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anti-nucleaRist bloG #262/ 18 Aug 2019 Ought tRuths be the Qods has, what Black Lives Matter Differentiates

anti-nucleaRist bloG #262/ 18 Aug 2019

Ought tRuths be the Qods has, what Black Lives Matter Differentiates


The context of manure is not always first word: compost. I tRied to see beyond merely the Existentialism, that is/was where our BoomeR-Generation parlanced and found that nucleaRism is as the sands of nevada-Testsite belonging to the moon. I was in fRenchman’s Flat 5-6-7- mins. and probity has that is why I am missing 12-teeth. That the conditions for compost were 110% advantageous. I wondered at what I saw, then. Seemed to me that where the soils of desert are infirm, the mixture of compost-Nutrients would improve soils 70-85% and as for time, get started, rite away. However, “all types of Radionuclides” would get in the weigh-ins. But, how does the military and how do those werkors ascertain, protection 110%, no doubt the main “concern” of de-Contaminations. All of Nevada-Testsite, bought-Holds! We also had to be “looped” into the diaspora of “complete-Recovery” and especially would the dumb-Fool government agency now not much backed by the AEC (atomic energy commission), be since they were no longer civilian-controlled after 1956?


We do know and not suppose that Eisenhower being an ex-General, probably kept liaisons w the principle means and methods of US-military. However, he had to see that one day he would be informed of where he ws laxity-pRone. The conditionalism from his firt or second, or both admins, did not allot that civilian-Mix w military in the steadfast correlation of A.E.C. had to remain “both” i.e. not onesided. Did he speak-out? No. did he ever remonstrate that he was gad of the military consummation. Yes. Then did he just walk away or continue to show any remorse and duress? No. However, the US-government oligarchs-Technocrats of Plutocracy have constantly aberrated the US-constitution, by abrogating indigenous-Rights to land and to their-Humanity. Reading and reciting the words preserved by their chiefs may not have been spoken words of the tribal-Members, but we are assured thru hand-me-down word-of-Mouth, that those were as close as being remembered for the person’s memory. I got thru 1969, visiting Hanford and Pantex—Amarillo– too!         “R”


“The Qods Force is the irregular warfare unit of Iran’s Corps of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Eslami).  Created during the Holy Defense to augment the capabilities of the Sepah to include irregular warfare, it has since become one of the chief means of expanding Iranian ‘soft power’ within the Middle East and throughout the world.  Carrying the Persian name for Jerusalem, it is emblematic of the eschatological significance of the Islamic Republic’s regional military strategy.  More has come to light about this secretive organization since its inception, but precious little of its organization, personnel, weaponry and operations is known, and comes to light only in the wake of its suspected activities.

The close of the Holy Defense in 1988 saw the completion of the first chapter of the history of the Islamic Republic – conventional war.  The peace which followed left the new government intact but the population war-weary; the government needed to turn its attention to rebuilding the infrastructure and bringing orderliness to the disrupted lives of its people. The armed forces – both the Artesh and the Sepah – though rich with battle experience, had been worn down and desperately need this peace.

If this war taught the Iranian leadership anything, the lesson was: prevent another conventional attack by pushing the frontier for possible conflict as far as possible from the border.  To safeguard the home of the Revolution – which Khomeini and his followers viewed, and still view, as the only legitimate Islamic government, and the one which is meant to prepare the way for the return of the Mahdi – a sizeable buffer had to be constructed to allow for its endurance.  While Iran had not been defeated in the Holy Defense, it had been severely wounded by Saddam’s army with Western backing. At end of the war, Iran was in shortage in key resources and finance. The war clearly exposed the weaknesses of both the Iranian economy and the armed forces. The mujtahid rulers needed to create and perfect a national defense based upon self-reliance in order to turn Iran into a fortress for Islam from which calls for Islamic unity in the face of Zionist and Western imperialist influence could issue.  Having survived this baptism of fire intact, and with geopolitics still centered around the bipolar contest between the United States and the Soviet Union, the time for such a reconstruction appeared optimal.


The Sepah was created immediately after the Revolution in order to counter threats from armed opposition groups inside Iran such as the MKO (the Mojahedin-e Khalq or People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) and to protect the ideological integrity of the new political system. Originally a paramilitary formation, during the Holy Defense it necessarily took on a military character while shouldering with the Artesh the burden of fighting.  During the war, in addition to the many conventional battles fought against the Iraqis, the Iranians also deployed special forces to the front line in the mountainous terrain of the north, and behind the lines to support the Kurdish struggle in northern Iraq against Saddam Hussein regime. To mirror this unit within the Artesh, the Sepah created the Qods Force to engage in all aspects of irregular warfare. Thus, the role of Quds force in the establishment of Hezbollah’s Islamic Resistance (al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya) in 1982 during the Lebanese Civil War was inevitable; following this it was used to support the operations of the Hezbe Wahdat Shia mujahedin in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation.

By supporting Hezbollah and the Hezbe Wahdat, Iran was able to counter, respectively, the American/Zionist coalition and the Soviets, thereby keeping these two groups from threatening the territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic.  When Khomeini died in 1989 and was succeeded by Ali Khamenei, who oversaw the transition from a war to a peace economy, Qods was able, along with its parent Sepah, to maintain its level of funding and even to increase its relative importance within the military strategy of Iran.”[1]


The new-Rome, our ‘home-Plutocracy’ is lucky to have a civilization that dug deeply into the not-so-Remote: past, to enterprise a national/peoples: defense’. That is what the Qods is, or maybe has been for centuries, altho how buried was beyond-Oligarchs besiegement and beyond focal-Relief—I am supposing the best elementus other than “irans-Socialism” which ills and ought correct this misnomer to a gravure of historical-Extent. Here’s a sample-Example of “good-Defense” and that is that one’s military, does not have to be offensive-Degenerates and sully backward-Acks, to produce a forensic following the force or constant for world-Domination, by leaving the people, the people’s will, us, weigh-ins and token-Relief behind Nowheresville. Where are, I ask, the new-Improved video-Directors on the Qods, at least in-as-much-as ”Journeyman Pictures” may be concerned?.


The Holywood Industry is not as precise as the filmmaking, nor the actors, being paid millions, while scene and backup actors make pitiless. The same is truth for “Lottery Returns”. The jackpot get millions, while second maybe gets 3-4-5000 total sum. How then can we look at the high-rise buildings of Los, in all those scene-Cuts and not disparage that the whole area is soo earthquake pRrone, that they investors of real Estate have not bought the scientific-Research, facilities en masse` to allow that “aRtificial-Intelligence” has not cornered how to HALT slicing in the eRathe’s cRust? Weld. Somehow, intel-Gence just could not corner that market! How about just re-Foresting all the San Gabriel Mountains w fast growing conifer-Seeds, that ARE NOT gMOS from stem to stern? That is not a mountain? Not a mere concern. Now is that?      “R”


“We demand a Green New Deal, and we demand that it serve people and planet – not profit.

For too long, our livelihoods have been undermined by the pursuit of profit. Land expropriation, mass murder, and slavery on a vast scale built the great fortunes, the markets in cotton and industrial goods, and the system of finance and extraction that are with us today. Their legacy is plain to see. People are starving while we throw away food. Buildings are empty while people sleep on the streets. Working class communities, especially those of color, are being poisoned by polluting industries that are wrecking the climate, all for the sake of making the rich richer.

We can no longer allow our lives and liberation to be undermined by an extractive system that uproots wealth from nature, communities, workers, and vulnerable peoples, while imposing onto them all of the costs. We will no longer allow corporate monopolies and their political servants to control the resources we need and the outcome of our lives. We demand justice and power for The People to determine our future – a future that belongs to everyone living and yet to live.”[2]


The oxygen in our lungs, ought not be for sale any longer. However, theUS-forest-Service due to the US-military-Hegemonyites takeover, has not REFORESTED CONIFERS in Wyoming and in Colorado, in-as-much-as “the hey-Burn” fire torched and was allowed to burn soo hot that the employees turned their mindful-Encapsulations to eat shidski-cRapolas, almost permanently, as the past years, since 2003, altho chem-tRails and accelerated “acid-Reins” were the normative from 1998’s beginning, have floundered. As little as a public word those I have not heard altho they, “when do we re-Forest” is not resonating—let alone heard aloud. What is the word for beckoning to demean?

Who is controlling our oxygenate for short-Term profit and for military-Usages ONLY? Ever wonder what “aRtificial-INtellgence” could tell you when you ask? Who then is A.I. and why is US: military-Hegemony yet occupied w ruining the Ionisphere and the tRoposphere. We people do know that “most meteors burn up in the mesosphere”, as well is weld to connote: “the layer of very rare air above the mesosphere is called the thermosphere. High-energy X-rays and UV radiation from the Sun are absorbed in the thermosphere” (both quotations from text footnoted, below.           “R”


“The ionosphere is not a distinct layer like the others mentioned above. Instead, the ionosphere is a series of regions in parts of the mesosphere and thermosphere where high-energy radiation from the Sun has knocked electrons loose from their parent atoms and molecules. The electrically charged atoms and molecules that are formed in this way are called ions, giving the ionosphere its name and endowing this region with some special properties.”[3]


Weld, three-Types nuclear-Molecular: weapons, enough to put up your anus, learn to sneeze, get rid that shid-ski. Not good for you? Not good for those of us doing “citizen’s inspectionings”. The h: fookerbiltski-Bombs ae sooo not-Nice to our HUMANITY, as the microns exploded into atmosphere, from above ground and from atmospheric-Tests, all over the fooker-Bilt, planet are, yet, rite now. Up-there, bought-Holds! Yes. Now, add the microns from chem-tRails: ionizationings headed, due to ionospheric-Heater from H.A.AA.R.P. into where the Rdioucides are like, how to say, mini-Micro nuclear-heat: penetrators,encirlcling or UN-measured as they are, who knows when they’ll be measured and how to circumvent the increase from Ionizationings. I wonder, now. Who knows that answer, bought-Holds? Learn what those chemicals are doing yet? Re-read my past 261- bloGs, then?          “R”


“Five years after police murder of Michael Brown

Friday marked five years since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including once through the top of the head, and left for four-and-a-half hours to die in the street by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. Brown’s father, Michael Brown, Sr. used the grim anniversary to call for a reopening of the investigation into his son’s death. The killer cop has never been charged.

“Justice has not been served,” Brown, Sr. said at a press conference Friday morning outside the St. Louis County Justice Services Center, not far from where Michael Brown was killed. “My son deserved to live a full life. But a coward with a badge… chose not to value his life. My son was murdered in cold blood, with no remorse and no medical treatment.”

Ferguson, Missouri residents determined to fight police violence

Brown’s killing on the afternoon of August 9, 2014 sparked popular protests in the small working class suburb of St. Louis, which were met with a paramilitary police occupation and deployment of the National Guard by a Democratic governor. The scenes of riot police with body armor and military grade weapons, backed by armored vehicles with mounted machine guns and military helicopters, facing down peacefully protesting men, women and children shocked the whole country and the world. Protestors were shot by rubber bullets, bean bags and flash bang grenades. More than a dozen journalists were arrested as they attempted to cover the police crackdown.

Despite volleys of tear gas and the imposition of a curfew, protests continued night after night, demanding that Wilson be charged and arrested for the murder of the African American teenager.


Four months later a grand jury delivered its decision not to indict Wilson, reigniting protests that were again met by a police crackdown and the deployment  of more than a thousand National Guard troops. This was followed by President Barack Obama’s Justice Department announcement in March 2015 that it would not bring federal civil rights charges against Wilson, completing the whitewash of Brown’s murder.

SWAT officers at the Statue of Liberty [Credit: National Parks Service]

The killing of Brown, along with the police murder of Eric Garner, choked to death less than a month earlier on Staten Island in New York City, sparked a nationwide wave of protests demanding an end to police violence. The popular slogans “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” and “I Can’t Breathe!” were taken up by crowds across the country protesting one police killing after another.

Despite popular protests and increased scrutiny in the aftermath of Brown’s killing, US police officers have continued to kill at a rate of more than 1,000 people every year, amounting to more than 5,000 since Brown was gunned down. According to data collected by Mapping Police Violence, police officers were charged in less than 2 percent of all 6,836 killings recorded between 2013 and 2018. In only 0.4 percent of cases (28) during this period was an officer charged, convicted and sentenced.

Police murders that have provoked significant protests since Brown’s death include:

The murder of twelve-year-old Tamir Rice (December 2014): Rice was shot within two seconds of police arriving at the park gazebo in Cleveland, Ohio where he was playing with a toy handgun. He died the following day in the hospital. Neither officer involved in the shooting was ever charged.[4]


One of my main-Treasons for tRekking the country, was not merely to observe how bario’s, and ghettos, and prejudices entice “racist-Whitey’s” but to integrate from my own universal-Experiences on “nuclear-Molecular: doctrine-of-nucleaRism”, since I am not an elitist, but in a major-Minority educated points-Test of fugue. The afro-Amers of Oakland—bitchen-Cal– were too hard for me to know, because the slant-Step was always that black-Women wanted sex. The hispano-Amers of metro” little-D were staying connected, but the anarchist-Thieves constantly interfered w my commutations and communications, i.e. commutational-Communicating which I had predicated for us “all” since 1993. What a hype or was that tripe? Having friends is not insufferable, but making and keeping friends is a diaxiomatical-Test of one’s own ‘space ‘n Time’. 


The african-American society is incomplete and theirs is both cultural-Aggrandisement as well as refuting having a culture that is yet antithesis to their not being as racist as white-Guy Oligarchs and hypocrisy of in-keeping “cronyism”. However, afro-Amers is american-Culture and beyond a doubt, they ought read “all my bloGs” as the ventures of expanding the base for change predominates w a firmer base, not merely debasement well handled, and odious castigationings thrown to the sharks of plutocratic-tyRanny. There is an immense need of social-Change for american-Socialism to take hold and remonstrate against the bought-Holds of delinquency. Do we want-need “health-Medicare” any job, any time nite or day, any non-War adversity? Do we want Radionuclides adlibing to our communities w.o those microns being previous known and cancerous gRowths ever-so-small all we can state is “homegrowns”? Not so odious, but UN-like ur-238 where was the technology to remove microns spent wandering in dusts of Sinai Desert 1973; where the sands-Molecules of Basra, 1991? Vacuum cleaneR! Ahoy.       “R”


“It is no secret that throughout American history the labor movement has been infiltrated by government and corporations.  This private spying business had its roots with the Pinkerton private detective agency, which after the Civil War earned the reputation as a paid strikebreaker and union buster. The Pinkerton business model soon led to a proliferation of private detective agencies dedicated to the same goal of destruction of the organized labor movement. American industrialists employed them in the quest for profit and at the expense of its workforce as the struggle between labor and capital intensified into sometimes bloody conflicts. And it should be noted that the information provided by those agencies and agents many times proved to be full of misinformation.

The conflicts between labor and capital continued to build to a head in the early

years of the 20th century. Working and living conditions were getting worse, the American farmer was being reduced to farm tenancy, American capitalists absorbed more capital and entrenched themselves into an economic dictatorship, the militant Industrial Workers of the World organized and responded with energetic unionization efforts, a growing socialist political movement emerged to challenge this economic hierarchy, the United States was entering the global arena as a major political and economic player, and  the rumblings of war started in Europe.

And so our story begins.

In San Antonio in early May 1917, Special Agent in Charge Robert L. Barnes of the Bureau of Investigation (the predecessor of today’s FBI), received a communication from James McCane of the McCane Detective Agency in Houston. The letter, dated April 19 from the McCane’s Agency’s “Operative 100”, was presumably important enough for McCane to forward to the B of I several weeks after its initial writing. [1]


Operative 100’s “Special Report” from Canton, Texas, talked of how he had attended a meeting of an organization called the “Farmers and Laborers Protective Association of America on Saturday night 17th inst., instead of Thursday Night 15th inst.”[2]

His report begins with a verbatim transcript of the constitution and by-laws of the FLPA, and then reports that “the Constitution seems very conservative, but the inside working of the order is extremely radical. They claim to have organized in five states and the latest report shows 120,000 members”.[3]

Operative 100 continues by describing some of the Masonic-like rituals of the organization and depicts a cooperative buying policy to by-pass local merchants. He describes them as “against militarism and obligates them not to go to war”,  and to stand as a “compact body”  and “fight not for the mast[er] class but to fight the battles of the working class.”[4]

He concludes his report with “the I.W.W’s or the B.T. of Ws [Brotherhood of Timber Workers] are not in it.”[5]

By most accounts the FLPA was first formed in Leuders, Texas, in November of 1915, most probably as an offshoot of the Oklahoma-based Grower’s Association,[6] but also with influences from the Texas Farmer’s Union, the Texas Land League, and other smaller farmers’ cooperative associations. Politically it was primarily composed of impoverished tenant farmers who probably voted socialist, as it appears its local chapters were primarily in areas of relatively vocal socialist organization.


Whether Operative 100 fabricated his claim of 120,000 FLPA members or whether he was misinformed is unclear; at the time of its persecution the FLPA membership most certainly never exceeded 10,000 members[7].  Even while FLPA organizer George T. Bryant exaggerated membership figures to the tune of 50,000 at the November 2016 convention of the Texas Socialist Party, in February 2017 the organization only had 2300 paid members.[8]

Operative 100’s statement that there were no members of the Industrial Workers of the World in the FLPA was also in error, as it has been documented that there were several, including FLPA organizer Bryant, Will Bergfeldt, Guy Cooper, and R.W. Mills.

Most telling is Operative 100’s statement that there were “no B.T. of Ws” in the

FLPA organization. The Brotherhood of Timber Workers in Louisiana and east Texas had pretty much dissolved by the spring of 1913 following the Grabow Massacre, the failure of the Merryville Strike, and retirement of BTW President Arthur Emerson for reasons of ill health.  Why would Operative 100 have specifically mentioned this

in his initial report, over four years after the demise of the BTW?”[5]


This was corporate practice-Sessioning, in, when was 1917, four years after the instigation of “the Federal reserve Act” which is partial to coRpoRate-Sleaze, and looks proficiently as “the Patriot Act” or moreso, the Medicare Act of 1961 when we are yet awaiting “healthcare as the reason for the dis-Information that the US-congress does not know how to act” since that is and has been ‘all they fooker-bilt-ski have done”. Secret and private army or merely a large police-Force used to train “state: intel-Gence”. How corrupts can you get buying 1 3-pints ice-cReam container for the same price as half-Gallon? Short-sheeted nonetheless, like chem-tRails are toxic chemicals w one Radionuclide, that of strontium-90—and some 89 rad-active as well as that is the “impure-Factor wRit laRge”. How many particles were tested to see what re-Arrangements the human-DNA would characterize to that end for a need of having to leave the planet w.o. oxygen—tank of otherwise?            “R”


“France’s interior minister on Monday launched a review of police methods used to control demonstrations since the emergence of the “yellow vest” movement whose weekly protests have often turned violent.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner defended the way in which police have handled the protests but asked a specially-chosen panel of some 15 experts to develop new ideas for managing demonstrations.

The yellow vest movement, which emerged last year to denounce the policies of President Emmanuel Macron, has held weekly protests across France for the past seven months.

On some occasions — especially in Paris — protests have degenerated into pitched battles on the streets with police, with both sides trading accusations of violence.

“I want to hear what you think about the use of force, about the arms we use and what some call ‘police violence’,” Castaner told the experts who include a prosecutor, a sociologist and security figures.

– ‘Protect order’ –

But Castaner, a loyal Macron ally who has taken a hard line against unrest in the protests, indicated he did not expect police to revert to softly-softly tactics.

“We are not going to respond to Molotov cocktails with nice feelings and we are not going to protect the order of the Republic with soft words,” he said.

“I need your ideas to respond strongly to unbridled violence while protecting” even those have committed “these excesses”.

There has been huge controversy in France over the tactics used by the police to restore order during the yellow vest demonstrations.

French police use the non-lethal flash-ball handheld weapon as well as sting-ball grenades to deter demonstrators.

According to France’s National Police Inspectorate (IGPN), the security forces used three to four times more flash balls and sting-ball grenades in 2018 than the year earlier, following the emergence of the yellow vest movement.

Activists say the use of such devices has unnecessarily increased the danger of demonstrators sustaining severe injuries.

Yellow vest activists say 23 protesters have lost the use of an eye, five lost a hand, and one a testicle, while dozens more have sustained other injuries.

Earlier this month, demonstrators staged a protest called the “march of the mutilated” to denounce what they said was heavy-handed police violence.

In mid-May, the interior ministry said 2,448 demonstrators had sustained

injuries along with 1,797 members of the security forces.”[6]


There are those immense, concatenations, as well as purposefully, divisiveness. The amenities are not always of which one to choose. There are power-Elites all over Europe. The power-mongering has been semi-Curtailed by US: military-Hegemony. Fundamentally, whether Asia or south-Americas, the build-ups in any of those states, is of police-Participations primary to maintaining both a fascist-Type extent of non-Consensual or gratuitous steerage toward one-Person leadership, an apogee of eccentric. That much is often referred as “paradigm”. The full socio-Politico aspects are basically, not allowed to fully develop in order to maintain a chaotic-Spasm of leadership or being ruled. Thus, dictators can most readily start w power over the military or the dirty-Dealings of the police and drugs ‘n arms mobster-Dealings. The fact is that these above facts are not much discussed openly, as paranoia is not a first choice, but why should that be a second-Choice as well?          “R”


“TAKOMA PARK, MD — The legacy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster will continue indefinitely, creating long-term problems for human health, radioactive waste management and the environment:

Around 1.09 million tons of radioactively contaminated water — used to cool the destroyed reactor cores as well as groundwater flowing across the site —  is being stored onsite in growing tank farms, which are now at capacity. Absent other options, Japanese authorities are looking to dump this radioactively contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean, a move strongly opposed by Japanese fishermen, ocean protection groups and the worldwide environmental community.

In an effort to downplay or dismiss the health dangers of radiation exposure, the Japanese government has ended financial benefits to Fukushima evacuees, putting economic pressures on these families to return to the region, even though it has not been — and cannot be — adequately or effectively cleaned up and made safe for human habitation. According to noted physicist, Dr. Bruno Chareyron, who has conducted field measurements in the area, “The radioactive particles deposited on the ground in March 2011 are still there, and in Japan, millions of people are living on territories that received significant contamination.”

In order to justify the return of evacuees and claim the region is now safe, Japanese regulatory authorities have raised the allowable radiation dose from I milisievert per year to 20, an unacceptably high rate that is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. This policy has been cited by a UN Special Rapporteur as having “potentially grave impacts on the rights of young children returning to or born in contaminated forces areas.”[1]


Previously, I have stated, that: there are 1,200 anti-NucleaRists in the u.s.a., but I was short a few words—probably due the insurmountable pains of shoulder missing cartelege for 21 months—as there ought to be of all those anti-nucleaRist protestoRs, 1,250 each day who subscript the admonitions of nucleaRism, at any one time. This aspect is that the worldly: big-Tit, can provide sustenance, thRu the metastasizing of meta-Physics. In this manner our Universal context of space-Time w.i. the global-Village survives bRains intact. By the way, there is no non-Universal “worldly: big-Tit” since we are peace-People as well.       “R”


“Plans by Tepco and the Japanese government to begin removing melted reactor fuel in 2021 are fraught with risk and uncertainty since little is still known about its condition and there is no safe, permanent radioactive waste management plan in place.

The Japanese government plans to hold two events — softball and baseball — in the Fukushima Prefecture during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a public relations maneuver to “normalize” the situation. However, in addition to unacceptable radiation exposure doses, particularly from hot spots, the discovery of radioactive particles of reactor fuel debris in the area, including uranium and cesium, would put both athletes and spectators at risk.

The implications for returning populations to the Fukushima region come with dire warnings from the health findings in Macaque monkeys who have lived there continuously. The monkeys have been found to have bone marrows that are producing almost no blood cells, and mothers are giving birth to babies with reduced brain sizes. With a 7% difference in DNA with humans, these outcomes are alarming.

Scandals surrounding the ill treatment of workers at the stricken Fukushima plant, many of whom are migrants and already low-income, continue. UN human rights experts found these workers to have been exploited and their health willfully jeopardized, with workers coerced “into accepting hazardous working conditions because of economic hardships, and the adequacy of training and protective measures.”

Despite widespread public opposition in Japan, the Abe government continues to try to restart nuclear reactors. However, only nine of the 42 still operable reactors are back on line (out of 58 originally). The government has instead turned its attention to the nuclear export market, but this took a serious hit when Toshiba’s Westinghouse nuclear division went bankrupt two years ago and Hitachi withdrew from two new nuclear power plant projects in the UK in January 2019.”[7]


The nipponese coRpoRate-Sleaze bought american-coRpoRate-Sleaze to become “bought-to-or-for-Fallacy”. Why not join them? They are Oligarchs and they have not taken any helm of Responsibility to clean-Ups, to Phytoremediations, to industry that is morosely a hype-Platitude for attitude needing adjustment. They are as staid as their mannerism of psycho-Neurotic: americanism, which of course, they are too! The concern that I have w the Nipponese is, that they are too much lambasted by their inbred beliefs a those inculcate the culture and keep all from bearings knowhow to bare-Witnesses to those tRuths that they need, i.e. not to re-Direct culture obligingly allowing monarch love or irresolute mob-Rule—that may be not-so-inadvent for a need of intel-Gence that actually does not get bought by “technocrat-Oligarchs: plutocracy” system too similar to u.s.a.         “R”


‘Heavy metal–tungsten alloys (HMTAs) are dense heavy metal composite materials used primarily in military applications. HMTAs are composed of a mixture of tungsten (91–93%), nickel (3–5%) and either cobalt (2–4%) or iron (2–4%) particles. Like the heavy metal depleted uranium (DU), the use of HMTAs in military munitions could result in their internalization in humans. Limited data exist however, regarding the long-term health effects of internalized HMTAs in humans. We used an immortalized, non-tumorigenic, human osteoblast-like cell line (HOS) to study the tumorigenic transforming potential of reconstituted mixtures of tungsten, nickel and cobalt (rWNiCo) and tungsten, nickel and iron (rWNiFe). We report the ability of rWNiCo and rWNiFe to transform immortalized HOS cells to the tumorigenic phenotype.”[8]


The need is for cleanliness, or is that for everybody to be eating “oRganic foodstuff”. As the shelf-Life can be 100% longer than “chemicalized foods, altho both are purchased at a food/supermarket. Organic foods are not to be laced w gMO”s sprays nor field-Exchange wherever gRown. The taste is superlative, much better for us as well as healthier —bottom line. Would that waste expensive hospital-Stays? Hard to state as not enough folks are about helping themselves. Yet, do those same folks stay inside and keep from chem-tRails 20-hours after any ole major onslaught? Do folks even look into the skies these days? Are the chemical-companies being cut-off from their supplying and do the same companies deposit to off-shore accounts or to banks (cRedit Unions)? Would testing for anti-Normative groceries gReens and starches, be better for allowing soils to regroup and recuperate from poisonous-Herbicides and pesticides? How long has the space-Time w chem-tRails been for you? The posted photos on my website shows us that I started to photograph the chemicalizing in 1998.          “R”



The Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP) accident released a substantial amount of radioactive nuclides into the atmosphere and caused extensive contamination of the environment1,2,3,4,5. The radioactivity of the typical fission products was estimated to be 8.2 PBq for 137Cs, 9.8 PBq for 134Cs, and 0.14 PBq for 90Sr,2,6. In June 2011, the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) reported that 0.1−6 kBq m−2 of 90Sr and 0.3−17 kBq m−2 of 89Sr were detected in the soil of areas within a 20-km radius from the FNPP (i.e., the former Fukushima evacuation zone)7. As 89Sr has a relatively short half-life of 50.5 days, its presence suggests that these radionuclides did not originate from global fallout due to nuclear weapons testing, but from the FNPP accident.

The long half-life (28.8 y) and bone-seeking properties of 90Sr make it a concerning artificial radionuclide among the fission products found near FNPP. Although radioiodine and caesium are more noticeable in quantity, 90Sr can persist in bone with a retention half-life of over 10 years, depending on bone type8,9,10,11. Moreover, its daughter nuclide, 90Y, emits β-rays (2.28 MeV) that may have adverse effects on the bone marrow. Thus, some attention has been paid to the determination of 90Sr content in bone and particularly in teeth. Sr is incorporated into the tooth during calcification. Once incorporated, it remains in enamel and dentine until the tooth falls out or is extracted12. Therefore, 90Sr activity concentration in a given tooth is a reflection of environmental 90Sr contamination levels when the tooth was formed.


Several studies have taken advantage of this phenomenon to understand the long-term effects of nuclear activity on humans. For example, 90Sr incorporation into human teeth has been observed after the Techa River region was contaminated by the release of liquid radioactive waste into the river during the early 1950s8,13,14,15. Similarly, the deciduous teeth of Swiss children born between 1952 and 2002 exhibited 90Sr activity concentrations that correlated with atmospheric rises in 90Sr levels, which resulted from nuclear weapons testing during that period11. Increases in tooth 90Sr activity concentrations following the 1986 Chernobyl accident have also been reported11,16,17. These observations indicate that 90Sr activity concentration in teeth is an effective indicator of 90Sr contamination levels in the environment. However, while studies have examined 90Sr contamination in soil, vegetation, the nearby seawater and fish after the FNPP accident18,19,20,21,22,23,24, no studies to date have reported on 90Sr activity concentrations in teeth or bones. We thus have little direct data on how much FNPP-related contamination affected animals, which is essential for fully understanding the extent of environmental pollution in the area.

In the aftermath of the FNPP accident, thousands of cattle were abandoned in the evacuation zone. These cattle subsisted on natural food and water in the contaminated environment. Previously, we investigated the activities of 134Cs, 137Cs, 110mAg, and 129mTe in cattle within a 20-km radius around the FNPP, and demonstrated that radioactive Cs concentrations in organs and plasma were dependent on the feeding conditions and the geographic location of the cattle25. We also separately examined the effect of radioactive Cs on cattle testes after the FNPP accident26. We now expand on these studies by examining 90Sr concentrations in cattle teeth and relating them to other measures of environmental pollution.”[9]


Would life in any american-West desert be prone to major “compost overall” rather than taking shid-ski by the tRainloads and dumping that atop the arable-Soils where water is pumped and allowed to drain thru compositionings of the actual sand when mixed w.o. dumpages of gargantuan-Shidski? Today’s reach has garnered me closer the arrears of my own Life as well as I can share w these words: the ownership of nevada-Testsite belongs to the newe-Segobia peoples, an indigenous people who lived in the great-Basin, hundreds years before the advent of horses to the north-Americas tribes, i.e. Brought by the murdering-Conquistadores. That the sands of desert is a hard-Soil brought me to commune w them, after my arrest in 1969, because geography and Ecology was, to my introspection, geo-Morphical. Where was I arrested? That geography was none-Other than Inside fRenchman’s Flat, where the first of hydrogen-blasts were designated against the guinea-Soldiers about one-half mile from “gRound-Zero”. As we three anti-Nuclearist protestors marched toward that Flat, we all hoped to be picked-up in a vehicle by an officer, before we strode for 5-minutes.           “R”


“The Treaty on the Limitation of Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems (ABM) was signed on May 26, 1972 by the United States and the USSR. The term of the contract was not limited, but the contract could be terminated at any time by any of the signatories.

The agreement fixed the parties ’commitment to refuse to build, test and deploy missile, air, space, or mobile-ground-based missile defense systems or components to combat strategic ballistic missiles, and not to build missile defense systems in the country.

The agreement fixed the parties ’commitment to refuse to build, test and deploy missile, air, space, or mobile-ground-based missile defense systems or components to combat strategic ballistic missiles, and not to build missile defense systems in the country.

Each side pledged to have no more than two missile defense systems (around the capital and in the vicinity of the concentration of launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles), where no more than 100 launching anti-missile missiles could be deployed within a radius of 150 kilometers. Later, in July 1974, under an additional protocol to this Treaty, it was allowed to have only one such system: either around the capital or in the area of ​​launchers of ICBMs (for the USSR – with the center in the capital; for the USA – on the basis of Grand Forks).

On December 13, 2001, US President George W. Bush announced that the United States was unilaterally withdrawing from the Treaty, after which, according to the provisions of the treaty, it remained in force for another 6 months, until June 12, 2002.

In the late 1990s, US military analysts concluded that an anti-ballistic missile defense agreement no longer served US interests.


The United States found it necessary to create a limited-capacity antimissile defense that would allow it to avoid nuclear blackmail on the part of third countries that possessed nuclear weapons or could create them in the future.

Since June 2012, the United States began to defiantly abandon the “inconvenient” US treaties to limit the risk of a global war.

The next step has already been taken by the American side when the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

In this case, Russia responded. In this connection, Vladimir Putin noted: “… we then openly and honestly declared that we would have to take retaliatory measures. That was done. Now Russia has a hypersonic weapon capable of overcoming any anti-missile defense system.”

As a result, these days we have together made one more step towards mutual confrontation, and maybe even total destruction.

Who will be easier from all this? I believe that the peoples of our countries will suffer the most. Of course, financial circles will become richer in military orders, the military will be pleased with the increase in budgets, but questions of social protection of the population, medicine, and infrastructure development will be supplied according to the residual principle. Forcing hatred towards the country of the likely adversary will intensify, any manifestations of discontent and announcements of thousands of people for no reason to the enemies of the state will be suppressed. By the way, such situations are being successfully tested in a number of countries. For example, now in Ukraine, the most popular article in the accusations of ordinary people is treason to their homeland. Already arrested dozens and hundreds of people. Already, many Ukrainian journalists and political scientists have been charged under this article. In recent years, killings have been organized for journalists and writers in Ukraine. Investigations in these cases are not carried out, and even overt suspects are released from custody. In this “muddy waters” you can easily cracking down on business partners and competitors are removed.


As a result, I can only say that now in the world the opinion is strenuously created that Russia seeks to return to the USSR, Russia is becoming more and more aggressive and uncontrollable.

Well, if you look more closely, it becomes clear that all steps of Russia were forced in response to the aggressive behavior of the United States and its vassals in NATO. In response to the refusal to restrict missile defense systems, Russian scientists invented such missiles that cannot be destroyed by the most modern missiles (the Patriot-3 and THAAD) missile defense systems of Western countries. In addition, Russia took many steps to develop its missile defense systems, which can destroy hundreds of rockets ranging from the surface of the Earth to outer space. For the most thoughtful, I advise you to read about the promising development of the C-500 Prometheus. The complex of the fifth generation can remain the best in the world for at least the next 10–15 years.

In the actions of the authorities of Western countries, wisdom and adequacy remain less and less. Russia will no longer make mistakes of the Soviet era in the field of the arms race. Now the United States begins to repeat the dead-end version of the USSR. In order to just try to reach the level of Russia in the field of hypersound, nuclear rocket engines and other “new products” will need to invest even more money. Then the US budget can double, and that is $1.500.000.000.000 or this is 1.5 thousand billion dollars. Can the country withstand such a budget?

Moreover, the end result may be quite ambiguous.”[10]


We all can do much better, when and if, we understand that government is not tReaties but that we-People all, and much to your passive-Ambitions, stop and relate actively to what assailable-Laments can be beyond paranoia thinking cheats. As a leading rep for “the we-Boomers” our gatherings were not for plentitude of nuclear-Proliferation bombs, but for “Halting NSDU-238”  before that venue hit the shid-ski fan i.e. like chem-tRails failing atop us daily we’re being mistreated by shid-ski, aimlessly diagnosed as shid-ski-Propaganda: fodder, and then we have to be placated for accepting hype-formidable for lies georges-Enron and no arrests for September 11th, 2001, but not even suggested that a new weapon of “the nuclear-Molecular” has been deposited upon Washington d-c and New York City, because that made for great non-Disservice of a self-Indulgence which has been relegated as “directed-Energy weapons are here, enjoy them”!


We know that there is no bacteria which can remake any Radionuclides into a negative-Nuclide. What was the penataGooons premises in 1956 to eradicate the accumulation of nuclear-Molecular: microns in air-water-land, other than “Perfluoroalkyl Chemicals (PFASs)” which has been the basic US military-Hegemony chemical ingredient in flame-Retardant and has not been allowed HALT and clean-ups ‘superfunding’! How come? Short-term, again, because too big to fail those 50-hospital-Beds per 100,000 persons. They are fanatical, both US-military and corporate-Sleaze. Each maintains their own little-Catharsis. Why catharsis at all? Who did the opposite and became the new-Rome indenturing water to non-Crisis building US military-Hegemony: bases? NSDU-238 hype and propaganda, cRimes by persons not yet arrested? Did the opposite of goodwill happen? In other words, which do we-People, not the one-Percent, behaviorally, feel is “maintaining a defense” by contaminating PFAS microns being scattered everywhere into molecules of gMOS and fracturing-Chemicals? The latter is not a chemical-Radionuclide. Which do we need to HALT first? Both, of course, alongside all other sequestered capitalist-Totality short-term hype for less US military-Hegemony proto propaganda-Sleaze.        “R”


Be a Universal voice against NucleaRism, the peace-Warrior


Tags/ Iran’s Qod force, Ecosocialist green New Deal, guiding principles, Ecosocialism, layers of Earth’s atmosphere” UCAR  Operative 100, snitch that maimed, Texas Socialism, France reviews police methods, after yellow vest protests, daiichis p.o.s., eight years after, triple meltdowns, explosions at nuclear power plant, 90Sr, (Strontium90) in teeth, of cattle, abandoned, in evacuation-Zone, plastispheres, neoplastic-Transformation, of Human Osteoblast Cells, the Tumorigenic Phenotype, was US withdrawing, from anti ballistic missiletTreaty, wise,

1] “France reviews police methods after yellow vest protests” AFP News Katell Prigent 17 June 2019

[1] “IRAN’S QODS FORCE AND MODERN PROXY WARS” ‘southfront’  25 July 2019

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[8] “Neoplastic Transformation of Human Osteoblast Cells to the Tumorigenic Phenotype by Heavy Metal-Tungsten Alloy Particles: Induction of Genotoxic Effects” D.I.M.E. Alexandra C. Miller is one of many contributing to this data (facts)

[9] “90Sr (Strontium90) in Teeth of Cattle Abandoned in Evacuation Zone: Record of Pollution from the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident” by Leuren Moret Received: 12 November 2015, Accepted: 15 March 2016; Pub. online: 05 April 2016

[10] “Was the US withdrawing from the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty wise?” Vladimir Andreeff, former Retired Colonel at Retiree (1975-2001) Answered Mar 8 Author has 707 answers and 2.9m answer views

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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