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anti-nucleaRist bloG #265/ 23 Aug 2019 Will the new-Rome End the Military-Hegemony, or Do We

anti-nucleaRist bloG #265/ 23 Aug 2019

Will the new-Rome End the Military-Hegemony, or Do We



There seem to be very many types of “directed-Energy Weapon” as those are being used against the we-People of u.s.a. as the tRumpeteR, twEets away is, dispensatory, words promising not any but a pace w the past a law against the cRime of chemicalizationing and of fusion-Usages, the D.E.W. which causes fire purposefully, leaving “onslaught after onslaught, after onslaught, of communities allowing for more homeless and further suffering of the sordid-Excess type on that hypertensive requisitioning for tyranny oNLY be accomplished and not find the perpetrators, but defense their rites for making “death-syndrome” the continuous-Rex of the third “nuclear-Molecular: weapon” But, why against the people who have always a need for ‘defense’ before another offensive-Aggression is perpetrated by ergonomics of non-Existence is better than obliterative not pertaining to Constitutional Law and to Universal Declaration law?


We Humanoids do not need to manufacture chemicals that insures we have to manufacture other chemicals to be rid of those. Same is tRue for the elements of Radionuclides. Yes. We american-Socialists want, desire and wirk to ascertain and have “democracy in and of the wurk-Place. What hinders is the aggressions by US-military-Hegemony, because we know them as the department-of-Offense. Mistrust, distrust, mis-Information, dis-Information, not all the same but almost alike, because odious-nucleaRism, remain oblique standard of plutocracy: the new-Rome, remain US-military-Hegemony w client-State, zionist-Israels. We do need a “defense” that stands for we-People. Again, since 1956-57 peace-Prospects are obliterated for capitalist-cRonies, capitalist-Banks w offshore accounts and no-Accountability set as moral-Rules.         “R”


While we welcome the fact that governments have finally acknowledged that those affected by the use of DU weapons have serious concerns over the risks they pose, we have seen little to suggest that states are willing to act,” said ICBUW Coordinator Doug Weir. “Resolutions alone will not clear land or assist communities, and it is high time that governments commit to delivering clear obligations that tackle the post-conflict legacy of DU weapons”.  ICBUW


As we, the people of and in u.s.a. know, the US: military-Hegemony of the new-Rome is a gRotesque “empire” one whose feeble-Mindedness is a doctrine of deceits, coupled to an almost total-Lacking of methods which networks tyRanny w terrorism to produce more dictators and excessive “malformed governments”. The “DU” acronym is the epiphany of terror, a mainstay for the Plutocracy, our form of governance we are forced to accept. Being responsible to the irresponsibility is as heinous as using and leaving “Uranium-238” scattered around any-ole-Where! Nothing is depleted w uranium of any sordid-sort mechanism of armament that is a nuclear-Molecular one, the first signified as useful for the “dirtiest of connotative usages against other-Humanity”. Removing ur-235 from NPP fuel-Rods, as well as from cask storage of “mixed-Radionuclides” is dirty, because to maintain the dirty-Usages and the dirty tRansport for murdering and illegal-Invasionings which we anti-War and anti-Nuclearist people remove from un-Known stasis. Mostly because the ur-238 was a dirty-Plan never “researched as to whatever was relatable for humanity” and for the phony-Cause that any0ole dirty-Radionuclide was going to contaminate they lid and garnered more deceits under the propaganda-Guise of nucleaRism        “R”


“The Center just took the Trump administration to court for gutting the

Endangered Species Act.

Our legal fight against this giveaway to industry at the expense of wildlife is on — and we need you with us.

Please give to the Center’s Endangered Species Act Protection Fund — and have your gift doubled.

The Endangered Species Act is the single most powerful conservation law in

existence. Trump and the greedy anti-wildlife forces he’s shilling for aren’t just trying to push species closer to extinction so they can drill, mine and log the Earth into an industrialized wasteland.

They also want to hamstring the Center and our supporters permanently. They want to stop us from protecting wildlife for good.

This attack on the Endangered Species Act is a direct assault on vulnerable species, and on all of us who stand up to defend them. With our fight now in court, this is the time to give to preserve the lifesaving power of the Act.

Today’s lawsuit is just a first step. We’ll keep up our legal battles for the Act and

imperiled species, we’ll fight the assault in the halls of Congress, and we’ll mobilize for the wild with a mass resistance on the ground.

We won’t let Trump and Bernhardt eviscerate the Endangered Species Act and take down species after vulnerable species.

Today our suit challenges Trump’s attack on the Act. Nothing will be spared by this administration’s greed: The new rules will make it harder to protect threatened species, more difficult to defend habitat and put a dollar figure on the lives of precious, disappearing wildlife.

In a time of runaway extinction, the administration has declined protection for more than 60 species, including Siskiyou Mountains salamanders, Joshua trees, California’s tricolored blackbirds and yellow-banded bumblebees.

Trump has escalated his war on the wild by trying to rip apart the law that has saved 99 percent of the species granted its protection.

We’ll do all we can to protect the Act and the animals and plants that depend on it to survive…”[1]


Altho “nucleaRism” is not a hard-Word to learn, much of whatever I have to say dwells upon bio-Remediation, learning Ecology—firsthand in nature—and, that is where I came across ‘the Center for Biological Diversity’.  Whenever I have a latest notice ‘e-Mail’ from the center, the facts, not fallacies are there to read, and to acknowledge. I’ve learned such from the iMaGeS and the species analysis of eco-zones and eco-systems as well as what to dwell upon w or w.o. that word extinction. Phytoremediationing on Radionuclides is what is necessary to utilize: first, in order to remove PFORS, that the US-military has purposefully left behind on bases (800 approximately) around the planet. Phytoremediation can and must be done for daiichis, the extent of the blown-Aerosolizationing processes from 3-meltdowns, whether caused by “directed-Energy fusioning” or not. Damn the governor of Fukushima pRefecture for not suggesting phytoremediating. Whatever happened to Arnie Gundersen being sooo afraid of technics that take far less time to consummate than building an NPP?        “R”


“Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein By Webster Tarpley at

Awareness is growing around the world that the Wikileaks-Julian Assange theater of the absurd is radically inauthentic – a psyop. Wikileaks and its impaired boss represent a classic form of limited hangout or self-exposure, a kind of lurid striptease in which the front organization releases doctored and pre-selected materials provided by the intelligence agency with the intent of harming, not the CIA, nor the UK, nor the Israelis, but rather such classic CIA enemies’ list figures as Putin, Berlusconi, Karzai, Qaddafi, Rodriguez de Kirchner, etc. In Tunisia, derogatory material about ex-President Ben Ali leaked by Wikileaks has already brought a windfall for Langley in the form of the rare ouster of an entrenched Arab government.

[youtube zaq9DnfeXRI&feature=player_embedded]

At Foggy Bottom and Langley, a manic fit has been building since the flight of Ben Ali. US imperialist planners now believe they can re-launch their shopworn model of the color revolution, CIA people-power coup, or postmodern putsch against a whole series of countries in the Arab world and far beyond, including Italy. The color revolutions had been looking tarnished lately, as a result of the failure of the Twitter Revolution in Iran back in June 2009. Previously, the Cedars Revolution of 2005 had failed in Lebanon. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine had been rolled back with the ouster of NATO-IMF kleptocrats Yushchenko and Timoshenko. In Georgia, the Roses Revolution was increasingly discredited by the repressive and warmongering regime of fascist madman Saakashvili.


US Seeks to Mobilize a New Generation of Young Nihilists Across the Globe

But now, NSC, State, and CIA believe that the color revolution has a new lease on life, thanks to their estimate that the United States, because of Wikileaks and Assange, has captured the imagination of a new generation of young nihilists across the globe who are described as the post-9/11 generation, estranged from governments and opposition parties, and thus ready to follow Langley’s peroxide Pied Piper.

Assange started his intensive deployment phase this year with video of a Class A US war crime in Iraq, which was very graphic but which dealt with an incident which was already widely known. The second document dump focused on Iraq, but now the targeting had shifted to Prime Minister Maliki, and the Iranian asset whom the US by some strange coincidence was trying to oust as leader of Iraq in favor of the US puppet Allawi. With the third document dump, this time involving State Department cables, we found out much derogatory gossip about such classic CIA targets as Russian prime minister Putin, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, the Russian-Italian strategic alliance, President Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, and President Karzai of Afghanistan, along with jabs at supposed US allies who need to be kept off-balance and dependent, including the Saudi Arabian royal family, French President Sarkozy, and others. Wikileaks thus directs the vast majority of its fire against figures who are part of the CIA’s enemies list.

No Equal Time for CIA Covert Operations

Assange also provides a splendid pretext for draconian censorship and limitations on the freedom of the internet. The totalitarian liberal Senator Feinstein wants to bring back Woodrow Wilson’s infamous Espionage Act of 1917 in honor of Assange. Assange must be seen not as an activist, not as a journalist, and not as an entertainer, but rather as a spook.”[2]


The many freedom accolytes, such as Dave Emory, Webster Tarpley, James Fetzer, James Corbett, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Chris Hedges and myself (definitely included) have offered ‘decades’ of non-Edifice, but informationing, to maintain a balance of knowns over dis-Information and mis-Information buried in propaganda misnomerism, and cRonyism knowns. The we-People must temper this restraint thru discussion and to gain ascendant mannerism for an economy to properly propel ourselves into a shared Future of values, and not a constant of devaluing-Democracy. That democracy is not a crutch of american-Socialism is because bourgeois-Tendentiousness is that renown factor of plutocratic-Superlatives. The caustic, again, is a stoic-Embrace that change does not happen—basic system lament when change off a transport fuel has yet to happen since 1974!

How dissatisfying is cancersticks and cancerous growths, or better informed when living nearby a nucleaRist practice-zone where is the law to find and fund expedient removals of Radionuclides and of chemical and of health-Medicare the first need context overall? That democracy is the emblazoning manner to speak-out against-Wars and against social-Indifference, but that socialism is the empathic-Polity for maintaining that which may have become laws to be enforced. The era of not speaking what the tyRanny has been is space-Time on human-Earth, not interstellar nebulous of gas and electromagneticism, more like Gaudi Arabias, self-Denial zionist-Israels, exceptionalist-New Romans, which is finally becoming of science-Fiction wRitors and gaudy videogRapheRs.       “R”


“Permafrost’s potential to warm the planet is dwarfed by our own. But if we hope to limit warming to two degrees Celsius, as 195 nations agreed to during the 2015 Paris talks, new research suggests we may have to cut emissions eight years sooner than IPCC models project, just to account for the thawing that will be going on.

It is perhaps our least appreciated reason to hasten a transition to cleaner energy: To reach whatever goal we set to combat warming, we’ll need to move even faster than we think.

Permafrost—ground that remains frozen year-round—is capped by a few feet of dirt and plant detritus. Called the active layer, this soil normally thaws each summer and refreezes in winter, protecting permafrost from rising heat above. But in the spring of 2018, a crew working for Nikita found that dirt near the surface around Cherskiy had not iced up at all during the long dark polar night. That was unheard of: January in Siberia is so brutally cold that human breath can freeze with a tinkling sound that the indigenous Yakuts call “the whisper of stars.” The Soviets used to land heavy planes on the Kolyma. Soil 30 inches down should have been frozen. Instead it was mush.

“Three years ago, the temperature in the ground above our permafrost was minus 3 degrees Celsius [27 degrees Fahrenheit],” Sergey Zimov said. “Then it was minus 2. Then it was minus one. This year, the temperature was plus 2 degrees.”

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River guide Michael Wald stands on a beaver lodge on the Alatna River. As trees and shrubs grow taller and spread north, beavers and other animals are following.

On one level that’s not surprising. Earth’s five warmest years since the late 19th century have come since 2014, and the Arctic is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet, as it loses the sea ice that helps chill it. In 2017 tundra in Greenland faced its worst known wildfire. Days before we landed in Siberia, thermometers in Lakselv, Norway, 240 miles above the Arctic Circle, recorded a blistering 32 degrees Celsius, or 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Arctic reindeer hid in road tunnels for relief.


Permafrost temperatures globally have been rising for half a century. On Alaska’s North Slope, they spiked 11 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 years. Localized thawing of permafrost, especially in villages where development disturbs the surface and allows heat to penetrate, has eroded shorelines, undermined roads and schools, cracked pipelines, and collapsed ice cellars where Arctic hunters store walrus meat and bowhead whale blubber. Warm summers are already warping life for Arctic residents.

What the Zimovs were documenting in 2018, though, was something different, with implications beyond the Arctic: a wintertime thaw. The culprit, paradoxically, was heavy snow. Siberia is dry, but for several winters before 2018, thick snow had smothered the region. The snow acted like a blanket, trapping summer heat in the soil. At a research site 11 miles from Cherskiy, Mathias Goeckede of Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry found that snow depth had doubled in five years. By April 2018 temperatures in the active layer had risen 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

… The phenomenon wasn’t limited to Siberia. Vladimir Romanovsky, a permafrost expert at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, had for years watched the active layer freeze completely by mid-January at some 180 research sites in Alaska. But as those places also faced a recent period with heavy snow, the freezing slipped first to February, then to March. In 2018, eight of Romanovsky’s sites near Fairbanks and a dozen on the Seward Peninsula, in western Alaska, never fully froze at all.

Globally, permafrost holds up to 1,600 gigatons of carbon, nearly twice what’s in the atmosphere. No one expects all or even most of that to thaw. Until recently, researchers presumed permafrost would lose at most 10 percent of its carbon. Even that, it was thought, could take as much as 80 years.”[3]


Why are the we-People fearful, not afraid, to transfer out tRansport phooel to Liquid Natural Gas as well as hydrogen-Fuel: cell? I relate this stat as “eRgonomics to substantiate change-is-Unknown” the cRutch of discivilry. All that schloch about “electric-Autos” is gRand, great idea, too. However, LNG does move choo-choo Engines, best and 1.5 miles long tRains, plus the idea can be useful for areo-jets to changeover to hydrogen-Fuel cells. That would be less “apt” fires like chem-Trails but resulting in explosions and no parachutes available, which might be necessity for the first six-Months of utility-Tests. The methane-Releases as I’ve already stated is the best opportunity for “american-Socialists” to take hold of owning and operating businesses, adding no matter ‘how large that may be’! Somehow the longer we wait, the worse the entreaty, for wear on the Ecology north-Arctic regionalism. Recuperate the planet in other words, is foremost for jobs, unions, organized Labor, and no malicious offending big-too-fail coRpoRate-sleaze        “R”


“President Donald Trump has reportedly ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to open Alaska’s 16.7 million-acre Tongass National Forest — the planet’s largest intact temperate rainforest — to logging and other corporate development projects, a move that comes as thousands of fires are ripping through the Amazon rainforest and putting the “lungs of the world” in grave danger.

The Washington Post, citing anonymous officials briefed on the president’s instructions, reported late Tuesday that Trump’s policy change would lift 20-year-old logging restrictions that “barred the construction of roads in 58.5 million acres of undeveloped national forest across the country.”

The move, according to the Post, would affect more than half of the Tongass National Forest, “opening it up to potential logging, energy, and mining projects.”

The logging restrictions have been under near-constant assault by Republicans since they were implemented, but federal courts have allowed them to stand. As the Post reported:

Trump’s decision to weigh in, at a time when Forest Service officials had

planned much more modest changes to managing the agency’s single largest holding, revives a battle that the previous administration had aimed to settle.


In 2016, the agency finalized a plan to phase out old-growth logging in the Tongass within a decade. Congress has designated more than 5.7 million acres of the forest as wilderness, which must remain undeveloped under any circumstances. If Trump’s plan succeeds, it could affect 9.5 million acres …

John Schoen, a retired wildlife ecologist who worked in the Tongass for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, co-authored a 2013 research paper finding that roughly half of the forest’s large old-growth trees had been logged last century. The remaining big trees provide critical habitat for black bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, a bird of prey called the Northern Goshawk and other species, he added.

Environmentalists were quick to voice outrage at the U.S. president’s reported move and draw comparisons between Trump and his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro, who has rapidly accelerated deforestation in the Amazon.”[4]


By not allotting a “confederation on Ecology states” the US-citizens have transposited too much mis-consideration, for Environment not for Ecology. The weight now resides upon us american-Socialists. The bigger problems of corporate-Sleaze is yet takeover of that capitalist-Totality and replace that w management-System, but capitalism that we are quite, too familiar in u.s.a. is not miserly; is short-Term extravagant; is death-Syndrome thru controls of US-military. Even astute US: military-Brass can enlighten us of that omen of the ominous. The complication is that the Oligarchs keep standing for plutocratic-Methodology, and maybe that understatement demeans the process of neglection of those power-elites, ought be handled as they have mishandled, us and therefore they like the dilemma of maintaining a diaspora of mis-Information. One that disavows information of the global-Village. That is when the worldly big-Tit, invoices there are a host or multiple of anxieties, but do not call those problems, as they are fixable, broken portions of the intimate-Hidden, deep-State society and necessary parts w.i. society, we who stand for laws and Universality of peace, not wArs-wArring illegalities. Ours.    “R”


“…“9/11 Under A Microscope–How to critically think through 9/11” by Jim Fetzer, Category: 9/11 / WTC / Pentagon – 2001, False Flag / Hoax Duration: 01:58:16 Date:

2018-03-02 08:33:06, video…12,107 views”[5]


What I ask is how come there are not 1,200,107 views by this professional? Previously, I have stated, that: there are 1,200 anti-NucleaRists in the u.s.a., but I was short a few words—probably due the insurmountable pains of shoulder missing cartelege for 21 months—as there ought to be of all those anti-nucleaRist protestoRs, 1,250 each day who subscript the admonitions of nucleaRism, at any one time. This aspect is that the worldly: big-Tit, can provide sustenance, thRu the metastasizing of meta-Physics. In this manner our Universal context of space-Time w.i. the global-Village survives bRains intact. By the way, there is no non-Universal “worldly: big-Tit” since we are peace-People as well. The Universal has not been waylaid by Hegemony ‘n Hegemonyites, as much as we-People have not reconnoiteured, Universally that of peace-Need and that of health-Medicare that we pay into, and pay into and pay into and not receive for 47 years before the banks foreclose on the pea-bRain issue. The worldly: big-Tit does not have to love you when you’re being is totality of degeneracy.           “R”


“Two years before the invasion of Iraq, a report commissioned by the World Health Organization warned that the long-term health of Iraq’s civilian population would be damaged by the use of depleted uranium (DU) – radioactive waste from the nuclear industry which is used to harden missiles, shells and bullets and which slices through tank armor like a knife through butter. The WHO did not make the report public. Odd, that.

DU has been called the “Trojan Horse” of the wars in Iraq – and Afghanistan and Kosovo and Bosnia – a weapon that keeps on killing. On detonation, DU armaments release a spray of radioactive dust that can be carried in the air over long distances and which, when inhaled, goes into the body and stays there. The dust remains radioactive for 4.5 billion years.

The WHO report was written by three of Europe’s top radiation scientists, including Dr. Keith Baverstock, for more than a decade the WHO’s leading expert on radiation and health. After retiring from the WHO, Baverstock leaked the report to the media earlier this year. It concluded that microscopic particles of DU would be blown around and inhaled by Iraqi civilians for years to come, and could trigger the growth of malignant tumors. Baverstock believes the WHO deliberately suppressed the report – probably under pressure from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a more powerful UN body that promotes nuclear power. In response, WHO claims the IAEA’s role was “very minor” and says the report was not approved for publication because “parts of it did not reflect accurately what a WHO-convened group of international experts considered the best science in the area of depleted uranium.”

In other words, its own chosen experts got it wrong. Odd, again.

Had the study had been published in November 2001, Baverstock believes there would have been more pressure on the Allies to limit their use of DU during the invasion of Iraq – and to clean up afterward. But it wasn’t published. As a result, Iraq is now playing host to some 350 tons of DU fired in 1991, but also to more than 1,000 tons reportedly fired in 2003. The “reportedly” is needed here because the armed forces are playing coy with figures. No wonder: handlers of DU in the US and Britain are required to wear masks and protective clothing. Imagine Iraqis having to dress like that for 4.5 billion years.


Nuha al-Radi, the much-loved Iraqi artist and diarist who died in Beirut on August 31, believed her leukemia could have been caused by DU. And if not DU, then something else to which Iraqis were knowingly exposed in the wars since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. For DU is not the only concern in the “toxic wasteland” that many scientists say Iraq has become. There are also the chemical weapons the Baath regime used against its own people, and in its war with Iran, and, most recently, the chemical and biological materials released into the atmosphere by Allied bombing of Iraqi stockpiles in the first Gulf war of 1991.

Nuha, who didn’t believe the first war would take place, was devastated by the second. “The carnage takes place in apocalyptic proportions,” she wrote at her lowest point. “Sometimes I want to cry, but I resist. I am totally withered, and feel so useless.” We talked of working together on a film that would investigate the pollution of Iraq and its people. Nuha was convinced that DU was entering the water table and flowing into every corner of the country, poisoning everything. But she fell ill, and we did nothing.

Looking at the DU debate now, one thing is crystal-clear: there are two very district bodies of opinion – and both claim to be informed. The question is, by what?

On one side, there are the governments that use DU weapons, the IAEA, NATO and WHO, who maintain (publicly, at least) that DU is not particularly dangerous and has no long-term effects. On the other side, united by varying degrees of concern, are the European Parliament, which has called for an immediate moratorium on the use of DU weapons, Belgium, Portugal, France, Spain and Italy, who don’t use them and want an inquiry into them; the United Nations Environmental Program; and many independent scientists, several of whom have first-hand experience of the legacy of DU.


After the first Gulf war, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a colonel in the US Army Medical Corps, was put in charge of Nuclear Medicine Service at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He discovered unusual radiation levels in veterans and became convinced not only that DU was killing them, but also that it was causing changes in the human gene pool that would damage future generations. He found “considerable resistance” from the government to his work on DU and was asked to stop. He refused. Two months after writing to President Bill Clinton to request an inquiry into DU contamination, he was fired – and went on to become Clinical Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Georgetown University in Washington.

A nutter? Hardly. Yet Durakovic says soil samples from Iraq show radiation levels 17 times higher than is acceptable – threatening, he says, environmental “catastrophe.” He believes that DU contamination from the 1991 war may have exposed the entire Gulf population.

When the 1991 war started, Dr. Doug Rokke, a Vietnam veteran, forensic scientist and retired army major, was recalled from academia and sent to the Gulf as part of the army’s Depleted Uranium Assessment team. “The US Army made me their expert,” he says. “I went into the project with the total intent to ensure they could use uranium munitions in war, because I’m a warrior. What I saw as director of the project led me to one conclusion: uranium munitions must be banned from the planet, for eternity, and medical care must be provided for everyone” – those on the

firing end and those on the receiving end.

Many in Rokke’s Gulf team are now dead. He himself suffers from serious health problems including brain lesions and lung and kidney damage. When government doctors finally agreed to test him in November 1994, three-and-a-half years after he fell ill, while he was director of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project, he was found to have 5,000 times the permissible level of radiation in his body – enough to light up a small village.

DU, he says, is the stuff of nightmares.”[6]


I met Major Rokke` four times—three in san fRan Bay area, and once in Illinois at his farm. He maintained that the US-military was his manner, but did not stake a claim to the anxiety that military-Hegemony causes other than having to care for those younger service-Personnel who parceled their own disbeliefs but could not characterize that protest-for-Peace would help further support “regarding the disregards of uranium-238” being a nuclear-Molecular: weapon of mass-Annihilation or destruction w.o. lawful-Purpose. Of course they did that but not like protestors standing on a coRner in dN-tN San Jose, as I did w others: veterans and peace-Proponents.

There is no need of proselytizing the need for wArs-wArring, when murdering others is a nightmare AND the US: military-Hegemony made the supposition that we wee not “the new-Rome” into the biggest “lie-Scape” for an austerity of chauvinism w impunity-Galore. The heinousness of nightmares is that “uranium-238: weaponry” was used and my yet be utilized when “directed-Energy: weaponizing was used” we find the end-All/be-All” is not that nucleaRism has not been, but once again, what the damnable should not have place w ‘no-Expediency’ merely sado-Masochism—repeated ad-Infinitum in formula that is the word “Indifferent”.         “R”


“This not only made the program function more smoothly, but also served as an opportunity to build the movement for socialism, bringing people with popular hearts — a sincere and deep desire to fight for the people and better their conditions — closer to the PSL. Furthermore, the volunteers have brought their own connections. For instance, our free field trip came about as a result of volunteers spreading the word about this program.

Eventually, we were able to secure a deal to receive periodic donations from a local grocery store. Food that is perfectly fine to consume but would have been thrown out due to the irrationality of the capitalist system was collected and used for the program, as well as for a food pantry for community members. A similar system was set up with clothing, in which we solicited donations from friends and family and delivered them to the church.

Who is Óscar Romero?

Saint Óscar Romero came to prominence upon assuming his position as Archbishop of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. Originally conservative leaning, Romero tended towards liberation theology as the government’s ruthless repression of the revolutionary movement intensified.

His regular talks on the radio captivated thousands throughout the country, quickly making him one of the government’s most outspoken enemies. For this, he was assassinated by a U.S.-backed death squad lead by Roberto D’Aubuisson, the founder of the far-right Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party.

Even after his death, Romero remains a force to be reckoned with. Monseñor Romero’s words still echo around the world, especially in El Salvador and all of Latin America where he is revered as a champion of the poor.


EOR field trip

Escuelita Óscar Romero builds the movement for socialism

EOR is very clear that it is not a non-profit or a charity. We aim to lay the foundations for a truly mass movement for socialism rooted in the working class by building relationships and trust. On the one hand, by demonstrating our commitment to the community by providing services unjustly denied by the capitalist system the PSL is earning a reputation as an organization sincerely interested in improving the lives of the people. On the other hand, we are combating the isolation, individualism and fear that capitalism seeks to impose on working class neighborhoods — especially immigrant communities — and build the solidarity and unity needed to wage successful political struggles.

Having a party like the PSL as the anchor of the project is essential because the struggle demands vast organizational and political work. One thing that made this program so important was the campaign of terror targeting immigrants in the form of ICE raids and concentration camps; this is an objective condition (outside the influence of any person or organization) in U.S. society which has been building up over the past few years. However, the spontaneous outrage against abuses by ICE and Border Patrol alone cannot defeat the ruling class, and it is the job of an organization composed of steadfast cadres to channel this into long-term organization (taking subjective action based on the objective conditions).


… no one should be surprised that people are leaving El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in the tens of thousands after the U.S. government waged brutal wars of attrition in the region for the past several decades and installed repressive client regimes. It was only 10 years ago that the Obama administration (with Hillary Clinton serving as Secretary of State) aided in the ousting of Manuel Zelaya, bringing the country’s right wing to power. The current president, Juan Orlando Hernández, who has so far been wildly corrupt and unpopular.

… The same big banks and corporations that pillage the wealth of the Central

American countries people are fleeing from are the ones who are truly responsible for declining living standards in the United States. The people are fighting back all across Central America, in Latin America and the world against U.S. imperialism, and we support their just struggle. We can do our part here in the belly of the beast by building the movement against our common oppressors.

As U.S. capitalism continues to offer working people nothing but deepening poverty and repression, the ruling class is increasingly turning to overt racism and anti-immigrant hatred to distract from its decay, as it has done time and time again throughout history. In this period of intense repression, it’s important to extend solidarity, study and struggle with one another. This means being organized and disciplined and having a heart for the people.”[7]


The cRapolist-Totalitarianism illegal-Invasions and protectioning of dRug-Lords of central and south-Americas was, odiously and obviously, NOT HALTED by waylaying the people of the banana-Republics from 1979 thru 1988. The mother-Fooker: gHW Bushwhacky, was as involved in cIAS transactions, as sanctimonious his fanaticism of plutocrat could be. I was there in 1983, for report-Making on the Moskito Indigenous, as they defended their needs of defense, of their lands, and saw results of the dRug lords making orders to death-Squads against villagers, who needed human-Kindness as well as particular support, for their building communities in collusion w their “democracy-Fidelus”. As I was detained, first in jungle for 30-days and then in San Salvador by the colonel in charge of curfew and sending troops into villages, 12 hours. Those countries was not much of a country to live, due the fascist-Estate of corporate cruelty. How does one raise a family when neighbors are being killed by those “hardly: human-Rights militaries”?        “R”


“From a standpoint of mechanical wounding effects (WIA) and of course, killing (KIA), it makes little difference if the friendly fire rounds are depleted uranium/ titanium (DU/Ti) alloy or tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) … unless the WIA are retaining radioactive shrapnel. Can we assume the rounds in question are “inert” (non-explosive) heavy metal kinetic energy penetrators? Not necessarily. There may be tracer and or incendiary chemicals in the rounds as well.

More important than mechanical wounding (WIA) is inhalation of DU/Ti aerosols during the combat event. This would effect anyone surviving the battle scene.

A-10 30-mm rounds are devastating anti-personnel ordnance. It is rare to survive a direct hit on the body. The rounds are fired in bursts and travel over a kilometer per second so there is a high likelihood of receiving more than one hit. The metallurgical components of the rounds are not relevant to the kinetic or terminal ballistic effect on the human body. The metallurgy is important to the effects on hard targets.

Fragmentation, shearing, er[-]osion, target cratering and shrapnel behavior are different between DU/Ti and WHA rounds. WHA rounds may not penetrate armor that DU will penetrate with ease. Light armored vehicles hit by DU rounds will almost always show an exit hole. At the distance fired by a close-in A-10, and the US AAV’s targeted, both types of rounds would penetrate. Post impact behavior of the rounds inside the AAV’s (fragmentation, ignition of internal components such as fuel, clothing and magazine rounds, etc) depend on a number of factors which are not predictable. WHA is not auto igniting nor pyrophoric without chemical or metal powder additives.

Any of the surviving personnel (wounded or not) may be experiencing acute and developmental uranium internal contamination effects as a result of inhaling aerosolized DU/Ti alloyed penetrators ballistic by-products. I have personally collected radioactive penetrator residues from diabled Iraqi tanks and soil in the Nasiriyah friendly-fire battlefield. Samples collected from civilians living adjacent to the firefight show they are excreting DU in their urine. US A-10 friendly fire survivors therefore need to undergo urine uranium isotope analysis to know if they have been contaminated. Creatinine and total uranium bioassays cannot answer the question of contamination. The analysis must be done by mass spectrometry in a laboratory capable of measuring low levels of uranium and transuranium isotopes, including 236U and 239/240Pu. The laboratory results must be reviewed by an independent scientist knowledgeable in the analyses of such data.”[8]


Why was the “fookerbilt-ski uranium-238 sooo damnably good to — USE”? Let’s go TEST that malicious-Addiction-to-Death before use. Hear that echo, the one that does not exist. Hear that? The propaganda-Word: DU, hear that? Was that used before invasioning fulfillments of anti-Pathetic, psychopathologic-Invasionings? Or, was that not-Tested and therefore, results were let to castigationings against laws passed, laws written. Laws discussed at all? Was the “Thunderbolt A-10 built to use 30-mm penetrator “bullets” of pure uranium-238, 10-pounds each, that fire at 2,800 round per minute from the GAU-8 attached to the aero-Jet. How fookerbilt: sickening! Am I proud that my country is the biggest shid ski-Eater, because the fanatic-penataGooons have their collective cronyism head up act eating fecal-Matter until they die of dried blood? The plutocracy-Empire, the new-Rome, the mass-Murdering the w.o any restraint to have no-Diplomacy, other than US-military-Hegemony, takeover militarism, impermeating the whole of our society in wAr-wArring to maintain destabilizationings of “democracy” elsewhere as well as well as here in 48-states and what such impunities and usuries those cRonies have been?             “R”


“The Houthis unveiled on August 24 two air-defense systems, which have been secretly in service with their air-defense units since 2017.

In a televised conference, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, said that the two systems, dubbed the Fatir-1 and the Thaqib-1, were used against many warplanes and drones of the Saudi-led coalition and even the U.S. military.


The Fatir-1 missile was identified as a modified copy of the semi-active radar (SAR) guided 9M336, the standard armament of the well-known Soviet SA-6 “Gainful” air-defense system.

The SA-6 system has a range of 25km and engagement altitude of up to 8km. The Houthis likely obtained the system from the stockpiles of the former Yemeni Air Defense Force.

Brig. Gen. Sari said that the Fatir-1 system was successfully used to shot down at

least two MQ-9 Reaper unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) of the U.S. military. The first one was shot down over the coastal Yemeni city of al-Hudaydah last June, while the second was downed over the city of Dhamar a few days ago only.


The U.S. Central Command (CENCOM) revealed in an offical statement that a SA-6 system was used to down the MQ-9 UCAV near al-Hudaydah last June.


Unlike the Fatir-1, the Houthis didn’t release any photos of the Thaqib-1 air-defense system.

Brig. Gen. Sari said that the Thaqip-1 was “locally-developed.” However, he declined to provide any details saying that further information on the system will be revealed later.

The Houthis are known for operating modified air-to-air missiles, such as Soviet-made, infrared-guided R-27T and R-73E. Thaqip-1 could be a codename for one of these modified missiles.

The Houthis’ growing air-defense capabilities:

According to Brig. Gen. Sari, the Houthis air-defense force has launched 166 anti-aircraft missiles since 2017.

72 missiles targeted drones of the Saudi-led coalition and the U.S. military, 45 targeted warplanes of the coalition and 49 were launched against Saudi and UAE AH-64 Apache attack helicopters.

“The air-defense [force] plans to deploy defensive systems in all Yemeni regions,” the spokesman said stressing that the Houthis will continue to develop their air-defense capabilities until they are able to counter any aerial threat.

In the framework of these efforts, a third and fourth air-defense systems were “developed” by the Houthis, according to the spokesman, who said that they will be revealed soon.”[9]


The Houthis have rebounded from not having a nation-State to being the primarily significance for preservation of the Yemens people. They are, not however, the majority yet, because of so-called capital investments that have gotten bombed. Yes, that is correct. They are stern. Strong and erstwhile officiously dutiful and should parvenu more than exchange w women, who may become voters and all people, especially the informed who may have recuperated from near-Death starvation. I for one want you folks to DONATE to the southfRont website, because I cannot on my meagre-Retirement. Two, I am tired—not ever indifferent—from years of being burglarized, because capitalist-cronies who may have served in the military and had not the balls to say enough warmongering for small pittances in retirement sooo that gambling and betting on professional-Sports while they are drinking is all that those hegemonyites can drole around—or smoking mary-Jane and pRetending as pseudocRats do.


Be rid that hegemonyite-Light ordeal. Learn what is plutocracy-the-system and DO NOT PUT UP W THAT manner of and in their enticements. As we-Socialists around the world have known, US-military-Hegemonyites are scattering insult before truths rule out the historic-Reproofs. War after war after invasion after support of military-Armaments sales and shipments, as of now, not REMOVED UR-238 from the arsenals, nor started the US corrupt-Congress toward insulating the we-People of the u.s.a. from insultuous ilk from abroad due the oIigarchs of Plutocracy. The system must be thrown in JAIL, and that means arrests of all, not miserly jailing, as were the Nuremburg tRials had done in 1945 and 1946. That we-People ought open the pea-bRains thru words-Wordages means speaking-Out and writing e-Mails has not happened far enough and away, to the satisfaction of this bloggeR, this anti-nucleaRist, this poet.            “R”


“When the larval alien at last explodes out of a human torso, you may experience, along with the expected jolt of fright, a curious sensation of relief, even affection. So much has changed in the world, and in movies, since the first “Alien” freaked out audiences in 1979, that the appearance of a chittering, scurrying, fast-spawning extraterrestrial predator feels like a visit from an old friend. Humanity may have lapsed into terminal tedium or hubristic stupidity, but that creature, with long, slender limbs and a cranium like a speedskater’s helmet, remains interesting.

The same can be said about “Alien: Covenant,” which follows “Prometheus” in Ridley Scott’s 21st-century refurbishing of the franchise he initiated (with the crucial contributions of Sigourney Weaver and the graphic artist H. R. Giger) almost 40 years ago. It’s an interesting movie. I wish I could be more effusive, but “Covenant,” for all its interplanetary ranging, commits itself above all to the canny management of expectations.

…How ‘Alien’ Changed the Way Hollywood Scares Us

Ridley Scott’s film “Alien” gave audiences one of the scariest space monsters in movie history. Here’s a look at how the 1979 film has influenced the genre.

CreditCredit20th Century Fox

To complain about its lack of ambition would be to misconstrue its intentions. Rather than setting out to conquer new worlds or excavate primal fears, this “Alien” is content to uphold a long-lived and well-regarded brand. Correcting some of the previous film’s mistakes — not enough alien! too much mythological mumbo-jumbo best left to movies with “Star” in the title! — Mr. Scott parcels out carefully measured portions of awe, wonder and terror on the established installment plan. This episode needs to satisfy you just enough to make sure you come back for the next one.”[10]


The p-a-i-n-s in my body from aRthRitis to aRthritis-Attacks to disappearances of cartelege and grinding bones wearing out, are not remediated by watching the alien: thinGy-Bop beyond the amazing film: pRometheus. Because I met Noomi Rapace in Sweden and saw and spoke w her again in Norway, makes me feel better than all joint-Pains, galore. All we-Citizens get from Holywood, is pain-to-the-bRain-Matter, because they maybe, sometimes, a-c-t! Bang, bang, shoot, shoot, fast cars go as fast as videogRaphers have not-Headaches. The wArs-wArrings go fast and snipersshoot 3,800 yards, now. Aghast! What about historic-Presentments? Are there any from Holywood wRitors, from Holywood directors. Push teevee aside or has there been one late-nite show w that of “all-Wars: discussion in the past 39-years”?


The sitt-Butt entropy exits for the Bourgeoisie and the Technocratic overlay of this: non-Conduciveness for moribund impunity not yet discussed as well. Where is the film and theatrical-Play on “alienation-Hegemony”? The instabilities from private-Interests fornicating w governments too often, are a turn-Off for the werking people who do not have ‘democracy on the wirk-Place’. Again, we know them as the department-of-Offense.


HALT the usages of NSDU-238, HALT abuses by soldiers who returned home w pTSD


                                    the peace-Warrior  “R” Addison


Tags/ Kierán Suckling, Center for Biological Diversity, Webster Tarpley, wikileaks, cognitive infiltration, national geographic, Arctic permafrost, is thawing fast, propaganda-Word: DU, tRumpeteR, Moves to Open, 16.7 Million Acres, Alaskan Rainforest, to corporate exploitation, NSDU-238, uranium-238, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a colonel, Escuelita Óscar Romero, Tedd Weyman, Uranium Medical Research Center, houthis unveil two, air-Defense systems, Alien: Covenant, stays on Brand w its Terror,




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[10] “ Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’ Stays on Brand With Its Terror” N.Y. Times, by A.O. Scott May 17, 2017

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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