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anti-nucleaRist bloG #270/ 15 Sep 2019 A-hole Gaudis got theirs at last US-diplomacy, Zilch

anti-nucleaRist bloG #270/ 15 Sep 2019

A-hole Gaudis got theirs at last US-diplomacy, Zilch


The Gaudis and the U.A.E. are into a genocide against the Yemens peoples, about the same that the client-state Israels are into supporting ‘zionism’ instead of formulating their own Constitution, then proceeding w eradication of Palestines-People, as well as their livelihood and lands. The zionist-Paranoia has been impermeable that long i.e. since the first terrorist bombings by Begin and then Netanyahooey against innocent-Persons in Hotels in Cairo, in Beirut, in Jordan, wherever that list has been redacted, which could have been happening in 1948, before zionist-Terrorism started, in 1953. All this rhetoric by tRumpeteR, against climate-Change, which is being precipitated by US: dept-State and black-Ops: military, may be proceeding according to plutocracy-Planned.


Nonetheless, the use of Oil for US-military-Hegemony is a waste, a double-Waste, as US-military never cleans-up sites where bases are abusing chemicals and allowing oil-contaminants as well as munitions unfriendly/uncleanly. How does one clean-the-Air or dwell upon carbon accumulations in air, rather than in gReenery? Weld, the oxygenate is not Unlimited resource, because that must be constant of replenishment as will the oceans, because of “daiichis” and because of “plastispheres”. The oddity is not the US-military-Hegemony is outta controls mechanisms, but that the system is plutocracy-Galore. Cop-19, rite now is fighting the assertions of corporate litany must include gReed-Proponency, for in-astute lobbying-Greedies to begin, who are morosely, anti-Democracy, and/or pro-Plutocracy.          “R”


“For more than 15 years, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission to green deserts and to restore biodiversity. It all started in 1995 when Liu filmed the Loess-plateau in China. He witnessed a local population who turned an area of almost the same size as The Netherlands from a dry, exhausted wasteland into one green oasis. This experience changed his life. From that moment on, Liu has been travelling all over the world to convince and inspire government leaders, policy-makers and farmers with his film material and knowledge. Liu diligently spreads the message that restoration of ecosystems is not only possible, but also economically very meaningful. Backlight accompanies Liu on his mission in Jordan and shows on the basis of Liu’s own film material that a green future is possible worldwide.”[1]


The reason for my three-tRek into and thru-out Afghanistan, was to study whether or not forests could be replanted and allowed to regenerate the planet’s climate, that was 1980-1981. The world has gone backwards on Ecology reformulative-Plannings. Primarily, the US-military-Hegemony and plutocracy the new-Rome, does not allow naturalness, nor Ecosystems regenerating the more-than partial amenities. Yes, but they are primarily fascist-Banking on economics of Wall Street and off-shore non-Taxable accounts. Why not be a socialist and understand this is where the game ends, s cheaters, as liars, as degenerate-Oligarchs, as non-Medicine: medicare, are lousy accolades for any but Bourgeoisie and over-Commercializationing. The we-People do not need any wArs. Since 1978, the el pResident’s have been bought by a usury to utilize impunity and apprise belligerences, under the cloak of intel-Gence, those a-Holes mislead us by utilizing the el cIAS, and that does the destabilizationings and installationings of US-military-Bases ad maintains plutocracy for appointing dictators or installing  the biggest g00ns of hyprocrisy in those once were nation-States, now usuried, becoming more, not less, sanctimonious to IMF-states and world-Bank rules of maintaining “US-imperialism”. This is am saying is not merely rhetoric of support for our “misleadership-pRogrom”.        “R”


“Zarif said Pompeo is now resorting to a campaign of “max deceit” against Iran after the administration he serves failed to achieve the desired results from its anti-Iran “maximum pressure” policy — which has seen Washington impose the toughest of economic sanctions against the Iranian nation.

“US & its clients are stuck in Yemen because of illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory,” said Zarif.

The top Iranian diplomat further called attention to a four-point peace proposal that Tehran submitted to the United Nations in April 2015 in an effort to help end the conflict in Yemen.

“Blaming Iran won’t end disaster. Accepting our April ’15 proposal to end war & begin talks may,” Zarif added.

The Iranian proposal calls for an immediate ceasefire and end of all foreign military attacks, humanitarian assistance, a resumption of broad national dialog and “establishment of an inclusive national unity government.”


In similar comments, Abbas Mousavi, the spokesman for Zarif’s ministry, rejected Pompeo’s claims.

The Americans, he said, unleashed an anti-Iran “maximum pressure” campaign, which appears to be morphing into a campaign of “maximum lies” due to Washington’s policy failures.

Mousavi added that “futile allegations and blind statements as such are incomprehensible and meaningless within the framework of diplomacy.”

The Iranian official said such remarks “seem more like a plot being hatched by secret and intelligence organizations aimed at tarnishing a country’s image and setting the stage for future actions.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also criticized Saudi Arabia for fueling the flames of war in the region by committing various war crimes in Yemen for about five years, and hailed Yemen for putting up resistance in the face of the aggression.

Mousavi called for an end to the Saudi attacks against Yemen as well as a halt in the flow of arms from the West to the Riyadh regime as the sole means of restoring peace to the troubled region.”[2]


What then is a future-Attack against the Yemens good for then? Would that be water, fRee-Rapes, murdering children for fun and for games? We the freedom-americans, need more wArs, more maiming and more decadence, as that way we do not have to wuRk sooo hard to go-for oRganic-Foods, but that way no one else gets to eat oRganic-foods. Correct? No. No fooking wArs ever helps the people of the nation-State. Meanwhile, gRowing oRganic foods beneath “chemicalizationings/ Ionizationings” is never near closer the measurements on daily doses or hourly-Doses of “radionuclides and chemicals”. The aluminum-Oxide has gotten into the food-System and health-Medicare is always available? No dummy-Denso. Not. No! The wArs are your basic Imperialism which is a system where rich do not pay taxes, but ought be called-down, because they are everso expedient: the-Fascists.


The fascist-Americans, love plutocracy, and Imperialism serves them whatever they want to eat. They love the Gaudi’s and their murderings are coupled w those”american-Idiots, beings bought by bourgeois-Wallstreet. We think-feel they ought eat fresh fecal-Matter, w waste-Oil spread-Atop, for oRganic spices ought not be available to them, since those are not available to us unless grown in a gReen-Haus or indoors environs—preferably w dRip and hydroponic nurturing. I’ve never heard that: more is better, when they or a person is suggesting, more is best when food needs be eaten. The premise is disrespectful to oRganic: food-gRowers, as their foodstuffs last twice as long in refrigeration as chemicalized-cRapola foods. Organic foodstuffs taste better sooo that cancerstick-Smoggers can start to regain “taste-Buds: of the tongue”. The mix around the tRanscontinental-Railroads, is ballast-dusts from each rail-Car dRop whatever the air-Contaminants that they are pulled thRu, has to luxuriate upon the townships and tRuk and automotive roadway and so-Called defense-Highways.                                     “R”


“The latest big political figure to express strong opinions is the former EU president, Herman Van Rompuy, who has come out in support of Scottish independence.

A former Belgian Prime Minister, Van Rompuy served as EU president from 2009 to 2014. In an interview with the BBC Van Rompuy claimed that Brexit has “changed EU attitudes” to Scottish independence.

In addition, Van Rampuy expressed qualified support for Scotland’s membership in the EU, once independence from the UK has been achieved.

Stating that the process of joining the EU is “complicated”, Van Rampuy added than an application by Scotland would be “very seriously considered”, as long as the mechanism of Scotland’s separation from Britain was conducted in a fully legal and consensual manner.

The former EU president’s intervention comes at a critical time in British politics, with the future of the country at a crossroads.

There are growing fears that a no-deal Brexit will speed up the breakup of the UK, with Scotland widely viewed as the weakest link in the union.

Scotland’s First Minister and the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP),

Nicola Sturgeon, has called for an independence referendum by the second half of 2020.


Calls for a new independence poll are growing as the fifth anniversary of the first independence referendum, which took place on September 18, 2014, approaches.

The pro-independence SNP has reacted positively to Van Rampuy’s frank remarks, with the head of the Scottish government’s Constitutional Relations department, Michael Russell, saying that an independent Scotland can make a “strong contribution” to the EU.

Russel, who is effectively the Scottish government’s Brexit secretary, said: “There is clearly real sympathy and understanding for Scotland’s position in Europe, particularly given the hard-line anti-EU position of the UK government”.

By contrast, the UK government’s Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack, reacted negatively to Van Rampuy’s remarks, saying that Scotland’s place is “better served” staying in the UK rather than joining the EU and “giving away both democratic rights and also our coastal fisheries”.

Van Rampuy’s intervention in the Scottish independence debate, and his holding out the prospect of near-immediate Scottish entry into the EU, is set to further energise the SNP, and Scottish nationalists more broadly, as they set about to create the conditions for a second independence referendum.”[3]


The “scots” have been bought-Off again and again as their retirement-Pensions, were incorporated to health and retirement “cuts” by the basically, UK: oligarchic-Parliament. Like, justly, tRy to assimilate why bRexit did not need to happen for bRits, goes handily w not paying Scots, as well as the Welch populous, hardly that the Irish have accepted that crapola, too. What matters is that wArs are fReeway, not for passengeRs, but for fReelance-tyRanny. Yes. Like the new-Rome of Plutocracy, UK has beckoned to become a client-State to maintain Banking as the IMF rip-off for both London Banking as well as Wall Street, which has been sordid of French and somewhat, the German peoples. Yes.         “R”


“In April of 1967, a CIA official sent a memorandum dispatch to agency chiefs and stations. This memo described a strategy for discrediting critics of the Warren Report, the official account for the assassination of President Kennedy released in 1964. At the time of the memo, polls showed that 46% of Americans did not think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, in contradiction to the official finding. To counter such criticisms, the memo proposed labeling critics as “conspiracy theorists” and proposed that the CIA’s “propaganda assets” in media begin to use the slur and other, related techniques to marginalize critics.

Classified as Secret but finally released in 1998, the memo stated, “Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit circulation of such claims.”

The memo instructed media assets to discredit those questioning government reports by saying the critics should be depicted as “wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, hasty or inaccurate in their research, or infatuated with their own theories.”

Conspiracy Theorist: One Who Questions the Statements of Known Liars

Posted by Donna Cleveland on Flickr

The approach laid out by the memo was adopted by many in the American media. That’s not a surprise given that Operation Mockingbird, a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at promoting the views of the CIA within the media, was in full swing at the time. And despite official claims that the CIA’s influence of American media was halted in 1976, after the Church Committee findings, the continued use of the terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” indicates that the practice has continued.

A few years ago, I tested this by checking how many times the phrase “conspiracy theory” had appeared in the Washington Post and the New York Times in the 45 years before and after the CIA memo.

Before the memo was issued, “conspiracy theory” was a phrase used 50 times, or about once per year, in the Times or the Post. In the 45 years after the CIA memo, these newspapers used the term 2,630 times, or about once per week.


Before the CIA memo came out, the Washington Post and New York Times had never used the phrase “conspiracy theorist.” After the CIA memo came out, they have used the phrase “conspiracy theorist” 1,118 times.

The continued use of terms such as “conspiracy theorist” suggests that the CIA still controls the mainstream media. With regard to the crimes of 9/11, The New York Times has led the way in terms of support for official propaganda. Moreover, many “alternative” media sources use these slurs as frequently, or more, than mainstream media do.

An example was in August 2011, when I was a guest on National Public Radio’s ‘On Point” talk show to discuss 9/11 skepticism. Interestingly, I was the only 9/11 skeptic invited to appear on this show about 9/11 skeptics. The other two guests were Jim Meigs from Popular Mechanics and dubious “truther expert” Jonathan Kay. During the show, I answered questions from the host for about 5 minutes, until it became clear that my skepticism of 9/11 sounded rational. After I was dismissed—for the remaining 42 minutes of the show—Meigs, Kay, and the substitute host rambled on about the evils of conspiracy theories, using some form of the phrase conspiracy theory a total of 85 times. That’s more than once every 30 seconds.

The use of “conspiracy theory” to deter citizens from investigating historic events is paradoxical, to be sure. It suggests that those who commit criminal conspiracies can only be relatively powerless people who happen to live on the most strategically important lands, and conspiracies among rich, powerful people are impossible or absurd. It’s just that kind of doublethink mindset that has led us to where we are today as a nation.

Of course, 9/11 was a conspiracy. The only question is was it a conspiracy of people who could not possibly pull it off and who would only suffer as a result or was it a conspiracy of the people who benefited and had the power to accomplish it? The first option presents many problems. Common sense suggests the latter.

These days, it seems that you can tell who is working for the CIA simply by the way they use “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” in attempts to belittle others. An example might be when a lawyer for gold mining companies was presented by the corporate media as a public servant/truth teller based on stolen documents that were never shared with the public. That lawyer and his colleagues at The Intercept use the conspiracy theorist slur as much as any other media source, and often when they are questioned about their dubious rise to fame.

In any case, our entire legal system is based on the idea of conspiracy. Yet despite this fact we have been conditioned by the government and the media to blindly accept official reports and to treat anyone questioning those reports as conspiracy theorists. That is, you are a conspiracy theorist if you don’t believe the government’s conspiracy theory.

This technique is easy to see. Next time you read an article that uses these slurs, look more closely at the author and where he or she is trying to lead you.”[4]


The conspiracy-Theory, was brought into fruitions thru ‘technocratic-Plutocracy” auspices has imbibed upon the US: military-Hegemony to continue to aspire thRu conversational-Bourgeois distempering, they are point-Blank, as quoted above, this: “the continued use of terms such as “conspiracy theorist” suggests that the CIA still controls the mainstream media. Whereupon, w regard to the crimes of 9/11, The New York Times has led the way in terms of support for official propaganda. Moreover, many “alternative” media sources use these slurs as frequently, or more, than mainstream media do”. Such cReaftie-cRap unjustly punishes any and all readoRs to more, big-Hegemony delinquencies, one after the next othered “it” neuteRing, again and again, and for the concertina-Affliction of intel-Gence controls them. Yes. How long will that fascist emblematics-aRcane: un-Disciplined, status last, or be forewarned by democracy acumen? Lousy English starting a sentence w a preposition, or ending w that as well!               “R”


“The militarisation of cyber space

Since the first instances of malicious cyber operations between states were

uncovered, there has been a growing presupposition of cyber space as a

militarised space. This is a dangerous path for states to continue down, given the civilian and dual-use nature of cyber space and digital networks.

Consider, for example, the growing role of digital operations within military doctrines and strategy. Precise estimates vary, but it is generally accepted that at least a dozen states, and possibly as many as 30, are developing or have in place offensive cyber capabilities in connection with their military structures and/or doctrine. Some, including NATO, have acknowledged cyber space as a new operational domain of warfare.

Moreover, the way in which we talk about cyber security in the context of international relations (using terms like “cyber weapon,” “cyber deterrence,” or “cyber bomb”) reinforces the weaponisation of this space by grafting onto the characteristics and concepts associated with war and violence. ICT security discussions have largely taken place within the same fora as traditional disarmament and arms control, further weaponising what is an inherently civilian technology. In these fora, states have overwhelmingly expressed concern about the security of their “critical infrastructures” without making the link between those infrastructures and the human lives that they service and protect.

By treating cyber primarily as a military and security issue, states and other actors risk institutionalising and taking for granted the broad idea of cyber conflict. In the ongoing discussions about norms of responsible state behaviour in cyber space, it’s essential that such norms are viewed as obligatory commitments and that space is also given to articulating a vision of cyber peace.


Applicability of international law

The applicability of international law to cyber space has been a primary point of disagreement among UN member states in recent years, particularly with respect to articulating precisely how law would apply. Two of the five UN Groups of Governmental Experts (GGEs) on ICTs declared in 2013 and 2015 that “international law, and in particular the Charter of the United Nations,” were applicable to cyber space. At the time this agreement was well-received by the international community at large, and no state contested that the right to self-defence would not apply in response to cyber operations that meet the threshold of an armed attack under Article 51 of the UN Charter.

Yet, the fifth UN GGE (2015-2016) “failed” because of disagreement on this point. Some states maintained that to affirm the application of the UN Charter, in particular the principles of use of force, would result in the militarisation of cyber space. Others insisted on acknowledging the right to apply “countermeasures” in scenarios that fell below the threshold of the use of force in cyber space. There was debate around linking the malicious use of ICTs with an armed attack and what the legal implications of that would be, as well as if a cyber operation could ever cross the high legal threshold of an armed attack.

Relatedly, the applicability of international humanitarian law (IHL) to cyber operations has become contentious. Some states argue that applying IHL to cyber space would legitimise taking military activities within it—which they claim to oppose. Some other states affirm IHL’s applicability and are careful to delineate that doing so does not signal any form of acceptance of cyber conflict. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)  has highlighted that adherence to IHL means that attacks cannot be directed at civilians or civilian objects, and that critical civilian infrastructure—including the cyber infrastructure on which they operate or rely, such as networks or equipment—are civilian objects and therefore protected against attack, unless they have become military objectives.

Various multilateral processes on cyber security, including the GGEs referenced above, have articulated behavioural norms for states in cyber space. The precise status of these recommended norms are ambiguous; while they were developed by a small and non-transparent group of countries, they were later adopted by the UN General Assembly as a whole. Other forums have also outlined ideal behavioural norms (described below). How these are all meant to interact with one another, and how much states want to be bound by them, remains unclear.”[5]


Read on, as cyber-Insecurity is on par w “paranoia-Ecology”. I hear you people. No, not yet, as there is not enough to any: chem-tRails augreing of suspend the anarcho-Syndicalism, as well as the damnable measurements and reports etiquette, remissal. The radicalism of the deep-State is what I have to define and to dwell upon before I can get closer Ecosocialism, each bloG-scAPe. Those stats, that we-Ned what we need is because they are terrorizing us and hacking at our collective-Wills, not randomly but auspicipusly connected w governance, sooo that black-Ops are not cIAS werkin’ upon the home-Contamination, lands. The facts are that the NSA looks its eyeballs into an eyepatch first one eye, then the other, as shuffle-Board is a pluralized decree.            “R”


“Michael Parenti, The Darker Myths of Empire: Heart of Darkness Series”

1:23:00 mins 75,284 views May 11, 2012 –‘college of du page’ on youTube

“Richly informed and written in an engaging style, Against Empire exposes the ruthless agenda and hidden costs of the U.S. empire today. Documenting the pretexts and lies used to justify violent intervention and maldevelopment abroad, Parenti shows how the conversion to a global economy is a victory of finance capital over democracy.

As much of the world suffers unspeakable misery and the Third-Worldization of the United States accelerates, civil society is impoverished by policies that benefit rich and powerful transnational corporations and the national security state. Hard-won gains made by ordinary people are swept away.” Against Empire (paperback) written on: May 1, 1995 by Michael Parenti (Author)


“After a 5,000-km sea ride, Russia’s pioneering floating nuclear power plant has reached its final destination on the Arctic coast and will soon deliver megawatts and gigajoules of energy to consumers on land.

The Akademik Lomonosov was towed from Murmansk, a major port city in northwestern Russia, all the way to the far eastern region of Chukotka, reaching a small town called Pevek on Saturday. The trip lasted 22 days and required a couple of tow boats to move the barge, which lacks its own propulsion, and an icebreaker to deliver the convoy safely through the chilly Arctic waters.

More Videos–Close

The floating power station was docked in Pevek at a pier built for it in advance, which has all the communications necessary to connect it to the local power grid and heating system. Some work is still required for integration, but operator Rosenergoatom says the plant will be operational before the end of the year.

© Ruptly / Russian nuclear agency Rosatom

The ship is the first in what Russia hopes will be a series of floating nuclear power plants, factory-ready to supply electricity and heat to remote spots like Chukotka, where cheaper alternatives are not available. Isolated islands and large offshore oil and gas rigs are among the potential clients. So are ports scattered along Russia’s Arctic coast servicing the North Sea Route, a waterway that Moscow pitches as a viable alternative to the Suez for maritime traffic between Europe and Asia.


Pevek is one such outpost, but was chosen largely for the pilot deployment due to its unique energy situation. The entire area is serviced by two old power plants, one coal and one nuclear, which both need to be decommissioned soon. The floating generator will serve as a stopgap, allowing these facilities to be phased out and replaced with something modern without rushing.

Incidentally, Chukotka will for a while be the first Russian region with two different nuclear power plants operating simultaneously once the addition to its energy system is running. Usually, if more electricity is required in an area, additional reactors can be built at the same plant to meet the demand.


Western media dubs Russia’s mobile power plant ‘floating Chernobyl’, but is it?

The Akademik Lomonosov has two KLT-40S reactors derived from a time-tested design used for Russia’s nuclear-propelled icebreakers. They have relatively low output, generating 35MW of electric power each, but still can supply a city with 100,000 residents.

The second floating nuclear power station will use a different type, RITM-200M, which produces more power and requires less space, which means the ship carrying them can be made smaller and thus easier to tow and dock without compromising safety.”[6]


There are safety-Levers, as the human-Mind endeavors how to defend from the adversity as well as the paradoxes of “chemcializationings” and what transposits as surety for security, is anathema of yet another caustic, diabolical laisisoning w the Dirvishes amalgamated. I am very pleased w these people running research and correlatives into the democracy-Spheres, as tRuths as well as peace-Overtures. That is the anarcho-Syndicalists are pumping out our atmospheres, and not scouping in the molecules of Radionuclides, as well as molecules of Plastispheres. Those atoms are yet smaller sooo that the goons-of-Forensics are not ambivalent but bRain-washed to w.i. a nano-Particle from the vexing “inconsistencies”. That is where viruses and bacterium of un-Paralleled research has not been able to evaluate, and thus the trial and error thru “over-Utility” of chemicals, food and “tRails” galore. There is no “safety nor Security” when the public has become sooo enmeshed as to believe that any ole antidote will eradicate the bio-Accumulation of plasti-Nanos as well as chemical-Nanos, and thus we may as well look forward to becoming robots w.o. our own choosing! That anarcho-Syndicalism is not a presumed-Catharsis, but an apothecary of Reality which must not be divinated for those megalomaniacs. The word-Term indicates the hypotheosis of tyRanny, as the gates of insecurity expel tRuths on how and why we people ought not be their pawns              “R”


“What Paul Warburg, a German national, spoke English well enough to craft a financial document (a volume consisting of 1,750 pages) resulting in the Federal Reserve Act designed to control the finances of the United States (from Europe) was no small feat. Of particular interest was how Warburg was able to establish these important connections prior to his arrival in the U.S. in 1913 and then orchestrate this financial coup. Warburg had to have known his co-conspirators before coming to America.

The first official record of Paul Warburg’s trip to the U.S. appeared in the Kaiser Wilhelm II passenger manifest, upon arrival at Ellis Island, October 13, 1903. [3] The official manifest (on line 7) lists a “Mr. P. Warburg, age 35; Occupation: Banker; Nationality: American; Heritage: German; Last Residence: Hamburg; Final Destination: New York; Home: 3 E. 82nd St., New York.

In fact, Paul Warburg claimed he was an American in 1903. Was this claim valid in 1903?

Of special interest in this October 13, 1903 passenger manifest, is the fact that other prominent passengers in the elite financial community were also on the same passenger manifest. Harry Sachs (of Goldman Sachs fame) is listed as a passenger but, unlike Warburg, he was not required to declare his destination or his address. In fact, of the 30 passengers listed on page 293 of the Ellis Islanddatabase of ship and passenger arrivals, P. Warburg was the only passenger required to declare his destination.


Was this an attempt to establish Warburg’s nationality?

Suspiciously, the second half of the page is missing from the database, so we are not privileged with pertinent and “official” information as to his place of birth nor his physical description on this occasion. Future arrivals to the Port of New York would shed more light on these issues. The record keeping by the Immigration Office on October 13, 1903, was not merely sloppy. It appears that Warburg and other passengers were not scrutinized to the extent required by law and were assisted in entering the country with special, yet illegal considerations. Unlike earlier or later arrivals, immigration officers were permitted (or instructed) to be lax and obviously negligent, in their duties, particularly where destinations and birthplaces were of concern.

Warburg’s second arrival to the U.S. (on the SS Deutschland) was similar to his first. Though still a “U.S. citizen” in 1905, he was demoted to “merchant.” [4] However, on a third arrival in 1906, Warburg was, once again, a “banker.” His memory had failed him on this (third) trip, when he declared he had “never been to the U.S. previously.” Neither had his wife and two children, who had travelled with him on prior trips. He had also forgotten about his home in New York City, too, when he claimed he had no address in the United States. On this visit, Warburg declared “Hamburg, Germany” as his place of birth.

Incredibly, on a later visit to the U.S., Warburg claimed he was officially a “naturalized citizen,” citing the “Circuit Court of New York City, March 21, 1911” [5] as the place and date where he had been bestowed his citizenship. Despite Warburg’s earlier proclamations, he was not declared a U.S. citizen until that time. Warburg thereby committed perjury, which was overlooked on numerous occasions by the Immigration Service officials, seemingly an act of treason on each occurrence. During subsequent visits to the U.S. in 1910, 1912 and 1913, while again proclaiming his U.S. citizenship, Warburg referred to 17 E. 80th St., New York as his home address. Not once was there any mention of his association with the Rothschild banks in Paris and London, and his permanent residency in Europe, not in America. Why the deception?”[7]


This was such an obsequious time-Era, as people were wont to subscribe cosmos as aspects too social-Factoring, until the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s, as we-Boomers were to attest at our affinity gRoup meetings. The European ‘fascist-Bankors’ would not yet enlist zionism, as tour du force, but they were learning about how the Jews were wanting a political-Leverage, and got paranoiac, to specific, theirs was that narrow-Escape: extent. Why be contrary to money, when investment was in needs of the surety. There was no “insurance on deposits” like the FDIC is, today! I felt the beats ‘n Bohemians used this knowhow in lieu of the hipstirs, us-Boomers in those 1050’s days. However, later I learned what Psychology was doing, the word as well as the mental incapacitated amenities useful as medicine to protect american-Medical: society, that my father was a national-Member, of course—one reason he was informative to all four of his children.


Therefore, the three nano’s will survive and some robots but a bacterium-OutbReak may not be as harsh on certain portions of the population yet remans, as the gates of disease spredations cannot be controlled en masse`. This is the composite-Forum on the convexing and perplexing aspects which cannot even w a super-Computer be configured. The aspects that do not factor, outweigh those that do configure into the humanoid-Context. The “paranoia at this point, is not yet a conjuncture, and the super-paranoia will follow. However, I recommend composure to handle composite. Why trust robots, when robotics is apportionment of nano-Robotry? Thus, we-People now have to recycle almost anythinGy-Bop as well as accumulate nano-Contaminants and not pretend that we are Holywood “actors”. Particles of bacterium which chemicalizing is certain to fail humanity and dwell w passive-Allowability: constant, is not what we want. What they must do is back-up all the weigh-ins to jails built for them, as they may not need to have 2-meals daily, and no-Healthcare is provided, annually, until the wholesome affectations of being abused is not either bRutality continuing nor belligerencies continuing.         “R”


““Exceptional Public Education System

Postsecondary education is an essential extension of Ontario’s exceptional public education system, which is founded on a holistic approach to developing the human mind; it provides a far greater benefit than simply training students for the workforce. The province’s longstanding commitment to advanced education and research has fostered generations of curious, critical, and creative citizens, while consistently producing innovative and ground-breaking research and solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

Unfortunately, the narrow-minded Ford government does not seem to understand the purpose of postsecondary institutions. They believe colleges and universities exist solely to produce workers and intellectual property for profit-driven corporations.

Without any consultation with sector stakeholders, this government is ignoring sound public policy and imposing its own reckless ideological framework on Ontario’s postsecondary education system. The results will be devastating.

By design, performance funding rewards institutions that meet specific targets while penalizing those that do not. In doing so, it denies vital funding to the institutions that need it most to improve their educational outcomes. In effect, rather than encouraging institutions to improve in areas where they are not meeting targets, this approach will ensure institutions fall further behind.


Reckless Proposals

This reckless approach to funding provides only the illusion of accountability, but is a very real threat to equity, accessibility, and the quality of postsecondary education. It will work against quality improvement and punish students studying at institutions that have already had their budgets reduced by the Ford government. And it will do nothing to improve accountability, as Ontario’s universities and colleges already have comprehensive structures in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs they offer.

A wide body of research shows that performance funding is incapable of credibly reflecting the breadth and depth of a student’s education, the long-term benefits of basic research projects, or the contributions of a faculty or staff member. Instead, research shows that this funding model is far more likely to have negative consequences–- slowly but certainly eroding the integrity of Ontario’s postsecondary education system.

Examining evidence from numerous studies in other jurisdictions where this funding approach has been introduced, the dangers are clear that performance funding is likely to:”[8]


That education has always been the key, is also, now a usurpation for covetous on and of Plutocrats/Technocrats, as they attempt to harbor more nonsense police-State and prison-Industrial: system. They continue the new-Rome of Plutocracy, thru coRpoRate ruse forwarding power of the rottenest-Elements who ought eat fecal-Matter three-square meals per each day for daily intake. What weigh-ins are available never to be measured for barium-Stearate, for aluminum-Oxide, as well as millions for nano-Research into how to remove the Radionuclide “stRontium-90”? Will the “molecular Age” never come to a HALT? Where does that research into “nano-Particulates of plastispheres, of Radionuclides, of chemicalizationings, of Ionizationiings get acknowledged-Fact, from collected-Data? When not assumed hype and fallacy is fantasy, again and again! The deep-State helped to extend pRopaganda-State to Canada and to Mejico. These facts are what we know, they are the stats, on ubiquitous enmity that wArs-wArrings make you fRee. Yes, but to duck and cover and flip the bird, morosely, egregiousness-Extent AND Conditionalism. Those presumptions, and assumptions we need understand w logic and w rationale not to all their-HypocRisy.          “R”


“Declaration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs energetically denounces and condemns the recent aggression of the government of the United States against Cuba via a USAID program designed to fund actions and information searches to discredit and sabotage the international cooperation being provided by Cuba in the health area in dozens of countries for the benefit of millions of persons.  This is an endeavor added to the crude pressures exercised against a number of governments in order to obstruct Cuban cooperation and to the earlier efforts for the same purpose such as the special “parole” program designed to steal human resources trained in Cuba.

The heart of this immoral calumny consists of alleging, with no factual foundations whatsoever, that Cuba is involved in the traffic of persons or in the practice of slavery, and wishing to degrade the meritorious work that hundreds of thousands of Cuban health professionals and technicians are voluntarily undertaking, and have been undertaking, throughout history, in a number of countries, especially in the Third World.

We are talking about an affront to the bilateral and intergovernmental cooperation programs, all lawfully set up between the Cuban Government and the governments of dozens of countries, which have been consistent with the United Nations guidelines referring to South–South cooperation and which have responded to the health requirements that those same governments have defined in a sovereign manner.

This is an attack against the efforts in solidarity which have received the acknowledgement of the international community and the specific praise from the most senior officials of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Pan-American Health Organization.

These lies reveal the low morality of the United States government and its politicians who devoted themselves to the business of aggression against Cuba.  The campaign has millions of dollars of funds and the complicity of a number of the mass media giants and, particularly, of unscrupulous reporters who have sacrificed their so-called impartiality and objectivity in the service of the political interests of the United States government.


For decades, right up to the present, in those nations having more unfavorable

economic conditions, that cooperation has been provided, and is being provided, as a gesture of solidarity; its expenses are covered by Cuba practically in their entirety. Likewise, and following the United Nations conceptions on cooperation between developing countries, this is being offered in various nations on the basis of complementarity and partial compensation for services rendered.

It consists of a totally fair and legitimate exchange between developing countries, many of which have natural wealth and economic dimensions or degrees of industrial development that are superior to those of Cuba, but which lack the human resources our Government has managed to generate, of self-sacrificing and humanist professionals ready and willing to work of their own free will in the most difficult of conditions, and of the ideas of health coverage that years of successful experience has permitted us to build up.

The Cuban technicians and professionals participating in those programs do so in an absolutely free and voluntary manner.  While serving their missions, they continue to be paid their entire Cuban salaries and they also receive stipends from the destination countries, along with other forms of compensation.

In cases where Cuba receives compensation for the cooperation being provided, those collaborators distinguish themselves by contributing a highly valued, fair and totally lawful amount for the funding, sustainability and development of the massive and free health system that is accessible to each and every Cuban, as well as for the cooperation programs that are carried into many parts of the world.

Access to health is a human right.  The United States is committing a crime when it wishes to deny that or to obstruct it for political reasons or as aggression. Havana, 29 August 2019”[9]


The “medicare-Act of 1961” was not passed, altho the boomers of my high-school were interred to believe that would provide “fodder of health needs in hospital and medical-Doctors’ care”. Never did the debate for me halt, since that space-Time. That is one of two reasons I am sole-Survivor of two families w no off-spring. The other of course, has been the taxonomy of NucleaRism, one of the very-Most impinging misunderstood aspects of civil-Society soo much anarchaic, soo much Undisciplined, malaise to waste, including top-soils, fresh-waters, and Humanity wantonly already digressing from Ecology. one that contributes directly to “the anarcho-Syndicalism” for the prescience of the new-Rome of Plutocracy. The military-Hegemony needs to be bRought before a righteous-Judges, panel. Now.               “R”


“The insiders around Ronald Reagan including fixer Roy Cohn and Estee Lauder billionaire, Ronald Lauder; Cohn’s influential power within the media, both print and broadcast, including many of his famous friends; Ronald Reagan’s ties to organized crime through Lew Wasserman and talent agency MCA; Ronald Lauder’s connections to the Mega Group, the World Jewish Congress and Israel; Jeffrey Epstein’s Austrian passport; the White House Call Boys Network during Bush senior’s administration; savings and loan scandals; the Franklin Cover-Up; FBI protecting pedophile rings; the Clintons’ connections to Iran/Contra while in Arkansas; Jackson Stephens’ complex financial web, connections to the Rose Law Firm, BCCI and Systematics; speculation as to why Jeffrey Epstein re-arrested on July 7th; the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board SFFAS 56 – Classified Activities… Aired: September 4, 2019”[10]


The oligarch-Technocrats, have enterpRised against the we-People to assert a “new-Rime of Plutocracy” one that has become the tyRanny-Rex on this planet, where the Jesuits are a volatile-Force, as much as fReemasons, as much as muslim-bRotherhood, as much as where are those others. Ohhh, the oligarchs-Technocrats of Europe and of US, the zionists of Europe and of Israels. Who is influence other than “russia-Mobsters” in Russia and in Finland, Israels-Mob, all the above, where the usages of NSDU-238 are known and remain renown, too?          “R”



No matter what kind of illegal-Invasion, the US-military has three-types nucleaR weapons in penataGooons purchasing arsenal


the peace-Warrior


Tags/ regreening the desert, w John D. Liu, Iran rejects Pompeo’s lies, about Yemeni drone raids, Van Rompuy says, independent Scotland, can gain entry, September 11th attacks, cia’s influence over, the media, cyber peace and security, reaching cRitical will, permission to dock, Russia’s, floating, nuclear power plant, george h.w. bush, the secret history, of 41st president, united states, neoliberal university, obstruct cuban medical co-operation, how alliance of, intelligence & organized crime, michael parenti (author),


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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