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anti-nucleaRist bloG #259/ 02 Aug 2019 Political Charlatanism of Bourgeoisie to Remain Pseudocratic Asinine

anti-nucleaRist bloG #259/ 02 Aug 2019

Political Charlatanism of Bourgeoisie to Remain Pseudocratic Asinine


We humanoids of and for american-Socialism, live w Socialism, because the deceits and lies of both one-Party parodies and nucleaRism. I grew-up in san-fRan, San Mateo and Monterey counties of bitchen-Cal. My first poet was, contrary to popular misconception of my being legendary, was Robinson Jeffers, a serious mannered persona whose wordages precipitated a consonance for soliciting Elizabeth ‘Wright’ Ingraham, whose prodding-s were helpful to activism in nuclearism peregrinations, as well as “the Ecology”. Robinson, told me he outclassed me, and I challenged back, how could you say that as I am merely 7-years old and may have been presumptuous to invite myself to be w him and explanations of Tor House. Did he know about nuclear-Weapons was a concern, but I had to await the second visit for dinner.           “R”


The greatest beauty is organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty of the universe.”  — from “The Answer” by Robinson Jeffers


Within his lifetime, the work of Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) was at various points revered, deliberately shunned, and generally neglected.

In 1932, the poet was featured on the cover of Time magazine; but by 1948 his publisher, Random House, saw fit to add a “Publisher’s Note” to his collection The Double Axe in which they expressed their “disagreement over some of the political views pronounced by the poet in the volume.” By the time of his death he had already passed into irrelevance, with younger poets such as Kenneth Rexroth attacking him and his work rarely anthologized. Still, his work was read and studied by other poets such as Gary Snyder (who noted his work showed “a profound respect for the non-human”) and his greatest disciple William Everson, and today, despite his continuing marginalization in some circles as a “California poet,” his work continues to reckoned with.

Critic and Poet Laureate of California Dana Gioia, a great modern-day champion of Jeffers, has noted, “I consider Jeffers the most important American poet in the western third of the country—the great poet of the West.” Gioia adds, “He’s a titanic if singular figure,” and therein lies some of the difficulty in dealing with Jeffers.

Jeffers’ theory of “inhumanism,” which the poet described as being “based on a recognition of the astonishing beauty of things and their living wholeness, and on a rational acceptance of the fact that mankind is neither central nor important in the universe; our vices and blazing crimes are as insignificant as our happiness,” has long endeared him to environmentalists. But its flinty, bleak vision can be a bitter pill; and his verse dramas, full of violence and gothic horror, still retain the power to shock.


Map of California showing Carmel and Tor House

Although the description of Jeffers as a California poet can be isolating, it is a true statement, and his distinct voice developed directly through his relationship with nature and specifically the rocky, wave-battered coast of Carmel and Point Lobos, just north of Big Sur on the California coast.

In “The Waste Land,” published in 1922, T.S. Eliot described the collapse of modern civilization through use of ancient myths, of the “unreal” cities, “the dry stone no sound of water,” “no water but only rock / Rock and no water and the sandy road.” Jeffers’ voice, just as modern, but shut off from the eastern and European schools, was hewn directly from the stone of Carmel, those stones building the tower he erected with his own hands:


It has all time. It knows the people are a tide

That swells and in time will ebb, and all

Their works dissolve. Meanwhile the image of the pristine beauty

Lives in the very grain of the granite,

Safe as the endless ocean that climbs our cliff. – As for us:

We must uncenter our minds from ourselves;

We must unhumanize our views a little, and become confident

As the rock and ocean that we were made from.

                          –from “Carmel Point” by Robinson Jeffers


Jeffers came to Carmel in the fall of 1914, at the age of twenty-seven. Born in Allegheny City, now part of Pittsburgh, PA, he attended schools primarily in Europe and was tutored by his father, a Presbyterian minister and Biblical scholar. Fluent in German, French, Latin, and Greek by the age of twelve, Jeffers read deeply in the classics, philosophy, and science. An encounter with the works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti as a teenager, given to him by his father, galvanized the young reader (“no lines of print will ever intoxicate as Rossetti’s rather florid verses did”).

Over the next five years he built, alone, a four-story stone tower next to the house, rolling the boulders up from the beach and raising and aligning them into place. His poetry became more stripped down, without reference to modern urban life, and completely unified with the wild, stark, beautiful, and sometimes violent landscape.

In 1924, Jeffers had printed, again at his own expense, five hundred copies of Tamar and Other Poems, the title poem a long narrative of incest and violence. The book also included several poems that have become classics, “To the Stone-Cutters” and “Continent’s End” among them.

Again the book received no notice. But the next year Jeffers was asked by his friend George Sterling to submit work for an anthology of poems by California writers, to be published by the Book Club of California. One of them, “Continent’s End,” became the title poem of the collection. Jeffers sent copies of his self-published book, then languishing in a box in his attic, to the editors of the book in appreciation, and one of those editors, James Rorty, overwhelmed by the work, wrote a review published in the New York Herald Tribune in March 1925 in which he called Jeffers a “poet of genius.” Other reviewers were quick to join the chorus, and once Jeffers sent the crate of books back to New York, they rapidly sold out and a new edition of the work, with additional material, was published by Boni & Liveright.

He had become, almost overnight, a famous writer. The next ten years saw Jeffers at the height of his popularity, and steady publications of his work in magazines and journals, and in book form, first published by Boni & Liveright and then by Random House, sold well. Most of his trade publications at the time were also accompanied by signed limited editions of the same book.

…In January 1962, after years of ill health, Jeffers died in the small room downstairs at Tor House, Carmel coated in an unprecedented layer of snow.”[1]


I was pusillanimous, so said my father, as the next year I wanted to leave five dollars beneath the plate of Robinsons dinner table. I truly tried to enjoy, his responses, admittedly I was too young to decipher meanings as he mentioned how well did I get along w folks? I spoke this “my recollection and words were what I rely upon to tell to them” but want his understanding how well that may be”.  Robinson did not specifically tell me that he and another had built Tor house, or he did sooo in unusual wordage to my demeanor. I was both in ‘over-my-head’, but admonishing that poetry readings were a cost and at nite or harder for my folks who did not understand my bequeathal. I may have used that word—or another noun that encapsulated my verbal entirety. I was 8-years old that second time, and fog had been our tour du force for warm talk.           “R”




“The U.S. News Media, and the Washington DC Establishment have already kicked into high gear (as expected) to lionize, hero worship, and shower extravagant and excessive praise on this Deep State criminal and mass murder George H. W. Bush (a failed one-term President), and by extension also advance the false (and dangerous) “hero myth” of the whole corrupt, treasonous, and tyrannical Bush Crime family dynasty. Excuse me if I throw up.

George H. W. Bush has been big, big part of the High (global) Cartel Cabal against The United States, and the Godfather and Ring-leader of the larger criminal Bush Family wide CIA-Dynasty.

That is why the Langley CIA headquarters are named after him. He has exceeded even Allen Dulles as the big patriarch of the Deep State complex, and the patriarch of the CIA Black-Ops Tyranny that has sucked our Country down the black hole of endless darkness and depravity and global, world-wide violence.

Despite keeping his treachery and evil hidden from plain view through his goofy persona and weird personality quirks (as exemplified by comedian Dana Carvey), George H. W. Bush was directly involved in virtually all of the most heinous and horrifying criminal activities perpetrated on the United States and The World over the last 60 years — including….:


The Bay of Pigs CIA Operation Zapata,

The Kennedy Assassination in Dallas,

Obstruction of the House Committee’s Kennedy Assassination inquiry in the 1970s,

The murder of (Lee Oswald handler) George De Mohrenschildt,

The crooked 1980 (election) October Surprise,

The corrupt Banking Scandals of the 1980s,

The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (via the Hinkley family),

The CIA assassination hit on John Lennon,

The U.S. Panama Invasion,

CIA Drug Trafficking (decades and decades of involvement),

The Reagan-era Covert Wars against Central America,

The Iran-Contra gun-running to Iran criminal activity,

The War Profiteering activities and atrocities of The Carlyle Group,

The First Iraq War Invasion (sold also by fake propaganda) which was the father to all the other aggressive attacks and chaos wrought upon the Middle-East that would follow.

And this is just a partial list.


And it was George H.W. Bush that was also meeting with none other than Shafiq bin Laden on the very day of Sept. 11 2001 (and Sept. 10) in New York City, and then for no apparent reason caught a flight to Minnesota where he was trapped and not allowed to fly back home — to give himself an “innocent looking” cover story on that day (while the Bin Laden family was allowed to safely exit the Country to safety without any questioning or inquiry).

And while his first-born son was the one who had started the illegal, criminal, and disastrous “shock and awe” Iraq Invasion slaughtering fest in 2003, it was his other son Jeb Bush (the “smart one”) who (along with Dick Cheney) was a direct participating member in PNAC (Project for the New American Century) that had planned and dreamed up the utter madness of the internal targeted Sept 11 attack, and the resultant insane Scorched-Earth U.S. War and Foreign occupation/Regime-Change madness and chaos that has followed ever since.”[2]


CIA ‘Operation Forty’ order and odor of federal admin, in 1959, was–according to Daniel Sheehan’s expose’s from direct research– to make u.s.a. public-Policy anti-Political and adjudicate correcting our misnomers or factuality and chronology, altho we knew that intel-Gence was electric-Shock therapy as well as MK-Ultra, too. Again, as an “american-Socialist” I find that joe-Average proletariat may merely have to understand the chronology and entitlements on which operation, illegal assassination, illegal war-Invasion, non-proscribed murdering connection to 9-11 or any odious “national” prevarification. The a-Hole gHW Bushwhacky truly should have been thrown into jail for involvements in JFK assassination, as well as NSDU-238 nuclear-Weapon usages. He was never a patriot of lawful means. His excesses and cIAS connections should have “automatically kept him from US federal office holding—Senator he never became, but president he unlawfully should have reclused himself.           “R”




Mr. Webster Tarpley, I met in New York City, outside his apartment building having finished coffee, and briefly asked him how invulnerable are the World tRade Center  buildings to harming the Manhattan Island’s citizenry. He replied, “we shall all have to discern that immediacy before an event happening”. This was, partly, an addendum to add to my defining how New Yorkers of the big-Apple may be, universally. That was 1986, and I had left my big-Rig parked in mid street, on a Friday afternoon.

Next, by his reasoning alongside Mr. Alex Jones w whom I’d had several personal conversations, altho i did not adhere to his sentience of “everywhere is an ex post facto occurrence’ as he was not always rational, but rather radical. The heinous mass-Murder by Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s planning, the charge settings, the alignment of various debacle occurrences, one covetous and covering each event, was superb, but not superlative. Those superlatives became the answers and quest of and for involvements on September 11th 2001 “directed-Energy weapon” first usages. Today and since 2005, the H.A.A.R.P. methodism, is used for innocuous utilitarianism by the deep-State, by black Ops, by new-World Order anarchism, et alski!           “R”


“Historian and author Webster Tarpley may be onto something. As the official account of 9/11 seems more and more unlikely in the increasingly tyrannical world the events of that fateful day helped create, the Red Pill man searches for answers. We already know the U.S. government lies about everything to the common man. Proponents of this ideology of mass deception call it “Managed Democracy” or a world in which the elite manage public perception just as they manage any other ad campaign for a new car or cell phone.

The biggest question of our age that lingers in the air is this: Did the U.S. government or agents within the CIA/Deep State/secret government create the events of that day, then drop them into the lap of a puppet president to manage? Did they threaten him with being liquidated if he did not comply with their wishes to begin a global War on Terror, which has really amounted to nothing more than a quest to feed the military-industrial complex with fresh blood and push the expansion of American Empire into far-reaching corners of the globe? (Like the opium-generating poppy fields of Afghanistan, where Trump is now re-engaging the U.S. military.)

In this video, Tarpley delivers a bombshell revelation about George W. “My Pet Goat” Bush, carefully observing his actions in the Florida classroom as the tragic events unfolded the morning of September 11, 2001. He then blends them with research gleaned for his highly-rated book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror. Tarpley says Bush looks like he’s about to shit himself because he simply doesn’t know what to do once the events of that day are dropped into his lap by those who really run the U.S. government. That’s why he sat there rather than taking charge that morning.


Bush then flew all over America that day as cryptic messages like “Angel is next” were delivered to Air Force One. (Angel was the code name for Air Force One.) When Bush finally appeared to make a statement, terror, terror, terror, and Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Bin Laden were the words that continuously spewed from his administration. Once the “bad guy” narrative had run its course, Bin Laden would later be “killed” and mysteriously buried at sea with no photographic evidence by Navy Seal Team Six operating under direct orders from the Obama administration. Seal Team Six would later mysteriously die themselves after taking on enemy fire in a ridiculously slow-moving Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan. Fishy as hell, all of it.

Of course, Tarpley’s rational, plausible explanation of the events of 9/11 which led to the War on Terror reign of terror is just one man’s opinion. But, keep in mind Tarpley wrote a bombshell biography about NWO accomplice George H.W. Bush back in the 1990s, a book the Clinton campaign obviously held in high regard because DNC operatives Stephanopoulous and Carville were filmed reading it in the war room.

Tarpley’s arguments carry weight since he is a Princeton graduate, has an encyclopedic mind, speaks several languages fluently, and is one of the reddest of Red Pill historians one can find anywhere. Tarpley’s version of events sounds so much more plausible to these ears than the pablum the U.S. government expectsthe sheeple to swallow.”[3]


Death and carnage, is what the plutocrats want to maintain their power, soo do they receive that. Or, do they get that and admonish lies and deceits that plutocracy is democracy what THEY HAVE PREDICATED AS UN-SOUND. I have extolled that brutality is mobster-Crimes and belligerence is military-Hegemony crimes, since the model of “the olde-Rome” is closet at hand. Whiling that historic-Parameter, many other tyrants did dissimilarly and w.i. same confines and codification. Plutocracy is the edifice of deification of, that ‘carnage and death’ makes no better history but far less werk and less cumbersome paradoxical “thought”.           “R”




The decades since 1966, I carried forth the five-year policy for arts and letters w scientific-Ecology background. Striving forth in a hands-on approach and non-rapprochement of nucleaRism. I protested, against “two nuclear-Molecular: weapons” both of mass-Annihilation of air-water-land as well as opposing so-called impermeableness of “propaganda-Model”. I learned who was integrating defense against offensive illegal war-mongering rhetoric as I developed basics of Ecosocialism. The american-People needed to know more about what defense is, other than smogging cancersticks and having no place to protest of disregarding those participatory measures.        “R”


“The new ceasefire agreement designed to cease hostilities in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib has just collapsed.

On August 3, the leader of Hay’at Tahir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Abu Mohammad al-Julani, announced that his group would not withdraw “a single fighter or a weapon” from the demilitarized zone and vowed to recapture the areas, which had been liberated by the Syrian Army. The withdrawal of radicals from this demilitarized zone had been the key demand behind the establishment of the ceasefire.

On the same day, Abu al-Walid al-Tunisi, a senior commander of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din, was killed in an improvised-explosive device (IED) explosion in Taftanaz in eastern Idlib. Some pro-militant sources immediately blamed Damascus.

On August 4, the al-Qaeda-linked coalition of militant groups, “Wa Harid al-Muminin”, shelled the town of Slanfah in northern Lattakia with rockets inflicting civilian casualties. The terrorists also claimed that they had foiled a Russian special operation near Khirbat al-Naqus in northwestern Hama. The coalition said that 2 of its fighters were killed in the clashes.


On August 5, Syria’s General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced that militant groups in the Idlib de-escalation zone refused to abide by the ceasefire and continued attacking civilians in nearby areas. In the released statement, the General Command said that Syrian forces will resume combat operations against militants regardless of the names that they are using and described the Turkish presence in the country as a destabilizing one. Syrian air and artillery strikes were reported in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib.

Earlier reports appeared that the Syrian Army may resume full-scale ground operations against militants after the end of Eid al-Adha on August 15 if they continue to violate the ceasefire.

According to the Damascus government, since the start of intervention in Syria, Turkey has deployed inside the country 10,655 military personnel, 166 battle tanks, 278 armored vehicles, 18 rocket launchers, 173 mortars, 73 vehicles armed with heavy machine guns, 41 anti-tank missile launchers, and around 280 policemen.

On August 4, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey is planning to enter northeastern Syria, currently controlled by US-backed Kurdish armed groups, and has already shared these plans with the US and Russia. On August 5, the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army shelled positions of Kurdish groups east of the towns of Marea and Herbel.

Meanwhile, the Afrin Liberation Forces, a Kurdish insurgency organization created to carry out attacks on Turkish targets in the area of Afrin announced that the recent AFL operations resulted in the killing of 19 members of Turkish-backed factions. Tensions in the area are growing.”[4]


The Turks are not dumb. The Irans are not dumb. The Russsias are not dumb. The Syrias ought know what should be well known and condoned to the greatest-extent of “unclassified wars-Warrings” by US-new-Rome invasions. The use of NSDU-238 is NOT OFF FOOKERING TABLE. We, the americans of american-Socialism know that uranium-238 is the corrupt of the invasions leading into illegal, UN-constitutional gHW “mother-fooker” usage for military sake to contaminate using excessive “aero-Jets and not ships” to transport battalions of US-national-Guard troops and the itinerant lacking of proper anti-Mosquito vaccinations. Gaul. fookering grief, people get that shid-ski off your face. Lick the shid-ski of empire’s free-Wars o-f-f, the chem-tRails of Ionizationings, o-f-f. 


One of my main reasons, in 1980 and 1981, for visiting Iran-Iraq-Turkey was to find the Ecological extent of the Kurds peoples, an area, hypocritfully known as “Kurdistan”.  The Kurds was the first reason for my international-Travels w the Ecology gRoup. Later, when we were into the Soviet Union, I changed my aptitude of what was important, as an extent “anti-Nuclearism” was appellate and became primary. I saw five-despicable radionuclides-contaminated space-Places of the Soviet Union—this in 1980-1981 included Chernobyl, Vladimir Lenin NPP, where four miles north east the township of Pripyat was already off-limits to humans not dressed and w credentials, because of the 1979 explosion. The Geiger meters went off the charts. We calibrated 4-spots and those Soviets dressed in protective gear reported on dozens of other measurement sites to us. Those were 20-30 times higher. Glad I have a photographic-Memory!         “R”




I use words thru-out my underground journalism, my poetics of six-Decades, and daily consistencies for chores as relating thought processes. There are many erstwhile positive reasons to “associate, not disassociate”. One reason is that words are not hype, as hypertensions do orient to a starting point feature. Nonetheless, the tRumpeteR has cut taxes for the rich, the coRpoRate-Sleaze, by half, to maintain two stats. One, the stupid usages of oil-as-fuel-not-lubricant—no industrial nor technologic improvement thereupon– and the maintain no association nor military connection to chem-Trails is Ionizationing. This what the plutocrats want to maintain their power, soo do they receive that. Or, do they get that and admonish lies and deceits that plutocracy is democracy what THEY HAVE PREDICATED AS UN-SOUND. I have extolled that brutality is mobster-Crimes and belligerence is what the state buys to protect intel-Gence.         “R”


“The climate crisis looms large for young people. We see teenagers like Greta Thunberg inspiring kids around the world to take part in political activism. Then, there are solution-seekers like Fionn Ferreira, an 18 year-old Irish wunderkind, who won the grand prize at the 2019 Google Science Fair for creating a method to remove microplastics from the ocean.

Ferreira’s project used a novel, but effective methodology for removing ocean plastics. He used magnets to attract microplastics from water. The project found that a magnetic liquid called ferrofluid attracted the tiny plastic particles and removed them from the water. After nearly a thousand tests, his device successfully removed about 88 percent of the microplastics from water samples, according to The Irish Times.

“I look forward to applying my findings and contributing towards a solution in tackling microplastics in our oceans worldwide,” he said.

The Google Science Fair invited 24 young scientists from around the world to its Mountain View, California campus to show off their projects. The invitees were chosen from a short list of 100 global entries. Ferreira’s grand prize is $50,000 in educational funding.

His idea came to him after finding a rock covered in oil near his remote coastal town in Ireland’s southwest. He noticed tiny bits of plastic stuck to the oil. The tiny size of microplastics has befuddled scientists looking for ways to remove them from the environment. But Ferreira thought of something.

“It got me thinking,” Ferreira said, as Business Insider reported. “In chemistry, like attracts like.”


Those microplastics, which are less than 5mm long, come from beauty products, various textiles and larger bits of plastic that break down. Since they are so small, they escape water filtration systems and end up polluting waterways. Once in rivers and oceans, marine animals of all sizes end up ingesting them.

They are ending up in humans as well. A recent study found that every week, humans eat, on average, over 50,000 pieces of microplastics every year. That number skyrockets up for people who mainly drink bottled water, as EcoWatch reported.

“I was alarmed to find out how many microplastics enter our wastewater system and consequently the oceans,” he wrote in his project, as CNN reported.

Since plastic and oil stick together, Ferreira wondered if the same thing would happen if he used ferrofluid, which helps control vibration in speakers and seals off electronic devices from debris.

Both microplastics and ferrofluids have similar properties, so they attract. For his experiments, shown in this video, Ferreira added ferrofluids to water and then stirred in a solution chock full of microplastics. When the microplastics found the ferrofluids, they adhered together. Ferreira then dipped a magnet to the solution, which attracted the combined ferrofluids and microplastics. It left behind clear water, as CNN reported.

Ferreira is proud of what he created and the prize he received before heading to the University of Groningen in the Netherlands for college. However, he warned that solely removing plastics from the water is not the answer.

“I’m not saying that my project is the solution,” he said, as Business Insider  reported. “The solution is that we stop using plastic altogether.”[5]




One does not need to be chemicalized, period. The audacity of industry to continue the usages of plastics since 1977, shows that capitalist-Totality: imperialism and neo-Liberalist banking are criminal organs of deep-State. The chemicalizing from chem-tRails for Ionizationing is many professional state, bound to “artificial-Intel: gence” and that means that DNA useful for making changes to humans on interstellar decades long missions technology is being fostered upon us as guinea-Fowl.          “R”


“In October, the Pentagon admitted it used “depleted” uranium weapons in attacks inside Syria—violating its public promise last year that it would not use DU there, and contradicting the government’s promise that US bombing is done in defense of the Syrian people, according to the International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons.

US military officials have repeatedly assured the public that US uranium munitions are not known to cause health problems. Made from waste uranium-238—left from H-bomb and reactor fuel production—the heavy shells are called “depleted uranium” or DU. Ironically, the best evidence that DU weapons are dangerously toxic and radioactive, comes from the Pentagon itself. A June 1995 report to Congress by the Army’s Environmental Policy Institute (AEPI) concluded: “Depleted uranium is a radioactive waste and, as such, should be deposited in a licensed repository.”

Military studies done in 1979, ‘90, ‘93, ‘95 and ‘97, make clear that uranium weapons are chemically toxic, alpharadiation-emitting poisons that are a danger to target populations and to invading/occupying US forces alike. In spite of this cautionary written record, the military has been shooting its radioactive waste all over the world: into population centers in Iraq in 1991 (380 tons), in Afghanistan in 2001 (amounts unknown); in Bosnia in 1994-‘95 (five tons); in Kosovo in 1999 (10 tons), in Iraq again in 2003 (170 tons); and now in Syria.


The AEPI report above also says that DU has the potential to generate “significant medical consequences” if it enters the body. The Army’s Office of the Surgeon General, in its Aug. 16, 1993 “Depleted Uranium Safety Training Manual,” says that the expected effects of DU exposure include a possible increase of cancer and kidney damage.

The manual also warns, “When soldiers inhale or ingest DU dust, they incur a potential increase in cancer risk … (lung or bone) and kidney damage.” The Army’s Mobility Equipment, Research & Development Command reported way back in 1979 that, “Not only the people in the immediate vicinity but also people at distances downwind from the fire are faced with potential over exposure to air-borne uranium dust.” This uranium “dust” is generated when DU shells hit and burn through hard targets like tanks or armored vehicles. The uranium is spread for miles by the wind, contaminating everything is its path including food, water, soil, schools, hospitals, etc., and DU is radioactive forever, or ten times 4.5 billion years, whichever comes first.

In 1990, the Army’s Armaments, Munitions and Chemical Command radiological task group said that DU is a “low level alpha radiation emitter … linked to cancer when exposures are internal, [and] chemical toxicity causing kidney damage.” It added that “there is no dose so low that the probability of effect is zero.”

With evidence of its radio-toxicity so clear and redundant, any use of uranium weapons today appears to flaunt the military’s own Field Manual prohibition— absolute and universal—against the use of poison or poisoned weapons.”[6]


Wows-ville, is this the whole tRuth? Not quite, yet! Will ur-238 please stand-up and speak-out why “nuclearism” is beyond propaganda-Rapprochements? The stats above were relating to what was released in 1990, gathered from 1981 and utilization by a-hole mother-fooker gHW Bushwhacky went ahead w development of the egregiousness-Extent, rather than dictum of Existentialism, and the global-Village (1964).  Also, many egregious-Statements for the disregard of Facts, and factuality in the face of “nuclear-Atoms” is DISGUSTING, akin coverups of Jewish-People, Slavs, Romas being massacred via, bullets to head and gas chambers—in the millions 1943 thru 1945—then allowing 259,000 third-Reich soldiers to be let-fRee as their officers, about .001 percent were allowed to go free. Many German civilians were murdered by French and by Soviet troops—1945 thru 1947, too. Did Gen’l Dwight Eisenhower gloat on cover-ups for those crimes as well as “firebombing of Dresden and 5 other German cities? No. How much did he actually k-n-o-w?           “R”




“In January, Conscious Choice, a Chicago urban lifestyle magazine released “The Chicago Green Report Card.” Examining Mayor Richard J. Daley’s commitment to a cleaner Chicago, it evaluated the city’s environmental progress and issued grades in 11 key areas–such as making Chicago the organic food capital of the Midwest, cleaning up the Chicago River and creating a world-class mass transit system. Conscious Choice editor in chief Charles Shaw coordinated the project, working closely with the city’s Department of the Environment.

Enter Major John J. Fittipaldi, a senior fellow at Army Environmental Policy Institute in Arlington, Va. On Jan. 29, Fittipaldi contacted Shaw. He said the Army was intrigued by Conscious Choice’s 11-category grading system. Recognizing that the system might not apply directly to U.S. military installations, Fittipaldi wondered if the methodology could be adapted to easily and clearly evaluate the Army’s progress toward its sustainability goals.

Shaw, however, refused to help, telling Fittipaldi that his methodology was “classified.” But he did offer five suggestions that would “surely guarantee” the sustainability of our armed forces. Shaw called for the United States to: End the use of fossil fuels; withdraw our armed presence from, among other locations, the Middle East and central Asia; stop the use of depleted uranium shells; dismantle the nuclear arsenal; and stop using humvees. Those measures, he believes, will go further toward sustaining the armed forces than the construction of a few green roofs or solar panels on military bases.

“I was trying to show them the hypocrisy of using the word sustainable,” he says. “Why would I want to make the army a more efficient, sustainable killing machine?”


Shaw’s concerns have merit. The U.S. military is the largest purchaser of oil in the world. In peacetime, the U.S. armed forces consume 100 million barrels a year–about the same as Greece. And that figure jumps at least 27 percent during wartime. Uranium 238, which is depleted and used in U.S. armor-piercing rounds and Phalanx missiles, has a half-life of 4.5 billion years–it stays in the human body almost indefinitely. Once absorbed, uranium’s radioactivity can lead to cancer or kidney damage, among other health effects (See “What We Leave Behind,” December 2006). According to the most conservative estimates, U.S. and British forces have left 400,000 pounds of depleted uranium in Iraq since the start of the invasion.

Still, some of Shaw’s colleagues feel he missed a valuable opportunity. Alex Steffen, executive editor of the progressive blog, can understand why Shaw took his stance, but argues that the military is here to stay.

“Even if we substantially demilitarize–as would be my hope–many will still believe we need a substantial military capable of projecting force around the world,” he says. “Given that reality, I think it is incumbent on us to do everything we can to make the military’s operations as sustainable as possible and its strategy as supportive of positive change as possible.”

Steffen isn’t alone. While most were supportive, some felt Shaw turned this opportunity into a zero-sum game–comprehensive environmental reform, or none at all. And one question surfaced repeatedly: Why shouldn’t we help the military crawl toward sustainability?


The U.S. military is trying to improve its energy efficiency. The Army’s pollution-prevention program, P2, states that when “timely and cost-effective,” limiting emissions and waste is the preferred approach. Quantum Technologies, an alternative-energy firm which is developing fuel-cell technology for General Motors and Ford, has an Army contract to develop mobile hydrogen refueling stations. And, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, acting Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England wrote a memo to U.S. military leaders emphasizing the need for fuel conservation.

Yet despite such moves, the United States still refuses to sign onto the Kyoto Protocol. The Pentagon is resisting pressure to clean up current and former U.S. military bases where buried munitions, fuel spills and other waste contaminate the soil and water.

Ultimately, Shaw feels that the military and, by extension, the U.S. government is merely trying to avoid liability and culpability. “They see that green is sexy and cool and that people don’t like oil corporations right now,” Shaw says. “They thinkthey can dress themselves up with it.”[7]


Do not ever use “nuclear-Molecular: weapons” was never discussed by the general public that included NSDU-238. This was heinous disregard that molecules and atoms are so-small they ought be Unknown and respected as asinine-Propaganda apply for the fascist derision: expected to be known and underlying, not remain. Today’s “people-Oriented: war-Movement is shamefully adapting police-State rhetoric, as defense we do not have. The “Global Research Center” has had many conferences. I attended one in 1998 do learn who and what they are and have withstood. Yet, you-People ought be w me on hundreds of social-Aspects as well as socialism-Unmentioned and not discussed. We socialists exist, and that is why I am an “american-Socialist” besides socialists being morosely anti-War. Can we be anti-Nuclearism, too? Of course.             “R”




“A reminder of the heartbreaking toll war takes on the innocent, this award-winning documentary tells the story of the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China. The powerful doc includes a staged reading of the Westerners’ letters and diaries by Woody Harrelson, Mariel Hemingway and Jurgen Prochnow.

‘snag films’ documentary “’Nanking’ with Woody Harrelson – Full Movie (2011)” 1: 29:53 mins. 506,876 views  Published on 22 Mar 2016”


Make peace not wars. Contaminations of plastic-Microns and Ionizationings unjustly contaminate all niche’s and geography, the Ecology of planet-eRathe. First and foremost, Radionuclides need to be organized “de-Contaminations leagues” in order to accomplish all others. Sooo, that we-Humanoids might ‘survive’…


A voice from the vOID, the peace-Warrior


Tags/ Tor House, The Answer, by Robinson Jeffers, Book Club of California, CIA Operation Forty, Historian and author Webster Tarpley, International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons, 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Hay’at Tahir al-Sham, Turks presence, destabilizing one, Quantum Technologies, Army’s Armaments, Munitions and Chemical Command, radiological task group, Army Environmental Policy Institute, ’Nanking’ with Woody Harrelson, NSDU-238 attacks, inside Syria,


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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