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anti-nucleaRist bloG #257/ 12 Jun 2019 antediluvian auspices garbage fookeRing Radionuclides or chem-tRails do-not delight

anti-nucleaRist bloG #257/ 12 Jun 2019 

antediluvian auspices garbage fookeRing Radionuclides or chem-tRails do-not delight

** [note: this measure in title and date was posted 06 Aug…is no longer]

The we-Boomers may have found that: antediluvian auspices of garbage fookeRing Radionuclides or chem-tRails do-not delight altho writing a poem to enlighten our brothers and sisters must be read for understanding what all we do understand. As the decadence sets a path into the laminations upon contaminations, are we suspect for not providing an exit into jail for the “anti-Constitutional wArmongers”? Or are we slaves of . not free-Will/ propaganda is our fRee-Destiny? The oligarchic-Power of elites is fascist-Agronomy. Power-mongering is the oNLY way to maintain “plutocracy” and that thusly, includes “chem-tRails/Ionizationing”. Take a look around you, automobiles, tRuks and R-O-N-G phooel, no medicare-Health but you keep paying to maintain that you keep getting bought: on both.               “R”


“The first year of the Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP) was highly productive scientifically. Aerosol and cloud measurements, statistical analyses, and numerical modeling using ad-vanced microphysical schemes supported the hypothesis that tropical cyclones (hurricanes) are sensitive to aerosols that can act to decrease storm intensity. The work documented key elements of the conceptual model of hurricane processes that guides the HAMP research. The group developed a unique spectral bin microphysics (SBM) package and implemented it into the Weather Research Forecasting model (WRF). The advanced WRF/SBM model was shown to be superior to 12 bulk parameterization schemes in predicting storm intensities. The major impact of this research on hurricane intensity prediction is that it highlights the importance of low-level cold-pools, particularly in the outer rainbands on hurricane intensity. It means that methods for diagnosing cold-pool strength and area in real time need to be developed for hurricane intensity prediction. In addition, operational forecast mod-els need to be implemented that can explicitly represent the variability of TC cold-pools due to variations in wind-shear, environmental moisture, and aerosols. It was found also that the effect of aerosols on tropical cyclone intensity is as important as interactions with the ocean. The work comparing observations with model forecasts shows that improving forecasts of storm intensity will require the use of advanced microphysical schemes that take into account of the effects of aerosols.”[1]


I’ve read and heard that Julian is a part-time journalist, as am i. That his disposition is morosely more worldly, does mean we-Socialists ought investigate close as possible, as to where he may have gotten his millions to perform his adjudicating, tasks of informing us thru whistleblowers. This is ordinarily, not an intel-Gence task. Mr. Dave Emory has uncovered some covetous-Facts and intel-Gence is pointedly “Tor-agenda”. This is a cIAS involvements of sordid and solicitous detailing. His arrest isn’t innocuous to me and many of millions others—around the world-Scape. The imprisonment was probably some pseudocratic Swede, who maybe knew her body, but nothing much else. Or, she was bought? The primary mission of the new-Rome is to impugn to cover-up via use of covetous “Illegal and UN-constitution wars via Invasions”. Are we not glad he did reconcile to be a people’s hero, whether or not he was bought by the people involved w the ownership of the Tor software?            “R”


“Julian Assange is being slowly murdered by “Her Majesty’s Prison Service” at Belmarsh prison in the south-east of London. The prison is notorious for holding people who have never been charged with a crime indefinitely. It is also called the British version of Guantanamo, and, typically used to detain so-called terrorists, thus called by the British police and secret service and aped by the British MSM and establishment. Terrorists that become terrorists by continuous and repeated accusations, by media propaganda, but not necessarily by fact.

Remember, if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth in the minds of the braindead listeners. Its indoctrination of the public to demonize somebody or a group of people, or a country, who could become dangerous for the empire’s vicious and criminal endeavors. That’s what they are doing with Julian Assange. Exactly the same principle is applied, though on a different scale, against President Putin and against Russia and China. And it seems to work in a brainwashed-to-the-core, western society, ran by their spineless European US-vassalic leadership.

Yes, what is happening to Julian Assange could happen to any journalist who reveals the inconvenient truth about the empire and its minions’ criminal machinations, any journalist – or non-journalist, whistleblower, for that matter – anyone who dares standing up to the AngloZionist atrocities may end up in Guantanamo or Belmarsh which is considered a Type A prison for adult men, meaning, a “serious” prison, where “dangerous” detainees are held for as long as Her Majesty’s Prison Service considers necessary, and prisoners treatments are held secret and include torture.

Julian Assange’s case goes even farther than breaking all the rules of “democratic” free speech. The way he is treated is a serious infraction on Human Rights. The US and British governments intend to silence and punish a champion of free speech, torturing him for the world to see, and especially as a deterrent for would-be whistleblowers and other free-speech advocates.


Julian Assange has been condemned to a ‘temporary’ prison sentence of 50 weeks for jumping bail, when he sought and was granted refuge in 2012 in the Ecuadorian Embassy. And why did he jump bail? Because he was about to be extradited to neofascist Sweden, who acting in the name of Washington, accused him with phony rape and sexual misconduct charges, from where he would have most likely been extradited to the US – where he might have faced a kangaroo court and a fake trial with possible death sentence, or indefinite incarceration at Guantanamo.

That’s why he jumped bail and why he escaped to the Ecuadorian Embassy, because western injustice was already then played out with false propaganda, for everyone, but the blind and indoctrinated, to see. Rafael Correa, then President of Ecuador, saw the truth behind it all and granted Julian asylum, and later gave him Ecuadorian citizenship – which in 2018 was revoked by Correa’s traitor and fascist successor, US-implant, Lenin Moreno, who, as a reward, it is said, got an IMF loan of US$ 4.2 billion to help the government carry out its neoliberal economic reform program, meaning undoing much of the social programs of improving economic equality for the Ecuadorian population, implemented during the Correa presidency.

Mairead Maguire Requests Permission to Visit Assange, Nominated for Nobel Prize

Well, how sick can that be? – Unfortunately, acting pathologically or even psychopathically in today’s world is fully accepted. It’s the new normal. This means, we are living in an almost-terminally ill, corrupt and utterly brainwashed society – to be precise, western society. “Almost-terminally” means that there is only dim hope of healing for the utter lack of conscientiousness of western society. Hope of western people’s awakening is fading, as it is sliding ever deeper into a bottomless abyss.

Julian Assange was first accused by Washington of fake charges of computer hacking and conspiring to defraud the United States. In fact, what this is all about is the 2010 publication by Wikileaks of the infamous video that circulated the world a million times, depicting the purposeful, malicious ‘collateral killing’ of harmless civilians by the crew of a US Army helicopter – and of other data of atrocious acts of the US military revealed by Chelsea Manning, and published by Wikileaks. Chelsea Manning has been and is herself serving prison sentences.

Despite the fact that this little video has been seen around the world probably by more than a billion people, nobody went on the barricades – on an endless mass-demonstration – to stop the rogue-state and killing machine United States of America from committing its daily and deadly crimes. Nobody. And the killing goes on. And Washington is doing its utmost to silence every future revealing of their atrocities, by silencing Julian Assange, and intimidating any potential future truth-revealer.”[2]


Julian Assange has been propelled to regard for international-Knowledge, not proponent to disregard Swedish law that sleeping in an abode is cause for “rape-Charges” (as I was warned that in 1986 by peace-Persons from Netherlands). Plus, Julian is not a “boomeR” as I am. His methods have been quite assertive, creative-Techniques of doing a job and getting the facts accomplished that maintain honesty in a public as well as abjuring the hauteurs of fascist-Zionists, elites-Fascists, and plain ole-Oligarchs and wArmongers mis-stepping laws for chaos and for anarchyism. In other words, Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy eat your plate fulla chem-tRails.              “R”

“The British, Australian, Ecuadorian and US Governments have made an ad about Julian Assange’s arrest and it’s surprisingly honest and informative![3]


As I am and have been in excruciating-Pains for 20-mouths, in deed in need and necessity of Medicaid, this “thejuicemedia” is a very pertinent, albeit “foul-Mouth” but well enunciated, satire and journalistic-ExpRapolation that I’ve enjoyed this year—since returning from my Arkansas River Valley where I utilized my tiny “cel-Phone” screen for video’s while my electric was satisfactory. The traumatizationing of Mr. Assange, has continued ad infinitum, since 2010, because the State Dept. was no longer in charge of diplomatic-Relations of u.s.a. citizens. Seamingly, the deep-State is not in control. They are

in the staid-Disposition to maintain theirs is ensconced “secrecy” but that they have already ruined the planet’s Ecology w the constant of chemicalizationings and Ionizationings in secrecy, they may not know. Sooo, what is culpability when we are american-Socialists supposedly sidetracked by the capitalist-Totalitarian: one-Party parody?         “R”




“Tensions continue to grow in the Persian Gulf.

In early May, the US deployed the USS Abraham Lincoln strike group as well as the USS Arlington amphibious transport dock, additional marines, amphibious vehicles, rotary aircraft, Patriot missiles and a bomber strike force to the region claiming that this is a needed measure to deter Iran, which allegedly prepares to attack US troops and infrastructure.

On May 21, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan claimed that the US had succeeded in putting the potential of Iranian attacks “on hold.” The declared victory over the mythical “Iranian threats” did not stop the US from a further military buildup.

On May 25, President Donald Trump declared that the US is sending 1,500 troops, 12 fighter jets, manned and unmanned surveillance aircraft, and a number of military engineers to counter Iran.

Trump also approved an $8 billion sale of precision guided missiles and other military support to Saudi Arabia, using a legal loophole. The Trump administration declared an emergency to bypass Congress, citing the need to deter what it called

“the malign influence” of Iran.

The forces deployment was accompanied with a new round of fear-mongering propaganda.

On May 24, Adm. Michael Gilday, director of the Joint Staff, issued a statement saying  that “the leadership of Iran at the highest level” ordered a spate of disruptive attacks including those targeting an Aramco Saudi oil pipeline, pumping facilities, the recent sabotage of four tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, as well as a May 19 lone rocket attack on the area near the US embassy in Baghdad. Besides this, he repeated speculations about “credible reports that Iranian proxy groups intend to attack U.S. personnel in the Middle East”. Nonetheless, Adm. Gilday offered nothing that may look like hard proof to confirm these claims.


On May 28, National Security Adviser John Bolton blamed “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” for the incident with oil tankers off the UAE.

On May 30, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman went on an anti-Iran tirade during an emergency meeting of Arab leaders hosted in Mecca. He described the Islamic Republic as the greatest threat to global security for the past four decades, repeated US-Israeli accusations regarding the alleged Iranian missile and nuclear activities and urged the US-led bloc to use “all means to stop the Iranian regime” from its regional “interference”.

Despite the war-like rhetoric of the US and its allies and the recent deployment of additional forces in the region, Washington seems to be not ready for a direct confrontation with Iran right now. The USS Abraham Lincoln strike group remains outside the Persian Gulf, in the Arabian Sea, demonstrating that the Washington establishment respects the Iranian military capabilities and understands that the US Navy might lose face if the carrier were to make an attempt at demonstrating US naval power too close to Iranian shores.

Iran, in its own turn, stressed that it is not going to step back under these kinds of threats. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that his country would not be coerced into new negotiations under economic sanctions and threat of military action.

“I favor talks and diplomacy but under current conditions, I do not accept it, as today’s situation is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only,” Rouhani said.

In the coming months, the US-Iranian confrontation in the diplomatic, economic and military spheres will continue to develop. Threats and aggressive actions towards Iran will not go without response. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that Teheran would move to instigate a hot conflict by its own accord, if no red lines, such as a direct attack on Iranian vital infrastructure or oil shipping lines, are crossed.[4]


Gaudi-aRabia, the sand in destitute nation-State like Israels w.o. a Constitution, or w the lack of imbecility to do nothing less than eradicate the Yemens. The Irans are an outlet of Gaudi’s. But, the new-Rome wants to destabilize for control of military making excuses that “defense is to takeover countries and leave those, fallow, languishing in uranium-238 dusts”. The penataGooons-bRass is not pleased or is pleased w breaking those “laws of augre for democracy in principle” remains in question. Not in doubt! The tRaumatizationing-Tensions exist for propaganda, too. The puissant kind of UN-toward and dissultry dispositioning beckons more lies. Immoral ones.           “R”




“For the second time this week, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery pounded an observation post of the Turkish military near the town of Shir Mughar in northwestern Hama.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the artillery strike, which took place at the late hours of June 29, coincided with the return of a Turkish unit that was conducting a patrol in Idlib’s demilitarized zone.

Earlier this week, a similar artillery strike on the same observation post killed a Turkish service member and injured several others. The Syrian state TV confirmed  that the SAA was responsible for the attack, claiming that it was a response to a rocket strike on civilian areas.

Following the incident, the Turkish military reinforced Shir Mughar’s observation post. More personnel and weapons were reportedly deployed there.

Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the new incident, yet. However, the upcoming few hours may witness a limited Turkish response, similar to what we saw following the last attack.”[5]

The Turks are a pushy bunch, wanting the Levant to be a buffer-zone, but partaking for military-Bases and outposts, that will continue to incur raths from Kurdish multi-Military gRoups. Basically, Turkey leadership, does not want a balanced democracy of all participants, while always fighting the socialists, as the plutocratic-Americans? No. As the hyprocrisy of capitalist-Plutocrats, w insincerity their mainstay and always-Goal. Those beings are especially Armenian and Kurdish descents. The mold of US-hypocrisy has tried to meld Turkey into another client-state such as Israels—now, almost 80 percent zionist-Fascist, politically.                “R”


“Last night, the Israeli military carried out a missile strike at Syrian Army targets in the southern part of Syria. According to claims by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) media wing, the strikes hit 2 artillery batteries, observation and intelligence posts and an SA-2 (S-75 Dvina) aerial defense battery.

“We hold the Syrian regime accountable and will firmly operate against any attempt to harm Israeli civilians,” the IDF claimed.

The Syrian state media revealed that the missiles came from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights. Several missiles were reportedly intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces. 3 Syrian soldiers were killed and 7 others were injured.

The IDF says that the strike was conducted in response to the launch of 2 rockets at Mount Hermon in the occupied Golan Heights from the area controlled by the Syrian government.

Pro-Israeli media outlets speculate that the rockets, which were allegedly launched, were Iranian-made Fadjr-5.”


“Syrian government forces have resumed their offensive on the positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Turkish-backed Front for

National Liberation (NFL).

Over the past two days, units of the Syrian Arab Army and the Tiger Forces have liberated the villages of Qasabiya, Humayrat, Hardanah and Qirutiyah. According to pro-government sources, army troops are now aiming to liberate Meidan Ghazal, Shariya and Deir Sonbol as well as Tal Sakhar, Habit and Abidin.


These settlements are located northwest and east of the town of Kafr Nabudah, a key militant stronghold, which had recently been liberated by the army. The

collapse of the militants’ defense there became the main factor allowing government forces to develop their advance.

Multiple Syrian and Russian airstrikes in northern and southern Idlib are being reported by pro-militant sources on a daily basis.

The ongoing army advance was launched on June 3 after a failed attempt to establish a temporary ceasefire in the area last week.

Immediately after the declaration of the ceasefire, units of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the NFL stormed army positions in Kafr Nabudah thus showing their commitment to further hostilities. This predetermined the observed scenario.

According to pro-militant sources, at least 4 pieces of military equipment and over a dozen army troops were killed in the recent clashes. In their turn, government-linked media claim that 8 militants and 2 vehicles were eliminated.

On June 4, Israel’s ImageSat Intl. released a satellite image showing the alleged impact of Israel’s June 2 strike on the T4 airbase in Syria.

The Israeli satellite and data analysis company claimed in its report that the strike had targeted “an element or a few” speculating that they may have been some kind of “advanced weapon system element”. Nonetheless, it was not able to provide evidence to confirm these speculations.

Syria and Iran provided no details as to what kind of infrastructure or weapon

systems were targeted in the T4 airbase. Nonetheless, it’s an open secret that Iran uses this airbase for UAV operations across the country.[6]


Whereupon, the land in Syria is not “up-for-grabs” yet six-Nations are fighting as the civilians numbering far over 250,000 dead, are now the partitionings of dusts. The war-Factions were almost as I remember the people on my 1980-81 visits. They were not all the same nor integrating, but some by souciance to tribal or religious analog were humble, other prejudiced, many religious of the sordid churchy-Type. While one of two were hype due that amenity of time, now being, technology and modern architecture coupled to the hope of new water systems. I do not recollect anybody mentioning the words on Ecology would please us all, but that to knowledge-End is the start when the warring faction as ever end their preregrinations to murder because the power-Nations did or wanted and nobody in u.s.a speaks, to that discordant-Accord, but us american-Socialists who want the world in p-e-a-c-e.             “R”


“On June 24th, former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia of attempting to sabotage Georgia’s economy by cancelling flights and crippling its tourism industry.

He did so in a video on his Facebook page, with a lengthy post underneath.

He further called on Ukrainians to go on holiday in Georgia and that the country should be renamed to Sakartvelo.

“Our political force is fully in agreement with the people of Georgia, which opposes Russian imperialism and fights with occupation. Now Moscow wants to weaken Georgia economically again, blocking air traffic and damaging the tourism in Georgia.

We, the Ukrainians, should not leave our Georgian brothers in trouble. Of course, I urge Ukrainians to rest in Ukraine, but for those who plan to rest abroad or in the occupied Crimea, I recommend refocusing on Georgia. I appeal to the Government of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure with a proposal to provide a discount for aeronautical and airport charges for flights between Ukraine and Georgia-Ukraine in this period. Airlines could lower ticket prices.

Georgia has gone to change one key letter in the name of Kiev – because we are Kiyv, not Kiev [Київ not Кієв]. In my opinion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine should begin negotiations on changing the official name of Georgia to Sakartvelo.

It is very important to help those who, like us, struggle with Russian aggression for many years. Supporting Sakartvelo means supporting Ukraine!”

Sakartvelo literally means “the country of the cartwheel.”

It should be reminded that on June 21st, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree under which tour operators and travel agents are recommended to refrain from selling to Russian citizens tourist packages that include visits on the territory of Georgia. In addition, from July 8th onwards all flights from and to Georgia are temporarily grounded.

This decision was made in response to heavily Russophobic protests, fueled by both the current Georgian government and the opposition, with also the protesters protesting against their country’s political establishment, but also “Russia’s occupation.”

Poroshneko is a ‘famous expert on dealing with Russian aggression’. So, his statements should be taken seriously, of course.

Rather, it should be noted that Ukraine has, at this point, become a tool used by foreign actors to try and fuel various crises in the post-Soviet states.

Ukrainian flags and anti-Russian hysteria can be seen in Georgia, the same could and still can be seen in Armenia. Ukraine has become an instrument to “present” the “malign influence” of Russia in the post-Soviet states, all the while the “Russian aggression” narrative is being used to carry out unconstitutional and questionable actions in various countries in the region.”[7]


The “Ukraines: oligarchic-Impasse`” was started by coRpoRate-sleaze and intel-Gence operatives of US-dimunitions, on and by appellate-Offense: military standards, in Russia, as we-People know—here in the u.s.a. Today, now 28-years later “the KGB is no more”. That of course, is the dissolution of intel-Gence and state agency-Heads dissolved and were preyed upon by senseless and sensible rationale for change w and w.o. rationalism. The takeover of Russia, would be the “outline” for the groupings of Republics that were once w.i. the Union of Soviet, as entity-States, as the “iron-Curtain” placidly became a new-Improved platitude for american-Propaganda. Is the new-Rome is watching us? Do we have a vacuum-Cleaner that will pick-up microns of ur-238 from sand, water, air in and around Iraq-Lands, Basra fore-instance? What type protection is necessary is robots and how will the transfers from the collection be processed if not by more and future, furtive-Handling? Are the oligarchs of Ukraines in US-control as well as Wall Street acolytes. Oligarchs are plutocrat-Aspirants.        “R”


“THE LAST few weeks have been catastrophic for the U.S./NATO occupation of Afghanistan.

Days of violent protests against the U.S. military followed the burning of Korans at a military base in late February, leaving scores dead and injured. Then, 38-year-old Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales left his outpost before dawn on March 11 and murdered 17 Afghan civilians.

The news of this tragedy evoked memories of incidents such as the My Lai massacre in Vietnam and raised new questions for Americans about whether the war in Afghanistan can really still be called “the good war.”

The atrocities committed by Bales in Kandahar province, the historic home of the Afghan Taliban, cost the lives of four men, four women, two boys and seven girls in two villages.

Since the massacre, the U.S. military has struggled to contain what it considers a “public relations” nightmare by focusing the blame on this individual soldier who suddenly “snapped”–as if the problem of overstressed soldiers is limited to a “few bad apples.” This is the military’s common ref-rain in previous instances in which soldiers have committed atrocities as part of the “war on terror.”

But this is merely a smokescreen used to avoid addressing the fundamental questions that such atrocities raise about the role of the U.S. around the world, as well as the pattern of utter disregard for people touched by these conflicts–whether Afghan or American–that U.S. officials have repeatedly demonstrated.

In order for the occupation to be carried out, dehumanizing Afghans is a necessity of U.S. military strategy. Islamophobia and disregard for the Koran are mainstays of military life. This is exacerbated by the fact that occupation inevitably breeds resistance, which explains why the U.S. easily toppled the Afghanistan’s Taliban government more than 10 years ago, but now faces the prospect of humiliation in the longest war in U.S. history.[8]


As the US-military asserts the prowess of “the new-Rome” again, again, again, always w a stupefaction that beef cattle: supplies will never e-n-d, do we assert we do not know of the mass-Murdering by gHW Bushwhacky, on that “Highway of Death” in March 1991. Did the propaganda wipe the excursioning of the Awacs, those mighty A-10 aero-jets using NSDU-2348 as though the ur-238 was not a Radionuclide already embellished w mass-Murdering. That those jets were built to hold the heavy, 10-pounds each projectile, 30-mm and can shoot 2,3090 round PER MINUTE equipped w the GAU-8, would you and I not suspect that contaminationing was the foremost primary IDIOT PROVISO? When this so-called country utilizes death for another pRactice-war, are we to stand-down? This discount-on-Life was sooo intimate to a guy never arrested for wAr-cRimes in our lifetimes, is moronic-Anathema.         “R”


“Of all the US military platforms that fire DU, the A-10 is responsible for the greatest proportion of DU fired

+ Used for close air support

+ Responsible for the largest share of DU ammunition fired by US forces

+ Due to be replaced by the Joint Strike Fighter

The A-10, often called the ‘Warthog’, is a close air support aircraft, meaning that it is used as back-up for ground units – typically strafing enemy forces during battle. The main armament on the A-10 is the GAU-8/A, a five barrelled gatling cannon. This cannon can shoot both the PGU-14/B Armour Piercing Incendiary (API) DU round, and the PGU-13/B High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) round, typically in a mix of 5 API to 1 HEI.

Because the A-10 has been used so widely, and because it can fire almost 4000 rounds of ammunition per minute, it is responsible for most of the DU contamination from the 1991 Gulf war, and for all the contamination in Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In early 2010, ICBUW discovered that the US is planning to move away from using DU in medium calibre ammunition, such as the 30 mm rounds used in the GAU-8/A. The A-10 is also scheduled to be replaced by the F-35 Joint Strke Fighter. However, some sources question the suit-ability of the F-35 for an air support role, and it is expected that the A-10 and it’s uranium ammunition will remain part of US forces for some time to come.[9]

The usages of so-called “depleted-Uranium: a radioisotope that has uranium-235, removed” is heinous, because the propaganda is doubly innocuous. Propaganda and illegal “nuclear-Molecular: weapon#1”. There is far more that american’s should have accomplished before asshole gHW Bushwhacky was allowed to secretly transport NSDU-238 to the IDF in 1972 from the Port of Houston (Tejas). How many people were killed in 1973, by NSDU-238 from u.s.a. NPP’s where pu-239 is exhausted, but not “spendt-Phooel”? what is sooo egregious about ergegiousness-Extent is also at odds w the NSDU-238 that honed into massacring Irags military and civilians, but has left not merely legacy pf usages, all told total contamination and no specifics where those A-10’s abused the Iraq-lands. The act in and of themselves shows how fascist the reason to disregard to ensure the contaminations would never be “de-contaminated”. 38-years later Iraq does not seem to have technology to do such and much more than $10 billion would be assuredly the necessity—as well as capitalist-Totality did not appeal to Iraqs people merely their Oligarchs and military-bRass.          “R”


“Normally, I would never cheer when somebody dies. I made an exception to this rule when evil Global Government architect David Rockefeller finally died, and again today with the relief that Globalist and CIA black ops ringleader George H. W. Bush finally rolled over for good. Good! Thank God, and take your idiot criminal sons with you next time! [Note: I will cheer as well if and when Henry Kissenger ever dies].

The U.S. News Media, and the Washington DC Establishment have already kicked into high gear (as expected) to lionize, hero worship, and shower extravagant and excessive praise on this Deep State criminal and mass murder George H. W. Bush (a failed one-term President), and by extension also advance the false (and dangerous) “hero myth” of the whole corrupt, treasonous, and tyrannical Bush Crime family dynasty. Excuse me if I throw up.

George H. W. Bush has been big, big part of the High (global) Cartel Cabal against The United States, and the Godfather and Ring-leader of the larger criminal Bush Family wide CIA-Dynasty.

That is why the Langley CIA headquarters are named after him. He has exceeded even Allen Dulles as the big patriarch of the Deep State complex, and the patriarch of the CIA Black-Ops Tyranny that has sucked our Country down the black hole of endless darkness and depravity and global, world-wide violence.

Despite keeping his treachery and evil hidden from plain view through his goofy persona and weird personality quirks (as exemplified by comedian Dana Carvey), George H. W. Bush was directly involved in virtually all of the most heinous and horrifying criminal activities perpetrated on the United States and The World over the last 60 years — including….:


The Bay of Pigs CIA Operation Zapata,

The Kennedy Assassination in Dallas,

Obstruction of the House Committee’s Kennedy Assassination inquiry in the 1970s,

The murder of (Lee Oswald handler) George De Mohrenschildt,

The crooked 1980 (election) October Surprise,

The corrupt Banking Scandals of the 1980s,

The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (via the Hinkley family),

The CIA assassination hit on John Lennon,

The U.S. Panama Invasion,

CIA Drug Trafficking (decades and decades of involvement),

The Reagan-era Covert Wars against Central America,

The Iran-Contra gun-running to Iran criminal activity,

The War Profiteering activities and atrocities of The Carlyle Group,

The First Iraq War Invasion (sold also by fake propaganda) which was the father to all the other aggressive attacks and chaos wrought upon the Middle-East that would follow.

And this is just a partial list.

And it was George H.W. Bush that was also meeting with none other than Shafiz

bin Laden on the very day of Sept. 11 2001 (and Sept. 10) in New York City, and then for no apparent reason caught a flight to Minnesota where he was trapped and not allowed to fly back home — to give himself an “innocent looking” cover story on that day (while the Bin Laden family was allowed to safely exit the Country to safety without any questioning or inquiry).

And while his first-born son was the one who had started the illegal, criminal, and disastrous “shock and awe” Iraq Invasion slaughtering fest in 2003, it was his other son Jeb Bush (the “smart one”) who (along with Dick Cheney) was a direct participating member in PNAC (Project for the New American Century) that had planned and dreamed up the utter madness of the internal targeted Sept 11 attack, and the resultant insane Scorched-Earth U.S. War and Foreign occupation/Regime-Change madness and chaos that has followed ever since.[10]


Remember that in my underground “journalism” I was beholder of and for tRuths plus integration-Disseminating commutations for masse` communications to be much improved, deeper, more logical and emphasis on rationale of those people and sequitur-Placements. That is got involved w finding the spots where fBIS were insidiously murdering persons, or allowing some itinerant-Method to maintain cover-ups and deceits such as that we-Peeps were familiar from decades of “nuclearism is appeal for propaganda”. The crime of state would become “deep-State” later in our “boomers’ non-Degeneration stasis”. I went ahead w the “white-Paper” expose` in Mississippi, from the National Guard Base, on georges-Enron, because. I found freedom in that travel-Diaspora extent. Thus, I was able, by enabling my self-Self to expound rather than expand, my premising. The proviso’s were, merely, not the same. I transposited, as I had done w Prof. Carl Sagan, when I expostulated that the Radionuclides post “h-BoMBs event, would be” a schema-Dura of nonsense for offense, and no-Defense entailing. We boomers needing a lesson of amalgamations of mess-is-Molecules and what does that do. Thus, w georges-Enron, I’d done my homework, and had immediacy intact.       “R”


“The windward side actually portrays the shape of the wind itself, as pressure waves undulate across movable sands and mold them. The interface between wind and sand is created by the motions of the wind.

If the wind reaches Mach speed, standing shock waves reflect from any protrusion in the wind’s path and cause a sharp crease in the wind direction. Distinct patterns form at this crease where the wind direction changes abruptly. The reflected standing shock wave forms a fan-shaped interference pattern of compression and rarefaction. This pattern can be found on most mountain forms, including Cordillera mountain arcs, continental divides, lone inselbergs, and ‘island in the sky’ basin and range mountain structures.

Dust laden supersonic winds deposit their heavy cargo where the crease in the wind forms. A tetrahedron-shaped zone of rarefaction (low pressure) develops at the root of the standing wave, called a “separation bubble.” Wind-born dust collects in this bubble as the wind deflects upward with the shock wave.


As material deposits in the separation bubble, it forms a new barrier to deflect the wind, which moves the standing shock reflection backwards into the wind. The separation bubble migrates into the wind with the shock wave, causing new dust to overlay the old in layers that stack into the direction of the wind.

A protrusion in the wind changes the wind vector and angle of reflection and forces the shock wave to grow backward into the jet stream. This deflection of the wind creates low pressure at the leading edge of the protrusion which deposits buttresses in the shape of the triangular wave-form.

The shock wave is a discontinuity in density, temperature, and ionization. Remember, we are talking about a primordial storm where much of the atmosphere ionized. So, standing shock waves formed hot plasma sheets of electric current through the air. The separation bubble is not only a pressure sink, which collects heavy matter, but is also a current sink, being the lowest potential region connected to the high potential current in the reflected shock wave. It, therefore, draws current to bake, compress, and fuse the deposited dust.

It creates a distinct pattern on the windward side. Dragon’s teeth – triangular buttresses, sometimes called flat-irons, are formed by the sonic, ionized shock waves of supersonic winds. They rise and fall in amplitude and wavelength, and display harmonic frequency shifts, as well as many, many other features which could only be produced by the sonic effects of supersonic winds — see the “Arc Blast” and “Monocline” articles for more detail.[11]


The above is not my delusion, that plasma-Technology is okay for humanity and fooker-bilt Universal Declaration, has not been analyzed properly, too. Quite the contrary. Winds are better known because of Andrew’s introspectionings (and since I met him in the field, where he mentioned to my parttime-Journalist honing) that the sky is already molecularly interconnected (around 1993). Thus, not oNLY that “Radionuclides cannot be decontaminated) yet how well can UN-contaminated Radionuclides be handled in correlative-Juxtapositioning w “plasma-Ionizationings for war’s-Purposes”, yet totally UN-explained to the US-public—even on Saturday? Am I glad to be at home? Yes. Beneath countless laminations of chemicalizations? No.

What then is the premise that would be universally understood and not misinterpreted nor mis-adjudicated, again? The more we can learn the proper and rational scientific correlatives to being “enabled to de-chemicalize” then that is best for all, even the jerk-o-bins of lies and deceits for Wall Street, capitalist-Totality is not everythinGy-Bop, butt-holds. Quit sitting on your collective-bRainwaves.            “R”


“Large Scale Ground Features

Telluric currents, or  simply ground currents, are electric currents that diffuse through the Earth’s crust, influencing what happens on the surface and in the atmosphere. They control where storms brew, the direction of jet streams and flood waters, even where mountains form.

It’s cause is capacitance, and the resultant effect of charge and magnetic fields in motion: inductance. Where current flows in conductive paths beneath Earth’s crust, the atmosphere ‘mirrors’ the pathways with currents of ionized wind – although, because of electromagnetic influence, it is a ‘fun house’ mirror effect. Just as we’ve traced the effects of winds on the landscape and mapped their turbulent route, we can also map major ground currents.

We can only speculate on the nature of subsurface currents, because we can’t see them, other than to say they are hot and electric. We don’t know the conductor they travel in, but we can say they are “surface conductive”, meaning the currents flow in a particular layer, or regime of layers under the crust.

Current flows in surface conductive layers where ionization occurs most readily. Capacitance induces charge to collect at the boundary between layers of different material, because each material has different properties. Surface tension has to form at the interface of layers, which places higher charge density at the interfaces to form a double layer of capacitance induced, opposing charge, and a voltage drop.

The troposphere is example of such a regime above our heads, where atmosphere ionizes, brewing thunderstorms and cyclones. Ground currents flow under the crust, deep in strata we can only imagine and decipher through sonic echo. But we can also infer their paths from surface expressions.


They express themselves where magnetic fields pierce the crustal layer, creating a path for current to discharge. These are volcanoes. So, briefly let’s look at how volcanoes form as a result of ground currents.


Static field of a magnet.

To understand the Electric Earth, one must understand that everything is in constant flux. Nothing in the electrical circuit is static.

Moving current in Nature generates magnetic fields that are dynamic, pulsing and undulating; contracting and expanding in feedback to charge density and momentum in the current that creates it.


Nature’s invisible magnetic fields are mobile, responding to waves of current.

The magnetic flux of a moving current rings around the current according to the “right hand rule”. It also filaments, like electric current, forming tubes of magnetic flux.

Eddy current is induced to flow in a helical path along these tubes. Where these filaments penetrate the crust, a channel forms as heat builds from resistance to the induced current, melting and drawing up magma. A blister forms on Earth’s surface where current, heat and trapped gases push through and escape.

Study volcanic cinder cones, and you’ll find they often – not always – display a perceptible counter-clockwise twist to their form which is a result of the upward spiraling current induced along the magnetic line of flux.[12]

The oceans as well as the atmosphere’s may be less a determinant for itinerant and errant US-military augring, which they abuse and try to use as they monopolize, as though they have a complete and utter understanding of the whole nomen, Not oNLY do they show monopolization and no-Understanding but they assuage they need to know for the “new-World order, agenda”. Quite psychopathologically innane, those people werk for Oilgarchs of intel-Gence in IDF/Israel as well as in the fanatic-Presence of offense-Dept, fanatic-penataGooons. Where is our choice since we are always let to our own envision of normal which are always anti-Normative? Weld. Thought does prevail, and miserliness is not, always, an ad-Infinitum venture-Schema.             “R”


a voice fRom the vOID, the peace-Warrior


Tags/ Hurricane Aerosol, and Microphysics Program, (HAMP), aerosols, Syrian Arab Army (SAA), AWACS, US military platforms, NSDU-238, Teheran (Iran), Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Turkish military interferes, British, Australian, Ecuadorian and US Governments, amassed arrest chauvinism, Bush Family wide CIA-Dynasty, Scorched-Earth U.S. War and Foreign occupation, Poroshenko, Sakartvelo, atrocity, A-10 Thunderbolt Aircraft, “Arc Blast” and, “Monocline”,


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 **[note: on 06 Aug 2019] I shall be posting this blog and 2-others when my shoulder-SuRgery allows me to do such…

                  “R” Addison

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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