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anti-nucleaRist bloG #264/ 22 Aug 2019 Methane Refined is Liquid Natural Gas, butt-holds Not Barred ur-238

anti-nucleaRist bloG #264/22 Aug 2019

Methane Refined is Liquid Natural Gas, butt-holds Not Barred ur-238



There seems to be very many types of “directed-Energy Weapon” as those are being used against the we-People of u,s,a, as the tRumpeteR, twEets away his, dispensatorily, words promising not any but a pace w the past such as a law against the cRime of chemicalizationing and of fusion-Usages of nucleaR: D.E.W., which causes fire purposefully. This is an itinerate living “onslaught after onslaught, after onslaught, of communities allowing for more homeless and further suffering purpose. The usages of the sordid-Excess type on that hypertensive requisitioning for tyranny oNLY. What ought be accomplished other than this US-militarism, now he is spoken about as the dictator thru hid fascist whimsicalities not to desist, not to relate the tRuths of an insidious his knowing willfully well, allowing the tyRanny of chemicalizationing and not find the perpetrators.


Where are those ‘rebuttals’ on and against his knowing w.o. allotments for tRuths other than perpetual lies, that “Directed Energy is not a tReaty, habitable, yet? His sparse compendium but a selfish defense their rites for making “death-syndrome” the continuous-Rex of the third “nuclear-Molecular: weapon”. But, why against the people who have always a need for ‘defense’ before another offensive-Aggression is perpetrated by ergonomics floundering w.i. the context of non-Existence is better than obliterative not pertaining to Constitutional Law and to Universal Declaration law? Theirs, that of US military-Hegemony is not an erstwhile destiny, but a tRait of leaving-Out: why not get off “Oiel as tRansport phooel” at last, why doubtfully in need of happening, when the damage already done, is 4-decades along associated “plutocracy lines of partial-Ameliorations”. Never to HALT tyRanny, we may not ask.           “R” 


“While we welcome the fact that governments have finally acknowledged that those affected by the use of DU weapons have serious concerns over the risks they pose, we have seen little to suggest that states are willing to act,” said ICBUW Coordinator Doug Weir. “Resolutions alone will not clear land or assist communities, and it is high time that governments commit to delivering clear obligations that tackle the post-conflict legacy of DU weapons”.  ICBUW (see: website)…

Depleted uranium used by NATO during bombing of Serbia takes its toll

By InSerbia with agencies -Mar 29, 2016  BELGRADE – The use of depleted uranium during NATO bombing of Serbia has caused long-term damage to Serbia and the Serbian people. Because every year we have an increase in the number of cancer cases by 25 percent over the previous year. Figures in the case of patients in Kosovska Mitrovica support this fact, as in 2011 here were registered 185 of them, the following year, 225 and in 2013 – 250. Therefore, the gloomy forecasts, imposed back in 2002, that the use of depleted uranium during the aggression of Western military alliance against FRY will cause an epidemic of malignant diseases, turned out to be accurate, said dr. Nebojsa Srbljak for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

Dr Srbljak, a cardiologist at the ZTC in Kosovska Mitrovica and founder of the NGO “Angel of Mercy” which deals with data on the number of patients with malignancy in Kosovo, explained for the daily that “those who used the depleted uranium had to know what consequences it causes”. He said that the study of his organization, which cover the period of two years before and two years after the bombing, clearly shows that the number of patients with malignant diseases is caused by radioactivity, and not stress and other bad life habits.


“Let us remember the example of Italy which has revealed that their soldiers, who stayed in Kosovo, were irradiated and that the increased number of hematological diseases is a direct consequence of the use of depleted uranium ammunition,” said dr. Srbljak. “Italian KFOR soldiers were deployed where the most of the ammunition with depleted uranium was used, in Pec, Djakovica, in Kosare. Their families, as far as I know, have received compensation.”

Dr. Srbljak urges the authorities that our country formally request compensation, not only for material damage but also because of the increase in the number of patients with malignant diseases. The cardiologist claims that someone was trying to minimize the information he and his team published back in 2002 that the number of patients with malignant diseases was increased by almost 200 percent compared to the period before the bombing.

“It became clear that we are right when our neighbors Albanians started to go to Belgrade for a treatment. Because, and that is obvious, they have confidence in the expertise of Serbian doctors. I therefore think that our proposal, to open a branch of Oncology Institute in Belgrade here in (Kosovska) Mitrovica could finally be realized.”…”[1]


As we, the people of and in u.s.a. know, the US: military-Hegemony of the new-Rome is a gRotesque “empire” one whose feeble-Mindedness is a doctrine of deceits, coupled to an almost total-Lacking of methods which networks tyRanny w terrorism to produce more dictators and excessive “malformed governments”. The “DU” acronym is the epiphany of terror, a mainstay for the Plutocracy, our form of governance we are forced to accept. Being responsible to the irresponsibility is as heinous as using and leaving “Uranium-238” scattered around any-ole-Where! Nothing is depleted w uranium of any sordid-sort, any sordid mechanism of armament, especially one that is a nuclear-Molecular one. While, the cRapola-Sleaze was first signified as useful for the “dirtiest of connotative usages against other-Humanity” we peace-People, scientists who analyzed, and Philosophers stated that going ahead without knowing how the stuff can be “brought-Back from Ecology (1969)” felt entirely, different i.e. not difficult. Removing ur-235 from NPP fuel-Rods, as well as from cask storage of “mixed-Radionuclides” is dirty to maintain and sooo why enterprise usages beyond a stupefaction that there will be even “one-Percent” knowing removal from soil-water-land will pRove the inefficiency, cost-Point. Those test evidently were, not, done, nor attempted, other than penetrators (those shell casings from shoot-em-up) practice zones. The dirty-Usages and the dirty tRansport for murdering and illegal-Invasionings were all that singularity “sought” and that is Conditionalism.         “R”


“SERGEY ZIMOV, AN ecologist by training, tossed a woolly mammoth bone on the pile. He was squatting in mud along the cool, wide Kolyma River, below a towering cliff of crumbling earth. It was summer in eastern Siberia, far above the Arctic Circle, in that part of Russia that’s closer to Alaska than to Moscow. There wasn’t a speck of frost or snow in sight. Yet at this cliff, called Duvanny Yar, the Kolyma had chewed through and exposed what lies beneath: a layer of frozen ground, or permafrost, that is hundreds of feet deep—and warming fast.

…Twigs, other plant matter, and Ice Age animal parts—bison jaws, horse femurs, mammoth bones—spilled onto a beach that sucked at Zimov’s boots. “I love Duvanny Yar,” he said as he yanked fossils from the muck. “It is like a book. Each page is a story about the history of nature.”

Across nine million square miles at the top of the planet, climate change is writing a new chapter. Arctic permafrost isn’t thawing gradually, as scientists once predicted. Geologically speaking, it’s thawing almost overnight. As soils like the ones at Duvanny Yar soften and slump, they’re releasing vestiges of ancient life—and masses of carbon—that have been locked in frozen dirt for millennia. Entering the atmosphere as methane or carbon dioxide, the carbon promises to accelerate climate change, even as humans struggle to curb our fossil fuel emissions.


Picture of flame from hole in ice and snow at night.

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is bubbling from thawing ground under lakes across the Arctic. In winter, surface ice traps the gas. On this pond near Fairbanks, Alaska, scientists have drilled through the ice and set the escaping methane on fire.

Few understand this threat better than Zimov. From a ramshackle research station in the gold-mining outpost of Cherskiy, about three hours by speedboat from Duvanny Yar, he has spent decades unearthing the mysteries of a warming Arctic. Along the way, he has helped upend conventional wisdom—especially the notion that the far north, back in the Pleistocene ice ages, had been an unbroken desert of ice and thin soils dotted with sage.

Instead, the abundant fossils of mammoths and other large grazers at Duvanny Yar and other sites told Zimov that Siberia, Alaska, and western Canada had been fertile grasslands, rich with herbs and willows. As these plants and animals died, the cold slowed their decomposition. Over time, windblown silt buried them deep, locking them in permafrost. The upshot is that Arctic permafrost is much richer in carbon than scientists once thought.

Now new discoveries suggest that the carbon will escape faster as the planet warms. From the unexpected speed of Arctic warming and the troubling ways that meltwater moves through polar landscapes, researchers now suspect that for every one degree Celsius rise in Earth’s average temperature, permafrost may release the equivalent of four to six years’ worth of coal, oil, and natural gas emissions—double to triplewhat scientists thought a few years ago. Within a few decades, if we don’t curb fossil fuel use, permafrost could be as big a source of greenhouse gases as China, the world’s largest emitter, is today.

See how Arctic permafrost thaws and the damage it does

We aren’t accounting for that. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has only recently started incorporating permafrost into its projections. It still underestimates just how wide Pandora’s freezer could swing open—and how much havoc that could unleash.”[2]


There is now a summertime habit to sleep on the roof to stay cool at nite sooo that the sunlight does burn you but the chemical tRailings will. Ironically economic-Reparations ought to pay-off national-Debt not to keep the prisons full of afro-Amers too poor to pay citations, but the prisoners who cannot pay the fines are kept in prisons until that person does. Democracy is not free. Democracy is we ought to stay plutocracy’s ‘system’ is that not the coRpoRatist mannerism of disbelief thRu lies, as well as thRu tyranny continues? Tax on Wall Street “speculation”? When? How about a tax on tRumpeteR and Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy and georges-Enron, and bully-Boy, Clyneton, for allowing no tax on big-Individualist: coRpoRations? Why not tax the one-Party: parody-System, for not allowing a change from oil to a tRansport fuel that has not 91-octane, but 118-octane? That would be “liquid natural gas” which is made from methane, to manufacture Liquid Natural Gas. Or octane is not short-Term: rex, when manufacturing is already stressed-Out for shorter-Term capital-Gains.

You folks have got to view and to wRite down notes from Elana fReeland. I recommend the start w her book tRibute from 2017: “Elana Freeland We Live Now Under An Ionized Sky From Chem-trails To Space Fence Lockdown”[3]. The weather-Warfare; environmental modification; Planetary: geophysical operations; Electromagnetic operations; directed-Energy warfare operations; biological tRanshumanism operations; Surveillance: neural-Operations; detection: obfuscation of exotic propulsion-Systems”. Altho, her research precedes underscoring public-Talks, same as my research comes before being able to underscore fact-as-Analysis not propaganda.           “R”


“Beginning in 2017, the French magazine Le Monde published the Monsanto Papers, a series of a dozen investigative reports that earned its authors the European Press’s top Investigative Reporting Award in 2018. The reward is presented to the best reports that discover and reveal facts that have been hidden or concealed from the public and mainstream media. The papers provide detailed and written evidence based upon Monsanto internal emails and correspondence with paid operatives that the company has taken every opportunity imaginable to manipulate science, exert retaliatory pressure on regulatory agencies and processes, orchestrated elaborate schemes to aggressively intimidate its critics, and funded sophisticated public relations campaigns to defend its products against a growing body of scientific evidence that exposed glyphosate’s dangers to human health and ecological systems. Given the magnitude of the reporters’ revelations, we might expect to find it referenced in Wikipedia. But it is absent. Nor are the Monsanto Papers referenced in the company’s Wikipedia’s entry, which the Skeptic and Monsanto PR editors administer and make every effort to keep as innocent as feasibly possible.

Although there is no entry for “The Monsanto Papers,” Wikipedia does include an entry for GMO Answers, a website project started by the agricultural industry to give “expert” answers to the public concerns about GMO’s health and environmental risks. The project was started by the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI), which includes BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Monsanto and Syngenta among its founders. The initiative is a pseudo-scientific effort to promulgate research that support GMO safety. The site is so corrupt and compromised by private interests, and has largely been ignored by the public, that it doesn’t warrant a page. Last year, Stacy Malkan, an attorney at US Right to Know, confirmed that tax records show CBI paid the public relations firm Ketchum $11 million over a 4-year period to manage GMO Answers. Ketchum has a long-standing relationship with Monsanto. But none of this is to be found on Wikipedia, which mischaracterizes GMO Answers as scientifically neutral.


In order to protect Monsanto, Skeptics have also had to protect GMO-related entries from the groundbreaking studies conducted by Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini at the University of Caen in France, where he founded the Committee of Research and Independent Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN). In Europe, Serlaini has been an outspoken advocate for employing the precautionary principle on GMOs grown with glyphosate pesticides. Briefly, Seralini’s two-year study reproduced Monsanto’s own safety trials to determine whether there were adverse effects in rats fed genetically modified corn grown with Roundup. Monsanto’s published research only covered three months of the rats’ life. When Seralini and his French team reproduced and extended the length of Monsanto’s 3-month GMO maize rat-fed study for the full life of the animals, they observed profuse cancer and tumor development only after the 4th month of the study. The study was peer-reviewed and published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, and promptly fueled a vicious backlash orchestrated by Monsanto through a variety of scientific trade organizations and corporate front groups organized by Val Giddings, a Big Ag lobbyist and a former vice president at the Biotechnology Industry Organization in Washington.”[4]


The Bourgeoisie is destroying the global-Village, is one big “Ecologic-Malaise) chance or not. What my take on that is, by not allowing the proletariat to have accesses, especially to “socialist-Aggrandisements” coming from the system’s “plutocratic-Presidencies”. Watching teevee coRpoRate-Sleaze: news, gives the idiopathics of how sleaze best prospers. As I state “idiopathics”  plural because an ideal is cut-Corners to perpetrate: sleaze-Purpose, as though those were necessities. The idiopathic is that we all need to have “methane” was not merely because the two major reasons. One, refined-Once, gets the higher-Octane tRansport need 80-times more plentiful than lubricant-Oil” which produces chemicals and maintains, 85 thru 91-cheapness ‘octanes’ sleaze. The LNG, or liquid ”nat-Gas” is once-Refined and that has not the chemicalized byproducts, while weighing-in as 118-otctane, and enlisted a mannerist approach to maintain “methane-Releases.

Why is that left on the curb, and the getaway-Car is high-speed into platitudes? But, but, but, the staid oil-Industry gets too much in the limelight because the sidelight is yet the maintenance of subsidy-support, since before, 1974! High stakes cRapola to have national-Forests sold-off for 10,000 square feet homes in the woods, now dead-Decaying from chem-tRails “acid-Reins”.  How many cycles of rip-Offs do those a-Hole Elitists need to maintain more and to further plutocracy?           “R” 


“The truth is that should Russia ever truly intervene, most Ukrainian servicemen will run or surrender (they did not vote Zelenskii for the privilege to die for a sick, Nazi, ideology and worldview). Again, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior and the case of the Crimea has shown that once the (relatively small!!) Russian forces intervened, nobody had the courage (or the motivation) to resist.

SIDEBAR: The popular joke about this goes like this: ask a Ukrainian nationalist why the Ukrainians are fighting in the Donbass, and the obligatory politically correct answer is “because the Russians are there!”; and if you then ask him why the Ukraine is not fighting in Crimea, he will reply “because the Russians are really there!“. This is very true. The Urkonazis have tried to engage in low-level forms of terrorism (planting bombs, mostly), but with very little success. As for really attacking Crimea (probably one of the best-defended locations on the planet by now!) – that would be a suicide mission for an entire US Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), never-mind the derelict Ukie military!

Furthermore, for the Russians, they have been intensively preparing for a major war against NATO for at least five years now (for details, see here) and they are quite ready to take on the united West (that is what Guards Tank Armies are designed to do), so for them to take on the decrepit, corrupt, demoralized, disorganized and generally “mangy” Ukronazi forces would not even represent a significant effort. Every halfway competent military analyst out there knows that. Even the Ukronazi ones.

What this all means for the Zelenskii administration is simple: if you try the  “Croatian scenario” you will end up not with a “Croatian outcome” but a “Georgia 08.08.08 outcome”: obliteration of your armed forces in 48 hours, followed by the net loss of 20% of your national territory (probably more in the case of the Ukraine!).

SIDEBAR: For many years now I have been explaining that the real goal of any Ukronazi attack on Novorussia would not be to really win, but to force Russia to openly intervene. However, this strategy has failed while the balance of forces, including in political terms, has changed. It is one thing to start a war with the LDNR only to force Russia to intervene, and quite another to expose your entire country to “very serious consequences” for its entire “statehood.” Putin’s (truly quite extraordinary) threat has explicitly raised the bar of the potential Russian retaliation much higher than it was before.


So is there anything even vaguely resembling *any* kind of solution in sight? Well, in theory, there would have been the Minsk Agreement solution. The Novorussians would not like it, but Russia could probably impose it upon them. Russia herself sure could live with such an outcome (no, Russia has absolutely no need of any additional territories, especially devastated ones!). But since the Ukronazis are too ideological and delusional to ever accept that option, then there is an obvious Plan B: Russia unilaterally recognizes the LDNR Republics who then vote to join the Russian Federation. In theory, the rest of the Ukraine could realize that there are advantages to this situation, including getting rid of 2 million anti-Nazis. But their ideology (really a local uniquely Galician brand of ultra-nationalism – similar only to the WWII Ustashe regime in Croatia – imposed upon the entire country) makes it absolutely impossible for these rabid nationalists to accept such a loss of territory, particularly in a humiliating civil war against their own people (or so they claim). Simply put, you cannot claim to be the descended of the 200’000 year old “Ancient Ukrs” who built the pyramids, who dug the Black Sea, who gave birth to the Aryan civilization and whose language is the basis of Sanskrit and, at the same time, admit that a big chunk of your own population prefers death to life under your rule. In reality, not only are these folks not willing to accept any loss of territory (whether de jure or de facto), some of them are even claiming territories inside the Russian Federation.

Thankfully, their delusions really make no difference: Novorussia and Crimea are gone, forever, no matter what anybody says.

Frankly, I believe that even without Crimea and even without Novorussia current Nazi-occupied Ukraine is still not viable, if only because the southern regions (Odessa, Nikolaev, Mariupol) will never agree to become Nazi-occupied protectorates of the very same Galician Urkonazis who have already burned people alive in Odessa. The truth is that the Galicians would be much better off severing their (entirely artificial) ties to what is known as “the Ukraine” nowadays and fallback to their true historical lands. Ideology, however, will never allow most of them to see that. The process of disintegration of the rump-Ukraine will probably continue in one form or another.”[5]


The Ukraines people never sensed that they would need “law and order for a minor-Revolution” one that turned on them to become mediocrity and meagreness. The wholesale rip-off is that Ukraines gave away their imbecilic “thermos” to Russia (sold I do believe) and there was not, nor has been, any mention fRom their mixed-Bag military regarding the largest NPPs of Europe which produce “spent uranium-238” at the end of those reactor’s having ‘fuel-Cycle managements”. Yes. Meanwhile, in the Maidan, dead bods had been piling-Up and needed burying soo those who were tasked were shot at also. Not-so-nice nazi’s and rebels for no-Cause excluding causticity. Then, the Saker does a good job at research as well as introspectioning! However, will the US: military-Hegemony have to end when the dollar-Fails, which looks quite pre-eminent, now.           “R”


“The debate over DU has not made much of an impact on the presidential race.

President Bush sides with the Pentagon. The Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts does not have a position on the use of depleted uranium munitions, his communications director, Andy Davis, said recently.

Independent candidate Ralph Nader, a Connecticut native, said DU munitions are environmentally dangerous and should never have been used in the first place.

“The denial and cruel coverup has gone on too long,” Nader said. “These soldiers and civilians who suffered [adverse health from exposure to DU] deserve the truth and respectful assistance. The first step is to admit the problem. The second step is to measure the size of the problem and then clean up the environmental toxins. The next step is to stop using depleted uranium munitions.”

But the Bush administration, which insists DU poses little environmental risk so cleanup is not needed, takes the Pentagon’s advice on such matters.

“If the [Defense Department] indicated to us that the DU rounds or explosions were a cause of concern, and they have not done so, a study or inquiry of their use would be warranted,” said Bush’s National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones. “Then we would be faced with that decision. The [Defense Department] has not contacted us, nor to the best of my knowledge has any international body contacted us.” Jones said.


Kuwait Cleanup

There have been many instances when the military directed depleted uranium cleanups overseas. For example, a private contractor working for the Department of Defense was paid $3.5 million to cleanup DU-contaminated military equipment and a practice firing range in Kuwait. MKM Engineers Inc. based in Stafford, Texas, performed a limited cleanup in Kuwait from February 2003 to June 2004. The company recovered 22 tons of DU fragments and 75 pieces of non-DU ordnance scrap. The unexploded DU ordnance was destroyed with Kuwaiti assistance. MKM also cleaned military hardware, including tanks, and wrapped them to contain surface contamination before sending them back to the United States.

The U.S. Army Material Command, responsible for the Kuwaiti project, described the work as retrieval of equipment and munitions, not a clean up.

The Department of Defense “does not clean up DU once it leaves a U.S. weapons system such as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and hits an enemy building, or vehicle,” said Melissa Bohan, an Army public affairs official. Army regulations require the clean-up and proper handling of U.S. equipment hit by depleted uranium munitions.

MKM referred to some of its work in Kuwait as a cleanup. And, the Defense Department has a low-level radioactive waste cleanup program, whose goal is “the safe and compliant disposal of low-level radioactive waste,” including depleted uranium. It includes the Army Contaminated Equipment Retrograde Team, which supervises cleanup of low-level radioactive contamination of Army equipment worldwide.

Military regulations require immediate medical tests and treatment for any soldiers exposed to dust and fragments from depleted uranium shell explosions. Some nuclear scientists studying the health effects of those inhaling DU believe even a speck of the dust in the lungs or bloodstream can eventually cause cancer or kidney disease in adults or cancers or deformities in babies if even one parent has been exposed.

Marion Fulk, 83, a former nuclear chemical physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who was involved with the Manhattan Project’s development of the atomic bomb, said that even nano-size particles of DU in the blood and lungs are a serious destructive force.

Others who support the Defense Department position say only inhalation of large quantities creates serious health problems.”[6]


Previously, I have stated, that: there are 1,200 anti-NucleaRists in the u.s.a., but I was short a few words—probably due the insurmountable pains of shoulder missing cartelege for 21 months—as there ought to be of all those anti-nucleaRist protestoRs, 1,250 each day who subscript the admonitions of nucleaRism, at any one time. This aspect is that the worldly: big-Tit, can provide sustenance, thRu the metastasizing of meta-Physics. In this manner our Universal context of space-Time w.i. the global-Village survives bRains intact. By the way, there is no non-Universal “worldly: big-Tit” since we are peace-People as well. The big-Tit more than suggests a new-Approach: socialist-Industry for startups, the clean-ups non-Apologist approach on “plastispheres and Radionuclides” removals from all waters: worldwide.


The worldly: big-Tit knows that “methane” is not a fossil-Phooel, and that its called “natural-Gas” because the meta: bio-Accumulation gathers in caverns where heavier-Oil, an industrial lubricant and chemicals-Manufacturing resource has become a much necessitated “bio-Remediation” as much as and even moreso, than production of oil as major contaminating “tRansport phooel”. Such small-Facts for a largesse` on how to maintain US: military-Hegemony is going to incite the world’s people, moreso by enticements against US-citizens has been the case or cause du celebrate since January 1974. Going backwards pre-Determines nowhere is nothing while Nothing always exists, which that does, but not by “neutering”. Beguiling interests of the we-People is the Bourgeoisie’s mannerism of sitting-on-Hands.        “R”


“Class struggle throughout the world

The weekend began with a lead-off on World and US Perspectives by John Peterson, the editor of Socialist Revolution. He explained that the first four congresses of the Third International, held from 1919 to 1922, offer us vital lessons, both theoretical and practical. Although 100 years may seem like a long time, this is not ancient history. There are still people living who were around when the Comintern was founded, some of them teenagers at the time. Those who founded the Third International thought its creation was so urgent and important that it was launched in the midst of a brutal civil war in Russia. We must view this as living history and an inspiration as we fight to complete the work started by our comrades a century ago—because the crises and contradictions of capitalism confronted by the early Comintern remain fundamentally the same today.

NS2019 US IMT Audience Image Socialist Revolution

Marxists understand history as a dynamic, living process. The rise and fall of the Comintern presents us with many valuable lessons for building a new revolutionary international today / Image: Socialist Revolution


Turning to the situation today, John explained that there have been sharp and sudden political and economic changes around the world: from Brexit and the downfall of Theresa May in Britain, to the rise of the yellow vests in France, and the roaring back to life of revolution in Algeria and Sudan. In Spain you have the burning issue of the National Question, while Italy is one of the weakest links in the chain of European capitalism. Even in Germany, the powerhouse of the eurozone, the economy is grinding to a halt and crisis and mass social unrest are on the horizon. In the Americas, the youth are on the move in Brazil despite the rule of Bolsonaro, who is in a far weaker position than most on the left might think. In Venezuela, the crisis continues as imperialism and the local oligarchy try again and again to snuff out what remains of the revolution, thrown back each time by the inspiring revolutionary élan of the masses. And in the US itself, the prospect of another economic meltdown, the 2020 presidential elections, and the beginnings of a revival of the labour movement mean the Marxists will have more opportunities than ever to win people to the ideas and organisation of revolutionary socialism.”[7]


Look for the failure of the dollar as world-Currency, and remember this now, that the US: military-Hegemony is yet bases overseas to support, and “inflation is haphazardous to any economy. Whereupon, what has already been seen for us to savor, as “failure to re-Install Savings and Loans” as well as lower credit-Card interest-Rates and increase ‘savings account rates’ simultaneously. All has not been well w capitalism since 1891. The Jacobins were not as well disguised as the Jesuits, nor as the fReemasons, nor as the Muslim bRotherhood, but where there was peace to be had, as in to hold onto principles not deletible, the capitalist-Totalitarians chose abstruseness, and rhetoric to suit illicit-Operations, such as operations: “paperclip” and such as “Gladio” and “Mongoose”. Those were military incursions into other nation-States: sovereignty. Why then continue on that get-Nowhere: vent, if not to allow weaponizationing of space be the new-Rome of Plutocracy? The cut-off of foreign-Policy” i.e. state-Dept formidable, has been like a constant “state of wAr” post illegal-Invasions, to see that those were precisely totality buy-Offs of the Bourgeoisie as long as the racist-Tendency was plutocrats, Technocrats, Elites, and illegal banking thru off-shore accounts.         “R”


“Since early June, mass protests in Hong Kong involving up to two million people have demanded that its pro-Beijing administration headed by Chief Executive Carrie Lam withdraw its extradition legislation, end police violence and allow election by universal suffrage. Lam, backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime, has refused to do anything but suspend legislation that would allow extradition to the Chinese mainland.

After nearly three months of continuous protests, the issue confronting the Hong Kong workers, young people and intellectuals is how to take forward the struggle for basic democratic rights. It takes on greater urgency as Beijing masses heavily-armed, para-military police in the city of Shenzhen adjacent to Hong Kong and has threatened to intervene to violently suppress the demonstrations.

The protracted protests, which are also being driven by broader concerns about glaring social inequality and the lack of affordable housing and decent jobs, are part of the global resurgence of the working class, as expressed in the “yellow vest” movement in France, mass demonstrations in Puerto Rico and a growing strike movement around the world.

Workers and youth fighting for democratic rights in Hong Kong must turn to this developing global movement of the working class—the only social force capable of waging a consistent struggle for democracy. The response of the ruling classes in country after country to the upsurge of the class struggle is to turn to police state measures and the promotion of far-right and fascistic forces.

Hong Kong workers need to reach out in particular to their class brothers and sisters in China who confront the same class enemy—the Stalinist regime in Beijing which is not socialist or communist, but defends the interests of the corporate elite and the super-rich.

The working class must reject the lies propagated by Beijing that the Hong Kong protests are the product of a handful of radical extremists or the “black hand” of US imperialism—claims that are belied by the fact that millions of people have been involved. Moreover, recognising they could potentially face mass opposition at home, the response of Washington and its allies has been generally sympathetic, not to the protesters, but rather to Beijing.


The chief political weakness of the protests in Hong Kong has been absence of working-class leadership fighting for the program that expresses its class interests—socialist internationalism. As a result, the protest movement has been politically dominated by pro-capitalist parties, groups and trade unions narrowly focused on parochial Hong Kong interests.

Its demands have been shaped by the Civil Human Rights Front comprising a collection of NGOs, political parties and groups associated with the pan-democrat grouping in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. The opposition pan-democrats represent the interests of layers of the city’s corporate elite who are concerned at Beijing’s encroachment, but are deeply hostile to a movement of the working class that threatens their profits and businesses.

Tens of thousands of workers took part in a general strike on August 5—the first in decades—independently of the trade unions. The Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU), which is aligned with the pan-democrats, nominally supported the general strike, but did not call a stoppage of its nearly 200,000 members. Pseudo-left groups such as Socialist Action, which is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers International, have above all sought to keep workers tied to these pro-capitalist unions and official opposition parties.

The perspective of the pan-democrats is to exploit the protests to push Beijing and the Hong Kong administration for limited concessions. In doing so, they also appeal to the major powers—especially the United States and the former colonial ruler Britain—to also apply pressure to the CCP apparatus.”[8]


Lie, ‘general-Strikes’ are important turning points when culture is lax and economics are strangling both and education procuring w.o. diabolical-Sleaze, too. That Red-China will always assert control is w.i. the paradox of dictatorship-director’s and the governing body, of the communist-Autocracy, state. That Hone Kong is an international center of investment, may be what the Red China pulses of control cannot control, and therefore, very much akin what the fanatic-penataGooons does w new-Circuitry for destruction of homes and cities we-People live, but then they also covet destruction of water cisterns or too much adverse over-Drawing of system, not need, as their middle-name ought be megalomaniacs. We american-Socialists say this: why practice covetous, when the planet-eRathe is not anywhere near sufficiently “defended” let alone ‘totally’? SomethnGy-Bop does not have to be outta-Whack in order to know that there is a history and delinquent-Facts were outta-Whack. The any-Ole police-state does pertain to the deep-State, as that includes intel-Gence, obfuscations for propaganda-Stasis, and there is no culture. You do that!            “R”


“On August 7, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided seven chicken processing plants in Morton, Mississippi and arrested 680 workers in what acting ICE Director Matthew Albence told the Associated Press “could be the largest-ever workplace operation in any single state.” While about 300 were given a court date and were set free, roughly 380 were detained and sent to detention facilities across the south and east coast. Many of those who were arrested were members of United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

ICE made no provision for the children of the workers who were detained, and people in the town of Morton were reported to have set up a shelter in their community center for the dozens of children who had been left without any kind of family or guardians to take care of them, some of them literally left crying and alone on the streets of Morton. Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services still had not accounted for every known child of those who were deported. The community has rallied to support these children in the short term, but no resources for their care have been forthcoming from ICE or any other federal agency.


Approximately one quarter of those arrested were employees of multi-billion dollar chicken conglomerate Koch Foods. Koch Foods is owned by Joseph Grendys, who founded the company and was the 328th richest person in the United States in 2018 according to Forbes Magazine.

Employees of Koch Foods reached a $3.75 million settlement with the company in 2018 in a case of racial and sexual discrimination brought against Koch by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission on the employees’ behalf. The suit detailed a climate of hostility on the part of supervisors, as well as sexual harassment, racial discrimination and other forms of abuse leveled primarily at the Latino workers, who make up the majority of employees at those plants.

Koch Foods has been sued repeatedly for racial discrimination and has been singled out for gross safety violations, including those that can result in life-changing injury or even death.

Koch has been accused of retaliation against employees who organize or take steps toward unionizing, as has been alleged in the case of these most recent raids. The short space of time between recent gains in unionizing their workplace and the recent settlement payout and the raids by ICE have caused many to draw a connection between the two.”[9]


Appeasements making is fRee to those anarchyst-Presidents who support lawless-Amenities as accountability of the US-constitution. Think of that. How UN-lucky does the weRkoRs job have to be for him is never quite asked, is that! All tRade unions must select to discuss, the difference betwixt “Ecology and environments”. Buy a dictionary for yourself, even a pocketbook, one is a bigger help when driving OTR tRuk, but you’ve already walked your one-Mile for the day. Walk w a loved one and state what has become remiss in your Life. Then. When you do not have to stumble, get to a point where you can enterprise and hold consensus on “socio-Polity” issues of the day as well as what you socialist-Amercian party office has documented for all of the party. Recite standardized words and significant words designed to look-up, in that pocket-Dictionary. Quit listening to boredom teevee. Read, openly relate, why oRganic foodstuffs are healthier and last longer in a refRige. What won’t hurt you is to know not what you should know, nonetheless!             “R”


“The story of my alienation from the “democratic socialist” movement is similar to how the typical left-leaning person has become estranged from the Democratic Party establishment: I’ve found that despite the left-leaning rhetoric of this strain’s leaders, they don’t intend to make the changes that would actually give power to the poor and working classes. This isn’t to say these two categories are equivalent; the Sanders Democrats aren’t outright neoliberal like the old guard is, and they support many social programs that the party establishment doesn’t. But the Sanders strain has nonetheless failed to provide a revolutionary opposition to capitalism and imperialism, and has thus given me a sense of disaffection.

This unease started when I began to see how the main leader of the American “democratic socialist” movement has largely enabled the imperialist narratives of the Trump era. Sanders has failed to challenge the debunked “gas attack” narratives that have enabled Trump’s Syria strikes, while saying he supports an effort to get rid of Bashar al-Assad. He’s also claimed that Assad is the one responsible for the bloodshed from the Syrian war, effectively blaming the Syrian government and its people for defending themselves from an invasion by U.S.-backed terrorists. Sanders’ promotions of the cold war narratives about Russia have also helped enable America’s recent aggressions abroad, as well as Sanders’ failure to speak out against the lies that the Trump administration has been using to carry out violence against the people of Venezuela. These cases have reminded me of Sanders’ past examples of enabling war, like when he supported the horrific bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 or when he voted for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

As these recent events have developed, I’ve come to realize that Sanders’ embrace of imperialism isn’t just an unfortunate anomaly within the mainstream American progressive movement; it’s an integral part of the pro-capitalist worldview that this movement is mired within. In fact, the “democratic socialism” that figures like Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez label themselves with is a rebranded version of social democracy, the very much pro-imperialist ideology that the modern Scandanavian countries operate under. In contrast to democratic socialism, and even more in contrast to Marxist-Leninist socialism, social democracy calls for expanding social services within a system that retains its capitalist structure. This has naturally led to social democracies historically enabling imperialism.


To sell their agenda to left-leaning people, social democrats portray it as a necessary alternative to both neoliberal capitalism and Soviet-style socialism. The vague but confident language that they use to do this makes their brand easily appealing to the average person who desires a change from our current economic paradigm; one meme which advertises for Sanders’ agenda reads: “Socialism without capitalism is communism. Capitalism without socialism is fascism. Democratic socialism is balance.”

The fact that statements like these completely gloss over the differences between democratic socialism and social democracy gives us a clue as to just how little social democrats want people to understand the economic terms they talk about. A basic overview of the objectives of socialism shows that socialism, as Marx articulated it, is an integral step towards communism, one where the workers seize control of the means of production so that society can transition towards communism’s goal for a classless, stateless society. But the rhetoric of the social democrats steers people away from becoming informed about this fact, or from studying the other aspects of Marxism.

It does this by framing the subject of socialism within the quintessentially American anti-communist worldview. This worldview, which claims that communism is an inherently bad thing that’s “killed 100 million people,” goes unchallenged by social democrats. And this lets them present a “socialist” vision that’s fundamentally anti-socialist.”[10]


Space and time are not cumbersome, altho maintaining a vision does take time. The expediency is to rid us of crimes of nucleaRism and crimes of chemicalizationing. That an augmentus apparency appears Sen. Bernie Sanders ought to have known. I have upon occasion been “space-Time” useful instead of being agitated, in fact numerous times thru-out major protests and tribal-Relations, as my background in industrial-Relations sought no sprawl-Appeasement. Speaking to which space-Time as arable-Farmsoils disappeared to never getting to “gRow oRganics foods”. That was a hardship, one that I shall commentate is directly proportional to asinine new-Rome: catharsis & deification for propaganda-Model sequestering. Therefore, the entirety of how georges-Enron got the bug for religiosity may have been irresolute reckoning, or “the bug” to be doing harm and not having to fend that he was irresponsible, when he had already allowed that he was “totally-Irresponsible” via repressible reconnoiteuring. I knew that much, before my meetings w him in his office in Austin, Texas—1983! Do not ever allow this government to be bought on weaponizationing, such as what happened w NSDU-238”?           “R”


“How the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board feeds on some futures to secure others Wet’suwet’en people have never ceded their land through treaty; like many Indigenous people they continue to practice relations of responsibility with the places and beings that give them life, including protecting them from ecological devastation. In January 2019, the RCMP raided Wet’suwet’en territories to end their blockade of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which is meant to transport fracked gas from northern British Columbia to the west coast. Images of heavily armed RCMP forcibly removing and arresting land protectors in service of a planet-destroying fuel source was a stark reminder of how colonialism still reigns, even in an age of putative reconciliation. Immediately following the RCMP’s invasion, fierce protests powered by Indigenous people and settler allies sprung up across the country demonstrating solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land and water-protectors. Images of these solidarity events gesture toward real decolonization: honouring Indigenous law and governance over their lands.

Many of us who participated in these events – whether Indigenous or settler Canadians – don’t know that we are owners of the very company violating Wet’suwet’en law: TransCanada. We own this company as “beneficiaries” of the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP).


The CPP was first created in 1966. In 1997, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) was established to move the plan toward financial markets. It is now the largest pool of investment capital in Canada, totalling approximately $392-billion. The longstanding goal of the plan is to help secure dignified retirements for Canadians. But as the TransCanada example reveals, the CPPIB values settler futures considerably higher than Indigenous ones. All of us who pay into the plan contribute to this painful continuation of colonial devaluation and dispossession.

Pattern of Vampiric Feeding

Almost simultaneously with the RCMP raids on Wet’suwet’en territories, people worldwide were horrified to learn of how Trump’s immigration policy pursued family separation and the imprisonment of children. In response, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted with disapproval that “obviously, this is not the way we do things in Canada.” And yet, this is precisely how we do things in Canada: we actively house children in immigrant detention centers and separate children from their parents who are detained there.1 Until recently, the CPPIB also invested in private prison companies in the US that run immigrant detention centers. This practice only stopped after successful protest. In other words, the CPPIB sought to generate value for some Canadians from the devaluation of immigrant life.

CPPIB’s tobacco company investments (such as Philip Morris) exemplify another facet of this vampiric feeding on Indigenous, racialized, and poor people’s futures. The great majority of smokers are from low-income families, and this is partly because the companies target lower-income neighbourhoods (with product placement in a disproportionate number of retailers, for example). By staying invested in big tobacco, the CPP is securing some futures by diminishing others.


All working Canadians who contribute can draw from the plan, but contributions and payouts are determined by income. In other words, higher-income earners end up benefitting more (and the plan is no help to those – mostly women – who do unpaid care work). The CPPIB is supposed to be securing dignified retirement for all waged Canadians, but its portfolio tells a different story; currently the plan helps to secure futures for more affluent settler Canadians at the expense of immigrants, Indigenous people, and poor people. And these latter two groups are required to pay into a fund that invests their futures away.

Furthermore, the billions that CPPIB has invested in fossil fuels threatens to undermine the ecological foundation of every Canadian’s future. But of course, Indigenous, racialized, and poor people – whether in Canada or worldwide – already bear the brunt of intensifying climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) cautioned in their most recent report that “limiting global warming to 1.5°C, compared with 2°C, could reduce the number of people both exposed to climate-related risks and susceptible to poverty by up to several hundred million by 2050.” And yet the CPPIB has over $4-billion invested in 79 of the largest fossil fuel (oil, gas, and coal) companies. The CPPIB’s current fossil fuel investments are incongruent with the earth’s carbon budget – the amount of carbon that human society can burn before the 1.5°C limit is reached. Even if you personally support strong action on climate change, your pension contributions are eating away at the future they are meant to secure.”[11]


Like wows-ville. This is a mid-Blower! I had rendezvous w 14 tribal gRoups in 1985, thru-out Canada, mostly, but also 3-tRibes, in Alaska. I learned from them, as I had learned from the masse` pull of afro-Americans in 1968-69 how much the acculturationings provide impetus and fodder for a good base that is not a stoic-Embrace on of and fore, imperialism. Fact of matter is this. In order to stave “reparations” for tribals and/or afro-Amers, the pulse of fusioning is to not allow “offensive-Aggressor measures” as those are primarily of spite. This is why, as a W.A.S.P. I chose to become an underground-Journalist, and supported my visual-Premising, which helped me maintain my anti-NucleaRist stance and educationings on ur-238 distrust and unfortunately, hardly excessive mistrust for empire and US-military-Hegemony. Morally I stayed, not strayed the course of rhetoric found in the we-Boomers attritions and sought new and renewed attributes. This was to eventuate the next caustic-Phase of state-Propagandizationing, that of mis-Information AND dis-Information. That caustic, of course, set the stage for deep-State to become “police-State” altho the state was the new-Rome, since 1969, and military-Takeover, basically, since 1956. I was, somehow, pleased that I stayed the course of the cause, but where would I retire from my decades since 1961 apparency into activism. The above is not rhetoric for the blind, but integrationing I also accomplished.         


In my notes to relating what gRaham Hancock says while gathering a public for his book, the video contexts are why gRaham adjudicates the climate doomed by ice-Ages and by comet’s impacts in America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilisation, by Graham Hancock[12] Altho, he missed completely that comets are not ice-Balls, imparting unfounded research, and never will be that composition. The facts are the planet is UN-defended, and he agrees w my premises that “defense has been imperiled” by wArs-wArrings. His book and therefore his emphasis does get thRu to us, the stressures in formulating a more complete history of human-Kind, as the Taurids, pieces of a comet that evidently was 100 km’s and disintegrated into very large portions, approx. 20 over 5 km’s in size. He covers and uncovers thru documentation, the megaliths found in Africa, south-Americas, and north-Americas.

His story on Plato and 9,000 years ago, from 600 BCE, Atlantis was drowned by flooding and looked more akin that of north-Americas rings tRue, but his inadequacy that ancients became gAWDs to the people, he suggests they did “cities building” but does not explain, what his template was! The story of and on Mounds, was nicely dissected, as the history of “copper” finally finds a better niche` other than morosely, only Phoenicians, though destruction has to woven thruout, he explains at tale’s end WaRs. The history of “ancient-Ancients” and “megalithic-Structure thRuout the planet, was left-off. Fundamentally, he has to generalize rather than Universalize.         “R”


 The sanctimony of Ecology is for us to learn and to maintain, that


the peace-Warrior


Tags/ NSDU-238, Cancer toll in Serbia, Arctic permafrost is thawing fast, Elana Freeland, We Live Now, Under An Ionized Sky, Ukie Nationalism, Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis, fight for democratic rights ,in Hong Kong, raid, ICE=unionbusters, american Marxists strategise, for socialism in our lifetime, Social Democrats, Like Sanders, are pacifying The Left, Canada’s ‘Vampire’ Pension Plan,

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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