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anti-nucleaRist bloG #261/ 16 Aug 2019 Lame bRains Do Rule thru Conditionalism w pRopaganda from plutocRacy’s Berths

anti-nucleaRist bloG #261/ 16 Aug 2019

Lame bRains Do Rule thru Conditionalism w pRopaganda from plutocRacy’s Berths


Ever been arrested for lying to yourself? My neither. Ever been arrested for government-Negligence? My neither. Ever been an underground “journalist”? Yes, definitely—lotsa times, too. Was I a leader for what became internet observances of communicating in public for public jurisprudence? Yes. Then, why does our dis-establishmentarian debasement have that: lame bRains do not rule thru Conditionalism, but neither does tRuths regarding the discarding of attempts at clarity, now going into the end of my sixth-Decade. Do I dote upon writing my blogs for “dis-Information to maintain pRopaganda”? No, thank you. Yet, livid-Living is today’s Conditionalism debasement of connote, “How many wars does the new-Rome need to have a declared-War”? The past seven-Decades has proved that itinerant ways for capitalist-Totality in the u.s.a. has provided for a system that we-Americans under their Constitution DO NOT LIKE. One major reason is that the world has been “mistreated rancorously” in that process of Elitism for Exceptionalism.

They, the oligarchs-Elites have mistreated the world w a passion for emblazoning glory and death, not at all the cudgel of compassion embracing freedom for democracy-Sake. What else has not survived? They are the plutocracy of the new-Rome. The correlations between US: military-Hegemony and 17: intel-Agencies, that is the deep-State of pseudocrats in-of-for Plutocracy, which is the homespun legacy since before 1776.  Whether we need tyRanny or have that has not been voted upon by the we-People, but by the “electoral-college”.        “R”


“…”Sometime in the early Fifties … assassination became an instrument of U.S. national policy.  It also became an important branch of our invisible government, a sizable business, and a separate technology involving weapons and devices the ordinary taxpayer paid billions for but was never permitted to see, except perhaps in the technicolor fantasies of James Bond flicks.” –Andrew St. George, journalist for Life magazine, cited by Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

“Young people often ask me whether I would recommend that they apply for a job at the CIA.  I used to say, ‘Only if you have high degrees of integrity and courage.’  Now I tell them that when they are asked to sign the secrecy agreement, they should emulate President George W. Bush by adding a signing statement — the same kind of disclaimer the President issues when he signs legislation.  Theirs might read, ‘None of the above shall be construed as impinging on the undersigned’s duty under U.S. and international law….'” –Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, Time magazine, 1 May 2006

“A great deal of the success of the CIA is due to its ability to attract patriotic, good soldiers who believe in the general rightness of what they do, and then insulate them through compartmentalization from the heavier activities.” –John Stockwell, former CIA Chief of the Angola Task Force, The Praetorian Guard: The U.S. Role in the New World Order

“Everything is compartmentalized in the government.  You’re given an order:  ‘OK.  You’re going to take this from point A to point B.’  That’s all you know.  You don’t know the big picture.  You’re just operational, at operational level, doing things that you’re made to do.” –Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, relating his experience as a U.S. Navy SEAL, interviewed on the Opie and Anthony Show, 8 April 2008


“A need to know operation is central, not only to the CIA, but for organized crime or anything else.  The information is imparted to individuals on a need to know basis.  If you try to inquire, just one time, if you show some curiosity, just one time, as to what is going on, then you won’t be around.  You’ll either be dead, or you’ll be ostracized.  Not only is it isolation from top to bottom, but latterly as well.” –Chaucey Holt, CIA contract agent and Mafia associate (also identified as one of the “three tramps” photographed in Dealey Plaza), interviewed by John Craig, Phillip Rogers and Gary Shaw for Newsweek magazine, 19 October 1991

“We were conditioned by childhood experiences to believe that these were noble and right things to do — defending our country from the evils of this, that, and the other….  At the lower levels in the CIA, they keep the conditioning going — the cover stories.  You don’t talk punk talk, you don’t talk goon talk, you don’t send a cable to headquarters saying, ‘send me out an assassin to knock off somebody.’  If you did, you’d get put down, you’d get reprimanded.  It’s all very high minded.  There is some doublespeak and at a certain level, operations are killing people — certainly.  But, especially for the younger officers, they keep the myths going.” –John Stockwell, former CIA Chief of the Angola Task Force, in a lecture given at American University entitled, Secret Wars of the CIA, 3 November 1989

“It’s called in the intelligence lexicon, ‘plausible deniability.’  If they [CIA hired guns] perform actions that might embarrass the United States government, they can be denied [as being employed by the government].” –William Leary, Merton Coulter Professor of History and winner of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Studies in Intelligence Award, interviewed in the documentary, Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline…


“A lot of times you really didn’t even know what the project was.  You were told to go to a certain place and accomplish a certain thing.  And if you didn’t have a need to know, you didn’t ask any questions.” –Allen Cates, CIA pilot discussing Black Ops in the documentary, Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline

“Any of the contrived situations described above are inherently, extremely risky in our democratic system in which security can be maintained, after the fact, with very great difficulty.  If the decision should be made to set up a contrived situation, it should be one in which participation by U.S. personnel is limited only to the most highly trusted covert personnel.  This suggests the infeasibility of the use of military units for any aspect of the contrived situation.” –part of a 1962 declassified Pentagon document, code named Operation Northwoods, describing how pull off a false flag black operation, under the U.S. democratic system, without being exposed.

Fort Bragg and the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

“Military and intelligence officers did not take kindly to Kennedy’s attempts to restrain this powerful conglomeration.  Kennedy angered these men by refusing to use U.S. military power to salvage the Bay of Pigs Invasion.  Then he added fuel to the fire by rejecting recommendations by the joint chiefs to bomb the missile emplacements in Cuba and to refrain from signing a nuclear test ban treaty with the Russians….  Some generals — including Dallas mayor Earle Cabell’s brother, Gen. Charles P. Cabel — even went so far as to brand Kennedy a ‘traitor.’  Cabell, after being fired by Kennedy as deputy director of the CIA, resumed responsibilities in the Pentagon.” –Jim Marrs, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy”[1]


That JFK left us-Boomers his legacy is not to blame for the we-Boomers halting the communications and commutations w other ‘boomeRs’. That JFK, not gHW Bushwhacky was “immensely pushed by pursuing liberal-Constitutional values” is not in question, since he was also tRying to defend from the one-Party: parody on limited information. Our system of ‘allow the people to speak’ was a democracy-Purpose, one that should have been supported by all socialist-Parties of the u.s.a. The cIAS was as grotesque as getting away w anythinGy-Bop was to become their legacy sooo that the US-military takeover could become the legacy and not, fore-instance, MK-ultra, and l.s.d. experimentation— which intel-Gence supplicated that need–amongst other devaluation, exonerations. Many connotations to LBJ dislike JFK, and felt he was an upstart, is not enough to surmount the “plutocracy-Expediency” already apportioning the connote from “electoral-Politics” which never quite disparaged “the Pseudocrats into technocracy” and that of course was to maintain a status-quo from Eugene McCarthy, and his exorcism. The heinousness in the assassination0in-Dallas, Tejas, on 22 Nov 1963,was an appellate for the US=military pre-emptions, as dastardly a deed as the secrecy of the psy-Ops performing their black-Artes.


Jim Marrs, has passed-away, and his written wirks, public-Statements, remain w us. His universal-Connotes to our immediate-History was a prescience that was guided by intimate introspections and research followed. We were that far gone after decades of being lied to by the Bush: crime-Family, who never were, to state the least, an oasis of Hope. I’ve read and retain a copy of his book “Crossfire”. These nefarious, odious, deceitful events w connotations on Exceptionalism are bringing bare-Measures toward fascism, that we already knew they would be since operation Paperclip, helped to dispel the transferential-Need for admonishments thru increased lies upon the disregard for practices of causing disgrace to open -Honesty post world-War-2, in 1947 when secrecy was aberrantly in need to maintain the fascist polemic, in u.s.a. as the anti-Jews and anti-Indoctrination of a “NucleaRism-Doctrine” became more supercedent and less civil-Consorts of control—and controllable measures entirely. That superiority-Complexion dominated the entire 1950’s, too—at most in terms of ridding ourselves from that of the pRopaganda-Model              “R”


“Noon Today 10/10/2017 – SANTA ROSA, Calif. — After battling massive, fast-moving wildfires that have torched more than 100,000 acres of land and killed at least 15 people, with the death count likely to rise, firefighters received a badly needed reprieve Tuesday as winds continued to weaken.

Post by Published on Oct 9, 2017 – At 1 AM last night 60 separate explosive fires like never before seen hit Sonoma and Napa Counties up to Mendocino County. Around 11:30 pm last night winds began to swirl out of nowhere. There was no weather event predicted or forecast. At 1 am over 60 fires combusted but there was no lightning, and no warning. Mass evacuations in the middle of the night took place. many running out of gas heading West to the coast, since north 101 at Santa Rosa and East to Napa were on fire. This is Geo Terrorism, as evidenced by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and Nate and now fires from the sky in the middle of the night out of nowhere. Hurricane Harvey came at 1:30 am and was downgraded to tropical storm and then the dams were opened to “flush the toilet” Here in N. CA, it’s burn, baby burn…. Are these fires being used to fuel more weather storm creations to the West? Denver is today being hit with a large snowstorm?”[2]


I lived 30-miles from Santa Rosa CA and I protested w anti-War folks against the asinine nefarity of illegal-Invasions of Iraq-Lands—all three-Phases. Did you? The love-Oaks and blue-Oaks hills lead into mountains of ponderosa-Pines and cedars types. That PGE electric lines were not stRong enough to support “immense weight of steel-Woven-cables was always self-evident. The fires this time were credence to the practice fire of corporate-Sleaze P.G.E. slung-Wires, that could not have caused those “malicious, purposeful ‘directed-Energy’ plasma-Beams” which killed and caused immense losses to people who could ill-Afford the Exceptionalism of having large-Enough in corrupt Wall Street, or investments firms who pay nothing in taxes on daily turnover earnings.           “R”


“John Knox presents stunning evidence of deliberate torching of California homes using directed energy weapons (DEW). High energy DEW and laser weapons are known to exist and the case has been made that airborne or satellite laser weapons are being deployed in order to relocate and/or displace civilian populations in middle-class developments.

Post by Harold Saive – Chemtrails Planet – directed energy

The video reveals a house where the left side is incinerated to the foundation

along a vertical path but the right side of the structure appears completely unscathed. This vertical path extends downward where the house on the right side of the “laser” line is likewise, completely unscathed. This evidence has been regarded as incontrovertible by many observers.

Highly qualified California Fire Captain, John Lord concludes directed energy weapons (DEW) as the “only plausible explanation” for the catastrophic fires — In this interview, Mr. Lord references the 16 major fires in 2017 that began in the middle of the night in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties. (Video)”[3]


What we, american-Socialists, people, are going thRu is what the British civilians went thru from 1615 thru 1944, the imperialist rip-offs of temperament and living situations in exchange for an “exceptionalist policy predicated on Banks and Queen owns everythinGy-Bop” which is to state that the British queen (monarch) is worth at least 2-5 billion-Dollars, or why UK wants to leave European-Union. No epicurean-Delight, how? Even this microsoft-Word processing is Exceptionalist. Look how the space between pages is at lest two lines, not one! I do not give a cRafty-cRap in non-Chlorinated-Tissue for microsoft, the word, being capitalized. That microsoft nor apple wants to have the word surreptiton in the dictionaries is a good lead-in as to the surcease of inevitability. Is nucleaRism good for you, or for “the new-Rome of Plutocracy”?         “R”


“State of the Nation

The verdict is in.  And there’s now no question that it’s

For anyone who doubts that these apocalyptic CA fires were the result of premeditated acts of genocide, please watch this video: Paradise California DEW Attacks & Pyro-Terrorism: “GENOCIDE!”

The California wildfires were not only entirely manmade arson fires, they were

started with the intention of killing as many people as possible and destroying as much property across the state as the arsonists.   This ongoing terrorist operation is officially known as OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation

It’s of vital importance to correctly comprehend that the number of dead involved in this deliberate mass murder of CA residents statewide has been grossly undercounted thus far.  In truth, only a small fraction of the actual death toll has been reported by the predictably untrustworthy mainstream media.  The government routinely understates the number of killings because the more who are annihilated, the worse the current administration looks in the eyes of the citizenry.  After all, the primary purpose of government is to protect and safeguard the people.

Not only is the California State Government not protecting the populace, they are regularly putting the residents in harm’s way by their gross negligence and intentional acts of environmental terrorism.

Remember this: False flag environmental terrorism is always the easiest for the perpetrators to get away with because very few ever suspect that wildfires or hurricanes can be engineered, and then weaponized.  In point of fact, Hurricane Michael was recently geoengineered to take out the Florida Panhandle just before the 2018 election.  So many voters on the Right were eliminated from the voting process in those conservative RED counties that it pushed the top 3 Florida races into an unprecedented recount.  Do you get it?  If not, check out this definitive piece on that purposefully geoengineered superstorm: HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!”[4]


The geo-Fookering thru plasma directed-Energy is such a tyRanny, I cannot tell to you know how much I’d like to push shid-ski down-Throat of those “icono-Spastics” military-Hegemonyites. That is not to demean there is some connote other which needs to be expressed, openly atoned and attuned, but also, that iconoclasm is the one-Party: parody which impermeates a need for tRuths not to be covered-up for fear of coercions—then never allows deliverance. There has always been, fore-instance, a definitive needful program to re-Forest this continents coniferous-forests, that those war-Mongering egalomaniacs of Plutocracy since mid-1978, have never once placed on “space-Time platforms” and onto Ecology. Whatsoever! We do need “defense” not empiricism to connotate always into plutocratic-Realm of Exceptionalism. Do not “jail tRuth” jail the criminals, at least that takes knowledge on how we-Professional: pRoletariats maintain our connection , not collusion, w polite emphasis on peace and pRosperity thru american-Socialism. We do not need the garbage chem-tRails.  



“This is NOT the time to be stymied by the hard truths, no matter how horrific the back story may be.  If you’re reading this post you are an obvious truth seeker; however, many of those adversely impacted by these California arson fires are not yet awake and desperately need our help.

And, “YES!” the true reasons for these geoengineered conflagrations is inconceivably horrific.  In point of fact, these firestorms were deliberately started and spread by perpetrators who wanted to produce mass death and destruction.

Paradise residents set up for a terrifying immolation

“Here’s what really happened in Paradise.  The Rothschild Crime Syndicate

wanted the land for gold, mineral rights and UN agenda implementation.

They had to scare the residents off the land—FOREVER!  This is why their

arsonists set up the crime scene in advance so that no one could even get out.

It was like the folks in Paradise CA fire were in a high-rise with bars on the

windows and their doors were bolted shut from the outside!  This was

nothing short of premeditated genocide … as it is twice a year whenever

manmade wildfires are stealthily exacerbated ON PURPOSE.  The

International Banking Cartel is engaged in a massive land heist around

the world wherever gold deposits abound in order to fulfill the numerous

and unprecedented gold repatriation requests being made by nations large

and small to the US, UK and France.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer


Here is some conclusive proof that people and animals died terrible deaths, many of the needlessly.  The photos below were taken from an important submission by a Paradise CA fire victim who lost everything. See: ELABORATE ARSON SCHEME EXPOSED: The Pillage and Plunder Of Paradise CA

A skeleton of a victim seen through the passenger side window in a vehicle bombed and burned up in Northern California fires

A dead horse lays on the side of a road killed by the fires in Middletown, California (Photo credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s entirely true that OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA IS NOTHING SHORT OF GENOCIDE  And that only We the People can put a stop to it.


Joint Corporate-Government Conspiracy to Commit Genocide

What we are, and have been, dealing with in California over the past few years is a conspiracy to commit genocide and mass destruction in targeted areas that have been coveted by the New World Order globalist cabal.

SOTN Editor’s Note:

People, this story is the biggest story of the year—bar none.

It’s so HUGE that it has the potential to take down the NWO cabal—FOR GOOD!

SOTN has received much evidence that proves the many shocking statements

made in this short “citizen’s indictment”.  Yes, this CA wildfire season was used as a means to commit genocide.

When all the hard evidence is properly collated and made public, the Deep

State perps will be identified and prosecuted.


In the meantime please continue to send any hard, anecdotal or circumstantial evidence to this email:

The following video dissects the California crime scene in a rather comprehensive way that deconstructs the whole furtive plot: Anatomy of the Arson Fire Attack on California (Video)

Efforts to help the people of California, many of whom are desperately in need of assistance, will serve to aid populations everywhere that are under similar assaults.

This article is still in a rudimentary stage of development.   There’s LOTs to see here folks.  So much, in fact, that we believe the California genocide will be the final undoing of the cabal.

What they really do throughout California on a annual basis (twice a year during the 2 wildfire seasons) is outright mass murder and destruction.  It really does appear that they went way too far with their pyro-crime spree in 2018.  The abundance of hard evidence shows the globalists to be genocidal maniacs who will do anything to steal the land and mineral rights whenever they want to.

Stay tuned for the final draft of this exposé on the premeditated California genocide of 2018.  And remember what our fellow Americans just experienced: “It was like the folks in the Paradise CA fire were in a high rise with bars on the windows and their doors were bolted shut from the outside!”

PARADISE, CA – NOVEMBER 15: Aerial footage shows homes destroyed by the Camp Fire near the Paradise Plaza off Clark Road in Paradise, California

How these ‘wildfires’ completely burned down houses but spared the trees and bushes next to the same homes is quite the mystery.”[5]


The aerosolization via chemicals and strontium-90, is also an advertency for ways to “manufacture-Oxygen” but this is centuries premature, when the need is NOT TO SUPERSEDE expedited manners of living here on planet, but research toward better then best endeavoring on how to live as space-cRaft travels imperil muscle-Tone and foetus-Developments, for examples. This alone, codifies that the deep-State is anti-American.  As we gather more on the causes of “surreptitions” to be deleted, we become aware of our consciousness-Needs appellate to cognizance. Struggle does not demean cancelling our forests necessity of OXYGENATE less so than reforestrations-Necessity, because immense “directed-Energy weaponizing for illegal off-Shore usuries on and from derivatives-tRading” as offshore accounts cannot be taxed and thus loopholes remain criminal-Afflictions to us, people, we-citizens, denizens who need “health-Medicare” not illegal-Invasions of offense-Department.            “R”


“On Indigenous People’s Day, formerly known as Columbus Day, October 8,

2018, Nye County, Nevada prosecutors and Sheriff’s deputies ended a three

decades old policy concerning arrests of protesters at the Nevada National Security

Site (NNSS), formerly known as the Nevada Test Site, 60 miles from Las Vegas.

For more information, visit

Nevada Desert Experience photo

Brian Terrell, Mark Kelso and Marcus Page-Collogne are led to the arrestee holding pen just inside the Mercury gate of the Nevada National Security Site, October 8, 2018. The holding pens were constructed in 1988, when more than 2,800 people crossed the line to demand an end to nuclear weapons testing.

law enforcement enforce the rules/regulations/laws established. As such, as the Nevada National Security Site falls within the jurisdiction of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, they are the legal authority to enforce those laws.” The Nye County District Attorney did not respond to several inquiries for comment.

From 1986 through 1994, two years after the United States put a hold on full-scale nuclear weapons testing, 536 anti-nuclear peace demonstrations were held at the site. Many thousands participated and according to government records, 15,740 arrests were made, but starting in 1987, the Sheriff’s Department, motivated in part by the expense of so many prosecutions on a rural county, stopped charging protestors who entered the site with criminal trespass. Activists who crossed the cattleguard at the fence-line three miles from the secured zone, now represented by an arbitrary white line closer to US Highway 95, were detained briefly in an open air corral and issued a misdemeanor “Notice to Appear” citation with no appearance date filled in. They were informed that no charge would be filed. Detainees who had no identification, who refused to identify themselves or even offered frivolous names were also released, as were those who presented permits to enter Western Shoshone land issued by their National Council.


In August, 2018, a representative of the Sheriff’s Department informed the Nevada Desert Experience (NDE), of the change in policy. From now on, protesters who enter the site and can present government issued ID will be given a warning ticket the first time and issued real citations if they repeat. Those who are apprehended without ID will be arrested, transported to jail in Pahrump and charged as trespassers. Permits issued by the National Council of the Western Shoshone will no longer be honored. This crackdown is due, according to the deputy who spoke to NDE members, to pressure from the National Nuclear Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy that operates the site.

With diminished numbers but with faithful regularity, NDE has continued its vigils, prayers and protests at the Test Site several times each year, usually with some of us detained by the deputies and released after presenting permits from the Western Shoshone. Our annual fall event, “Justice for Our Desert”, includes a prayerful procession into the site and this time, three members of the NDE governing council were taken into custody. Two of us, Mark Kelso of Las Vegas and me, from Maloy, Iowa, were released with warnings after we presented our driver’s licenses. Marcus Page-Collonge of Calaveras County, California, was taken to jail in Pahrump and was bailed out that evening.

A few days later, on October 11, the Nye County District Attorney filed a complaint against Marcus in Beatty Township Justice Court that charges that “The Defendant did willfully and unlawfully go on to the property of the Nevada National Security Site after being warned not to do so” and trial for his alleged crime is set for December 3.

At trial, the State of Nevada will need to prove that the property Marcus went on to is that “of Nevada National Security Site,” an allegation that will not be verified easily. In 1950, the Test Site was established on land legally recognized by the Treaty of Ruby Valley in 1863 as belonging to the Western Shoshone indigenous nation. This agreement allows the U.S. government the “right to traverse the area, maintain existing telegraph and stage lines, construct one railroad and engage in…

By any measure, the land is theirs and it is the NNSS who is the trespasser, not Marcus nor any of the thousands of activists arrested there in the past.

…as were those who presented permits to enter Western Shoshone land issued by their National Council.


In August, 2018, a representative of the Sheriff’s Department informed the Nevada Desert Experience (NDE), of the change in policy. From now on, protesters who enter the site and can present government issued ID will be given a warning ticket the first time and issued real citations if they repeat. Those who are apprehended without ID will be arrested, transported to jail in Pahrump and charged as trespassers. Permits issued by the National Council of the Western Shoshone will no longer be honored. This crackdown is due, according

If on December 3, Judge Gus Sullivan of the Beatty Township Justice Court rules according to the law he is sworn to uphold, Marcus will be found not guilty of trespassing and the District Attorney will be admonished never to file such obviously frivolous charges in that court again. Justice, however, is rarely seen in our courts and this reasonable outcome is not expected, at least not the first time such a case is heard there in more than 30 years. But, what if in the coming months, dozens, hundreds, even thousands show up at the Test Site as in the past, packing the Beatty Township Justice Court, and the Nye County Jail while we are at it? As Marcus tells us, “All humans in Nevada and Shoshone territory who care about the future of life on earth are responsible to reverse the momentum of nuclear weapons, waste, mining and milling, to end the nuclear violence represented here at the NNSS!”

A modest proposal: We invite all friends and fellow travellers to join all or part of NDE’s annual Sacred Peace Walk, April 13-19, this coming year, walking 60 miles from Las Vegas, past the killer drone center at Creech Air Force Base to the historic Peace Camp, ending on Good Friday at the gates of the Nevada National Security Site. Then, with the largest number of resisters we can raise and with the permission of the Western Shoshone National Council, we enter their sacred land together!”[6]


I was a pRotestoR there, at the gates–post arrest & detainment in 1969 while above fRenchmena’s Flat. My protests numbered around 15-total in 1970’s-80’s. I discussed w Senators in 1985, and a host of US-congresspersons thru-out my tRavels of the 1980’s. Not one of those officials told me that they “Disbelieved american-NucleaRism was a hidden pluralist-conjecturing for nucleaRism“. Not one suggested peace and prosperity was more tReaties and more thorough undertakings in better efficiency thru “tReaties impetpReted and the support of START”.

There are those rhymes to non-Reason, as well as logic w Reason. Jean Paul Sartre wrote the book: Logic and Understanding worthwhile reading? Yes. I recommend that you have 1 in 100 of us read that to share, because the topic was immense, because I was trained by peers and because of myself-Self Existentialism being by myself, a hardship but no one other person would keep up w me tRekking, sooo, I had a nice bearded tRippe, one that lasted decades, I was an honorable young man the Communicator, all around the travels were en voce`as I tried notes on the mundane factors, those that are nefarious aspects of aspect nonsense to clean-up Radionuclides, which was NOT Absurd AND not a mechanical, nonsensical, amenity of socio-Polity, nor merely a whiling of need, but a predicament of Ecology.

There was an ecology movement in the 1965, free-speech: movement, not too well engulfed because of so-called “radicalism” that hardly got into american-Socialism. The botanical and biological, the global-Village feature that we are all humanoids on, from planet-eRathe and not merely socialists, but learning american-Socialism, to aver, we are not Nationalists, since the new-Rome is not a capable Nationalism, but we are integrationists of Ecosocialism, Humanism from Declaration on Human Rights, a strident goodwill, to cleanse us, and our world, of all-Radionuclides, and to humble the human-Spirit, not as capitalist-tyRannists, nor gladiator-Communists, but to aver the terrorism of conditionalist-Plutocracy is not a necessity, but jailing the Oligarchs/ Technocrats and as peace, is a job.           “R”


“Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has rejected an Israeli offer to visit her family in the West Bank on humanitarian grounds, one day after Israel barred her and fellow Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from entering Israel to travel to occupied Palestine for an official trip. Israel initially blocked entry to both lawmakers after President Trump took the unprecedented step of publicly urging Israel to bar entry to the women, the first two female Muslim members of Congress. On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s initial decision to bar both of the U.S. lawmakers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “By law, we are not willing to admit anyone into Israel who calls for the boycott of the state of Israel and acts to delegitimize the state of the Jews.”

Israeli authorities say Rashida Tlaib will now be allowed entry on humanitarian grounds to visit her ail[l]ing 90-year-old grandmother, on the condition that she does not promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement during her visit. Israel’s initial decision was widely denounced even by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. On Thursday, Tlaib tweeted that Israel’s decision to bar her and Omar was “a sign of weakness [because] the truth of what is happening to Palestinians is frightening.” The prominent Palestinian diplomat Hanan Ashrawi decried Israel’s initial decision.

Hanan Ashrawi: “This is really unacceptable. It’s a direct insult to the American people. It’s a direct insult to the representatives of the American people. And it’s a way in which Israel shows that it is a dictatorship that cannot tolerate any criticism, and that it will prevent anybody from interacting with the Palestinian people or seeing the reality of this cruel and illegal occupation on the ground.”

The family of Rashida Tlaib in the West Bank has also expressed outrage that the congresswoman must accept conditions on her visit.”[7]


What “zionists” such as a-hole Netan-yahooey have done is to placate the Jews-of-Israels form ever having a Constitution. He is a murderer, implicated and known to have participated in the bombings of Hotels in the 1950’s Egypt and Jordan or Lebanon. We, americans are no more interested in “zionism” than the resolve and irresolutenesses of diplomatic and private interests, since 1903, who have made impunity what usury and plutocracy are now in the inherited that from both fascist-Germany and zionist-Jewish: bankors—such as Rothchild’s, family of Jews who live in Europe, but controlled and continue to consort in British: london-Banking. The netan-Yahooey guy is truly arrogant and truly dictatorial, as is Erdogan of Turkey (not called a republic) who likes to hate, Armenians, Kurds, and of course the alternate-Fascist, possible dictator, “U.S.-based cleric” Fethullah Gulen, who lives in u.s.a. as does ex-cRime boss, assassin and dRug-cartel: cocaine distributor “Dandeny Munoz-Mosquera[8]” who ordered 1989 shoot-down of 107-persons w two-Americans aboard an airliner (as did Khaddafi regarding Lockerbie plane-cRash–or was he exonerated).           “R”


“The many prison escapes of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán are reminders that the drug trade is not just a colorful background setting for popular American TV shows and movies. It is, in fact, a violent, deadly business populated by men (and even a few women) who kill not only indirectly, through the distribution of their toxic products, but also directly, through hired gunmen who intimidate and murder rivals, government officials, and often, innocent bystanders.

Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, the man who became known as “El Chapo” (“Shorty”), certainly looks unassuming: 5’6” tall, middle-aged, average looks. But his unremarkable appearance is deceptive. Guzmán is the kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel, the source of the largest percentage of drugs imported into the United States every year: cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin, all delivered by the ton through elaborate land and air distribution channels.

Guzmán seemed fated for the drug trade. His uncle was one of the original Mexican drug smugglers, and young Joaquín was soon involved in the family business. He rose to prominence in the cartel quickly, as internecine fighting claimed rivals both within the cartel and without. In 2006, violating a pact between cartels, Guzmán ordered an assassination that spurred what has come to be referred to as the Mexican Drug War. This conflict between cartels has resulted in over 60,000 deaths and 12,000 kidnappings. Along the way, Guzmán has become a billionaire and one of the most powerful men in the world.

The law caught up with Guzmán from 1993 to 2001 when he was arrested and imprisoned. But he made himself comfortable in jail, through bribery and intimidation, until his eventual escape (which involved the bribing of 78 people and cost him over $2 million to engineer). Arrested again on February 22, 2015, it wasn’t long before El Chapo made his second escape from a maximum-security prison on July 11. How did he do it? He slipped through a hole under the shower in his cell and escaped through a mile-long tunnel that led to a construction site on the outside.

… On January 8, 2016, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto announced via Twitter that authorities recaptured the drug lord.

In January 2017, the Mexican government extradited Guzmán to the United States to face drug trafficking and other charges. Guzmán appeared in U.S. Federal Court and pleaded not guilty to over a dozen charges. In July 2019, El Chapo was to life in prison plus 30 years, along with ordering him to pay $12.6 billion in restitution.”[9]


The Bourgeoisie of u.s.a. talks from heresay and generality-pRognosis of I do not know for fact-sure. Yet, the deaths from what the Mejicano-Cartel caused is tRuth of oligarchs as newbies, but as maquiladores. As for the cRimes, and the associative-Rex of NAFTA, by admin and president-Decree of bully-Boy Clyneton—in 1996—yet never a word of what really was never cautioned for “destabilization of neighboring hispanic-State”? The article did not state a link for any payments that had been received, nor was an extrapolation on that accord of $billions. The gheez if you please is: who wants to tRavel to tRavails in Mejico anymore, since 1996? We, the american-Socialists must keep abreast of concurrents as well as striving forward toward being rid the Plutocracy—the system-– that which has not completed the 1961 chattel on “Medicare as health-Act”.

The genius of american-Science is not how to keep people from knowledge, but how-to-keep political-Gains disapproved sooo that scientific-Method can become as professed as professional and lay-Person: indemnities. Politics of the one-Party: coRpoRate-Sleaze, parody, may demean not knowing intel-Gence, but being bot-Political means democracy-Participation may oNLY be as shallow as not sharing what american-Socialist, now and share, too! Is that democracy-Purpose or one-Party: parody?      “R”


“Over the hundreds of thousands of years that anatomically modern human beings have existed, the development of society has followed an unmistakable upward curve. From the simplest stone axe to the harnessing of fire; from the development of irrigation, of cities, writing, mathematics, philosophy, science and modern industry: the trend is unmistakable. Human beings have brought one natural force after another under their control. Phenomena which yesterday were shrouded in mystery and would have terrified grown adults, today form the mundane subjects of school textbooks.

However, what is not recorded in today’s textbooks is the fitful and often violent character which the struggle for scientific knowledge often took on. The result can be a haughty attitude to science – that “we” know better and couldn’t repeat the mistakes of past, unenlightened generations. However, whilst the general curve of human development is an upward one, it is a curve broken by periods of stagnation and collapse; it bursts forward only to retreat and then move forward again.

What the textbooks also fail to convey is the uninterrupted philosophical struggle that has accompanied the development of science since its beginnings. This struggle takes place principally between what Engels described as the “two great camps” in philosophy: idealism and materialism. On the one hand there are “those who asserted the primacy of spirit to nature and, therefore, in the last instance, assumed world creation in some form or other,” which we term idealism and on the other there are those “who regarded nature as primary, [belonging] to the various schools of materialism.” [1]

It ought to be clear already from Engels’ succinct definition that a materialist outlook is a basic assumption that underlies all genuine science.

Engels statue Image fhwrdhEngels: “a materialist outlook is a basic assumption that underlies all genuine science” / Image: fhwrdh


In the last analysis, these struggles in the realm of philosophy, which have accompanied civilisation from its inception, have reflected real struggles going on in the physical world, principally between social classes. In its prime, the bourgeoisie often fought against feudalism under the banner of a militant materialism. In this struggle the natural sciences were – as we shall see – a key component of the materialist view and a weapon wielded by the revolutionary class in its ascent.

Two-and-a-half-centuries ago, however, the capitalist system remained full of vigour and bourgeois intellectuals submitted everything – including their own system – to scientific [i]nquiry. The day when capitalism might enter into decay and begin to disintegrate was a distant future, if it was perceived at all. Today, matters stand very differently: the capitalist system is in terminal decline and a new class is challenging the bourgeoisie for supremacy: the modern proletariat. Nowadays the bourgeoisie supports all manifestations of religion and mysticism, seeking to divert the attention of the masses upward, away from their earthly problems, towards the heavens. To quote the words of Joseph Dietzgen Sr., of which Lenin was so fond: the modern philosophers are little more than the “graduated flunkeys of clericalism”.

In its struggle, the modern proletariat has even more need of a philosophy than the bourgeoisie did in its day. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine the working class clearly understanding its historical role and setting itself the task of seizing power without having first liberated itself from the prejudices, ignorance and mysticism propagated by the capitalist class and having acquired an independent philosophical position.

This philosophy, as we shall see, cannot be the old ‘mechanical’ materialism of the 17th-18th century, which accompanied the Scientific Revolution and, under the banner of which, the rising bourgeoisie fought feudalism and the Church. Rather, in the modern period the only consistent materialism, which fully accords with the latest developments in science, is dialectical materialism, the defence of which ought to concern both revolutionaries and scientists alike.”[10]


Engels was oftentimes corrective of Marx, his senior, but many times his other significancies were left for a later space-Time in terms of the social-Diaspora, or moreso, political-Pronouncements that would later predominate in conscious-Thought—hopefully Philosophical-Discourse, as well as—political-Discourse. That “dialectical materialism” was that definition that became most pronounced was intentional, because of necessity in commutations and broadening-the-scope from a narrowed disposition of whom-all, understood. The 18th century was not the 20th nor 21st century, for historical-Fact.         “R”



american-Bourgeoisie is gReedy like Oligarchs or merely gReedy wantonly disregard otheRs

the peace-warrior


Tags/ american-Socialism, Paradise residents set up, CIA School of Assassination, at Fort Bragg, 60 GeoEngineered, Fire Storms, in Northern California, Out of Nowhere, Laser Beams, California Fires and History of Environmental Weapons, Operation Torch, California, State-sponsored, Environmental Terrorism, Now a Seasonal Attack, against civilians, California, an Invitation, from Nevada Desert Experience, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, five Most Notorious, Drug Kingpins,


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[8] The 29-year-old defendant, who reputedly killed 50 police officers, judges and other officials in a ruthless career launched at age 12 — was also convicted of smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States over a decade, and of racketeering and conspiracy that included murders and other acts of terrorism to promote international drug trafficking.

[9] “The 5 Most Notorious Drug Kingpins” by Joe McGasko, Biography, 15 Jul 2019

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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