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anti-NucleaRist bloG #272/ 30 Sep 2019 Culture Struggle, Wars Un-constitutional, Chemicalizing for Ionization of Upper Stratosphere, ChloRinated fReshwater

anti-NucleaRist bloG #272/ 28 Oct 2019

Culture Struggle, Wars Un-constitutional, Chemicalizing for Ionization of Upper Stratosphere, ChloRinated fReshwater


Somewhere the flies, fly, is there the word ‘p-e-a-c-e’ here? Prof. Michael Parenti is a gReat mentor. We actually lived in close proximity, Berkeley CA, before I knew he was professor: Under-employed. After my stay w a different pRof, next door, or when they—man and wifey—were off gavallanting around teaching and shopping for oRganic-foods, I had to bide my time reading and making notes on my lap atop the gRanite walls, which held “lawns”.  Harder to read inside Van-1 when raining, odiously, enough. We chatted about the V-C-L scope of engoRgements on empire’s quest to become as monotonous as plausible and as Un-democratic as implausible. His son, Christian, I’d kid-Sit, altho he was eleven months old, while Michael studies in room adjoining. Of course, I related my plight, that somehow, the megalomania for war was not anti-NucleaRist, nor did they know of the first nuclear-Molecular, weapon i.e. uranium-238.        “R” 


“Michael Parenti “The Culture Struggle”

‘ThePublicMindDenver‘ 1:28:14 mins. 24,846 views San Diego CA


There are many words, specifics of History, political-Enlightenment dispositions that Prof. Parenti, does share, most expediently. He does not waste head-Space, either. This one—above has par-Excellence, anointment.


There are many ‘pRotestings’ in urban-cities and in towns around the globe, these-Days. Altho, the “Chartreuse-Vests: yellow they say” movement got anarchy-Police, months back, now Hong Kong is continuing to taper, while Chile, Lebanon, Palestine, others continue. I shall try to sequitur, what that “Id-al” apprises.         “R”


“The bitter socio-economic protests in Chile have been accompanied by clashes, riots, and military curfews introduced in the capital of Santiago. Sparked by the planned public transport fare increase, they later grew into a broader movement against the right-wing Pinera’s austerity policies. As of October 26, at least 20 people had been killed, while 6,000 had been arrested.” [1]


While in Chile, 1974 and 1977, we were kept, physically, from entering, then second-Time we, the Ecology gRoup did feel the temperament of social-anguish due the slaughter not 4,000 young leaders, by the misleadership-Coup. Has imperial-Overstretch caused protests in other nation-states? More than likely the gloss of oligarchs/elites hangs onto “the new-Rome of Plutocracy” thru IMF and thru world-Bank. Last year: “india, Palestine, Armenia, Spain, Nicaragua, Thailand, Mejico, Russia.“[2]        “R”


“Earlier this month, the US House of Representatives passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The bill, which aims to “support the democratic aspirations of the people of Hong Kong,” challenges Beijing’s authority and questions the special status Hong Kong enjoys under China’s ‘one country, two systems’ principle, which allows it to have a separate legal and economic system from the mainland.

Hong Kong plunges into recession as months of violent protests take toll on economy Hong Kong plunges into recession as months of violent protests take toll on economy.

Hong Kong has been gripped with violent anti-government protests for months, which have plunged the city into chaos and hit its economy hard. While China has shown maximum restraint in dealing with the unrest, the US and some other Western countries have openly voiced support for the protests, triggering outrage in Beijing. China has reacted fiercely to any meddling in its domestic affairs, saying that it will not tolerate the “interference of external forces.”…”


When visiting Hong Kong, I was not able to do public-Poetry, and finding a sleeping quarters is next to impossible. The ‘peninsula of high-rises and waters, steep-Mountains and very high human-Density would have to be impacted. Why did that take soo long, as  1977 was 42 years ago—altho, US-wars of attrition had started by 1979—most of us-Socialists agree.      “R”


“NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Walkouts are planned across the world today, including here in western Massachusetts, as people leave their schools and workplaces to demand action on climate change.

Locally, rallies are planned in Northampton, and at the UMass Amherst campus. In Boston, thousands are expected to gather at the State House for a day of climate action.

This is expected to be the biggest day of climate demonstrations in the planet’s history. A climate strike march in central Melbourne, Australia, has already gathered a massive crowd.

The organizers of these events are mostly high school students, and even some middle school students. They say they want politicians to start taking the fight against global warming seriously.

The protests are timed to begin a week of activism at the United Nations, including a Youth Climate Summit on Saturday. The Global Climate Strike is the third in a worldwide series of climate rallies organized by school students, and led by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.“[3]


This is a “pRe-pRotestings, report”. What is the response can merely be  coRpoRate views if other than u.s.a. as well as in u.s.a. What I ask is where else and always we must donate must be accepted, too! As I listen to Prof. Chalmers Johnson’s legacy on videos—more and more–this year’s protests include fRance, Norway, Belgium, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil. Where else?        “R”


“Few corners of the world have been spared significant protests in 2019. Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Albania have all seen major demonstrations. So have the UK, against Brexit, France, with its yellow vest movement, and Spain, in the restive region of Catalonia. The Middle East has convulsed with so much dissent that some are calling it a second wave of the Arab spring. In South America, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have experienced popular unrest. The list goes on.

An explosion of protest, a howl of rage – but not a Latin American spring

Read more

“The data shows that the amount of protests is increasing and is as high as the roaring 60s, and has been since about 2009,” says Jacquelien van Stekelenburg, a professor who studies social change and conflict at Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Not all the protests are driven by economic complaints, but widening gulfs between the haves and have-nots are radicalising many young people in particular. Oxfam said in January that the world’s 26 richest individuals owned as much wealth as the poorest half of the global population. Billionaires grew their combined fortunes by $2.5 bn a day in 2018, while the relative wealth of the world’s poorest 3.8 billion people declined by $500m a day.”[4]


Economics is merely a social-Program. The “Seattle pRotests” were against the private domination of US-tReasury and idiocy of ‘federal-Reserve: banking allowing 10%” on money borrowed instead of 100% repayments. All those before and since, have been gRass-Roots movements. Were there any spokespersons of “american-Socialist: political parties”? Then, how can economics be morosely first of importance when we have no “health-Medicare” as well as coRpoRate-sleaze offshore-Accounts as well as Seattle legacy?  The elites are the overrated and over-pRotected, but we are the under-Rated!            “R”


“During 2018, California was racked by the most devastating series of deadly forest fires in its history. While each of these events led to a tragic loss of lives, wildlife, homes, and entire communities, the Woolsey Fire is of particular interest and concern to Fairewinds Energy Education. The Woolsey fire burned nearly one hundred thousand acres across Los Angeles and Ventura counties during the month of November.  While the fire is now out, people all over California have contacted us to ask questions and express concerns about the possible migration of radioactivity from the Woolsey Fire.


Already facing significant losses, the communities impacted by the Woolsey Fire are now worried about airborne radioactivity because the Woolsey Fire burned the area around and adjacent to the Santa Susana Field Lab, an old nuclear test facility that is now a superfund site. Vegetation in close proximity to superfund sites tend to have high levels of toxic and possibly radioactive materials stored within them due to nutrient uptake through the roots. As the vegetation surrounding the Santa Susana Lab burned, it released these toxic particulates into the air to be dispersed at the whims of the breeze.

While California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control did measure parts of the site and some of its surrounding area for radioactive material, it has reported it did not find anything above background levels in their initial tests. Fairewinds remains concerned at the possibility of radioactive particles traveling further than where the DTSC initially measured and the challenges of measuring these actual nanoparticles of radioactive dust. Thus, after fielding many questions and having been asked for support, Fairewinds has launched sampling protocols and procedures to collect a wider set of data from as many of the surrounding areas close to the site as possible. Once again, we are utilizing the power of citizen scientists and volunteers to collect these soil and dust samples, so that we and the scientists we work with may more accurately assess if Santa Susana radioactive isotopes are migrating to the surrounding communities or the pristine forests where people hike and explore.”[5]


This was not the first “space-Place” that I was protesting for “radionuclides-Measurements” as well as a halt to releases that we-Citizens had measured. The damnable place was in the mountains but, yet the sprawl: u-All, got catched-Up! I pRotested there 10-timEs on both sides of mountain, too!  How are we-People to be rid of long-term growths, cancerous-Tumors, to say the least w.o. being rid of egregious war-Methods involving more and more Radionuclides as though buttering-Toast was always necessary to rip-off the U.S. Treasury. Measure the atmospheres, the landscapes, the waters while removing microns of plastispheres at same time? Yes.         “R”


“If the movement to stop the Viet Nam war is considered as having moved an imperial power to change, it certainly had an effect, but if the movement won a  victory over the policies of the Empire, it was a Pyrrhic victory, because the response to it, and the civil rights movement, was Nixon starting the drug war.  Once enough time had passed to get the Viet nam vets acclimated to civil authority and integrated back in to society with enough social and economic interest vested in it, Regan poured out the propaganda and hatred making it the number one menace to society, and pushed Congress to fund an internal civil-soldier “police action” against the population. The drive in theater down the road from my fathers property use to have weekend long parties that had live music during the day and played biker movies, on the big screen for the hundreds of bikers that I’d watch ride past on their choppers all day, mostly in groups of 10 or 20, with one that had over sixty bikes that first sounded what I imagined the rumbling of tanks would sound like. There was a “Head Shop” set up inside selling their wares, and the smell weed burning filled the air. I was only 14 when I went down to sneak in the drive-in for the first time, but walked right in with some people that I met that were parked among cars on the sides of the half mile long stretch of road from my fathers property. I saw a  State Police car and questioned one of the people I met when we stopped just in side the entrance where they were talking and smoking a joint, “weren’t they were worried about the cops”, with there being a cop that had a clear line of sight to us right outside the entrance of the drive-in? I remember that guy telling me with the certainty and conviction “the police would never come in here” that I will never forget. This was in 1972 or 73.  Decades later, when I was thinking how different it was then, I couldn’t imagine any event like that happening today. I remember one night when I was 18 or 19, after finishing the keg of beer at one of many keg parties we use have at spot along one of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, some of us ended up at a house rented by three of the local vets, where I was shown pictures of these guys posing with their trophies, that consisted of ears on a strings, severed heads held by their hair, and an assortment of other mutilated treasure mixed in with  the more mundane pictures of them in their environment. They were among the many local vets that went over on the buddy plan. Vets returning from the the middle east are first on the list of people posing a potential threat to government officials/force. Preemptive war and the police state that exists today can be found in the preemptive nature of the drug war, and what was the excuse to be in Viet Nam, preemptive war to stop the spread of communism. After the Pentagon Papers came out, Watergate, and what was revealed in the Church Commission Report, it was the duty of the public in America to rout out every remnant of imperialism, the CIA should have been liquidated, the Army decommissioned, Nixon arrested, along with everyone responsible for the war crimes committed by Americans. Americans didn’t have the moral courage to oust traitors whose criminal acts were more pernicious to the country, and the enormity of how many, to so many, of such severity that all the crimes and all the harm of all the people ever in prison or jail in America, is so many more magnitudes worse it beggers the imagination to quantify the evil of killing so many millions of people. An injustice of [of] such proportion the […] had done more to criminals that had committed more…”[6]


I read w summarizing the extents you and I participate. The facts are not always easy. One factorable which disgusts, is that there are now 3X nuclear-Molecular: weapons. The one you constantly relate and repoRt may not be the most sanctimonious. The first weapon was ur-238 or the pRopaganda-Speil: D.U. which is not depleted, but is ur-235 removed. The second is atomic and thermo-Bombs. Bombs, bombs and bombs, but tReaties should yet include the third. That is: directed-Energy weaponizationing(s). All three need to have tReaties.       “R”


“It appears that every expansion of the use of electricity since the 19th century correlates with drastic rises in all the modern diseases of civilization,[i] but this information has been kept from the public in order not to impede commercial profit, military expansion and universal convenience.[ii]

Since 100+ years of quantum physics has had little to no impact on the way we live our lives or how we perceive reality, we in the West still labour under the illusion that our bodies are made up of lumps of discrete matter that can be conveniently excised by a surgeon’s knife when they go wrong, this having been established in the 19th century by a grave-robbing spree to collect corpses for surgical experiments.[iii] Since no one seems to have considered the possibility that a living body might differ significantly from a dead one, this crude experimentation formed the foundation for the system that we now call Western medicine.[iv] All traditional and ancient healing wisdom based on a holistic view of a living body was outlawed by enforcing membership of a “professional body”.[v] In an inversion typical of our Western thinking, natural healing methods dating back thousands of years could then be termed not “traditional”, but “alternative” and “backward”.

Taking advantage of this – let us charitably call it an induced misconception – our militaries discovered that microwave weapons could be deployed silently and secretly to “defend us” from alleged enemies or perhaps for some more sinister purpose.[vi] They gleefully amassed compendia of thousands of studies,[vii][viii] many done in the Soviet bloc,[ix] in order to solidify their knowledge of the many and varied types of biological damage that these weapons could inflict on human beings at very little cost or inconvenience to those deploying them.

There was even a symposium organized by the World Health Organization in 1973 to discuss The Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation,[x] but the participants must have subsequently decided not to share this information with the public in view of their intelligent propensity to suspect that one day microwave weapons might be turned on them.


Instead of informing the public that their bodies were, in fact, not solid at all but entirely electrical,[xi] these military and industrial entities kept secret all their thousands of studies on the biological effects of microwaves.[xii]

They established regulatory bodies with grand names intended to impress the public, filled them with industry and military stooges,[xiii][xiv]and set electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure limits so high that it would be impossible to exceed them,[xv] similar to setting car speed limits at a million miles/kilometres per hour. Russia’s public exposure standards are 100 times more stringent than those in the US.[xvi]

The self-proclaimed international commission on non-ionizing radiation protection (icnirp), which is an NGO with no international or official status that appoints its own members with no oversight or transparency and protects no one from anything, while disclaiming all liability on its website for any of its pronouncements,[xvii] sets non-legally enforceable and astronomically high exposure guidelines that are time-averaged over 6 minutes to avoid taking peak pulsations into account and thereby falsify exposure calculations. What a pity no one told Jackie Kennedy about the 6-minute average when that magic bullet changed her life![xviii] How different history might have been! These implausible guidelines are embraced enthusiastically by the WHO and the International Telecommunication Union, both UN bodies, and most of the world’s governments, with no basis in law.

4G uses 2.45 GHz, which has been shown in more than 100 studies to cause a wide variety of severe damage to the body and nature at levels below the so-called safety guidelines of icnirp.[xix] .[xx]


They have published pictures of plastic mannequin heads filled with gel that they put probes inside to demonstrate the heating effect. “Look at our wonderful science!”, they seem to say, “The mannequin head has suffered no ill-effects!  Why should you worry?”[xxi]

Of course, there were people who spent a lot of time exposed to EMR through computer screens or other devices, who started to complain of illnesses. This was not good because it could affect the sales of electrical products and impede the military developing ever more sophisticated weapons, so the corrupt WHO just called these people mad:[xxii] on its website, it claimed that the EMR-related symptoms experienced by millions of people worldwide “may be due to pre-existing psychiatric conditions as well as stress reactions as a result of worrying about EMF health effects, rather than the EMF exposure itself”. Any apparent rise in cancer rates is rapidly attributed to improved diagnostic techniques rather than the more obvious true cause of exposure to an environmental toxin.

This was a good solution, for such people could not use machines to communicate to anyone else that they were experiencing health problems, and in fact even more conveniently, they became societal outcasts because many of them became homeless, living in cars in the woods where there was no EMR. And thus it was that almost no one learned that there was any problem.[xxiii].”[7]


As Prof. Chalmers Johnson has stated “Imperialism is the attempt to ‘dominate-Others’ for acquisition of territories…Siamese-twin is militarism”. The debate on ‘did we americans win the cold-War, or did the stalinist-Civilians of U.S.S.R. win’? Neither. The law in Wyoming states “do not feed the muledEers”. Does that mean oNLY imperialists who utilize gMO structured foods, or any and all citizens of this state. What does Exceptionalism state? Nothing, as that is a psycho-Pathetic, insular: social-Mechanism. Wherefore, what of all health-Concerns. Where are those plenary-Sessions in 45,000 communities of u.s.a.? Is imperialism morosely more important than “we-civilians: u.s.a.”? Not no thank you, yes the plutocracy needs to be thrown into jail, and we need “peace, not wars”.      “R”


Electric Universe: An Invitation to Progress in Science | Space News

‘thunderbolts’ 23:41mins  29,568 views Sep 17, 2019

“This year, human beings around the world commemorated the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic images in our history — the first footsteps on the moon. In 2019, astounding technological leaps propel space exploration, making possible unprecedented feats such as landing a probe on a comet. However, the real test of scientific progress is whether discovery informs and advances science toward a truer understanding of nature. Moreover, the test of any scientific theory’s credibility is its predictive success vs failure.

In this episode, we compare the predictive record of the Electric Universe theory of comets and asteroids vs that of mainstream astronomy. We think this comparison should serve as a compelling invitation to institutionalized science to finally begin seriously exploring EU theory.”


The electRic-UniveRse is not hypeRbolie for weak-Force, gRavity is not Universe nor necessaRily, a moleculaR-Functionaliity. The why and wherefore, for my questioning in sophomore year high-school do not haunt any fuRtheR as is read, relate, realize how diveRse our Universal connotes of inteRstellaR-space has been Removed from tRuths, Those which were apparent to me when 15 years old.            “R”


“Read the second edition. Hudson’s understanding of what happened to the world monetary system in 1968-1973, written by him as it was occurring, is fundamental for anyone wanting to understand how the US empire rules the world as a debtor, what happened to the gold standard, and how reserve currency status ensures empire. One of those classics that has been so cited and incorporated into the theories of others that its probably not necessary to read the whole book, many other people have tried to explain it. However, if you’re interested in the original master account of how US empire functions but just want the most pertinent details, you could probably just read the introduction, chapters 11-15, and the epilogue. The rest of the book is a fairly interesting historical account of how allied debts from World War One and Two were used by America to create the new economic system in its favour, how they broke up the British empire and took over its markets, and the initial stages of the Bretton Woods institutions.”[8]


The bRetton Woods became an imperative form of knowledge because the wasted know-How on sleaze-Elementus, imperialism at the wiRks of plutocRacy. Michael Hudson has been of inteRest this 21st century, as a social-Economist, who understands political-Theory to a gReater extent. Thankfully, or naught, we socialists do not attenuate that empiricism is our one and oNLY. Whatever, because “the new-rome of PlutocRacy has occurred, negligibly, negligently and psychpathologically, became the wArs-wArring, hexed-Rex. Who knew of “nucleaRism” and did not relate to allow others in on that pathogenic? The end-Zones today are yet science that cannot extend the Length-of-Living, and in years by decades further. There was aFuturism and we: amnericabn-Socialists need health-Care: Medicare coupled w purchasing power for “herbal-remedies” as well as, hospital and Dental. You won’t get health-Care Universally unless you see the gRotesque sides of masse` murderings for Imperialism, as well as, what Stalinism could not compare, too, because the both are same, keeping you fRom health, soo that you may go kill for hospitalization of yourself demurely decadent and outta picture due to loss of legs, arms, to maintain a clash for “pea-bRains subsidized”.

End the wars, and quit eating chem-tRails shid-ski, that is not good for our mammalia-Life, at all!       “R”


“The things they don’t tell you at school–21 April 2008, Format: Paperback

It is a sad fact that this book, republished in 2003, has yet to be reviewed here. Admittedly, Economic and Diplomatic History can be a dry read, but anyone who takes the trouble to persist with this author will be handsomely rewarded with a shocking tale that rewrites a lot of 20th century history in a strongly explanatory way.

For example, you thought it was Hitler who started WW2? Sure, he was the proximate cause, but for imposing the dreadful history of economic collapse that paved the way for Hitler in Germany, please step forward US Presidents Wilson, Coolidge, Hoover and FDR. Yes, FDR, hero of the social democratic left, inventor of the New Deal. By scuppering the London Economic Conference in the summer of 1932, to the consternation even of his own delegates, he made Hitler a virtual certainty (while not willing the end, he inadvertently willed the means). This gives a bitter twist to Philip Roth’s novel, The Plot Against America; if FDR had taken the action Hoover tried to engineer (too late, and FDR rejected it) on Allied war debt he might never have had to face the pressures he did from pro-Nazi Americans in the later 30s and early 40s. There would not have been a Nazi government in Germany for them to back and lobby for. And with no WW2, no enlarged Soviet Union, either, no Cold War – everything could have been different and possibly tens, even hundreds, of millions need not have died (relatively few of them Americans, be it noted).


Hudson writes clearly and strongly, achieving elegance and verve sometimes for pages together, although mostly his prose is rugged and workmanlike. If you care about the world today and how it got to be the way it is, you have to know what is in this book. That Hudson’s account remains widely unknown suggests T. S. Eliot was never more perceptive than when he wrote that “humankind/Cannot bear too much reality.” That’s the only reason I can think of. This history should be general knowledge, and should have been for the past 70 years.

If you think you might want to read this book, don’t hesitate. These comments only cover the first few chapters; the book provides a good economic history right through to the 1970s and beyond. The US has been the world’s chief monetary power for almost a century and this is the only book I have yet encountered that tells the story of what its government did with that privilege and what it has cost the rest of the world. American or not, you will read this and weep.”[9]


This is tRuth. Michael Hudson has done what the we-BoomeRs allotted we-should-do in 1969-1971—Berkeley CA. What of being-Rid, as in recognizing and lawfully, placed into book-Records of laws-Galore for tReaties, the good-riddance on and of nucleaRism, other than what that shid-ski has been coupled to, as in negligence for any but-PlutocRacy. Read his book, or bReam thRu and give to someone who can help understanding—as in Logic and Understanding of Jean Paul Sartre. The dollar may be a gawd, the nucleaRism might be a gawd, but who believes in a four-Letter word when health of planet and us-Inhabitants, days are numbering         “R”


“As the system plunges deeper into these crises, all in search of the almighty dollar, the question for the ruling class becomes how to maintain social control. Demagogues like Donald Trump scapegoat immigrants and launch new crusades against the women’s and LGBTQ movements. Both parties drain city and state budgets by investing in militarized police and racist mass incarceration — the world’s largest prison system. Both parties expand the enormous Surveillance State that keeps watch on the entire population’s every move, every email, text, click and purchase — hand in hand with the telecommunications monopolies.

“The ruling class is curtailing the right to protest and dissent, while turning heroic actions like Standing Rock are turned into felonies. Meanwhile, fascistic and white supremacists movements are encouraged to grow. The Wall Street bankers who committed widespread fraud and foreclosed on millions of families’ homes and the pharmaceutical executives whose massive opioid drug dealing has left hundreds of thousands dead, walk free.

“People who want to change this state of affairs cannot rely on the Democratic Party leadership, which has put up no real resistance to the very real imminent threats, choosing instead to focus on the lie that Russia is responsible for Trump and his victory. This narrative completely hijacked the massive grassroots resistance to Trump in the months after his election, and sapped the energy of so many people who wanted to fight his atrocious attacks on immigrants, refugees, women, workers and the environment.

“When the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency from 2009-11, they did nothing to provide for the legalization of millions of undocumented workers. Today, the Democratic leaders criticize the criminal treatment of refugees by the Republican administration, without mentioning their own culpability in militarizing the border and expanding the deportation machine. Today they present no ‘path to citizenship’ or amnesty for the undocumented, and instead use their suffering for political grandstanding.”


“On the vital issues of foreign policy, almost the entire Democratic Party applauded Trump’s bombing of Syria. Very few call to reverse his outrageous recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. They attacked him for being too soft on North Korea and not carrying through his threat to bomb Iran. They support the militarization of the Asia Pacific, preparing for future conflicts against nuclear-armed China.”

“Our campaign supports all reforms which benefit working class and poor people. But reforms by themselves are not enough and important reforms that were hard won by the working class are being wiped out.

“Capitalism is a corrupt, bankrupt system that is destroying the environment and the lives of countless millions, while the super-rich accrue obscene wealth. Its driving force is not just profit, but the maximization of profit, so resolving the rapidly accelerating climate crisis under capitalism is not possible. The whole military-industrial complex and bipartisan foreign policy establishment is willing to wage never-ending and larger wars just to preserve U.S. imperial power that is rapidly in decline.

“Socialism is a system where the wealth of society, created by the labor of working people, is used to create a sustainable environment while providing every person with a decent job or an income for those who can’t work, free education and affordable housing.”

“Socialism does not mean greater taxes on the tiny class of corporate owners who control so much wealth and decision-making over the rest of society. It means removing them from power entirely, and creating new, truly democratic institutions in our neighborhoods and workplaces, at the city, state and national level.”[10]


Yess, there are “vital issues of foreign policy” because there is rampant cIAS, there is NSDU-238 unaccounted as clean-ups never use ever-Again, and there are chemicalizations costing 2-3 billions dollars per week or per month—who knows which is costlier, death by Radionuclides or by US: directed-energy fusion devices now Ionizationing? Maybe the death-Plan is not planned-Genocide, or Eco-tide makes gReat pRopaganda, use that one, that shrunken weanie!            “R”


“Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri of the Carnicom Institute Board of Advisors has completed a Feb. 3, 2011 preliminary report of the impacts of the covert aerosol-spraying program as a bio-warfare program, including Morgellons disease.

Relevant segments of Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri‘s report are reprinted here in the public interest:

“January 22, 2011 was the first Chemtrails Awareness Day.

For those of us who, for years, have been researching these aerosol toxins that continue to be sprayed on us, it was a day to redouble our efforts once again to educate those who have not been paying attention to the momentous changes in our skies. Just look up! We rarely have full days of real sunshine. Instead, now we have 20% less sun, and mostly a blanket of artificial “clouds” filled with toxins. This is due to illegal Weather Modification programs that have never had any official public discussion.

“Our air quality, over the past 12-15 years, has declined dramatically. Do we really think we are immune to these poisonous effects? If one connects the dots as to how this has affected our well being, all we need do is see how illness has increased significantly in humans, animals, and plant life (in short, all living things). Millions of people are getting sicker, not better. What has happened is staggering in implications for all life on this planet.

“Yet, despite two Documentaries, the important and vital research contributions of Clifford Carnicom, various Skywatch and other citizens groups’ concerns, Dr. R. Michael Castle’s 2007 Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act (stalled in Congress), and possibly thousands of calls and letters to those in charge, US public officials and agencies continue to either ignore our real concerns or dismiss them as unfounded. There has been absolutely NO accountability and NO precaution.

Instead, lies and deceit abound. This cannot continue. How many more days do we want to be poisoned?

“A new preliminary draft report by Arizona Skywatch shows dramatic increases in heavy metals that simply do not belong in our air. NOTE: The level of Manganese is so shockingly high that Arizona Skywatch also included additional information about it (see below). This report will be posted online shortly. Here are the prepublication results. [NOTE: the Manganese and Copper ratio].


This is only a preliminary overview of Arizona air particulates:

2010 Air Particulates – Antimony, arsenic, iron, manganese

These figures indicate how many times they are over the “allowable” toxic limit:

Aluminum: 15.8

Antimony: 63.3 [This is not a typo]

Arsenic: 418 [This is not a typo]

Barium: 5.3

Cadmium: 6

Chromium: 6.4

Copper: 9

Iron: 43.5 [This is not a typo]

Lead: 15.7

Manganese: 513.8 [This is not a typo]

Nickel: 10.7

Zinc: 7.5

These figures show that there is no air “quality” [a word meaning: excellence or worth]; but instead, there is a combination of hazardous metals permeating the air.

These toxins do NOT belong in the air we are breathing. In fact, if precaution were accurately factored in, the “allowable” toxic limit should be ZERO. Due to the extremely high level of Manganese, Arizona Skywatch also includes the following information on this metal:

“We are looking at a few metals that are without question harmful to health and environment, such Al [Aluminum] and Ba [Barium].

The third year of air particulate collection and analysis shows lower Al and Ba but still much higher than rated as safe. Manganese [Mn] continues to be extremely high for 2010.

The full report for 2010 is not complete, but do not be fooled by the idea that Iron or Mn are harmless – there are defined health impacts with high intake. Not all the Manganese being ingested will be from food, fine particles of Manganese passes through blood-brain barrier and can be deposited.”[11]


This is a “standard-Chemise” and a reuse that developed a cover, for the georges-Enron admin war-Hawks to have their masse`-Murderings never-condoned in outpourings of public chagrins. They even somehow managed to add the client-State: zionism-Extreme w the IDF past military excuRsionary practices, coupling them to ex-Mossad—somewhere close that itinerary. However, what were they covering-Up, if not the 3-years of chem-tRailings and Ionizationing? They embellished and backed from expRopriating for the 325 millions of american-Citizens. The embellishments on not having nor desiring a defense, that would provide “fusion-Weaponing of Ionizations” for manipulating tornados outta the lives of the bread basket as well as millions of persons in mid-America—lower 48 states!           “R”


“The new Poroshenko government pledged harsh anti-Russian language laws. Rebels in two Russophone regions in Eastern Ukraine took local control, and appealed for Russian military help. In March, a referendum took place in Russian-speaking Crimea on leaving Ukraine, under Russian military protection. Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia, a request promptly granted by the Russian Parliament and President. Crimea’s border with Ukraine was secured against saboteurs. Crimea is prospering under its pro-Russian government, with the economy kick-started by Russian transport infrastructure investment.

In April, Poroshenko ordered full military attack on the separatist provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine. A brutal civil war ensued, with aerial and artillery bombardment bringing massive civilian death and destruction to the separatist region. There was major refugee outflow into Russia and other parts of Ukraine. The shootdown of MH17 took place in July 2014.

Poroshenko: Ordered military attack.

By August 2015, according to UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates, 13,000 people had been killed and 30,000 wounded. 1.4 million Ukrainians had been internally displaced, and 925,000 had fled to neighbouring countries, mostly Russia and to a lesser extent Poland.

There is now a military stalemate, under the stalled Minsk peace process. But random fatal clashes continue, with the Ukrainian Army mostly blamed by UN observers. The UN reported last month that the ongoing war has affected 5.2 million people, leaving 3.5 million of them in need of relief, including 500,000 children. Most Russians blame the West for fomenting Ukrainian enmity towards Russia. This war brings back for older Russians horrible memories of the Nazi invasion in 1941. The Russia-Ukraine border is only 550 kilometres from Moscow.


Flashpoint Syria

Russian forces joined the civil war in Syria in September 2015, at the request of the Syrian Government, faltering under the attacks of Islamist extremist rebel forces reinforced by foreign fighters and advanced weapons. With Russian air and ground support, the tide of war turned. Palmyra and Aleppo were recaptured in 2016. An alleged Syrian Government chemical attack at Khan Shaykhun in April 2017 resulted in a token U.S. missile attack on a Syrian Government airbase: an early decision by President Trump.

NATO, Strategic Balance, Sanctions

An F-15C Eagle from the 493rd Fighter Squadron takes off from Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, March 6, 2014. The 48th Fighter Wing sent an additional six aircraft and more than 50 personnel to support NATO’s air policing mission in Lithuania, at the request of U.S. allies in the Baltics. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff

Sgt. Emerson Nunez/Released)

Tensions have risen in the Baltic as NATO moves ground forces and battlefield missiles up to the Baltic states’ borders with Russia. Both sides’ naval and air forces play dangerous brinksmanship games in the Baltic. U.S. short-range, non-nuclear-armed anti-ballistic missiles were stationed in Poland and Romania, allegedly against threat of Iranian attack. They are easily convertible to nuclear-armed missiles aimed at nearby Russia.

Nuclear arms control talks have stalled. The INF intermediate nuclear forces treaty expired in 2019, after both sides accused the other of cheating. In March 2018, Putin announced that Russia has developed new types of intercontinental nuclear missiles using technologies that render U.S. defence systems useless. The West has pretended to ignore this announcement, but we can be sure Western defence ministries have noted it. Nuclear second-strike deterrence has returned, though most people in the West have forgotten what this means. Russians know exactly what it means.”[12]


The nuclear-Arms: control-Talks should never have stalled, because nucleaRism was not understood, enough, when everybody and anybody knew what pRopaganda “waZ”. Were there tReaties-Surmised? Yes, however, more by oligarchs-elites, and less know due the coRpoRatist-cReepages by one-World chaos and disorder pRophetics of fascists, such as Sen. Joseph McCarty, and others such as gHW Bushwhacky who sought apportionism thRu “apologetic-Politics” to force american off the nationalism the world-war has suffused thru Sen. Prescott Bush’s fascist dealing both sides. Today, the no-Virtuous anecdotes of 7-8 georges-Enron admins was stuffed—became apparent w dual-citizenship Oligarchs like Wolfowitz, like Michael Chertoff, like maybe all of pNAC, and ‘put-Options bankors’ ahoy!         “R”


“Was the snow we had in the beginning of 2014 manufactured? There were many people who made videos claiming that it was. Many of us are aware that the rain clouds are usually sprayed into before it rains and lab results of rain water samples have showed off-the-charts levels of barium, strontium, and aluminum (a couple of lab results can be found on the Chemtrail Research page of this site).

There has been definite evidence that the snow in 2014 was not totally nature-made. The evidence to which I am referring is not of people trying to burn snowballs, but of fibers in it (as shown in picture on the left) and other particulate matter found in the snow (shown in videos on this page).

Many of us have seen videos of people trying to melt snow with a lighter. Firstly, I want to point out that we do not have a baseline of how tightly packed snow reacts to a small flame from a lighter. I do not know of any videos of someone trying to do this before the aerosol spraying programs became the daily norm.

However, a few who have made a video of themselves trying to melt snow noted that it smelled like styrofoam. Frozen water (even if tightly packed) should not smell like styrofoam. Maybe failing to melt snow with a lighter is not reliable evidence to prove the snow was manufactured (or at least tampered with via geoengineering) or maybe it is. On this page, you’ll see some of the snow burning/melting videos.


There has also been other strange unnatural things about the snow lately. In some places, snow has come down in the form of large 6-pointed stars, there was greasy paint-like snow in North Carolina, fibers and fleas found in some places and snow that looked like blankets. On this page, you’ll find videos and links to pictures and articles that give you examples of some of these weird textures of snow.

Many of us know that rain can be created (known as cloud seeding) by spraying substances (usually silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice [solid carbon dioxide]) into clouds and this is admitted to in weather modification documents (see “Chemtrail Research” and “Military & Government documents” pages of this site) So, we know rain can be created, so why not snow. After all, snow is only frozen rain.

The question now is, if the snow was created, then what else was added to it outside of what is needed to create snow; and if the snow was not manufactured, then what was added to it by the jets spraying into the snow clouds? There is good reason to wonder this and the videos further down on this page might prompt you to ask the same questions.”[13]


A ”chemicalized, tRauma” haut forever-PlutocRacy, had descended upon the we-Peeps 41 years ago as well as 1956-57 soo, I’ve stated many times in these formidable bloGscAPes. I research, read and make mental-Notes has been interrupted by a-Holes across the stReet-up the east corner. What help has Michael kRaa, been, breaking 3-windshields, rocks, hammers, vituperations of Violence onto 3 of my vehicles in metro little-D, near Medicaid Center building, of Colorado. The other person bReaking my windshields is at 120th Ave on ramp north-bound, also dinged thRee. His is am electronic device that opens fRom the left-Rear “turn-single backup lights apparatus” of a Honda Hatchback. Also, three windshields as the dinGs aRe right-away in my eye-sight from w.i. cabs. fRankly, my study on american “nucleaRsim“ as pRopaganda did not start nor end w their malapproprism voicing for wars or for less anxiety! I do not wonder whether those a-Holes eat shid-ski fRied or baked, altho they should.


We all should know how to measure, Radionuclides, chemicals scooped and sent are costly, but those molecules, are not atoms we can measure, thus always need to be measured for particles-Contents wearing pRotective clothing or at least bReathing appaRatus. Knowing the tRue-Facts is what Ecosocialism is discerning from these hands of research realizable.           “R”


“With pure frustration, we saw our chants of empowerment and perseverance turned into cheap merch for rappers and entertainers who only wear it on their bodies but not in their hearts.

We figured out pretty fast that hashtags don’t move white supremacists, and petitions don’t change policy for Black lives, at least not where I’m from.

It is painful to watch a movement that you helped birthed be turned into the antithesis of why we turned up for a boy who none of us personally knew, but whom we connected so strongly with back then—and still do.

The clout chasers are all but gone now. Most have bolted for major liberally funded social justice cities or to white institutions to be on the other side of case studies. Gone with them are the resources and capital, both financial and social. And the media, both Black and mainstream, still go back to them over and over again even though they know that they haven’t lived, organized, or protested in Ferguson in years. The sheer laziness of some of these so-called journalists will equally be to blame when future generations are confused and lacking true historical knowledge about what really happened in and to Ferguson.

“Most have bolted for major liberally funded social justice cities or to white institutions to be on the other side of case studies.”

There will be a reckoning; I know this. But it’s still painful to watch a movement that you helped birthed be turned into the antithesis of why we turned up for a boy who none of us personally knew, but whom we connected so strongly with back then—and still do.

I would’ve liked tens of thousands of people to come here for the five-year anniversary of the rebellion. I would have liked to see a sea of Black folks turn up in the streets to commemorate the life of Michael Brown Jr. with those who knew him best. But that didn’t happen because that doesn’t pay. Some of us are still here, though—still struggling, still loving, still fighting, still imagining a world where Michael Brown Jr. wouldn’t need justice, because he wouldn’t have been shot to death and left on the pavement for hours in the first place.


Here, where there is the continuous repression of those of us who sacrificed it all in the name of freedom and justice, our lives will never be the same. Never. That’s to be expected, of course, but what most don’t understand is that the diluted movement on your televisions and timelines never really existed here in Ferguson. The word Ferguson in a panel discussion title or in a headline was a sure fire way to gain viewership, sure, but it was rarely from our perspective.

Our greatest strengths were a double-edged sword. We were revered for our tenacity and brashness, but also feared for it. Our ability to shut any and everything down made the vast majority of us a liability on university panels and television roundtables. They couldn’t predict what we would say, according to TV producers I spoke with behind the scenes on many occasions.


“The diluted movement on your televisions and timelines never really existed here in Ferguson.”

And what I really got from that was we might tell the world the whole truth about America, its ugliness, its violence, and its cowardice. Even now, though several of the Ferguson organizers have been shot and burned to death, they’re in their graves while some people who claim to love the people have been on MSNBC and haven’t even mentioned their names. Some of us have had to endure interrogation rooms, while they’ve been sipping tea in greenrooms.

I often ask myself was it all worth it? The weeks of barely seeing my loved ones. Being turned down by organizations for jobs and campaigns that are being funded through the direct organizing labor that we did here in Ferguson. I have watched members of my movement family be evicted from their apartments and shipped off to jail, and sometimes I don’t know what’s worse: opportunists eating and building with organizers in 2014 during the heart of the rebellion, only for them to get paid and not even return a phone call when we need them—or seeing the people you were in the streets protesting with being buried and jailed.

And you know what? The answer is yes. Always, yes. I’d do it all again for my people. I’d do it all again for Ferguson. I’d do it all again for Michael Brown, Jr.

Tory Russell, is an activist, lead organizer of the Ferguson rebellion, political campaign strategist, and Mission Director of The International Black Freedom Alliance. Follow him at @VanguardTNT and his work “[14]


The adjunctive-Method for usury and impunity does make law-enforcement a forceable-Habit that we-Citizens ought use, That is citizen’s arrest of police-Officers on the make may be best w the sense of sobriety i.e. that which cuts into the quicksand of the offenders by cutting off their credit-Accounts, as well as other finite-Couplings, that hacking-pRactitioners suggest. Medicare was not merely a “Liberalist account” but moreso, a method against madness of Imperialist and cIAS corruption found in the offal-Office of each pResidential-Admin. This, in tRuth, may be the reason that “aRcane-Undisciplined, extent” bRought about the egregiousness-Extent. Can a people ‘exist’ on wArs-wArrings? Not for long and never for peace. That neglection had to re-enter policies of hype as the Joseph McCarthy reactionaries had agreed for “gReed-Sake” mattered.


Where were those “american-Socialist” parties? Our understanding of needs usefully found in our “socialism impeRatives” Thus, in “american-Socialist, parties”. Whoever concocted that “Red-communism was everywhere unless that is Red China, was gesticulating into the wind of new-Rome as necessity, for surety is merely covetous of cover-ups, and pRomulgates lies” that supersede laws abidance and definitely “allowability and laws-Accountability”.          “R”


“Rapidly unfolding biosphere changes are pushing the human race ever further into completely uncharted territory. Environmental unraveling, official denial and societal apathy, all are advancing in complete unison. Some scientists claim civilizations can “adapt”, how is that adapting going so far? Does available data support the conclusion that humanity can adapt to what is unfolding? How desperate will global power centers become as biosphere conditions deteriorate?

It can be frustrating and demoralizing when so few seem to care about all that is unfolding around us, but we must not allow the apathy of others to thwart our calling of conscience. Each of us can make a much bigger difference for the better than we might imagine is possible, we need only to try and to keep marching in the right direction. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard, make every day count.”[15]


The biosphere cannot be neglected for nonsense of any ole “militarism-pRopensitized Ionizationationings” galore, too! The a-Hole plutocRats did not ask us if we wanted our planet-eRathe demised in votes nor in teleologic-Studies to be shared in all 50-states. Did they? They must be hallucinating that we are always eating shid-ski ”gMO’s apple-Pies” daily. They’re neurotic: sicko-Paths! We oNLY have a one-BiospheRe chance to survive from hundReds of onslaughts and NOT ONE DEFENSE TO DIFF– USE HOW TO BEST YET, DWELL & DEAL” upon all those, hundreds, 1,000’s and when will tRees be replanted offering 1-2 millions jobs, after we do what? Get rid the “chem-F00kering: tRails” butt-holds. Get the tReties on all “thRee nucleaR-molecular: weaponizings”?         “R”



No matter what kind of invasion US-military has three-types

nucleaR weapons in arsenal

the peace-Warrior


Tags/  michael parenti, culture struggle, chile, APEC, summit host, climate protests, planned around, the world, fusion weapon, woolsey fire, massive lawful infarctions, 5G Electromagnetic mad-Zone, the darker myths of empire, nsdu-238, super imperialism, la riva ‘n peltier, presidential campaign, devolution of us-russia, relations, happening to the snow, biosphere, ferguson organizer reflects, geoengineering watch, dane wigington,


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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