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anti-nucleaRist bloG #268/ 02 Sep 2019 Peace is imperfect, Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)

anti-nucleaRist bloG #268/ 02 Sep 2019

Peace is imperfect, Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)


**re-Vamp on 15 Oct 2019

Peace is imperfect, just what we need. However, tReaties cannot be that way. The weigh-ins on “nucleaRism” have finally, been established as propagation for the whole world to know “dissultriness is fascist: the new-Rome”. Our nucleaRism: space-Time has been fathoming in shallow zones of articulation and meanings., thus far. Time for the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Morosely, however, nuclear-Weapons are “three-Types based upon nucleaRism” the premise to build and maintain offensive arsenals of aggressive first-Use tenets: uranium-238, Directed Energy Weapons, and thermo-nucleaR: degenerate bombs from missiles, as well as boMBS.

Moreover, an “abrogation-Blast” is not nucleaRism, sooo much as hype and the peRpetuationings of pRopaganda-Attenuation, not “health-Medicare in need”. That is why there is much about “offense-is-Aggression” w.o. words pertaining the US-constitution to the Conditionalism the “the-Rome of PlutocRacy” factors constantly. More about these facts, further along, bloGs-Herein. However, one cannot have peace, when all-of-Us has a usury-state, and intel-State, a police-State, a terrorizing-State, coupled to the deep-State. All the latter are those factors, which must be taken down, if all of us are to have a two-Party or more, not one-Party: parody-state that caused September 11th 2001. That means allowing the american-Socialist: party to be a party not an offensive-Measure for cRimes to protect impunity and usuried statis of the deep-State.          “R”


“An alleged secret US cyber-attack against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) took place in June 2019, the NYT reported, citing unnamed senior US officials.

The attack allegedly wiped out a “critical database” used to plot operations against oil tankers and degraded Tehran’s ability to covertly target shipping traffic in the Persian Gulf.

Close to two months later, Iran is allegedly still attempting to recover some of the information lost after the June 20th attack and is even struggling with restarting some of the computers, according to the anonymous NYT sources.

The June 20th as a date is of significance, since that is specifically when the IRGC shot down a US RQ-4A Global Hawk BAMS-D spy drone with a surface-to-air missile.

Initially, according to some reports US President Donald Trump ordered a strike on Iranian targets, but then called it off and instead a cyber attack commenced, which according to Iran achieved nothing since it was all firewalled.

According to the NYT, the White House saw the cyberattack as a more proportional response than airstrikes to the downing of the US drone by Iran.

Brandon Valeriano, a cybersecurity expert and the chair of military innovation at Marine Corps University was cited by Business Insider saying that the reported operation was “deescalatory, in that it was a step taken to give us options outside of war.”

“It was an option to move us away from conventional strikes,” Valeriano added. “It’s a response that doesn’t raise the risk of war.”

Norman Roule, a former senior intelligence official, cited by the NYT said that the US cyber ops are targeted changing Iran’s behavior without leading to a broader conflict or being sufficient cause to prompt a retaliation. They were perfect for such an occasion, since they are seldom announced publicly, he said.


“You need to ensure your adversary understands one message: The United States has enormous capabilities which they can never hope to match, and it would be best for all concerned if they simply stopped their offending actions,” Roule said.

Of course, cyber operations also have their weakness, most of them can only be used once, since the target can rectify the backdoor used to access the system and cause damage.

“Iran is a sophisticated actor. They will look at what happened,” said Mark Quantock, a retired major general, who served as intelligence chief at US CENTCOM.

“Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea would all be able to see how they were penetrated.”

It also “shuts off the tap” on intelligence that US operatives are allegedly collecting, by way of the mentioned backdoor.

Military and intelligence agencies always weigh the costs of a cyberoperation and the risks of lost information ahead of a strike, according to former officials refer[r]ed by the NYT. Some intelligence officials have long considered opting out of aggressive cyber operations, due to potentially losing a way of gathering critical information on adversaries and competitors.

“It can take a long time to obtain access, and that access is burned when you go into the system and delete something,” said Gary Brown, a professor at the National Defense University and former legal counsel for Cyber Command. “But on the same token, you cannot just use that as an excuse not to act. You can’t just stockpile access and never use it.”

Taking into account that despite the US claims, Iran is in fact successfully projecting power across the Persian Gulf region, the NYT report is likely just another US attempt to ‘save face’ after the tactical defeat in the ongoing standoff.”[1]


The Atlantic Ocean is dumpage wasteland on and of Radionuclides too-Plentiful—since 1950’s, like the Saratoga aircraft carrier in 1950, off San Mateo county Coast, south of san-fRan where I grew-up, fighting the military-Takeover of 1956-57 of the AEC and eventual coRpoRate-Control of NRC–as those microns include pu-239, strontium-90 and cesium-134 and 137. In other words, the Atlantic ocean is at war w humanity, because the humans-Dumping Radionuclides were not really allied w war-Causes, seems to be the intimately accepted rationale. Sooo, is the pacific-Ocean, at war w humanity, since March 11th 2011, where food sources of fish, and krill have been “overtly over-Exposed” to the Radionuclides coming from the dai-ichis—heck w the incidental “Fukushima, prefecture capitol township” we want the meltdowns to HALT the releases AND for naturalizationing pPhytoremediation to take hold ahead of Tokyo Olympics, hope. Dragging anchor is not the weigh-ins necessitating, as what piles of contaminated-Topsoil will be re-conscripted by allowances of and on “Nipponese Plutocracy”. The Japanese-Populous has been bought, maybe worse than the american-Populous. The Bourgeoisie wants to buy-off any complaints that may show-up, altho doing that is racism. Nippons against Okinawans. Both countries have mob-Mentality instead of defense mentality.          “R”



May 9, 1991

International War Crimes Tribunal

United States War Crimes Against Iraq


George H.W. Bush, J. Danforth Quayle, James Baker,

Richard Cheney, William Webster, Colin Powell,

Norman Schwarzkopf and Others to be named


Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes, Crimes Against

Humanity and Other Criminal Acts and High Crimes in

Violation of the Charter of the United Nations,

International Law, the Constitution of the United States

and Laws made in Pursuance Thereof.

Only the United States could have carried out this destruction of Iraq, and the war was conducted almost exclusively by the United States. This conduct violated the UN Charter, the Hague and Geneva Conventions, the Nuremberg Charter, and the laws of armed conflict.

The conduct violates Protocol I Additional, Article 51.4 to the Geneva Conventions of 1977.

The conduct violates Protocol I Additional, Article 56, to the Geneva Convention, 1977.


The conduct violates the Charter of the United Nations and the Constitution and laws of the United States.

The conduct violates the Constitution and laws of the United States, all committed to engage in the other impeachable offenses set forth in this Complaint.

  1. The United States waged war on the environment.

As a result of these acts, thousands of people died, many more suffered illness and permanent injury. As a single illustration, Iraq consumed infant milk formula at a rate of 2,500 tons per month during the first seven months of 1990. From November 1, 1990, to February 7, 1991, Iraq was able to import only 17 tons. Its own productive capacity was destroyed. Many Iraqis believed that President Bush intended that their infants die because he targeted their food supply. The Red Crescent Society of Iraq estimated 3,000 infant deaths as of February 7, 1991, resulting from infant milk formula and infant medication shortages.

The American people and their democratic institutions were deprived of information essential to sound judgment and were regimented, despite profound concem, to support a major neocolonial intervention and war of aggression. The principal purpose of the First Amendment to the United States was to assure the press and the people the right to criticize their government with impunity. This purpose has been effectively destroyed in relation to U.S. military aggression since the press was denied access to assaults on Grenada, Libya, Panama and, now on a much greater scale, against Iraq.

This conduct violates the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and is part of a pattern of conduct intended to create support for conduct constituting crimes against peace and war crimes.

The members of the International War Crimes Tribunal, meeting in New York, have carefully considered the Initial Complaint of the Commission of Inquiry dated May 6, 1991 against President George H. W. Bush, Vice President J. Danforth Quayle, Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Commander of the Allied Forces in the Persian Gulf, and others named in the Complaint charging them with nineteen separate crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the 1949 Geneva Conventions, the First Protocol thereto, and other international agreements and customary international law:


having the right and obligation as citizens of the world to sit in judgment regarding violations of international humanitarian law;

having heard the testimony from various Commissions of Inquiry hearings held within their own countries and/or elsewhere during the past year and having received reports from numerous other Commission hearings which recite the evidence there gathered;

having been provided with documentary evidence, eyewitness statements, photos, videotapes, special reports, expert analyses and summaries of evidence available to the Commission; having access to all evidence, knowledge, and expert opinion in the Commission files or available to the Commission;

having been provided by the Commission, or elsewhere obtained, various books, articles, and other written materials on various aspects of events and conditions in the Persian Gulf and military and arms establishments;

having considered newspaper coverage, magazine and periodical reports, special publications, T.V., radio, and other media coverage and public statements

by the accused, other public officials and other public materials;

having heard the presentations of the Commission of Inquiry in public hearing on February 29, 1992, the testimony and evidence there presented; and having met, considered and deliberated with each other and with Commission staff and having considered all the evidence that is relevant to the nineteen charges of criminal conduct alleged in the Initial Complaint make the following findings.


The members of the International War Crimes Tribunal finds each of the named accused Guilty on the basis of the evidence against them and that each of the nineteen crimes alleged in the Initial Complaint, attached hereto, has been established to have been committed beyond a reasonable doubt.

The members believe that it is imperative if there is ever to be peace that power be accountable for its criminal acts and we condemn in the strongest possible terms those found guilty of the charges herein. We urge the Commission of Inquiry and all people to act on recommendations developed by the Commission to hold power accountable and to secure social justice on which lasting peace must be based.”[2]


Condemn because we do not have p-e-a-c-e, nor discussions prioritized via tReaties on “all three nuclear-Molecular: weaponizationing pRoto-technics of use to date”  but we do have Radionuclides encircling the upper stratosphere, as ionization-Heaters make for a coRpoRate rip-off. Noting when that accumulation, seems illogical to the Plutocratic governance as 1998 is 21 years back, now. Therefore, we have had to assume that the new-Rome policy is not for the we-People, since wars-Illegal have innocuous habits. The plastispheres thus equals “Plutocracy incalculable, propaganda” also for the new-Rome to make rip-offs available to “fake as well as phony news-Journalism”. The journalists are not allowing the latter and we people are not allowing the former. The Ionizationings is not partial to success, too.          “R”  


“I ask on the home page when you last took a good look at the sky and the substances in it. Now, I ask when did you last take a close look at the trees–their

bark, branches and leaves?

After 20+ years of aerosol spraying, the results are finally showing up on the ground. Trees, bugs, birds and animals have been dying in record numbers. The air and the rain has been toxic for all living things, including the plant life.

Aside from the creating of droughts and floods, the aerosols have been  blocking the sun. This not only inhibits photosynthesis; it also causes dampness-loving molds to flourish. Of course, blocking of the sun is not the only attack on plant life. Metal particulates are strangling the roots of plants and toxins sprayed in the air and into rain clouds is landing on the plants and getting into their root systems.

We also have more holes in the ozone layer caused by HAARP ionizing the upper atmosphere. The HAARP and microwaves work in conjunction with the chemtrails. Electro MAGNETIC frequencies work best with metals to enhance and carry their signals.

In the picture above (or to the left, depending on your monitor and screen resolution) is of the apple tree in our back yard. Both apple trees look like this. It is always after a couple of days of rain that they worsen. We also always get more tanker jets that fly lower than usual every time we have rainclouds. It is obvious they are spraying into those clouds (passenger jets do not go out of their way to fly into clouds). The stuff then comes down with the rain and the trees drink it up. Whether this chemical burn look comes from the tree drinking the rain or from the rain falling onto the leaves, I cannot say. The apple trees are not the only trees with this chemical burn look. You can see some more pictures showing this phenomenon by opening any of the links on the side bar under “Photos”. This picture was taken in August 2015 (this year). Bugs, diseases and molds take hold of the trees only AFTER the trees have already been weakened.”[3]


Assholes do the chemicalizationing for how much of the approximately $3 billion per week paid for offense-Dept authorizationings provided by crassness-Excesses of illegal: wArs-wArrings! As many times, my underground ‘journalism” has paid off, as Rosalind Peterson is one person I met and as I told her about chem-tRails that I have researched, politely, she told me about 75% more, altho I finally told her I’ve been photoing those demons since 1998, in Colorado high-country. Another case in point has been w me since 1959. When discussion on “thermo-Nuclears” is mutual-Planned: destruction, or MAD, the measurements of Radionuclides are s hazards “constantly” was my basic premising for my meeting w Prof. Carl Sagan. That was there are two methods of madness is non-reassurance, that “if the bomb won’t get you, then the fallout will”. 


“The speech that got MLK assassinated (4/4/1967)”

’State Socialism_1921’ 53:49 miins. 35 views Aug 2, 2019  MLK Jr.’s ‘vietnam-Speech’


The other formula that I’ve held in abeyance has been that of having some kind of “formula injection of nuclear-Antibody” were that possible, one’s body might have to transform to an “inside-out, then reversed counter sequencing”. The idea was settled when I embarked w the counter-Measures necessitating to meet Prof. Carl Sagan, for my ex-post-facto meeting w his students @ J.P.L. My fellow, anti-NucleaRist: protestors, from UC-Davis, from san-fRan, from San Jose, fRom Sacramento, from BouldeR CO, and later from Kansas City MO, knew, that relating to me meant, I would carry forth to the highest regard of nth degree, which I did i.e. B-C before Carl. He was the hardest “encounter” that ever I had and/or wanted.           “R”



Nuclear transparency is beneficial to nonproliferation. It helps non-nuclear-weapon states demonstrate their commitment to the nonproliferation regime and nuclear-weapon states account for their stockpiles. It also buttresses the safeguards process of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This article discusses the need for better transparency in nonproliferation efforts and offers a new tripartite model of nuclear transparency which emphasizes not only the states that want to prove their nonproliferation compliance through transparency, but also the audience for such transparency, and how transparency information is transferred from providers to recipients. The article discusses a range of issues concerning how such information is generated, appraised, and presented, taking into account the effect of cultural influences on different states’ transparency practices. To better synthesize various pieces of information intended to demonstrate nuclear transparency, we propose a nuclear-transparency dataset that includes nuclear-related factors as well as socio-political variables. Regression results using the dataset and responses from an expert survey show that the proposed transparency indicators provided a relatively similar assessment to the IAEA’s level of confidence about a state’s safeguards record, as stated in its 2013 safeguards report. Finally, the article proposes a direction for the development of this transparency index, as well as means by which states can improve their nuclear transparency.”[4]


What my point was is that not being able to count Radionuclides by the square-Meter for the whole of the planet. Then, I was cut-off, since measurements cannot concur of factual-Indemnity, when a cancer starts and w how many radioisotopes and what kinds of gamma or alpha particles, in whatever form of concentrations, and since, the post-Stress on planet would have produced an accumulation. Here is where Dr. Sagan, cut-me-Off. The stipulations for his classroom was one-Scope, or etymology of a prognostication. Weld. That was hardship enough, because all I knew of ur-238 was not where that came from in greater terms of h.e.u. (highly enrich uranium) but also what isotope? That was my summary thru vagary of analysis that certain two-Weapons cannot be M.A.D. In other words, since the discussion is always on “how many fooker-bilt-ski-thermos” I asked this: how many thermos would the explosions take to equal a disaster level, and damn whomever! That was my reproof not tokenism on egregiousness must continue, ad infinitum.

There were two known nuclear-Molecular: weapons, I told him, in man passing his stress-measures, as guest-Student from UC Berkeley”. I’d carried that words/wordage: premise w me since 9th-10th gRade, learning how to remember that tokenism cannot and will not survive. That is also what Dr. Carl Sagan complimented me upon when at Oak Ridge and again, two years later at his Columbia University office. I wondered how he knew that much thru articulateness, until our 1970 meeting at Cal Tech. Here is where rev-Paul listened and was knocked off his toes—briefly. Later the next day rev-Paul says to me, “Addison, you are a survivor”!           “R”



Whereas much of the debate about the demise of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty has focused on the European context and Russia’s alleged treaty violations, Asia looms large in the minds of proponents of the United States’s immediate withdrawal from the treaty. For many proponents, the fast-changing military balance in Asia and China’s conventionally armed missiles constitute a sufficient cause for withdrawal. What does the end of the INF Treaty bode for the US-China military balance? This article argues that, although there are some near-term benefits for the US position in the conventional military balance with China, the advantages offered by prohibited missiles are minor and can be readily substituted by extant capabilities that are compliant with the treaty. Given the negative implications of the end of the INF Treaty for the future of arms control, the costs and benefits of withdrawing from the treaty require further examination; the military balance in Asia is an unpersuasive rationale for withdrawing from an important part of the arms-control architecture.”[5]


This article is quite extensive, yet adjudges the INF-tReaty, in terms of relating Red China to the “thermos-Syndrome and no other contexts”. The uranium-238 weapons have been left from discussion, whereas treaties and  connectivity—very abstruse, but then soo has been the US-military: nuclearism of propaganda and pretensions as well as contrite Basically, Russia was lied to in 1991, and as envelopments on not re-assuaging  N.A.T.O. forces into the once-Waz: iron-curtain countries, the US: military-Hegemonyites enterprise went along caustically, casually, and aggressively. One should say, contentiously, too! Sooo, once again I am back to square-One, as I was w Prof Carl Sagan in 1969 at Jet Propulsion Laboratories. There are “now” three times nuclear-Molecular: weapons” none of what are secretized form the people of this, getting totally contaminated, planet eRathe.

Yet, there is another tReaty, and one which makes for the most formidable sense, were the above, regarding the disregard, that there are three, thus entirely placing all into a hosted-Morass, at last! Whereupon, another thought going back to 1971 conversation w Prof. Sagan outside student Union @ Cal Tech, where he also taught! The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW, or “ban treaty”) is obviously what I refer too, when I say w.o. all three, in a tReaty, the issue will continue to be circumnavigated. That “directed-energy “weapons” was first sampled @ Brookhaven National Laboratory[6] on Long Island, NY. That NSDU-238 was already developed as the shipments to Israels from Port of Houston made precedent that client-State Israels would be using that w.i. one year. See Yom Kippur War in Sinai Desert. The a-hole mother-fooker: gHW Bushwhacky used that in Iraq-lands, 1991, and introduced the “capitalist-Totality” world to “the nuclear-Molecular weapon #1—by design from 1943”. This is what I had transposited might be happening from 1956-57 before my eleventh b-Date.            “R”


“Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory located in Upton, New York, on Long Island, and was formally established in 1947 at the site of Camp Upton, a former U.S. Army base. Its name stems from its location within the Town of Brookhaven, approximately 60 miles east of New York City.

Research at BNL specializes in nuclear and high energy physics, energy science and technology, environmental and bioscience, nanoscience and national security. The 5,300 acre campus contains several large research facilities, including the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and National Synchrotron Light Source II. Seven Nobel prizes have been awarded for work conducted at Brookhaven lab.[1]


1 Overview

1.1          Major programs

1.2          Operation

2 History

2.1          Foundations

2.2          Research and facilities

2.2.1       Reactor history

2.2.2       Accelerator history

2.2.3       Other discoveries

3 Major facilities

4 Off-site contributions

5 Public access

6 Controversy and environmental cleanup

7 Nobel Prizes

7.1          Nobel Prize in Physics

7.2          Nobel Prize in Chemistry

8 See also

9 References

10           External links


BNL is staffed by approximately 2,750 scientists, engineers, technicians, and support personnel, and hosts 4,000 guest investigators every year.[2] The laboratory has its own police station, fire department, and ZIP code (11973). In total, the lab spans a 5,265-acre (21 km2) area that is mostly coterminous with the hamlet of Upton, New York. BNL is served by a rail spur operated as-needed by the New York and Atlantic Railway. Co-located with the laboratory is the Upton, New York, forecast office of the National Weather Service.[3]”[7]


Whether or not the scientists are proficient, very-Proficient at particlizationing the physical-Intimacies of Radionuclides. The scientists of particularizing particle-Physics, sloughed-off “defense” as they ought to have protected themselves from nucleaR-particles w an amoeba-Particularizer point-of-view, bio-Hazard awareness. As that was my entreaty in 6-gRade, for the emphasis that we knew, the discussion was off-tRack because of NSDU-238 precipitous-Nurturing and holding-Back by fanaticism, left discussion, to the pRopaganda, ex post facto: Technocrats–so as to leave animosity in the frying-Pan. Therefore, w my fRiend Alan Reeder, the boomers discussed not feeling vacated by the facts, the fallacies, the lies, the deceits of non-Existentialist: nucleaRism. As of today, I have yet to relate the factual-Basics that were found in and of the we-Boomers and the whole morass of amercian-Society of the 1960’s, that of Surreality!              “R”



On July 7, 2017, seventy-two years after the start of the nuclear era, 122 states concluded the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW, or “ban treaty”). The treaty forbids the development, production, acquisition, possession, transfer, testing, use, and threat of use of nuclear weapons. Advocates of the TPNW understand that it will not automatically lead to a world without nuclear weapons. The treaty’s main goal is to stimulate a societal and political debate inside the nuclear-armed states and their allies by strengthening the antinuclear norm and by stigmatizing nuclear weapons and their possessors. This article assesses to what extent this process of stigmatization might take place. It starts by elaborating on the concepts of stigma and stigmatization. It then matches the concept of stigma with nuclear weapons, and with the humanitarian initiative behind the momentum that led to the TPNW. The article concludes by looking to different stigma-management approaches that can be used by the nuclear-armed states and their allies.”[8]


The stigmatization against tReaties is not common-Sense in the enactments of forward-Progress toward eradicating the egregiousness-Extent, which is predicated on the nonsense that “Ecology does not exist”. Hype is short-Term, Wall Street gain, while health-Medicare is long-Term. The US military-Hegemons, assuaging wars against their own mediocrity, seems not to exist when the Border Patrol is controlled by coRpoRate-Sleaze to allow a $5-billion fence, rather than allowing those corrupt politicians and militarized Police-Depts around the nation to be egregiousness-Extent, instead of manipulating the increase in Radionuclides accumulating in the whole, better-not-be damned pacific-Ocean.          “R”



Nuclear disarmament is often seen as eventually requiring access to nuclear warheads or to the warhead-dismantlement process to verify that a state has not hidden weapons or weapon-materials despite promising to disarm. This article suggests this view is misplaced, and that what is needed is a verification mechanism able to provide reliable assurances of the absence of fissile materials available for use in weapons after a state has disarmed. Such a mechanism will need an initial declaration of the amount of fissile materials held by a state for all purposes, military and civilian. In a state with a nuclear arsenal awaiting elimination, this declaration would have to include materials that may not be available for verification because they are in nuclear weapons or are in other classified or proliferation-sensitive forms. This article describes a verification arrangement that does not require access to materials in weapons and in sensitive forms while still allowing checks on the overall accuracy of the declaration. Verification of the completeness and correctness of the declaration is deferred to the time when the weapons-relevant material enters the disposition process, at which point it no longer has any sensitive attributes. By removing the focus on monitoring warheads and dismantlement, this new approach could provide a more manageable path to nuclear disarmament.”[9]


A context of the new-Rome Is Plutocracy, the system, now coupled w deep-State, police-State, intel-Gence Estate of the Internet’s inception, as US-military-Hegemony is the waste-eRathe tendency. There is no auspice of amelioration by the Technocrats-Elites usury, as impugning says consistent w the tyRanny or the system. The fascist-Punks have made my Life into a paradox, for theirs is empiricism of the tYranny-Rex. I moved into an oasis, not to become “chemicalized for Ionizationings” as I have transcribed that into visual-Amenity for the theoretics of american-Socialist: party to fear losing the inviolate conditions of stress and to watch for pTSD in their civilians acquaintancing, too. The new-Rome is the new-Empiricism, is the system is the plutocracy the olde-Rome warned us about, by obviating from their laxities, their decadence.           “R”



Global nuclear dangers have jumped since President Barack Obama’s 2009 Prague speech affirmed the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. Today’s nuclear dangers range from growing US–Russian political–military confrontation and the virtual collapse of bilateral nuclear arms control through the greatest divisions ever within the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) to North Korea’s coming capability to attack the United States with nuclear-armed missiles. The Donald J. Trump administration has maintained that nuclear weapons are essential to US security, though it has also affirmed the US commitment to the goal of nuclear abolition. Frustrated by lack of progress on nuclear disarmament and energized by concerns about the risk of use of nuclear weapons, nearly 125 countries have now negotiated a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It was signed by fifty countries when it opened for signature in September 2017. None of the nuclear-weapon states will adhere to the treaty and it will not reduce today’s nuclear dangers. The interests of all of the key protagonists—the United States and its allies, the other NPT nuclear-weapon states, and the supporters of the new Prohibition Treaty—would best be served by rebuilding habits of cooperation among them to reduce global nuclear dangers and advance the NPT’s nuclear disarmament goal. One possible rallying point would be a vision of the strategic elimination of nuclear weapons as instruments of strategy, power, and security—not their complete physical elimination—by 2045, one hundred years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Strategic elimination would have specific dimensions in terms of policy, operations, numbers, institutions and planning, and transparency verification. Priorities for action now stand out both to reduce today’s global nuclear dangers and to put in place the building blocks for strategic elimination.”[10]


The strategic elimination of nuclear weapons, is an important attribute of democracy-contribution by the world’s people to the planet, and to ourselves. Who better to complete that task than those of us who are lifetime-Adherers toward elimination and tReaties. There are many in the proletariat, also, who had jobs and are, currently, too impoverished, to donate to the many social-Websites people-Managements who help aspect those factors of demand and of need. The facts are on the table for prioritized-Sequitors for tReaties, and for Reductions of thermos, and especially for eradications of usages of any and all NSDU-238 ad D.E.W. nomen. The wordings in tReaties must include all three, or nuclear-Weapons of the nucleaRism, that we-Humanoids have known since before 1945, and must include research toward the development of sequestering Radionuclides impartially and by constant sourcing thru Phytoremediations.          “R”


“Labor Returns To Its Roots: Strikes Escalate

This is the 125th anniversary of Labor Day, which was declared in 1894 after the nationwide Pullman railroad strike led by the American Railway Union under Eugene Debs when 260,000 workers in 27 states participated. Federal troops were used to stop the strike and 26 people were killed. Six days after the more than two-month-long strike ended, President Grover Cleveland pushed legislation through Congress creating Labor Day as a conciliatory gesture to the workers.

Near the end of the strike, on July 4, Debs described the strike as the beginning of a conflict where “90 percent of the people of the United States will be arrayed against the other 10 percent.” Six days later, Debs was arrested and, after his conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court, he served six months in prison for violating an injunction against the strike. When released, Debs started the Socialist Party, which built worker power in elections, resulting in many changes to the laws.

The Pullman Strike was part of a growing labor movement that won reforms such as ending child labor, the 8-hour workday, the right to unionize and Depression-era New Deal laws, which included many laws demanded by workers, the Socialist Party and the Progressive Party.

Since the 1947 Taft-Harley Act, which restricted worker rights, unions have been in decline with reduced members and rights. The Janus decision, which some saw as a fatal attack on public-sector unions, might be the low point, perhaps the darkness before the dawn, for workers in the United States. Workers are realizing that democracy requires unions and now 64% of people say they approve of unions, a dramatic increase of 16 percent over a record-low figure registered in 2009.


Janus seems to have focused unions on the need to rethink their approach, and so far unions [that] have moved to an organizing culture have not been hurt by Janus. In recent years, there has been an awakening with a wave of strikes such as the teachers’ strikes in multiple states (California, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, among others). There have also been recent strikes by healthcare and hotel workers in ten cities, grad students, farmworkers and Stop and Shop, National Grid and Steelworkers, as well as the largest strike of manufacturing workers in the Trump era, McDonald’s, and even prisoners on stike in 17 states. WalMart workers threatened to strike and won increased wages.

‘May Day’ Militancy Needed to Create the Economy We Need

Workers in the new gig economy also face challenges. When Uber and Lyft went public, it was bad news for drivers. While investors made billions of dollars, it created new “demands from investors for fare increases and further attacks on drivers, already grossly undercompensated.”  These drivers are contractors, not employees subject to minimum wage laws or the benefits of being an employee. The effective hourly wage of an Uber driver is less than what 90 percent of US workers earn. Drivers have begun to organize and strike to demand better wages and benefits.

It is time for a new era of worker rights, union organizing, higher wages, and worker ownership. Decades of mistreatment of workers are boomeranging and could make the next decade one of massive advancement by workers.”[11]


That May Day should be a holiday against the pRivate g00n-squads that broke-up  Protesting, hammered heads, broke-Skulls, murdered people, and became the police-State nuisances of today, 130 years later–annually! The boredom werk is not always the means of pocket-Change to pay the rent. However, jobs such as planting millions of saplings in the Wyoming and Colorado mountains, where are those, as they may be outdoors-Boredom, camping in high-country, watching wild-Animals sport, but then the garbage-Chemtrails, as we do not need to weRk under “garbage”. Do we? Good gRief, do we even need “plutocracy” misspelled? Like, tyRanny is easiest to spell, orderly, not! Toxins are not vitamins nor “permaculture coming-Along: stRong”. Weld, we-People; up-to-Us, is fReedom a worthy-Democracy, not a “swarthy-Plutocracy”?              “R”


“Forces of the United Arab Emiratis (UAE) in Yemen are preparing to launch a military operation in the southwestern province of Taiz, al-Mayadeen reported on October 5, citing Yemeni sources.

The sources told the Lebanese news channel that the UAE is shipping weapons to its bases in the port city of Aden ahead of the upcoming operation.

“On Friday [October 4] a UAE ship was spotted arriving at al-Zit port in Aden, where it unloaded 100 armors and military vehicles,” al-Mayadeen quoted the sources as saying.

Last week, four similar ships loaded with weapons reportedly arrived at a newly-established port in Aden run by UAE forces.

The Houthis control most of strategic positions in Taiz, including areas overlooking the city, which is controlled by local militias backed by the Saudi-led coalition.

Last June, several sources claimed that the UAE is withdrawing most of its forces from Yemen and adopting a more diplomatic approach. This claim was denied by the Houthis. The Yemeni movement has warned the UAE on several occasions that Yemeni forces are more than capable to strike UAE cities.”


“Socialism the solution to climate catastrophe!

The crisis of the capitalist system is marching across the globe with giant strides, and Russia is no exception. The skeleton of workers’ protest is beginning to grow meat around it, as strikes become more and more frequent. And this crisis could not have but affected Russia’s political reality today.

The diminishing confidence and the ruling party’s falling ratings in the polls – along with that of the president personally – and the upsurge of opposition parties and movements are all characteristics of the present reality of Russian politics. It is against this background that the issue of environmental protests – previously rather low on the agenda of most ordinary Russians – has become one of the most important issues around which the people of Russia will stand, seemingly until the end. Protests in solidarity with Shiyes across Russia are growing in size, especially in the North of the country. Shiyes has served as a great inspiration for local action, with people across the country organising their own local waste sites monitoring.

It would be misguided to declare that the Shiyes protests are inherently “leftist” or “socialist”. They possess a revolutionary spirit, but they also remain a primarily environmental protest. Of course, the political side is strongly present, especially among the demands, but it is hidden under eco-problems. There is even a small echo of right-wing ideas about the “purity of the Russian North”, for example. But we must understand the material reality of the protest movement, its nature and its complexity. And we must certainly reject the sectarians who proclaim that we should “only support clearly left-wing protests”. Today, in the era of indiscriminate reaction, our mission as communists is to be in the midst of popular protests to explain the perspectives from a Marxist point of view. The working class knows how and where to move, and it will learn through experience. Our task is to be with the working class, to extend its outlook and impress the Marxist perspectives and demands upon the developing revolutionary movement, and to be in solidarity, shoulder-to-shoulder with the class, sharing the weight of historical responsibility.


We as Marxists believe that the solution to environmental destruction is achievable only by one means – the destruction of capitalism. The achievement of workers’ democracy, a planned economy and workers’ control over the environmental policies are the necessary instruments for the restoration of environmental balance. These perspectives must be explained to the activists, who often fully understand that the protests are not simply environmental but political in nature, but have not yet necessarily arrived at the conclusion that the answer is socialism. Thus, to raise the red flag over environmental protests is a crucial task for communists across Russia today. The Shiyes protesters – their determination and dedication to the cause – are a shining example for the struggles of the working people across the rest of Russia, and the experience obtained by these activists could be crucial in future revolutionary developments.”[1]

Putin is not an american-Socialist, and the we-peeps of Russia, can be and are, yet socialist-Enterprising. This is good, as my experiences in Chernobyl, that is in pRipyat, Ukraines and on the Vladimir Lenin reactor-Building #4, was my decision, because I found that they did identify w me as socialist, but not as “soviet-Stalinist”. There are millions people who need to redress, Ecosocialism, and that meant not-to-Use: uranium-238, at all in 1981, my visit there!

That NSDU-238 is “not-so-depleted” became the word-Term for my wRitings and word proper, usages. I determined this stat or fascination from fact that ur-238 is 60% “fissile-Matter” or anti-Matter w deadly alpha particles amassed for fissioning, altho those cannot be “cleaned-Up”. Non cleanups constitutes cRimes against Humanity, is also not a short-Term prognostication, but factors as the longest of any “superfund-site: necessity for the need of non-Embellishment, as well as non-Usages”. HALT export was also postscript to the Transport from Port of Houston, in 1972, to the IDF-Israels.      “R”


No matter what kind of invasion US-military has three-types nucleaR

weapons in military aRsenal

the peace-Warrior


Tags/  US military-Intelligence, cyber attack, on Iann’s IRGC, George H.W. Bush WAR CRIMES, Indicted and Impeached, Dying Trees:, further research releases, are and have been necessitated, since 1998, Building trust in nonproliferation:, transparency in, nuclear-power development, Brookhaven National Laboratory, specializes in nuclear, and high energy physics, energy science and technology, environmental and bioscience, nanoscience and national security, Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Deferred verification: verifiable declarations, of fissile-material stocks, strategic elimination of nuclear weapons, Daiichi’s, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, linking popular movements, Unions, ICBUW’ legal status, Russia, Shiyes environmental protests,






[2] “George H.W. Bush WAR CRIMES, INDICTED and IMPEACHED” 03 Jun 2013 **I found these links by search… used this entitlement to produce the results– Death of “motherfucker” War Criminal, gHW Bush?

[3] “Dying Trees” further research releases are and have been necessitated since 1998…

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[6] “Brookhaven National Laboratory is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory located in Upton, New York, on Long Island, and was formally established in 1947 at the site of Camp Upton, a former U.S. Army base. Its name stems from its location within the Town of Brookhaven, approximately 60 miles east of New York City. Research at BNL specializes in nuclear and high energy physics, energy science and technology, environmental and bioscience, nanoscience and national security.” Wikipedia,

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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