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anti-nucleaRist bloG #267/ 30 Aug 2019 U.S. Covert Ionizationings are No Excuse for Hegemonyite Heavy

anti-nucleaRist bloG #267/ 30 Aug 2019

U.S. Covert Ionizationings are No Excuse for Hegemonyite Heavy



How can we not allow and continue to disavow that “aluminum-Oxide and Barium” are highly toxic “chemicals”?  How long does the human body have before the accumulations, in-Bod tarnish: the heart, the lungs, the liver, the eyes. We’re talking “humanoids” as I have been discussing Radionuclides and Humanoids. This, now is a doubly intense ordeal against we-People, by the usurpations of “extreme psychopathic-Rule” sooo debased that they do not vouch-Safe in communications to make the olde-Rome go away, because they are the new-Rome.

Therefore, the damage-Done is not more significant than the incursions-Damage. Those two features have ti be articulated in a peace-Time, which the new-Rome has not created by the “constant of wArmongerings” now ongoing since 1978. Assertively, that which is actually, 41 years of continuous belligerence for more than dominance since any such structuring w aggression for belligerence is not misconstrued as non-Wars to us patrons of the global-Village. What is “space is also given to articulating a vision of cyber peace” we need to emphasis, plus tReaties on NSDU-238 as well as ‘D.E.W.’s”. That is anythinGy-Bop less than that is already scripted as cyber-Digital.             “R”


“Biological operations (bio-warfare) – Covert Aerosol-spraying (Chemtrails) & Morgellons

Mr. Carnicom discussed seven weapons applications using the plasma that the Earth’s atmosphere has now become because of the covert global spraying operation of aerosols (chemtrails).

One of these seven applications is biological applications or chemtrails.

There now exists prima facie evidence that the Chemtrails covert aerosol-spraying operation is in fact resulting in adverse impacts on human health that constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the Geneva conventions.

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri of the Carnicom Institute Board of Advisors has completed a Feb. 3, 2011 preliminary report of the impacts of the covert aerosol-spraying program as a bio-warfare program, including Morgellons disease.

Relevant segments of Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri‘s report are reprinted here in the public interest:

“January 22, 2011 was the first Chemtrails Awareness Day.

For those of us who, for years, have been researching these aerosol toxins that continue to be sprayed on us, it was a day to redouble our efforts once again to educate those who have not been paying attention to the momentous changes in our skies. Just look up! We rarely have full days of real sunshine. Instead, now we have 20% less sun, and mostly a blanket of artificial “clouds” filled with toxins. This is due to illegal Weather Modification programs that have never had any official public discussion.


“Our air quality, over the past 12-15 years, has declined dramatically. Do we really think we are immune to these poisonous effects? If one connects the dots as to how this has affected our well being, all we need do is see how illness has increased significantly in humans, animals, and plant life (in short, all living things). Millions of people are getting sicker, not better. What has happened is staggering in implications for all life on this planet.

“Yet, despite two Documentaries, the important and vital research contributions of Clifford Carnicom, various Skywatch and other citizens groups’ concerns, Dr. R. Michael Castle’s 2007 Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act (stalled in Congress), and possibly thousands of calls and letters to those in charge, US public officials and agencies continue to either ignore our real concerns or dismiss them as unfounded. There has been absolutely NO accountability and NO precaution.

Instead, lies and deceit abound. This cannot continue. How many more days do we want to be poisoned?

“A new preliminary draft report by Arizona Skywatch shows dramatic increases in heavy metals that simply do not belong in our air. NOTE: The level of Manganese is so shockingly high that Arizona Skywatch also included additional information about it (see below). This report will be posted online shortly. Here are the prepublication results. [NOTE: the Manganese and Copper ratio.]

This is only a preliminary overview of Arizona air particulates:

2010 Air Particulates – Antimony, arsenic, iron, manganese

These figures indicate how many times they are over the “allowable” toxic limit:

Aluminum: 15.8

Antimony: 63.3 [This is not a typo]

Arsenic: 418 [This is not a typo]

Barium: 5.3

Cadmium: 6

Chromium: 6.4

Copper: 9

Iron: 43.5 [This is not a typo]

Lead: 15.7

Manganese: 513.8 [This is not a typo]

Nickel: 10.7

Zinc: 7.5

These figures show that there is no air “quality” [a word meaning: excellence or worth]; but instead, there is a combination of hazardous metals permeating the air.

These toxins do NOT belong in the air we are breathing. In fact, if precaution were accurately factored in, the “allowable” toxic limit should be ZERO. Due to the extremely high level of Manganese, Arizona Skywatch also includes the following information on this metal:

“We are looking at a few metals that are without question harmful to health and environment, such Al [Aluminum] and Ba [Barium].

The third year of air particulate collection and analysis shows lower Al and Ba but still much higher than rated as safe. Manganese [Mn] continues to be extremely high for 2010.

The full report for 2010 is not complete, but do not be fooled by the idea that Iron or Mn are harmless – there are defined health impacts with high intake. Not all the Manganese being ingested will be from food, fine particles of Manganese passes through blood-brain barrier and can be deposited.[1]


The Carnicom Insititute, is correct on Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri‘s report “now we have 20% less sun, and mostly a blanket of artificial “clouds” filled with toxins. This is due to illegal Weather Modification programs that have never had any official public discussion” the above quotation. The grist of integrity is “lacking public input” as ws the causticity w NSDU-238 sooo that families had to pay the Veterans Administration Hospitals for excessive amounts of medication due the nerve-Agents blown sky-high into black soot that was seen for weeks from space. That soot became dust filled w nerve agents as well as uranium-238, of al Kamasyah. What a nonsense enlistment-Life that remains. They were trained to continue the guinea-Prissy’s association of nucleaRism and that meant often times long-term suffering w.o. endearments to have sex w a spouse. Gheez! What circumnavigation routes were those, fascists or the new-Rome principles?


There is the anti-Laws of Land chasteness that using NSDU-238 gave the US military the might to supersede laws of engagement, Laws of once-Waz: republic, now, the new-Rome of Plutocracy. Not bringing the irrationality and lawlessness to bare witness w the US-publics, was done expropriately sooo that “chem-tRails and Ionizationings” could and would be used, and to be innocuously labeled “done-deal”. Weld, however, that was an UN-done deal, one that would survive until Plutocracy is eradicated, jailed, suspended in a web of nano-Bacteria w.i. the improper “context” that bRought the psychopathics into the virus-Edge of neuro-Toxins which may have caused the thinking, in lies but in succeeding w total-Vituperations. The total-Disarray by Colonel Robert Steele and others at the fanatic-Hugging, building, the “squeamish-Building” where pRopaganda is bought and used, but not sold to the public, merely to private-Enterprise. Theirs is no force relocation of any but superlatives to maintain a mediocre, supersede-Method. That gHW Bushwhacky was totally incorrect to use what he helped and nourished thRu-out his loser political-Liife, he made-up-for in disgraceful mass-Murdering, lifestyle itself–1991.       “R”


“The situation in the Middle East is once again escalating.

On August 24, Israeli warplanes bombed what the Israeli military described as ‘Iranian targets’ near the town of Aqraba south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Syrian air-defense forces intercepted several hostile missiles. However, the rest of them hit the target.

According to claims by the Israeli side, the targeted positions were used by the Qods Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated units to prepare an attack on Israel with several armed drones. The Israeli military also released a satellite image of the positions its warplanes struck claiming that the image shows Qods Force Operatives’ building and a weapons warehouse.

IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaee denied that any Iranian position was hit. However, Lebanese sources reported that two Hezbolalh members were killed by the airstrikes. They were identified as Hassan Yusuf al-Zabib from the town of Nmairiyeh in southern Lebanon and Yasser Ahmad Dahir from the town of Blida in the same region. Hassan Yusuf al-Zabib is reportedly the son of Yusuf al-Zabib, a key administrator in the Hezbollah-affiliated news channel al-Manar.


Early on August 25, an explosion rocked Beirut’s Southern Suburb, known as the stronghold of Hezbollah. According to initial reports, two Israeli drones crashed in the area. Later, Hezbollah clarified that the drones were rigged with explosives and attacked the group’s media center.

“The first drone fell without causing damage while the second one was laden with explosives and exploded causing huge damage to the media center,” Mohamed Afif, the group’s spokesman said adding that the inactive drone is in the Hezbollah hands now.

Later on the same day, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah made an official statement on the situation vowing to shoot down Israeli drones flying over Lebanon. Nasrallah also promised that Hezbollah will respond to recent Israeli airstrikes on Damascus, which killed two fighters of the Lebanese group.

These developments were followed by a mysterious airstrike on a convoy of the Iraqi Armed Forces’ Popular Mobilization Units (the part of the military often describe as Iranian proxies by US-Israeli media) near the Syrian border. The strike destroyed at least 3 vehicles and reportedly killed a PMU officer.

The recent increase of Israel military actions across the region accidentally came ahead of the election into Israel’s Knesset in September 2019. It seems that once again the current Israeli leadership is escalating the situation in the region to secure a local political victory.”[2]


The lousiest idea came first to the mindfuls of 85-I.Q. league in the squeamish-Building, where abeyances for laws is facts beholden to non-tRuths those never discussed because they are cRiminal-Acts, known and renown. The idiocy from neo-Con’s was covert cover can be seen, today mostly 18-full years post D.E.W. usages in the WTC-buildings in my Manhattan Island of birth. Please do relate, now to: “On Contact: International Jihadism with Max Blumenthal” Chris Hedges interview of Max, posted youTube 17 Aug 2019 w 28,960 views.[3] Remembering NSDU-238 was twice-Used in Syria by US-military, helps to maintain hegemony.         “R”


“Host Chris Hedges talks to author and journalist Max Blumenthal about the intimate connection between the misguided support the United States has given to international Jihadism – starting with over $1billion Washington gave to the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1970s – and the rise of neo-fascists and ultra-nationalist movements in Europe and the US. Blumenthal’s new book ‘The Management of Savagery: How America’s National Security State Fueled the Rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Donald Trump’ was published in April by Verso Books.”[4]


Max, should have stated a ‘long, right word” in mid-Sentence. Sooo to recap, what we have in terms of oNLY nucleaRism, is 1990-91 NSDU-238 was shipped to Doha, Kuwait US military-Base, and useful for covering-up the invention of D.E.W. which was being developed 80-miles from WTC buildings of New York City i.e. not the other 49-WTCenters in u.s.a.  The neglect of neo-Cons blockages of facts may have caused Michael Ruppert his pent-up mental-Disassociation thru a constant of anxiety, that he kept thinking and was facing-Down. Michael was a hardship case, smoking gets high blood pressure I had to tell to him twice in Santa Monica and in LOS. Michael did just a gReat job in blogging and videos, too! He is missed, read his website info again. Meanwhile, IDF keeps murdering Palestine-Youth in Gaza. The anxiety may also be what I tRied to get across to the man who served and was yet subservient to the US-military, his possible. The zionist-Fascists of Isreals, that which Netanyahooey is, to promote benefit of cultivating illegal bombings in Syria each day-month-year, and leaves US-airforce in the lurch sooo much so that cIAS and jihadi’s can exist to substantiate anarchism, and promote continuance of chaos.

Sooo, just how did the Israels and Gaudis get together, if not thRu Washngton d-c oligarchs on white-Haus. There were many divisions of power as well as laborers hired and setting and placements of immense amounts of charges inside the building while and when people were not in office spaces. That is where the bush cRime Family came into apparency as though merely self-appointed. Primarily georges-Bush kept the Gaudi’s from leaving, as to when 3-4 days later they are departed open-skies as though their shid-ski did not smell. No, September 11th was an eyesore of tyranny enhanced and directed by in house or state elected and appointed “official of the new-Rome” and they proved firewirks matters for scaring populous, in addition to laminate w lies, moral deceptions and total lacking of any principles.         “R”


“Colonized peoples learned what fascism was long before Europeans and the rest of the world did. This is not to say that fascism was fully formed prior to the 20th century, but rather that its techniques were first tested in colonized nations, on colonized bodies, and on colonized minds. Its architecture was built there. After all, the first concentration camps were not in Germany, or even in Poland. They were in Cuba, Africa, America, and the Philippines – built by colonial regimes to control colonized populations who had the audacity to resist their subjugation.

Before and after the French, British, Spanish, Germans, Belgians, and the rest of Europe knew what it was like to live with the iron boot of fascism on their throats, they stomped on the necks of the people of Algeria, India, Indochina, the Caribbean, the Congo, modern day Namibia, Madagascar, Libya, and so many other corners of the planet. For the colonized world, the modernist brutality that Europeans only began to inflict upon themselves in the 20th Century was their introduction to Western civilization.

As a growing body of scholarship has shown, the connection between fascism and colonialism, and their antitheses, the antifascist and anticolonial struggles, is clear. Unlike European liberals and their settler-colonial cousins, who refused to recognize the straight line between their enlightened ideologies, the violence they inflicted in their imperial conquests, and the fascist beast, colonized people recognized it immediately. In the 1930s, African newspapers were filled with talk of fascism, while anti-imperialist figures like George Padmore, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Jawaharlal Nehru saw colonial and fascist regimes as the same tyranny wearing different uniforms.

Why wouldn’t they? Fascism was not new to them. In every practical sense, they had lived within it for centuries. They knew what it was like to face extermination, to be treated as subhuman, to live and die according to the whims of vicious overlords, to be massacred in pogroms, monitored and surveilled, stripped of their rights by the “superior race.” How many black, red, yellow and brown people were enslaved, beaten, shot, debased, burned or gassed before comfortable whites turned the final product on themselves? Millions upon millions upon millions.


When Hitler and Mussolini were safely dead and gone, and the same whites who sang so sweetly about democracy and freedom during the war turned their guns back on uppity natives, it was Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, and others who kept up the anti-fascist struggle. They had a better, truer understanding of what liberation meant than the colonizers, who cultivated their inner Hitlers with such blissful and willful blindness.

In his essay “Discourse on Colonialism,” written a mere five years after the end of World War II, Aimé Césaire wrote of the hypocrite’s shock that greeted the

European bourgeoisie when fascism and Nazism finally arrived at their door:

People are surprised, they become indignant. They say: “How strange!  But never mind-it’s Nazism, it will pass!” And they wait, and they hope; and they hide the truth from themselves, that it is barbarism, but the supreme barbarism, the crowning barbarism that sums up all  the  daily  barbarisms; that it is Nazism, yes, but before they were its victims, they were its accomplices; that they tolerated that Nazism before it was inflicted on them, that they absolved it, shut their eyes to it, legitimized it, because, until then, it had been applied only to non-European peoples; that they have cultivated that Nazism, that they are responsible for it, and that before engulfing the whole of Western, Christian civilization in its reddened waters, it oozes, seeps, and trickles from every crack.

We can see those cracks widen around us. Across the world, fascism is resurgent. Unable to solve its own contradictions, capitalism is dropping its poorly-fitting democratic mask once again on a global scale. In a settler colony like the United States, founded on genocide and slavery and driven by an inherently exterminatory, white supremacist logic, it should come as no surprise that a government like the Trump regime has come to power. The only surprise is that it has taken so long.

No matter how many times its critics shout that its latest horror show of a policy is “un-American” or “not who we are,” the inconvenient fact remains that this is precisely who Americans are. This is America. This is the country that the Nazis and Adolf himself praised as a model to follow – the country that turned the destruction of Black and Brown families into a national pastime even more beloved than baseball.”[5]


Do we need to ask ourselves this “how sallow is u.s.a. citizenry” or should we state point-Blank “in the once-Waz Republic, now the new-Rome of Plutocracy”? Have we our common-Sense or do we stipulate that Bourgeoisie is in control of maintaining the “laxity for deep-State due laziness”? Thus, does apparency not constrain Bourgeoisie, they who are the state of anxiety beridden w fear about corrupt-Leadership, but not NSDU-238 usages and the beckoning of more plutocracy. They are a constant struggle against the proletariat of u.s.a. w hue in the weigh-ins in bars getting drunk as the sanguine leadership of corporation more than likely use alcohol in excess from day yo day—for just inert attritions of allowability of 2,859 murders in NY-City.

The fanatic-penataGooons are into genocide and enslavement thru destabilizationings of others innately sooo easy to conquer, that destabilization serves best, when punishment prove banal—which is precisely what is set task-worthy programmed. This is “barbarity, Exceptionalist style”. If the squeamish-Building persons are maintaining neglectfulness, their spending must be on que for US-congressional-Reps cannot read all those 550-pages in reports set upon their desks weekly. What do they maintain, if not re-election if electoral-college, not voters? Thus, again and again, theirs is Conditionalism at gReat cost and that helps maintain “capitalist-Totality: not allowing any words on how well “world-Socialists control the truths” as those are not marketed!         “R”


“On occasion, and in the case of the following two articles recently published, that challenge has been taken to excess:

North Korea Shows How a Society Can Heal After Suffering Through Imperialist Violence and Why the U.S. Spreads Lies About China

The views expressed in these articles do not represent the Socialist Party and are in conflict with our core principles. While we are in steadfast support of the international working class and unequivocally oppose imperialist intervention, that does not equal and should not lead to support for authoritarian governments. To quote our Statement of Principles, “We align with no nation, but only with working people throughout the world.”

We apologize to anyone who read these articles as a representation of what the Socialist Party stands for and will be working to improve editorial oversight and accountability. Thank you. -SPUSA National Action Committee 07/19/19

In living memory, the people of North Korea have endured an act of violence that’s equivalent to the Holocaust. When the U.S. partnered with the right-wing south Korean dictator Syngman Rhee to provoke the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea into war, the Americans took an approach to warfare that amounted to crimes of genocide under international law. By carpet bombing all the major cities in North Korea without exception, burning down every town in North Korea, and committing atrocities like pouring gasoline down air ducts and burning North Korean children alive, American troops killed 1.55 million innocent North Korean civilians. This amounted to a population loss of about one-fourth for north Korea.


The motivation behind the genocide wasn’t just to weaken America’s enemy by any means necessary. It was to punish the people of the DPRK for their rebellion against capitalism and imperialism. The DPRK, which had become its own socialist state in 1948 under the leadership of Kim Il Sung, was founded on the mission of carrying forth the communist mission of its former occupier the Soviet Union. Rhee, who had murdered many thousands of his political opponents for their leftist views, no doubt included the DPRK’s socialist foundations in his rationale for planning an invasion of it. The U.S, which had begun its 20th century project of removing socialist governments from power by any means necessary, was glad to assist in this operation to violently enforce capitalism within the Korean Peninsula.

But the imperialists failed to destroy the DPRK, and this has given the country’s people a chance to develop their war-ravaged land into a beautiful working example of a society that’s adopted the Marxist governing model.

In a 1955 speech, Premier Kim Il Sung assessed that “To make revolution in Korea we must know Korean history and geography as well as the customs of the Korean people. Only then is it possible to educate our people in a way that suits them and to inspire in them an ardent love for their native place and their motherland.” The solution to this that Kim came up with was Juche, the ideology that affirms North Korea’s determination to remain politically independent, economically self-sustainable, and militarily self-reliant.

From these principles, North Korea has built a vibrant democracy, one where elections take place every five years as local, provincial, and national candidates from multiple parties are chosen in mass meetings. When there’s only one candidate on the ballot, it’s because a consensus has already been reached in the meetings on which candidate should be up for the nomination, and leaders can be recalled from their positions if the voters no longer want them in office.”[6]


That is my core business, as well. Being an american-Socialist, what is communism does not appeal, ordinarily. Because socialism is abused by anarchists w.i. the collaborative-oRganizationing of a party, nonetheless, very important, rule number-One is not always an adherence for freedom is peace.. Because, history must go-Ahead, and that historians are goal-Tenders, communist aplomb is basically different than american-Socialism. However, that “The views expressed in these articles do not represent the Socialist Party and are in conflict with our core principles” as written above, shows to me that In Defence of Marxism, may have missed an opportunity to step-in and delineate there is ‘doubt’ that Ecosocialism of what that country went thru 1950-1953 by US-military, desirous of building a steadfast offensive and aggressor-Dept-of-Offense, has happened by that destructive force of (not 25% but closer to 33% of populous) and in addition destroyed the growing soils by a fascist-Mechanism built into US-military.  Attritions along Marxist delineations are not always warranted, but the theoretics are.         “R”


“Kim Il Sung was the last in his family to hold the position of North Korea’s head of state, having been followed by presidents Kim Yong-nam and Choe Ryong-hae. Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un haven’t occupied the same position as their father and grandfather, instead serving as international public faces of the DPRK who don’t hold very much of the power over state affairs. Jong Un will likely be the last in his family to hold a major political position. By no honest definition is north Korea a totalitarian dictatorship, as it’s characterized throughout the capitalist media; its electoral system is more democratic than that of the U.S, and its people have full freedom of speech, assembly, and demonstration.

Through this system of worker’s democracy, the DPRK has created a social safety net which rivals that of the Scandanavian capitalist welfare states. The country has guaranteed employment, fully socialized education, and a political consensus where food, shelter, and healthcare are treated as human rights. Healthcare and education in the rural areas are improving by the year, and food security has been becoming less of an issue as the welfare system improves. Services like daycare and paid maternal leave are provided by the government for free. This distribution of resources is done through the Taean system, the model of workplace democratization that centers around electing factory committees designed to tackle problems of production. For this reason, the DPRK’s system of production is indisputably socialist. And all of this has been done after the passage of the 1974 law that officially abolished the tax system in north Korea.

The goal of all the propaganda that the U.S. and its allies put out about North Korea is to justify these aggressions by painting the DPRK as the one who’s been responsible for the war tensions. Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un have been portrayed in the Western media as “dictators” who’ve erratically threatened a hapless United States with a nuclear attack, and all of the U.S.’ violations of nuclear agreements with the DPRK, war provocations, sanctions designed to starve the North Korean people, and repeated refusals to negotiate with North Korea have been ignored. This war propaganda about the DPRK is reinforced by media stories about outrageous north Korean human rights abuses, which are produced by CIA psyop projects and are repeated by politically biased Western human rights organizations.

When John McCain has threatened north Korean “extinction,” or when President Trump has threatened genocide against north Korea in a United Nations address, or when the U.S. media has systematically undermined political will for nuclear talks with north Korea, it’s presented as a necessary response to the “crazy” Kim Jong Un. It’s no wonder why a YouGov survey showed last month that 50 percent of Americans say they would approve of a “preventative” American nuclear first strike against the DPRK; the American people are by and large deeply indoctrinated with American exceptionalism, unaware of the details and nuances of foreign affairs, and paranoid about the nations that their media demonizes.”[7]


The muddled, middle-Class is purposefully disregarding my hardwirk, as I am not disassociative. The progressives are too side-tRacked by “environment is the cause du celebre`” when in fact “chemicalizationing is the weather anti-Normative until they too succumb”. When is “all-is-Weld” going to happen people? We do not need wArs-wArrings, but we need “health-Medicare to accomplish the 1961, fact”. Yes. That american-Socialism keeps stoicism of the new-Rome in check is known-Fact! The capitalist-Shennigans that Oiel is black gawd does not mean we need a gawd nor merely we have to bow and scrape to their portends for “wall-Street w.o. derivatives-Earnings ‘taxed’…” is that not the case? A capitalist-Syndicalism has taken me into blogs, since 2004, as I am tiring of stupidity on the part of others not to read and decipher what the deep-State has done, in the cause of Conditionalism how technocracy responds is how US-congress bows to corporatist gReedies to continue nonsense rip-offs by dept-of-Offense. I’ve extrapolated for all of us. Seems that you can do much better in sharing my sites w others. Much better! The technocrats have lotsa deception to cast around, and to transpose, but not lotsa energy for tRuths—those that they cover-up makes them fascists!            “R”


“Exactly 400 years ago, in August 1619, enslaved Africans touched foot in the first permanent English settlement in what is now the United States for the first time. The centuries since have seen the development of a racial system more violent, extractive, and deeply entrenched than any other in human history. Yet where there is oppression, there is also resistance. Since 1619, Black radicals and revolutionaries have taken bold collective action in pursuit of their freedom, threatening the fragile foundations of exploitation upon which the United States is built. These heroic struggles have won tremendous victories, but they have also produced martyrs—heroes who have been imprisoned and killed because of their efforts to transform society.

“Black August” is honored every year to commemorate the fallen freedom fighters of the Black Liberation Movement, to call for the release of political prisoners in the United States, to condemn the oppressive conditions of U.S. prisons, and to emphasize the continued importance of the Black Liberation struggle. Observers of Black August commit to higher levels of discipline throughout the month. This can include fasting from food and drink, frequent physical exercise and political study, and engagement in political struggle. In short, the principles of Black August are: “study, fast, train, fight.”

George Jackson and the origins of Black August

George Jackson was a Field Marshal of the Black Panther Party while he was incarcerated in San Quentin Prison in California. Jackson was an influential revolutionary and his assassinations at the hands of a San Quentin prison guard was one of the primary catalysts for the inception of Black August.

A 19-year-old convicted of armed robbery, in 1961 George Jackson was sentenced to a prison term of “1-to-life,” meaning prison administrators had complete and arbitrary control over the length of his sentence. He never lived outside of a prison again, spending the next 11 years locked up (seven and a half years of those in solitary confinement). In those 11 years—despite living in an environment of extreme racism, repression, and state control—George Jackson’s political fire was ignited, and he became an inspiration to the other revolutionaries of his generation.


Jackson was first exposed to radical politics by fellow inmate W.L. Nolen. With Nolen’s guidance, Jackson studied the works of many revolutionaries, including Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin, Mao Tse-Tung, and Frantz Fanon. Nolen, Jackson, and other prisoners dedicated themselves to raising political consciousness among the prisoners and to organizing their peers in the California prison system. They led study sessions on radical philosophy and convened groups like the Third World Coalition and started the San Quentin Prison chapter of the Black Panther Party. Jackson even published two widely read books while incarcerated: Soledad Brother and Blood in My Eye.

Unfortunately, if predictably, these radical organizers soon found themselves in the cross-hairs of the California prison establishment. In 1970, W.L. Nolen—who had been transferred to Soledad prison and planned to file a lawsuit against its superintendent—was assassinated by a prison guard. Days later, George Jackson (also now in Soledad Prison) and fellow radical prisoners Fleeta Drumgo and John Clutchette were accused of killing a different prison guard in retaliation for Nolen’s death. The three were put on trial and became known as the Soledad Brothers.

That year, when it was clear that George Jackson would likely never be released from prison, his 17-year-old brother Jonathan Jackson staged an armed attack on the Marin County Courthouse to demand the Soledad Brothers’ immediate release. Jonathan Jackson enlisted the help of three additional prisoners—James McClain, William Christmas, and Ruchell Magee—during the offensive. Jonathan Jackson, McClain, and Christmas were all killed, while Magee was shot and re-arrested. Ruchell Magee, now 80 years old, is currently one of the longest held political prisoners in the world.

On August 21, 1971, just over a year after the courthouse incident, a prison guard assassinated George Jackson. The facts regarding his death are disputed. Prison authorities alleged that Jackson smuggled a gun into the prison and was killed while attempting to escape. On the other hand, literary giant James Baldwin wrote, “no Black person will ever believe that George Jackson died the way they tell us he did.”…”[8]


Imagine, leaders of this nation being assassinated, because they were conned into jail-Terms? Attacking a partly guarded by screening x-rays, does not mean that response i.e. S.W.A.T. would not be jolly to add to their dementia. There are prison uprisings, guards murdering, guards being bought, prisoners taking ill-bred physical-Actions onto accord of emotional responses, which is also what the corrupt guards do. The courts have armed guards which is not advised inside, and my case against a d-F officer I who served in Emeryville, also found his way to stealing the medical-Doctor’s examination ex-Rays. The cases for a closure w wrong-Doings seems steeped for inadequacy as much as court-Clerks and Judges recite laws, what and when those are not werking is yet having a county, public-Defender, many of those are merely criminal-Justice students, too. There are many court’s cases and too many afro-Amers in jail for not being able to pay fines, and those fines increase while they are in jail, like the bank controls the court thru interest-Rates.     “R”


“An economic and social theory that seeks to maximize wealth and opportunity for all people through public ownership and control of industries and social services.

The general goal of socialism is to maximize wealth and opportunity, or to minimize human suffering, through public control of industry and social services. Socialism is an alternative to capitalism, where the means and profits of production are privately held. Socialism became a strong international movement in the early nineteenth century as the Industrial Revolution brought great changes to production methods and capacities and led to a decline in working conditions. Socialist writers and agitators in the United States helped fuel the labor movement but were often branded as radicals and jailed under a variety of laws that punished attempts to overthrow the government. Although government programs such as Social Security and Welfare incorporate some socialist tenets, socialism has never posed a serious challenge to capitalism in the United States.

One of the early forms of socialism was the communitarian movement, popularized by the brothers George and Frederick Evans, who came to New York from England in 1820. Communitarianism, which was based on the ideals of the French theorists jean-jacques rousseau and François-Noël Babeuf, involved the pursuit of utopian living in small cooperative communities. Cooperative living gained greater popularity under the utopian socialists, such as the Welsh industrialist Robert Owen and the French philosopher Charles Fourier. Owen’s followers established a self-sufficient utopian community in New Harmony, Indiana, in 1825 and Fourier’s followers did the same in the 1830s and 1840s on the east coast. Both of these efforts failed, however.


In 1848, the German philosophers karl marx and Friedrich Engels introduced scientific socialism with their extremely influential work, the Communist Manifesto. Scientific socialism became the definitive ideology of a second, more powerful phase of socialism. Scientific socialism applied the dialectic method of the German philosopher georg hegel to the political and social spheres. Using discussion and reasoning as a form of intellectual investigation, Marx and Engels identified a historical progression in human society from Slavery to Feudalism and finally to capitalism.

Under capitalism—defined as a global system based on technology transcending national boundaries—society was divided into two components: the bourgeoisie, who owned the methods of production, and the proletariat, the laborers who operated the production facilities to produce goods. Marx and Engels predicted the disappearance of the middle class and ultimately a revolution as the vast proletariat wrested the methods of production from the control of the small bourgeoisie elite. This revolution would usher in an era when resources were owned by the people as a whole and markets were subject to cooperative administration.

The Communist Manifesto made less of an impact in the United States than in Europe, in part because the nation’s attention was focused on the issue of slavery and the growing division between the North and South. When these tensions escalated into the Civil War, a great increase in industrialization led to the emergence of socialist labor organizations. At the same time, political Refugees from Europe contributed socialist theories to labor and political movements. In 1866, socialists who had been heavily influenced by German immigrants helped create the National Labor Union. Their efforts led to an 1868 statute (15 Stat. 77) establishing the eight-hour day for federal government workers; however, it went ignored and unenforced. The National Labor Union disappeared a few years after the death of its founder, William Sylvis, in 1869, but the ties between labor and socialism remained.”[9]


The one-Party: parody is an acerbic consonance of argument w.i. a sphere that holds all other political-Parties at bay, from facts and from fully developed and forged theoretics, which is what I have been doing by espoused, of sorts. Yes, but truth is moribundly “all these tRuths” as those are always the importance, not merely and import of suggestion for indigestion-Sake. The end to slavery, as well as the beginning of labor-unions, for a party of non-Parody to attach the deceits and lies and anti-nucleaRism, measures against insobrieties-Galore. Feels that counter-commandeering theories is counter-Commandeering the falsities hewn by the intel-Gence for pRopaganda, since the one-Party: parody is plutocrats-at-the-Helm of making enterprise-Disaster. Repetitiously and repeatedly, as though nothing exists for nothing. Nothing does exist and is killing millions of fellow world-citizens draining human-Spirit while lambasting the proletariat as though the “professional-Proletariat: does not exist.   

The dislike that I hold is like, operation Gladio-B does exist and has for over 21-years, as that may proffer a decisive correlative to having to use, via excuse-Making, chemicalizationing for Ionizationing of the eRathe’s Ionisphere which is no longer available to the we-People, because that area, vicinity, atmosphere has been bought-Off by corporatist “gReedies”. What those imbeciles did was to contaminate, pollute and diabolically insurrect an area of planet for “proselytizing” the planet’s Ecology. The “big-Lie” goes on, along the zones that plutocracy enveloped for their gReedy-Contaminations.  



“As socialists across Europe and the United States debated and extrapolated on Marx’s initial definitions and their application under widely varying conditions, socialism gradually divided into three major philosophies: revisionism, Anarchism, and bolshevism. Revisionist socialism promoted gradual reform, compromise, and nonviolence. Initially, “reform” meant the nationalization of state and local public works and large-scale industries. Dedicated to democratic ideals, revisionists believed they could achieve civilized progress and higher consciousness through economic justice and complete equality.

Anarchic socialism, best exemplified by the Russian Mikhail Bakunin (1814–1876), sought the Abolition of both property and the state. Under anarchic socialism society would be composed of small collectives of producers, distributors, and consumers. Anarchism reflected the desire of the dispossessed to eliminate bourgeois institutions altogether. Like its contemporary syndicalism in France, anarchic socialism sought the immediate implementation of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Bolshevism advocated the use of a select revolutionary cadre to seize control of the state. Bolshevists asserted that this cadre was needed to raise the consciousness of the proletariat and move toward a socialist future through absolute dictatorship. Their preferred method of redistributing wealth and resources was authoritarian collectivism, commonly known as Communism. Under authoritarian collectivism the state would own and distribute all goods and services. In envisioning this role for the state, the Bolshevists rejected both classical and theoretical socialism. Their only tie to classical socialism, besides the rhetorical one, was their view of the state as having a role in ameliorating the suffering brought about by industrial capitalism.


The Knights of Labor, which was formed in 1871 in Philadelphia, became the first truly national and broadly inclusive union in the United States. Revisionists worked within this union and other labor and third-party groups, often in leadership roles, to achieve definable goals that would culminate in a socialist state. Preaching reform, education, and cooperation, the union grew in numbers until 1886. In May of that year, during a strike sanctioned by the Knights against the McCormick Harvester plant in Chicago, an unknown person threw a bomb into the ranks of police sent to disperse a public gathering organized by anarchist socialists. The Haymarket Riot, as it became known, set the stage for the first Red Scare in U.S. history. Eight anarchist leaders were charged with murder on the basis of speech defined as conspiracy. The use of a judge-selected jury and his instructions to them led to the conviction of the anarchists, four of whom were sentenced to death and hanged. The U.S. Supreme Court could find no principle of federal law to review the case.

The reaction that followed the riot signaled the end of anarchism as a force in U.S. politics. It was also the end of the first phase of inclusive, or industrial unionism, as opposed to trade unions. Under the pressure of economic downturns, factionalization, and the stigma of being affiliated with anarchists, the Knights of Labor declined into a negligible force.

Throughout the 1880s and 1890s, the revisionists attempted to unionize various companies, including Andrew Carnegie’s Homestead Steel in 1892. Private armies and the Pennsylvania state militia were used to break up the strike. In 1894, eugene v. debs (1855–1926), head of the American Railway Union (ARU), organized a strike against the Pullman Palace Car Company. The sherman anti-trust act of 1890, ostensibly passed to curb the accelerating trend of monopolization, was used to stop the ARU strike. When the ARU ignored the Injunction granted under authority of the act, Debs was sentenced to six months in prison for Contempt of court. On appeal the sentence was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in In re Debs, 158 U.S. 564, 15 S. Ct. 900, 39 L. Ed. 1092 (1895).

Despite this setback, Debs had proven himself to be a significant leader and orator. As such, he took a key role in the U.S. socialist movement. In 1897, he formed the Social Democratic Party. In 1905, Debs moved more to the left, and with william d. “big bill” haywood and Mary Harris “Mother” Jones he co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World. The “Wobblies,” as they were called, represented the legacy of direct action advocated by the earlier anarchists.”[10]


Maintaining democracy is all we can care to do in this the new-Rome of Plutocracy. All Laws and values have been abused or thrown to the wind by virus-Like feature of paranoia. The state is not, supposedly, all important, not omnipotentate. However, the mistreatment of all-of-us has affirmed that is what they have been doing. That is what those maim-errs of nations have done, that is their psychopathic-Accomplishment. They, the new-Rome of Plutocracy, have affirmed that “democracy” must be police-state, and that the word “socialism” is anathema to thinking in even cordial-Like paraphernalia. These belligerents have tried to reframe brutality for themselves and accomplished a feat that demeans having to use similar-Methods or defeat oneself. The word paraphernalia to them demeans not having “socialism” and demeans not having “democracy” as unlawfulness has been covert, has been kept secret, has been renown for fearmongering, and is fascist-Belligerence, too. Are we not enemies of the state of once-Waz: republic that is no longer, they cannot ask, since they would have to lie, to themselves once again. What can be done I have covered, every aspect from nucleaRism because “Radionuclides will not be good for us whether there is not found a nano-Particle: cure, not ever in the eye of public renown, yet.             “R”


“”Friendly fire” is like “ethnic cleansing” and “depleted uranium” come to that. It is dressing up murder so that it might appear respectable – the art of lying; bastardization of language.

These are terms of befuddlement, “cons” by other names.

Murder is wrong whether by individual, home, street, country or race.

Use of uranium weapons has been defined by a war crimes tribunal as omnicidal (ICTA (Afghanistan), Tokyo, March 2004).

Omnicide may not happen in a flash, but over a generation. Generations ofbees, birds, trees, flowering fruit and helper creatures may be shorter than human.

It is long overdue for heads to come out of the sand.

Omnicidal warfare could not be more serious.  Ross Wilcock

“Our collective gene pool of life, evolving for hundreds of millions of years has been seriously damaged in less than the past fifty.  The time remaining to reverse this culture of “lemming death” is on the wane. In the future, what will you tell our grandchildren about what you did in the prime of your life to turn around this death process?” Rosalie Bertell, 1982 …”[11]


The final account to the bridge to poverty, by the deep-State started w NSDU-238 usages, sooo squeamish were the voices of and about the disrespect for human-Law, natural, the word was castigated in the penataGooons building. The “squeamish-Building” allotments for tRaining has the allocatable confines of brainless-Waves, orders of how not to stand-Down, orders to allow murder, that causes chaos. The infirmed “anarchyist-Presidents and theirs is Conditionalism for pTSD to happen sooo that NSDU-238 does happen. The 60% fissile matter is not a bacteria, but a whole curse of wantonness to waste space-Time of the younger-Age enlistee, from 1989 thru to present.         “R”


No matter what kind of invasion US-military has three-types nucleaR weapons in arsenal

the peace-Warrior


Tags/ chem-tRails, State of impact, aerosol program–1999-2011, War report, Israels, carries-out strikes, on Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, my underground-Journalism, colonial roots, of Fascism, North Korea Shows , Society Can Heal, Ross Wilcock, MD on ‘friendly fire, depleted uranium, NSDU-238, roots of Black August, Socialism, fRee dictionary, squeamish-Building,


[1] “State of the impact of the aerosol program – 1999-2011” January 10, 2011 report


[3] My underground-Journalism can and does not have to support other Journalists. Here I support “two”! See @

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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