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anti-nucleaRist bloG #275/ 15 Nov 2019 Peace, the Hegemonyites do not Want to Know, they’re too-Belligerent

anti-nucleaRist bloG #275/ 15 Nov 2019

Peace, the Hegemonyites do not Want to Know, they’re too-Belligerent


Have you and have I, ever had a dReam for peace, where the monsters get eaten by monsters, is, we know, not enough! The wArs are scoundRel events, one that were we-People to see the diRt of not having “health-Medicare” should make nucleaRism become a study in all Universities. Besides, that is a monsteR fantasy. What is real-Peace, is, weld, what starts w.o. wArs and yet we must define and see “visual-Acuity” that wArs-wArring offers or recant that we are visual-Humanity. Many persons, privately post marches, or before anti-War pRotests, or at peace ‘n Justice meetings, have stated “July 16th is a day of infamy for New Mexico, as it is the anniversary of the world’s largest uranium spill near Churchrock in 1979, and of the Trinity test, the first atomic weapon detonation in 1945”. Yes, I pRotested in Churchrock 3-separate long distance dRive—one in tRuk, two in Van-1, 1979-80-81! Life was more esoteric than nothing-Bourgeois. Do we want public-SculptuRes around or not thRee-Dimensionals depicting sexy-Wars? Peace, demeans no moRe wArs, but also moRe public’ Countenances on “de-contaminations: Radionuclides, plastispheres, aluminum-Oxide, the garbage of american: once-Waz, Life w platitudes.        “R”


“Hibakusha & Internationals Commemorate July 16

In 2016, organizers in uranium-impacted communities called for an international day of action every July 16, to spotlight the unaddressed consequences of the Churchrock Spill and the ongoing global genocide of indigenous peoples from nuclear colonialism. The first to respond were organizers [Nukewatch and Nonviolent Action for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Germany] protesting the deployment of US weapons at the German military base in Büchel in 2017. In 2018, solidarity events took place in the US, Germany, Spain, England, and France. This year, the local group Red Water Pond Road Community Association held its 11th annual day of remembrance of Churchrock. More than 200 folks attended from as far away as Japan.

The Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium (TBDC) hosted a town hall meeting and its 10th annual candlelight vigil to remember the lives lost due to the Trinity Test. Participants called out the names of all those lost to cancer, and read statements of support from Congressional offices and allies. Tina Cordova of TBDC reported that they “called out around 800 names. The list grows every year. We also held a tribute in memory of all the children that were lost as a result of the Trinity Test or were stillborn. This is such a horrible legacy! Children died and the government still lied.”

“The Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium remind us that before Hiroshima, there was Trinity.

Toshiya Morita, a second generation Hibakusha (people affected by the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), traveled from Kyoto, Japan to take part in both the Churchrock and Tularosa events. Morita recalls, “When I went to New Mexico I saw a lot of Hibakusha. Most of them are Indigenous people by uranium mines… [and] other Hibakusha by nuclear tests. I feel all of Hibakusha in the United States are one of my family… I want to walk with all of you to the no nuclear world!

Exposed Communities Demand Compensation

Also on July 16, Representative Ben Ray Lujan, D-NM, introduced the Radiation

Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2019 (H.R. 3783). The bill would extend much-deserved compensation to all who have been impacted by the US military’s use of uranium weapons. The bill includes an apology, an extension of the fund until 2045 (beyond the current 2022 sunset date), and expansion of compensation to uranium mill and mine workers who worked after 1971 (up to 1990) and to nuclear weapons test downwinders in additional locations—including Tularosa Basin and Guam. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate on March 28, 2019 by Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho (S. 947).”[1]


Once when I was exploRing the neato-Ecology of that ‘state’ Idaho, the extensive mountains of various mountain-Ranges, I went back to pRotesting w anti-NucleArists in downtown-Boise–10-times. I learned that many had felt discomfort w those 1950’s and into 1962 nev: testsite adjudications for immoral-Spite called above gRound testings. Whatever do those AEC gooks do when doing that, I sought answer. There were too many answers that came back, and sooo I had to wonder again and again, was pu-239 worth buRying in order to have that chalice of choosing what an answer to the psyhologic-Question was. Could that be peace or would riddance enhance the need for another weapon. Then, after those asinine usages  1973, 1991, 1998, 2003 and soo forth stRode NSDU-238, I had to encounter why the thermo-NucleaRs were not discussed by pea-bRain penury of those seeking w power and more “misfoRtune” to continue to be asinine instead of human-Beings w.i. Ecology w a pRofound sense of 200 theRmos is enough but not NSDU-238 is mostly, the pRofundity of that first nuclear-Molecular, that which never saw constRaints by those power-Beridden, monsteRs  of poweR-Ennui, boRing-boRedom?


 The most egRegious aspects of power are what the we-People: citizens of americanism being a philosophy of protecting tRaditions of laws that have produced positive-Results, not endemic negated-Policy and ultra-Wars ongoing. The fact is that el tRumpeteR wants to war against the oldest civilization, to provide cover for the weak-Link of new-Rome: military-Hegemony. That is of course, chem-Trails continuing worldwide instead of providing new wars for bases “militarism of the world” soo that iconoclastic base-Building cannot be pre-empted, but rather re-asserted once the imbalnces of installed and miserly proviso’d dictators can assume the position. In other words, the imbalance of power maintains the hegemony at home soo that plutocRacy cannot be controlled by any other home-Portable capital-of-cRime, state-cRime.           “R”


“According to pro-Turkish sources, over 100 YPG/YPJ members were neutralized since the start of the operation. This number remains unconfirmed. Pro-Kurdish sources claim that the YPG was able to eliminate several pieces of Turkish military equipment and kill two dozens of Turkish proxies. These claims were also barely confirmed by any evidence. However, at least 17 civilians were injured in a mortar shelling that targeted the Turkish town of Ceylanpınar.

Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reported on October 10 that about 100 US troops had left northeastern Syria through the Semalka border crossing with Iraq. Taking into account that US President Donald Trump called Turkey’s operation a “bad idea”, but distanced himself from Kurdish forces because they did not help the US in World War II, it becomes more and more clear that the Turkish military action in the region is in fact coordinated with the US.


By this move, the Trump administration makes an important step to return confidence of its key ally in the eastern Mediterranean and, at the same time, delivers a blow to efforts of the Obama administration and the CIA that had contributed notable efforts in supporting the Kurdish project in northern Syria.

The possible rapprochement of the US and Turkey over the conflict in Syria will allow Washington to strengthen its campaign to limit influence of Iran and the Assad government in the war-torn country, as well as open additional opportunities for a revanche of the US military industrial complex on the Turkish market. This is a logical step in the framework of the national-oriented policy provided by the Trump administration.

The key question is how deep into Syria the Turkish military is planning to expand its Operation Peace Spring. Currently, pro-Turkish sources speculate about the possible creation of a 30km-deep corridor. If the US allows Turkey and Turkey appears to be capable of reaching this goal, Anak[a]ra will boost its role in the conflict even further and gain a wide range of options to influence its possible settlement. In this event, the Assad government will lost all the remaining chances to restore the territorial integrity and the Trump administration will get additional leverages of pressure on Iran, the Assad government and Russia in Syria.”[2]


That the a-Hole military-Hegemony needs leverage while interstellar0-exploration is also manufactured for deep-State, utilizes a “Duality” of purpose w.o. once a mention that “health-Medicare” has been imposed upon again and again, since 1961. The one-Party “coRpoRate-Elitist and fascist-Rulers” is dept-of-Offense gets an automatic annual-Budget increase. We’re the “dfense” since theirs if fascism and installing dictators of perversity, like aemites are 11-14 tRibes not merely propaganda from zioninst-Fascists to keep militarism w.o. Jewish people of Israels, performing rites of a Constitution, which Israels do not have, yet. The second-Current of “militaryism” a buildup of coRpoRatist delineations for anything but healthcare improvements, i.e. health-Medicare, was started by both Jimmy carter turning toward Oligarchic-Rulers in 1978-70 as well as “the raw-Goon” a buildup, not a smathering of industries allowing democracy-Purpose to prevail, which had to add a-Hole ex-Cia and cIAS-Headship, had gHW Bushwhacky installed by the first litmus of fascist-Leadership. His entrée into office was suspect from beginning as his way was to excuse the use of the first nucleaR-Molecular: weapon “uranium-238” that one which resulted in contaminations w.o. allowable limits of usage nor context of clean-ups. Morose deceitfulness for american-Service: personnel in military and civilian advisors.          “R”


“On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Gareth Porter, a[n] historian, investigative journalist, and the author of “Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.”

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis, where Iranian students seized the American Embassy in Tehran and took 52 embassy officers hostage. That standoff lasted 444 days, and it permanently changed the scope of both US-Iran relations and American politics. And yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre, where Ku Klux Klansmen, led by an FBI agent and an ATF agent, opened fire on a group of American communists in Greensboro, North Carolina, killing five. Nobody was ever brought to justice for the attack.

Even as House Democrats on Thursday ratified an impeachment resolution against President Trump, a federal judge has slowed the pace of the inquiry by declining to rule on whether a key witness needed to testify before the House of Representatives. Instead, he gave all relevant parties several weeks to prepare their arguments. That means the hearings will likely last through the Christmas holidays. And how will all of this affect the 2020 election? Dan Kovalik, a human rights and labor lawyer who is the author of the book “The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela: How the US is Orchestrating a Coup for Oil.”, joins the show.

Rioting continued over the weekend in Hong Kong, with demonstrators attacking Xinhua, the Chinese state news service. Xinhua then called on authorities to take a tougher line with demonstrators. Meanwhile, protestors are calling on the US to help them. Brian and John speak with John Ross, Senior Fellow at Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China, and an award-winning resident columnist with several Chinese media organizations.

Two activists with the organization Veterans for Peace are trapped in Ireland, unable to return home due to criminal charges pending against them for engaging in an anti-war protest. A renewed effort is underway to win their freedom. Gerry Condon, national president of Veterans for Peace, joins the show.[3]


The ’southfront’ website is a satisfactory journalist reports on the wArs-wArrings of imperialist states: U.S. military-Hegenmony, Gaudis, the zionists of IDF, but does not have laptops on-the-gRound—too dangerous w US-military and Gaudi’s (where are these reports) of drones-Usages. Where are those reports in other words? The tRumpeteR is doing the same damnable thinGy-Bop that georges-Enron did to maintain plutocracy as the system. What was that? He’ll place emphasis on turkey-Dictator, Erdogan, instead of pushing for state-Dept to dole out the proper “diplomacy and not merely rhetoric” regarding Kurds do not have a homeland, and they’ve been fighting asshole-Turks: oligarchs, for 40-years i.e. as long as the US-military has been exponentialist toward imperialist-Military, dictates. The tRumpeteR is control of cIAS, but is J.S.O.C. under his control (or any el-pResidente’s) control. What then has J.S.O.C. and the US-military to do w anythinGy-Bop making wArs-wArrings and leaving ‘defense’ of u.s.a. in civilian hands. That may be weld enough for us, altho the imperialism abroad is not the anarcho-Syndicalist we see w police-State, industrial-Prison coRpoRations, asine non-allowance of oRge-Nal reasons for “Medicare to be healthcare for all us citizens”?


While the landscape of contaminationings then. What raises the ceilings of disbelief in the ”system” is the strata. We know that as RACISM ROAMS TOO FREELY? Or, is there the “deep-State” black-Ops which can be turned to foment and or “halt” any armed resurrection, instead of, say the psy-Ops, who are already beckoning and insurrogating that suspended demand, not necessarily, need? We hear of cIAS incursionings w.i. the 50-states. What is ongoing here, now, since that is not reported directly from any-ole “plutocrat in offal-Office” as merely the disposition or naught! What is J.S.O.C.? What are any and our american-Socialist’s challenges of lawfully disbanding cIAS and the J.S.O.C.? When  is our voice heard from the floor of imbecilic US: bought-congRess?          “R”


“The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a sub[-]unified command of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  It is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques, ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop joint special operations tactics.

Despite its innocuous sounding charter, JSOC has made strides in the special operations field and is comprised of rigorously screened and accessed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Civilians.  These men and women possess unique and specialized skills, and are routinely among the best in their field.  Among them are seasoned combat veterans who cut their teeth by participating in joint special operations liked the Son Tay Prison Raid in Vietnam War which took place in 1970, long before JSOC was activated.

More recent members of the Command include active duty special operations veterans of all services who have successfully completed the toughest training regiments and demonstrated their mettle under the most challenging and difficult circumstances, including combat.  As a result, past and present members of JSOC have participated in all of our nation’s wars and contingency operations since it was activated in 1980.

Included among the places that military and civilian members of the Command have previously served are Desert One in Iran (1980), Grenada (1983), the Mediterranean Sea during the Achille Lauro hijacking (1985), Panama (1989), the Mideast during the Gulf War (1991), Somalia (1993), Haiti (1994), the Balkans (1996-2002), Afghanistan (2001-present), and Iraq (2003-present).

The Command is always decisively engaged in working to fulfill its charter and typically has members located throughout the world at any given time. An incredibly busy Command, JSOC accomplished its assigned missions successfully in the face of expanding commitments largely due to the quality, dedication, and patriotism of its military and civilian members and the family members who support them.

Units Under JSOC:

Delta Force

Intelligence Support Activity

United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Formerly known as SEAL Team 6.)

24th Special Tactics Squadron”[4]


Are we not yet tired of the militarist-Harangue, as though cheap-Holywood directors knew what they were not discussing about america-Society. Who needs any but context that the people are our society, not “elitists are Society”? As we must speak-out against “anti-Matter being propaganda” as though the reason for logic pRevailed, more usefully each and every year, which is the direct “opposite of tRuths”. Morale is not the daily concern of people vs US-military but of peace and morality not continually perpetrating hype for the next concocted ‘invasion’ to display militarism is mighty new-Rome of plutocRacy. That national-Security is not a shield is what is portrayed as honesty, the bigger-Lies. What in heck is the government doing w “anti-Matter is nucleaR-Weaponiza-tioning”? J.S.O.C. should not imprison el tRumpeteR, nor should the cIAS, but the fookeR-biltiski chauvinism of fBIS ought repair the tarnish of Sept 11th 2001, a.s.a.p. by doing just that w that rogue: el excelsior-Dictator.  We who pRotest have been arrested, why not his four months older asinine insubordination to the US-constitution stupedifying construct, not be? Down w tarnishes; up w “peace-State”; down w deep-State, up w peace-State.        “R”


“No to war against Kurds – IPB calls for negotiations

The war started by Turkey is an aggression against the Kurdish people and an

attack against the Syrian territorial sovereignty. Tenth of civilians have already been

killed by the Turkish bombing and many of them are escaping from the region.

This cannot be and is not the solution of the regional problems. It only brings civilian suffering.

IPB strongly condemns Turkey’s invasion with the green light of the US and the attack against the Kurdish people that have bravely fought against ISIS and protected civilians in the region.

IPB calls for an immediate ceasefire and the governments of the EU to firmly condemn this aggression and to stop any kind of arms trade with Turkey.

Also, IPB stresses the UN to take its responsibilities vis-à-vis the rights of the Kurdish people. Negotiations must start with all stakeholders in order to guarantee the rights of the Kurdish people.

IPB supports all protest actions in front of Turkish embassies all over the world. The peace movement must help to stop this war!”[5]


Whereupon, when not yet a teenager, but preparing when I reached ‘eleven years old’ I found my conceptual prescience, was multiple and after the 1957 pRotest-maRch on Sacramento Street in Berkeley– bitchen-Cal– which was an intRo to “whatever do you not know and know”. Altho the concept of peace not nuclear-Molecular: weapons was clearly the reason to have and to maintain peace. How? The eleven to thirteen months, post march, was prescient as facts in Public Library was not U.C. Berkeley libraries–plural. I was in San Mateo CA, and peace ‘n Justice was very much becoming for righties, but International Peace Bureau was where both U-U’s and Quakers who marched, 1957 were mostly teens and students not inside a University ‘structure’. Also, prescient was Philosophy, Alan Watts, Bertrand Russell, Jean Paul Sartre, poets: Robinson Jeffers, Allen Ginsberg and Kenneth Patchen, not Rexroth. The philosophical-Basics came from many other poets and philosophical-Readings, such as “women: feminist-Poets”. They accelerated as one opening productfully produced a unified and expansive-Basis for fundamentals to be shared, thru-out the country and into Africa, a market long-Awaited.          “R”


“Cancer-causing radioactive poisons found outside and inside an Ohio middle school near a former H-bomb materials factory have led to the school’s abrupt closure. Students won’t be returning there in the fall.

Zahn’s Corner Middle School in Piketon—two miles from the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant which for decades processed uranium for nuclear weapons—was closed in the face of parents’ frantic concern for their children’s health.

In mid-May 2019, the US Department of Energy (DOE) acknowledged that in 2017 it found trace amounts of highly radioactive neptunium-237 in air monitors on the school grounds, the Ironton Tribune reported. The DOE also admitted that it found similarly toxic americium there in 2018. The Dayton Daily News reported that neptunium is a carcinogen linked to bone cancers. Why the discovery of radioactive chemicals was not made public at the time—and the school closed then—has not been explained by the DOE.

A more recent and independent study, conducted by Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, found enriched uranium actually inside the middle school itself, and it found “plutonium, uranium, and neptunium in water and dust samples from other parts of the community” the Associated Press reported.

Fifteen years ago, in 2003 and 2004, the DOE disclosed that it had found traces of uranium in milk and eggs from area farms, and in vegetables from gardens next to the factory. Uranium, plutonium and or technetium were found in air, water, sediment and fish from area waterways, the Dayton Daily reported in November 2006. “Energy officials say none of the amounts are large enough to pose a health threat,” the Dayton Daily reported at the time. This reassurance is untrue because internal radiation exposures can never be considered safe, no matter how small.


In a May 14 press release, the Pike County General Health District raised concern that the government’s radioactive waste clean-up and disposal activities at Portsmouth have spewed radioactive dust clouds causing widespread dispersal downwind. The DOE has so far refused the Health District’s request to suspend its operations, claiming more data is needed.

Dusty bulldozing and open air demolition operations are now under way at the site to deconstruct the complex, decontaminate the grounds, and build a radioactive waste abandonment facility. NBC News reported May 15 that although “the contamination came from [the Portsmouth] plant … the Department of Energy has repeatedly refused to cease operations there.”

While environmental contamination with uranium-235 and other uranium isotopes is worrisome, more troubling still is the detection of neptunium, americium, cesium, technetium, and plutonium in surrounding homes, surface waters, gardens and farmlands.

Between 1954 and 2001, the Portsmouth complex did uranium “enrichment” for US nuclear weapons—the dirty, dangerous process of increasing the amount of uranium-235 in large volumes of uranium.* The factory made weapons-grade uranium (more U-235) for H-bombs, and low-enriched uranium (less U-235) for nuclear reactor fuel.”[6]


Do we-Peeps ever wonder about our culture, like everythinGy-Bop novels and poems of poetry anthologies to dance-Routines and really affable oRganic-Foodstuffs w.o. chEm-tRails w gMOS toppings. Yumm-O-yuck, vomit now and avoid the rush. Fact is that defense in the Ionizationings-Age is one furtheRance “step” from where plastispheres cannot decontaminate “Radionuclides” and the LNG we need to we need to be used in machinery to cover those methane-Pits may not have oxygenate to be provided to emeRgency: F.E.M.A. cRews, one of the best defensive measure installed for “human-Defense” in natural-DisastRious antipathies. I say antipathies, because georges-Enron (and the neo-Con spastics) changed all that to a demeaning anti-Integrative and thus racist-Whitey overture. But, F.E.M.A. has need of cyber-pRophetics, now. Causing natuRal -Disasters by D.E.W. must STOP, now. We do know and we do not want that calamitousness-Excise.


The fact is that movies all action are more nonsense than most, while good “thought and thought-discourse” get purposefully spaced to the onslaught of more nonsense for remnant-Culture and bourgeois-Idiopathy. Like, wars waste trillion dollars, money (often spoken as US-tReasury or as taxes from we-People. Ha. Waste of millions on films that have no idiopathy or informative measures, is the bias that science-Fiction ingested as supple means of pRotecting the publics (have the 1950’s and 1960’s digested the meting of ways for a Futurist sublime to a universe Ontology or learning new thoughts from words useful and not yet used goes a longer weigh-in toward maybe, we can actually have a human-Defense. The reason for this sidelight is that Ionizationings are the cause of massive extermination of species, since the fuels used are always CO-2 derivatives of “total-Contaminations onward 12% best “fuels”. Again and again, LNG is 90% cleaner burning and far less CO-2 microns, or tons per day. Liquid natural gas is methane refined “once” should have been used for aero-Jet fuels since 1958, used in locomotive engines by 1973-74, and aero-Jets before and/or after. Suffer we have already done, as Ecosocialism is not finance, nor does that need be, because starting at the new-Beginning is the Beginning!          “R”


“The ICFI condemns the arrest of those inside Turkey peacefully opposing this offensive. The Turkish offensive comes amid a global resurgence of class struggle—with mass protests for the fall of military regimes in Algeria, Sudan and Egypt, as well as the neo-colonial US puppet government in Iraq. Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is well aware of mounting popular anger over a deteriorating Turkish economy and of the AKP’s accelerating collapse in the polls, to under 30 percent. Fearing a social explosion at home, it hopes to drown working class opposition in nationalist and militarist propaganda.

The ICFI intransigently opposes imperialism, including its attempts to remove Erdoğan via a coup. A century after a secular state emerged in Turkey in a war against the imperialist drive to carve up the Ottoman Empire, however, the Turkish bourgeoisie has proven itself incapable of finding any democratic solution to its internal conflicts, let alone securing its independence from imperialism. Indeed, to carry out his offensive, Erdoğan first sought to secure the approval of Washington and its European allies, who tried to murder him only three years ago.

The only progressive answer to the problems of war, ethnic conflict and authoritarian rule lies in establishing a democratic regime and overcoming ethnic divisions through the revolutionary struggle of the working class, unifying workers of all nationalities—Turk, Kurd, Arab, Iranian and Israeli—against imperialist war and the regional capitalist classes.

The developments in Turkey and throughout the region provide fresh confirmation of the world revolutionary strategy elaborated by Leon Trotsky in his Theory of Permanent Revolution. The bourgeoisie in Turkey, as in all countries of belated capitalist development, hopelessly tied to imperialism and fearing the working class, is incapable of resolving any of these problems. This task can be completed only through the independent struggle of the working class, leading all of the oppressed sections of society against both the native bourgeoisie and imperialism.

Washington’s blatant double-cross of its Kurdish allies is another bitter lesson in the bankruptcy of Kurdish nationalism as a strategy to advance the Kurds’ democratic and cultural rights. The revelation of the Kurdish nationalists’ role in imprisoning over 10,000 alleged Islamic State militia members under appalling conditions, on the orders of US and European imperialism, underscores the fraudulence of their claims to be overseeing a democratic regime in northern Syria.


Article continues below the form

The Kurdish people is spread over Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. The only viable strategy to defend their democratic rights, like those of the Turkish people, is a common revolutionary struggle of workers of all ethnicities to take state power and build the United Socialist States of the Middle East and Central Asia.

The reactionary positions taken by the entire political establishment in Turkey expose the dead end reached by capitalism in the Middle East. The opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the traditional pro-war party of the Turkish ruling class, has supported Erdoğan’s offensive, trying to lull workers to sleep about the danger of military escalation with speculation that a deal can be worked out with the Syrian regime.

This exposes the reactionary role played by the Turkish middle-class pseudo-left parties, which lined up behind the CHP against Erdoğan’s AKP in this year’s local elections. While the Labor Party (EMEP) called for “permanent unity” with the CHP, the Freedom and Solidarity Party (ÖDP) ran its leader as a CHP candidate. They bear political responsibility for the CHP’s moves to expel Syrian refugees from cities it rules, and now for Turkey’s invasion of Syria.

The Kurdish-nationalist Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is calling on “international entities” to “take responsibility” and come to the Kurdish militias’ aid. But the “international entities” to which the Kurdish nationalists appeal are the Pentagon, the CIA, the Democratic Party and their allies in Europe. What these entities are responsible for is decades of mass murder.

While uncompromisingly defending Kurdish and other oppressed people in the Middle East, the ICFI gives no support to the Kurdish bourgeois nationalists. The disastrous outcome of the US-Kurdish alliance in Syria—including the war crimes carried out in Raqqa and other Syrian towns in the so-called war on ISIS—vindicates the Trotskyist critique of bourgeois nationalism: it has served only to divide the Middle East along ethnic lines and betray its population by subordinating it to imperialism.

The Kurdish bourgeois nationalists, while using “socialist” rhetoric, historically sought out alliances with imperialist and bourgeois powers, from the CIA and Israel to the Shah of Iran, and the Moscow Stalinist bureaucracy. This produced a series of disasters. Jalal Talabani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Massoud Barzani’s Kurdish Democratic Party supported opposing sides and fought each other in the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. The Kurdish nationalists, including the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), welcomed the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003—though Washington had tacitly backed Baghdad’s suppression of a Kurdish uprising after  the 1991 Gulf War.”[7]


Losing more weight, getting trimmer, due the exceedingly long haul w the shoulder having gone from one-of-four aRthRitis attacks to loss of cartilage, to injections that may have helped organizational patterns and broadened-Scope thinking. Those were insular taking space-Time affections to not dwell upon the afflictions. A reality w chunks of hacker-Theft beriddens has been a hardship, since 2015, looking for an apartment w my trailer loaded fulla books. The second-Knee: knee-Replacement went well, because staying w.i. the tRuth confines was in the factual bounds, and not that of “staid, one-Party: parody” which has been my mannerism in contesting plutocracy of coRpoRatism as well as nucleaRism. Those known-Constants had been coupled, like coitus-Copulationings. The facts are there and how to gather the clairvoyance, or non-Conditionalist basics of Universality, when and while all has been thRown against me then. Like, was the J.C.P.O.A. a peace-Measure, or a contest to proviso more immoralist “lies”?

However, the “nation-State” lies are the basics, since 1981-82, as I picked-up the pace upon return from world-tour as “peace-Diplomat” twice, and became the peace-Warrior, heartily rejuvenating others–wherever I went and again and again. Intimate to that was protesting against continued abuse of Jefferson pRoving gRounds, as NSDU-238 lay fallow and u.s.a. anti-nucleaRists laid a foundation against “state-tyRanny” knowing that as choice number-One, as well as that which may be most pRone to staid fBIS arrests of us–pRotesting, vigiling– as we tRied to lay a foundation not continually plagued by wArs-wArring imperceptions by staid-Authorities, who should have had as their “citizenry background” a manner to notice and to learn: both! What I did notice of fellow-Boomers was: too much prone to deifications for p-e-a-c-e and not enough affrontal that development of NSDU-238 was not peace, but secretizing the first nucleaR-Molecular: weapon (albeit belatedly–thanking goodness).          “R”


“Chalmers Johnson on American Hegemony”

‘5iF3R’ 52:23 mins. 75,480 views Jan 8, 2011

Chalmers argues that the age of the “American Empire” is nearing its end. Author of Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire, and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, Chalmers Johnson has literally written the book on the concept of American hegemony. A former naval officer and consultant to the C.I.A., he now serves as professor emeritus of UC San Diego. As co-founder and president of the Japan Policy Research Institute, [Prof.] Johnson also continues to promote public education about Asia’s role in the international community. In this exclusive interview, you will find out why the practice of empire building is, by no means, a thing of the past. As the United States continues to expand its military force around the globe, the consequences are being suffered by each and every one of us. (Written by Richard Castro) “

“Died: November 20, 2010, Cardiff-by-the Sea, California, USA” post filming of this epicurean video in factualities. This man was an advisor to me when I attended U.C. Berkeley as a gRad Studies student. William T. Wiley was, simultaneously, my Arts gRads advisor, at U.C.Davis. Chalmers has always been quite thorough in and of his wRitings. I am checking into why “publishers” seem not as seminal to enlisting authors any longer. Is that because of Imperialism is chaste federal-Reserve and IMF as well as they’re indifferent to any but “the new-Rome of Plutocracy”?          “R” 


“There is one name that is not on the FP100 who should be — and that is Chalmers Johnson, who from my perspective rivals Henry Kissinger as the most significant intellectual force who has shaped and defined the fundamental boundaries and goal posts of US foreign policy in the modern era.

Johnson, who passed away Saturday afternoon at 79 years, invented andwas the acknowledged godfather of the conceptualization of the “developmental state”. For the uninitiated, this means that Chalmers Johnson led the way in understanding the dynamics of how states manipulated their policy conditions and environments to speed up economic growth. In the neoliberal hive at the University of Chicago, Chalmers Johnson was an apostate and heretic in the field of political economy. Johnson challenged conventional wisdom with he and his many star students –including E.B. Keehn, David Arase, Marie Anchordoguy, Mark Tilton and others — writing the significant treatises documenting the growing prevalence of state-led industrial and trade and finance policy abroad, particularly in Asia.

Today, the notion of “State Capitalism” has become practically commonplace in discussing the newest and most significant features of the global economy.  Chalmers Johnson invented this field and planted the intellectual roots of understanding that other nation states were not trying to converge with and follow the so-called American model.

Johnson for his seminal work on Japanese political economy, MITI and the Japanese Miracle was dubbed by Newsweek’s Robert Neff as “godfather of the revisionists” on Japan. Neff also tagged Clyde Prestowitz, James Fallows, Karel van Wolferen and others like R. Taggart Murphy and Pat Choate as the leaders of a new movement that argued that Japan was organizing its political economy in different ways than the U.S. This was a huge deal in its day — and these writers and thinkers led by the implacable Johnson were attacked from all corners of American academia and among the crowd of American Japan-hands who wanted to deflect rather than focus a spotlight on the fact that Japan’s economic mandarins were really the national security elite of the Pacific powerhouse nation.

In the 1980s when Johnson was arguing that Japan’s state directed capitalism was succeeding at not only propelling Japan’s wealth upwards but was creating “power” for Japan in the eyes of the rest of the world, Kissinger and the geostrategic crowd could not see beyond the global currency and power realities of nuclear warheads and throw-weight.”[8]


The cRimes against-Humanity are verbose irrational justificationings for power be maintained at all usuried-Costs, by whomever of the one-Party: parody is insular the most! When we stand for democRacy we do not need power, soo why do we need any ole fascist-Aplomb? As I have stated many times, the new-Rome of PlutocRacy is not ever about preserving democRacy, and most socialists-Parties are for that and anti-Bourgeoisie, simultaneously. The usages to maintain power-mongering, that of Conditionalism and that for technocRacy are the tools of the one-Party: parody i.e. one and the same. The pseudocRatic ways of el tRumpeteR has no acculturing, nor any method for business to be improved, whether sluRb pRognosticated oR food need topsoils buried, those ak-Res beneath gRavels, covered by asphalts 30-40-50-years ago. Setting on flatlands which gRows gReeneRy bestest.


The stat is: “report not only documents FBI surveillance, but FBI obfuscation” because tRuth is not a cough-Medicine dischaff taste. Was this also done to keep an accord on the Young 3-years pRogRam of chemicalizationing for Ionization of Ionisphere? Did the “chem-Trails” add a nudge to fBIS to go ahead and be continuously discursive and moreo, unlawful and death-Syndrome attached? Moreso, yes, than never happened. Issues or attributions on “twEets”? Will tRuth allow suit of rogue and obstreperous tRumpeteR. The pResident “sidestepped” those pRotestoRs asking not what they were pRotesting and wanting, but never what they need? I have now, given my shouldeR to a pRosthesis-Replacement in which the stainless steel is too short and the shouldeRs are at odds. Shall I twEet that the doctor did not do a good job? No, because he did, as the muscles and nerves are there. Did the “metals-Industry fail me”? No. Did the fookeR bilt-ski lack of journalism is pRint newspaper worthy of reading tRuth regarding my 57-years in pRotests and becoming a legend, fail me? Yes.            “R”


“The United States and its allies use arms trafficking –i.e. the unregulated illicit trade in light weapons through private traders including organized crime–, to channel large amounts of weapons and ammunition to the terrorists inside Syria.

The US led coalition uses the illicit trade in light weaponry produced in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, China, etc. for delivery to rebel groups inside Syria, including ISIS-Daesh and Al Nusra. In turn, operating out of the occupied Golan Heights, Israel’s IDF has provided weapons, ammunition, logistical support to Al Qaeda rebels operating in Southern Syria.

In a September 2016 interview, with the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger,  Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander Abu Al Ezz confirmed that the US is sending weapons to Al Nusrah through “third countries”.

“Yes, the US supports the opposition [in Syria], but not directly. They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with this support,”

The above statement pertains to weapons deliveries by America’s allies including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and Turkey.

“when Jabhat Al-Nusra was “besieged, we had officers from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and America here… Experts in the use of satellites, rockets, reconnaissance and thermal security cameras.” (RT, March 17, 2017)

The article below focusses on the supply routes and illicit trade in small arms used by the Pentagon to deliver weapons to the terrorists. And these are the same terrorists who are allegedly behind the bombings in European cities including Manchester, Brussels, Paris and Nice.

These weapons produced in third countries are purchased by the Pentagon. They are then channelled to Al Qaeda and ISIS-Daesh terrorists fighting government forces in Iraq and Syria.

In a different context, CNN acknowledges that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are sending US Made weapons to Al Qaeda affiliated fighters in Yemen.

“Hodeidah, Yemen (CNN) – Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners have transferred American-made weapons to al Qaeda-linked fighters, hardline Salafi militias, and other factions waging war in Yemen, in violation of their agreements with the United States, a CNN investigation has found.” (CNN, February 2019)


The report casually places the blame on America’s Middle East proxies for having broken the terms of their agreement with the Pentagon:

“By handing off this military equipment to third parties, the Saudi-led coalition is breaking the terms of its arms sales with the US, according to the Department of Defense. After CNN presented its findings, a US defense official confirmed there was an ongoing investigation into the issue.

The revelations raise fresh questions about whether the US has lost control over a key ally presiding over one of the most horrific wars of the past decade, and whether Saudi Arabia is responsible enough to be allowed to continue buying the sophisticated arms and fighting hardware.  Previous CNN investigations established that US-made weapons were used in a series of deadly Saudi coalition attacks that killed dozens of civilians, many of them children.”

The Pentagon has lost control of its allies, according to CNN. The unspoken truth is tha[r] Saudi Arabia and the UAE are acting on behalf of the US. And Washington is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians.

The CNN nonetheless confirms that “The US is by far the biggest supplier of arms to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and its support is crucial to the Saudi-led coalition’s continuing war in Yemen.” CNN, op cit).

In a recent statement presidential candidate Rep Tulsi Gabbard accuses the Trump administration of channeling money and weapons to the “jihadists” in Syria:

The CIA has long been supporting a group called Fursan al Haqq, providing them with salaries, weapons and support, including surface to air missiles.  This group is cooperating with and fighting alongside an al-Qaeda affiliated group trying to overthrow the Syrian government. The Levant Front is another so-called moderate umbrella group of Syrian opposition fighters. Over the past year, the United States has been working with Turkey to give this group intelligence support and other forms of military assistance. This group has joined forces with al-Qaeda’s offshoot group in Syria. (Tulsi Gabbard, US House of Rep)”[9] [10]


The we-people need be better represented, not worse. The Bourgeoisie encodificationing is a has been, a setup, a fix, a shazam, and a panoply or “the new-Rome: empire of Finance dictates to fools”. Syria’s dictator never did allot that killing Kurds means do not allowed into country, but eRdogan’s Turkey, zionist-Murderer: netanyahooey, those gooks of pRince-Demonizationists Gaudis, all sit around contRasting into shallow financial-Banks. El tRumpeteR helps them along because his pRetense says they are “disabled”.

However, the “nation-State” lies are the basics, since 1981-82, as I picked-up the pace upon return from world-tour as “peace-Diplomat” twice, and became the peace-Warrior, heartily rejuvenating others–wherever I went and again and again. Intimate to that was protesting against continued abuse of Jefferson pRoving gRounds, as NSDU-238 lay fallow and u.s.a. anti-nucleaRists laid a foundation against “state-tyRanny” knowing that as choice number-One, as well as that which may be most pRone to staid fBIS arrests of us–pRotesting, vigiling– as we tRied to lay a foundation not continually plagued by wArs-wArring imperceptions by staid-Authorities, who should have had as their “citizenry background” a manner to notice and to learn: both! What I did notice of fellow-Boomers was: too much prone to deifications for p-e-a-c-e and not enough affrontal that development of NSDU-238 was not peace, but secretizing the first nucleaR-Molecular: weapon (albeit belatedly–thanking goodness).        “R”


“According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, quoting documents released by the U.S. Government’s Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), the US –as part of its “counterterrorism campaign”– has provided Syrian rebels [aka moderate Al Qaeda]  with large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

The US and its allies (including Turkey and Saudi Arabia) have relied on the illicit trade in light weaponry produced in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, China, etc. for delivery to rebel groups inside Syria, including ISIS-Daesh and Al Nusra. In turn, operating out of the occupied Golan Heights, Israel’s IDF has provided weapons, ammunition, logistical support to Al Qaeda rebels operating in Southern Syria.

While Washington’s Middle East allies undertake shady transactions in a buoyant market for light weapons, a significant part of these illicit weapons shipments is nonetheless directly commissioned by the US government.

These shipments of weapons are not conducted through internationally approved weapons transfers. While they are the result of a Pentagon (or US government) procurement, they are not recorded as “official” military aid. They use private traders and shipping companies within the realm of a thriving illicit trade in light weapons.

Based on the examination of a single December 2015 Pentagon sponsored shipment of more than 990 tons, one can reasonably conclude that the amounts of light weapons in the hands of “opposition” rebels inside Syria is substantial and exceedingly large. “[11]


The Bourgeoisie needs a monster to get over doing anythinGy-Bop correctly. They may never have manners enough to say please anyway-How. Sooo many politicians say indiscretionary factors that relate to one social feat to underscore, but never the “rogue-Empire is not worth wArs but ending those imperialist mannerisms and repay all the sovereign-States w an Eco-Scorecard on retributions”. Nebulousness is the way of evil-Discivilry and el tRumpeteR has shown us his blare, as Hegemonyite. I’ve related at least 150-times in my website expressionings, that transgressions of the “new-Rome of PlutocRacy” must end because the we-People have had enough of having Nothing. The dischaff of wars, killing generals who fought tirelessly against the empire’s installed elements, al Qaeda, then I.S.I.L. and then daesh, all a good soldier could do, brought down by lies from the rogue-Dictator, hismselef, who was sorta, maybe impeached, for all intent purposes, should have been jailed. Because he wasn’t the plutocRacy is more tarnished. Ha, that is all that those egalomaniacs have been, Hegemonyites w.o. a score to settle, but besettling is okay for gookdom.          “R”


“A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:


We, the citizenry of el Rogue plutocRacy, need to jail 10,000’s is their que on hypocrisy. I was to Syria. I talked w Ahmadinejad, after being in Afghanistan and talking w Hamid Karzai, and told to him in an aside as “peace-Diplomat” not a Prophet, which he and other leader like in Lebanon, and in Iraq had to be after tarnishes from the client-State of Israels. “Do not use NSDU-238, because the u.s.a. has plenty of that” in 1980 and 1981. That gHW Bushwhacky had already used that, or allowed the cIAS under cloak in the Sinai, could, would, did. One constantly must not assume, nor presume to have all integers on and of peace thRu merely eradicatin by magic-Wand of the “sordid-Excesses of all three “nucleaR-Molecular: weaponizationing-Confarb. Yes. Basically, one can have friends thRu proper discourse and diplomacy lines of the “U.S. state-Dept” which longer exists under the oligarchs-of-Plutocracy i.e. the raw-Goon, gHW Bushwhacky, bully-Boy Clyneton, georges-Enron, Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy, el tRumpeteR du twEet. How disgusted can we be needs to be met w police-Union support, as well as journalism-Support, like here: now!


I am, partially, disgusted w veterans, who live on the avenues of concrete “suffering further a pTSD agreement”. I am disgusted that “peace ‘n Justice was not a mighty-pRoponency. I am disgusted w classmates who do not wRite letters to me in support, because I stood out in high school, in college, in gRad school: University, and ever since. I am sole-Survivor of two surnames, w.o, offspring. I have put up the good “civil-Disobedience” speaking-out anywhere and everywhere the rogue-Imperialism tarnishes our life-Style, and removed edifice of Bourgeoisie hiding behind cloak of irresponsibility and non-Accountability. The thieves have harmed themselves because they are hippy-Punks, puke-heads for tarnish, speaking Nothing for Nothing, not even balance of law in this third largest county of Wyoming. Sooo, what did I say 150-times? Because we have now seen, that chem-tRails is molecularizationing, that plastispheres is molecularizationing, because the usages of NSDU-238 have shown how oblique, how asinine, how masochistic that “lost the way to weigh-ins forwarding wArs-wArriings, has been. HALT the export and usages of NSDU-238, the first nucleaR-Molecular: weapon of humanoid-Extinction.         “R”


“This Friday, October 11, at 11 am, activists from all over the country will gather in front of the White House to Rage Against Trump and Republicans and then begin an unpermitted march through the streets of the “Belly of the Beast” where they will march from location to location that represent the “worst of the worst” of organizations/corporations that support the US War Machine.

Since the US War of Terror began 18 years ago with millions of deaths and lives destroyed, “Peace Mom” Cindy Sheehan, whose oldest son Casey was killed in 2004 in another illegal and immoral US war for profit and resource control, is once again calling activists and other concerned humans to join her in demanding an end to the US war machine.

As alternative media and peace activist Mnar Muhawesh from Minnesota recently wrote:

Some 2.7 billion dollars per day. That’s how much the U.S. government will spend next year to prop up the military and the more than 800 bases it maintains in over 70 countries. The U.S. military also drops a bomb every 12 minutes on foreign countries most Americans can barely make out on a map. That money is more than enough to pay for four years of college for every college student in this country, to fund food stamps and other social safety nets that help our most vulnerable including our veterans, and to fund programs that would cut fossil-fuel emissions by 40 percent by 2035.

Despite this, there has been an utter failure by both the media and grassroots activists to address the growing waste and greed of the military-industrial complex. The several millions of victims of our war machine pay theis heavy price and their voices are censored by the media.

An estimated 4 million people just took part in worldwide climate strikes that put the issue of climate breakdown at the forefront of the media conversation. Missing from this conversation, however, is an analysis of the role militarism and empire plays in driving the chaos. The U.S. military is the world’s largest polluter and emits more carbon dioxide than a hundred countries combined.

Now is your chance to speak up and join the anti-war movement. Let’s rage against the war machine together October 11th.

The day after the march and rallies, MoP is presenting the Anti-Imperialist Revolution Summit at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Mount Pleasant at 1525 Newton St NW from 11:30 to 9:00 PM.”[13]


As I am anti-nucleaRist, this edict against wArs-wArring I continue to relate and about which I am now “wRitings” since 1966. The US-military contaminates, pollutes, uses no ships for tRanspoRting war-Personnel, almost daily, as the world’s worst Oil-fuel abuser they thus contaminate as they pollute. The Ionizatining progRom is contaminating along-side Russia, as well. Is not that of major concern, of major interest, and who disseminates “chemicalizationings” the most of the three, which add Finland is hardly a major adjustment when the United Nations is hardly extRaoRdinaRily at odds w delinquency amongst nation-States as the parable for a planet-is-Nonsusceptible to any but “aRtifical-Intelligence” by spastics. The gMOS in foods, yet another “molecular-Derision is not yet marked on labels, as those molecules may contain the terminatoR–geRm. Do we who know remain deluded or in awe at how much in financial-Gains we can odiously enteRprise for tax-Payments in one-Annum? Yeah-yeah, you do not need healthcare for anything and every-where diseases, too? Or, do we?         “R”


“ICONOCLAST: I thought maybe you would be willing to discuss depleted uranium and its health implications.

STERNGLASS: I’ve been examining all the latest findings that have been reported and the evidence is just simply overwhelming that the DU particles travel around the world and they are far more toxic than anyone had suspected for uranium.

ICONOCLAST: Do you think the study is legitimate?

STERNGLASS: The latest thing that has happened in this field is that Dr. Chris Busby together with another person prepared a paper that is called ‘Did The Use of Uranium Weapons in the Gulf War 2 Result in the Contamination of Europe?’ and he shows the evidence from the measurements of the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Britain and it’s just overwhelming. What he finds is just remarkable. It turns out that the British people who develop atomic weapons have been monitoring activity in the air for years and under freedom of information he was able to get hold of the data they had stopped publishing years ago in 1999. They kept measuring it and essentially this is what they found. Compared to a period of a few years during which these measurements were averaged the article says that typically the levels were the order of 100 units. Then during the three weeks between the Gulf War events that took place on March 19, the first strike of our airplanes against Bagdad, then on March 20, the second round of air strikes took place, the 21st of March, heavy aerial attacks on many cities, on April 14, the major fighting was declared over. So he looked at these three weeks and the number of stations that measured radioactivity in Britain, and he found that instead of 100 units average in the background use in the same place suddenly it rose to 600 during those three weeks. They tested it in every possible way. They even looked at the details of the geographic and the meteorological data and he published the charts for the Atlantic and Europe and the meteorological office, and, low and behold, there is no other way, and in fact they could show that air from Africa in that direction moved all the way to Europe and deposited some sand from the Sahara, so there was simply no alternative to the use of battlefield uranium. It has been clearly shown to allow these fine particles that have less than a quarter of a million diameter. They measured it and calculated in three weeks how many of these particles would be taken in by a person breathing normally and spending some time outdoors and they calculated that 23 million tiny particles of a quarter million diameter in the concentration that they measure would reach the body and go to the lungs and enter the lymphatic system and produce all kinds of organ damage.”[14]


The word-Term “depleted is a total misnomer”. As kids on the block, we had a Flannigan term, “spastic-elastic”. What that actually referred to was, when some current-Event was haughty and hardly believable, because we shared facts from the newspapers, and we all did not read the very same ones. There were about 15-kids in our gRoup. Since the 1980’s that word-Term was changed to “plastic-Elastic”. Today, “plastic” refers to immense, planet-Wide, molecules of Plastispheres, which do come from deteriorizationings of plastics and are now found in all waters on the eco-Zones. Do the plastispheres cause as much alarem as the mayhem from Radionuclides? No. Are those trillions of molecules as sanguine as the 75-years air-water-land molecular-Accumulations of all decaying and renown not to disappear, Radionuclides? No. Do the leaders of our plutocRAcy tell us in relatable word-Terms, about how hazardous. No. Do we tell and allot to ourselves but share w.i. these expressive rudiments? Yes.         “R”


“ICONOCLAST: What does that mean to the average citizen of Great Britain? That they have a better chance of getting cancer?

STERNGLASS: Not only cancer. I have been particularly studying the recent rise of diabetes that has taken place around the world. I’ve looked at the 50 states in the United States for which the CDC has just recently published the detailed data by age group, 18-44, 45-64, 65- 74, 75+, plus the total for the whole number, and the age adjusted rates for every state between 1994 and 2004. The overwhelming evidence is that, for instance, in Alaska there was a huge rise, especially sensitive in the 75+ age Ernest Sternglass, Ph.D., is Director, and Chief Technical Officer of the RPHP Baby Teeth Study. In 1963, Dr. Sternglass was invited to testify before the congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, as to how the exponential increase in strontium-90 in baby teeth caused by bomb-test fallout was associated with increased childhood leukemia. His research and testimony played a role in President Kennedy’s decision to sign the Partial Test Ban Treaty. As Professor Emeritus of Radiological Physics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Dr. Sternglass has written numerous articles on the health effects of low-level radiation. His 1981 book Secret Fallout: Low-level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island established him as a pioneer in the study of the health effects of low-level radiation. Continued On Next Page Sternglass group, which went from a low of 5.8% of the population that age in 1997 to as high as 13.7% by the year 2003. There was a peak in between of 15.1 in 2002 and there are no nuclear plants anywhere near Alaska. A very comparable rise of the same order of percentage rise especially for the total age adjusted rate occurred in Japan. Evidence has been published in China about Japan and China recently that Japan has almost twice the rate of diabetes that we have in our nation. Typically, the greatest rises in our case have initially taken place in areas near large nuclear facilities like in Tennessee and downwind to the northeast in Kentucky and West Virginia. In fact, the areas in the west which are relatively far from the oceans on both sides, like Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, those states had relatively low rates of diabetes in the early years of 1994. But then they rose and essentially achieved pretty much the same levels as the states with large nuclear facilities.”[15]


Prof. Sternglass, as sooo many of us anti-nucleaRist pRotestoRs–since 1957–have adequately recognized that we simply relate more often than other “fools” to use a 1970’s afRo-Amers: ghettoization word-Term expression. Prof. Sternglass and Dr. Rosalie Bertell, made gReat stRides into the microns-Stages of how uranium-238 adheres. 1994 diabetes outbReaks those were known as “new, nano-Technology locatable and realized”. The US-military is soo “spastic-Elastic” that plutocRacy is all they’re given–gRunts and bRass, or morosely authoritarian! The home-Journalists, wRitoRs and bloggers just such as this is self-Self. Weld. That “the uranium-238 is at most always a composite” is the generalized as well as Universal tRuth. We, do not hazard to forget that “peace is not always Justice” and that “Justice w uranium-238 is DO NOT FORGET”. DIG.     “R”


“ICONOCLAST: How does radiation cause diabetes?

STERNGLASS: There was an article in January 2005 in SCIENCE, in which they found that what was going on, and this is really amazing, is that they find that obesity is also rising and no one knows quite why. They find that there are genetic factors, mutations, damage to the pancreas and to the islands of beta cells that produce insulin that normally produce adequate amounts of insulin. In the case of Type 1, they stop producing insulin all together and in the case of Type 2, they often don’t supply enough. Genes that control the production of certain hormones are damaged and all of this is explained. These biological mechanisms are now becoming clear, but nobody knows what is triggering the whole chain and that’s exactly what is now available in the article that appeared in SCIENCE, Volume 311 on Feb. 3, 2006, page 622-628. It’s an article called ‘The Toxic Potential of Materials at the Nano Level.’ It explains in detail how any kind of material, it could be ordinary carbon or a metal that is not radioactive, if these particles are small enough, that is tinier than a micron, which is a millionth of a meter, or one ten thousandths of a centimeter, if these particles are that small, it turns out they are toxic in themselves, whatever they are composed of. That’s exactly what’s happening in the case of nanoparticles which are produced when the uranium burns upon impact and melts steel and the fine particles are so small, they act like a gas. So what you’re getting is a gas of uranium that gets transported around the world and is now proven by these latest measurements. And so what we’re seeing is an epidemic of all types of conditions that we did not understand, that have been in continuous rise in this country in the last 15 years, actually since the mid-80s. A very consistent rise, especially in cancers that are known to be produced by radioactive materials. The most well-known of these is thyroid cancer, and the incidence of thyroid cancer has the most new cases, not mortality, because most people do not die of thyroid cancer because it can be treated, but the incidence of thyroid damage in general and in particular thyroid cancer has been going up steadily and this is again due to radioactive products. We know that this is true now that other cancers, especially pancreatic and breast cancer, have been rising. The incidence of mortality has leveled off in breast cancer and has come down slightly, that is the total number of people who die of breast cancer has been declining slightly because of the great improvement of medical techniques of early detection, early treatment, and successful treatment by chemicals and surgical techniques that have been developed. We have had no real understanding of why diabetes has been rising so enormously and now it all comes together. It’s all happening at this very moment, in fact. I’m in the process of writing a paper that I will be presenting in Japan in the middle of March. I’m leaving for Japan on March 8 and it’s just mind-blowing to what degree measurements by the Weapons Establishment in England show that these fine particles travel thousands of miles around the world and, in fact, Leuren Moret has pictures that NASA satellites took showing the sand storms going across the Atlantic and all over the world so we have totally underestimated the very serious nature of the use of uranium as weapons.”[16]


There was much to learn from my 2.67 hours, one-on-one visit w Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who enlightened us after 2004 that ceramic-Attachment of hot-Particle, uranium-238 was micron-adherence to her study. . Not so much re-Embracing memories of Haiti being pushed around by U.S.A. business-is-War fatigue, but OLIGARCHS as what was the intel-Gence state of neo-Cons and the cIAS pRissiEs of gHW Bushwhacky’s compromising, were not as suggestive-State, in the state of Haiti. Leuren’s study on currents of winds of the whole planet, is a source of appellation, that did not always occur due the “pRissiness-Excesses of Meteorologist” who cannot report “chem-tRails and weather-Control that is sordidly being controlled. Both Ionizationings and Uranium-238 particles are microns in the winds, the atmospherics dispersals and toxicology of disseminations that was “before-hand: stats” should have been implemented. Especially organized, non-Sordid, scientific. Nothing normal yet w “chem-tRails” in their 22 year. How come?


Did the spastic-Scientists hire-on as easy-pRey? Did the uranium-238 even need to be used? Was the non-Sure beforehand ever shared w a public wary as heck of immediate wars and forget “diplomacy”. Did the u.s.a. public need Bourgeoisie-pRescience from plutocRats manipulated by technocRats or not? What was so good about the intel-Gence: state, if not that nucleaRism was best fertile-Propaganda? The ‘deep-State” was predicated,beforehand, and thus nonsense adjudicated to NSDU-238 what in fookeR-biltski-Ville is that good for, the 3-time around? The nuclear-Molecular is dissatisfactory, yet. Because “nucleaRism is a philosophy as well as a pRopaganda w.i. contexts of renown and of “constants-Known”. The pseudocRats manipulate w.i. contexts of society, at large, while plutocRacy, is the system that corrupts at large. Otherwise, what are we living in this PlutocRacy, fore?            “R”


“Indigenous Peoples Day is increasingly being celebrated across the U.S. in place of Christopher Columbus Day, as the myth of Columbus as beneficent discoverer is debunked and as the critical role of indigenous people in protecting the planet becomes more recognized. Indigenous defenders of Mother Earth are often at the front lines of environmental destruction, confronting militarized state and corporate power against enormous odds, with courage and determination. Columbus arrived in the Bahamas 527 years ago, unleashing a brutal genocide that killed tens of millions of native people across the hemisphere. Now, as the sixth great extinction accelerates and the planet catastrophically heats up, it may well be indigenous peoples who save us all.

Official recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day has occurred in at least eight states: Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont and Wisconsin. Over 130 cities and counties have adopted the holiday as well, from big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dallas, to smaller places like Livingston, Kentucky, and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Washington, D.C., the District of Columbia, the name of which derives from Columbus, just passed a resolution recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day. “Columbus Day was officially designated as a federal holiday in 1937 despite the fact that Columbus did not discover North America, despite the fact that millions of people were already living in North America upon his arrival in the Americas, and despite the fact that Columbus never set foot on the shores of the current United States,” D.C. Councilmember at-large David Grosso said in a statement before the vote. “Columbus enslaved, colonized, mutilated and massacred thousands of Indigenous People in the Americas.”


The movement to replace Columbus Day gained momentum in 1992, the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival, with Berkeley, California, becoming the first city to make the change. Earlier protests inspired the movement, including the annual National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Massachusetts, held on Thanksgiving to challenge the myth of peaceful coexistence between native people and the English settlers, the Pilgrims. UnThanksgiving is an annual event in San Francisco, where hundreds travel by boat to Alcatraz Island, once the site of a notorious prison, for a sunrise ceremony. Native American activists occupied the island 50 years ago to protest the plight of indigenous peoples in the United States.

Across the Americas, indigenous communities are standing up against unrestrained exploitation of their land, extractive industries, violence and racism. In Ecuador, indigenous-led protests against International Monetary Fund-imposed austerity measures, as well as against ongoing oil extraction and mining, have forced President Lenin Moreno to relocate his government from Quito to the city of Guayaquil.

Ecuadorian law professor David Cordero Heredia described the role of indigenous activism on the “Democracy Now!” news hour: “Indigenous people are offering us a sustainable alternative. They want to protect their jungles, their territories. They’ve got another way to see the world.”

Indigenous tribes in the Amazon in Brazil are confronting racist government policies as well as the life-threatening forest fires largely set on purpose with the blessings of President Jair Bolsonaro. The indigenous rights group Survival International said the president “wants to open up indigenous territories across Brazil to loggers, miners and ranchers. He doesn’t care how many indigenous people die in the process, and has openly expressed his racist contempt for them on many occasions.”[17]


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Tags/ radiation colonialism leave permanent stamp, syria war report, turk force storming, Tell Abyad, Ras Al-ayn, seizure of u.s. embassy in iran, j.s.o.c. special operations military, no war against kurds, i.p.b. calls for negotiations, radionuclides contaminated middle school in ohio, u.s. military aid to al qaeda, i.s.i.s. daesh, fools of democracy do not think ‘n feel we are beings bought by plutocracy, 17th oct. report on syria, oppose turk military offensive in syria, i.p.b., rage against trump, small permitted releases from nuclear plants, ernest sternglass, chalmers johnson on american hegemony, goodbye colombo, hello indigenous peoples day,

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

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