportations or raids, close the ICE jails, free the children and parents, unite the families.

Vastly increase medical staff and care in all prisons and jails. Compassionate release for elder prisoners, seniors being the most vulnerable to COVID-19 virus.

Fine price-gougers and profiteers; reimburse all victims.

Full funding for inspectors of nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and senior centers to assure healthy and safe conditions for residents. Hire massive workforce to survey seniors, door-to-door, to assure they are safe and getting proper care.

Guarantee multilingual staff in as many languages as exist in the communities, to serve the people in health services and social services.

Use the power of eminent domain to house homeless people and overcrowded

households in existing vacant housing units in good condition. There are 17 million empty homes in the U.S. and 500,000 estimated homeless.

If universities and other schools empty the dorms, the school must provide students alternate housing, food and health care.


Massive public education campaign in the media and in public to prevent spread of illness, proactive education to oppose stigma, xenophobia and racism.

Open all clinics and hospitals, treat all regardless of ability to pay. Massive funding for the hospitals, clinics, to improve facilities, open up closed hospitals.

Increase funding for under-served communities, particularly in rural areas, on Native reservations, in African American, Latino, Asian and white low-income communities.

Federal emergency order: paid sick leave at 100 percent for companies larger than 50 workers; for smaller companies, federal funding to help finance sick leave. National sick leave and vacation must be guaranteed.

Expand food stamps to families and individuals, including those who currently don’t receive, double the monthly amount. No cuts, no work requirement attached.

No utility shutoffs regardless of weather, including water, electricity, gas, telephones, and wifi. Deliver heating fuel to those in need.

Federal emergency funding to rescue the defined-benefit pension plans, now in danger of collapse due to the stock market crash.

End the U.S. blockades and sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, and all countries that are sanctioned. They need access to medical supplies and medicines that are currently blocked by the U.S. government. Cuba has a highly effective Interferon medicine that has saved lives affected by COVID-19 in China. Worldwide, international cooperation is critical.”[1]


Blockading another country, as the new-Rome of PlutocRacy is doing that to Cuba, since 1958, to Venezuela, since 2009, to Iran since 1991, other nation-States protected by having had the cIAS going-in w set-ups for dictatorships and neo-Liberalist Banking that further keeps u.s.a. citizens from obtaining a just-Measure: reforesting all national-forests, decontaminating 750: military-Bases of heavy contaminants, as well as when since 1961 will we-People ever have non-Hegemony and health-Medicare?        “R”


“In a speech delivered Thursday announcing that the number of confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide had risen to 200,000, the director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stated that “the only way we can defeat this pandemic, as we have always been saying, is through solidarity. Solidarity, solidarity, solidarity … We’re one human race, and that suffices actually. This is an invisible enemy against humanity.”

The solidarity of humanity across the planet is not merely a noble ideal, but a life-and-death necessity in combatting a deadly virus that threatens to infect hundreds of millions of people as its spreads to every corner of the globe. This ideal, however, stands in stark opposition to the reality of a world capitalist society riven by unprecedented levels of social inequality and characterized by the pursuit of geo-strategic interests through the means of murderous violence.

Alongside the “invisible enemy against humanity”, the coronavirus, there stands another quite visible one, world imperialism.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the increasingly desperate conditions confronting Iran and its population of nearly 83 million. The country has the third highest number of fatalities after Italy and China, and nowhere is the mortality rate greater, as the number of infections continues to rise sharply each day.

Medics treat a patient infected with the new coronavirus, at a hospital in Tehran, Iran. (AP Photo/ Mohammad Ghadamali)

Iran’s Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur announced Thursday that 149 people had died over the previous 24 hours, bringing the death toll from the virus to 1,284. During the same period, another 1,046 cases of infection were reported, raising the total number to 18,407. Both numbers are believed to be serious underestimations of the ravages of the disease.

“Based on our information, every 10 minutes one person dies from the coronavirus and some 50 people become infected with the virus every hour in Iran,” the spokesman said.

Rather than human solidarity, Washington’s response to this crisis has been a deliberate attempt to intensify it at the cost of countless lives of Iranian working people. The pandemic, rather than being seen as an enemy to be eradicated in every country, is viewed by the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA as a new weapon of war that must be integrated into imperialist planning.

This is the inescapable conclusion from the Trump administration’s imposition Thursday of yet another round of punishing economic sanctions against Iran, targeting companies based in the United Arab Emirates that are accused of buying petroleum from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). This follows by only two days, another set of sanctions announced by Washington’s bully-boy Secretary of State Mike Pompeo against nine separate entities in China, Hong Kong and South Africa. The blacklisted companies were charged with engaging in “significant transactions” involving Iranian petrochemicals.

Casting the pandemic in nakedly aggressive and xenophobic terms, Pompeo told a State Department press conference, “The Wuhan virus is a killer and the Iranian regime is an accomplice.”

In the same breath, he claimed that Washington was prepared to carry out “humanitarian efforts” to “help the Iranian people stay healthy.”

The level of lies and hypocrisy is breathtaking, even by the Trump administration’s standards. US sanctions, which have blacklisted the country’s central bank, make it impossible for Tehran to buy basic medicines and medical supplies supposedly allowed under the “maximum pressure” regime. This has condemned tens of thousands to early and preventable deaths well before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, according to one estimate by an Iranian physician, the country’s death toll from COVID-19 could reach as high as 3.5 million.

This human suffering is not collateral damage from Washington’s “maximum pressure” sanctions regime, it is its direct purpose. Through brutal collective punishment, hunger and the spread of disease, US imperialism seeks to foment regime change in Tehran with the aim of eliminating a regional obstacle to its hegemony over the oil-rich Persian Gulf while, in turn, preparing for war with China. The coronavirus pandemic is seen as yet one more weapon in the US arsenal.

As the January 3 drone missile assassination of Gen. Qassem Suleimani at Baghdad’s international airport made clear, US imperialism is prepared to carry out a direct war of aggression to achieve its aims. With the same order authorizing the illegal murder of Suleimani, Trump authorized the Pentagon to carry out bombing raids against Iranian ships, air defense systems and other targets, paving the way to a catastrophic military confrontation.

The level of desperation of Iran’s bourgeois-clerical government as it confronts the spread of the coronavirus is expressed in its appeal to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with which Tehran has not had relations for more than four decades, for a $5 billion emergency loan to pay for urgently needed medical supplies.

With Washington holding the deciding vote within the IMF, the loan request will likely be rejected. A similar request from Venezuela, another oil-rich country that has faced a tightening noose of “maximum pressure” sanctions as it confronts the spread of the coronavirus, was turned down. The IMF board cynically claimed it could not release the money because it did not have “clarity on recognition” of the government of President Nicolas Maduro. As if the US puppet Juan Guaidó and the small band of CIA-backed, right-wing conspirators who surround him could organize efforts to contain and mitigate the disease! Meanwhile, Washington’s right-wing allies in Latin America have rejected any collaboration with Venezuela in combating the spread of the coronavirus, again with the hope of using countless thousands of deaths to topple the existing government and impose a US puppet regime.

The effects of these criminal policies will not be confined to the targeted countries. The coronavirus has already spread from Iran into much of the Middle East and South Asia. The Pentagon has even been forced to lock down occupation troops in Afghanistan for fear that their return home could spread the virus.”[2]


Instead of targeting “defense for all federal-Agencies by starting w we-People’s needs” the a-Hole-CongRess want themselves first in the Wall Street lineup for more fascist-Perversion by the system. The “coRona-veRious” is not a pseudo-Cough, but is, however a major SARS-2 viRus. Like, this: last stop pickup for the moon colonizers, who have one respiRatoR for all “105,016 coRona-veRious: cases” fRee to new-aRrivals. Best my delinquent: alter-Ego can do.      “R”


Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Michel Onfray, Jeremy Leggatt (Translator)

This tightly argued, hugely controversial work convincingly demonstrates how the world’s three major monotheistic religions-Christianity, Judaism, and Islam-have attempted to suppress knowledge, science, pleasure, and desire, often condemning nonbelievers to death. If Nietzsche proclaimed the “Death of God,” Onfray starts from the premise that not only is God still very much alive, but increasingly controlled by fundamentalists who pose a danger to the human race. Documenting the ravages from religious intolerance over the centuries, the author makes a strong case against the three religions for demanding faith, belief, obedience and submission, and for extolling the “next life” at the expense of the here and now. Not since Nietzsche has a work so groundbreaking and explosive appeared to question the role of the world’s dominant religions.”[3]

Being a poet-Artiste`, PhilosopheR, I find agnosticism is as close as reconciliaing “the pre-Ancients” as well as condemning those fundamemntalist-Religioso’s. Those basics of my confiones to concepts are these stats: chRistians blunder haut-Masse` muRder, because they are “utRa-Fundamantalists” and gawd may be as close a definition for the Uneducated to fifth-gRade–asundering conscRipts to devaluation of Life, nonetheless. As anyone who has read my websites, knows, I do not just-SubscRibe to speaking-out for one fact, since those social-Dilemma: stats are constant-Spates, and not quite contRoveRsially built well enough for cheap-Houses on flatlands topsoils to gRow.        “R”


““Atheist Manifesto” is more than a bit disappointing although the subtitle “The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam” accurately describes the book. What author Onfray is against and why is abundantly clear. What he advocates and why are much less so, or at least the arguments are unexamined.

Onfray’s “case against” rests on several grounds: (a) belief in God is irrational and not grounded in reality; (b) the three great monotheistic religions are focused on the hereafter to the detriment of the here and now leading to negativity about (and contempt for) life (they are death affirming rather than life affirming); (c) the origins of their holy books are spurious; their final texts are arbitrary selections from numerous and varying predecessors, essentially a sell out to the rich and powerful; they contain a mass of contradictions such that the rich and powerful and madmen have been able to justify gross crimes based on holy writ; and (d) mass murder and other heinous acts have been committed by and in the name of the three religions. Let’s take each argument in turn.

(a) Onfray begins the book with the assertions that belief in God is irrational and not based on reality and that atheism is rational and based on the real. Remarkably, these positions are taken as self-evident. I say “remarkably” because Onfray is a professor of philosophy and his bibliography attests to knowledge of the great works of the subject. Yet he doesn’t address any of the major issues of philosophy (or science) such as the nature of reality and how do we know it. He takes a half-hearted crack at criticizing free will, but his entire thesis is grounded in the ability to choose. He shuns determinism without mentioning it. He embraces democracy and utilitarianism without examining their attributes or problems for the happiness of humanity (such as the tyranny of the majority). It is even more remarkable that he implicitly rejects the notion of natural law (without mentioning it) while proclaiming his own self-evident truths: reason is all; if humans will only live by reason alone, all will be well. The argument is entirely circular, and the evidence is against it, as we will see.

(b) Except for its radical right fringes, the Judea-Christian West is highly secular and materialistic, much more focused on the here and now than on pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by. Church and synagogue membership and attendance are way down. While a probable majority is vaguely deist, even theist, they don’t accept or follow the basic dogmas of Judaism or Christianity. They deny rather than embrace death. I’m less well versed in Islam so I won’t speak to that. While Onfray’s argument has some historical validity, it is now passé.

(c) Again, I will speak only to the bible: the old and new testaments. My knowledge of the provenance of the authoritative text (or texts?) of the Koran is too limited for me to speak to it. As to the bible(s), Onfray’s indictment is spot on. The texts we use today are incredibly unreliable, undoubtedly corrupted by political and theological biases from the first century on. Internal contradictions do, in fact, abound. However, no one, particularly those who purport to take the text as the literal word of God, reads and interprets all of it literally. Many don’t read any of it literally. Every advocate selects according to her bias. Further, the bible contains remarkable philosophical and psychological insights into the nature and dilemmas of humanity. Onfray is apparently unaware of the work of the West’s most eminent theologians (as shown most dramatically in the publications of the Jesus Seminar) in stripping away the accretions of the centuries to uncover the essential Gospel message of love and compassion, a remarkable, counter-intuitive and revolutionary message.

(d) The records of the three great monotheistic religions are without any doubt strewn with massacre and other wrongdoings in the name of God. Onfray expends most of his words in describing them, accurately. The problem is ongoing (at least in Africa in the case of Christianity). However, Onfray ignores the equally or worse excesses committed by and in the name of scientific atheism in the form of communist regimes. The problem common to theism and atheism alike is the venal and savage nature of man. His religions have, if anything, tried to civilize and tame him, with mixed results.

Incredibly, the last two pages of Onfray’s book are a rant against freedom of conscience. Toleration of the beliefs of others is a crime because they are in error! They don’t believe rationally. Why do I hear the thump of the guillotine? Seriously, if you are not aware of the case against Christianity, Judaism and Islam, read this book. Otherwise, give it a pass.”[4]


Michel Onfray’s recent aRticle for “R-T news (25 Mar 2020” ceRtifies the understanding that we-Boomers have as a generation brought-up Existentialist. Holz has another understanding that wills out “empiricism” or so I seem to cast a non-cause. Philosophy is the “stRuctuRe” of the humanoid-Race. Science investigates those stats on Life, from fact-finding, and the two coupled ought to have “spent those omissions of coRona-veRious”. What we do not need, now, are those oil-Type: hype-Yahoo’s who do not know Oil is a Lubricant–altho, the system ought be demised, and not lubRicated.       “R”


“With the recent WHO declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, concerns are higher than ever about the rapid global spread of the disease with precautions being taken to limit travel, large gatherings, and panic. Nonetheless, one of the largest military drills in Europe since the Cold War is still set to unfold in the coming months, Defender 2020 Europe. The exercises planned to bring together 37,000 soldiers and 7,000 national guardsmen from NATO countries for exercises across Europe to simulate a wartime scenario.

Criticism of the drills are plentiful: putting a stress on European transportation

systems, which will prioritize military relocation over civilians and risks damaging roads and the surrounding environment, as well as contributing to climate change; raising the alarm and directing threats toward Russia in the East, including drills near their border in the Baltic countries; and the further militarization of Europe, which takes resources away from social programs to fund forces that make the continent more dangerous, rather than safer.

Recently, however, one concern has risen above the rest: the spread of Covid-19. Similar military exercises have already been cancelled: the remainder of the “Exercise Cold Response 20” in the Arctic Circle was cancelled this week by the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, as has the remainder of the “Exercise Juniper Cobra 20” between the US and Israel (the second such exercises between the two states to be cancelled).

As of March 12, the US has decided to “reduce” its participation in Defender 2020 due to COVID-19, admitting that the virus has already forced the Army Europe commander, Lt. Gen. Christopher Cavoli to self-quarantine after possibly being infected. Nonetheless, the scale of this reduction remains unknown and the primary focus remains on their “highest priority training objectives.” Meanwhile, Poland’s Chief of General Staff has tested positive for COVID-19 following his return from an army gathering in Germany.


It is clear that these military exercises go against the advice of national and international health institutions as well as governments themselves. The large gatherings of military forces not only risks spreading the disease between soldiers, but also the larger population of Europe, given that the soldiers will not be completely isolated from the rest of the population. There is nothing about Defender 2020 that distinguishes it from similar military drills that have already been cancelled – in fact, the larger scale of the drills and involvement of a greater number of countries only risks increased exposure and cases of transmission across Europe.

Similarly, the resources committed to the Defender 2020 drills could be much more effectively used to combat the actual threat to Europe – the spread of the pandemic. Imagine if governments could commit the money they would have spent to run ineffective drills to strengthening their health systems, providing testing equipment, investing in research to fight the virus, and ensure health institutions have the necessary equipment to treat those already infected.

If the case against Defender 2020 wasn’t already strong enough, the COVID-19 virus should be the final nail in the coffin. It is time to cancel the exercises and look for alternative, more effective strategies to maintain peace in Europe.”[5]


No way to build temporary-Hospitals fast and furious, what does the aRmy-Corps of Engineers learn to do otherwise? That the ensure health institutions have the necessary equipment to treat those already infected, are there back-up warehouses for Influenza which caused 80,000 deaths in u.s.a. last year alone? Huh. The people of once-Waz: republic, are now allotments to fend “defensively” for ourselves against all “fecund-Odds” as those tRuly are oddities of the Moribund. Speaking of coRps, where are the donations of factoRies to a “social-System that provides: masks-ventilatoRs-respiRators-gowns and ohhhhhhhhh yesssss, what has been disclosed of Cuba’s derivative weRkable “vaccine-Start”?           “R”


“17 Mar 2020>

‘’ “10-cases Wyoming–US= 4,527 cases confirmed, including 46 Diamond Princess cRusie ship w 2-recovered; NY 1,374 w 12-deaths; countries have gone from 120 to 141 of 195 (since 7 a.m.); 190, 231 world exposed cases 7,509 world deaths;  5,072 cases US, 96 deaths, 60 serious; 185 Ontario, 108 Brit Col; US @ 11:38 a.m. now 5,097 confirmed cases–8th highest of world cases…”

18 Mar 2020>

‘’ “203,995 confirmed cases worldwide, 8,141 deceased; US: 6,209 confirmed, 107 deceased; Canada 592 confirmed, 8-deceased

19 Mar 2020>

(morning) ‘’ “USA-TOTAL: 11,143 confirmed 154-deaths 8 recover-ed  60-serious”

(3:18 p.m.) ‘ “241,937 Total Confirmed Cases; 9,848 Total Deceased; 7,008 Total Serious; 85,292 Total Recovered 165⁄195 countRies…(3:18 p.m.)”

(11:15 p.m.) ‘ncov2019. “246,735 Total Confirmed Cases; 10,179 Total Deceased; 7,235 Total Serious; 86,054 Total Recovered; countries 167⁄195”

20 Mar 2020>

(7:45 a.m.) “251,179 Total Confirmed Cases; 10,503 Total Deceased; 7,439 Total Serious;  86,566 Total Recovered; countRies: 172⁄195”

(1 p.m.) ‘ (1:00 p.m.) “256,176 Total Confirmed Cases; 10,593 Total Deceased;

7,449 Total Serious; 87,388 Total Recovered; countRies: 172⁄195”

(9:40 p.m.) ‘’ “270,036 Total Confirmed Cases; 11,349 Total Deceased; 7,983 Total Serious:  89,672 Total Recovered; countRies172⁄195

21 Mar 2020>

(midnite) ‘’ “270,036 Total Confirmed Cases; 11,349 Total Deceased; 7,983 Total Serious; 89,672 Total Recovered; countRies 172⁄195”

(8:45 a.m.) ‘’ “287,379 Total Confirmed Cases; 11,951 Total Deceased;  8,077 Total Serious; 92,592 Total Recovered; countries 172⁄195”

(3:15 p.m.) ‘’ “303,632 Total Confirmed Cases; 13,025 Total Deceased; 8,089 Total Serious: 93,615 Total Recovered; countRies: 172⁄195”

(7:40 pm.) ‘’ “308,303 Total Confirmed Cases; 13,119 Total Deceased; 8,088 Total

Serious; 93,726 Total Recovered; countRies 172⁄195”

(11:00 p.m.) ‘’ 312,458 Total Confirmed Cases; 13,223 Total Deceased; 8,448 Total Serious; 95,767 Total Recovered; countRies: 172⁄195”

22 Mar 2020>

‘’ 8:00 a.m. “321,395 Total Confirmed Cases; 13,798 Total Deceased; 8,464 Total Serious; 95,911 Total Recovered; countRies: 172⁄195–also NY state & city: 12,324↑ 1,952 (15.83%) 80↑ 20 (0.16%) 0 60 …

+ u.s.a.: TOTAL: 26,975↑ 2,706 (10.03%) 354 deceased↑ 47 (0.17%) increase 186 recovered 61 serious

(8:14 p.m.) ‘’ “343,209 Total Confirmed Cases; 14,730 Total Deceased: 9,196 Total Serious; 97,344 Total Recovered; countRies: 171⁄195”

23 Mar 2020>

(7:53 a.m.) ‘’ “354,351 Total Confirmed Cases; 15,367 Total Deceased;  10,472 Total Serious 99,277 Total Recovered; countRies 173⁄195

(11:22 p.m.) ’’ “380,324 Total Confirmed Cases; 16,512 Total Deceased;  10,546 Total Serious; 100,581 Total Recovered; countRies 173⁄195”

24 Mar 2020>

(9:50 a.m.) 384,313 Total Confirmed Cases; 16,591 Total Deceased; 10,611 Total Serious; 100,658 Total Recovered; countRies: 184⁄195”

(2:11 p.m.) ‘’ “416,248 Total Confirmed Cases;18,652 Total Deceased; 11,090 Total Serious’ 105,224 Total Recovered; countRie: 184⁄195”

(11:56 p.m.) ‘’ “424,161 Total Confirmed Cases; 18,902 Total Deceased; 12,044 Total Serious; 106,408 Total Recovered; countRies: 184⁄195”

25 Mar 2020>

(10:21 p.m.) ‘’ “475,271 Total Confirmed Cases; 21,299 Total Deceased; 12,820 Total Serious; 110,534 Total Recovered; countRies: 184⁄195”

26 Mar 2020>

(12:23 p.m.) ‘’ “509,341Total Confirmed Cases; 23,059 Total Deceased; 14,462

Total Serious; 114,505 Total Recovered; countRies: 190⁄195”

(6:25 p.m.) ‘ncov2019’ “533,353 Total Confirmed Cases; 24,066 Total Deceased; 16,124 Total Serious; 119,970 Total Recovered; countRies190⁄195” AND u.s.a= 85,010  confirmed ↑ 16,955 (24.91%) 1,303 deceased ↑ 264 (25.40%) 252 recovered; 1,381 serious **(now in first exposure confirmed worldwide)

27 Mar 2020>

(12:52 a.m.) ‘ncov2019’ “538,724 Total Confirmed Cases:  24,103 Total Deceased: 17,616 Total Serious; 124,176 Total Recovered: countRies: 191⁄195/ u.s.a.: 85,498 total confirmed ↑ 169 (0.19%) 1,308 deceased ↑ 6 (0.46%) 252 recovered 1,381 serious

(9:30 p.m.) ‘’ “597,008 Total Confirmed Cases’; 27,368 Total Deceased;  21,220 Total Serious; 131,412 Total Recovered; countRies: 192⁄195; 105,016 confirmed ↑79 changes today (0.07%); 1,697 deceased ↑ 5 (0.29%) 62 recovered; 1,701serious”

<30 Mar 2020> / (12:25 p.m.)‘’’ “756,524 Total Confirmed Cases:  36,440 Total Deceased;  25,381 Total Serious;  164,078 Total Recovered; countRies: 192⁄195; New York 66,497 confirmed cases; deceased 2,813 ↑  5,818 changes (9.58%) 1,218 ↑ 155 (14.58%) 3,572recovered; 2,037 serious”[6]


The real-Life changes in United States shows how much the devalued-Health: system has become under the deep-State and fascist-Internments of “the new-Rome of HypocRisy”. Germany is one-fifth recovered of 50,000 confirmed. Iran is over one-Third recovered of 33,000 confirmed. Red china is over 90% of confirmed, recovered. The asinine misleadership of capitalist-Totality is the last to get started. Late? Why not say no attempt was even “levelled for a starts if not 3 months later, butt-holds”. I wanted to start, yet I delayed from major reversal of wRiting my manuscRipt, to merely just the “numbers-Specifics”. I did start on 17 March, and today is 11-days afterward.

Are we going to nationalize public masks, gowns goggles pRocuRements of not? Whereas the C-V is a rip-off of tax-Monies for arrogance by tRumpeteR as well as coRpoRate-Sleaze: big-Pharma and Bailout of Oil, R-0-N-G phooel, and monstRous Banking totality-System, a good analogy may be the “microns of disgusting killer-Germ: gMOS” that are present in feeds for cattle, for pigs, for chickens, for turkeys, for breads not oRganic as most foods should have been produced–the past 45 years. The catalyzation toward plastic-Misreperentation of the natural does not get closer to Ecology, when we do not allot oRganic must be pRotected like the plague that coRonaviRus already, is.          “R”


“In 2018 the Trump administration disbanded its global health security team. At the same time, the Administration asked for a 10 percent budget cut to the CDC’s center for animal-to-human transmitted infectious diseases in 2018, a 19 percent cut in 2019, and a 20 percent cut in 2020. As the CDC’s budget was being cut, the U.S. military budget increased by $82 billion in 2020. While we spend $738 billion on the Pentagon (even before the Trump administration, enormous military spending was the order of the day), the CDC budget is ridiculously small.

As your constituent, I ask to immediately double the CDC’s budget and to take that money from the Pentagon. Additionally, we must immediately remove U.S. troops from Iraq. The Iraqi parliament wants the U.S. military out of their country and the U.S. public wants the U.S. military out of Iraq. The money and resources we use for the military only feeds endless wars and wrecks havoc overseas. Now, with COVID-19, it is putting the U.S. public, and the world’s health in peril.”[7]


Don’t we need moRe empire-Invasions: to complete “wAr-on-Terrorism”? Weld,no-fookering, thank you, as that seems to be what the public-Health-Emergency is tRying to avoid or expostulate? That is the concerted-Question, as much as whether the fanatic-penataGooons were actually backing the cIAS in Red China, or not? The ‘communist’ Red China is a restRuctuRed market-finance anarcho-Syndicalist political-Finance, nation, now! They used lots of ‘ventilators’ in the Huwei pRovince. tRjumpeteR needs a pile-of-shidski on his head soo he can lick that to make sure covid-19 is his-Arrogance. How about nationalize using “fanatic-penataGooons” budget instead of coRpoRate-Sleaze BAILOUT a la Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy to keep “peace-of-Mind” and thus engender a mindscAPe  that says face-Value is not turn the financial-Check to over-Abuse.          “R”


“The program begins with review of an interview with Dr. Wilbert Jordan of Martin Luther King Hospital in Los Angeles (from AFA 16.) Done in December of 1984, it gives perspective on the epidemiological aspects of AIDS–information that undermines the prevailing theories at the time concerning the origins of the disease.

Noting that a disease as lethal as AIDS was at the time (before anti-virals developed to treat HIV infection), Dr. Jordan is dismissive of the notion that such a lethal ailment could have been present in either Zaire or Haiti and then retrospectively traced there after being discovered in the U.S.

The notions of Haiti and/or Zaire being the point of origin of the disease played into the anti-immigrant/xenophobic dynamic that has become prevalent in the era of Donald Trump.

Dr. Jordan concludes by hypothesizing that the disease was created in a laboratory, in all probability in the United States.

Next, the program highlights information from FTR #686, setting forth

information about the National Cancer Institute’s Special Viral Cancer Research Project.

After the [official] abandonment by the U.S. of offensive biological warfare research, the Nixon administration declared a “war on cancer” in 1971. As part of the War on Cancer Nixon turned Fort Detrick (the Army’s top BW research center) over to the National Cancer Institute for its Viral Cancer Project. The Viral Cancer Project was inextricably linked with biological warfare research and may well have served as a cover for ongoing BW work. (Listeners interested in this material are encouraged to check out, among other programs, FTR #‘s 606, 682.)

For the purposes of the present discussion, it is worth noting that it was the

National Cancer Institute’s VCP that was at the epicenter of AIDS research in the United States.

The VCP/NCI biological warfare connection utilized strong connections to

university research facilities. The Naval Biosciences Laboratory (managed by the

University of California), as well as Fort Detrick were profoundly involved with the NCI’s VCP. The Cell Culture Laboratory at the Naval Biosciences Facility provided the seed stock for the production of vast quantities of carcinogenic and immunosup-pressive viruses that were generated by the National Cancer Institute.

The production of those viruses for the NCI was overseen by Drs. James Duff and Jack Gruber, both longtime veterans of Fort Detrick and its biological warfare research.

The aerial transmission of deadly pathogenic agents was a major focal point of the NCI’s VCP, apparently overlapping BW research projects. Two other key researchers for the NCI, Drs. Alfred Hellman and Mark Chatigny also had biological warfare research backgrounds, including work with aerial transmission of pathogenic agents.

Yet another component of the NCI/VCP/BW connection was the incorporation of pharmaceutical companies in the research programs. The Pfizer company produced viruses for the NCI’s VCP, including the immunosuppressive Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, like HIV, a retrovirus.

Among the most significant and alarming aspects of the NCI’s VCP program is the fact that, when Fort Detrick was converted to the Frederick Cancer Research Center, it was administered by Litton Bionetics, a biotechnology subisidiary of Litton Industries. Litton was a major defense contractor and a frequent vehicle for covert operations.

Prior to assuming stewardship of Fort Detrick for the NCI, Litton Bionetics had employed Dr. Robert Gallo (the “discoverer” of HIV).

Of paramount importance in this investigation is the fact that the NCI’s VCP program involved numerous experiments and operations designed at getting organisms to “jump species.” Prominent researchers familiar with these efforts expressed alarm and the conviction that such work should be outlawed, lest it lead to the creation of new, deadly organisms that would infect humans.

Obviously, this broadcast and the line of inquiry approached in Mr. Emory’s decades-long investigation of AIDS as a man-made disease highlight the possibility/ probability/near certainty that HIV is just such an organism.

The program concludes with review of an excerpt from testimony before a House appropriations subcommittee that was drawing up the defense budget for the following year. (The hearings were in 1969.) The testimony discusses the possibility of using genetic engineering to produce a disease that would be “refractory” to the immune system. This is virtually the clinical definition of AIDS. It is worth noting that the project was funded, and just such a disease—AIDS—appeared in just the time frame posited. It is also worth noting that, in the 2002 edition of A Higher Form of Killing, this passage is omitted!!”[8]


Dave Emory is one hard-wiRking reseaRchoR, w whom I read and savoR as value of know incReases almost w.o. suRreptitions. Other than discussions and seeking people in LOS-basin, such as George Carlin, Dave was at another station, not kpfk-fm where I got used to reaching-out when OTR tRukken or when visiting w bRande in the “southlands of bitchen-Cal”. My people do not lie, why the disposition that money supersedes so that “lies can pRoceed, later-On”? Huh. Does the coRonaviRus kill moRe we-People than the US-military-Hegemonyites? No. How many people were displaced and yet in refugee-Camps from Iraq-Lands (the thRee-phases of empire’s-Invasions). Change is inevitable; change is necessary; change makes us aware to our needs and the edifice of was that good-Righteous going-forward–oR not?

The UK: pRime minister AND Dept of Health, SecRetaRy, both are in seclusion at home w covid-19. Also reports on D.O.W. dRopping for a week i.e. one day at a time, while pRince Phillip also has covid-19. The european-Union, of Europe and of world-StatuRe of neoliberalism: the banking-CentRal has cRutches and the morques in Italy have coffins-Overfill capacity for burning. Shall I allot what else is new as u.s.a. reaches the top-Rung of confirmed cases of covid-a9: sleaze-Disease. ShoRtages of masks for fRench-Police, and many in geRmany have no masks-ventilators-gloves-gowns-medications-RespiRatoRs, such as “??”              “R”


“The island-nation of Cuba has dispatched a team of doctors and nurses to help

Italy combat the coronavirus outbreak that killed over 4,000 people inside the country in the last month.

Cuba announced on Sunday that the team of doctors and nurses to Italy after the worst-affected region, Lombardy, asked the island-nation for immediate assistance in helping them fight the coronavirus.

The Caribbean island has sent its “armies of white robes” to disaster sites around the world largely in poor countries since its 1959 revolution. Its doctors were in the front lines in the fight against cholera in Haiti and against ebola in West Africa in the 2010s.

Yet with the 52-strong brigade, this is the first time Cuba has sent an emergency contingent to Italy, one of the world’s richest countries, demonstrating the reach of its medical diplomacy.

This is the sixth medical brigade Cuba has sent in recent days to combat the spread of the new disease abroad. It has sent contingents to socialist allies Venezuela and Nicaragua as well as Jamaica, Suriname and Grenada.

“We are all afraid but we have a revolutionary duty to fulfill, so we take out fear and put it to one side,” Leonardo Fernandez, 68, an intensive care specialist, told Reuters late on Saturday shortly before his brigade’s departure.

“He who says he is not afraid is a superhero, but we are not superheros, we are revolutionary doctors.”

Fernandez said this would be his eighth international mission, including one in Liberia during the fight against ebola.

Italy is the country that has been worst affected by the highly contagious virus that originated in China, with the northern region of Lombardy bearing the brunt of the contagion.

Its death toll rose on Saturday by 546 to 3,095, according to its head of welfare, Giulio Gallera, who requested the Cuban doctors.

We are going to fulfill an honorable task, based on the principle of solidarity,” said Graciliano Díaz, 64.

Still, Cuba has one of the highest ratios worldwide of physicians per capita even  when excluding those doctors abroad, and its medical brigades for disaster relief continue to earn Havana goodwill worldwide.”[9]


That Italy was more subservient to disease spRedaions than Iran, but did not kiss icons, who in heck did the spRedations unfold to which was such an immense disposition–compared w other nation-States. Altho, today, the u.s.a. is now merely 6,000 persons fewer than they. What is yet to befall us is that coRona-viRus, attuning Red China to the usuried  u.s.a. Exceptionalist/Monopolist: disposition of human-Rights. The capitalist-totalitarian-State, against the finance-Communist: state. My how vague is our Oxygenate? What we see is the impunity and usuries continuing beneath the banner of idiocy: egRegiousness-Extent, of Conditionalism and harm the planet-eRathe is not Ecosocialism. Yes, mighty US-hypocRisy for death of Ecology must not be maintained.          “R”


“The Islamic Republic of Iran was the first Middle East country to report a death due to coronavirus and currently has the second-highest COVID-19 cases outside China.

Like many other countries, Iran didn’t predict early a big domestic coronavirus outbreak and has also been criticised for not being transparent in updating the local situation to the rest of the world.

It still remains unclear when the first coronavirus case in Iran was detected. The Iranian government continued to deny the occurrence of novel coronavirus epidemic until it became clear to the world that the local situation in Iran worsened with more than 30 MPs and government officials contracted the contagious disease.

Even as the country struggles to control the surging infections, it has resumed flights to Europe after two days of cancelling them. Coronavirus is currently across Europe, with five EU nations among the most affected countries with coronavirus in the world led by Italy, meaning both Iran and EU nations are at an increased risk of coronavirus transmission.

Novel coronavirus (nCoV): Iran COVID-19 deaths and cases

Iran’s novel coronavirus (nCoV) cases crossed 21,000 on 23 March, while death toll crossed 1,600.

First deaths in the country were officially announced on 20 February in Qom. The

higher mortality rate in Iran suggests the coronavirus-infected in the country could be much higher than the reported numbers.


Rumours and misinformation that bootleg alcohol would prevent coronavirus have, however, resulted in at least 44 more deaths, as quoted by Islamic Republic News Agency.

Coronavirus in Iran: Testing and treatment

Iran couldn’t immediately start rapid testing for coronavirus following the suspected cases in the country, due to sanctions by the US disallowing access to test kits and drug imports.

China, however, came to Iran’s rescue and has sent coronavirus test kits and traditional medicines to treat coronavirus patients. Clothes and face masks are also being shipped by China in support of Iran’s efforts to contain the outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO) too has started sending coronavirus test kits to Iran.

Across Iran, 40 laboratories have been facilitated to perform coronavirus testing.

Iran’s Covid-19 (coronavirus) measures

With the number of Iran coronavirus cases and death toll increasing and the upcoming New Year eve Nowruz on 20 March, the government has strengthened its coronavirus measures to limit further transmission and control the situation.

Tourist spots attracting huge crowds, such as museums, palaces and historical places, are announced to be operated for lesser hours.

Schools and universities are announced to be closed until the Nowruz. The Iranian government has advised its citizens to minimise the use of currency notes during the coronavirus outbreak. Checkpoints have been implemented in major cities to avoid local transmissions of the disease.


Diagnostic task force for rapid and efficient coronavirus testing

The Iranian government has set up a coronavirus diagnostic task force, which is managed by the Pasteur Institute of Iran based in Tehran.

The institute is also managing the coronavirus testing laboratories across the country ensuring timely detection before the disease spreads and is ensuring that swabs are available to ship samples.

Lockdown of Iranian provinces to limit COVID-19 spread

Iran announced a 15-day shut down of all non-essential businesses and services in a number of provinces on 19 March, in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. The move, although considered late by observers, came after a number of requests were made to the president.

Film and television shootings cancelled

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Iran, has called for the cancellation of film and television (TV) show shootings across the country since they are potential transmission clusters due to the large number of staff involved.

Further, art and culture programmes across the country have been closed for an indefinite time since 01 March and licensing for cinematographic and non-cinematographic works has been suspended.

Prisoners released temporarily

The Iranian government released more than 120,000 prisoners following cases in prisons such as the one in Evin, Tehran. The first batch of prisoners was released in early March after ensuring that they have not contracted the nCoV. The release was applicable to prisoners sentenced for less than five years and those not sentenced for violence.

Coronavirus impact on Iran

The coronavirus outbreak amid US sanctions is likely to affect Iran’s economy. Hydrocarbons (oil and gas) are a crucial sector for Iran. Fall in demand for oil due to reduced travel during the coronavirus outbreak and other oil producing nations competing to sell their reserves has already resulted in a significant fall in global crude oil prices.

Saudi Arabia’s oil price cut resulted in a 30% decline in oil prices in early March. Iran has the second biggest natural gas reserves in the world and the fourth biggest oil reserves and is predicted to lose a significant chunk of its state revenues if the oil price wars and the fall in price continue.”[10]


Who really gives a cRap regarding “Oil-Monopoly disregarding needs-full” for a different phooel other than “the LubRicant: oil”? I have awaited since 1975, awaited since 1983, awaited since September 11th 2001, too? The Gaudi’s will get there nation thRown into jails is what they should have as u.s.a.-Diplomacy because of their anti: human-Rights supRa-Degeneracy. The lack of utilizing the state-Dept is as pRetensive as the desire to have monetary contRol for water the whole world overt. Are our-Lives, pRetensive , since all the new-Rome of plutocRacy has done is to “defeat-Individualism, for pRopaganda-Deeits to extend lies-lying and hypocRisy to “the thRee-Laws of countRy”.  Do we need guns to defend ourselves fRom not having test-Kits or was that from not having Defense, at all?          “R”


““Fake media” immediately went into high gear. China was held responsible for “spreading infection” Worldwide.

On the following day (January 31, 2020), Trump announced that he would deny entry to the US of both Chinese and foreign nationals “who have traveled in China in the last 14 days”. This immediately triggered a crisis in air travel,  transportation, US-China business relations as well as freight and shipping transactions.

While the “Made in China” coronavirus label served as a pretext, the unspoken objective was to bring the Chinese economy to its knees.

It was an act of “economic warfare”, which has contributed to undermining both China’s  economy as well as that of  most Western countries (allies of the US), leading to a wave of bankruptcies, not to mention unemployment, collapse of the tourist industry,  etc.

Moreover, Trump’s “Made in China” coronavirus label almost immediately as of early February triggered a campaign against ethnic Chinese throughout the Western World.

Stage 2.0: “Infections Transmitted by Europeans”?

On March 11, a new phase was launched. The Trump administration imposed a 30-day ban on Europeans entering the United States through the suspension of air-

travel with the EU (with the exception of Britain).

America is now waging its “economic  war” against Western Europe, while using COVID-19 as a justification.

European governments have been co-opted. In Italy a lockdown prevails, ordered

by the Prime Minister, large cities in Northern Italy including Milano and Torino have literally closed down.


Confusion, Fear and intimidation prevail.

It’s “Damage Made in America”.

Late February: Financial manipulation characterizes stock market transactions Worldwide.

The stock value of airlines companies collapses overnight. Those who had  “foreknowledge” of Trump’s March 11 decision to ban transatlantic flights from EU countries made a bundle of money. It’s called “short-selling” in the derivative market among other speculative ops. Institutional speculators including hedge funds with “inside info” had already placed their bets.

More generally, a massive transfer of money wealth has occurred, among the largest in World history, leading to countless bankruptcies, not to mention the loss of lifelong savings engineered through the collapse of financial markets.

This process is ongoing. It would be naive to believe that these occurrences are spontaneous, based on market forces. They are deliberate. They are part of a carefully designed plan involving powerful financial interests.


COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

And now a new bombshell has emerged: The White House rhetoric of accusing China of spreading the “Wuhan virus” Worldwide has been refuted by both Japanese and Chinese reports. Scientific analysis revealed by Larry Romanoff  suggests that the virus was “Made in America”:

“it appears that the virus did not originate in China and, according to reports in Japanese and other media, may have originated in the US.  …

In February, the Japanese Asahi news report (print and TV) claimed the coronavirus originated in the US, not in China, and that some (or many) of the 14,000 American deaths attributed to influenza may have in fact have resulted from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

And on March 12, in a statement to the US Congress (House Oversight Committee), CDC Director Robert Redfield unwittingly “spilled the beans”. He candidly admitted, yes, some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.

When did this occur? In October, November? What is the chronology.  It is worth noting that Redfield’s statement is corroborated by both Japanese and Taiwanese virologists.  Two countries which are staunch allies of the USA.

And on March 12, in a statement to the US Congress (House Oversight Committee), CDC Director Robert Redfield unwittingly “spilled the beans”. He candidly admitted, yes, some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.

When did this occur? In October, November? What is the chronology.  It is worth noting that Redfield’s statement is corroborated by both Japanese and Taiwanese virologists.  Two countries which are staunch allies of the USA.

CDC director Robert Redfield admitted some Americans who seemingly died from influenza were tested positive for novel #coronavirus in the posthumous diagnosis, during the House Oversight Committee Wednesday. #COVID19 “[11]


No testing then no-Testing for masse` TESTS. Who are those fascist-Pigs? Are we-People ‘posthumous’ before ever getting tested? Yes, because we have had no-Defense since 1948 i.e. merely dept-of-Offense looks better covetously not suspect as remaining dept-of-war. HALT chem-tRails, first seen by me in uppe-State NY, 1986–really photographed in 1998–over Red Feather Lakes CO. May be “health-Medicare is not Universal-Health” w.o. dental-Care and w we-People wiRking. To add to the coffers, not abuse the national-tReasury as those innane-plutocRats.           “R”



There is so much conflagRation in americas-Life, we all need the self-Self,


the peace-Warrior


Tags/ covid-19 now a pandemic, capitalism exacerbates crisis, u.s. imperialism exploits coronavirus as weapon of war, atheism manifesto case against christianity, judaism islam, i.p.b., health care instead military exercises,, codepink 17 Mar 2020, Information about a.i.d.s. as biological warfare agent, cuba to Italy’s aid by sending team of doctors ‘n nurses, covid-19 in iran coronavirus outbreak, measures ‘n impact, coronavirus covid-19 made china made in america,


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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