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anti-nucleaRist bloG #258/ 02 Jul 2019 the new-Rome lacks any diplomacy for Fear of Remaining Hideous

anti-nucleaRist bloG #258/ 02 Jul 2019

the new-Rome lacks any diplomacy for Fear of Remaining Hideous

The not-so-recent US-military attack on a civilian airliner of Iran origin, killed ‘all on board passengers’. The 260 persons included 66 children. Whatever were the stupid reasons that the USS Vincennes captain was not court-Marshalled for the masse` death even: and, as post 2-years later he received a “fookering” commendation award are yet ergonomics of plutocrats. Plutocracy werks in egregious ways, before and after that 1988 event over international waters of the Gulf of Hormuz. The once-Waz: republic, may have always had plutocratic mannerisms, which of course, are fascist as well. Should we american-Socialists enlist we need neo-Liberalist, banking? Of course not, just do and think the opposite, sooo that we do remain anti-Nuclearists as well as anti-Wars.


There is definitively, a befuddling cacophony of tRumpeteR supportive of Al Qaeda and ISIS, as US, as Turkey and Gaudi Arabia, support those fascist-Rebels w support of arms and oil tRading thru Israels auspice. Factually, the Gaudis and the US-military takeover “black-Ops/shadow government: deep-State” wants idiocy to transpire i.e. Iran must have nuclear-Bombs, while u.s.a. has been developing “directed-Energy: fusion-Nuclear” weapons. How can we american-Socialist’s be rid of state-Tyranny that encompasses intel-Gence agencies w hypocritical “capitalist-Totalitarianism” remains our universal, concern. Morosely, the US-diplomatic wall is under-realizing that Ecology is the must, not merely compassionate embraces on and of returning to the J.C.P.O.A.               “R”


“Demonstrators denounce mercenary attack on Kassab





Armenians in Latakia react to the attack on Kassab.

Kassab under attack

On March 21, crossing the Turkish border at Yayladagi, over 1500 mercenaries affiliated with Al-Qaeda attacked the Syrian town of Kassab, which is predominantly populated by Armenians in the province of Latakia. As the armed opposition groups overran the town, most of the residents were forced to flee, taking refuge in the nearby city, Latakia. Three groups were behind the attack: Jabhat al-Nusrah, an Al-Qaeda off-shoot in Syria, Suqour All-Izz brigade of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), an Al-Qaeda splinter group and Ahrar ash-Sha[1]

While we, american-Socialists as well as allworld’s socialists, have to dwell upon NetNeutrality, what else is ongoing w Ecology of CHEM-tRails “poisoning” all-of-us? The wars for capital-Gain and neo-Fascist Banking for the NWO, amongst other non-Rhetorical “don’t watch propaganda teevee”. Whew. Need anti-Perspirant to configure the hospital bill to the planet because Daiichis, because dEAD tReeses in CO-WY mtns. Yipes. How many NATO wars are needed when the new-Rome’s military is based in 129 nation-States? Whether they be the deceivers & cursories of climate-change-is-Ecology-diminished, since then, in 2008, because Oligarchism was never looked at as fascist, or plutocracy always at the helm, by majority of americans.  That has been the case since Eisenhower sterilized the covetous and coverups of mass-starvationings of German soldiers in american-Camps as well as in american and British, german-Civilian: prisoners post-War camps. All told three million Germans would said to have paid the price of deaths, for wArs-wArrings by the Third Reich.             “R”


“The Political Chief of Hizb-e-Islami, one of the three main factions fighting Nato in Afghanistan, tells The Real News that his group has withdrawn from peace talks –June 16th 2013… “[2]


Afghanistan used to be the news. Used to be the news was Reported, now we have to dig that ‘up’ as though the burial would up turn dEAth-Syndrome bodies. Afghanistan was a phony wAr, but who really knows when that will end–as V-C-L was 13 years long or even longer (1962-1975). One fact is assured, lotsa soldiers got killed, and the country is destroyed and remains “mine glory” and NSDU-238 question-Marked! The other feature, not to relinquish this as accomplishment, but as moronic dastardliness, is not ending, as for sure the next wars will herald “torture” as yet another way to waste money on proving that ‘decadence’ wins!


Afghanistan was not allowed to develop when the women’s movement became the governance of country in 1978 and 1979. Yes, they were communists and Socialists. Yes, those people willed for their families and for the mountains to be free of hemorrhaging industrialist: over-Utilizationings. The will of all the people was best subscribed by that tenet. The factuality is that U.S.A.I.D. could have been a definitive helping hand to education, to social stances and to politics assimilations that would lead to populous voting, which would help develop water systems a trifle more than the ergonometrics of  medievalism. Theirs would not be “disassociative calamity” by the worshipful hands of Oligarchs in Europe and in US and, eventually, plutocrats from w.i. China.


They, the people and the warlords did not care one way or another (the one Steve and I met had been educated at university in u.s.a.) did care. The devaluation processes of US-plutocrats becoming more the need of technocracy, may have been pumped by raw-Goon’s election, 1980. This defining ultra-Interest, meant mediocrity would werk best by giving itinerant religiosity to overcome However, Oligarchs make no decisions regarding democracy as american-Socialist, needs and amenities for peace w prosperity. The miserly, insignificance that “struggle mean hands-Off” made the mess of warlords, might-reactionary and the auspice of neo-Liberalism, did bring foment thru IMF and influx of usury-Militarization, to foment disrespect of the traditions by offering half-Act presentments for which the taliban-Hats are now decapitating any chance other than ISIS in auspice of lifting the bans on freedom w.o. fascist-Religion.          “R”


“Further to our report on the strike of Donetsk coal miners against Kiev’s “anti terrorist operation” we publish here an eyewitness account by Stanislav Retinskyi which was published in the Ukrainian left wing site Liva. The author talks to the miners and explains how they took the initiative themselves and what pushed them to strike.

Had a bomb hit the electrical substation, the miners would have been trapped underground, which to them would inevitably mean death.

Today I was able to visit the “Oktyabrskiy mine” pit, which is part of the state enterprise “Donetsk coal energy company” (DCEC) and is located near the airport which was recently bombed by helicopters and jets of the Kiev regime. The information that it was the miners of this enterprise who were the first ones to strike against the “anti-terrorist operation” in Donetsk, was confirmed. Importantly, this strike began by the miners’ own efforts, their own initiative “from below” – and not under pressure of “armed masked men of the Donetsk People’s Republic”, contrary to what Mikhail Volynets, chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine and ex-MP of the ruling “Batkivshchyna” party, claimed from Kiev.

In essence, this strike was against the war which threatens the very existence of the enterprise and poses the danger of unemployment to the miners. Events unfolded as follows. On Monday 26 May, when the Ukrainian army began bombings of the towns, the miners simply did not turn up to work, because the “external factor” of hostilities taking place almost at their doorstep seriously increased the risk of industrial accidents at their enterprise. For example, had a bomb hit the electrical substation, the miners would have been trapped underground, which to them would inevitably mean death – something that is difficult to grasp for outside observers from Kiev, who have only ever been underground while on the Metro.

…As a result of a spontaneous initiative of the “Oktyabrskiy mine” miners, an anti-war demonstration took place on 28 May, initiated by miners themselves and not the pit administration nor the Donetsk People’s Republic leadership. We note that this turn of events was acceptable to people of varying views, for the miners’ strikes which preceded the demonstration not only saved the workers’ lives, but also created the necessary conditions of economic pressure on Kiev, because a referendum cannot sever economic ties automatically, and profits from the mines still go to the state budget.

At the present moment, “Oktyabrskiy mine” is only has a minimum of miners working to pump water from the pit to prevent flooding of the city. Other miners continue striking against the war.

Source: Шахтеры бастуют против войны (translated for In Defence of Marxism by Timur Dautov)[3]


Essentially, the “plutocracy of the once-Waz: u.s.a.” has evolved to a disposition of “neurotic-Despotism” where the oligarchs are not the power, but where the cradling of higher civilizations means, must be abrogated. I have covered this as dementia and as the psycho-Neurotic tendency for power. The fact is that the US: military-Hegemony feels we should be patriotic to their neurotic-Whimsies. They are not an alliance w another nation and they entice their small-bRains to make that the assurance of “defense, en toto”.  The Ukraines has lost to their indispensable “history” as portends to one of the oldest civilizations of planet, one that produced and proceeded the Sumer-civilizations. There were thus two offenses to starting the oligarchic-Payment process of wars and haughty-Enlivening by humanoid-Death, via new-Technologies. AND, I do mean 1,000’s and 10,000’s death, needlessly induced upon the most fertile soil of the plant “the Maidan” and that of the pre-Ancient peoples who lived around the hub-City of Aratta.       “R”


“Citizens’ Initiative Referendum

The European Union is undermining the democratic will of the populace of all member states. This is the reason why since halve ‪November the people who first went out in the streets were wearing Yellow Vests. Initially they were protesting against a hike in gasoline and diesel taxes that would hit people in rural France the hardest. Obsessed with the fake global warming hoax, they used that argument to implement their carbon tax by increasing fuel prices by 25%. That was the last straw that broke the French camel’s back. The movement continued on the basic issue: the right of the people to have a say in measures taken, measures that affect their lives. In one word ‘Democracy’.

None of the parties from the left nor the right, whatever they had promised during their campaign speeches, kept their promises once in office, because their policies were dictated to them by the elites. So, people have lost confidence in all politicians and are demanding new avenues to have their voices heard and wishes fulfilled.


The fuel tax was soon forgotten as the list of demands grew longer. They have been protesting for Macron’s resignation, and the Citizens’ Initiative Referendum (CIR), under which citizens could propose their own laws that would then be voted on by the general public. The RIC could effectively bypass the French Parliament and even the EU and would be enshrined in the French Constitution. A similar law exists since 1848 in Switzerland and is regularly applied by Swiss citizens. It is a tool to Direct Democracy and any country calling itself a “democracy”, should include this in its Constitution.

The French government has reacted with violence, in an apparent desire to provoke responsive violence in order to condemn the movement as violent. Consequently; on Macron’s orders, the police are becoming increasingly more aggressive, using military suppression to control protesting French civilians. Thousands have been arrested, about ten people have died and hundreds injured by police brutality. Nevertheless, the movement is gaining massive public support of up to 80% of the French population, whom all support the ‘Yellow Vest” idea, which meanwhile is spreading throughout Europe and the globe at large and this is not being reported on in the MSM.”[4]


The Yellow Vest Movement, is motivating all of Europe and other parts of the world’s oppressed, to peel the yoke of repressions and make prowess result of socialism-Changes, not susceptible to autocrats of dictatorial-Methods that both capitalist-Totalitarianism, as an amoeba of bacterium or virus, we await less tyRanny. Weld, as military-Dictatorship: totalitarianism, does not need as much practice as they have had. The concern in Reality remains, can those French-persons maintain a political thrust w their economy looking as dirt-Poor, as the u.s.a.?           “R”


“Maj. Doug Rokke is “hot.” No, he’s not sweating. Nor is his physique the object of admiration. He’s “hot” because his body is contaminated by uranium—specifically, “depleted uranium” (DU), which was widely used in munitions during the Gulf War as well as in Bosnia. DU is also expected to be deployed in the event of military action in Iraq.

“I was excreting over 1,200 micrograms a day, and [the U.S. Army] never even

told me for two and a half years,” Rokke says. According to Army regulations, any uranium excretion over 250 micrograms a day warrants immediate medical care.

Rokke is a Vietnam and Gulf War combat veteran who has specialized in

hazardous materials and emergency medicine for more than 20 years. During Operation Desert Storm, he was part of a team that established decontamination procedures and facilities for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Later, he was given the mandate to clean up depleted uranium contamination in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

But the exposure came at great cost. DU—or more specifically, the radioactive isotope uranium 238—is a byproduct of the uranium enrichment process used to create reactor fuel and bombs. It was first used in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. In the Gulf War, Rokke says, it was widely used for its effectiveness in penetrating armor and strengthening armor against penetration.


Since then, more than 100,000 Gulf War veterans have reported unexplained illness, in a phenomenon sometimes known as Gulf War Syndrome. DU is a highly toxic heavy metal, and some studies have linked exposure to increased rates of cancer and birth defects.

“We have willfully spread it all over the place,” Rokke says. “We’ve refused to clean up the mess; we’ve refused to provide medical care; not only to the American ‘friendly fire’ casualties who survived, but also to the DU cleanup teams; and we’ve refused to supply medical care to all the thousands and thousands of other people, including women and children—which makes it an indiscriminate weapon.”

Indiscriminate weapons are banned by international law. The United Nations has issued several calls for a ban on DU, which the United States has rejected. “When you leave all the contamination there,” Rokke says of the Gulf War, “people are going to continue to get sick from just the uranium munitions alone—much less all of the millions of rounds of [unused] uranium 238 that we just left there.”

Scientific studies on DU downplay hazards, and the military denies it has any harmful effects at all. In 1999, the Department of Defense hired the Rand Corporation to review the existing medical literature surrounding the effects of DU. Though it said more studies were needed, Rand reported that U.S. troops were unlikely to suffer ill effects from exposure to DU during their Gulf War tours.


But Rokke is convinced the Army is aware of the dangers of DU exposure. A March, 1991 memo from New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory notes “concern regarding the impact of DU on the environment.” The memo warns that without support for DU, “we stand to lose a valuable combat capability.”

In 1992, Rokke co-authored a “theater cleanup plan” outlining the hazards of DU and making recommendations for remediation of the estimated 315 tons of DU fired during the Gulf War. “The plan went up through the military chain of command and was given to the Secretary of State and sent over to the emirate of Kuwait,” he says. He’s still waiting for the cleanup to start. “It’s just not been done.”

“The army knows it’s a problem, and they just don’t care,” Rokke says. “They’re going to use DU. You have to understand that. The purpose is to kill. When you go to war, you use the best weapon you have, and you will not ever give it up.”


Based in part on the DU assessment reports Rokke and his team filed after the Gulf War, the Defense Department released a directive on August 14, 1993, to: “1. Provide adequate training for personnel who may come in contact with depleted uranium equipment. 2. Complete medical testing of personnel exposed to DU contamination during the Persian Gulf War. 3 Develop a plan for DU contaminated equipment recovery during future operations.”

Rokke says none of this has been done either. He just wishes the military would acknowledge the consequences of its actions. He’s in good company. Both the Military Toxics Project and the National Gulf War Resource Center are calling for the United States to exercise leadership and ban DU. International concerns are also growing, since England, China and 12 other nations have arsenals of depleted uranium. A 17-member international team of scientists working with the U.N. Environmental Program is currently examining the effects of DU in Bosnia. The commission is expected to issue a report in March.

For the past decade, Rokke has taken his message, both independently and as an Army officer, to veterans’ groups, peace organizations and even Capitol Hill. His message is blunt: “I learned that real effective cleanup of this stuff is impossible. We need to ban DU[5]


Who says that oceans bury Radionuclides better than land, and who says than burying reduces any and all Radionuclides to daughter-Nuclides “the very next day”. Want to hear a joke. That one is. The uranium-238 Radionuclides lambasting in sun and beneath chem-tRails sleaze, cannot ask the US: fanatic-penataGooons to vote on immediate UN-terrorizing the Iraq-lands from the tyranny of terrorism pronounced “used in Iraq-Lands”. I for one am not the lonely peace-Warrior who is oNLY against h-fookering: bombs-ski galore. I am for peace, foremost and for defense uppermost. The de-Contamination processes are best when Holywood movie moguls care the most. Says who? The Holywood is a pull your leg stunt and many people can and do act, but the amount of Holywood films on NSDU-238 is zilch, zero-Formula and moribund “will they change in questionable concern”?             “R”


        {where did photo of 35 miles west of Half Moon Bay, CA go?}

“ Carrier USS Independence sunken-Site–2015 survey/628×471.jpg [6]

I grew-up along the wharves of san-fRan bay, and was horrified w sailors, unformed Naval officers, steel-weRkoRs wirking side by side. I overheard sinking independence. Asked my father what in the id-al meant to him. I also wrote to editorial board of all three newspapers regarding the aerosolized radionuclides, contamination as a comparison! My background is educated, for which I paid a very high price, and my activism almost un-Paralleled. Why did you folks not know that, of you who did, meditation was not so hard-sought. May be that I am the product on a “new-Theory of Humanism” as people keep asking me is that what I am doing?            “R”


“These are complicated, contradictory times. The capitalist system is in crisis, unable to recover fully from the decade-long great recession. Mass revolt has erupted – the ‘Arab’ spring, protests in Latin America, Sudan, Algeria and Hong Kong, movements around women’s oppression and the environment – yet the organised working class has not generally taken the lead.

Meanwhile, advances in information technology run at breakneck speed. This combination can lead to confused, pessimistic conclusions.

Paul Mason’s new book covers much of the ground he dealt with in Post Capitalism published in 2015. He then wrote: “The long-term prospects of capitalism are bleak” and the era of neoliberalism is ultimately doomed. Moreover, claims Mason, human beings face increased competition and even extinction through the introduction of artificial intelligence.

We said at the time that PostCapitalism was well worth reading if only for the devastating description and facts illustrating the failure of ‘modern’ capitalism (see Socialism: Past or Present? Socialism Today No.191, September 2015). However, we completely rejected his conclusions, which effectively discounted a seriously weakened working class as the main agent of socialist change. Mason argued that new technology, particularly information technology, opened up a new route to struggle and, eventually, power through spontaneous mass action, which would replace structured, democratic political parties of the working class. Indeed, in a TV discussion with me he flourished his mobile as an example of the increased ‘popular power’ that would be more effective than active mobilisation in political parties.


We pointed out that, while social media networks using information technology including mobiles could play some role in helping to mobilise for big events, even revolutions – as witnessed in the so-called Arab spring in North Africa and the Middle East – they were peripheral. They were not as effective or durable as the formation of independent mass workers’ parties, the potential of which has recently been glimpsed in the movements around Jeremy Corbyn in Britain and Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France, and with Podemos in Spain. Unfortunately, the full development of these and other parties and formations as fighting mass workers’ parties has not yet been realised because of the deficiencies of their programmes and forms of organisation: the top-down leaderships of Podemos and La France Insoumise, and the incomplete Corbyn ‘revolution’.

The conclusion Paul Mason draws is that the working class has failed to seize the opportunities created by the deep-seated crisis of capitalism evident since 2008. He asserts: “We need a new theory of ‘humanism’.” According to Mason, this means that “the attacks on human choice and freedom are merging into a single project: technologically empowered anti-humanism”. In short, artificial intelligence will take over from human beings unless it is “carefully designed”.

Nonetheless, he partly answers his own arguments: “But if deployed into socially useful applications under meaningful, ethical human control, AI could be the tool that liberates humanity. Get it right and it not only fulfils Aristotle’s fantasy of using ‘machines that know what their job is’ to abolish class divisions: a safe, socially controlled AI becomes the safety net against the development of dangerous AIs controlled by states and unreliable private companies”. This is only possible,

however, on the basis of fighting for and establishing socialism.[7]


Fighting is what the communists did for Lenin to succeed, and succeed the Revolution did but there was no professed professional “alarem” and the sanctimony for theoretics may have been studied closer for any and all elements of subterfuge that did not allow for counter-direction from dictatorial-Methods as well as Liberalism, w Dictators. Hindsight, may be but what reality was Stalinist intrigue, I am yet awaiting the summary and/or summation w.i. theoretical imperatives i.e. not empiricism which is where Stalinist commandeering landed. If we-Socialism underscore that Stalin did not stay w.i. the toxicology of theoretics, does Stalinism disappear? Does Stalin become a good guy because he was not a theorist? His cRimes against Humanity, may have, must have inspired shidski-Rhetorical for gHW Bushwhacky, nonetheless. How?            “R”


“The new ceasefire in Greater Idlib is a “a test of Turkey’s intentions,” Syria’s representative to the Astana talks, Bashar Jaafari, said during a press conference in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan, on August 2, warning that Damascus patience has limits.

The Syrian diplomat went on to accuse Ankara of violating previous agreement and to reveal the numbers of Turkish forces deployed in the Syria.

“The Turkish regime deployed inside Syria territory 10,655 military personnel, including officers, warrant officers and soldiers, It sent to Syria territory 166 battle tanks, 278 armored vehicles, 18 rocket launchers, 173 mortars, 73 vehicles armed with heavy machine guns and 41 anti-tank missile launchers in a clear violation of Astana agreement, which allows the establishment of 12 observation post of the Turkish Police with no more than 280 policemen,” Jaafari said, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Jaafari also noted that Ankara had appointed a Turkish governor for Syria’s Kurdish-populated region of Afrin as well as for the northern Syrian cities of A’zaz, Jarabulus and Marea.

Damascus had announced a conditional ceasefire in Greater Idlib a day earlier. Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies accepted the ceasefire. However, they ignored the part saying that they should withdraw from the 20km demilitarized zone around Idlib.”[8]


The warring in Syria has caused 3-million refugees, and over 500,000 deaths since March 2011 anti-Assad marches for freedom. However, the Levant is the center of Shia Muslim, organized religion, not ISIL nor ISIS radicalism. War is not-so-important as relationship w.i. the plutocracy’s general-Malaise: Conditionalists, who are as much hegemonyites as they are fascists of anti-Constitutionality! The WARS FOR DESTABILIZATION is more than new-World Order pronounced “chaos” for all who intone that tRuth ought not be indigestion as well as tyranny. The corporate-sleaze factor has been attributed.

Yet, the so-called US-military-Industrial: complex is that and has been that since el Human tRuman used two atomic weapons. What else we do know is that NSDU-238 is also a “nuclear-Molecular: weapon” of mass-annihilation, that is other molecules whether those are to be inhaled now, later or become part and apportionment of the “food-Chains” around the world’s land mass and continuing w molecules in uppe-atmosphere from above-gRound tests, where measurements ought be done and accomplished for respite from idiotic wars. That gHW Bushwhacky used the first: nuclear-Weapon, and his 3-sons got together in the third: directed-Energy: weapon, a plasma nuclear entirety and entity, merely to have WTC: bombing coupled w firewirks of titanium-Steel impacting steel towers and then allowing Haus of Gaudi’s to escape while the pulverized “dusts” from steel left for aerial contaminations before them, Sept. 11th 2001.        “R”


“ . . . . Germany’s vast state bureaucracy and its military and rearmament programs, including the country’s growing concentration camp/slave labor system, also required data processing services. By the time the U.S. officially entered the war in 1941, IBM’s German subsidiary had grown to employ 10,000 people and served 300 different German government agencies. The Nazi Party Treasury; the SS; the War Ministry; the Reichsbank; the Reichspost; the Armaments Ministry; the Navy, Army and Air Force; and the Reich Statistical Office — the list of IBM’s clients went on and on.

”‘Indeed, the Third Reich would open startling statistical venues for Hollerith machines never before instituted — perhaps never before even imagined,’ wrote Edwin Black in IBM and the Holocaust, his pioneering 2001 exposé of the forgotten business ties between IBM and Nazi Germany. ‘In Hitler’s Germany, the statistical and census community, overrun with doctrinaire Nazis, publicly boasted about the new demographic breakthroughs their equipment would achieve.’  . . . .

“Demand for Hollerith tabulators was so robust that IBM was forced to open a new factory in Berlin to crank out all the new machines. At the facility’s christening ceremony, which was attended by a top U.S. IBM executive and the elite of the Nazi Party, the head of IBM’s German subsidiary gave a rousing speech about the important role that Hollerith tabulators played in Hitler’s drive to purify Germany and cleanse it of inferior racial stock. . . .[9]


The germans were primarily conquered by the brownshirts, and that made an enterprise if not an immoral-Need for “higher fact-Finding methods, just such as those which had counted the population, tabulating a “census”.  The Third Reich was predicated upon armies moreso than exasperations; upon “opioid: oxycodone” and meth-type, speed: pervitin. Adolph Hitler used oxycodone, and his stormtroopers, pervitin—in large amounts—as well as going into the Soviet steppe-Lands, and Maidan. Did drugs help purify the racial-stock or the paranoidal-Illusions? The German people were advertently mis-disirected, via ms-Information, while the military by dis-Information. Was the Reich, an Oligarchic agglomeration of cRiminals? Yes. Was Prescott Bush jailed, or his father?        “R”


“Recently, after Forbes Magazine published an opinion piece entitled, It Sounds Crazy, But Fukushima, Chernobyl, And Three Mile Island Show Why Nuclear Is Inherently Safe, a number of Forbes’ readers called and continue to write Fairewinds Energy Education to ask us if this opinion piece is true. Quite frankly, the article is an infomercial for the nuclear industry: it twists data in order to paint a rosy picture of nuclear energy.

Before we delve into the article itself, note that the author of the article, Michael Shellenberger, has a degree in cultural anthropology, not nuclear science or nuclear engineering, environmental science, or any other educational background related to the energy production methods and their impact on the environment, human lives, or the global economy. He is not a scientist or a doctor (don’t be fooled by his twitter handle @shellenbergerMD).

Mr. Shellenberger is the president of a pro-nuclear lobbyist group called Environmental Progress that advocates for extending the life of the old and soon-to-be-retired nukes for an additional 40-years, even though each atomic power reactor was only designed for a 40-year lifespan. On its website, in addition to its pro-nuke work, Environmental Progress claims that they are independent and not funded by the nuclear industry because their only funders are Rachel and Roland Pritzker, of the Pritzker Innovation Fund (PIF). For those that are unaware, the large and extremely wealthy Pritzker family includes 11 billionaires. All together the various family members have a net worth of more than $30 billion!


The Pritzker Innovation Fund backs various pro-nuclear ventures and

supporting nuclear energy is part of its mission. In fact, Rachel, the president of the fund, gave a pro-nuclear TED talk in 2015 using many of the recycled arguments the nuclear industry and the Forbes article relied upon. While Environmental Progress (EP) likes to claim it is independent of any financial manipulation, receiving money from a pro-nuclear foundation paints a quite different picture. While Environmental Progress is listed as a nonprofit, it just became a 501c3 nonprofit during the fall of 2017. Since it incorporated as a nonprofit so recently, there are no public financial 990s available to delineate what other corporations may underwrite EP’s astroturfing pro-nuke posture with large sums of nuclear industry money, and of course many individual nuclear employees may be donating with the encouragement of their employer incorporation and then could write it off as a tax-deductible donation.

Now that we’ve addressed the lapses in Mr. Shellenberger’s nuclear power engineering and environmental science education, let’s look at the false facts raised in his pretend science article.

First, this puff piece for Forbes Magazine tries to discredit the assessment of noted pediatrician and children’s advocate Dr. Helen Caldicott, who projected close to 1 million people died due to the Chernobyl meltdown. Mr. Shellenberger uses nuclear industry numbers to attempt to claim that the impact of Chernobyl on the environment and to all species involved was minimal, a typical follow the playbook created by industry lobbyists. However, independent scientific research published by the New York Academy of Science in a book entitled Chernobyl: Consequences of a Catastrophe for People and the Environment proves that Dr. Caldicott’s estimate is far more accurate than the fake data that Forbes Magazine allowed Shellenberger to promote. In Chernobyl: Consequences of a Catastrophe for People and the Environment the New York Academy of Science confirms and discusses the real scientific data as it was prepared and studied by Dr. Alexey Yablokov, Dr. Vassily Nesterenko, and Dr. Alexey Nesterenko.


A separate scientist, Dr. Yury Bandazhevsky, was jailed after publishing his scientific report on radiation induced heart disease in children. The disease, aptly named Chernobyl Heart, brought to light the cover-up by the Government of Belarus and has taught doctors around the world about the impact of Cesium, which is absorbed into muscles and damages children’s hearts and other muscles. Cesium also crosses the placental barrier and damages babies in utero. Dr. Yury Bandazhevsky was imprisoned for four-years in Belarus until the public outcry from the European Union sparked his release. He currently lives in the Ukraine where he continues his work.

An entirely different scientific study conducted by noted United Kingdom scientist Dr. Ian Fairlie, who completed his PhD at Princeton University, shows that 5-million people still reside in highly radioactive areas and that there has been an increase of 700% in cases of thyroid cancer and a 200%-500% increase in Leukemia cases. All one needs to do to see the lingering effects of Chernobyl and the damage that radiation has caused in Chernobyl is to look at the haunting photo gallery entitled Chernobyl Legacy: Radiation Poisoning taken by photographer Paul Fusco a little more than a decade after Chernobyl. Mr. Fusco also narrates a video of his photographs from his trip to help to provide context. There is also a short documentary by the name of Chernobyl Heart which chronicles the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on the health of children in the area of the plant. The film won the Best Documentary Short Subject award at the 2004 Academy Awards. You can watch the heart wrenching film  above. Unfortunately, instead of speaking truth to power, Forbes Magazine has allowed self-promoting industry data to be used in this infomercial while actually discarding real scientific independent peer-reviewed research.

Another discordant note that appears in the Forbes accepted opinion piece ­discredits real medical science in its attack on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) estimate of premature deaths caused by Chernobyl. In his published opinion in Forbes, Shellenberger claims that because the WHO uses the “linear no threshold” (LNT) model, its estimates are exaggerated. In a rush to meet the desired growth of major nuclear corporations, there has been a recent push by a fringe group of pro-industry scientists to change the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules away from LNT, thereby increasing the amount of toxic chemicals and radiation that industries in the United States would be able to place in products and dump into the environment. Unfortunately, this ill-informed science is popular with the current U.S. Administration. However, according to a recent story in the LA Times…[10]


As rationale will tell you, us, to study the teleologic-Data of tornadoes on the u.s.a. plains, and understanding that houses built “below the soil-Levels, will prove to be 90% better “protection for a family. What those details do tell us is the tRuth, yet in terms of american-Socialism, adherence to going-Outside, view that horizon, and learn to test the weather w.o. chem-tRails 25-years and more—upon the 1969’s architecture leading to more “natural surrounding buildings and codes. Whereas, we-People must release all the mistakes on and from “the good ques” to re-Formulate and to maintain ‘pRoviso’s for and of defense—as needful, need is. Now, once again, how do we “pickup-Molecules” of highly contaminated Radionuclides provided to us, but not for us, by the capitalist-Totality?     “R”


“In short: if the wave of nationalist victories still sweeping the globe eventually gives way to a centrist backlash, but anarchists and other revolutionaries are not able to popularize tactics and movements that adequately address the catastrophies that so many people are facing, that could pave the way for an even more extreme wave of far-right populism.

We should study populist social movements under centrist governments in order to identify the ways that far-right groups can hijack them—and figure out how we can prevent that. This is one of the reasons to pay close attention to the “yellow vest” movement unfolding right now in France under the arch-centrist President Macron.

The “yellow vest” movement shows the strange fractures that can open up under the contradictions of modern centrism: above all, the false dichotomy between addressing global warming and addressing the ravages of capitalism. This dichotomy is especially dangerous in that it gives nationalists a narrative with which to capitalize on economic crisis while discrediting environmentalism by associating it with state oppression.


Against the dictatorship of the rich: a banner seen near Nantes.

What is taking place in France is reminiscent of what happened in Brazil in 2013, when a movement against the rising cost of public transportation provoked a nationwide crisis. This crisis gave tens of thousands of people new experience with horizontal organizing and direct action, but it also opened the way for nationalists to gain ground by presenting themselves as rebels against the ruling order. There are two significant differences between Brazil in 2013 and France today, however. First, the movement in Brazil was initiated by anarchists, but grew too big too quickly for anarchist values to retain hegemony—whereas anarchists have never had leverage within the movement of the “yellow vests.” Second, the movement in Brazil took place under a supposedly leftist government, not a centrist one. The hijacking of the movement against the fare hike in Brazil set the stage for a chain of events that culminated in the electoral victory of Bolsonaro, an outright proponent of military dictatorship and extrajudicial mass murders. In France, the context seems even less promising.[11]


Dictatorship for the Rich, does that mean they could be led? What a joke? The Oligarchs increase theirs as political-Ploys gains measures for dictatorial-Takeover, but maybe not necessarily thru better, deeper. Sci-Fi methods of humans as inexorable, manipulation by amoeba’s. They always miss the tests of what is closest at hand i.e. Radionuclides that merely have and therefore designate a number. Then onto bacteria, virus, but did the U.S. Food Agency cancel irradiating beef, pork-ski and chickens w element-60, cobalt. Meanwhilenatural uranium, is somethinGy-Bop, one does not shower w—to cleanse the bod of chem-tRails, which is element 92 and 238.029.


May the Histories of civilizations become, less adverse, more renown

the peace-Warrior


Tags/ imperialist war-cRimes, against the people, republic of Syria, Hizb-e-Islami, Afghanistan war, Donetsk coal miners, Citizens’ Initiative Referendum, Maj. Doug Rokke, Carrier USS Independence sunken-Site, Socialism or pessimism? Paul Mason, Peter Taffe, Damazcus, reveals details om Turkish, forces deployed, Syria, US-nuclear playbook, nuclear lobbyists, follow the nuclearism, nationalist victories, populist governments, yellow vests,

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Friday, 30 May 2014

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[9] “FTR #1076 Surveillance Valley, Part 2: Mauthausen on Our Mind” by Dave Emory  226 June 2019  See also: “IN NUMBERS: TURKISH TROOPS AND MILITARY EQUIPMENT DEPLOYED IN SYRIA” a video rundown of 16 mins on turkey’s anti-Kurds and incursions into Syria @

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<08 Aug 2019> note: Please bear w me as I must continue to bare-Witness to a major suRgeRy and imminent recovery. I shall be finishing this blog sometime tomorrow.    “R”

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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