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anti-nucleaRist bloG #255/ 27 mAy 2019 Yellow Vest (Gilets jaunes) Same as Ottawa & Toronto pRotests

anti-nucleaRist bloG #255/ 27 mAy 2019

Yellow Vest (Gilets jaunes) Same as Ottawa & Toronto pRotests


I am outta medicine for over 2-months, outta funds to repair vehicle’s electric-Problem, disgusted w BlueHost for not allowing “partial-Refund” on my need to not be, as they were wont “artistically hindered”. The shoulder-Replacement has been put-off for 20-months now, as I had wanted to fulfill my measures on “nucleaRism”. The eye-Surgery I had to cancel on 30th April because on 25th I had a “pseudo-Gout: attack” in the left foot—due morosely to pain caused by not having medication, necessary on a daily basis since running out around April 13th. That pain is 10-of-10 on the leveler. The left-hand was slowly dissipating, as the caRpel-Boss (fRom broken bone playing football junior year high-school) had caused the stress which may have brought pseudo-Gout around faster. Pain management is what “each of us need’s starting at 16-years due the vacuous indigent nature of contact sports in our public and private schooling.


The other factor is that the repaired-shoulder was also in pain, and on that side of both left-foot (pseudo-Gout) and hand, carpel-Motion. Weird stuff getting over 70-years od wear ‘n tear on bones and omissions of medical and herbal-care in balance w both intake amenities. I gather that erotic-Art is renown as worldly and not provincial, as BlueHost has many past consorting a-cultural amenities w Mormonism, a religion, not a cultural-Context. How about losing another tooth because of our disinformation that we-People do not need “dental-Medicare”. Would mine be accepted, since most likely I am loosing teeth w receding gums from being my 1969 protest getting somebody to fetch us to get across—never/ever sooo humbly—fRenchmen’s flat i.e. inside nevtest-Site. All people over 16 years is what we: american-Socialists have projected, if we out vote Oligarchs into prison cells not of their own choosing.           “R”


“Since the Yellow Vests have no recognized spokespersons, government propaganda, abetted by the media, has had a free hand to dehumanize them to justify treating them inhumanly. Macron, from the height of his monarchical presidency, at first pretended to ignore their uprising, then attempted to buy them off with crumbs (a very few crumbs which were rejected) and then denounced them as “a hate-filled mob.” (N.B. In real life the Yellow Vests are largely low-income middle-aged folks with families from the provinces whose trade-mark is friendliness and improvised barbeques.) Yet for Macron and the media they constitute a hard-core conspiracy of “40,000 militants of the extreme right and the extreme left” often characterized as “anti-Semites,” who threaten the Republic.

Small wonder that, subjected to increasing violence and continuous slander, the numbers of Yellow Vests willing to go out into the streets to protest every week has diminished over 27 weeks.  But they are still out there and their favorite chant goes: “Here we are!  Here we are! What if Macron doesn’t like it? Here we are!” (On est là! Même si Macron ne veut pas, On est là!)

Fortunately, in the past few weeks the League for the Rights of Man and other such humanitarian groups have at last turned out to protest police brutality while committees of artists and academics have signed petitions in support of the Yellow Vests’ struggle for democratic rights, condemning the government and media. At the same time, Yellow Vests are more and more converging with Ecologists (“End of the Month/End of the World/Same Enemy/Same Struggle”) and feminists (women play a big role in the movement).


Also with workers, many of them active as opponents of the bureaucracy in their unions. Red CGT stickers on Yellow Vests are now frequent sights at demos. Philippe Martinez, the General Secretary of the CGT, who has heretofore been sarcastic and negative about the Yellow Vests, has now been forced to admit that the cause of their rise was the failure of the unions, “a reflection of all the union deserts.” He was referring to “small and medium size businesses, retired people, poverty people, jobless people and lots of women” (the demographic of the Yellow Vests) that the unions have ignored.

The Yellow Vests are still here, in the fray, holding the breach open. The crisis in France is far from over. If and when the other oppressed and angry groups in France – the organized workers, ecologists, North African immigrants, students struggling against Macron’s educational “reforms”  – also turn off their TV’s and go down into the streets, things could change radically. The Yellow Vests’ avowed goal is to bring France to a grinding halt and impose change from below.

What if they succeed? We know what the “success” of structured parties like Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain led to. Maybe a horizontal federation of autonomous base-groups attempting to re-invent democracy could do better.”[1]


The “abuse of knowledge and technology to make a buck” (Jim Fetzer) in relation to Leuren Moret’s pronouncement that “all the fish are dead” in relation to “emaciated seal lion pups, dying on California shorelines of pacific-Ocean” is that both demise of species and nipponese plus corporate-Sleaze T.E.P.C.O. not to relate and utilize “Phytoremediations”. Never too late to get from big-Business and relate to the small farmer having to tow the line of the 10,000 tonnes of steam ship. However, that yesterday does align, when will we-People start relating the 11 Mar 2011 disaster that is continuous to whole fishery is yet the point and includes “collecting plastispheres. In other words, Radionuclides contamination from fires has definitely resuspended and contaminated to ward Moscow from Ukraines, as well as Europe and onto u.s.a. coastline.


Another social-Aspect that I’ve not covered extensively enough, due my pains in shoulder, that needing a replacement since twenty-months ago, is who else is committed to molecular-Recovery and capture of both “Radionuclides and methane: simultaneously”?

Laurens Battis posts what Ms. Leuren Moret quoted of Bertrand Russell (my youth,  childhood readings in Philosophy readoRship books) and all three san-fRan newspapers in 1950’s 60’s, had this to state on website, 1st May 2015 post:

“the radionuclides in this ‘transhumance equation’ the results will also be ugly as we are witnessing today with HAARP Events, Militarily Enhanced Political Theaters of Tension Worldwide, and the ‘raw meat’ avarice of NATO and the NATO member states in the Balkans and Eurasia, and their policies of “Limited Nuclear War.”[2]


Ms. Leuren Moret and I had many hours of conversations w specific regard to Bertrand Russell as well as what we could find on Dr. John W. Gofman, altho Leuren was heading to where he was acknowledging w.i. several spheres of Universalism, but toward @ LLNL and as I was protesting w 1,000’s others in Livermore, camping in hills and reading in Livermore’s public-Library (1980 thru 1983) a decade later. The copy of Prof. Gofman’s book was hard to find for readorship, altho there were 3-copies (not enough) and was there a Library inside the fortress of Laboratories, those I did visit and inspect.

“1963: At the request of the US Atomic Energy Commission and of LLNL’s director John Foster, Gofman reluctantly accepted to establish the Biomedical Research Division for the LLNL in 1963.

1964:   In 1964, Gofman raised questions about a lack of data on low-level radiation and also proposed a wide-ranging study of exposure in medicine and the workplace at a symposium for nuclear scientists and engineers.

1971:   From 1971 onward, he was the Chairman of the Committee for Nuclear Responsibility.

1973:   Gofman retired as a teaching professor in 1973 and became a professor emeritus of molecular and cell biology.”[3]


As far as my concern was, nothing at face value, introspect and no-Neglect could go. I read widely, and drove to UC-Berkeley to Library and department the facts from UC-students in my summer starting, the continuation of knowledge as “not opposed to Ecology”.  Prof. Gofman was nowhere to be found, however, his knowledge had dissipated into the body-of-students. The conversations went: he was right i.e. correct; his is best introspection of the nuclear-Molecular; the fall-out is UN-faithful to us down here!         “R”

 “Dr. John W. Gofman, from “Nuclear Witnesses, Insiders Speak Out” 1982 Even if you made an agreement to abolish all nuclear weapons, but you left established power structure in the U.S. and the USSR, they’d go on to research mind control or some chemical or biological thing.”[4]

As this point, the above sentence helped me realize there are not merely segments, but divisions in the complexity, I wandered over and into whatever is pRopaganda. That was also into “whatever is has structure”. What is structure? Does socio-Polity mean anti-Structure, or that propaganda supersedes, method. What is Plutocracy could not, then be relinquished as “non-Need” to decipher, define, re-Define!      “R”


Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you’re doing—so it’s premeditated. You can’t say, “I didn’t know”. Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I’ve worked fifteen years on it [as of 1982], and so have many others. It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses.”[5]

There are bacteria, molecular, there is also “nuclear-Molecular: particles” as this is the molecular-Age that we, the b00meR generation was borne into, w or w.o. gRace. That, too, had to be introspected. Would Prof. Gofman’s research, study, abstracts, reports copied and handed around be enough for we-People, students professional-pRoletariat on today’s terms, be enough to advance the tangible-Sense as Universal need? That was already true, but to what depth? Yes, that was enough as 5-years later I had a travel, grad-Student: associate. That was Ms. Leuren Moret. We had end of traffic on bus 60-miles one-way conversations. Yes, we both identified w Prof. Gofman and had separately arrived at a disposition that Bertrand Russell spoke toward the entropy of non-Peace being irrational people, too.       “R”


“Leuren Moret: Stripping the U.S. to Bare Metal | Anatomy of the NWO Prison | Avoiding Same”


mS. Moret, unfortunately, has not shown much interest in Ecology, american-Socialism, and Ecosocialism, because “Phytoremediations” are a source of eradicating already known areas and removing Radionuclides, and because people ought to expose that short-coming. In other words, she most certainly is adept at disassociating the directives of “Radionuclides and bloodlines, chem-tRaisings: and a host-Modicum of finite sourcings, otherwise. Since molecular Iosizationing has ways, why not a civilian friendly weigh-in may be a chaste suppositioning, molecular “nano-Type” vacuum or controllable non-Bacteria? Which is that she and I are good professed ways of associating. Good at associating, may be worth-the-While. Otherwise what good is professional-pRoletariat, may be that we should not take chances, once again, most “Radionuclides from NSDU-238” will never disappear from the faceless ventures of nucleaRism? We’ve both faced that challenge.        “R”


“At first, Terry merely had the usual headaches, body pain, oozing rash, and other symptoms. But later he began to suffer from another symptom which afflicts some of those exposed to D.U.: burning semen. “If he leaked a little lubrication from his penis, it would feel like sunburn on your skin. If you got to the point where you did have intercourse, you were up and out of that bed so fast-it actually causes vaginal blisters that burst and bleed.” Terry’s medical records support her description. In England, Malcolm Hooper, professor emeritus of medicinal chemistry at the University of Sunderland, is aware of 4,000 such cases. He hypothesizes that the presence of D.U. may be associated with the transformation of semen into a caustic alkali.

“It hurt [Terry] too. He said it was like forcing it through barbed wire,” Riordon says. “It seemed to burn through condoms; if he got any on his thighs or his testicles, he was in hell.” In a last, desperate attempt to save their sex life, says Riordon, “I used to fill condoms with frozen peas and insert them [after sex] with a lubricant.” That, she says, made her pain just about bearable. Perhaps inevitably, he became impotent. “And that was like our last little intimacy gone.”

By late 1995, Terry was seriously deteriorating. Susan shows me her journal-she titled it “The Twilight Zone”-and his medical record. It makes harrowing reading. He lost his fine motor control to the point where he could not button his shirt or zip his fly. While walking, he would fall without warning. At night, he shook so violently that the bed would move across the floor. He became unpredictably violent: one terrible day in 1997 he attacked their 16-year-old son and started choking him. By the time armed police arrived to pull him off, the boy’s bottom lip had turned blue. After such rages, he would fall into a deep sleep for as long as 24 hours, and awake with no memory of what had happened. That year, Terry and Susan stopped sleeping in the same bedroom. Then “he began to barricade himself in his room for days, surviving on granola bars and cartons of juice.”


As he went downhill, Terry was assessed as completely disabled, but there was no diagnosis as to why. His records contain references to “somatization disorder,” post-traumatic stress, and depression. In 1995 the army doctors even suggested that he had become ill only after reading of Gulf War syndrome. Through 1998 and 1999, he began to lose all cognitive functions and was sometimes lucid for just a few hours each week.

Even after he died, on April 29, 1999, Terry’s Canadian doctors remained unable to explain his illness. “This patient has a history [of] ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ with multiple motor, sensory and emotional problems,” the autopsy report by pathologist Dr. B. Jollymore, of Yarmouth, begins. “During extensive investigation, no definitive diagnosis has been determined…. Essentially it appears that this gentleman remains an enigma in death as he was in life.”

Not long before Terry’s death, Susan Riordon had learned of Asaf Durakovic, and of the possibility that her husband absorbed D.U. His urine-test results-showing a high D.U. concentration eight years after he was presumably exposed-came through on Monday, April 26: “Tuesday he was reasonably cognitive, and was able to tell me that he wanted his body and organs to go to Dr. Durakovic,” she remembers. “He knew it was too late to help him, but he made me promise that his body could help the international community. On the Wednesday, I completed the purchase of this house. On Thursday, he was dead.

“It was a very strange death. He was very peaceful. I’ve always felt that Asaf allowed Terry to go: knowing he was D.U.-positive meant he wasn’t crazy anymore. Those last days he was calm. He wasn’t putting the phone in the microwave; he had no more mood swings.”

After Riordon’s death, Dr. Durakovic and his colleagues found accumulations of D.U. in his bones and lungs.

Dr. Durakovic suspects the military of minimizing the health and environmental consequences of D.U. weapons, and suggests two reasons it may have for doing so: “to keep them off the list of war criminals, and to avoid paying compensation which could run into billions of dollars.” To this might be added a third: depleted uranium, because of its unique armor-penetrating capabilities, has become a defining feature of American warfare, one whose loss would be intolerable to military planners.”[6]


 Dr. Durakovic’s studies should have been accomplished on at least 35,000 ex-Servicemen and women, as well as pTSD should have been recommended “beforehand” before tRoops supposedly leaving aboard ships because the amounts of men and materiel would reduce costs and CO-2 contaminants—known since before 1951—first public reports on and of NSDU-238. He was oNLY allowed 38-human-Studies. The cheap-Shot US-military bRass, what I have since called “the fanatic-penataGooons” stands as worse when knowledge of ground-Zero and all above gRounds tests had knowledge of post-Thermo-Nuclear explosions, Radionuclides physical-Displacements in atmosphere, that which we civilians can see w each and every “shot amalgamated-Mass” implosionings. That NSDU-238 should have been seen and averred, since each aerosolized “explosion” is actually a mini-Bomb of sordid propensity. I agree w Prof. John Gofman, as his quotes filtered thru-out boomer-Generation in san-fRan region and the u.s.a. structures of intelligentsia.       “R”

“Kuwait Cleanup

  There have been many instances when the military directed depleted  uranium cleanups overseas.

  For example, a private contractor working for the Department of  Defense was paid $3.5 million to cleanup DU-contaminated military equipment and a practice firing range in Kuwait. MKM Engineers Inc. based in Stafford, Texas, performed a limited cleanup in Kuwait from February 2003 to June 2004. The company recovered 22 tons of DU fragments and 75 pieces of non-DU ordnance scrap. The unexploded DU ordnance was destroyed with Kuwaiti assistance. MKM also cleaned military hardware, including tanks, and wrapped them to contain surface contamination before sending them back to the United States.

  The U.S. Army Material Command, responsible for the Kuwaiti project, described the work as retrieval of equipment and munitions, not a clean up.

  The Department of Defense “does not clean up DU once it leaves a U.S. weapons system such as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and hits an enemy building, or vehicle,” said Melissa Bohan, an Army public affairs official. Army regulations require the clean-up and proper handling of U.S. equipment hit by depleted uranium munitions.

  MKM referred to some of its work in Kuwait as a cleanup. And, the Defense Department has a low-level radioactive waste cleanup program, whose goal is “the safe and compliant disposal of low-level radioactive waste,” including depleted uranium. It includes the Army Contaminated Equipment Retrograde Team, which supervises cleanup of low-level radioactive contamination of Army equipment worldwide.

  Military regulations require immediate medical tests and treatment for any soldiers exposed to dust and fragments from depleted uranium shell explosions. Some nuclear scientists studying the health effects of those inhaling DU believe even a speck of the dust in the lungs or bloodstream can eventually cause cancer or kidney disease in adults or cancers or deformities in babies if even one parent has been exposed.

  Marion Fulk, 83, a former nuclear chemical physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who was involved with the Manhattan Project’s development of the atomic bomb, said that even nano-size particles of DU in the blood and lungs are a serious destructive force.

  Others who support the Defense Department position say only inhalation of large quantities creates serious health problems.”[7]

The oNLY thirty-eight studies outta *50 service-personnel in attendance inside Iraq i.e. not flying overhead. However, flights overhead were not, also, studies of this sordid: get a few studies for posterity sake. Like posterity is a memento, taken to support shear stupid context, or merely: “I was there, lookey”! Phytoremediationing has been proven. The development on and of use, usage-Procedures, is held-off like “we do not need health-Medicare”. Says what plutocrat? The US-presidents are off their collective “nut” and are beings as nit-Unworthy, as well as too sanctimonious to look into “nucleaRism”. What kind o janitor is a pResident supposed to be otherwise?


“Depleted uranium, or U-238, is a toxic, heavy metal byproduct of uranium enrichment that gives the world uranium suitable for use in nuclear weapons and reactor fuel. It is also used in munitions, ballast for airplanes, tank armor and other products. It has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

  In 2002 at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Md., researchers found that even though the alpha radiation from depleted uranium is relatively low, internalized DU as a metal can induce DNA damage and carcinogenic lesions in the cells that make up bones in the human body.

  Depleted uranium was first used widely in combat in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The material in armor-piercing munitions ignites and burns on impact at temperatures of several thousand degrees Celsius. While burning, tiny particles, or dust, of uranium oxide aerosol are created. Wind can carry these considerable distances.

  Since 1991, the cancer rates in Iraq have risen sharply in areas where depleted uranium was used, according to Iraqi medical studies reviewed by scientists from other countries. In addition, more than 230,000 of the 697,000 U.S. soldiers who served in that war have filed disability claims for various maladies, the majority of which fall under the broad category of gulf war syndrome.

  With many of the causes of these illnesses still eluding researchers, several lawmakers, at the urging of veterans groups, pushed for legislation to study depleted uranium further, to see if there is a connection with gulf war and other wartime illnesses. It called also for cleaning up depleted uranium munitions firings.

  In the Republican-controlled Congress, the measures quietly died this fall inside the House Health Subcommittee. Congress and three presidential administrations have either remained silent on the dispute or have dismissed the environmental and health concerns raised.”[8]

Those US: fanatic-penataGooons amplitudes for clean-ups is that “dirty lil-ole Ace was called that” and we need billions dollars wasted on UN-constitutional wArs is good for wastings: plural. The US-congress failed because they’re plain-Ole too Oligarchic as theirs is Technocracy-is-Plutocracy for any but bureaucracy is good for “cRapola” like chemo-Trails, and covering-up first-Usages NSDU-238 exported to IDF, in 1972, from Port of Houston, but used w cIAS auspice overview in Sinai Desert as well as Golan Heights on the Yom Kippur zionist-Fascist wAr as much as some infirmities present lies and cover-ups for usury and/or covetous-Sake. The word is “de-Contaminationings” and is useful to parallel Ionizationings ought be HALTED while strontium-90 is removed from wherever “aluminum-Oxide extents, of 21 year running can be curtailed—yesterday?            “R”


“John William Gofman, the son of David and Sarah Gofman, was born in Cleveland, Ohio on Septembe r21, 1918. His parents immigrated from czarist Russia in about 1905. John Gofman graduated from Oberlin College in 1939 with a B.A. in chemistry. After entering Western Reserve University Medical School he decided he was not getting the background depth in physical sciences he would need for medical research. In 1940 he enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry at UC Berkeley. There he decided to work with Glenn Seaborg, then an assistant professor, who was working with artificial radioactivity. In February 1941 Seaborg co-discovered Plutonium, the man-made radioactive element used in the 1945 atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki. Gofman described beginning to work with Seaborg as his faculty advisor in Nuclear Witnesses:

I thought, probably all kinds of biochemical problems in medicine are going to be solved by the application of radioactive tracers.[3nw] How better could I prepare myself for a future medical career than to work on a problem involving artificial radioactivity? So I elected to work with Glenn Seaborg. He assigned me a problem—there was a possibility from thorium you might be able to make a substance called uranium-233, provided it existed, and we didn’t know whether it would exist or not. He said, “Why don’t you see if you can find out whether it exists or not? ”It was just an interesting problem in nuclear physical chemistry—an unknown part of a whole systematics of the heavy elements. So I started to look, and the work went quite well, and in about a year and a half I had discovered uranium-233….It was possible that uranium-233, which I had discovered, might be one of the substances used to make a bomb. It depended on whether it fissioned more easily or less easily than plutonium, which had been discovered by Seaborg, or than uranium-235, which exists naturally. These were the three candidates to make a bomb, and certain physics measurements on the fissionability would determine which was the best. So I started to work on trying to find out if uranium-233 was fissionable, and I proved that it was, using what’s called both slow- and fast- moving neutrons. In fact, I proved that it was even better in many respects than plutonium for this purpose. [4nw] All that was connected with my Ph.D. thesis which I finished in 1942”[9]


 “Massoud’s Last Stand Against The Taliban (1997)”

17:47 mins. 66,966 views Published on 25 Sep 2018 ‘journeyman pictures’

“ The general is trying to gather forces together in order to break out from the Panshir valley he’s trapped in by the Taliban.”[10]

my comments: The socialists in Afghanistan were not enough in support of Ahmad Shah Massoud. However, his need for body-guards was also superseded. How come?


I enjoyed hearing how moving he was in his speech, when speaking before the people of the Panshir Vally, in 1981. As I’ve stated before, there were approximately 1,250 persons. His way was weigh-ins then presentationing. The socialist-Extent and the non-Hype were noticeable, because of his sincerity, and that he was not hiding behind closed doors doling out deals of opium as Dostrum had been. What a mess the US-hegemony has made for Afghanistan’s tribal-People. Instead of Ecology of replanted whole mountainsides, as those San Gabriel mTNS of LOS basin in southeRn-califoRnia should have been done. Theirs is a continuing destabilizationing w no scientific explanation for new-Rome policies and do not arrest the “dRug-loRds” too?          “R”


“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward focuses on the very fabric of the social order: Monetary-Market Economics. The majority of the world today have come to see basic flaws in the economic system we share. Large scale debt defaults, inflation, industrial pollution, resource depletion, rising cancer rates and other signposts have emerged to bring the concern into the realm of “public health”. The tendency is to demand reform in one area or another, avoiding the possibility that perhaps the entire system is intrinsically flawed at the foundational level. Part One presents a treatment on “Human Nature”, with the argument that society is out of line with what Science has taught us about positive human development, enabling distortions of health and behaviour that could be thwarted if the social system was changed. Part Two details the central inherent flaws of the Monetary-Market System of economic conduct and how this system is destroying ourselves and the planet in a very direct way. Part Three begins a thought exercise where the Earth and Natural Law is considered a starting point for human decision-making rather than politics, with the subject explored from all sides. Part Four ends with a prediction of what is to come as the society becomes more destabilised due to our outdated traditional practices.”[11]

Peter Joseph and I met last meeting—first was on UC-Berkeley campus post screening what his video/music outlay and intent might purposefully, be. The second was in bRooklyn at his factory, in 1996, when I was hoping to ph0t0 the smoke from basement of WTC #2, pilings. I did see the brackened walls from the fBIS goon, who wasgoing the R-O-N-G direction from animosity is lacking exposing tRuths for what “we all are known and renown”! I like his expose`s on economic-Indemnities, and feel that Prof. Wolffe, a gReat formulative-Socialist, who ought include mentioning the adversarial itinerant context—we both utilize that, Peter and “R” that is.      “R”


“All week long you see people carrying water by here. Saturdays and Sundays, in particular, when people are off from work.”

Here’s the problem. The pump needed to push the water up the hill and into their home. Well, it’s broken. And U.S. sanctions are blocking the country from acquiring new pumps, motors, pipes and replacement parts.

In Venezuela, they call it the “blockade”. That’s what it feels like.

According to many residents, the Venezuelan government is doing what it can to mitigate the situation. Twice a week, it sends a tanker of potable water to the neighborhood, down the hill from Yolimar’s home.

Some residents here say they’ve been without running water for a year and a half. They pour into the streets with their waste-high buckets, to wait their turn for their containers to be filled.

Betsy Franquis

Comuna Altos de Lidice

“There’s a pump that’s broken and they are working on fixing it. The vice minister came yesterday and she said they are working on it. You need to have three pumps and only two are working, so because of a lack of pressure the water isn’t getting here.”

The residents say they’ve always had issues with water, but it’s never been this bad.

Across town, on the opposite end of Caracas, sections of Petare, the city’s largest poor barrio, are also facing the same reality.

Hundreds of thousands of homes are out of water. This is one of the pumping stations that should be pushing the water up to many of them. But it’s missing most of its pumps. There’s only enough water pressure to fill up the trucks outside.

Maria Marrugo

Municipal Councilwoman, Caucagüita


“Because of the international economic blockade the United States has imposed on Venezuela it’s been impossible to buy the pumps, because the Venezuelan government has tried to send the funds twice in order to acquire the pumps, since we don’t have them here, because of the blockade. And it has never worked, because they have blocked the companies and the countries that have been trying to help us.”

President Donald Trump intensified sanctions on Venezuela in August 2017. According to Venezuela, the U.S. government has frozen $5.5 Billion U.S. dollars of Venezuelan funds in international accounts in at least 50 banks and financial institutions. Even if Venezuela could get the money abroad, the United States has threatened to sanction foreign companies for doing business with the country.

This is not an isolated reality. According to officials at the state water company Hidroven, as much as 15-20% of the country is facing water shortages due to U.S. sanctions. We’re talking about millions of Venezuelans without potable running water, because of the U.S. government.

Maria Flores is the Vice President of Operations at Hidrocapital, the Venezuelan state water company for the capital, Caracas.

Maria Flores


“With the blockade, we have had situations, where we have the pumps and the motors and they are about to ship and then comes the all-powerful hand of the United States and they block the money in the bank or sanction the company that is working with us, just for selling us this equipment. What they don’t see is that they are affecting people’s lives. It’s not Chavez. It’s not Maduro. It’s the Venezuelan people that are waiting to have access to water.”…”[12]

Like, I have this to say: the mistreated, repression and oppression by the last seven offal-Office el-Presidentes is because they’re, weld anarchyists. Leadership, eat cow livers w mold all over that. That the US-military-Hegemony ought quit and those service-Personnel, who literally coveted and covered-Up that “all Uranium radioisotopes are Radiologic”, ought be arrested and fined as well. Any more duping can be placed in the fake-News recycling-Bin at the offal-Office. Have not the US-military and fascist-Negligence offal-Office ministrations not misnomered enough for the new-Rome to be analyzed and evaporated. Those are starved people, because gReed is easier than using the word: peace. As well as those oligarchs had practice against us, wheat w “electoral-College” not a college; and, as buying-voters-off for being imprisoned, and being we all must “register to vote”? Some cRapola is worth tossing into faces that ought smell worse.      “R”


“5174498 – December 29, 1992 – Cloud Seeding – Long-chain aliphatic alcohols are provided that induce nucleation of ice at temperatures within the range from -8° C. to 0° C., from supercooled water present as small drops and/or in the vapor state, and are useful for seeding supercooled clouds in order to augment rainfall.

5357865 – October 25, 1994 – Method of cloud seeding – A method of cloud seeding for precipitation enhancement comprises releasing hygroscopic seeding particles from a seeding flare 10. The particles are obtained by burning, in the flare, a pyrotechnic composition which includes, as an oxidizing agent, a compound selected from the group consisting in potassium chlorate and potassium perchlorate. The particles are allowed to enter a suitable cloud formation. The particles act as seeds or nuclei for precipitable water drop formation, thereby to enhance precipitation from the cloud formation.

5360162 – November 1, 1994 – Method and composition for precipitation of atmospheric water – A method for precipitating atmospheric water by means of multicomponent aerosols, including iodide based complex multicomponent aerosol compositions. The compositions comprise a solid mass formed by a compacted mixture of silver iodide and the iodides, iodates, and periodates of alkali metals, lead, copper, barium; ammonia, barium chromate, and selected oxidizers such as ammonium perchlorate, and fuels such as poly-p-phenylene, phenol formaldehyde resin, epoxide resin, and shellac and mixtures thereof. The compositions, upon burning, produce an aerosol effective to promote atmospheric water precipitation.

5492274A – February 20 1996 – Method of and means for weather modification – Weather in the vicinity of a land mass such as a continental arid zone near, and usually eastward of a body of water is modified by preferably propelling a ship pulling a submerged body having plurality of vertically displaced foils having an angle of attack that effects an upward displacement to the water in response to the surface displacement of the ship. The upward displacement of the water moves cooler sub-surface water toward the surface thereby cooling the surface water and reducing its heat loss in the summer. As a result, the heat capacity of the water is increased and additional heat will be stored in the water as a consequence of the greater absorption of solar radiation thereby increasing winter storms and the amount of rainfall over the land mass during the winter.”[13]


This wonderful person, who is not being chaste and reports the measured excesses renown and known, as abuses and usages—today and since 1998.     “R”


fRom the heart of itinerant-Thinking, the peace-Warrior


Tags/ Dr. John W. Gofman, Health Effects of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation, Yellow Vest (Gilets jaunes), “R’s health report, BlueHost, Yellow Vests have, no recognized spokespersons, licensing random premeditated murder, dental-Medicare, Leuren Moret: Stripping, U.S. to Bare Metal, misnomer D.U., transformation of semen, into caustic alkal, Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis, NSDU-238, Massoud’s Last Stand Against, the Taliban, taliban-Hats,  Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, all Uranium radioisotopes are Radiologic, Creating Floods, Methods/Patents for Creating Rain, Marion Fulk, Comuna Altos de Lidice, Hidrocapital,


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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